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Positive recycle_man
(1 review)
On Apr 10, 2015, recycle_man Jacksonville, NC (Zone 8a) wrote:

Posted on April 5, 2002, updated April 10, 2015
Ordered (2) bare root semi-dwarf pear trees. Received (2) 4-ft trees in good condition via UPS ground in two days. Price was reasonable ($12.95 per tree plus $8.95 UPS charges.) Good selection for southern varieties. Would buy again from Johnson Nursery.

On April 10th, 2015, recycle_man added the following:

I believe that I was the first to comment on Johnson's Nursery. Sadly I believe that I will be the last after reading their recent e-mail below. I have made several purchases from them throughout the years and will miss them. Thanks Bill & Elisa for your dedication, honesty, and hard work.

E-mail from Bill & Elisa:
After 26 years in the Business, Johnson Nursery will be closing its doors June 1, 2015.

Under the ownership of Bill and Elisa Ford, it became one of the pre-eminent fruit tree sources of the Southeastern United States.

"Elisa and I would like to thank everyone who has purchased from us in the past. We wish many years of continued success with your home orchards. We're honored to have been your partners."
(1 review)
On May 6, 2014, POSTALDUDE Keysville, GA wrote:

This is the best company ! Last year, I ordered from them ,some blackberry bushes and a peach tree. Well ,after planting , the bushes appeared great ... but the peach tree looked weak. I called Johnson Nursery to see if they had any suggestions ,but also I realized there were many things on my part, that between the hole preparation and the planting and amending the soil, that I could have done wrong. Well, I decided to leave the tree in for a while. Later that fall , I removed the tree, and pretty much forgot about it.
Well, low and behold, in the month of January, a brand new peach tree was delivered "Free Of Charge". I was shocked ... I had never even discussed the situation but one time ..and we never really discussed a replacement ! This is the type of company that demonstrates a top notch business . All I can say is "Thank You "....and trust me .. if I have nursery needs again, I'm calling Johnson Nursery !
Donny DeAmicis

Positive BaseballBen
(2 reviews)
On Dec 7, 2013, BaseballBen Calhoun, GA wrote:

Mr. Bill was incredibly helpful. My 11 year old son loves working with his new orchard, and Mr. Bill helped him to start his blueberry section. I had the wrong closing time for his nursery, and I arrived (following a long drive) to his nursery just he closed and was getting into his car. Without even having to ask, Mr. Bill got out of the car, opened the shop, and literally spent a half hour with me picking plants and educating me about the planting and growing process for the blueberries. He took a special interest in the fact my son is so interested in farming and orchard work. Now, Mr. Bill's plants are the cornerstone of a very nice start to a blueberry section of the orchard. We'll certainly return to visit again and again as we continue with other plants.

Positive hpb
(2 reviews)
On Apr 17, 2013, hpb Decatur, GA wrote:

Over a period of 3 years, I have bought 3 pomegranates, 2 pears, 4 plums, 1 sour cherry, 1 almond, and 12+ blueberries (both rabbiteye and southern highbush) from Johnson's. The plants have been uniformly excellent except for one year when they had a problem with their pomegranates and replaced them all without charge. The replacement pomegranates have met the high standards that I expect from Johnson's. The owners have always been helpful and patient while I made selections and set shipment dates. I wish that I had time to go visit them because it sounds like their nursery is a learning experience in itself for a Georgian interested in having a home garden built around fruit trees. Excellent packaging and shipment. No complaints at all.

Positive NewbieRick
(1 review)
On Feb 22, 2013, NewbieRick MCDONOUGH, GA wrote:

I am a newbie to gardening in general, but I ordered two granny smith apple trees, and a crabapple tree. The process was great. I received my trees very quickly and they were in the ground the next day. Keeping my fingers crossed I did everything correct, as I look forward to the beginning of a beautiful back yard. They provided me information with the trees which matched pretty much everything I have researched online. I am getting ready to order some peach trees from them as well. I would definitely recommend these guys!

Positive Metropolis
(1 review)
On Dec 6, 2012, Metropolis Heber Springs, AR wrote:

I ordered about a dozen three years ago with no problems. Next year we got two cherry trees which died shortly after leafing out. I contacted them them and they sent two replacements without any hassel at all. The replacements are doing fine and I'm going to get more cherry trees from them for springs

Positive europa59
(2 reviews)
On Oct 10, 2012, europa59 Huntsville, AL wrote:

We've ordered from several nurseries over the years, and Johnson has been one of the best. The first order we placed through Johnson was for two apple trees, a cherry tree, and a fig. The order seemed to have bad luck attached to it from the start. There was a mix-up with the order and it was delayed, but the company representative apologized profusely and sent us an additional plant at no charge.

The next problem came not from Johnson, but from the shipping company. Despite the fact that the box was prominently labeled "Live Plants" in several places, they were not careful about handling it and dented the box, which resulted in breaking the cherry tree. We called Johnson, sent them a picture of the box and the broken tree, and and had a replacement tree within a week.

All of the stock looked great, better than most of the other nurseries we've ordered from, and the two apples and the cherry were taller than expected. Everything leafed out well in the spring except the fig; when it showed no sign of life by late April, we called once again and had a replacement in short order. All the trees are doing well and have more than doubled in size.

Despite the issues with this particular order, we will definitely be ordering from Johnson again. The plants are great and they are one of the few nurseries I've worked with that has a good customer service department.

Positive LakeOconee
(1 review)
On Jul 20, 2012, LakeOconee Eatonton, GA wrote:

Have ordered 15+ fruit trees over several years. First class service and excellent trees.

Positive pablo65
(1 review)
On May 22, 2012, pablo65 Linden, TN (Zone 7a) wrote:

This is a top notch company.I've ordered two years in a row from them.I've ordered apples,blueberries and grapes.
All have done great,better than the ones I've gotten from
local nurseries.Their customer service is great and their shipping is fast and packaged well.This is one of the only
nurseries I will order from.

Positive Hoimi
(1 review)
On Mar 24, 2012, Hoimi Tallassee, AL wrote:

Very happy with my grape vine. It was well packaged, and much bigger than I expected. They also included lots of useful growing information.

Positive Express128
(21 reviews)
On Feb 17, 2012, Express128 Mansfield, TX wrote:

Placed an order for a seedless grape last week, received order yesterday. Grape was in good shape, packaged well. Let's hope this grape is the variety I ordered. ( some nurseries like to swap tags ). So far things look good.

Positive Dunsha
(1 review)
On Nov 4, 2011, Dunsha Between, GA wrote:

I have purchased over a dozen apple trees and other products from Mr. Bill over the last 3 years. I am lucky to live about two hours south of Ellijay GA and have driven up to get the trees each time. The trees are wonderful but the greatest product they provide is Bills "Giant Brain". He is by far the most knowledgeable nurseryman I have ever met. Just tell him what you want from your trees and he will choose a combination based on chill hours, disease resistance, size, root stock and if you want to eat them, cook them, store them or make cider. His patience and knowledge are invaluable if you have a limited experience in setting up a home orchard. I no longer look anywhere else. They have it all !

Positive spaceace
(1 review)
On Oct 8, 2011, spaceace Oxford, AL wrote:

I have been a customer of Johnson Nursery for over 3 years and they have been outstanding. All of my trees and plants arrived when they stated. They alter shipping based on region, I think. Almost all the plant I have bought from them are living. They provide great instructions with the shipment for novice growers like myself. The ones that did not survive, died because of my neglect. In fact, I just placed another order with them for several more apple trees.
When problems arise Johnson Nursery performs honorably. My father had a few trees die and they readily replaced them and were extremely apologetic. Both signs of a quality company.
I also think it speaks volumes about a company when they respond to negative feedback explaining their point of view. Just browse through the other growers and their negative feedback. How many of them respond? To me this demonstrates that this company is highly concerned with their reputation not just the dollar.
Excellent company. I tell all my friends looking for fruit trees about them.

Positive RichinRichmond
(3 reviews)
On Apr 21, 2011, RichinRichmond Richmond VA,
United States wrote:

Ordered blackberries, strawberries, and a plum tree. Most specimens were excellent. There were a few runts that did not do well. They replaced these plants (very) promptly and cheerfully. Good selection, product, and service.

Positive goldpeach
(1 review)
On Apr 1, 2011, goldpeach Goldonna, LA wrote:

I purchased 8 peach trees and 14 berry bushes. Received all in great shape, and planted as Johnson advised, all lived and bloomed.
Questions were answered in a cheerful manner each time I called. Definitely will do business with again.

Positive MsWanda
(2 reviews)
On Feb 16, 2011, MsWanda Chattanooga, TN wrote:

I ordered a 2 year old Muscadine vine and a Top Hat Blueberry vine. They were shipped to me quickly in excellent condition. They were clearly alive and packaged with care. I will order more from this company in the future because I am very pleased with my purchase.

Positive Buntyn
(4 reviews)
On Jan 4, 2011, Buntyn Jacksonville, FL wrote:

Super company in every way. I highly recomend these folks, they stand behind their products . I will order again soon. Buntyn Daylily Garden

Positive Malatchie
(2 reviews)
On Oct 12, 2010, Malatchie Newnan, GA wrote:

Very positive experience from Johnson Nursery and especially Bill.
Picked up several heirloom variety apple trees in the early spring of 2010. Due to our hot summer here just southwest of Atlanta, two trees did not make it. They cheerfully replaced them earlier this fall. Even with an event going on at the nursery, Bill gladly met me late one Saturday afternoon and there was no charge for the replacements and I bought two additional varieties that are now thriving. Several weeks later, we happened to be in the Ellijay, GA area again on a Saturday morning and Bill was more than accommodating to meet at the nursery for the purchase of two more apple trees! While I think this will fill my orchard for the future, I will never hesitate in doing business with this fine company and its individuals again. Excellent experience!! Edward.

Positive Rexxin
(5 reviews)
On Aug 23, 2010, Rexxin Holmdel, NJ wrote:

I ordered 2 apple trees and a peach tree. All came in VERY good condition and are doing very very well 3 months later. 1 of the apple trees had all but 2 leaves eaten by deer. It put out new growth and has made a full recovery. The trees are very healthy and I will be ordering from them again.

Positive ninaburke
(2 reviews)
On Jun 4, 2010, ninaburke Fredericksburg, VA wrote:

Ordered two apple trees in the spring. These are the best mail order trees I have ever seen - sturdy trunks, good root system, well packed. Arrived promptly and leafed out beautifully. Company was very helpful choosing a pollinator for the Pink Lady apple which was my main reason for ordering from them - it's a difficult-to-find variety.

Positive Georgebb
(3 reviews)
On May 28, 2010, Georgebb Savannah, GA wrote:

I bought 3 Dormanred raspberries plants in Jan 2008 now 2+ years later i got about 40 plants!!! I love you guys!

Positive CDN_Transplant
(1 review)
On Apr 16, 2010, CDN_Transplant Moultrie, GA (Zone 8a) wrote:

I received my first order from Johnson Nursery, today. It wonít be my last!
I have ordered a great many bare-root trees and shrubs over the years. Theirs, are far and above, the very best I have ever received! And, their shipping rates are very affordable.
Itís so refreshing to see there are still companies out there that care about their products while providing value to their customers. Johnson Nursery are the greatest!

Positive jmlane
(1 review)
On Apr 12, 2010, jmlane Lovelady, TX wrote:

I have ordered blueberry plants from Johnson Nursery. They were all good healthy plants,and packaged very well. I will not hesitate to order again. Good Job ! Thanks, Mark Lane.

(1 review)
On Mar 27, 2010, NEGA_HILLS Mount Airy, GA wrote:

We ordered 2 peach, 2 apricot, 4 apple,And 2 necterine.
They arrived on time in Great Shape and look very good even as I type. My sister sent us 4 grape vines for our 39th anniversary, last year, All are doing well. Thanks Johnson.
We will order again Soon.

Positive TNTurtle
(4 reviews)
On Feb 14, 2010, TNTurtle Chattanooga, TN wrote:

Posted on February 14, 2010, updated February 14, 2010
My first order was small (two seed packets and a soil block maker) but I'm quite happy. The order experience was simple and efficient and the order arrived quickly. I will gladly order again in the future.

On February 14th, 2010, TNTurtle added the following:

Oops - my rating is unchanged but I erred on the order (I got my order confused with another company). What I did order was a 2 - 3' Angel Red Pomegranate. It is true that ordered online was easy, communication was good and it arrived within days in great shape.
Positive Disillusioned
(2 reviews)
On May 4, 2009, Disillusioned Ranger, GA wrote:

Purchased grape vines and azaleas on a Saturday in April. Plants were healthy and are thriving.

Positive madamdeathstare
(5 reviews)
On Apr 9, 2009, madamdeathstare Owens Cross Roads, AL wrote:

I ordered two blueberries, a grape, two peach trees, a cherry tree and two almond trees from Johnson Nursery. The almond tree is on back order. The other plants arrived very well packed. I was a bit worried as their box had been turned every which way, but the plants were so well protected that they were fine.

The peaches and the blueberries already have flowers. The other plants had leaf buds developing at arrival. All of them have broken dormancy and are doing well.

The people at Johnson Nursery were very helpful with shipping dates and were nice to deal with. I will be happy to order more plants from them.

Positive YaraRoswellGA
(5 reviews)
On Mar 14, 2009, YaraRoswellGA Roswell, GA wrote:

Ordered 2 apple trees, 2 pear trees, a pomegranate, lowbush blueberrry, 2 jujubes. All trees are really healthy looking, good size. They are the nicest people to deal with. I had a problem with the address and payment info on paypal and they got it all fixed up in one quick phone call.

Positive gpritch
(1 review)
On Oct 14, 2008, gpritch Gainesville, GA wrote:

I have purchased all my apple trees, raspberry, blueberry and figs from Johnson's Nursery for the past 15 years and am always very well impressed and pleased with all aspects. I am getting ready to order more raspberry plants. The stock is always well packaged, marked and healthy. I live only about an hour south in Gainesville, GA. which is a real positive benefit because of the similarities in climate. I am an organic gardener and they have many items, especially apple trees that are resistant to various diseases and I do not spray any of the various fruits, but I do read and plant according to the directions they send.

Positive coolmornings79
(4 reviews)
On Jul 1, 2008, coolmornings79 Trinity, AL wrote:

In Feb. 2006 I ordered 4 Asian Pears from this company. They arrived just a few days after ordering, were very well packaged and larger than expected. These trees have been well taken care of, but they have all grown really well and have a few pears this year. Highly recommended!

Positive mharris9166
(1 review)
On May 19, 2008, mharris9166 Montpelier, VA wrote:

About a month ago, I ordered some grapes from Johnson Nursery. I ordered 7 concord, 7 niagra and 3 catawba. They shipped and arrived very quickly. Well packaged. They arrived either dormant or just budding. After planting, all but two almost instantly budded and started leafing. Two lagged a bit but it looks like the last one has started developing buds. (I will keep a close eye on that one.)

I found that Johnson Nursery had an excellent quality of product with well developed root structure and fast shipping. I am already looking at what my next purchase will be from them.

Positive redzone911
(2 reviews)
On Apr 3, 2008, redzone911 Pinellas, FL wrote:

I ordered two southern highbush blueberry 'misty' plants two months ago that arrived quickly and are still doing great now. Although they were a little short, the only complaint i have is they don't have more really lowchill southern cultivars that do well in my area so i can order more from them in the future

Positive henderson678
(1 review)
On Mar 30, 2008, henderson678 Cumming, GA wrote:

This place is a mom and pop family business and they are the nicest group of people you could meet. Unlike the color catalogue mail order giants who send you dried up sticks, these people take pride and care in what they do. I have purchased from them three times, twice in person and once via mail order. Everything is growing and thriving extremely well. The trees that came through the mail were packaged with great care and came with great instructions and advice.Everything I bought (fruit trees, grapes, berries) came with strong and healthy root systems. My Heritage rapsberries bore the first year. I have called and emailed with questions and they are always prompt and nice.

I have pictures of some of my trees on the link below.

//[email protected]/sets/72157604313384964/

Positive bibbykitty
(41 reviews)
On Feb 27, 2008, bibbykitty San Antonio, TX (Zone 8b) wrote:

I ordered blackberry, and boysenberry vines early this spring. I received the plants, and was so pleased I ordered more blackberries, and some raspberries.
The prices and quality are good. Would definitely order from again. Wonderful company to buy from.

Positive rippleintime
(3 reviews)
On Jan 9, 2008, rippleintime wrote:

My first transaction with Johnson Nursery was in July of 2005, when I met owner Elissa. I have been a regular ever since.

Plants are great, service is terrific. Bill and Elissa are great people, who love plants and it shows in every contact with them.

I highly recommend Johnson Nursery. You won't be sorry you checked them out!

Chris Miller

Positive passiflora_pink
(5 reviews)
On Apr 4, 2007, passiflora_pink Central, AL (Zone 8a) wrote:

I ordered a plum, AU Rubrum. It arrived in perfect condition. I spoke later with a customer rep on the phone trying to place another order of recent cultivars but they were out. The person I spoke with was very polite and helpful. The price was excellent. I will order from them again!

The catalog is helpful in indicating which fruit trees need low chill levels...useful for me in the South.

Positive chava9353
(1 review)
On Mar 1, 2007, chava9353 Pine Knot, KY wrote:

These people are the best, would highly recommend them to any one wanting a fruit tree. Highly knowledgeable and the most courteous people I have run into in a long time. They go out of their way to insure customer satisfaction. Good "old fashioned" service.
Will do business with no one but them when it comes to fruit trees!

Positive ShannonGA
(2 reviews)
On Feb 23, 2007, ShannonGA Gainesville, GA wrote:

I live in Georgia and was able to pick up the trees, but I called ahead with my order. They had my order ready and waiting for me. The staff is wonderful! I must have called half a dozen times with questions about the trees before I even purchased them(when to plant, cross polination, etc.) Their customer service is outstanding! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and if I had more space I would buy more trees from them.

Positive melody
(41 reviews)
On Feb 22, 2007, melody Benton, KY (Zone 7a) wrote:

After searching on the net for varieties of apple trees, I decided on Johnson Nursery as a potential place to purchase them.

The staff on the phone was helpful and informative, answering my questions and making suggestions as to what pollinators would be best.

I placed my order, and was asked when would be the best time for delivery. The date was settled upon, and it was explained to me that if the weather conditions were favorable, that would be my ship date. Being that we have had an unusually harsh winter, this was comforting to me.

A few days later I received a phone call from the staff stating that when they physically went to pull my order, one of the trees was sold out. I asked that they suggest a comparable alternative, and several were suggested to me after they checked that they would also be compatible to my pollinator tree. I selected one that was very close to my original choice, and they went ahead and processed the order.

My order arrived, and things were packed well, trees were pre-pruned and in excellent shape. The stock was good sized, and obviously well taken care of.

I'm extremely pleased with the helpful staff, and the condition of my trees. I will use them again.

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