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On Dec 1, 2018, korina777 (2 reviews) from Brooklyn, NY

Did not include Phito certificate and plants were taken by Customs. No refund ether.

On Nov 15, 2017, n8ivetxn (1 reviews) from Elma, WA

Well, I've been watching their sales on ebay for quite a while, but I was afraid to buy plants from so far away.... I went directly to the BKI website and chatted with them online. I felt better, they gave me solid answers to my questions. So, I set up an account and purchased Philodendron bippinatum variegata, Philodendron white knight variegata and Philodendron billietiae orange stalk. I chose the EMS, faster shipping and tracking. It worked great. Took a few days to get the phytocert and get them packed, but once they were mailed - it took 8 days! No joke. I couldn't believe it. The plants arrived in great condition, very healthy and growing new leaves! It wasn't cheap, but the plants are nice and big - I might just have to do it again in the spring!

On Nov 25, 2015, ondrejw (1 reviews) from Přerov,
Czech Republic

I am very disapointed about quality of cycad seeds I have purchased from BKinterplants. Out of 100 seeds I bought, 70 were floating on surface of the water, even after 2 days of soaking 60 still floating. These seeds were just lighweight, old, dry and not able to germinate. Other seeds, about 40, they sink down in water, but after more than 2 months, only 6 !! seeds actually germinated. 6 seeds out of 100 they sold me, were OK, rest were old and dead. And no, I was not doing it wrong, I have 10++ years of experience of germinating cycad seeds and have succesfuly germinated hundreds !! of cycad seeds, so I know very well all conditions which must be met to get seeds sprouted. After the purchase, I kindly asked Bkinterplants, two times, to compensate me - A) refund me money, or B) send me new, fresh seeds next season when harvested. But no replies at all, just ignored me. So I feel need to warn all cycad growers. I dont do this report because I like it, it is the opposite way, I hate to spread this bad experience, but I am getting really sick of all people just try to get money and give a sh*t about anything else. Anyway, if they will refund my money or if they will send new fresh seeds when harvested next time, then I would change my opinion and statement. Until then, bottom line from my experience is, this seller is not responsible nor reliable, more like abusive seller :/

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