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On Sep 2, 2021, mpedersen (6 reviews) from Duluth, MN

I've placed two orders with Catrina this fall for daylilies and have been quite pleased. What is sent is, in my opinion, of exceptional value and quite generous. Catrina herself is incredibly responsive via email, and based on these experiences I can recommend her business without hesitation at this time!

On Jul 10, 2021, boru (15 reviews) from Altoona, WI

This is my first review at Dave's Garden in several years - sorta gave up on many of the site's policies. However, this particular grower has impressed me to the extent that I wouldn't feel right if I didn't acknowledge her efforts. This is my first time shopping at Catrina's Garden. Was looking to replace some plants that did not return following this past Winter/Spring's weird weather. Was looking for Iris and hosta plantings. Located Catrina's via a search in the Watchdog. Catrina's is a relatively small site featuring a miscellaneous hodgepodge of related products. The catalogue is somewhat unique in it's arrangement, but it is fairly easy to navigate. The plants are well illustrated with photos and descriptions all courtesy of Catrina herself. Her writing is simple and clear. She adds personal comments that are both interesting and informative. The catalogue gave me the impression I was actually shopping in a small country store - a very pleasant experience. It was the end of June and Catrina's was having an End of Season Sale, with very reasonable prices. Of course, this prompted me to order more than I intended (a good thing in this case). I ordered three hosta, two daylillies, and an assortment of different sizes of iris. I sent my order. A very short time later, I received the expected email verification. Catrina states that she does not pre-dig and store the plants she sells, so I wasn't certain how long it would take her to get my order dug, packed, and in the mail. I was also a bit nervous about the condition of the plants upon arrival. I have experienced too often in the past, from other venders, "fresh dug" plants that were severely wilted, broken, dried out, etc. My fears were pretty much laid to rest upon receiving an email a couple of days later stating that my order was ready to be shipped. Catrina also let me know of a couple of concerns she had, neither of which I felt were issues. Still, she assured me that if I had any problems to let her know and she would fix it. I received a large box containing my order within a few days. I must say I was quite pleased when I unpacked everything. Every plant appeared freshly dug and ready to return to the ground. I have no complaint with the sizes and I will not hesitate to say that if anything fails to thrive, it will be my fault - certainly not Catrina's. I was impressed. These are some of the best plants I have ever received via the mail. I do not hesitate to provide my highest recommendation to Catrina's Garden.

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