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Negative kdlund
Sheridan, MI
(2 reviews)
January 2, 2021
I had been ordering from Migardener for a long as he had been in business. I knew him before he started this business.
I ordered several seed packages from him for the purple broccoli and the brocoli romenesco. I planted several plants and I noticed they were all coming out the same. So I waited until they made heads and they were all regular broccoli. I contacted him and he was really nasty telling me that it depended on the weather as to how they would grow. I have gardened for many years before this snot nosed kid became a gardener. He said he has not had any issues with the seeds. After a long discussion with him about how he had a guarantee, he told me that it was broccoli so he didn't understand my problem.
One broccoli that is supposed to be heirloom and a certain type doesn't grow according to weather. I sent pictures and all and got nothing in return. His gaurantee is crap and so are his seeds. I also bought some beans that never germinated and some tomatoes that would not germinate. I will never recommend this shop to buy any seeeds. He tells people that he grows his own, but I know he buys them in bulk.
Neutral AAgeorge
Severna Park, MD
(1 review)
May 30, 2020
Posted on April 2, 2020, updated May 30, 2020
Delivery was fine, but germination below expectation. Bought 29 packs in Dec, of which planted (inside) 20 at least 3 wks ago. 11 germinated as expected. 5 no germ (Lavender vera, Spearmint, Basil tulsi, Eggplant turkish, Tomato golden nugget). 4 were <50% and/or puny (Cuc b.a., Watermelon s.b., Tomatillo, Lemongrass). These were among 103 packages planted during the period, all but 3 of which were purchased for prior yr(s) - so eliminates soil or environmental variables.

I'm not a rookie. Started gardening 49 yrs ago, and began starting inside >30 yrs ago. Since almost half have performed unsatisfactorily.I can only give neg rating. Plan to update, or provide separate review, of performance in garden. Also have replanted nonperforming varieties with hope of better results.
On May 30th, 2020, AAgeorge changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Updating my orig review, with several addl plantings inside, had better results. The Cuc b.a. had excellent germination just slow, and also had some germ with all but Eggplant turkish. BTW, the Kale premier size has grown exponentially faster/bigger than my other 3 varieties. My taste buds are worthless, but it seems quite mild which for kale (and me) is a good thing. Since too many germinated below avg, I will only upgrade to neutral. Intend to update again based on harvest.
Negative liselle42
Corvallis, OR
(1 review)
November 5, 2019
Posted on October 8, 2019, updated November 5, 2019
Bought a /ton/ of seeds last year from them, and grew maybe a third, around 30 veggies. Near 100% germination rate, and the non tomatoes are great. The tomatoes, of which I grew 11 varieties from MIgardener (two thirds of my 27 plants, so multiples grown) have issues. Multiple varieties aren't growing true to form - Black brandywine (3 plants grown, one red and fishy tasting and lots of late blight, one orange and black streaks, one proper black brandywine), green sausage (no streaks on 1/2 plants, just pale pink fruit, second plant ok), costoletto genovese (1/2 plants had entirely different fruit, small and round), and possibly a couple of other plants that are hybrids but I'm unsure - boxcar willie is the large heirloom form not the small round pictured. The tomato plants being sold as seed aren't being grown far apart enough.

On the other hand some other varieties grown have been fantastic - pink and yellow brandywine, prudhomme's purple, opalka all stand out. So hit or miss, and probably bad to rely on them for tomatoes. Other veggies I've had zero issue with and do recommend this source.
On November 5th, 2019, liselle42 changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

Actually an update after full harvest of all my tomatoes - it's even more disappointing than originally, and I'm leaving the review here because MIgardener has disabled reviews on their site. Planted from MIGardener (# plants):

Green sausage - 2/2 plants, not green, not striped, ripened bright red, watery and mealy

Costoluto Genovese - 1/2 plants small round tomatoes, second proper shape and better taste

Black Sea Man - 1/2 plants produced pink tomatoes, other ok

Pruden's Purple - both plants perfect

Opalka - four plants, all ok and great taste

Boxcar Willie - prolific, large, not as pictured, but both proper Boxcar willie (large form)

Brandywine Pink - 2/2 perfect plants

Brandywine Yellow - 2/2 good plants, lots of catface, no split, great taste

Black from Tula - 1/2 plants produced pink tomatoes, different than other

Yellow Pear - 1 plant, ok, not great but right breed

Large Cherry Red - 2/2 plants spot on, ok taste, v prolific

Brandywine Black - 2/3 plants not the right tomato. one fishy and pink, one streaked with black but pink, one fully black and better taste.

Clearly there are hybrids in here, and a decent amount of space in my (small) garden was taken up by tomatoes not true to form. Other veggies are ok. But I DO NOT recommend tomatoes from here.

Neutral dirkphilly
Philadelphia, PA (Zone 6b)
(7 reviews)
May 27, 2019
Both price and customer service are good. The seed packets look as good as the bigger seed companies. I ordered over 20 seed packets from MIGardener and tried to germinate a few with mixed results: Shishito Pepper (excellent germination rate), tree lettuce (good germination rate), royal chantenary carrot (good germination rate), Aunt Ruby’s German Green Tomato (33% germination rate), and New Zealand Spinach (zero germination rate). Most of the seeds I ordered from Baker Creek, Johnny's Selected Seeds, Southern Exposure, Park Seeds, Turtle Tree Seeds, and Pinetree Garden Seeds all have had very good germination rate although they are of higher price than MIGardener's. I'll edit this review later.
Positive LindaRmfg
Willow Springs, MO
(5 reviews)
March 9, 2019
I ordered from this company for the first time this year after watching their informative videos on YouTube. I've been growing my own tomatoes and peppers, as well as most other veggie plants, from seed for years but really wanted to try the onions from seed and hopefully get some better bulbing. I ordered a variety of tomato and hot pepper seeds as well as two types of onion, the Red Burgundy and the Alisa Craig. The germination rate for all has been close to 100%, I'm so thrilled! The seeds also arrived very quickly, which was great considering I ordered in February--a very busy time of the year. I recommend this company very highly. Having the packs cost only 99 cents means you can afford to experiment with some new varieties too, so give them a try!
Positive hackerjax
Woodland, WA
(1 review)
June 14, 2018
I've been following Luke for sometime on Youtube and his info and products are spot on!!!! Reading through all the comments on this site, I came across @onethumbks "review". They are very clear that "This is the owner of the company, Luke, copy and pasted directly from his email to me:" In the copy/paste of the email Luke is clearly not wanting to deal with them unless they want to apologize for what he deemed a rant, not a review. I can only imagine what the rant was like after seeing this "review". This is FAR from their "What kind of company demands an apology from an unsatisfied customer?" statement. Really????? DEMANDS!!!! You make me chuckle LOL. Ward 3B is calling you back home.
Positive judyinmound
Mound, MN
(18 reviews)
March 5, 2018
My rating is between Neutral and Positive. ^_^ My seeds arrived within reasonable time. I ordered 2 times with different e-mails. The selection at this store is good. The navigation is a little annoying, but I found things.

The packets have growing information and seed count listed on the packets. The packets contained what appeared to be good and a few bad seeds (dark, chipped, etc., could use some quality control). The amounts were sometimes under and sometimes over. I feel cheated when it's less than stated, and at the same time I was happy to see more seeds of different things. Examples are Scarlet Kale 150 count, received 100, Ashley cucumber 50 count, received 38. The tomato seeds were in excess of the count though.

The prices are $1 a packet and this includes rare tomato varieties which I know would cost much more at other online stores. I like the generous amounts of tomato/pepper/cucumber seeds offered.

Shipping cost was good. A lot of stores have been upping their prices to $8-10 even if ordering 1 packet, but MIgardener is very reasonable with the price. It was around $3 for a good amount of seeds.

Overall, I am happy with my 2 purchases. I got a lot of good greens and tomatoes to try out this year. The 3 types of onions I got a few weeks back are already sprouting so they are fresh seeds! Will update this post if there is anything noteworthy.
Neutral gregislost
Delhi, NY (Zone 5b)
(9 reviews)
January 29, 2018
Posted on January 13, 2018, updated January 29, 2018
I will be continually updating this review. I will also be writing a comprehensive article this spring reviewing many seed companies and will post information online for everyone. I will cover prices, seed quantities, shipping costs, time from order to delivery, germination rates, cost per seed vs cost per plant (based on seed cost, and germination), customer service, and more.

This first review is regarding shipping.


I ordered seeds from many companies this season and MIgardener They were average on speed for shipping which is reasonable especially from a small family run start-up. Shipping cost was reasonable but the most expensive out of the companies I ordered from, I do not feel this is their fault as they are using a generic wordpress shipping calculator. It is a young company so I am sure they will refine things like this in the future. You can not beat their prices barring sales. $1 per packet with a decent amount of seeds is a huge plus. Also they have a good selection of seeds, more than you would expect from one fo the cheapest seed companies. Customer service so far is on the slow side and has room for improvement but again this is forgivable due to the small size of the company but does need to be addressed in the future. Their site does need some work.

I would like to to see them add some hybrid varieties to their line up, at least popular common ones that will benefit the gardeners.

OFF TOPIC, regarding the review posted by onethumbks.

Granville NY is in zone 5 on the Vermont border. They have cool (sometimes cold even) nights with occassional fog and/or heavy dew in the morning during the summer. This is a nightmare for growing tomatoes. I know because my climate is nearly the same. I am also zone 5 but a couple hours south of Granville. Under these conditions tomatoes are very likely to come down with ailments such as blight. Regarding the sweetness this directly relates to the plants ability to produce sugars through photosynthesis. Even though the plant may be getting 8 hours or more direct sun if the plant has not warmed up enough or it takes time for the dew and/or fog to burn off the plant will not be able to use the full 8 hours for photosynthesis. In my case even in late June with just a shade over 15 hours of daylight I just barely get 8 hours at the right temperature on the best days. You will also notice that tomatoes take forever to ripen in places with cool nights. To reduce my risk of disease and increase the growable hours mostly grow in high tunnels. high tunnels allow for it to warm up quicker, keep the night temps slightly warmer (radiant heat form soil is trapped) and removes the dew issue.

Now as for the other comments I can only go by what the poster stated. If customer service was an issue to the level they stated that is not acceptable. I personally have no issues with their customer service besides being slow but I get that, they are stretched. My suggestion would be by going with old-school "the customer is always right" support. It is not worth arguing over a $1 refund, credit, or replacement and a "smile & wave" reply regardless of what the customer says. It would be helpful in accompanying the refund,credit, replacement offer with a diagnostic so the customer does not repeatedly hit the same wall.

In MIgardener's case it would be great to even make videos about the issue to help others with the same issue.
On January 29th, 2018, gregislost changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

Changed rating to neutral... The Ailsa Craig Onion packet has less than 1/2 the stated number of seeds and I received no reply to my email regarding this issue.

All seeds had good germination rates
Positive camillicat
Lovington, NM
(3 reviews)
January 3, 2018
I have placed 4 orders over the past 2 years with this company. I have always been impressed. They ship quickly, accurately, and inexpensively. I start my seed shopping every fall/winter by deciding what I want, and I get just as much from them as I can. Usually I get the same number of seeds, if not more, than from other places for a much better price. They have over 400 seed varieties to choose from, and for most gardeners that is quite sufficient. I would guess, that by placing my first order through them, that I save about $60/yr. Great germination rates, great prices, super friendly, the rewards program is a nice boon, and they have a very knowledgeable blog and youtube channel. I am excited to watch them grow and bring their excellent customer service and work ethics with them to a larger market.
Positive 2017dirtyhoe
Concord, NC
(1 review)
September 25, 2017
I'm new to gardening and MIgardener was the first place I went to purchase seeds. Things got a little confusing with my order (no fault of MIgardener) however. the company was very accommodating.

It makes me sad to go elsewhere and purchase what MIgardener doesn't sell but I'll get over it. Most importantly, thanks for having a great variety of seeds. Thanks for making your seeds affordable and thanks for low cost shipping.

For 99 cents a pack, why waste time complaining.You can buy 2 packs of seeds, add shipping and you save more than most sites just on seeds alone. My seed shopping stops here.
Positive Toots1214
East Kingston, NY
(1 review)
January 15, 2017
I cannot say anything negative about this company. Actually, they had a mix up in one of my orders and bent over backwards to remedy it. That said,
I also ordered the Russolini tomato and was super excited about trying it. I have to say I was not impressed. It was rather lackluster but i have to say i have experienced this with other seeds from other companies that were marketed as the greatest tasting, biggest, blight free, etc. Sometimes gardening is a roll of the dice!
Negative onethumbks
Granville, NY
(1 review)
August 10, 2016
I need to share my negative experience here, unfortunately. I tried to resolve the matter but received no luck. My negative review, is directly related to the orange roussollini tomato, and the handling of the matter by Luke and the company. I purchased these seeds on 2 separate occasions this fall. I won't link his video regarding the tomato here, I will let others find it. There were 3 main aspects of the video. It was the sweetest tomato ever, it was bushy, and very disease resistant. Mine were none of these. Mine were not sweet at all, and are overcome with blight. I have pictures, and am willing to share with admins on this site and others upon request. I also have tomatoes saved. If any admin or member would like to try these tomatoes to form their own opinion, I will gladly send you one to try. To dive further into the matter, I need to add some history on the situation:

Sometime a month ago, a member of his forum posted picture of an obvious cross breed of his orange roussollini tomato. Luke made it out to be a positive, and told the person he would buy seeds from him. Fast forward a couple weeks, despite having poor quality plants (while my Rutgers, Cherokee Purple, and Black Truffle tomatoes looked amazing), I was excited to try my first roussollini. It was not sweet at all and had no flavor. I asked on the forum if anyone else had tried theirs yet. I figured since it was labeled as the sweetest, best tomato ever, there would be rave reviews all over, however none were to be found. I wondered if possibly I had a cross breed as well. Nobody chimed in, except a second person that was greatly disappointed. Luke's response to him was maybe he overwatered, as that can influence flavor. I started scratching my head at this point, so I decided it was appropriate to leave a negative feedback on the store webpage to let others know.

This past week, I discovered my review was removed from his store site. I asked on his facebook page for open discussion why it was removed. I could only wonder why it was removed, and if there was a reason to hide it. The prized seed of the website was not what it was made out to be, so I wanted to know why, and what was being hidden. I was met with a demeaning reply from an admin on his site, my post was removed, and I was banned from the site.

I then contacted Luke directly and asked what the deal was. I copied directly his reply. I'd like to make note of the extremely demeaning and egotistical tone to his reply. The 3 times I contacted him were the question/comments I mentioned above on his open discussion page. The email was asking what was up, why I was removed, and if he was hiding something. I don't know how to garden? He deleted my review, because taste is subjective and it was a rant? If that's the case, how can any review be given regarding any flavor? Why is a 5 star review saying "I can't wait to try it" a valid review? Worst of all, he demanded I apologize to him. What kind of company demands an apology from an unsatisfied customer? I'd like to add, I had given 5 star reviews to other products of his. This wasn't my first review of a product of the site. I have been completely blocked by him now, so I have no other choice but to share my experience. I feel the way this situation was handled, needs to be known by others. Most important, please note the tone in his reply. This is the owner of the company, Luke, copy and pasted directly from his email to me:

I will not be made out to be something that I am not. I have never sold something that I didn't personally know for a fact that people would like and enjoy, and I have never lied about it. The fact that you posted 3 times, and then took the time to message me shows more about your lack of character than mine. I have been genuine, and heard nothing but amazing things from HUNDREDS of people. Your review was removed because it was a rant, not a review. Flavor is extremely subjective, and not grounds for a bad review as even your region/climate may not be good for growing tomatoes. Your lack of gardening knowledge clearly shows when you say stuff like that. I am not only a master gardener, but have been doing this for over 15 years. I know what I am talking about, and those who trust me and accept that gardening is not a guarantee know that. Do not message me again unless it is to apologize for trying to make me seem like something I am not. I will not be slandered, and I will not allow someone to come onto my own pages and slander me, especially when the grounds on which the claims are being made are completely lacking in regularity and consistency.
Positive maxjohnson
Pompano Beach, FL
(1 review)
July 29, 2016
I have ordered from Luke many times and never have problems.
Positive nmyauger
Titusville, PA
(2 reviews)
April 5, 2016
I just received my second order I placed this year with MIgardener. I am so pleased with their promptness and accuracy in each order. I ordered this order on March 28th and received my complete order on April 4th. This is the first year I tried some different seed companies and this has to be one of the best!! The seed packets are a perfect size for a family garden. I can't praise this company enough!
Positive MadCheshireGrin
Guyton, GA
(10 reviews)
January 20, 2016
I placed my first order of seeds from MIgardener on 1/9/16 and received them today 1/20/16. They arrived perfectly in a padded shipping envelope and the individual packets of seeds are in small clear resealable baggies that are clearly marked with the seed variety, each packet appears to contain more than the labeled approximate number of seeds and the seeds look perfect and undamaged in any way. I'm really impressed with the care taken with these seeds and you can't beat the price at .99 cents per seed packet! They appear to currently have a 10% discount code 'SHARE10' which is just unbelievable at their already low prices and reasonable shipping costs. Very pleased, I will definitely be purchasing from again. :)
Positive Coachkos
Jackson, NJ
(1 review)
January 12, 2016
Migardener is the best place to buy seeds and get garden Info. They tell it like it is and are very helpful. They also sell seeds and have great shipping cost. Also if you need help they contact you asap . Love Luke and Sindy. Great people, Great Info, And the best place to buy seeds
Positive rhetreehuggers
Rockland, MA
(1 review)
January 12, 2016
MIGardner is awesome! I have made a couple of purchases so far and have gotten my seeds well before I thought I would get them! Also can't beat 99cent seeds and for LOTS of seeds per pack. I can't believe they hand pack all of these seeds, but you can tell they care about each customer with the time and care put into their product. This is one small business you should be supporting!
Positive yukonhulio
North Port, FL
(1 review)
January 12, 2016
Love So much valuable info and quality products. These people know what they are doing.
Positive cfreeman7651
Lake Orion, MI
(1 review)
January 12, 2016
I absolutely love this company and what they stand for. I've purchased many items in different transactions and nothing but smooth sailing. It's wonderful that there are multiple outlets of information provided through fb, fb groups, pinterest and YouTube videos. I can see the quality of the products, the intelligence behind the solid information and the passion from the owners. They love what they do and it's contiguous. I will always purchase my seeds and trifecta+ from MIgardner.
Positive RNSAMRN
Egg Harbor Township, NJ
(1 review)
January 12, 2016
I have been a fan of Luke's YouTube videos for some time. He also has an informative Facebook page where you can learn gardening tips, and meet some great people! Luke and Sindy offer great service via their online store too. I have never had such great results as I have had using the Trifecta Plus fertilizer in my garden, sold by the MIGardener store. It is phenomenal! The variety of seeds, quality and pricing should be noted. I highly recommend this seller!
Positive Thailfish
De Pere, WI
(1 review)
January 12, 2016
Awesome passion, gets seeds out quickly, and has very good selection of seeds at only 99 cents. Can't go wrong.
Positive karikasmier
Lockport, NY
(1 review)
January 12, 2016
I first discovered Luke on Youtube- the channel is amazing and has something to offer for every type of gardener- beginner and advanced! I purchased seeds last season, and each variety grew true and successfully. The big thing I want to mention is Luke's TRIFECTA fertilizer- Take the time to watch his videos- much time has gone into developing this product. I researched up a storm, ordered it, and used it while "up-planting" seedlings to larger containers in preparation for spring. These plants did astoundingly well- and I had a fabulous season with the tomatoes and peppers I used it in. I highly recommend this all-purpose fertilizer! I'll be adding it directly to my garden soil this year when I transplant out. Always a pleasure to do business with these folks!
Positive jrpulliam83
Crandall, GA
(1 review)
January 12, 2016
MIgardener and his YouTube channel, website, and FB based discussiom group are awesome to have as references when needing gardening information. You also get .99 cents heirloom, non-GMO seeds! How can you beat that?
Positive DebinMI
Mullett Lake, MI
(1 review)
January 12, 2016
I have purchased seeds from their seed store. They are top notch and only $.99 for heirlooms and they are organic. I also love their fertilizer called trifecta. They're shipping is fast and they are a super store and couple to deal with.
Positive shellbell818
Bartlett, IL
(2 reviews)
January 3, 2016
I've placed several orders with MIgardener and have had wonderful service. My first order was in mid 2015 when they were liquidating their seeds to make way for their new inventory. I received my seeds and a bag of their Trifecta+ fertilizer in a few days and at an outstanding price. Since it was late in the season I didn't plant any of the seeds. They will be included in my 2016 garden. I placed 2 separate orders at the end of 2015. One order was lost in transit and they quickly sent a replacement for this order and I couldn't be happier. They have a decent seed selection for a rather new company that hand packs all their seeds and has no store front/warehouse. All the seeds are at the amazing cost of .99! Their Trifecta+ fertilizer is nothing short of a garden miracle. I will continue to purchase from this company and support small business. Please give them a try, you won't be disappointed!
Positive SandraY
Miami, FL (Zone 10b)
(1 review)
December 10, 2015
I just received my order from MIGardener and am a very happy customer. Now, onto why I absolutely love this company:

1. Amazing prices: Everything is 0.99
2. Quantity of seeds: For 0.99 they include more seeds than companies that charge 3/4/5 times that amount.
3. Variety: Despite being a young company, I believe they just opened their seed store this year (2015), they have a large variety of seeds that is continuously growing. They even have some unique listings, like their Orange Roussollini Tomato, which I ordered :).
4. Shipping: The shipping fee is one of the lowest I've seen at $2.50. They also let you know when the package is being processed, and when it has shipped. And, they ship seeds out to you very quickly.
5. I Know Who I'm Buying From: MIGardener has a huge social media presence. When I first started gardening I watched Luke's (one of the co-owners) videos, and have continued to watch his Youtube videos to get some valuable advice on growing. You can also easily communicate with Luke and Sindy (the other co-owner) via there Facebook page where they regularly talk with customers/gardening enthusiasts. I also thought it was a nice touch that they wrote down who packaged my seeds (Luke this time).

I look forward to buying from this MIGardener again, and highly recommend purchasing from them.

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