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On Jul 27, 2021, cajunbarry (1 reviews) from Galveston , TX (Zone 9b)

Kevin Mallon of the Adenium Store continues to operate a fraudulent business. He is selling seeds that are not of the plant represented in his descriptions, accepting payments and then sends an email to the customer for the individual to do the work of filling out forms themselves with authorities if they ever want to see the product he already took their (my) money for. No mention of this runaround on his website before ordering. Bait and switch misrepresentation and he is stealing images of others for a fake promise. Do not ever order from this fraud. Admittedly I was fooled and suckered by him. Never again. Thanks

On Jul 3, 2021, AdeniumStore (1 reviews) from Manchester,
United Kingdom

I am the owner of Adenium Store. We grow what we sell and know the quality is very good. The seeds are hand pollinated to increase consistency when growing from seed. These negative reviews from PlumeriaGuy are a fabrication. He is a competitor and has a rival website in the USA. They are expensive and does not like that we are reasonably priced. The review from Spain never contacted our company, not a single time. If they did they will have emails which they can post here. But they wont because they didnt. We try our very best to offer the best and these hate reviews without substance need to be monitored accordingly by the administrator. If someone says something defamatory about us they should be able to back it up or not allowed to post it in the first place. I believe that is a much fairer system.

On Jun 8, 2019, bilwight (1 reviews) from Cadiz,

I bought a lot of adenium seeds form the adenium store, spent two years growing them on. Instead of the colours and doubles, trebles I was promised, ever one was a single pink flower. The definition of theft is 'Obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception.' They have my money, and are ignoring my emails. If you buy from them IMO you are a fool.

On Sep 29, 2017, PlumeriaGuy (2 reviews) from Seal Beach, CA,
United States

I bought a ton of plumeria seeds from the Adenium Store and am total disappointed with what is starting to bloom. The first plant that bloomed was one of their Kaneho seeds. The plant turned out to be a standard tiny generic white Celadine. The second plumeria to bloom was a Yellow Diamond. It turned out to be a generic pink plumeria with a totally different shaped petal than the triangular Yellow Diamond. Ugh! I would avoid these small mail order seed sellers, and keep to USA brick and mortar sellers that back their seeds. When you calculate it takes about 2 years for plumerias to flower, it is not worth trusting a online seller. I have had good like with Brad's Buds and Bloom plumeria seeds but not many others. I will not do any more business with the Adenium Store. You are better off buying plumeria seeds on eBay and will get the same random results for a ton less money.

On Sep 23, 2017, tejastosocal (1 reviews) from Long Beach, CA

Purchased several varieties of adenium and plumeria seeds and they arrived quickly even with international shipping! Waiting to see germination rates, but seeds look fresh. Only complaint is the website is clunky if you try and check on your order (if you’re impatient like me!). But overall so far, would recommend.

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