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On May 30, 2021, teskopal (11 reviews) from Bethlehem, PA (Zone 6a)

This post is late in coming but I was reminded of the company after spending the weekend replacing plants purchased from them last year (2020). I placed two orders: the first was for three ‘Fire Chief’ Arborvitae. Perfect experience (and I purchase a lot of plants online). Nice full, healthy plants, packaged well. After such a good first experience I ordered two ‘Whipcord’ Thuja plicata soon after. These plants were a huge disappointment. The plants were small, and the root systems barely larger than plugs. I wrote in expressing my disappointment, although I was very polite and said I hoped it was a case of mislabeled or prematurely transplanted product. I indicated the order had been my second in as many weeks. The reply I received was dismissive and insulting. It insisted that Whipcord “never root well.” I wrote back, politely again, and received a two-line reply not-so-subtly telling me to get lost. All of this was particularly striking as I’d ordered two of the same cultivar from a competitor—in the same size—and received fuller plants with roots nearly filling the pots. I ordered more from Lots of Plants solely because they processed and shipped more quickly and the first order was so impressive. I’m glad others have had first experiences similar to my own but after the way I was treated on my second order I won’t be giving them a third chance.

On May 19, 2021, babybash0309 (1 reviews) from Detroit, MI

Ordered 3 mountain laurels and really could not be happier. Absolutely gorgeous, very healthy, and well packaged. Was actually surprised by the nice size of the plants. I'm usually a bit disappointed by mail-order plants but these were just fantastic. Have been in the ground for a couple of months and already lots of new growth. Will definitely use again!

On May 8, 2021, vineymaple (4 reviews) from Olympia, WA (Zone 8b)

Ordered a 3 gallon hydrangea. Packaging was good, and the plant that arrived, was a good size. despite 8 days in transit (not the sellers fault, as I live on the opposite side of the US), it was still healthy and ready to go in the ground. Would order from them again.

On Dec 30, 2020, Shaycolt (2 reviews) from Laurens, SC

I ordered 2 mountain laurel shrubs and 1 pieris japonica. They were beautifully shipped and were a really good size and healthy. I am well pleased and plan on ordering more plants.

On May 27, 2020, plant_collector (31 reviews) from Oak Ridge, TN

Placed my first order with Lots of Plants. Aucuba was shipped on date promised (which has not been my experience with other on-line sources during this virus pandemic). It was well packed and arrived in good shape and was roughly of the size (top growth) promised also.

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