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On Jun 5, 2021, squiggi (3 reviews) from Olympia, WA

I ordered some plants from this company earlier in the spring. Most of them were ok, but, the clematis "florida seboldii" was not. It was just a clump of roots in a pot that never did ANYTHING, even after being babied in my greenhouse for a couple of months. I sent an email asking for a replacement or refund with no response. I'm giving them a negative review because it seems that they just don't respond if you have a problem.

On May 7, 2021, robeezee (6 reviews) from Perrineville, NJ

Last year, I ordered about 10 Heucheras. All were delivered in good condition. This year, I ordered 4 more. I know that the phone is not a successful way to contact them, so I wrote an email inquiring when my order would be shipped. Pete responded to my email (order was placed a few weeks ago) and requested to be shipped 2nd week of May). I received a reply from Pete indicating that there was a crop failure and instead of shipping, my credit card was credited. At this point in the growing season, it is difficult to find the variety that I want either by email or through local nurseries. It would have been better if I had not had to inquire to receive this update. My take, after my limited experience: Give Pete a chance. This is a decent company with good prices and imperfect communications. I would order from them again, but would follow up sooner to Pete with an email asking if all is well with the order. I still remember the plants that I received that were in fine condition and at very competitive prices.

On May 7, 2021, euwxyz (4 reviews) from Berlin, NH

After an on line purchase, needed to speak with personnel. Over some 20 plus phone calls and 3 emails...Could not reach anybody nor leave messages !!! Food for thought.

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