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On Jul 11, 2008, Finnlander (3 reviews) from Loveland, CO

I have ordered from this company for the past two years, and a couple of years before that. I have always had excellent service, and have always received high quality product from them. My most recent order took a bit long to receive, several extra days, and as it was shipped through the US Mail in extremely hot weather my order was mostly dead when I got it (ladybugs). I informed the company via email, and was offered my choice of reship or refund of which I chose reship. I had the replacement (alive and well) order in a few days. I do not believe the company service and integrity can be beat!! I will definitely continue to deal with them!

On Jun 10, 2008, Dina56 (1 reviews) from Brooklyn, NY

I ordered ladybugs awhile ago and they arrive with at least half of them dead and the others dying. I called and they were very helpful and said they would send another order. So I waited and waited, then called. They told me they didn't have any ladybugs and would ship them as soon as they came in. Gee--would of been nice to let me know while I watch the aphids multiply. They were supposed to ship around May 25th and I am still waiting. I just left another message. I have ordered in the past without any problem. At the moment they don't seem to have their act together.

On May 29, 2007, landofoz (7 reviews) from Hutchinson, KS

I ordered some ladybugs for my daughter's birthday party and also to help with the tremendous aphid problem that I had last year. I ordered from Buglogical on a Wednesday night, around midnight, and the ladybugs were in my fridge by Friday afternoon. I was very impressed at how quickly they got here. All seemed to be alive and lived for (gasp) a week in the fridge, with intermittent spritzes of water. They woke up very quickly when removed from the fridge. A couple days after releasing them, we suffered a week of snow/ice and 17 F temps. Surprisingly, my yard is still carpeted in very much alive ladybugs. Both kids love picking them (they don't even have to look, just reach into the grass and start grabbing) and they've moved into the garden as well. I am very, very pleased with this company and will definitely order from them again.

On May 6, 2007, earnestdutchie (1 reviews) from Tucson, AZ

I order some nematodes from buglogical to control grubs in my lawn, and in a few weeks after application of the HB nematodes my lawn was completely green and I didn't see any brown spots in my lawn. Customer service answered all my questions about the nematodes before I made my purchase. They have lots of great information on the use of beneficial insects on there website.

On Apr 18, 2007, dcdouwe (1 reviews) from Tucson, AZ

I needed some ladybugs for my daughter's birthday party for Saturday. It was late Thursday afternoon and to late for me to order the ladybugs for her birthday to arrive on time. I called Buglogical and a nice lady made special arrangments with FedEx overnight delivery to arrive Saturday morning in time for her birthday. I can't tell you how responsive they were to my needs. They provide Great customer service, I would recommend them to all my friends. Travis

On Mar 8, 2007, Cretaceous (32 reviews) from El Sobrante, CA (Zone 9b)

This company has great service, I recently ordered beneficial nematodes (Heterohabditis bacteriophora). They were sent packaged with cold packs and received four days later via Fedex. Very satisfied !

On Aug 12, 2005, brianfuchs (3 reviews) from Newbury Park, CA

I placed an order for destroyer snails from this company after having a TERRIBLE experience with another company. The order was placed about 2 weeks ago. They quickly contacted me, saying that snail harvesting has been really hurt by the weather in Florida, and that the order would be filled ASAP. They offered a refund, but I said no problem. A week later, they informed me that the harvesting was still behind, due to the heat. Another offer to cancel, and I was still glad to wait. So, if I still haven't gotten my order after 2 weeks, WHY would I possibly give a positive rating? Simply because Buglogical is making a great effort to fill the order, and keeping me informed. They are calling me - no the other way around. I have full confidence they will fill the order. I'll post an update when the snails arrive.

On October 4th, 2005, brianfuchs changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following: Well....it's been 60 days since I ordered - no snails have shipped. I have contacted the company several times, and each time they have said it would be a couple of more weeks. My patience has worn thin and I have asked for a reverse on the charges. My only real gripe here is that they charged my card immediately. It would have been much nicer if they (like so many other companies out there) charged the card upon SHIPPING.

On Jan 2, 2003, Binder (1 reviews)

I have used these folks 4 times for whitefly control. Products always arrive quickly and work great. I have NO whiteflys in my greenhouse for the first time!!

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