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On Nov 20, 2021, ruarri (1 reviews) from Gastonia, NC

Positives: Ordered one banana plant on Saturday evening and received Wednesday (I am 3 states away) Plant is 18" tall, healthy, very large and filled shipping box. The shipping box is well-designed, the cardboard pot carrier was glued to the box and secured the root ball very well. Other nurseries should follow their shipping practices. Negatives: The seller only uses automated communication. I was notified on label creation and plant arrival by USPS. Personal requests for shipping confirmation were ignored. Comments: The banana plant is clearly a recently harvested pup. They do offer tissue culture starts. The website offers "nationwide plastic free shipping." The plastic is reduced to a small plastic bag for the coir pot. It can't be compostable cellophane, can it?

On Aug 24, 2021, carolyn_haack (13 reviews) from Saint Petersburg, FL

Non-existent customer service. Iíve ordered from in the past as they have a wide selection. But the last time I ordered, I ordered two plants, and received one. Could not locate a phone number on their website, so I contacted them multiple times at their customer care email address with absolutely zero response. Finally had to go to my credit card company to get a refund. Would not use them again.

On Dec 24, 2020, quinn_todd (1 reviews) from Muskego, WI

Sow Exotic sent two very small, distressed Mysore raspberries to me for $15 a piece with a $10 shipping charge. I was astonished at how fragile they looked and expected much better quality for the money I paid. Perhaps I should've seen this coming, had I read their online reviews before ordering. Apparently, there have been a large number of other dissatisfied customers who have had issues with the company. The raspberries' condition worsened in the weeks after they arrived, and the two plants eventually died despite proper care. I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint against Sow Exotic for improperly handling my transaction but was met with denial and blame. They never tried to process a refund for my loss nor did they offer replacements. I strongly urge others to avoid Sow Exotic or you very well may find yourself as disappointed as I.

On Mar 5, 2019, ashleysgarden (1 reviews) from Davenport, FL (Zone 9b)

Local, unresponsive to an appointment to volunteer on site in trade for likely baby plants and/or spare produce. I was maybe over excited, offering some background wanting to be considered for repeat helping. But two weeks, didnt cancel nor respond. I want to buy one tree I apparently cant trade clearing,etc (listed needs/projects) labor for (the volunteering scheduling was a very specific semi-automated time slot system that seemed large organization worthy), but I'm uncomfortable with the lack of response, even to my follow up, while also receiving professional promotional emails. The phone wasn't answered, and the message says please email us. Lastly I saw they had pickup appointments availible in 15 minute allotments same day, so they must carry a phone if they exist. The property is set back from the road, googlemaps makes it look unverifyable by a drive-by, and they specify appointment only, so I didnt go nocking.

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