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2700 Route 890
Corn Hill, New Brunswick E4Z 1M2 (Canada)
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On Nov 13, 2021, badgerBat (1 reviews) from Platteville, WI

Last year I made an order which included Goldbusch to Corn Hill Nursery. Just prior to shipping season, I got a phone call from them (!!) letting me know they couldn't provide it due to losses in winter storage and what would I like instead? Talk about great customer service! I had a great conversation with their representative who was more than helpful. I got a Fru Dagmar Hastrup as replacement and it arrived, strong and beautiful, along with the rest of my order (also healthy, beautiful bare root roses). I love that they grow and offer so many truly cold hardy roses, many of which I have never seen available elsewhere. They carry a large number of roses developed by Canadian breeders (which makes sense), plus lots of other, heirloom varieties, tons of rugusa hybrids and some very off-the-beaten track varieties I've never heard of. Their prices are reasonable, even with the cost of shipping and a phytosanitary certificate, the plants are big, tough, hardy, and ready to bloom (my Fru DH bloomed very nicely this season, young as it was) but even if none of that were the case, the fact that they treated me as a valued customer, were friendly, helpful, and respectful, placed them at the very top of rose nurseries and I will definitely order from them again. If you want great customer service and an amazing array of tough, cold hardy roses, Corn Hill is absolutely tops.

On Jul 9, 2016, prairie_rose (1 reviews) from Calgary,

I have had excellent experiences with Corn Hill so far. Overall, prompt, polite customer service. I purchased four bare roots from Corn Hill via online last year. The 1 1/2 grades were of excellent size, the 1 grades quite a bit smaller (about half the size of the 1 1/2s). They were packaged well, were in good condition when arrived, and all had very generous long uncut anchor roots. One did not break dormancy last year. I emailed them a photo once it was certain, and they immediately offered to send a replacement with no questions asked. The replacement was of excellent quality - large size, budding, long roots. It is doing extremely well and flowering right now. All others are doing great this year, all were labelled correctly. I appreciate how they are growing hardy own root roses by cuttings and keeping these roses available for sale to the public and from otherwise disappearing. I highly recommended this nursery for the rose enthusiast looking to obtain varieties not commonly found.

On Feb 16, 2009, joanneone (1 reviews) from pugwash,

Really don't like the quality of trees, roses and perenniel at the nursery, in our experience we've bought about $800 worth of fruit trees, fruit bushes, vines, and roses and have but one healthy apple, a novamac, to show for it. On the flip side, we've bought cornhill potted roses and flowering crab trees from a big box store for half the price the nursery sells and all thrived. So I don't know why the stock at the nursery has been so poor but I suspect they save the good stuff for their bread and butter, the mail order side.

On Dec 14, 2007, azalea1953 (2 reviews) from Martinsburg, WV

Great roses. All arrived in excellent condition. A very good nursery to do business with. Will be ordering from them again and have recommended them to friends.

On Aug 27, 2007, crazy_gardener (42 reviews) from Wainwright, AB (Zone 2b)

I've ordered a couple of times from Corn Hill. I live way on the other side of Canada from them and have had no problems with delivery. Great selection of own-root roses to choose from, good size healthy roses and lilacs. Customer service is much appreciated.

On Nov 7, 2006, e2128506 (1 reviews) from West Chester, PA

Hello, I recently ordered 7 rugosa roses from Corn Hill Nursery and just wanted to express how satisfied I am. I browsed through a lot of nurseries selling rugosas and this company has the best and widest variety in my opinion. The customer services was great during ordering: I could not make up my mind, explained what I was looking for and received a very detailed, professional advice. I was impressed by the quality of roses: very strong and healthy. Packaging was great, so roses arrived as if they were just dug out of the ground. I will definitely order more plants from this company. They have a very good veriety of shrubs as well. Thank you very much! Ellen Ger

On Jul 5, 2004, robcastlebay (3 reviews)

Very good selection and all plants arrived in good health, all the right variaties too. Changing our order was easy and knowledgeable staff were more than happy to help us out with any concerns we had. More than happy with corn hill!

On Jan 10, 2002, Lynnette (31 reviews) from Courtenay,

This is an excellent nursery to get bare root hardy roses that will grow on the prairies. Good size plants and good service.

On Feb 1, 2001, marilenavazquez (1 reviews)

I've ordered many times from Corn Hill Nursery - there roses arrive bareroot and are in excellent condition. Not one of the 32 roses I've ordered from them has ever died and indeed they are iron-clad hardy. I highly recommend this company.

On Mar 1, 1998, heathergrant (2 reviews)

I bought two rose bushes from Corn Hill, then drove 2000 km with them in the back of the car, windows down, and scorching heat. Then they sat in pots at the north side of my house for two months, with every namable insect eating them. They bloomed, then every leaf was gone. Finally they were put in the garden at the end of August, and they leafed out in a week, blooming before frost. Last summer was their first full season, and they flourished. I highly recommend roses from this place because you just can't kill them and they smell heavenly! The owner of this nursery has written several books on hardy roses and on trees and stuff - he is considered one of Canada's leading authorities. Do NOT look for them at - that was a big mistake.

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