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On Jun 17, 2019, Basil989 (11 reviews) from Pueblo, CO (Zone 5b)

This is a unique seed company. Go into it with that understanding and there won't be a problem. They can't accept online payments. That's fine- I took extra measures when sending in my money order to not feel paranoid about that. I paid a little extra at the post office for a return receipt and it gave me peace of mind, since it was a large order. Also, my order was missing one seed I ordered but they sent extra bonus seeds tailored to what I had ordered so I didn't mind. Again, I understand the nature of this transaction meant that that was not going to be worth it to me to complain about one cheap tree seed, especially since it balanced out pretty nicely in the end. And finally, I know that I bought very unusual seeds with unknown sourcing and storage backgrounds. I have a supply of GA3 and a whole lot of patience ready to go. If they fail, I will either try again, give up, or find a different vendor depending on how it goes and what my gut tells me. I understand that that is the nature of this game and so should anyone else who is interested in very unique seeds. So ultimately, this vendor had fair prices, shipped SUPER fast, was discrete, and proved to be trustworthy even with their possibly pause-giving payment structure (which is not their fault, btw). I would order from them again, given that missing seeds doesn't become a pattern and everything else remains trustworthy and stable. They really do have an amazingly cool seed selection- just don't expect them to be like Burpee or the like.

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