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On Jul 13, 2008, richlinda (1 reviews) from Southbury, CT

Purchased 5 ft qty 25 3/8" bamboo for garden. I received worthless 1/8" - 3/8" bamboo sticks. Only 5 were 3/8" the majority were 1/8". Emailed them twice and received no response. Didn't deliver on order and were non responsive.

On Nov 14, 2007, SallyMcM32697 (4 reviews) from Worthington Springs, FL

I enjoy W. Nicke's Garden, its a neat place to find things that just arnt all over the place. I dont mind the shipping costs because I dont have anything like this near me. I have ordered three or four times and found shipping time to be normal and responses quick and friendly. I will continue to make purchases next year.

On Jul 18, 2007, kalahun (1 reviews) from Round Hill, VA (Zone 6b)

Walt Nicke Company had several items I haven't been able to find anywhere else. If you have a water source with no reducing valve, his brass shut-off valve, rated for 500 psi, is worth every cent of the $19.95 I paid. I only wish I had ordered two.

On Apr 4, 2003, cherylm (4 reviews) from Groveland, MA

i too thought their shipping charge was way too high for the small item i was ordering. i wrote in the comment box that i would come pick it up, because i live quite close to them. they emailed a reply, that they would reduce the charge, and they did, by about 50%.

On Mar 21, 2003, hopflower (27 reviews) from Santa Rosa, CA (Zone 9a)

Sorry, while I did receive quality merchandise, their service has consistently been slow and somewhat disorganized. I told myself the last time that I ordered some goods I did not think I would be ordering again but went ahead anyway; I know I will not order again now. I was charged $6.00 shipping for some lever loops (50 little green plastic ones) and a box of 25 manure tea bags which took over a month to get here. I feel the charge unreasonable, and that it took much too long to fill the order.

On Aug 30, 2002, rwhartist (3 reviews)

I have dealt with Walt Nickes for at least 12 years...........never had a product that was sent that was cheap or unreliable..........one of the few mail order companies that still carries quality products and treats its customers like they want repeat business....which they have gotten from me over the years. Rich Haynes

On Mar 1, 2000, marydecious (1 reviews) from Sacramento, CA

Walt Nicke Co. offers tried and true, one-of-a-kind tools, gadgets, propagators, plant supports, watering apparatus, gloves, arbors and much more. Their affordable/durable stainless steel 'digger trowels' are the most used items in my garden tote. Lots of British imports, similar to those found in Kinsman. The catalogue includes writings, B & W photos and excellent product descriptions. Prices are reasonable, quality excellent, and approach down-to-earth. I've ordered for many years, have never been disappointed (and I am picky...) and have grown very appreciative of this company's consistent authenticity.

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