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Positive Mr_ed2u
(2 reviews)
On Jun 24, 2010, Mr_ed2u Fair Haven, MI wrote:

I ordered Caroline raspberry and a blue berry plant from them this spring. The raspberries were all decent size and grew well. The blueberry was a runt, but was shipped well and dormant. It is growing well…but would have wished for a larger plant

All in all, I would order from them again; but not blueberries.

Positive vschlaff
(3 reviews)
On Jun 22, 2010, vschlaff Dexter, MI wrote:

I ordered strawberry plants and they arrived in very good condition. I will order from them again.

Positive jcsgreenthumb
(19 reviews)
On Jun 11, 2010, jcsgreenthumb Pisgah Forest, NC (Zone 6b) wrote:

Posted on May 13, 2010, updated June 11, 2010
Great communication, plants arrived on schedule and looked very healthy. The rhubarb divisions were much bigger than I expected. The strawberries had nice root systems.

Would definitely order again.

On June 11th, 2010, jcsgreenthumb added the following:

All the plants are doing wonderfully. The rhubarb is fantastic. I placed another order just a few weeks ago and was worried that it would be too late to ship, but the plants arrived 10 days later in great condition.
Positive LlynW
(3 reviews)
On Jun 2, 2010, LlynW Madison, WI wrote:

I ordered five of each of three different raspberry plants from the company's excellent website. The process was flawless and I was updated via email when my order was placed, packed, and shipped. The plants arrived quickly, were well-packaged and exactly what I ordered, large, healthy, and came with clear planting instructions. Every plant is growing beautifully so far in my newly established bed--my plants look better than my neighbor's, and she's been growing for years. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase.

I give my highest praise to this company and will be back next season for some asparagus and blueberries. Order with confidence!

Positive SoutheastIndy
(16 reviews)
On May 23, 2010, SoutheastIndy Indianapolis, IN wrote:

I made a first order from Nourse and ordered 25 Nova Red Raspberry Plants. The plants were huge and I even had to plant some in three gallon nursery pots because of the roots being so big. Overall a good first experience and would buy raspberry plants from them again.

Positive sfenster
(7 reviews)
On May 23, 2010, sfenster Pemberton, NJ wrote:

Ordered 5 blackberry & 5 raspberry plants. Arrived quickly and all are doing well.

Positive George5008
(3 reviews)
On May 12, 2010, George5008 Hartville, OH wrote:

Nice bareroot plants; I am impressed, and will order from them again. I ordered this spring, and, considering how many orders they must get in the spring, am amazed how well they did.

Have had good luck with them, Indiana Berry, and Heartland Blueberries. I probably will stay away from the big companies from now on out, and stay with these type of companies.

Positive Allie88
(6 reviews)
On May 10, 2010, Allie88 Palmyra, PA (Zone 6a) wrote:

I think this was the best experience I have had with a mail order company that sells live plants. I ordered strawberries, raspberries, and a gooseberry bush. All came looking healthy and alive. They even threw in an extra strawberry plant. I planted them several weeks ago and all are thriving. They look great! I will definitely order from this company again. I only wish they sold perennials and shrubs!

Positive TNsloth
(1 review)
On May 6, 2010, TNsloth Decherd, TN wrote:

My first order based on a friend's recommendation, received order last week. Purple asparagus roots are HUGE, largest I've seen (Gurney's roots can't compare-my previous supplier). Very fresh, wet the roots and 3 days later they started to grow! No other place to buy asparagus if you want one of their limited varieties-period. 5 Ouchita blackberry plants very short, 6-8 inch sticks, but very nice root systems. Roots 12+ inches long. One Chandler blueberrry plant-average size (what I expected-18 inches tall) with nice root system compared to other vendors. This company deserves it's good reputation based on my experience. Excellent plants, good prices and accurate shipping as scheduled.

Positive wimom2
(1 review)
On May 3, 2010, wimom2 Rhinelander, WI wrote:

I am SO impressed with the products they have. My son is landscape foreman for a company and my plants are better them theirs! You will be very happy with whatever you purchase!

Positive drneutrino
(2 reviews)
On Apr 25, 2010, drneutrino Needham, MA (Zone 6a) wrote:

I have ordered multiple times over the past 10 years. I have had tremendous success with their Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries. I have now moved and have another order in this year and look forward to starting my gardens up again.

Positive audreymarmot
(6 reviews)
On Mar 27, 2010, audreymarmot Annapolis,
United States (Zone 7a) wrote:

I just planted raspberries and strawberries from this company. They had great communication via email, and told me exactly when they would ship. The shipment arrived a day later.
Things aren't growing yet so I can't report as to the quality of the stock. But what customer service. I was missing one in a packet of 5 raspberry canes, and I was dividing with 4 friends, so a missing one was a BIG deal. I phoned, and she sent one that day. It arrived the day after I phoned. Now that is service!
Bravo, Nourse Farms. Wish every mail order company were so courteous, responsive, and on the ball.
And I wish you sold cherry trees!

Positive luxor68
(7 reviews)
On Mar 10, 2010, luxor68 Decatur, TN wrote:

Ok, just received my 1st order from these folks. I orderd 25 strawberries, 4 gooseberies, 6 currants, 25 blackberries, & 10 raspberries. The raspberries (Royalty) were a bit puny. The rest of the plants were quite big & healthy, however. I was impressed with the currants & Kiowa blackberries especially. The only complaint is that putting all those out on Sunday was backbreaking work, but I suppose that's MY fault, eh? :-) --Jimmy

Positive funtomatoes
(6 reviews)
On Feb 1, 2010, funtomatoes Douglasville, GA wrote:

I ordered strawberry plants for my Dad last spring. They arrived quickly and were the best looking strawberry plants I have ever seen. The roots were HUGE. I will order from them again.

Positive dirtygum
(3 reviews)
On Jan 31, 2010, dirtygum High Bridge, WI wrote:

I ordered Caroline and Taylor raspberries along with L'amour and Northeaster strawberries. Everything was packaged beautifully, shipping is reasonable, and the Plants were wonderful. I can't say enough good things about this nursery. All the plants thrived, and overwintered without any problems. The berries are more delicious than described!! Great company.

Positive kararowe
(1 review)
On Jan 1, 2010, kararowe Kalispell, MT wrote:

I cannot say enough good things about this company. Not only are their growing practices fantastic, their customer service, and plants are some of the best I've ever seen. We grow professionally and will continue to use Nourse for our farm.

Positive livefreeordie
(4 reviews)
On Jun 8, 2009, livefreeordie Yeagertown, PA wrote:

My top pick for Brambles and Ribes, they are the fastest to ship, best quality I have ever seen, great prices, better order early, word is out on how good they are, you can expect them to be sold out early every year. Great communication, wish every company were like them.

Positive doctrtim
(15 reviews)
On Jun 7, 2009, doctrtim Salisbury, VT wrote:

Shipping was very fast and packing good for the best quality and sized gooseberries (Tixia™) I have received mail order. They began growing as soon as they were placed in the ground.

Positive nygardener2
(12 reviews)
On May 20, 2009, nygardener2 New Hyde Park, NY wrote:

Another good review here :) The items were huge and packaged well. The service is great and shipping only 1 day++++ The prices are also great. They offer new varieties every year.

Positive plays_in_dirt36
(1 review)
On May 13, 2009, plays_in_dirt36 Union, WV wrote:

Placed two orders this year. Both filled promptly and packed very well. Plants in excellent shape upon arrival and have responded better than expected when planted. I will continue to utilize this company for my gardening needs and have recommended my grown children to do likewise.

Positive wulfpak
(3 reviews)
On May 13, 2009, wulfpak Nebraska City, NE wrote:

I ordered 50 asparagus roots. They arrived when promised, in great shape and were HUGE. ALL of them grew. Also, their planting guide is helpful and informative for many varieties of plants. I wished I would have ordered strawberries from them before they sold out of most varieties.

Positive Leslie500
(2 reviews)
On May 4, 2009, Leslie500 Woodland Park, CO wrote:

I got FANTASTIC berry plants from Nourse Farms! This was the first time I've ordered from this company, but won't be the last.

They have a great website... lots of information there and it was a breeze to order online. (They also have a nice printed version of their catalog) Very fast shipping... they delivered exactly when I asked them to. Actually, the plants came one day early, so be ready. I was super thrilled! These were the healthiest plants I've ever seen; I ordered strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Plants arrived dormant, with gobs and gobs of roots; I was able to put them in the ground right away. The strawberry plants are waking up already; and they are absolutely gorgeous! Very strong, happy plants... a deep, rich, lush-green color, and growing amazingly fast. I can't wait to place another order with them next spring...

Leslie in CO

Positive KYGardenGirl
(12 reviews)
On Apr 30, 2009, KYGardenGirl Georgetown, KY wrote:

I have ordered strawberries, blueberries, and asparagus plants from Nourse. All have been good sized, healthy plants that perform well. Their planting guide is an excellent help, especially when growing plants that are new to you.

Positive NtheWoods
(5 reviews)
On Apr 29, 2009, NtheWoods (Zone 5b) wrote:

I ordered from Nourse for the first time last season. I wanted to wait a full year before rating them. Ordered Rhubarb, Strawberries, and Blueberries. The order process was easy on line. The plants arrived at the requested time and looked fantastic. They are now one year old and look great. The blueberries are bigger and more vigorous than plants we ordered from another nursery a whole year before. Would order from them again.

Positive artemiss
(12 reviews)
On Apr 27, 2009, artemiss Toledo, OH (Zone 5b) wrote:

I ordered a couple of currants and a gooseberry -all were dormant bare-root plants and already are leafing out within days of planting.

Positive LovesCheese
(1 review)
On Apr 22, 2009, LovesCheese Clearfield, UT wrote:

I did a group order with my mom, together we ordered 20 raspberries, 5 blackberries, 2 rhubarb, 2 currant, and 25 strawberries.
The plants were all in great shape. I have ordered bare root berry plants before and I just got a little stick with maybe 4 roots. These were beautiful, obviously well established plants. They had larger roots and the strawberries all have signs of life. I am very impressed with the condition of these plants and I will update when more of them come out of dormancy.

Positive gfm
(13 reviews)
On Apr 15, 2009, gfm Melrose, MA wrote:

I just wish I had a bigger yard so I could order more from Nourse. I ordered 8 blueberry bushes and they all arrived in amazing condition. These were some of the healthiest bare root plants I have ever seen. Communication from the company was excellent and they responded quickly on the 2 occasions when I needed to contact them. I would highly recommend them as the first place to go for berries.

Positive jensing528
(1 review)
On Apr 7, 2009, jensing528 Belen, NM (Zone 7a) wrote:

This is the first time I have ordered from Nourse and it won't be the last. Great customer service and some of the healthiest bare roots I have seen. I placed a group order that consisted of almost 700 raspberries, 100 horseradish, 50 asparagus, and three current bushes. There were plenty of extras. Everyone that went in on the order has been very pleased.

Positive gardenkeeper1
(6 reviews)
On Mar 30, 2009, gardenkeeper1 Palatine Bridge, NY wrote:

I have purchased from Nourse Farms for the last three years. I have been extremely pleased with everything I've ordered. I ordered 3 blueberry bushes, 10 raspberries, and 2 varieties of strawberries. Everything is thriving in my garden. Customer Service is A++. I'll be ordering Asparagus next year. Just a word of caution, if you want to order something, don't wait. They often sell out of their popular varieties. Order early to get the selection you want.

Positive kxa132
(1 review)
On Mar 16, 2009, kxa132 Madison Heights, VA wrote:

I ordered the strawberry collection and those were the most amazing and vigourous plants. They had very thick roots and green plants. I planted according to the directions and in the first season, the plants were HUGE with runners everywhere and even produced a few berries. Unfortunately, we moved unexpectedly before the 2nd season when they would have produced for us. But I would still reccommend this company for the quality stock.

I had also ordered 5 Black raspberry plants - they had very large root balls and all showed growth. Unfortunately, when we were preparing to move, a friend was helping us tidy the lawn and weed whacked my plants to nothing! I don't know if they came up again for the new owners.

I plan on ordering the same exact thing this year for our new house. I was very impressed with my first order.

Positive Zeppy
(8 reviews)
On Mar 1, 2009, Zeppy Shenandoah Valley, VA (Zone 6b) wrote:

I ordered 25 asparagus for our home garden. I have NO experience with asparagus, but followed their instructions. Every single one survived, and they look about ten times thicker and hardier than asparagus I see in other gardens. Very pleased!

Positive MarkP
(12 reviews)
On Feb 3, 2009, MarkP Missoula, MT (Zone 4a) wrote:

Have always had quick, accurate orders and, plants are thriving!!!

Positive birchoil
(6 reviews)
On Jun 26, 2008, birchoil Ashburnham, MA wrote:

I ordered 5 varieties raspberries, 2 varieties blackberries, 4 varieties strawberries, 3 rhubarb, 4 blueberry. I later changed the shipping date.
Both on-line and on phone this company gave great customer service. The order arrived on the date they predicted. Two sets of raspberries were not tagged. They offered to send me another raspberry shipment! By phone we worked out the variety of these raspberries so I declined the new shipment. All plants except two individual Anne raspberries were/are healthy and Nourse Farms Inc. immediately sent replacements for the two dead plants.
Excellent company. Next year I will order asparagus from them.

On October 22nd, 2008, birchoil changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

Since my last post I have had poor service from Nourse Farms. I had a number of raspberries with what I believed was anthracnose disease. On Sept 15 I emailed them photos of the plants as well as mentioning that one on the Anne raspberry plants they sent me did not ever show signs of life. Now over one month later (Oct. 22) and 4 or 5 emails and one phone call later I stilll have not gotten a response as to the problem with the raspberries. I will order from them again yet I'm very unhappy with their poor customer service in this case.
On November 4th, 2008, birchoil changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

Nourse Farms cleared up the problem we were having in communication. Apparently, they had not received any of my emails after the first one (possibly too many photos attached). They phoned me and were very helpful in diagnosing the raspberry problem (the raspberries do not have anthracnose).
Positive Imred
(3 reviews)
On Jun 16, 2008, Imred Anna, IL wrote:

I have ordered berry plants many times in the past. After reading Nourse's reviews here at Dave's Garden I decided to order from them. I ordered strawberries, blackberries, red, black & purple raspberries. They were the finest, most vigorous plants with the best root system I have ever received. Thus far all have lived and are growing strongly. I will never order any plant Nourse carries from anyone else. They are the best.

Positive violapetes
(1 review)
On Jun 14, 2008, violapetes Sutton, MA wrote:

What a great transaction. I ordered rhubarb. The plants arrived remarkably fast and packaged with care. I planted the rhubarb immediately and to my surprise,I had shoots coming up within a week. Happy to have found this company and will certainly be a repeat customer!
thanks Nourse Farms!

Positive Catssdawg2
(5 reviews)
On Jun 14, 2008, Catssdawg2 Whitesboro, TX wrote:

This is a remarkable company to order from! Great selction,great shipping,excellent plants. Ordered 25 Jewel strawberries they arrived with nice long roots & cool packet of gel for rooting them in & the best hand guide I've seen for planting & caring for them. All plants have rooted & even tried producing berries within 3 weeks of planting (killed me to pinch them off but better for next year's crop). Would not hestiate to recommend this company to everyone for their berry needs. Like them so much I'm planning on getting more strawberries,blackberries & may even try the blueberries(those are kinda tricky here in Texas)from them next year. Oh & check out the comparsion chart in each section - you'll find what you want & can grow. Wish all gardening sites where set up & run like this one!

Positive Doug9345
(7 reviews)
On May 24, 2008, Doug9345 Durhamville, NY (Zone 5b) wrote:

I give this company the highest marks for customer service. I ordered 50 Sparkle strawberries, 50 Earliglow and 5 horseradish roots for shipment on 5/12. I received the order on 5/13. All the crowns looked good but it became obvious after a week that 8 of the Earliglow weren't going to break dormancy as all the others had done. I emailed the company on 5/20 stating,

"I wanted to contact you to either determine if I should wait for them to show signs of life or if you want to replace them or what your recommendation is."

I wasn't sure if Earliglow was a type that was slow to break dormancy or not. The company replied in 9 minutes with the information that they had set up a replacement order for that week. I expected that I'd get them late this week or early next week. I didn't, I received them the next day.

While many companies are good to deal with when nothing out of the ordinary happen, it's the great companies that take care of a less than Ideal experience. Nourse Farms is one of the great ones.

Positive HeritageFarm
(5 reviews)
On May 21, 2008, HeritageFarm B, CO (Zone 5a) wrote:

Will Not Hesitate To Buy From Them Again!

Order arrived the week of April 7th as schedueled. Rose & her supervisor in customer serviced rapidly addressed a concern over the shipping rate being higher then what was indicated (my state is split between ship-times) & even removed all shipping charges from my order due to the confussion. Was very pleased & happy! The communication & efforts to please the customer were GREAT!
100 Raspberry plants arrived & all looked good. Due to snowy weather we weren't ready for them & they sat in the root cellar for 2+weeks before they were planted out. With the warming temps we are seeing more & more plants coming to life - presently about 70 of 100 plants have green shoots poking thru the dirts around the roots! Better then we hoped for!

Will definately be a returning customer!

On June 1st, 2008, HeritageFarm added the following:

Quick Update: We now have 92 of the 100 raspberry plants growing!
Positive gertieshmirtz
(1 review)
On May 19, 2008, gertieshmirtz Rochester, MN wrote:

I made an error on the mailing address for my shipment (confusion and death in the family on my end.) Rose and Annette in customer service bent over backwards to help reroute the package and send it on the correct way. OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE when I needed it most. Thank you!

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