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On Sep 22, 2012, hoosierquilt (5 reviews) from Vista, CA

This is one of the most outstanding commercial citrus nurseries in the country. What makes them so special is they are still run like a family business. They graciously sell directly to a retail customer if you're up in the Bakersfield area. I had the occasion to speak to them about trying to find a Tahitian pummelo, as they are the only commercial growers of this variety in the state of California. The gal I was conversing with via email was so gracious and told me to just stop on by, and they'd be happy to sell me a tree or two. I ended up with 5 extremely lovely and rare citrus to add to my collection, and come to find out, that gracious woman I had been emailing was the president of the company! Where does ANYONE get that kind of customer service anymore? I cannot recommend this company highly enough. Will be back to pick up a Lee x Nova mandarin, another very hard to get and exceptional citrus cultivar. Fabulous company: extremely professional, superlative customer service, and very lovely, well developed trees. The trifecta for a commercial citrus grower.

On Apr 18, 2009, guanabanaboy (2 reviews) from Oceanside, CA

Bought a lemon tree from a retail nursery (Clifton's) supplied by Willits and Newcomb. The tree was vigorous and in great condition. I lost the tag, and did not recall if it was a standard or semi-dwarf, or the name of the specific variety (it was not your usual Italian variety and that's all I remembered). I did remember that it was from Willits and Newcomb. I was told that they paint a color coding on the trunks of their citrus trees (rootstock and scion) as identification, so I e-mailed W&N and gave them the colors from the trunk of my tree. My e-mail was answered in 1 day, by the president of the company, informing me of the variety of lemon tree (Santa Teresa Feminello) and root stock (semi-dwarf) that I had. I thought that was excellent personal service for a wholesale company whose main business is supplying many thousands of trees per year to their distributors.

On Mar 1, 2002, SoftMentor (2 reviews) from Indio, CA

Wonderful professional company. Quality, well grown trees and a variety of rootstocks. I bought 3 varities of citrus and will buy more next year.

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