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Positive stevenL
(1 review)
On Sep 19, 2017, stevenL Delafield, WI wrote:

I was going to start looking for spring bulbs and came across the reviews hereÖ This place is HUGE. Clearly people who are happy plant their plants and move on with life. Pretty sure they sell millions of plants every year. It sucks that the people who took the time to give feedback are the people who had something go wrong. If you LOVE Jung and appreciate the incredible quality leave feedback. These negative reviews do not represent the company I have dealt with.

I have been buying from Jung Seed on line for more than ten years. They are awesome! We built a house and started with a blank canvas for gardens, every year we add more flowers. Before the snow is completely gone until a hard frost there is something in bloom from Jung in our yard.

The first time I ordered a bare root plant it was a foreign concept and a leap of faith. We live on water and our giant willow (that blocks a window view of our property) fell. We needed something that would grow fast, can tolerate very wet conditions and eventually replace the willow when the rest of it goes. The tree showed up as a three foot stick with a few buds and some cropped roots. Now five or six years later that is a close to twenty foot beautiful catalpa tree. We buy tulips and lilies and other bulbs from Jung at least every other year. It takes me a year to forget how much work planting a hundred bulbs is and how much it sucks to dig up bulbs that I canít recall exactly where they are buried. We still have amazing GIANT tulips from the very first time we ordered from Jung that come back every year. AMAZINGLY beautiful and three different very similar varieties and maybe 100 or so bulbs. Everyone that sees them wants to know where they came from. We bring them as cut flowers to friends and everyone who sees them talks about them. I bought tulips at the big hardware store on impulse they all died off or stopped blooming.

One of my favorite flowers has always been peonies. We got an award winning giant yellow with like a pinkish color peony. My only disappointment was it took maybe two years for it to start blooming. When it is blooming our whole massive flowering yard smells like heaven. It is a huge plant and I LOVE it. I bought two other exotic peonies at the same time. They have grown much slower. I called and asked why that would be and in two minutes the person I was talking to, a member of the family, told me they donít have enough sun. I moved them this year and they grew a ton with more flowers. Canít wait to see what they do next spring!

We have allium every spring, massive and beautiful from Jung. I actually bought about three hundred, tulips maybe more, at once. NOT SMART. Started with planting 12 at a time spacing them perfectly and by the end of the day was digging trenches and chucking bulbs in. Even the recklessly planted bulbs are beautiful flowers every spring. We have fir trees, flowering trees, arborvitae and flowering bushes from Jung. All wonderful and beautiful. While last winter was pretty rough on roses here, we lost half of them, my favorite and oldest rose I planted from Jung survived and was incredible this year.

We bought cosmos varieties from Jung because one of our children picked them out online. For as long as I can remember they reseed themselves in one garden. They just kind of show up looking like little ferns randomly and we let them grow always beautiful. We got giant hastas that get a little bigger every year for maybe five years.

We also have bought from hardware stores and a high end local garden center. Jung and the garden center dominate hardware store for quality and health of plants and Jung beats the garden center on price. I will for sure be buying MORE bulbs this year than I had planned, to support this amazing company after seeing the feedback here. Many times they have sent an extra try-this-too bulb or seed pack no charge.

I could not more highly recommend a horticultural company. They are amazing.

THE BEST highest recommendation!!!

Positive mylittletrees
(15 reviews)
On Apr 10, 2017, mylittletrees Corning, OH wrote:

I ordered from Jung Seed several years ago, and bought a Bolleana Poplar along with other things. All was great, but sadly I had to move away and leave my trees behind. These days they don't offer the same tree, but I did purchase another type. I was immediately impressed with the size of the tree. It had green buds coming out, and it was a very nice caliper. No dried out twig of a tree here! However a few significant roots were damaged. I made a call, and I was assured the tree would be fine, and I trust that Jungs will take care of me, if the tree should fail. I like ordering from Jung Seed. Recommended.

Positive DaveEgbert
(3 reviews)
On Jul 10, 2016, DaveEgbert Carpenter, SD (Zone 5a) wrote:

I received my order from Jung in mid April. I was impressed with the quality of the plants, two Genista 'Bangle' a Proven Winners selection. The catalog offered a lot of selections I was looking for, good prices. While I never heard any updates on my order,placed in February, I was very pleased with the shipping notification and shipping time for my Zone 4 South Dakota garden. Great job!

Positive RobertCrandall
(8 reviews)
On Sep 4, 2015, RobertCrandall Capac, MI wrote:

I order a few hundred dollars worth of trees and other plants from Jungs every year. They would actually be my go-to supplier except the way they have the Web-Site set up you can't order until they want you to. I sent an e-mail about this and they responded nicely but that is just the way they run it. My problem is that when they do start excepting orders, I am already nearly done ordering for the season.

Anyway, the reason I give them a Positive is the Trees always come in in excellent shape with a very large root system. This year I ordered apricot trees from three suppliers to do an experiment on which was best. Jungs came in untrimmed which I prefer so I can prune them the way I want. I put all of the apricots in the same area for cross pollination and the two from Jungs have grown about a foot with nice, even growth which the others are alive but they are so severely pruned that they on grew a few inches.

Last year I put in a Yellow Cornelian cherry and added another one this year along with two Reds (Pioneer and Red Star). The one from last year grew about 2 feet and the new ones are about 18" tall.

Three years ago I put in an Asian Pear collection. They don't sell all of them now but we were able to pick pears the following year after planting. They are now about 7' tall and with trunks about 4" in diameter. Again that root system is key.

I also put in a pair of Seaberries. I had four that never produced or grew for that matter. The Year after putting in the ones from Jung all of them took off. The two from Jung are already 7' and the female is loaded in only two years. I think the male is cheating on her though as the others are now producing as well. The male from Henry Fields is still only 18" tall and never has the nodes so I don't think he is the father.

My wife wanted some Gladiolus so I bought the big collection and 100% of them grew and were fantastic. They had a full range of color and ran over a 6 week period.

The seeds are fine but I don't have much trouble with them from any of the supply houses online.

I highly recommend this company for trees and I hope they open up the sales dates for those of us who plan ahead for the following year.

Positive onegoodman1955
(20 reviews)
On May 17, 2015, onegoodman1955 wrote:

Posted on May 30, 2009, updated May 17, 2015
A gladiola collection and 4 meteor cherry trees. Packaged appropriately and healthy.

On May 17th, 2015, onegoodman1955 added the following:

16 or so coreopsis plugs, gladiola corns, and a climbing rose...arrived healthy, now planted and looking good (especially to the rabbits). Shipped at appropriate date, packaged appropriately, very good communication.
Positive Canarykeeper
(12 reviews)
On May 15, 2015, Canarykeeper Menlo, IA wrote:

I have placed several orders with this company over the years. In all of the plants purchased, only 1 died....a rose bush that was not hardy to zone 5. The following spring, I contacted Jung over my Love Song, and they allowed me to purchase a different plant at half price. I am very pleased with their customer service. I didn't have to wait 1 week for a response from them either (like Forest Farms.)

Positive dgrhosta
(5 reviews)
On Apr 15, 2015, dgrhosta Marietta, GA wrote:

I live in Marietta Ga and Not real pleased with my experiences of ordering any plants on line First because they are usually TO small, To expensive, and a pain to get any customer service. WELL that has changed for me as far as customer service is concerned with Jung seed since my order was a challenge because I made it in Dec. for spring Bulbs and a Itoh Peony, I was told that they would be sent on or about the end of April . which did not bother me because sending bulbs thru the mail in freezing weather would insure 1. bad bulbs 2. frozen bulbs 3 dead bulbs. They sent the bulbs anyway in Jan and sure enough when they arrived they were in bad shape and unuseable. Upon the thaw they were indeed mush. That is when I decided to test the customer service. I called and without question the Lady on the line apologized for the mistake and assured me that they would be sending replacements. Then once again the weather went bad and we had 8 degree weather when the plants arrived and set on my porch til we came home the next day and guess what the same thing again. I called and JS without question responded with still another replacement. Later at the end of march my itoh peony came in and from all appearances the peony looked great. I called and expressed to them that the peony exceeded my expectations I planted the peony just as I have planted over 30 others that I have in my garden. 2 weeks later the plant was still not doing anything and all of my other peonies were at least broken ground. upon further look at the itoh peony it had turned brown and was completely brown whereas before there were eyes and looked healthy. I was very disappointed and again I called JS customer service and they assured me that they would replace the Expensive Peony. I will update this post when I receive the other peony as to condition and health. I say all of this to try and let everyone know that Not all of my online purchases have been this involved and one could easily say why even deal with this or any issue like this WELL I will certainly be doing more business with JS BECAUSE I could not ask for better service and support ,even from my neighborhood nursery. The experience (,While not what I would have wanted) was a good one from the standpoint that they JUNG SEED have stood behind my purchases. even as crazy as this one was. Hard to find anyone that will be as concerned that you are satisfied and will stand behind your order WITHOUT QUESTION I WILL BE DOING BUSINESS THERE AGAIN SEMPER FI!!! POSITIVE+

Positive brianaucuba
(16 reviews)
On Nov 9, 2014, brianaucuba PEQUEA, PA (Zone 6b) wrote:

Posted on August 31, 2013, updated November 9, 2014
Just received my order from Jung\'s Fall 2013 catalog. I ordered some potted perennials as well as some supplies. The perennials are all nice-sized, healthy plugs. The \'Brandywine\' hellebores were very nice especially since I had been looking for them for a while. The supplies were some biodegradable compost bags and some deer repellent. I am happy with my order and will not hesitate to order again.

On November 9th, 2014, brianaucuba added the following:

I had always wanted to try the pillar type apple trees I have seen advertised and at public gardens but they were out of my budget range. This spring Jung had an end of season special on them. I ordered three for a very reasonable price. All three were healthy and dormant on arrival. I planted them and all three are doing well. I can't wait until they are large enough to start bearing. I don't have any reservations ordering dormant plant material from Jung. I have only had success with plants purchased from them.
Positive ghopper
(2 reviews)
On Aug 21, 2014, ghopper Brewster, MN (Zone 4b) wrote:

The 4 perennials I recently ordered arrived today. They were well packed and arrived with minimal damage. The only thing I wondered about is why the order would be sent out on a Friday from Wisconsin and take till Thurs. to get to Minnesota.

Positive joandud
(4 reviews)
On Aug 20, 2014, joandud White Lake, MI wrote:

I have ordered both seeds and plants from Jung during the past several years, and I am pleased with their products. The "Blues Brothers" lobelia germinate beautifully and are colorful additions to the garden and to pots. This Spring I ordered 3 blue delphineums which came in April - when there was still snow on the ground! I wasn't happy to have to keep them in the tiny pots for 6 weeks until I could plant them, or that one plant looked less than healthy, but they did grow and bloom nicely. (One is white rather than blue, but it is lovely.). Yes, plants they send are tiny, but that can be a good thing because they often transition better than larger specimens. I will continue to order from Jung. (Having spoken to customer service once, I learned the proper pronunciation of the company. I always pronounced the word with a silent "J." Shame in me. LOL.)

Positive juliabears
(7 reviews)
On Jun 29, 2014, juliabears Harrisburg, PA wrote:

I ordered eight bare root Spirea Anthony Waterer plants in early June, 2014. How they kept them bare root without very much foliage until June I don't know. But I potted them and stuck them in my garden for fall planting in a permeant location. They now all have leaves are look healthy. I am very pleased with the company.

Positive sadlerkoske
(3 reviews)
On Jun 7, 2014, sadlerkoske Omaha, NE wrote:

I've had a handful of orders from Jung in the past few years, and always been happy. This year I was so impressed that I decided I'd go to the trouble of reviewing here, where I always look, myself.

I could not be more pleased with what I ordered from Jung this Spring. Everything looked great, but I was specifically SO pleased with the Pope John Paul roses I ordered. They looked amazing. Planted them, and they have grown like gangbusters already. I'm more pleased with these, than any roses I've mail-ordered elsewhere, or even those I've purchased locally.

I would definitely recommend Jung. Not only has everything been great, from the 3 raspberries I ordered 5ish years ago and are now a large patch, to the Roses I mention above, but I feel that I've gotten very good service when needed (only once- I emailed to ask when the roses would arrive, very helpful).

Positive bryana
(70 reviews)
On May 17, 2014, bryana Albany, NY wrote:

Posted on November 29, 2013, updated May 17, 2014
Posted on August 15, 2012, updated November 29, 2013
Posted on November 11, 2010, updated August 15, 2012
I ordered a collection of poppy roots - they were small pitiful things and only one grew. Terrible quality.

On August 15th, 2012, bryana changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I wish I could list this as a separate entry but do not see a way.
I used a refund from the poppy roots that did not grow to order some echinacea (cone flower) plants. They were in small pots as described but are very green and healthy looking.
My first order still is negative but this one was positive so I am changing it to neutral.

On November 29th, 2013, bryana changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

I ordered tulip, crocus and asiatic lily bulbs.
Everything was well packaged and clearly labeled. The tulip and crocus bulbs were good sized but the lily bulbs were all on the small size. All the bulbs were firm and healthy looking.
On May 17th, 2014, bryana added the following:

I ordered a mix of potted plants and bare root - Loraine Sunshine Heliopsis , Oriental Poppy Offer, 4 Hardy Garden Phlox, 3 Hello Yellow Butterfly Plant , Midnight Marvel Hibiscus, Butterfly Blue Scabiosa, Blue Catananche, Valentine Giant Bleeding Heart,
Tall Monarda Offer and Prairie Splendor Echinacea .
All arrived well packaged, Healthy looking average sized plants (the butterfly plants were quite small) the bare roots were decent size.
Positive Kalmiaboy
(1 review)
On May 11, 2014, Kalmiaboy JAARS, NC wrote:

After seeing a fair number of negative comments so I felt compelled to write in. I've been doing most of my veggie seed and plant business w/ Jung for the last 5 years after switching from Park's and Burpee (cost). I've had great luck with them, including this year's order and their customer service has been very, very good the few times I've had an issue. I also ordered from their sister companies, McClure& Zimmerman and Roots & Rhizomes and those orders were very good as well. Had a small issue with M&Z and they promptly sent a new plant, no questions asked.

Positive MaryArneson
(14 reviews)
On May 3, 2014, MaryArneson Minneapolis, MN (Zone 4b) wrote:

I ordered three bare-root plum trees and two dwarf/semi-dwarf bare-root cherry trees for spring 2014 shipment. They arrived well packed, very much larger than I had expected, and with well-developed root systems. Miserable, cold, rainy/sleety weather caused a few days' delay in getting them into the ground, but the roots stayed moist in their moss packing. Jung had hardy varieties that I haven't seen elsewhere, which is important for me in Minneapolis.

Positive BiffLundgren
(8 reviews)
On Oct 30, 2013, BiffLundgren Midland, MI wrote:

I ordered two almond trees, Bounty and Oracle, from Jung Seed Company. Both were very healthy upon arrival and did very well for me their first summer.

Positive nowMNzone4b
(5 reviews)
On Jun 18, 2013, nowMNzone4b Kasson, MN wrote:

My order was processed promptly and received from UPS two days after Jung's on-line shipping notification. Three bare root roses and one bare root corkscrew willow all in excellent condition. Was surprised the willow was almost 4' tall (a bargain for the price!). All doing fine. Have never had any problems dealing with Jung over a long span of years.

Positive crowrita1
(20 reviews)
On Jun 6, 2013, crowrita1 Lyndon, IL (Zone 5a) wrote:

We ordered from this company for the first time last spring, trees, seeds ,a hydranga, and some strawberry plants. Everything looked great, and performed well all year! The hydranga, alass, didn't make it through the winter, but everything else looked great, with lots of new growth. We ordered again this spring, and I mentioned that the hydranga didn't survive, and was happy to learn that even tho the
warrenty" had expired, they were shipping another as a "goodwill" gesture! I would recomend this company to anyone !! Wonderfull product, and SUPER coustomerservice and support....Arlyn Madsen

Positive HazelCrestMikeB
(7 reviews)
On May 16, 2013, HazelCrestMikeB Hazel Crest, IL (Zone 5a) wrote:

I am very happy with my Hydrangeas. They are doing great. Mike B, Hazel Crest, IL

Positive FrvrGardener
(2 reviews)
On May 8, 2013, FrvrGardener Manitowoc, WI wrote:

Posted on May 8, 2013, updated May 8, 2013
After years of renting we finally got our first home and garden. I was overwhelmed with desire to plant just about everything that our family grew when I was a child and choices I had to make. Jung seed co. was my first online order of live products and I was nervous. Last year I have ordered couple of different Black currants for better berry production as catalog suggested, two Red Lake currants, and couple of Gooseberries when they were on sale late in season. One of the Gooseberries did not survived shipping and Black Currants happened to be of the same variety. I contacted Customer Service and was politely informed that since the season is over, credit for those two items will be issued for the next spring. This was not a problem as there are so many things to do in the garden! Spring came, and I have got my new mail order that was placed in winter: the Ben Sarek black currant, The Invicta and Pixwell gooseberries and horseradish crowns. Everything was packed excellent and came in perfect time for planting, and I was credited for last year items. I followed instructions in enclosed brochure on planting guidelines. The currants from last year are now thriving, despite the fact that this year I had to replant dormant Red currants since first location turned out to be waterlogged in the spring, and also I moved one of the Black Consort bushes, also dormant, to my new berry patch...and this year's order is already doing great, wish I could add pictures! I AM THRILLED with my experience with Jung. Great product, great selection, great customer service- what else can I wish for? Oh, more garden space, but Jung can't control that!

On May 8th, 2013, FrvrGardener added the following:

I also forgot to mention that there also were few of "free trial" packets of seeds for my order, one of them "Winsconsin 55" tomatoes and the other one for burpless cucumbers, the third being cacti zinnias...all of those were shipped shortly after catalog order was placed in winter and my tomatoes seedlings already were taken out today for a bit of fresh air, and zinnias were winter sowed in a milk jug and have germinated successfully...i have no doubt that cucumbers will be fine when planted in June...thank you, Jung Seed co.!!
Positive lyph
(10 reviews)
On Apr 22, 2013, lyph Ithaca, NY (Zone 5a) wrote:

I placed an order for seeds and perennials in January with Jung. I have been happy with seed purchases from them before, but was nervous about the live plants. That part of my order just arrived without any reminders, and I couldn't be happier. The plants are big, healthy, moist and packed simply with the root ball in a plastic bag and paper around the plant. I chose Jung because they were offering the best price on varieties I wanted, and I'll be ordering again next year..

Positive dp4A0401
(5 reviews)
On Mar 2, 2013, dp4A0401 Xenia, OH wrote:

I have been a very long time customer of Jung Seeds. Over the years and trying many different companies, I now order seeds exclusively from Jungs. Although there are a few varieties I'm particular about and order regularly, usually I order off the deeply discounted seeds. I've also ordered nursery stock (several fruit trees and fruit bearing bushes), most of them late season and heavily discounted, and all have arrived in excellent condition and grew well. I only had one currant bush that didn't make it, and Jung's replaced it promptly. I'm very impressed that I've had nearly 100% yield from mail order nursey stock. My expectation is closer to 50%. Therefore, I strongly endorse Jung for both mail order seeds and nursery.

Positive bleedinghrts
(1 review)
On Jan 26, 2013, bleedinghrts Pittsburgh, PA wrote:

Posted on January 24, 2013, updated January 26, 2013
I placed an online order for seeds and received them in about 10 days. This was very good. The problem: While placing my online order, I could not complete the order unless I typed in my telephone number. So in case Jungs had a problem with my order, I typed in my phone number so that they could call me. After I gave my phone number the order went through. Less than a day, I began to receive calls from telemarketing companies!!! I am getting calls all day especially during work hours. I have NEVER given my phone number out and have NEVER received telemarketing calls until after I ordered from Jungs. I Will NOT be ordering again.

On January 26th, 2013, bleedinghrts changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

The issue that I am having with telemarketers calling me did happen after I placed my internet order. I have been ordering from Jungs for many years and have always had excellent, and friendly service. Therefore, I will take your word Ruth and figure that it was a coincidence. And if it was a coincidence, I do apologize.
On Jan 26, 2013, Jung Seed responded with:

"On Jan 25, 2013 7:39 AM, Jung Seed responded with:

We are sorry to hear of the problem you are having, but we have NEVER and will NEVER give out a customer's phone number.

[email protected]"

Positive RabbitRidge
(5 reviews)
On Jan 19, 2013, RabbitRidge Onalaska, WA (Zone 7b) wrote:

I ordered seeds from them and they came in several partial shipments. I really appreciate them sending them as soon as they are available. I have ordered from them for several years and I have always had good germination.

Positive ConGar
(13 reviews)
On Dec 29, 2012, ConGar wrote:

Posted on March 24, 2009, updated December 29, 2012
My journey with Jungs.

Well, it started with my purchase from Totally Tomatoes - since they are connected and I've never received a Jung catalog before it has to be because I purchased with TT earlier this year. Mid-February Jung's wonderful catalog arrived - One could (and I did) get lost in. So many wonderful things they have to offer - things I didn't know I wanted or needed until I saw them.

Immediately I saw two kinds of seeds I wanted... One is for a full sun plant, and will (I think) go great around the rose bush I ordered - four silver plants surrounding purple, I think I'll like it anyway.
(I planted four of these seeds and two have germed the other two so far have not, but I have plenty of seeds to hopefully get two more going. These were a sale item - 200 seeds for cheap, so again if the other two I need don't germ I can just plant more seeds until I end up with two more plants.)

The other batch (is ten seeds a batch?) of seeds is for a shade loving plant, and I have plenty of garden beds that need shade loving or at least tolerating plants - some spaces get more sun than others, but generally not enough for a plant that likes full sun, though some get more sun than a full shade plant would like.
(I got almost twice as many seeds as I was expecting here. So, as long as half of these germ I won't complain. Alas, I only tried to start these a day ago, so I can't know how many (if any) of these will germ.)

The other seeds were another freebie, and I tried to start six, but so far only four of those have germed, but they are freebies so I'm just pleased that any germed. Though based on the picture from the catalog I do think I'll really like them.

Anyway, I got the seeds and freebies on March 4th, I'm very pleased with one of the freebies - it's a seed starter, and sometimes seeds are so small that it is hard to plant them by hand. So, YAY! And as I mentioned above I believe I got a few more seeds with one pack than I was expecting, which is good just in case they don't all germ. The rest of my order arrived on March 21st, which for my area is about a month early, but I'm actually glad because having them early means that I can go ahead and get them started. I'm only real concerned about the rose bushes arriving so early.

Then continuing to look at the catalog - I saw it! MY HOSTA! In 2007 I bought six Hosta plants (well, eight, but only six of this one kind) from a local nursery and planted them. That summer I decided next season I was going to redo "hosta corner." Well, to do that I would need at least four more hosta plants - I wanted a biggish blue one as the center piece (or in this case corner piece), which I knew I'd have to mail order because I couldn't find any blue ones big or small locally. Still no problem thinks I, at least until spring 2008 when I went back to my local nursery and found they didn't have my hosta, and since they simply labeled two of them plantain lilies and no name at all for the others I didn't even know the name of my hosta to begin to search online for more. Of course, that didn't stop me from trying - I spent much of 2008 searching.

Needless to say I did nothing to "hosta corner" in 2008 because I was bummed about not finding my hosta.

Of course, that isn't the only reason I decided to order from Jung, though it was the biggie, they also had several versions of biggish blue hostas. Of course, I admit that I'm a little leery of bare root plants, I've not always had the best luck with bare root. However, the blue hosta when I unpacked it had a large root system, and as near as I could tell it looks viable, but it also doesn't have any green/blue peaking out the top. The three multi-colored ones have very tiny root systems, but when I unpacked them all three of those did have a small shoot of green peaking out the top. So, despite the small roots I'm hopeful with these three as well.

I also have a gladiolus corner, or at least in 2007 I tried to make one... Not counting the two wild glads that are actually growing in another spot which is in full shade, which I thought glads didn't like, but those wild ones don't seem to care about the lack of sun. These wild ones also started before I even thought about actually planting glads.
(Side note: The wild glads have very pretty flowers, even more so than my store bought ones.)

Anyway, in 2007 I bought twelve mixed glads and six soft pink from my local Dollar Store - don't laugh the bulbs were big, plump, and healthy, and all but one came up that first year, and the one that ended up not blooming had started to grow before ants attacked it. And because the ants attacked so fast the plant was dead before I could get a plant safe ant killer, but my point is that all those Dollar Store bulbs were viable, and from what I can see most (maybe two are on the small side, but still A-okay) of the ones ordered from Jung are just as big and healthy as the ones from the Dollar Store. Alas, many from the Dollar Store never came back the second year, which is why I needed more "Glads," and thanks to Jung I have them and in colors that I couldn't have got locally.
(Obviously, it'll probably be little over a month before I know if all are going to sprout. I do hope they are honestly mixed like the ones from the DS were, but as long as they all sprout I probably won't complain.)

I also ordered two rose bushes, or at least one is a bush, and both are supposed to be big. I admit this may have been a mistake on my part, but I've always wanted a proper rose bush because they are so pretty. Still I haven't tried roses before now because they take a LOT of tlc, and most of the dirt around here is red clay. So I probably should have just accepted that my two mini (very mini) roses are the only ones I'd ever have. Anyway, the roots looked moist and healthy - the "carefree" was smaller, and one of the branches had broke in transit, but it still looks okay. So, if I can fight the red clay by adding good or at least better dirt to the spot hopefully both of these bushes will do well.

This was a rather large order for me, I usually do not make such a large purchase with a mail order company that I haven't used before. Generally, a first time purchase is somewhere between thirty/fifty dollars. I spent quite a bit more than that with Jung, and thankfully I do not regret it because Jung has come through for me.

Finally, I wish to thank another feedbacker, because without their feedback and Jungs response to said feedback I would have ran into an issue with getting the website to accept my address, but thanks to that exchange I knew exactly what to do to make the webite accept my address.

On July 9th, 2009, ConGar added the following:

I'm not changing my rating, though I thought about lowering it to "neutral," because the hostas I was so happy about finding all failed. They started well, but after danger of frost I moved them outside and all three of them died. The one I've dubbed "Big Blue" is doing well, though still small. However, I am a bit miffed about losing the other three hostas, first (and most important) they were not cheap, plus I really wanted them.

However, I decided in the end not to lower my rating because all the other stuff I ordered has done well to fairly well. So, I didn't think it would be fair to lower the rating because of one weird failure.

Anyway, wanted to note that the "glads" were indeed mixed as I'd hoped, and that both rose bushes have done well so far. Still don't know how they'll fair over the winter, but that was a worry even before I ordered them.

What is most interesting to me is the fact that I almost screwed up with the "glad" bulbs - some were more than a little molded by the time I planted them, but they're all coming up.

(The well to fairly well comes in to play because while most all the seeds germed many of them died when I tried to harden them off for placement outside. Not blaming Jung for this because I've found hardening off baby plants can sometimes be tricky.)
On December 29th, 2012, ConGar added the following:

Not changing my rating, but I wanted to update again. I can't speak to company products/service since 2009, because shortly after my last order with Jung I started having some physical problems that left me unable to garden as I wanted too.

Anyway, those two rose bushes I was worried about are still doing fine all these years later. One took off right away and I've had to re-stake it four times it just keeps growing. However, the other one was a bit slower, but that's my fault. As mentioned shortly after this I had some problems, but I planted one of the rose bushes in a tricky/weedy spot that at the time my plan was to clean up, but until this past season didn't get around to doing that. So the other bush stayed alive but just wasn't really growing. Finally this past spring I got someone to weed the space and to my shock that second one is now (after just one season) almost as big as the first one (not yet as full, but certainly as tall now). So I'm hopeful I'll be able to enjoy two beautiful rose bushes this coming season. Clearly I got good stock on my roses from Jung.

As for the glad bulbs they aren't okay, but again that is the fault of my physical problems, because one winter I just wasn't able to dig them up so most (but to my shock not all) died. But for two seasons they was perfect.

But the main reason I came back to update this was because I mentioned above that I was considering changing my rating because the failure of the hostas. What for some reason I didn't come back then to mention sooner was that shortly after making that comment I decided to see if Jung would replace the failed hostas (because I realized I was still within the replacement period) and they did. YAY! And while it's just a wee bit too early to see if they're coming back for the 2013 season the replacements have been doing fine up until now, and if they don't come back this season I'd probably have to blame the bad growing season that was last year rather than any fault of Jung.
Positive sammy_d
(1 review)
On Nov 19, 2012, sammy_d Edgar, WI wrote:

My folks have used Jungs for years and my wife and I have been customers for the last 4 or so.
We usually buy at the store in Stevens Point and do not use mail order.
Have always been satisfied with the seeds and materials purchased there. Have had better germination rates than from certain other companies.
I recommend them to everyone that I know.

Positive camalianus
(5 reviews)
On Oct 30, 2012, camalianus Sand Lake, MI wrote:

I bought some packages of a variety of seedless watermelon. Although the germination rate was excellent, only one variety proved to be seedless. They were strong plant though kept blooming until the first frost. They were also resistant to the leaf white mold.
The elderberry plants did ok. It took a while for them to grow but they came back.
Next year I will give them a second change to order the type of watermelon I know for sure is seedless and taste very good.

Positive Jnette
(13 reviews)
On Aug 23, 2012, Jnette Northeast, WA (Zone 5a) wrote:

Posted on April 19, 2008, updated August 23, 2012
I have ordered seeds and dahlia tubers from Jung for several years. This year I ordered a rose and it is the nicest and healthiest, best packed rose I received, including roses I bought from 2 prominent companies who specialize in roses. It was nicely shaped, healthy green canes with many shoots, healthy roots and packed with damp moss. Very nice. Thank you Jung. Jeanette Smith

On August 23rd, 2012, Jnette added the following:

Last Spring, a few months ago, I received a Red Switchgrass from Jung. It was such a good healthy plant, with a lot of healthy roots I had high hopes for it doing well. Well, I waited all summer, and it just sat there, doing nothing. Not even a new blade of grass.

In writing to Jung about something else, I mentioned that to Rachel. She said they would replace it if I wanted, or refund my money. I told her no, it was such a good plant, it had to be something I had done. Some way I had treated it.

But, she said it was under warranty and they would replace it. This is not the first good service I have received from Jung. I try to purchase from them both seeds and plants because I know they stand behind their products. Thanks Rachel. Jeanette
Positive donnyczech
(6 reviews)
On Aug 18, 2012, donnyczech Sioux Falls, SD (Zone 4b) wrote:

I ordered the basics this year: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers. So far the Bella Rosa, Country Taste, Mariana, and Tough Boy tomatoes are doing well and I am considering planting them against next year. I will purchase seeds from Jung again. They are professional and sell a good product.

Positive Mylena1
(12 reviews)
On Aug 5, 2012, Mylena1 Cliff Island, ME wrote:

Posted on June 12, 2011, updated August 5, 2012
I have been ordering from this company for two years and I have always been lucky. Twice I ordered different seeds and they were not bad. Of course not all seeds germinated but it is normal - what would we do with all our plants if all of them germinated and grew like crazy? So I am happy with Jung's seeds and recommend to order them. I also ordered bulbs and peonies, and all of them were excellent - I enjoyed pretty tulips and hyacinths this spring, and the Jung's peony has such a big bud that it is sure to bloom this year (I ordered more peonies from van Bourgondien, they are growing, but none have flower buds). This spring I also ordered a few perennials - I was not impressed with the way they were packed - even nurseries that charge much less for their plants pack their stuff much better, - so I think that the staff of Jung must work more in this respect. Three plants didn't grow, I called and the customer service rep was very polite and eager to help - so I got three new healthy plants. I am happy with my collaboration with Jung and I will continue to order from them. THANK YOU!

On August 5th, 2012, Mylena1 added the following:

Jung is a great company and I like to order from them, still they must work more at their packing and shipping. This spring I had unpleasant experience with this company when I ordered two hydrangeas and they both were packed so badly that when I unpacked them, all the branches that could be broken were broken. They sent me replacements, one of them was OK, but the other was broken again, and I didn't want to have any more replacements. Now I don't know if I should order this hydrangea from this company again next spring or look for it elsewhere, for I am not sure that I will get a healthy unbroken plant. I like this company and their plants, but their packing looks so terribly unprofessional that ruins the general image of the company and the labor of the workers in greenhouses and fields.
But their roses are excellent. Thank you.
Positive nicegrowingyear
(1 review)
On Jul 13, 2012, nicegrowingyear Bloomington, MN wrote:

I order veggie seeds every year from Jung's and have been very pleased. We are having a hot year, and I start seeds indoors, but JACKPOT year for veggies. Good year plus good seed make for a very happy gardener.

Zucchini and summer squash plants are waist high and I picked 10 days earlier than usual. My cucumbers are to the top of the trellis. Never have I eaten cucs and bell peppers so early. The tomatoes are setting on in great quantity.

I love Jung's as they consistently serve me well. I like using a company in a neighboring state.

Right after I open my Christmas presents, I'll start looking for my Jung's catalog and will toss the other catalogs.

Positive Lili1313
(2 reviews)
On Jul 5, 2012, Lili1313 Phelps, NY (Zone 5b) wrote:

I have had much luck with finding nice peony rhizomes from Jungs. I have also purchased some shrub materials and seed also. Only one time in the past 10 years I have had an issue with a peony not growing; I contacted customer service and it was promptly replaced. Last week I ordered some new daylily plants; anxious to see how they come in the fall, will update you! A good variety and great specials.

Positive meanfarmer
(2 reviews)
On Jun 29, 2012, meanfarmer Council Bluffs, IA wrote:

I ordered for the first time from Jung because they had some unique fruit trees. I ordered several Mountian ash and Shipova Pears for my orchard. The shipment arrived with great looking specimens full of buds and excellent root balls. I have since planted them and they are growing like weeds dispite deer damage. I was very pleased with what I got and would order from them again. In fact I already have.

Positive aileen246
(19 reviews)
On Jun 24, 2012, aileen246 Priest River, ID wrote:

Posted on May 22, 2011, updated June 24, 2012
Posted on December 27, 2010, updated May 22, 2011
My Spring 2011 catalog arrived from Jungs today and I didn't waste any time looking for the flower and vegetable seeds that I needed. The web site was a pleasure to navigate and it was a seamless transaction. With dialup connection, ordering on-line can be a real pain. This one was a snap. Also I might add that I have bought and grown Jung seeds since 1957, and have always been satisfied with them. Of course I can remember when they were all cheaper, but the quality has remained the same...very good. I'm sure I will be ordering from Jungs as long as I continue to garden.

On May 22nd, 2011, aileen246 added the following:

Have finished sowing and germinating my 2011 seed order from Jungs and as usual, everything came up. Will continue to be a customer.
On June 24th, 2012, aileen246 added the following:

The weather has not been friendly to my vegetable garden this year. The winter squash pre-seeded plants froze and the bush green beans seeds needed to be reseeded. But every flower seed that was started in the house is bloooming or about to bloom. I can safely say that as long as I garden, Jungs will be my seed supplier.
Positive lisaaj
(15 reviews)
On Jun 9, 2012, lisaaj Columbus, OH wrote:

I have had mixed results with Jung at times, but this year my order was great. The begonia "flamenco" tuber is now flowering, the glads are coming up, the dahlias "Santa Claus" and "Mom's Special" are growing strongly in the garden, and the hellebore "Onyx Odyssey" is thriving in my hellebore garden. Jung sends their perennials pretty early in the spring, but they've all survived for me.

Positive DenisBronxite
(8 reviews)
On May 18, 2012, DenisBronxite Jamaica, NY wrote:

I had a minor problem, namely that Jung forgot to include three poppy rootstocks in my order Their response when I called them was courteous and helpful. I couldn't have asked for better customer suppost.

Positive Mr_Deeds
(2 reviews)
On May 18, 2012, Mr_Deeds East Syracuse, NY wrote:

Posted on May 18, 2012, updated May 18, 2012
The first seeds came after about 4 days. The shipments were staggered but since they were paying to send them separately I figured it had to be for a good reason. The plants came in good shape but the Anne Everbearing Raspberries canes were very short and showed no outward signs of life (unlike other raspberries in the same package).

On May 18th, 2012, Mr_Deeds added the following:

I'd also like to mention that I soaked the raspberry canes in water and planted them about 2 weeks ago. They seemed to be flexible enough to be alive. I'll update with their progress.
Positive runner73
(3 reviews)
On Apr 20, 2012, runner73 Milwaukee, WI wrote:

Got a wrong order, but took care of it right away. They let me keep the extra plants, then shipped me the right plants in less than a week. Also, the wrong order were large shrubs, so they recommended where to donate them if they were overwhelming for my yard. Even though it was the wrong order, I was happy with the outcome and promptness.

Positive jacquiegreen
(4 reviews)
On Apr 20, 2012, jacquiegreen Colton, SD wrote:

I've ordered a variety of products and always had good luck until this year. I ordered two types of coneflowers. One group arrived in great shape, beautifully packed and ready to go. The second group had no wrapping holding in the soil so the plants were broken and dried out. It looked like two different companies shipped my order even though everything was in one box! I emailed Jung's and received an immediate response apologizing and notifying me replacements would be sent. While I wasn't happy with the poor packaging on my order, I am more than impressed by Jung's quick response to rectify the problem.

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