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On Feb 9, 2021, iliketurtles (1 reviews) from Polson, MT

Bought a couple of fiddle leaf figs from this company. They arrived with beat up leaves, brown spots and some sort of mildew. I contacted the company and sent pics. They told me that fiddle leafs are picky and they need time to recover. I tended to them for over a month but they were not improving. A couple yellow leaves fell off. I have tons of plant experience and have a houseful of happy plants. I emailed them again and they said it looks like "dust" on the leaves, just wipe it off. NOT dust, mildew. I kept trying to save them, transplanted with fresh soil, put them in a sunny (for winter time) spot and watered as needed. Spots continued to get worse on leaves. I contacted them again and was asked about the sun exposure and watering routine. They did not acknowledge that the plants arrived unwell. Beware! They send out sick plants. And they keep getting this review removed from Google somehow.

On Mar 19, 2020, SimpleSue (1 reviews) from Pittsburgh, PA (Zone 6b)

I bought Southern Magnolia "Bracken's Brown Beauty". I was so excited to see what a nice big and healthy tree came in the mail. It's amazing how it was packed so well and had no damage. I had great communication and fabulous service from Perfect Plants Nursery. I trust them and will use them again. I give them a big A ++++++ for product, customer service and fast delivery! -Sue Hughes Pittsburgh, PA

On Mar 26, 2017, onilollaig (10 reviews)

I ordered a fruit tree, and they shipped it quickly. It was also in good condition, so I have no complaints about the tree. Unfortunately, along with the tree, they included a sheet of paper offering free fertilizer for posting a POSITIVE review of their company on any of various Web sites (including Amazon). This is completely UNETHICAL. In addition, it violates Amazon's stated policy for sellers. I tried to report them on Amazon, but since I'm not a seller there, I couldn't find a way to do so. I hope someone else reports them, though. Anyway, even though I liked my plant, I don't like dealing with dishonest companies, so I'm unlikely to order from them again.

On Feb 20, 2016, donnie2 (1 reviews) from Royston, GA

I have placed three orders to this company for trees and shrubs recently. In each instance, the plants I have received have been excellent quality. The shipping was prompt and fast, and the packaging very secure. Even the six foot trees I ordered were boxed up in such a way that it would be almost impossible for them to be damaged in shipment. I also communicated with customer service regarding a discount on one of the orders and got a very quick and helpful response. So all in all, I can definitely recommend this company.

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