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Negative woof12
(17 reviews)
On Sep 18, 2017, woof12 Philadelphia, PA wrote:

Posted on April 26, 2011, updated September 18, 2017
What a ripp-off. Just got my order or should I say replacement order. Both times were nothing but a\" MESS\"! Plants the size of a freckle & in tiny plastic bags instead of the pots as advertized. Also, they tried to tell me it had to be shipped in March. They didn\'t listen that it was too early. FOr a different month they wanted an extra $15. No way I\'d do that. As it is they didn\'t ship them til later & their \"TINY, PUNY\" things came mid April.

On September 18th, 2017, woof12 added the following:

Another problem with Jung's forcing me to cancel my Iris order! It would be nice if they had better customer service.
Negative Elsa17
(1 review)
On Apr 27, 2017, Elsa17 Blackwood, NJ wrote:

Posted on April 27, 2017, updated April 27, 2017
I ordered a live plant from Jung\'s Seed nursery the plants arrived almost dead,and very small. I don\'t know if these plants will survive.

On April 27th, 2017, Elsa17 added the following:

I checked the plants that I ordered to Jung Seed Nursery the kale and the eggplants are all dead. THe tomato plants are not doing well . seventy five percent (75%) of the plants are all dying. WHat a waste of money. THis is the first time I ordered at Jung Sed Nursery I used to order at Gurney's or BUrpee and I don't have any problem with the plants. Well lesson learned.

Negative rootboy
(1 review)
On Dec 30, 2016, rootboy Minneapolis, MN wrote:

I've been gardening and ordering seeds by mail for over 40 years. Years ago I would buy from 3 or 4 sources each season, including R.H. Shumway and Jung from time to time. A couple years ago I began using catalogs to chose items, and then order online. After spending much time filling in forms for several companies, including Totally Tomatoes, I realized they were all at the same address in Randolph, Wisconsin. I looked at how much all this shipping and handling was going to cost me, how much time I'd already spent filling in form after online form at the same address, coming up with screen names and passwords for each, and decided enough was enough.

Why the heck couldn't they have a single place to log in and order from, with a single account, for all their various "brands"?

I logged out without finishing any of the orders. I'd already had previous annoying experiences with ol' R.H. where the packets of "special" seeds only had 5 or 6 seeds inside. Now, any seed catalog that arrives from Randolph, Wisconsin, goes straight into the recycling bin. Your mileage may vary.

Negative germancarsonly
(1 review)
On Dec 17, 2015, germancarsonly Sacramento, CA wrote:

I was looking for a hard to find pepper seed this Winter and I got a search hit for Jung Seed. So I ordered it and a second one I saw. Then I got to the check out and couldn't believe they wanted to charge me $5.95 for 2 seed packets! Not a happy camper, but short of time and I ordered them.

Seeds arrive and it is a small package, probably about $2.50 to ship or less. So they raped me for an extra $3.50 on the shipping. I ship small packages everyday and know the cost.

I go to plant the seeds and see the package is marked for for the 2015 season? If I order in mid December it is for the 2016 garden season. HELLO!

Today was seed starting day and when I open the Jung seeds I am disappointed. Every single reputable seed seller includes at least 50% extra seed over the advertised quantity listed on their website. Not Jung (or is it Junk Seeds?) A package of 25 included 27 seeds and a few were pretty sad looking.

Then to top it off when I get online tonight I learn this company is owned by Monsanto. )&^(^*^%#@

On Dec 17, 2015, Jung Seed responded with:

"On Dec 17, 2015 3:49 PM, Jung Seed responded with:

We are sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with your purchasing experience. We encourage you to get ahold of one of our Customer Service representatives to help you rectify the situation. You may call them at 1(800)297-3123.

I do want to correct you about the last concern you had and that is the fact that we are not owned by Monsanto. We are a family company that has been owned and operated by the descendants of JW Jung since its founding.

The company owned by Monsanto is Jung Seed Genetics which is a company that was split off many years ago and has nothing to do with our company any longer."

Negative strawberry_girl
(1 review)
On Jun 17, 2015, strawberry_girl Bayside, WI wrote:

I have ordered periodically from Jung Seed for 5 years. Unfortunately, I have had enough disappointment with their customer service to now be done with them. Over the years, I have had several fruit and flower varieties take a couple of seasons before fruiting/flowering, only to discover that they were the wrong variety. (Peony, grape, iris.) I have also had several specimens fail (heucherella, echinacea). I know that these things happen with any nursery; my main complaint is their customer service policy. A recent example: after two years tending to three irises purchased in 2013 as part of an internet special, the only surviving specimen FINALLY bloomed for the first time last week, and was radically untrue to cultivar. (Instead of being coral pink, it had white standards, beige falls, and a yellow beard.) After reaching out to customer service and providing a pic of the surviving rogue iris, I received an email offering to issue me a CREDIT for $3.11. Apparently that is the prorated cost of the one surviving iris. This amount covers less than half of the cost of a single replacement iris from the Jung Seed catalog, not including shipping. So the net result is: after waiting two years for these three irises to bloom, I have one iris remaining, and it's the wrong cultivar. I responded to their offer to issue me a $3.11 credit with a request for them to send me a single replacement iris -- EVEN THOUGH TWO IRISES FAILED AND ONE WAS THE WRONG CULTIVAR. They refused, and offered to issue a $3.11 refund instead of a $3.11 credit. Really? Not good enough to keep this customer. Buyer beware.

On Jun 17, 2015, Jung Seed responded with:

"On Jun 17, 2015 12:17 PM, Jung Seed responded with:

We are sorry for your experience with the iris. We do guarantee all of our merchandise to be true to name. If a plant does not bloom correctly, we do reship the item at no charge or refund if that variety is no longer available to reship. Since the iris purchased were internet special sale items, they are handled a little differently per The Jung Guarantee. Our guarantee does state that a sale item is only eligible for credit in the amount of the purchase price, not replacement, due to the greatly reduced price. As to the amount of the credit, we reimburse the amount paid for the item plus sales tax when applicable.

Our customers are very important to us and we try to make our policies as fair as possible. If you should have any further concerns, please feel free to contact our customer service department at 1-800-297-3123.

Online Customer Service Representative"

Negative bthyme
(11 reviews)
On May 5, 2015, bthyme Buena Vista, VA wrote:

I placed a mixed order of seeds, strawberry plants and flower plants in February. I have no problem with the seeds, and the strawberry plants were lovely, but I will cetainly never order flower plants from them again. The Silver Mound artemisia are just OK, all the Mercury Rising Coreopsis were terrible and quickly died, the Smoke Signal little bluestem grass is struggling, and there is not a sign of growth on the Midnight Marvel hibiscus (yes, I know it is late to emerge, but it has been in a long time). I was going to just forget it and say "live and learn" until today. It is now May and the Tiki Torch echinacea has not arrived, so I called customer service to cancel the order. I talked to a rep who said Ok, done. A few minutes later she called me back and said that the plant had already shipped. What a coincidence that it shipped on the very day I called; and wouldn't you have thought I would have had an email when it shipped? Neither customer service rep that I talked to tried to make me happy. I guess they are there just to say they're sorry but aren't empowered to actually do anything. I was told to send it back if I didn't want it.

Negative Ilovetrains
(1 review)
On Jun 15, 2014, Ilovetrains Carson City, MI wrote:

I purchased peach trees from Jung seed company last year. They didn't seem to grow much but made it through summer. After winter they did not come back. It was then that I looked them over very closely and I noticed that the trunks had holes. These were not fresh holes and it was to early for bugs. I researched and found it was peach tree borer. Fearing for the rest of my fruit trees, I quickly dug them up and burned them. I later contacted Jung seed company and told them about the situation. They, without having been in my garden wanted to say my trees died from winter kill. And because it was over 1year since my purchase, I would not be getting a full refund. Jung will not take responsibility for selling me infested trees. It takes 1year for the life cycle of the peach tree borer. Therefore I'm confident in my position that Jung should have refund my purchase, I had been a loyal customer for many years. Jung does not care about that at all. I would also not recommend Burgess of Illinois because they refund dead plants with DEAD PLANTS. Seriously how can they be in business. I have found it better to shop locally and develop relationships with people you can talk with face to face.

Negative springmeadow
(1 review)
On May 28, 2014, springmeadow Erda, UT wrote:

Posted on May 10, 2014, updated May 28, 2014
The company withdrew money from my account on 03/12/2014, I requested confirmation of the shipment date and received an email stating that it would be received mid to late April at the latest. May 10th and I have still not received anything. I will be filing charges of online theft shortly. In contrast, I made a similar large order with Raintree Nursery on the same day, they did not make any charges against my account until they shipped the order which I received mid April with everything in great condition.

On May 28th, 2014, springmeadow added the following:

After numerous emails I did receive the majority of my order. Most of the plants arrived alive and in reasonable condition but four plants were dead at receipt, and three trees were never received. After contacting them again I was told my money would be refunded for the unshipped trees - that was two weeks ago, no refund has been made nor has any confirmation been sent regarding when I should expect to receive it.
Negative deforestliz
(8 reviews)
On May 3, 2014, deforestliz Sandy, UT wrote:

Posted on April 24, 2014, updated May 3, 2014
Posted on April 24, 2014, updated April 24, 2014
I am not sure exactly how to review because the customer service person today was helpful. I put in a huge order, more than 40 plants, which should have arrived in March for my climate. Jung made a mistake and lumped me in with a town of a few hundred people 4000 feet higher in elevation. I called a month ago to get my plants shipped and they said they would ship. I got an email 2 weeks ago saying all had shipped, but only 4 had and the rest were not packaged yet. They took 2 weeks to get here and one was poorly packed and severely damaged. I called today to find out where the rest were and had to cancel my order because I will be gone for 3 weeks in May and they can't get here before I leave. No local nurseries offer unusual varieties and I am set back a whole year. The order was lots of fruit trees, grapes, etc...The woman waived their normal inability to refund and cancel at this late date since I had requested my plants come immediately a month ago because I was not only upset, but would have refused shipment, That is the only thing that elevated them from neutral from negative. Honestly, I just wanted my plants, is that too much to ask? Since when does it take 2 weeks in hot weather to ship from Wisconsin to Utah? I guess the bottom line from other reviews is go in person, but do not do mail order

On April 24th, 2014, deforestliz added the following:

For the record I do not live in Alta Utah, it has a few hundred people and is 4000 feet higher in elevation, they are going by our shared zip code. I am in Sandy which has a few hundred thousand and is down in the valley, not in the mountains. This is the problem Jung had when I called, but they did not ship at that time as requested.

This happened once before with raintree and I had to beg them to send me my plants earlier for the replacement plants. Half of the original batch survived, but all the replacement plants were fine because March is the proper planting time for bare root here.
On May 3rd, 2014, deforestliz changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

I have to downgrade this review to negative as it seems the customer service person failed to cancel the rest of my order and I will be contacting my credit card company to dispute charges and will be in conflict with these people for who knows how long. I just got an email telling me they shipped my philberts which will arrive after I am long gone. These will sit around unopened and be returned to sender. I don't know what part of out of town these people did not grasp. I have never had a problem like this before and I have moved so many times that I have been ordering plants long distance for 23 years now. They are like the torture that keeps on torturing. I would not wish this hassle on anyone. I thought everything was resolved and it is not. If they continue to send plants while I am gone and 2 months after proper planting time (It was in the 80's yesterday with beating mountain sun) they will be returned when I get back dead as doornails. They had more than a month to get it right after I contacted them. I will let you all know if we can get this resolved without going to small claims court.
On May 3, 2014, Jung Seed responded with:

"On May 5, 2014 12:47 PM, Jung Seed responded with:

We are sorry to hear about the situation. I have emailed you directly in hopes to resolve this. You will not have to return the plants you asked to have canceled and we will refund for them. We understand you are out of town, please contact me when you are back and available so we may address any concerns you may have.


Aron Hill
Contact Center Manager
[email protected]


Negative contraire
(1 review)
On Sep 23, 2013, contraire Greenbush, MN wrote:

Called customer service about an order of some plants. The plants were tiny and weak, but the customer service dept. really didn't care. Basically, that is what you get for that money. They did refund the money, but actually, I'd rather have some advice and concern as a failure isn't really about money, but rather that it sets things back a year. I got the feeling that if I wanted better quality, I should look elsewhere, which I can do. I've ordered from them for probably 30+ years at maybe $200 a year, referred friends and family. Seems that every year this company gets worse, and I used to really rely on them.

Negative redjeep
(9 reviews)
On Aug 12, 2013, redjeep hillsboro, OR wrote:

Posted on January 7, 2013, updated August 12, 2013
Posted on January 6, 2013, updated January 7, 2013
GMO's, may be why you are growing your own food, so you might be surprised to know Jungs is selling GMO corn seed. It doesn't say GMO, it says "synergistic", but lots of looking on the internet turns up that "synergistic" is a euphamism for genetically engineered AKA GMO. Thank my mother's keen skepticism. I thought, surly, as GMO sweet corn has only been legal a year, no one would be pushing it on home gardeners in 2013. Well, Mom's cynisism is rarely misplaced and careful research put me in my place. I don't even have the words, just glad she caught it before we paid to grow their poison.

On January 7th, 2013, redjeep added the following:

To answer the company's denial, I did a quick recheck. This is copied verbatim from an eHow article by Jennifer Hudock:

"Genetically altered sweet corn, also known as synergistic sweet corn, has been scientifically modified to contain a mixture of the different varieties of sweet corn kernels all on one cob. There are 10 varieties from Honey Select to Avalon."

Not saying the company is lying, but...kind of seems likely.

On August 12th, 2013, redjeep added the following:

University of Delaware Extension:

Synergistic sweet corn hybrids carry su-1, one or two copies of se, and one copy of sh2… A few synergistic varieties have the brittle-2 (bt2) gene instead of sh2. The bt2 gene’s effect on kernel sweetness is about the same as the effect of sh2 and both genes work in nearly the same way. Synergistic hybrids have the advantage of similar seed vigor to the normal and sugary enhanced hybrids.

So, a “synergistic” corn seed may be sh2 or brittle 2. What is brittle 2?
Patent Explaining Brittle-2 is GMO:
Patent application title: Brittle stalk 2 polynucleotides, polypeptides, and uses thereof
Inventors: Ada S. Ching (Wilmington, DE, US) J. Antoni Rafalski (Wilmington, DE, US)
IPC8 Class: AC12N1582FI
USPC Class: 800278

Class name: Multicellular living organisms and unmodified parts thereof and related processes method of introducing a polynucleotide molecule into or rearrangement of genetic material within a plant or plant part
Publication date: 2009-09-03
Patent application number: 20090222945
This invention relates to an isolated polynucleotide encoding a BRITTLE STALK 2 (BK2) polypeptide. The invention also relates to the construction of a chimeric gene encoding all or a portion of the BK2 polypeptide, in sense or antisense orientation, wherein expression of the chimeric gene results in production of altered levels of the BK2 polypeptide in a transformed host cell.

But brittle 2 is listed as BK2, and the Delaware article said Bt2?
So, Bt as listed by the University of Kentucky:
Bt-corn is a type of genetically modified organism, termed GMO. A GMO is a plant or animal that has been genetically modified through the addition of a small amount of genetic material from other organisms through molecular techniques. Currently, the GMOs on the market today have been given genetic traits to provide protection from pests, tolerance to pesticides, or improve its quality. Examples of GMO field crops include Bt-potatoes, Bt-corn, Bt-sweet corn, Roundup Ready soybeans, Roundup Ready Corn, and Liberty Link corn.

So, Bt or BK it is GMO, and if you purchase something listed as “synergistic” it could be hybrid, it could be GMO, seems a lot easier to just steer clear.
Unless Jung thinks the Universities are all lying or ignorant, or whatever their belittling my post was based on. I had an excellent year without them.
On Aug 12, 2013, Jung Seed responded with:

"On Jan 7, 2013 1:22 PM, Jung Seed responded with:

We do NOT sell any GMO seed. Synergistic corn is not genetically modifided. It is hybridized the same as su, sh2 or se hybrid sweet corn is done. I'm sure you did see some kind of information online. But you can also find the information that Jung Seed is owned by Monsanto and that is completely false also.

On Jan 8, 2013 9:10 AM, Jung Seed added:

Could you give me a link to Jennifer Hudock. A Google search only brings up a fiction writer, so I'm not finding the person you are quoting. I'd like to contact her.
[email protected]

Thank you

On Aug 16, 2013 9:44 AM, Jung Seed added:

I would like to apologize if you feel we were belittling your post. This is never our intent. With all the controversy on GMO's information can be very confusing and misleading. Jung Seed does not sell and GMO seed. We are also a very reputable company with over a 100 years of history, there would be no point for us to intentionally mislabel our products. In the notes from the Delaware Extension in regards to synergistic corn they state "Synergistic sweet corn hybrids carry su-1, one or two copies of se, and one copy of sh2... A few synergistic varieties have the brittle-2 (BT2) gene instead of sh2" If further states that Brittle-2 is GMO. If you look in our catalog or on our website you will see ALL of our synergistic corn is se/sh2 variety. None of our synergistic corn carries the BT2 gene. In the catalog we even have a header above the synergistic corn describing the corn and that ours have 75% se kernels and 25% sh2. Again no BT2 gene is present.
I hope this helps to clear things up, as you are right yes you can purchase GMO synergistic corn, just as you can purchase regular sweet corn that is GMO. But we DO NOT carry any GMO so you can not purchase GMO seed from Jungs regardless of the variety.
If you have any other questions at all please feel free to email me directly.

Thank you,

Aron, Contact Center Manager
[email protected]"

Negative ThrickaThrick
(3 reviews)
On Jun 8, 2013, ThrickaThrick Stillwater, OK wrote:

This negative response is based on the condition and size of live plants ordered and received from Jung Seed. On My 2nd I ordered 3 Hardy Rozanne Geranium, an Arizona Gaillardia offer (3, 1 of 3 varieties), a Jack Frost Brunnera, and 4 Solomon's Seals (roots).

The order came by USPS and took 11 days. Either they received rough handling or were not packaged well. Almost all the plants appeared like they were placed sideways into their small plastic planter so the tops were actually not on the open side but an enclosed side. 2 plants, the Jack Frost Brunnera and an Arizona Red Shades Gaillardia, died almost immediately. The 3 hardy Rozanne Geranium are tiny and I feel they should have been much bigger for the price paid. I have since ordered from some other companies and for the same price you receive a substantially larger plant.

I did also order a hosta special offer of 6 roots. All the plants that were roots came dried and have been successful.

I did contact Jung Seed and was told that I would get a credit. I have not seen the price charged back to my credit card so I guess I have a store credit.

For years we have received the Jung Seed catalog and when my father was alive we had purchased much seed that produced very fine plants.

I would tend to feel okay buying a dried root and seed from Jung Seed. However, seeing the huge difference in size and quality I have received from other companies when ordering live plants I doubt I will order live plants from Jung Seed.

Negative DGRich53
(10 reviews)
On Apr 11, 2013, DGRich53 Janeville, WI wrote:

First on a positive note, if you are ever in the Madison, Wi area stop in at one
of their garden centers. They are about the best in the country.

Now the negative; sadly I have had to put them on my NEVER ORDER list. I don’t know who is currently in charge of their mail order department these days but they know about as much about gardening as a common cranberry.

I sent them an order for several seed packets and two varieties of seed potatoes. As anyone who grows potatoes knows, they have to be in the ground early in spring in order to mature before the hot summer arrives. When I never heard from them, I send them a request for shipment date, which resulted in a form type email advising me “plant material for my area is shipped at the end of April/early May”. Insulting at the very least. I then sent them another email EXPLAINING what seed potatoes is not plant material and I needed them NOW. This got the 2nd “plant material” notice.

I sent them a final email demanding the seed potatoes be shipped without further delay and they arrived on April 10th -PERHAPS in time to grow.

I have been a customer of Jung for 20 years and they were never this bad. Something has happened over the past couple years that has ruined mail order.

I’d suggest they do a introspective review and start fixing the things that are broken. Perhaps starting with a new "cranberry" in charge.

As for me, I don't think I'll live long enough to risk another order.

Negative Ronni92
(14 reviews)
On May 8, 2012, Ronni92 East Stroudsburg, PA wrote:

My order came on a Monday after being in transit over the weekend. The way the plants were packaged was inadequate to keep them from being thrown around and disloged from their pots, and when I opened the packages in which they were placed, potting medium and plants were smashed together. What a total disappointment this was, this mess that I paid good money for.
When I called customer service, I had to carefully describe what had happened. Saying that my order was a "mess" wasn't an adequate description. Because of the poor state of my order, I was frustrated with his questions and felt my integrity was also being questioned, and he heard the frustration in my voice. This guy actually told me not to get "huffy" if I wanted help with my problem. I gritted my teeth and gave him the descriptions of the dead plants that he required.
Jung needs to teach their operators that customer service reps are there to help customers, not to exercise their rudeness. In the end, I ended up getting replacements or credit, which is what I wanted, but it was a rotten experience all around.
Jung shipped the order before I could plant outdoors [the plants are annuals] and I have the rest of my order under plant lights. When I asked why they don't ship at the beginning of the week so the plants don't sit around on the weekend, the rep laughed and said they would never get everything shipped on time. There was no answer for the too early delivery.
Please consider carefully before you purchase plants from a company. I previously bought seeds from Jung, and didn't think that buying plants would be problematic.
This is the first and my last time dealing with Jung.

Negative kmcmurtr
(1 review)
On Apr 24, 2012, kmcmurtr Papillion, NE wrote:

Terrible Customer Service

I received my order yesterday. The plants look fine as far as I can tell, but the service was terrible.

I ordered early in the spring to ensure that I could get what I wanted. I was never informed about when the order would be shipped. I did look, and their website did not provide the information. I'm sure I could have called, but should I have needed to? This is their core business, they presumably have these dates, or estimates of them determined well in advance.

They shipped my order on a Thursday. They were very impressed with the 4 day shipping speed when I was on the phone with them. I was disappointed that I received my order on a Monday. I, like most people, work during the week. Since I ordered months ago, they could have planned when they sent it so it would arrive shortly before the weekend when I'm likely to be available to plant them. They assured me that they have no way of knowing how long shipping will take. They clearly made no effort.

They shipped the order without planting instructions.

They put a note in specifying that it was a partial order, but since there was no packing list, I had to look up the original order to figure out what was in the box.

The woman I spoke to on the phone about these things was not only unhelpful and unapologetic, but incredulous that I would even bother her with this information.

I order many things on the internet, have ordered plants from other companies, and simply do not find this level of disinterest in serving customers. This was my first and last order with Jung Seed Co.

Negative minitasha
(1 review)
On Apr 17, 2012, minitasha Kingstown, MD wrote:

Wish I had read reviews first. Plants arrived very carefully packaged but were quite small for the price and seemed to be newly rooted cuttings with undeveloped root balls. I could see right away that the Cornus Canadensis bunchberry were not ready to be planted so I potted them up. Still waiting for the roots to fill out 30 days later. Five dwarf ninebark also had pitiful roots but I went ahead and planted them. In a week or so I could see they were failing so I removed and repotted them hoping to save them but they all died. (Ninebarks are hard to kill). Only after reading this website did I realize they do not offer I have requested a credit. I just hope whatever I get next will be in better shape. One good comment, the rhubarb I ordered was a good strong root stock doing splendidly so far.

Negative furballfarm
(3 reviews)
On Aug 10, 2011, furballfarm Tilden, NE wrote:

Ordered 18 hardy garden phlox plants 8-2-11, on 8-4 sent email asking for shipping date and carrier. Two days later I received an email that the plants would leave their warehouse next week and forward from there. "forward" from where? "leave the warehouse" to where? And of course no answer to how they were to be shipped. My account was charged 8-4, so I was hopeful. Today 8-10, I called - FORGET CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! She could tell me that the order went to the warehouse....maybe would ship in 2 days. Once again couldn't tell me if it was coming USPS, UPS or any other way. I told the customer service person that if they ship in two days that they will be sitting all weekend long. Her explanation was that it was hot last week and they couldn't ship. I told her to cancel the order and she advised me to just refuse it when it arrives. I would love to refuse the order but I don't plan on sitting home for a week incase they ship it. How can I refuse the order when they can't even tell me how it will arrive or when.
BUYER BEWARE ~~I should have listen to the negative reviews.

Negative ronnoc2709
(1 review)
On Jun 8, 2011, ronnoc2709 Charleston, IL wrote:

Don't do it. Just order from a company that will offer a refund if the plants don't make it. Jung will only issue a credit and if they've stopped shipping for the season, you have to wait until the next year to use it. (which was the case for me on 6/7/11) I ordered nearly $200 worth of plants and two items didn't make it. One, a lilac tree appeared to arrive dead but I trusted that is was only dormant, planted and watered it, but it never budded out. Clearly, my instincts were right. It was dead. A geranium purple pillow also arrived in poor shape but I thought I might be able to coax it out of it. It failed too. I never expect 100% survival, so I could live with the hassle of losing a spring growing season, but they wouldn't ship new plants and won't (per policy) provide a refund. I'm stuck waiting till next year and hoping they offer the same plants. I'd read negative feedback about Jung, but thought I'd take my chances. Wish I'd gone with another company, many of whom I've ordered from in the past, and always been able to get new plants or a refund. Don't do Jung. The other five geraniums don't look great either and I'm wondering if they'll survive the summer. Oh, and BTW, the "policy" is not one that is prominently displaced at the website when you're ordering. In fact, I've yet to find it but they promise it's there.

On Jun 8, 2011, Jung Seed responded with:

"On Jun 9, 2011 12:20 PM, Jung Seed responded with:

We are sorry that a couple of our items failed to grow this season and we could not replace at this time. Bareroot trees
and shrubs only stay dormant a certain amount of time, even in cold storage, so we have to discontinue shipping in early June. The 98 degree temperatures in Wisconsin recently were also a deciding factor. We know customers do not like to lose a growing season so we certainly would have sent replacement plants if it had been possible.

Our guarantee is on the home page of our website on the right hand side. It does state that we give a replacement or credit letter if an item fails to grow. The credit letter that you will be receiving for the failed items can either be used for free replacements when available or you can use the dollar amount towards any future order. Our new fall catalog will be online in the next couple of weeks or we have a wide selection of seeds and sideline items we are still shipping from the spring catalog.

If you have any further problems with your order, just let us know by October 1st and we will be happy to help you.


Mary, Customer Service Manager
Jung Seed Company
[email protected]"

Negative d_r_dan_c
(1 review)
On Jun 7, 2011, d_r_dan_c Northbrook, IL wrote:

I ordered 6 Ben Sarek black currants in mid April of 2011. After planting, two of them turned out to be a different fruit. I called the company and requested a replacement of the currants among other items. The replacement was not shipped until I called again, e-mailed them photos as proof, and demanded a resolution from a CS manager. The requirement to send pictures was never communicated to me. My issue with them is quality control, customer service and communication. It is good business practice to admit mistakes and proactively follow up, and that did not happen in my case.

On Jun 7, 2011, Jung Seed responded with:

"On Jun 9, 2011 11:27 AM, Jung Seed responded with:

Your 2 new Ben Sarek Black Currant plants have been reshipped to you and we sincerely apologize that they were not sent with your other replacement plants. Our operator thought the request had to go to our horticulturist for verification since they were not true to name, which is not the case. We do pass this type of information on to that department to follow up on, but the new plants should have been requested with the rest of your items. We have addressed this issue with her so it does not occur again.

Also, the request for pictures is not a requirement for getting a replacement. The only reason we even ask is because they are so helpful if we have to contact our supplier. By no means should our customers be made to feel that they have to do this and are very sorry that you were made to feel that way.

We are first to admit that we can make mistakes and we do pride ourselves on fixing them as painlessly as possible for our customers. This certainly did not happen in your case and we sincerely apologize. You had a very nice order with us and we do greatly appreciate your business. If you have any other issues with your order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mary, Customer Service Manager
Jung Seed Company
[email protected]"

Negative Sassamel
(2 reviews)
On May 10, 2011, Sassamel El Paso, TX wrote:

Ordered cucumbers, petunia, zucchini and cosmos seeds, first off there were only about 10 seeds in each package, planted all the seeds in each pkg, 2 cucumbers germinated, 5 cosmos, 5 zucchini and 3 petunias. Will not order from them again.

Negative rdharlin
(1 review)
On May 2, 2011, rdharlin Marshall, MO wrote:

I have been a Jung and Totally Tomatoe customer for years, i order early like first week of January. This year i ordered a wisteria plant from them. Today May 2nd i get a letter telling me i won't be getting it. Company said their supplyer has a lose of plants so they couldn't supply. So guess what it is too later to find it from another supplier. Looks like to me they need to stay in contact with their suppliers better. Needless to say im done with them. What i can't understand is why so many seed suppliers are so shady.

Negative dspirits
(1 review)
On May 1, 2011, dspirits Harpers Ferry, WV wrote:

Posted on May 1, 2011, updated May 1, 2011
Posted on April 20, 2011, updated May 1, 2011
I just got my first order from this company and not only was it missing plants but the plants that arrived were all dead except 1 green leaf on one tiny bit of plant. I called about it and they were very rude and acted like I was lying about the situation. I order from all different companies like Millers, Blue Stone and others and never have I spent so much for such a horrible outcome. Bad product and bad customer service.

On May 1st, 2011, dspirits added the following:

They did offer to send me new plants.. 2 weeks later and still nothing. Also in that time the 3 purple colored roses I ordered have gone from some green on the stems to all brown and no new leaves. I told the rep that the roses looked bad also but she said they all look like that before coming back...seriously Millers root stock has never come in all brown.
On May 1st, 2011, dspirits added the following:

The roses were Ebb Tide and the Plants were Echinacea Hot Summer. I won't post an order number but you can email me for it or send a message.
On May 1, 2011, Jung Seed responded with:

"On Apr 21, 2011 11:45 AM, Jung Seed responded with:

We are sorry to hear that you had a bad experience when receiving your order and that your phone call was handled in an unfriendly manner. Our operators are instructed to ask questions about any problems only so the issue can be resolved correctly. Normally they do an excellent job of this and we sincerely apologize that you were made to feel that your honest was being questioned. That is not the way our customer service is supposed to be handled.

You mentioned that your plants arrived bad or were missing. Our operator should have offered a reshipment--you did not mention in your posting if this was done. We would be happy to check on that for you if you could respond with your order number. We take pride in our products and service and want you to be happy with both.

Customer Service Manager
Jung Seed Compoany

Negative anakinson
(4 reviews)
On Apr 22, 2011, anakinson Eau Claire, WI wrote:

Summer, 2010, I recieved the most poorly packaged perennials that I have ever ordered from anywhere. Every potted plant arrived in something that looked like a brown lunch bag thrown into the box quite haphazardly, so haphazardly, in fact, that about a third of the plants were broken, several were outside of their pots, and half of their potting medium (if you want to call a substance resembling dry peat a potting medium) lining the bottom of the shipping box. Bareroot plants weren't any better: dry or rotten. I think maybe ten percent of the plants survived. I considered calling, but I realize that mail-order live anything is substatially buyer-beware, and I don't have the time to haggle over the phone. Those plants should have been correctly packaged in the first place. So I decided it would be less hassle to go through some local nurseries where I can see what I'm getting.
Now that I've discovered this forum I've decided to voice my opinion on the absolutely worst packaging and shipping of any mail order nursery with which I've dealt. I've dealt with about two dozen.

Negative homegrownveg
(1 review)
On Mar 24, 2011, homegrownveg Waukesha, WI wrote:

So, I ordered some seed from Jung's and it was NOT the 100 seeds the packet said it contained. It had only 25 seeds instead. I planted what I had indoors and didn't make a big deal of it. The germination rate was high so I was still thinking I made out okay. Then today it was bugging me so I decided to call the company because there should have been much more seed and figured it probably happened to other people too.
When I called the lady was NOT pleasant and kept asking me for the 'CID#' of my order or my packaging slips. I told her I did not think I had it since I ordered seed in the winter each year and don't hold onto that stuff. (Like most gardeners I place multiple orders at different places and am inundated with mail, cataloges, and split shipments each year, etc.) I gave her my last name and she told me my first name, etc... She said I had not placed an order since 2006! I asked her if she could find it by address or any other factors and she said if I had my catalogue that would help (HUH?). She did not seem the least bit interested in my complaint and about 2 minutes into the exchange I realized that I was WASTING MY TIME by calling and should not have bothered calling for such a small dollar amount. (but I did feel cheated and also wondered if they do this on a big scale to everyone, it really adds up in their favor).
So, while I'm talking to her I scramble to the seed closet and end up finding the invoice from the shipment! My memory is jogged now because I see why I held onto this paper. My handwriting shows that I had already complained about another seed packet from the same shipment being ridiculously short on count and was told 'they are all there...they are just really small seeds". As if I don't know how to count something unless it's beach balls? Also on the invoice I have a note that on top of all this I OWED them an additional amount of money according to their sales tax calculations (but they could not tell me what the sales tax rate they were charging me was, only that my amount was in accurate-I had calculated for 5.5% tax, and still don't know what tax rate they are applying) and did infact sent them a check for the remainder. The lady on the phone responds that too much time has passed since I received the order (huh? january-march?) and 'i can't do anything'.

In short, I had forgotten what a pain it is to deal with anyone at this company! I currently have another order on its way and am super annoyed that I have given them more of my money. So, if you want decent seed but not in the quantity you are paying for SHOP HERE. If you want to be given excuses for why nothing is as you order SHOP HERE. If you want to be treated poorly when you have a complaint SHOP HERE. If you want to be nickelled and dimed SHOP HERE. If you want to be asked for nonsense in order for them to track your order SHOP HERE. They used to be reputable and I would rather buy from a local company but NO LONGER will I purchase anything from them.

What a dissapointment! This time I'm going to remember.

Negative annatomic
(2 reviews)
On Mar 7, 2011, annatomic Biloxi, MS wrote:

I ordered some plants from Jungs through their website based on a special in their catalog. The website had a note saying the savings would show up at checkout, but they never did. I was charged full price. A normal company would be able to easily fix this problem over the phone, but Jung's is exceptional in their incompetence. I was on hold for close to 15 minutes just to explain the problem. When I finally got some one on the line I was accused of misreading the sale in the catalog! Luckily I had it in front of me. I was also accused of ordering the wrong thing on the website, I ordered by item number and I remember clearly checking to make sure it was the same offer.... All of this left a really bad taste in my mouth and after 45 minutes waiting to have it figured out they wouldn't even comp the shipping or anything! I will NOT being buying from this company ever, ever again.

Negative gardenbyR
(2 reviews)
On Jun 10, 2010, gardenbyR Saint Paul, MN (Zone 4b) wrote:

On May 27th I ordered one Cherub Datura plant from Jung Seed Company. On the same day I also ordered a brugmansia "Cassie's Curls" from Park Seed Company. This would be my first order from Jung and my second from Park Seed. I had a very positive experience with Park so I thought I'd give it another go. I had also heard positive things about Jung through a friend at work and after reading the feedback from the garden watchdog I decided I'd give Jung a try too and compare the two companies. There was no comparison. Park came out on top and Jung was a total disappointment!

As I said, I ordered both plants at the same time. On June 1st I received a notice from Park that my plant had shipped and would arrive by 2 day air and that's exactly what happened. I had it at my door on the 3rd in perfect condition. It was very large, about 8-10 inches tall, beautiful bright green foliage, well watered and the soil well secured for shipping. Again I'm very happy with Park's performance and product.

Jung, however, is a totally different story.

It is now the 10th of June. On my way home from work I was thinking if I'm ever going to receive any kind of notification about my order. Opening my screen door I saw a small cardboard box. I just received it TODAY. Looking at the postage label on it's box I saw it had been sent off on June 3rd. It had been sitting in a dark, dry cardboard box for A WEEK! When I opened it up I received something that resembled a dry, withered, limp string bean with two small wilting appendages I can only assume were leaves at some point. The "soil" resembled something like dried out, flaky topsoil, not a proper potting medium. Even the root system is dried out and brittle! I am absolutely disgusted at the condition of this poor plant and more disgusted with Jung for thinking this is acceptable! I've re-potted it in a proper meduim and have my finger's crossed, but if this thing comes back it will be a miracle. I'm aware of Jung's disclaimer about how plants may be in a dormant state upon arrival and to give it a while. Listen, I'm not a novice gardener. I live in Minnesota. I over-winter tropicals, jasmines, geranuims, dahlias, and roses in a spare bedroom for 6 months out of the year. I know what dormant looks like. My friends, this plant is not dormant, it's at death's door. Shame on Jung! This was my first AND LAST order from them. I'm sticking with Park Seed.

Negative CarolJoy
(1 review)
On May 4, 2010, CarolJoy Monroe, LA wrote:

I placed an order on April 23 and was told it would ship 'next week'. May 4th and now I'm told it will 'ship next week'. I asked to speak with a supervisor - I was put into voice mail! I just want the truth! Apparently they don't know what the truth is, but 2 weeks of this leads me to believe they don't care. I'm sure the Rep knew I would go into voice mail, and the supervisor probably knew it too. Helen - I'm on to you. I'm not going to cancel my order but I will NOT order again. I pay them too much money to be treated like this. I mail ordered from another nursery and had my order within 7 days , I'm sure it was busy there too. I only wish I had seen these company comments before placing my order, and I would not have wasted my time and money.

Negative klol
(1 review)
On Apr 24, 2010, klol Cleveland, OH wrote:

I ordered seeds and plants in March. No problem receiving the seeds. The plants including onion plants have yet to arrive. After 3 e-mails, they finally responded that the order was being held for a back order. I requested the order be shipped without the back order.It has yet to arrive. Onion plants (Candy) need to be planted in March here for July harvest. Customer service is non-existent.

Negative reeve1
(48 reviews)
On Apr 17, 2010, reeve1 Plano, TX (Zone 8b) wrote:

Posted on April 13, 2010, updated April 17, 2010
I have been a Jung's customer for over 30 years and I had stopped using them recently because they refused to honor the replacement of some live plants I ordered and received in bad condition. I decided this year to try them again with a sizable $160.00 order. The sad thing is, an error was made by them and I received the order twice. I'm still waiting to see if I will be charged twice, but so far only 1 charge has been placed on my card.

I wouldn't normally complain about receiving a double order, but the sad thing is, between the two orders there was still not sufficient healthy, live plants to avoid having to call and order numerous replacements. The Black Lace Sambucus was completely stripped because it had a damaged root system from overwatering. The Fanfare Gaillardia in both orders were severely wilted and in one order had arrived out of the pots. And, all (6) of the Verbascum Caribbean Crush were also severely wilted and I am struggling to try and revive them.

I'm an experienced gardener and have ordered quite a lot of stock this year. I have received everything I ordered this year and the only replacements I've had to call for are from the Jung's order, and they got two chances to make it right!

I also found out that Jung's is a big conglomerate now, having purchased some old favorites I used to do business with. This makes me question whether their consistent poor performance has leached over into these companies as well.

McClure & Zimmerman
Totally Tomatoes
Roots & Rhizomes
Edmunds Roses
R.H. Shumway
Vermont Bean
Seymour Seed

Just Beware!!

On April 17th, 2010, reeve1 added the following:

Ruth, it seems that you do care about customers here and I appreciate that. I'm sure that you have your hands full. If you are interested, I can try to dig out the old order # so you can see what happened with the refused replacements. It would have been back around February 2002.

Meanwhile, I contacted Jung about replacements on the recent order and the duplicate order about 10 days ago. I received an initial response, but it didn't mention an approval or date of delivery on the replacements or whether the order was listed in your system twice or if it was just mistakenly sent to me twice. So, the next day I sent a 2nd email asking if the order was in your system twice and updating the replacement list. I have yet to receive any follow-up to my 2nd email. So, I don't know what is happening at this point. I will send the replacement request again to the email address you posted here.

I hope that you will be involved in the actual replacements so that this can be resolved quickly. Thank you for your concerned response.
On Apr 17, 2010, Jung Seed responded with:

"On Apr 13, 2010 1:35 PM, Jung Seed responded with:

We are surprised to hear of a problem getting a replacement for plant material that arrived in bad condition. In over 100 years in business we have always guaranteed plant material to arrive in good condition or replaced it.
On your current order, please contact us directly, all we need is your order number or your name and zip code and we will be happy to set things right with you.
You can call us toll free 800-247-5864 or email.
[email protected]

Negative growingranny
(14 reviews)
On Apr 6, 2010, growingranny Dutton, VA (Zone 7b) wrote:

Posted on April 5, 2010, updated April 6, 2010
I placed an order this spring with Jung Seed. It all came in except for the Candy Onions. The plants that came were ok but nothing spectacular so I potted them up and in the greenhouse. I emailed them asking when they would ship the onions since a friend in zone 6 had already gotten hers. The response was the typical in the appropriate planting time for your zone ( I am in 7 and should have had them before 6)
They came in today and they are totally rotted, moldy and smelled so bad when I opened them I had to take them out of the greenhouse. This was my first order with Jung and it will be my last.
"Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"

On April 6th, 2010, growingranny added the following:

I hate to argue with you about this but: I still have the packing slip with your name on it. Order # 758733*2,
CID #3576849 Item # 04525! If you need further proof I can scan the shipping label and email it to you.
On Apr 6, 2010, Jung Seed responded with:

"On Apr 5, 2010 1:05 PM, Jung Seed responded with:

If your candy onion plants were moldy, they did not come from here. I went out and looked at the onion plants after I read this. I also talked to the order fillers. The candy onion plants look great.
All our materials are guaranteed, we'll send you more, all you have to do is say you are unhappy with your plants.
You can email me at [email protected]

On Apr 6, 2010 12:32 PM, Jung Seed added:

Thank you! I have only twice gotten someone to respond to us about a problem posted here. We've been wondering if there were any real people out there.
The information you gave me was what I needed. I have requested a replacement for the bad onions that you recieved. You should see them soon.
Sorry for the inconvenience,

Negative mattt94
(3 reviews)
On Mar 27, 2010, mattt94 Lacona, IA wrote:

I ordered a couple of cherry trees from jung's a couple of years ago. They arrived a little late,mid-april but were alive. My biggest issue was the size of the trees for the money under 36" and very small. Recently their prices have went way up on fruit trees. I personally have decided never to order from this company again. Just way too much money for such small stock.

Negative flowers4birds
(10 reviews)
On Mar 5, 2010, flowers4birds Chilton, WI (Zone 5b) wrote:

Posted on December 25, 2009, updated March 5, 2010
Posted on May 12, 2009, updated December 24, 2009
We sent a large order to Jungs on March 4 2009 for seeds and nursery stock. The seeds arrived in a timely fashion, well packed and all we ordered were included.

The nursery stock was a different story. We have been happy Jungs customers for 43 years. Our home is now surrounded by trees and flowering shrubs that mostly came from Jungs. It is difficult to believe it is the same company we ordered from all those years. Last year less than half of the strawberry plants I ordered grew, despite proper planting and care (Note: I have 43 years of experience growing strawberries, and all the Jungs plants grew in the past.) I didn't bother to register a complaint though. I thought it was just a mishap of some sort in packing.

This year's nursery stock order however has confirmed that all is not well with Jungs Nursery. The materials we ordered should have been planted in April when they used to send things. But when May arrived and trees began to bud and bloom we became concerned because no stock had yet arrived.

We called customer service and were told that a couple items were on backorder and the whole lot would be sent when the backordered plants arrived. We would have been willing to pay extra postage to have items shipped at the proper time in two lots but did not have that option offered. We were extremely unhappy about this situation.

The next week on May 7 a partial shipment arrived which included (they said) 11 items. But we couldn't find the 3 Anne Everbearing Raspberries said to be included. 5 items were not sent yet and the two Sea Berries are still on backorder.

So here it is; May 12 and still no Tristar Strawberries and no Copra Onions, both of which should have been planted last month. The weather has turned dry now, and anything planted will have a tough time of it. The package of 3 Autumn Britten Raspberries obviously contained dead plants as the bark was shrivelled and the cambium dried on both stems and roots. One of the plants was girdled. I planted them anyway, just in case there was a spark of life in them. Of the 3 Autumn Brittens I bought last year only 2 lived. Both did poorly. (Note: I've been growing Jungs raspberries for 40 years successfully.) The North Star Cherry and the Mount Royal Plum also look dead, but we will wait and see if they grow.

It is unacceptible to receive dead nursery stock or live nursery stock too late to be planted at the proper time. This does not make for happy customers. We will wait to see what may still arrive and what grows or does not grow before asking for replacements. But this year we intend requesting to have ALL dead material replaced rather than overlook it as we did in the past when Jungs used to be so dependable.

Jungs has always been pleasant and helpful in replacing dead plant materials, and I hope that has not changed along with their unsatisfactory shipping dates. But at our age, waiting another year for a tree to plant isn’t the best option. We’d be lucky to live long enough to see trees we planted this spring bear fruit.

As a very old customer of Jungs, I would still recommend them for seeds to grow in Northern Climates such as ours in Wisconsin. The seeds and varieties available are excellent. Their garden equipment and tools are also excellent. But we will never order nursery stock from them again, and would not recommend that others do so. We will go elsewhere and be willing to pay more for better service. We live only about 50 miles from Jungs, so plants do not spend long in transit, but the tardiness with which they now fill nursery stock orders has them shipping in hot, dry weather. In locations farther away, the stock would probably arrive in much worse condition than ours did.

On December 24th, 2009, flowers4birds added the following:

The growing season is long over by now (December) and results were mixed. The plum and the cherry we thought were dead did grow. The two elderberries they sent were totally dead. They refunded the money for the Anne Everbearing Raspberries that they never sent. One of the 3 Autumn Bitten Raspberries eventually sent up a shoot. It produced a blossom after frost in the Autumn. So much for everbearing raspberries in the north. They can't beat the frost, no matter what the advertisements say.

The five items that were not included in the order they said they sent, did not arrive until after Memorial Day. Jung's excuse was that they had sent them in a separate package along with the package we got on May 7th. They said that the delivery company must have lost the package. So where did they really go? The replaced items arrived in June. The shrubs including the seaberries were all pitifully dried-up tiny sticks with some dead leaves. We tried to nurture them in large nursery pots, but they never got any bigger and some didn't grow at all.

The Tristar Everbearing Strawberry plants and Copra Onion seedlings that should have been planted in April that arrived in June, didn't look very lively but we planted them immediately. The stawberries all lived and grew, but the season was so late they did not bear, though a couple of them bloomed by the time of killing frosts. If they survive the winter, as that cultivar always has, they should do fine next year.

The onions of course were a lost cause because they should have been planted in April. Only about 25% lived. Those that grew made onion bulbs from a one-half ot one inch in diameter, only worthy of throwing in a soup kettle whole. They looked like onion sets. Very expensive soup onions!

In the future, I will buy only seeds from Jungs and never buy nursery stock or plants from them again. The only exception will be if we go to their sales outlet about 50 miles away and buy them in person.
On March 5th, 2010, flowers4birds added the following:

Spring, 2010--I have one more comment to add about Jung Seed. We have been getting multiple catalogues --up to 7 per year--from Jungs annually for over 40 years. We tried, but never could get them to stop sending multiple catalogues when we only wanted one. I planned to buy seeds from them again this year as usual, but never again any nursery stock. I have always liked their seed varieties and have had no trouble with those. But to our surprise, they never sent us any catalogues at all this year. We have been removed from their mailing list! Whether they figured out who wrote my negative review or if was the critical letter my spouse sent them about last year's terrible service, we will never know, but it does serve to prove that they actually can be efficient if they really want to be. As a result we had a delightful time buying our materials from other seed companies we found here at Davesgarden. We discovered wonderful heirloom varieties to try and received our seeds quickly. We are very pleased with the new companies we have done business with. And we owe it all to the incompetance of Jung Seeds, and the amazing Davesgarden website.
Negative jheisser
(2 reviews)
On Feb 14, 2010, jheisser Fairland, IN wrote:

A few years ago I ordered some dwarf dahlias from this company - three different colors. I particularly liked one named Singer, so in 2008 I ordered 3 of that color. They grew well but when they bloomed they were a completely different color (all 3 the same). I wrote to Jung and received a refund.
Thinking that this was a one-time error, in 2009 I again ordered 3 of the Singer dahlias. Only 2 grew, but once more they were the wrong color. But different from the 2008 color.
Clearly this company doesn't care about accuracy. Surely I was not the only customer receiving the wrong ones in 2008. Why didn't they have a "corrective interview" with their supplier so this would not happen again?
I didn't bother trying for another refund in 2009. I just won't order anything from them in the future.

Negative Dawn0007
(3 reviews)
On Feb 10, 2010, Dawn0007 Irving, IL (Zone 5a) wrote:

Posted on February 6, 2010, updated February 10, 2010
I had been a Jung customer for at least 12 years maybe longer. A few days ago I went to their website and placed a seed and supply order.

There is a little check box that you answer if you do NOT want them to substitute seed. I purposely said NO. It then processed the order and said YES. I immediately got on the phone and called them. The operator was rude and hateful. She told me I had to wait until the next day for their internet person to get the order. I told her I was not waiting until the next day. I asked her to cancel my order. She supposedly took all the information and said she would give the cancellation to her. I mentioned in a nice manner that if not, I would dispute it on my credit card.

Then I went online to check my credit card and the hold was already on the card! I called the credit card company and they told me that we will gladly dispute it if their hold shows up as a charge. For me to call back in 24 hours.

Yesterday I forgot, so I checked today and sure enough, the charge went through. I called the credit card and filed a dispute.

I called Jung and asked for a manager. The customer service lady kept asking what it was about. I told her I was not talking to anyone but a manager.

This "Julie' got on the phone and claimed to be the manager. She also is very rude and uncaring and hateful. She hung up on me after telling me "I don't care".

I called back and asked for her and told her to REMOVE me from their mailing list too.

WARNING... Jung is really a bad company now. Just last night my neighbor told me he had a similar problem with ordering on the phone and items not going to come in .

They sure do like to charge people's card and take the money and not give the items ordered. BEWARE, get your plants and seeds from other places.

I actually went out locally and found all the heirloom seeds at a much cheaper price.

On February 10th, 2010, Dawn0007 added the following:

I did receive Mary's email and voice message which is exactly what she said here. Except for one twist... she said they credited back my credit card. They have not. It is in dispute. So please beware when dealing with Jung. It seems as though Mary is the only one at Jung who even tries. The others on the phone could care less and did not even bother to try to cancel the order. It was totally evident in their language on the phone. Along with the fact that Mary said the order was already in progress and she hoped to stop it.

I know for certain, I will never order from them again and if anyone ever asks about ordering online I will be quite quick to point out who to stay away from.

I did forget to mention that in the spring I help out at a local nursery and get a lot of customer questions. Jung is on my "DON'T DO" list for everyone who asks.
On Feb 10, 2010, Jung Seed responded with:

"On Feb 8, 2010 2:01 PM, Jung Seed responded with:

Hopefully you recieved my e-mail and phone message regarding the order cancellation. As discussed, your order had downloaded under a different customer number, which delayed the concellation. We are very sorry that this simple request blossomed into a big issue. This is not the way we do business and this is being addressed.
Customer Service Manager

Negative 2dtech
(1 review)
On Feb 6, 2010, 2dtech Irving, IL wrote:

When placing an order with Jung Seeds, I was told that some of the items would not be able to ship for several weeks. I then asked to cancell the the order while on the phone with them so that I would be able to place my order with another company.

They told me that it was impossible to do so and that my only recourse was to dispute it with my credit card company. They had charged the card before telling me that items would not be shipped for several weeks and now it will take 6-8 weeks to resolve this.

I will never order from them again.
One would think that when you have them on the phone placing an order they would be willing to cancell the order if they did not have the product in stock.

On Feb 6, 2010, Jung Seed responded with:

"On Feb 8, 2010 2:03 PM, Jung Seed responded with:

We are not quite understanding the above situation. If items are not in stock they can certainly be cancelled if you don't wish to leave them on backorder. Please feel free to e-mail or call our toll free line and we will be happy to help you if your problem has not already been addressed. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this caused you."

Negative tuna572003
(3 reviews)
On Feb 4, 2010, tuna572003 Hanover, MI wrote:

A couple of years ago I ordered June Bearing Strawberries (3 varieties) and Red Raspberries. All of the Strawberries were moldy and soft and some of the raspberries didn't grow. Jung was happy enough to send me more strawberries, but they arrived in worse condition than the first batch. They did replace the dead raspberries and the next batch were ok but I won't order from them again. I ended up ordering from Miller Nurseries and everyone of them grew. I've been growing strawberries for many years and have never seen plants arrive in such poor condition. I just throw their catalog away when it arrives.

Negative JLJ_WY
(1 review)
On May 28, 2009, JLJ_WY Story, WY wrote:

I hesitate to post a negative review for Jungs, as over time, I'd be more inclined to rate them positive with caveats than the reverse. But sadly, my recent experience has been much like that described in flowers4birds' review.

Years ago I bought regularly from Jungs, then for some years I gardened less and bought locally. A couple years ago I began buying seeds and plants from Jung's again -- because I like that they have been a family owned business, I like their varieties, and I like that they are -- or were -- a good source for northern climates. I ordered over $400 from them last year and $200 so far this year, so while I'm not a commercial customer I do have some experience upon which to form an opinion.

I've been pleased with their seeds and non-living supplies, but there are problems with their formerly excellent live items. Ironically, it seems that poor inventory/shipping practices make the likelihood of problems greater when shipping to northern areas. The thing that has prompted this review is a small order fulfillment problem compounded by poor customer service, but concerns mentioned below are more longstanding.

If a supplier seems to be trying, I don't normally complain if ordered garden items don't all thrive -- after all, many factors that affect plant survival are beyond a nursery's control. But when a company that has already been making me wonder about their quality standards clearly makes a mistake and then more or less spits on me when I tell them they've done so, it gets my hackles up to the point that I'll be sure others are warned.

In the second of the two $100 orders I placed with Jung's this spring, I ordered some Ft. Laramie strawberries. The only reason I ever buy non-locally is that I want varieties that are not locally available, so, as always, I unchecked the Jung's "allow substitutions" box (which defaults to being checked) and also verified, when my email receipt arrived, that it showed, as always, "Allow substitutions: False"

When the order came, another variety of strawberries (one less hardy) had been shipped. I wrote, enclosing a copy of the info from my emailed receipt that showed the no substitutions info, and pointed out that as I'd ordered the Ft. Laramie strawberries online when they were listed as available, they should have been shipped, but if not, they should not have been substituted. Their reply was "I looked at this order and does not reflect no substitutions".

Considering that I had included a copy of my receipt information which DID show the no substitutions specification, I promptly replied that this answer was not satisfactory. They replied "As this internet order did not have a No Subs marked on it, we sent the replacements."

They went on to say that if I returned the substitute strawberries they'd refund the price -- which of course would be more hassle and expense than it would be worth -- and is obviously an inappropriate response, as this was clearly their error and I'd sent them a copy of the receipt info that showed it. They've failed to send me the merchandise I ordered and sending an unauthorized substitute does not authorize them to retain my payment. And it really shouldn't be necessary for me to tell them that.

Further -- I placed this order online at 2:43:07 PM May 6 and the Jung's website says that they ran out of Ft. Laramie strawberries May 12 -- they should have been able to fill my order without the substitution issue arising.

One might suggest that spring is a really hectic time for nurseries and perhaps they were just so backed up with orders that they didn't know what inventory that had -- but . . .

The order I placed with them in early February included some garlic sets. Their website says that live things are normally shipped to my zip mid to late April, but they didn't. When nothing had arrived by May 11, I emailed them and they said my order was on the way, shipped May 8. The order arrived mid May, without the garlic -- ran out of it May 1. (At least they didn't ignore the "Allow substitutions? False" on that order.)

When I pointed out to Jungs that if they'd shipped when their schedule shows they'd have had my garlic, they replied "the normal release timeframe BEGINS mid-late April and anytime beyond that point." Really? So if it comes in July customers shouldn't complain? There is clearly a problem here.

They went on to say that if I wanted things shipped earlier than the schedule called for, I could request that. Problems with that are (1) their schedule is OK, it's the "or anytime later" (which is NOT what the website says) that causes difficulties, (2) I did try once to get them to ship some nursery stock earlier than the scheduled date -- couldn't get a reply from them (3) their ignoring a clear "Allow Substitutions? False" on an order and more important, their failure to promptly correct their error when it was pointed out to them don't give much confidence in their reliability with regard to special arrangements.

In spite of the above there are still many things I like about Jungs live items:

I ordered some glads from them last year and both the specialty glads and the "bonus buy" glads were big and beautiful and -- left in the ground outside accidentally over the winter -- they survived! They were well protected and under deep snow but still . . . impressive superglads.

Ordered Ogallala strawberries from them a couple of years ago that came in excellent condition and are growing happily, keeping me busy chasing their runners.

Ordered some Techny Arborvitae this spring that at least looks promising.

But . . .

Iris I ordered from them last summer is alive and should develop eventually, but most were disappointingly small. (Though the Tete-a-tete daffodils that came with them were delightful)

Sweet potato plants I ordered from them last year were a 3 kind combo -- one bunch of plants was fine, other two were pathetic.

Only about a third of last year's Ft. Laramie strawberries were of the quality of the Ogallala's I'd ordered previously, most came dead or didn't thrive -- that's why I need more of that kind to reinforce the patch.

Last year's Autumn Britten and Caroline raspberries were about 3/4 good and about 1/4 marginal to sad, but did stay alive with extra care. This year's Prelude all look pretty sad, but I'm hoping they will revive.

This year's "bonus buy" glads were *very* small and in some cases soft -- wish I'd bought from Home Depot. Didn't order specialty glads this year so they might be ok -- don't know.

Candy onion plants this year came dry and beginning to shrivel, tied in bundles and tossed in the box, nothing around them to protect them or keep them at all moist -- sad, it looked as if they had been very nice plump plants when packed. I put them in a special nursery area instead of in the garden and it looks as if some of them will revive.

Pink lily of the valley was tiny little dry packets of dry roots in dry shavings -- looked like something one would buy from the markdown counter at WalMart in hopes of saving it. There was a little sign of life at the growth tips so I'm hoping, but they didn't look like even when shipped they had been anything a reputable nursery would be proud of.

So, problems with Jungs:

1) Quality of their live items seems to be declining

2) While their scheduled shipping times are OK, they seem to actually be shipping later than that, creating both planting and inventory difficulties.

3) They seem to have no inventory system that tells them what part of their inventory has already been sold to and paid for by customers whose delivery date has not come, meaning that, at least in springtime, northern customers (those to whom live things are shipped last) are more likely to get scruffy "bottom of the barrel" items or none at all if the supply runs out, no matter how early they order.

4) They do not send "order has shipped" emails or, better, tracking numbers, so that one knows when to watch for a package. This is automatically done these days by online sellers of even small non-perishable items and is much more important to ensure viability of anything live, so that it doesn't sit in the sun (or the snow) instead of being promptly cared for.

5) Their order form defaults to the "allow substitutions" configuration, and even if one unchecks that box, it rechecks itself if one makes any corrections when ordering, so it's necessary for anyone wanting to actually receive the varieties purchased to watch that box carefully, and to verify that the no substitution information shows up correctly on their email receipt. (Though, as above, even that doesn't prevent Jung's from denying that the info was there.)

6) I have never been able to find a note field on their online order form. I often use note fields for purposes like emphasizing "no substitutions" or requesting tracking numbers or making it clear that my address works for carriers like UPS and FedEx as well as for USPS.

7) Customer service, at least in some instances, leaves much to be desired. Perhaps the problem is that Ruth and Mary can't do everything themselves.

So many formerly great nurseries have gone downhill that even when Jungs is being downright naughty they're better than many of their competitors -- and I hope recent events are due to some sort of temporary problems. Their absurd response to their failure to observe the no substitutions specification, however, caused me to think more carefully about performance on recent orders. While I'll probably to continue to order from them and to recommend them, with cautions, for some things, I suspect my ordering will be much more limited than it has been the past couple of years.

Negative eileen52
(1 review)
On May 8, 2009, eileen52 Park Ridge, IL wrote:

I just used this company for the first (and last) time. I ordered a Helmond Pillar Japanese Barberry - the whole point of this plant is that it grows to 5 ft. while the spread is 2 ft. I received my 4 inch plant today - barely alive. $25.00 and shipping for this JOKE. No wonder they charge before shipment.

On May 8, 2009, Jung Seed responded with:

"On May 11, 2009 10:10 AM, Jung Seed responded with:

I think you may be complaining about the wrong company. I went down and looked at these. There are none smaller than 12 inches. they all have growth and good root systems. The girls that package them said they have not had any smaller than that this year. Or maybe, you have the wrong bare root. People can make mistakes and grab the wrong item. Please call us with your information so we can take care of it, if it is ours.
We are sorry for the inconvenience,
[email protected]

Negative anitar49
(7 reviews)
On May 2, 2009, anitar49 Ridgeley, WV wrote:

I've ordered from Jung in previous years and been happy with the shipping and quality and have recommended them to my friends. This year I ordered a goumi plant and wolfberry plant on 2/5/09 and was charged when the order was placed (which I'm OK with). When I received the order the last week of March, it included only the goumi and the packing slip indicated that the wolfberry was backordered. The goumi was healthy, but was only about a 4" plant. (Advertised as a 3 1/2" pot--the pot was bigger than the plant.) I called customer service on 3/31 and was told that the wolfberry would be arriving in a few days and it would ship as soon as it arrived. On 4/6 I checked their website and it listed the wolfberry as no longer available as of 4/1. When I called customer service again on 4/7 I was told that they would not be getting them. I had to ask for a refund.
I do understand that problems occur that can cause shipping delays and cancellations. What bothered me was that they had my e-mail and phone number, but I was never contacted by them concerning this and even had to ask that the purchase price be refunded.
The good news is that since almost every place was sold out of wolfberries by the time I knew that I would not be getting the one I'd ordered from Jung, I found one on eBay that arrived in excellent condition and was almost 2' tall for the same price.

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