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Negative sb55555
(1 review)
On Feb 14, 2019, sb55555 Dos Palos, CA wrote:

I purchased 7 roses last February. 3 were dead on arrival. I received a 5 dollar off coupon as the 4th roses was sent sub par by Edmund's standards. That rose died as well.
I was issued replacement roses. They came in the mail with very little moss covering the roots. 3 were dead on arrival. After calling and emailing pictures, I was told that Edmund's roses were subpar from their distributor that year. I was told that they were out of stock and that I would receive a credit for the 3 roses. I had no choice in getting replacements shipped to me. Another rose died last August. These were all planted and pruned according to Edmund's customer service reps. Of the 3 roses left, all 3 are sub par roses. The description states 5-6 ft, 3-4" blooms. All 3 of my roses are only 2 ft tall max. The blooms are at most 1" opened. I have spoken to the Edmund's and they do not care or even offer a comment.
Today (2/14/19) I tried to place my replacement order with my credit. The prices for the same roses has gone up by 4 dollars each rose. I have decided to not go with the same roses as they were dead twice. since this is a replacement order, Edmund's will not give me free shipping for replacement roses. So now I am stuck having to place a new order with a 16 dollar shipping cost for their dead roses.
I did call their customer service and went round and round with an agent. She was nice, but after putting me on hold to talk to a manager, she said that there was nothing she could do.
Edmund's quality does not live up to their claims, they do not care or take care of their customers and have no problem shipping sub par roses. Be warned.

Negative hollywoodwig
(1 review)
On Jul 10, 2018, hollywoodwig San Jose, CA wrote:

Do not order from this company!!!! I ordered a Vavoom rose in April, and it never broke dormancy after several weeks. They sent a one time replacement, which started to leaf out a little and then sat for weeks doing nothing. The leaves eventually dried up. The company will not refund our purchase price despite sending out genetically inferior products that donít grow. So they have our money and we have no rose. Terrible customer service policy. Wish I had seen the other negative reviews online before ordering, as others have had the same problems. They advertise low prices and there is a reason for it. If something sounds too good to be true...

Negative dco2511753486
(2 reviews)
On May 13, 2018, dco2511753486 Jacksonville, FL wrote:

I wholeheartedly concur with the aforementioned complaints about this company! Certainly the rudest and most incompetent customer service I've ever received in my entire life! Blase and lackadaisical attitude at best, reassured me that my order delivery would be changed to the date I requested but never was able to locate my order number in the system, never would give me any shipping specifics, and even argued with me about the order having been placed in spite of the fact that I had provided the number that their website generated when I placed my order initially... The plant was healthy when it arrived but it was in a much smaller container and it was not the correct species ...though it was comparable in apearance... I had ordered a black bacarra, which is difficult to find ... I'm not completely unsatisfied with what I received, but it was not what I ordered, considering I paid an exorbitant amount ... I knew the difference because I've owned one before and it has very distinct features ..But honestly I felt like she could have cared less whether my order was correct and I will never bother to deal with them again!!!

Negative mariasflowers59
(1 review)
On May 7, 2018, mariasflowers59 Lyons, IL wrote:

I requested roses be sent out in May and they sent them in Feb. Of course how are these roses supposed to survive? I called them up and they seem to have an attitude. I'm so glad I only ordered 2 roses from them. I ordered 2 America roses and only one looked healthy. I will never order from them again.

Negative olga5775
(4 reviews)
On Apr 2, 2018, olga5775 South Jordan, UT wrote:

My first experience with Edmunds. I put an order for 7 roses total 205$. After couple emails asking when my order is going to be shipped finally they send me old, dry, damaged roses. I have never seen such a bad quality roses. I planted them per instructions but I don't think any will be alive. Per policy they should replace roses but I don't even want to have any deal with them. Wasted money. There are a lot of good, trusted companies I had deal with and my more than 250 roses are healthy and thriving but not from Edmunds. They lost me as a customer.

Negative jheisser
(5 reviews)
On Mar 29, 2018, jheisser Fairland, IN wrote:

In Feb. 2018 I ordered one Julia Child rose. Company says they will ship at proper planting time for your area. Rose arrived 3/17/18 which is two to four weeks too early for central Indiana. Plant was in acceptable condition and size, but had started to put out leaf buds. So I can see why they wanted to get it out of their warehouse.
I planted it according to their directions, including covering the canes. It remains to be seen if it lives.
If you buy from Edmunds I recommend you pay their extra fee to be able to specify shipping date.

Negative Highflyer6
(1 review)
On Feb 23, 2018, Highflyer6 Knoxville, TN wrote:

My first and last experience with this company! Never Again will I order a rose from Edmunds Roses! Worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life! Part of my work entails Customer Service of a multibillion dollar retail store and am well knowledgeable of what Customer Service is all about to please and win the customer, even sometimes at the ultimate cost of the company to provide and establish superior customer satisfaction at all cost and win the customer. That never happened in my present experience current established Edmunds Roses established policy and customer service! I ordered 7 roses, supposedly high quality, however, the way the shipment was handled, there is no way I could have accepted the package and have confidence that the package had not been opened and the integrity compromised of the package had been kept during shipment prior to my receiving the package. The package was supposed to be shipped by FedEX, but was shipped by contract shipment agreement to partly be delivered by FedEX part of the way, and the United States Post office Part of the way. That is Most certainly And should be permanently unacceptable for every customer in the future! Unacceptable and will always be unacceptable for me! No compromise from me on that point and issue! It is just too extremely unreasonable because of the unreasonable length of time for delivery. Three days perhaps is a reasonable time. But, My God, It took almost 7 days to be delivered to me. That is Absurd! I prefer only next day Air delivery from point of package pick up point to delivery destination arrival and in my hand by !0;00AM the next day. Only by direct flight from initial pick up point to destination point. However, what actually happened was the Package was initially sent from Wisconsin on 17 February 2018 and traveled many cities causing potential fraud, waste, and plant abuse issues! Loss of man hours, waste of money, and time, Unprofessional attitudes towards me a customer, And at one point of the delivery process the package was only 3 hours drive from Nashville,TN to destination point of Knoxville,TN on 19 February 2018, Why was the package not immediately, at least, been sent via ground courier just 3 hour delivery time to my current delivery location? However the shipment went well beyond in travel time and distance with initial expected delivery time of 23 February 2018, However actuall delivery time was on 22 February 2018 possibly due to my blessing out to FedEX previously in conversation with them, anyway non direct package travel time ultimately depleting the plant integrity and viability further, because the package was not labeled as "Live Plant" and also was not labeled as "Do not X-Ray." My beckoning plea of reasoning to deny the package was further diminished by customer service informing me that it really is "NOT A LIVE PLANT" just a dormant root that becomes a live plant later! Ha, What ignorance! No wonder why many negative comments from customers and don't even give me that B.S. about how the plant is packaged and can maintain life for up to two weeks! Can occur and probably have been written and complained about concerning late blooming, scraggly plant, puny plant, plant not making it to full living status or just died! And had to have replaced. Dah! In my opinion, its the long shipping time, the obvious attitude I received and experienced from Jung Seed Company which loudly and clearly resounded and exclaimed the attitude and fact as coming across to me as I do not care about the live plant, I only want Only our managers and bosses make the rules, And you must abide by them or find another business to buy your roses from. And attitude during preparation of shipping due to improper labeling processes and procedures. When I informed the Customer Service representative that I believe the package had been compromised and opened and tampered with prior to delivery to me, she said, "Suppose we may have forgotten to put in order papers in the box and opened the box for that reason." No! If that occurred, the box must be completely repackaged and professionally re-sealed. That constitutes possible mail fraud as what the person really did do if the box had to be re-opened. If a box is opened then the person who opened the box could have taken out a rose bare root for whatever reason, and No matter how much soil you pack the plant with or how you much plastic surrounds the root to keep the viability I will say that I have never in my life experienced such unprofessional attitudes in customer service, not only from Edmunds Roses, but also from FedEX as I tried to have the package more directly sent from Georgia where it was currently located and never should have been, and had no business being in that state! The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. FedEX did not care as I explained and asked them the question of why the package further traveled to several cities hundred of miles from the destination point of Knoxville, It was their explanation of the delivery contract between Edmunds Roses and FedEX. Duh! I paid $171 for 7 roses plus tax plus $22 standard delivery fee and was only delivered as standard delivery. Jung Seed Customer Service representative literally told me to my face that "If you don't like Edmunds roses, then you should take your business elsewhere and find another rose supplier"! I was floored that such a comment from a supposedly reputable company! I am the customer and Only I, as the customer, should have the choice and say so about how, when, and precisely and exactly what delivery option should be made available to have my paid "Live Plant" delivered to me. However, That was not an option, but should have been! And to top the story off, Edmunds Roses refused to resend the 7 roses again as I wanted at delivery cost to them next day Air and in my hand by 10:00 AM the next morning with only pick up point city and destination city direct flight! For a direct flight delivery from initial shipping point city in Wisconsin to Knoxville, TN which probably would cost them no more than $50.00. I was only offered by customer service to have the roses resent only by FedEX Ground! I told the Jung Seed Customer Service Representative that they should be ashamed of themselves for providing such a poor service! Huh! I could hear her boss in the background telling her what to say and do! And For what? To have my resent package sent around the world again and be in shambles upon arrival? NO THANKS! The total weight of the package was approximately 7.8 pounds. A small price to pay and please a customer due to the previous shipment had to be refused! I had to refuse the package due to my belief and as was visually evidenced immediately upon receipt of the package as package tampering and incorrect package labeling at the moment of the delivery of the package. Who knows how many times the package had ben X-rayed during the many cities it traveled, and many checkpoints and conveyor belts of the contracted delivery. I am sure many! There was no Label of Delivery that stated or was written that the package was ever or had ever been in the hands of FEDEX even though FedEX did verify they'd pick up the package from the shipper's receiving point. Nothing was written and Stated "FEDEX", Only United States Postal Service label with my address and the address of Edmunds Roses in Wisconsin which is only a trademark, not a company. Also, the Jung Seed customer service representative had the audacity to email me and tell me to place the package outside my front door for FEDEX to pick up the next morning! Yea Right! Security Violation of package! Their reasoning was pathetic and offered to not inconvenience me! Do they not know that packages can and probably have been stolen according to their insane instruction? Also I was told by email from Jung Seed Company customer service representative that I should choose this way, FedEX package pickup for the package to be picked up rather than take the package to the post office because they (The United States Post Office) would "Charge me for the expenses of package return which is not reimbursable expense from Edmunds Roses or Jung Seed company" Now that is real Cheeky and Tell Tell sign of a poorly managed company! , And for the reason so they would receive the package quicker! Huh! I really had to laugh! Since when does the United States Postal Service charge for returning a package due to "refused." NEVER! is the answer to that question! I was told by customer service that Jung Seed Company is the current owner and parent owner company of Edmunds Roses. Also, on the package delivery label a simple and mere statement about agriculture examination concerning state of Wisconsin. In my opinion and experience, the Edmunds Roses current company is not as a highly reputable company as has been well known in the past, however, A struggling company, if willing, will finally wake up and see the light that the customer in the ultimate end makes or breaks their business. The wishes of the customer must be met at all cost, at all times, and without fail! I do hope that Jung Seed Company adopts Former Edmunds Roses exemplary history and advancement in going the extra mile for their customer and not continue to be the current non-exemplementary company of demands and constraints of contract policy and money hungry greed! Shame on YOU! I am very sure that you will be forced, if not now, perhaps in time to seek other avenues of delivery processes and modes of transportation which must and will be considered more appropriate, professional, courteous, and are available. And foremost will be implemented, welcomed and recognized, and will undoubtedly decrease your current need for Immediate Remedial Customer Service training which is and will be available and rendered as professional processes immediately in a timely manner. Always remember, your customer is your greatest asset! Without customer's, you have no business! Your rebuttal statement to this feedback should be for you to keep your mouth shut! One unhappy customer has been the downfall of many businesses! Your customers do have ultimate power, expert avenues of experience, and knowledge should you choose to adhere and listen more closely to your ultimate goal of success of customer satisfaction. Available via professional trainers and educational courses. Best of Luck to You! Michael Yates

Negative AmySue74
(1 review)
On May 1, 2017, AmySue74 Pavilion, NY wrote:

Last year I ordered a Marilyn Monroe Rose from them..I did NOT receive a Marilyn Monroe Rose I instead received a plain ol' yellow Rose. The Marilyn Monroe Rose is like a soft peach color rose. I contacted them right away & they wanted pictures, I provided. them..They then tell me that next year, meaning this year I would receive a replacement of the actual correct rose I ordered. I politely reminded them {because I would like to get what I paid for}, they told me I would receive the replacement the mid to late April, well here it is May 1st and I have no rose, and to top it off all of my roses I bought are starting to grow, and the WRONG one they sent me isn't even doing anything, it really never did much last year but bloom two flowers....Never will I EVER recommend nor purchase from them again! BTW I contacted them again this morning and am waiting a reply at the moment...

Negative kingxmasgrinch
(1 review)
On Apr 19, 2017, kingxmasgrinch Jefferson, GA wrote:

I purchased the St. Patrick's Day rose. My first purchase from Edmunds' Roses. St Pat's Day is my birthday, so there was a reason I wanted that specific rose. It arrived in March, but here in Georgia, we had a very mild winter/early spring, so it was warm outside. The bare plant was huge and arrived in a bag of dirt. After initial care of the plant upon arrival, I had it in a pot for about 2 weeks. Once the weather averaged 80 degrees, I planted it outside. I have 17 rose bushes that thrive. This one never leafed or grew, the ends just turned black.When I called Edmunds, they said the plant was sold out and I could either get a credit for another rose or get another St Patrick's Day rose next year. They have my $30 and I have a dead rose plant, that is pretty much how it ended up. I didnt want another rose and I didnt want to wait a year to get my St Pats rose. So I basically got scammed. I will NEVER buy from there again. Ever

Negative Rwbowle
(1 review)
On Oct 16, 2015, Rwbowle Dickinson, TX wrote:

Edmunds gets an A+ in customer service and I used to recommend them to everyone I knew. However, something has happened to their quality of roses over the past couple of years. I have bought probably 150+ roses from them over the past 3 years and I have been disappointed with the quality to the point that I have moved on from them. In fact, this previous season, I didn't even bother calling them to replace a lot of the roses that died or severely underperformed. The most frustrating part for me is not the money, but the waste of energy and time. The other nurseries I buy from do not seem to have the same issues so I have turned to them even if it costs me a little more. I hope they get back to where they once were. I will miss them.

Negative cynthia94941
(1 review)
On Apr 26, 2015, cynthia94941 Tamalpais-Homestead Valley, CA wrote:

Posted on February 19, 2015, updated April 26, 2015
When the Edmunds family owned Edmunds Roses, I absolutely loved being able to call and chat when I was being indecisive about which roses to get. The roses I got were always healthy. Once or twice I got a rose that didn\'t have three healthy canes, and they replaced them immediately based solely on my word.

Now it\'s a hugely different story. The catalog looks the same but the company that owns the name now is in Minnesota, not Oregon, and appears not to grow its on roses (buying them from wholesalers). No advice available.

Edmunds had all three of the roses I wanted, so to reduce shipping expenses I decided to order three roses from them for delivery in the winter of 2014. All three arrived with severe frost damage. My word was not considered reliable, so I had to take pictures of them and send the pictures. They\'d sold out of one of the roses, but said they would replace the other two. When the replacement roses arrived, only one was acceptable. The other was, again, severly frost-damaged. Again, I had to send a picture and then argue with them about whether it was damaged enough to warrant a replacement. At that point, it was too late to try again and too late to order them elsewhere. So, I had to spend a year with an empty hole in two very prominent places in my rose garden.

In November 2014, I tried to place an online order for the replacement roses, but the credit voucher they\'d given me didn\'t cover about $6 of the shipping costs. I called and placed the order. Everything seemed fine except that it is now a month after the roses should have arrived (I\'m in California) and I haven\'t heard a word. I wrote them an e-mail today. We\'ll see what they have to say.

On April 26th, 2015, cynthia94941 added the following:

So, clearly the company understands it has problems. After my negative post here, I got a call from a newly hired PR person who was very apologetic. He said he'd look into why my roses hadn't shipped. I reminded him that the order was placed in November and that both roses were replacements for the frost-damaged ones from last year. He sent me a generous gift certificate for my troubles.

I would like to say that this story has a happy ending. It doesn't. A couple of weeks later--mid-March, not optimal for coastal California--my roses arrived. The Climbing Eden was what I ordered--a decent-quality bareroot rose. The Beverly, though, wasn't a bareroot at all but rather a skinny little cutting in a 5" pot. I was seething. You'd think they could deliver a healthy bareroot rose on the THIRD ATTEMPT. I have not had good luck with roses bought as cuttings, but I'll see how this does. If I have to replace it I will not use my gift certificate because I have zero faith in roses from Edmunds.
On Apr 26, 2015, Edmunds' Roses responded with:

"On Feb 25, 2015 5:41 PM, Edmunds\' Roses responded with:

Hello Cynthia,
I am very sorry to hear of the experience you have had. As for Edmunds we are located in Randolph, WI as listed on our catalogs. When Edmunds was purchased they were using wholesalers for roses. These are the same wholesalers and roses to this day.
As for the pictures I am sorry this came off as distrusting. There are times we do ask for pictures not because we don't believe our customers but so we can improve where we need to. In your case the request for the pictures was not from disbelief but so we could see how extensive the frost damage was. This then can let us know if just adding more packaging could resolve the problem, different packing altogether, boxes, etc...
As for the credit voucher, shipping, and other problems, these are very concerning to me and I will contact you directly to work on a acceptable resolution for you.

Thank you,

Aron Hill
Contact Center Manager "

Negative warmeje
(1 review)
On Feb 26, 2015, warmeje Longview, WA wrote:

When Edmonds Roses was located in Oregon, I ordered many roses from them and even visited their test garden and store. The roses were always No. 1 grade roses. When they sold out and after I had submitted an order, the order was fulfilled by Weeks Roses. I thought it was some kind of joke. The roses I got from Weeks were not just weak, they were trash. They were scraggly and never thrived. I vowed to never buy from them again. Then they apparently resurrected the Edmunds Roses name and I tried a new order. It just came. Same junk as before. Although I had called and asked about the grade of roses before I ordered, and been assured that these were all No. 1 grade, the stuff I got in the mail looked like it had been retrieved from the trash. If you think that I am unhappy with this company, you have understated my opinion.

Negative saltydog44
(1 review)
On Jul 23, 2013, saltydog44 Lenoir, NC (Zone 7a) wrote:

I hate to give them a Negative, but the downside is greater than the the upside.

First the positive. They have a terrific selection. There are many hard to find varieties. Ordering is easy. Prices are reasonable. Customer Service personnel are generally responsive.

But the reason we are buying roses is to get beautiful plants and flowers. I ordered 9 roses last year. Four died by this spring, one in a couple of months. (I followed their planting guide carefully.) They replaced one and I bought the other three replacements. At this point the other 5 were doing OK, but just OK.

.One of the four was the wrong rose so they sent me a replacement at no charge.

Now however, all 10 roses are pathetic. New growth is spindly and sparse. It won't hold up the few blooms and flops over. Two appear to be dead or nearly so.

I have grown roses successfully in several different parts of the country. I usually am frustrated by blackspot but this time I can't get enough growth to have it!

I guess I'll keep looking to try to find a supplier with the varieties AND the quality we should receive.

Negative apriling
(1 review)
On Mar 27, 2013, apriling Ronan, MT wrote:

My first experience with Edmond's was in ordering 3 roses with the first 2 roses fine but the 3rd, though beautiful, looked different than the photo in the catalogue and had no fragrance. When I informed them, they asked me to send a picture of the rose. After receiving it, they apologized and sent me the proper replacement the following spring, 2012. I later ordered 4 roses from them last summer, 2012. Two of the four looked fine but the other 2 looked rather dry. I did everything I could to try to help them thrive but was unsuccessful. When I emailed Edmond's about these lifeless roses, they told me that I should have informed them sooner, as per the instructions, and would not refund my money.When I wrote back and explained that I grow many roses and moreover have recommended them to a local nursery owner who had been looking for a good rose company and that I therefore hoped that they would reconsider, they essentially said they would not change their position. No refund. I will not be ordering from them again.

Negative LittleIra
(1 review)
On Jan 11, 2013, LittleIra Bonners Ferry, ID wrote:

I dealt with Edmunds Roses for many years and was very happy. Last year was the first time I tried the Jung Edmunds Roses from Wisconsin instead of Oregon. First, they shipped in the middle of winter here. I kept the plants in pots until thaw. One made it into early summer, the other only Spring. Second, the plants were not as robust as I was accustomed to receiving from the original Edmunds. Third, Customer Service was a bit abrupt, they did not offer to ship later (I formerly received them in April) and did not even offer to replace the lost plants. I will not be dealing with Edmunds Roses or Jung Seeds again.

Negative snapple45
(15 reviews)
On Apr 12, 2012, snapple45 Holland, OH (Zone 5b) wrote:

I'm a Landscape Designer and Horticulturalist by trade. A client wanted a specific tree rose which was only available from Edmunds'. I ordered and received three 36" Easy Spirits. One was in prime condition and one was judged acceptable. However, the third was substandard. Although the grafts looked solid, the root mass was about 1/3 the size of what it should have been. This rose should never have been put out for sale. The grafts have now dried up and are dead. The other two roses are leafed out. The rose judged acceptable is slow and does not appear to be vigorous. One good rose out of three is not a good average. My client, luckily, has been understanding. The design called for three identical tree roses bordering one side of a granite flagstone path. We have had to change the plan. I can't recommend this company to anyone, even with their replacement guarantee. Their quality control is non-existent.

Negative lisaaj
(16 reviews)
On Jul 18, 2010, lisaaj Columbus, OH wrote:

I initially had a positive impression of Edmunds' Roses, but after two orders have decided to order elsewhere in the future. My first order of four roses had one excellent rose (Honey Perfume), one very good (Neptune), one that is very weak in its second year and covered with blackspot (Moondance) and one that was not true to name (Scentimental). I contacted the company late last fall to get a replacement credit for Scentimental, and had no problems with them at all about it. This year I ordered two roses, Rock'n'Roll (replacement for Scentimental) and Belinda's Dream. Belinda never even came up! Roses take too long to grow to continue this cycle of getting a replacement every year for one of my roses. At this point three of the six roses I have ordered have been unsatisfactory- not a good average. Sorry, Edmunds'!

Negative emart
(3 reviews)
On Jul 8, 2010, emart Souderton, PA wrote:

Posted on June 8, 2010, updated July 8, 2010
Posted on May 12, 2010, updated June 8, 2010
Today I got my roses in the mail. As the earlier poster stated, it was a small box and I wondered how exactly they fit 4 roses. Well, it turns out only 3 were shipped. I ordered in late December, thinking all the roses were in stock. They were, in December. I waited until May to have them shipped due to frost in zone 6 and the fact it is a new garden/patio so I needed to have the bed made first. The Vavoom Floribunda was not sent because it was not in stock in May. They informed me that a refund/credit would be made. I called to find out what happened, and have a different rose shipped. (it's a large garden and really needed the extra rose). They ended up refunding the card a few days ago. I would have liked to know this information as soon as they did, so a different rose could have been ordered, and sent with the original roses.

I asked if the roses are "reserved" when the order is placed. They said no. It is a first come, first serve based on when the shipping date is. We get punished by choosing a later shipping date. Someone else can come in and take the roses you carefully selected just because they choose a shipping date before yours. That is the whole point of a reservation. Just like on that Seinfeld episode, they can take the car reservation, but they cannot hold the car. Seriously. I wish I know about this before hand. No one has ever mentioned this. I thought everyone should be aware of this shady practice. I honestly do not know if I will order from here again. It depends on how the roses do in the ground, but I doubt it.

On June 8th, 2010, emart added the following:

One of the 3 roses I did get in my order never produced. I called for a refund to my credit card and was informed they don't do that. She offered me a new rose (with out warranty) or voucher for a rose next year. I took the new rose (for the same rose) and made sure it was in stock. The "customer service" lady was very rude. She acted like it was my fault the rose didn't grow. The other roses have great leaves and some buds on them, and I followed the directions for all 3. It's not like I did something to the one that didn't grow. She refused to tell me when it will be shipping, and had a horriable attitude. Over all she was very rude. I wish I remembered her name, it might be Helen or Ruth???

From now on, I will be purchasing my roses from local growers, and not mail order, especially not from Edmunds. I expected great roses and great customer service due to all the great reviews, but I was wrong.
On July 8th, 2010, emart added the following:

Their guarantee states true-to-name roses. My Ebb Tide, clearly marked Ebb Tide, is not. It does not match the catalog description, and has clusters of roses just like the Midnight Blue. Ebb Tide has no clusters. And for a supposedly purple rose, it is more pink/magenta then purple. Whatever it really is, I am disappointed it isn't the deep purple I thought I was getting.

I am not going to attempt to deal with the company for another worthless replacement. Just wanted to update you guys. Buyers beware.
On Jul 8, 2010, Edmunds' Roses responded with:

"On May 12, 2010 3:07 PM, Edmunds' Roses responded with:

We are sorry to hear that you did not recieve one of your roses. The operator that you talked to was evidently misinformed, since we do try very hard to reserve inventory for customers that have ordered early but have a later shipping date. However, when dealing with live plants it is very difficult to assure that the plants are in sellable condition at the end of the shipping season. We try to cut off sales as soon as we know we are running out of an item so all previous orders will be covered. However, as the shiping season progresses if an item fails to store well it has to be removed from inventory. Another problem is if a second shipment of inventory is expected but does not arrive it is the orders that have not yet shipped that are affected. We wish it was as easy as having bedspreads counted on a shelf since they do not deteriorate, but unfortunately live goods are much more unpredictable.

If you still need a rose shipped, please feel free to call our customer service line at 1-888-481-7673. We will be happy to check our warehouse to make sure your new selection is available so this does not happen again for you. We do appreciate your business and are very sorry that this happened."

Negative russ9673
(10 reviews)
On May 27, 2010, russ9673 Denver, CO wrote:

Posted on May 10, 2010, updated May 27, 2010
Posted on May 10, 2010, updated May 10, 2010
Posted on May 9, 2010, updated May 10, 2010
I ordered 9 roses from Edmunds. The roses arrived and I knew looking at the box that I had a problem. 9 roses were some how in a 12" square (top measurement) box. I opened the top to see that the roses had been shoved inside and there were numerous broken canes. I took the box to my work shop and carefully cut the side of the box open. When I got the box open I noticed that the bag that was supposed to be surrounding the roots had been torn and the moss surrounding the roots as well as the roots were dry. Also, many of the canes were shriveled and generally the whole mess did not look good. I (surgically) unwound the bushes from each other and cut out the broken canes (there was alot). I then placed the bushes in a large tub of water to see what would happen. I have checked the roses daily and after 10 days there is nothing going on there is no signs of life and the canes have not recooperated. I e-mailed Edmunds today and will update my post with their response.

On May 10th, 2010, russ9673 added the following:

THESE PEOPLE ARE UNBELIEVABLE! I received an e-mail this morning and was told that it would be easier to call them and describe my issues. I did so and spoke to a rude and accusatory woman named Laura. She informed me that I should not have soaked them and that there was NOTHING MORE THAT they would do for me. When I told her that I was going to take it up with my credit card she then told me that I could talk to her supervisor. After several minutes on hold I spoke to Helen - who proved to be even more rude than Laura. Helen informed me that they would refund my money and take me off their mailing list as "they are unwilling to do business with people who cannot follow directions." I told her that I had posted my concerns on this website and that I had received 4 emails overnight from people who have had similar issues with Edmunds. That set her off even more. She said that she does not understand why people don't have the "respect" to give them the opportunity to deal with issues and go off and "bad mouth them" on the internet. WOW! I can't imagine why people bad mouth their company - they send me crappy, dry, and dead plants and it's my fault - I guess I am just a stupid customer!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH EDMUNDS ROSES.
On May 10th, 2010, russ9673 added the following:

Now comes Edmunds with a passel of lies to attempt to cover up for their misdeeds. Amazing how it is still my fault for what ever "misunderstanding" they seem to think there was.

I mentioned SEVERAL TIMES to both Laura and Helen that there were issues from the time that the box arrived and I opened it to reveal bent and broken, bent and dried canes. Helen even said to me, "so you were unhappy with them when they arrived?" To which I replied that I was not necessarily unhappy and wanting to give them the benefit of the doubt that they being in the rose business they knew what they were doing and that they would not knowingly send out a poorly packaged product.

Either way, even if I was totally in the wrong, the way I was treated was totally uncalled for. Both representatives had an attitude. Laura barely let me tell her what the problems were before letting out a long sigh and beginning to tell me all the things I did wrong. Helen was rude and obnoxious from the start. Bottom line, I did not and do not want a refund. What I needed was roses to fill the space that is ready for them. What I got was treated poorly and badgered by people who would not know good customer service if it came up and slapped them in the face. I have already done what I should have done in the first place taken my business to a local garden center and purchased potted roses. They were slightly more expensive but well worth the lack of aggravation.

A side note here. I requested a catalog from Edmunds in October 2009. When it had not arrived by January, I called them. I was informed that they had a limited number of catalogs and decided to send catalogs to their "established" customers. New customers would be left without one. I mentioned that it would be nice if they had sent a postcard or something letting everyone who would not be getting a catalog what was going on. The representative told me, "well, I'm taking your call, isn't that enough." As I told them today, I should have just taken my business somewhere else right then and there.

On May 27th, 2010, russ9673 added the following:

So the saga continues. True to their word, they did process a refund for my order. However, despite the fact that they say that they DO NOT share information with other companies, I have begun to receive e-mail from Jung Seed, a company that they are either owned by or are associated with. I have never done business with Jung and was surprised by the e-mails. I called them and inquired how they got my information. Low and behold, Edmunds gave it to them. Just another example of the lies and poor business practices of Edmunds.
On May 27, 2010, Edmunds' Roses responded with:

"On May 10, 2010 3:10 PM, Edmunds' Roses responded with:

Our orders normally arrive in excellent shape, as verified by many postings on this website. However, if packages do arrive damaged (as we mentioned at the end of the phone conversation) we do appreciate being notified so that we can rectify the situation. Nothing was mentioned at the beginning of the phone conversation that the plants arrived in bad condition, only that they were soaking for 10 days and had died. Our operator naturally assumed this was the reason the roses died since our planting directions state to soak for a maximum of 12 - 24 hours. It was not mentioned until the end of the conversation that the package had arrived damaged.

It is always very important that we be notified immediately if an order arrives damaged. Our orders are guaranteed to arrive in good shape so we are processing a refund for this order. We do want our customers to be satisfied with our products.

Negative corgiboy2
(1 review)
On Jan 11, 2010, corgiboy2 Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA wrote:

Online ordering proved to be impossible. To place an order on their website you must create an account--no guest checkout! I tried this. They e-mailed a code (which purportedly is needed to complete registration) and a return web address. Clicking on that brought up a page with the code automatically filled in. However, when I entered my e-mail address as requested it said the code didn't mach. Huh? After a couple of attempts I figured I'd just try all over again. But when I did, it said my e-mail and password were already registered, and that I could view this on My Account. Yet when I clicked on My Account I got the page that asked me to create a new account! So I figured I'd e-mail them about the problem. Guess what? They don't have an e-mail contact. What self-respecting web retailer fails to have an e-mail contact? Over one hour of frustration.

On Jan 11, 2010, Edmunds' Roses responded with:

"On Jan 11, 2010 12:49 PM, Edmunds' Roses responded with:

We are sorry you had so much trouble with our website. If you contact us by phone or email we can help you through the trouble you are having. You can order with an account or as a guest. Whichever you prefer.
If you click on the contact information on the top right of any page you can email us or get our toll free number from there. If you would prefer to contact me directly you can call our toll free numbers 800-347-7609 or 888-481-7673. I'm at extension 4319 or just ask for Ruth. You can email me directly at [email protected] or use the email form from the website contact page, the girls in customer service that get those emails will forward it to me.
We would be happy to help."

Negative sacerdos1
(8 reviews)
On May 2, 2007, sacerdos1 McLean, VA wrote:

Edmunds has changed more than hands it hasalso changed ethics.I ordered many roses from Edmunds as I have done in previous years.This year the roses were partially dry.I ordered 4 36" tree roses.They sent 3 36" and 1 20" rose.That woulk be a strange lineup.I called Ednunds and they were not too receptive to my situation,after all I did recieve 4 roses.They offered a discount on the short one.I said no.They advertised 36"rose trees and I ordered 4 of them.They dont sell shorter (exce[t miniatures).They asked me what I would do with the short one and I said I would find a place to plant it or else they could have it back. They acted as if it were my fault they recieved only 20" trees of that certain name.But they still proceeded to sell them as 36" trees althought they knew they were not.They also did not contact me when filling the order.So they said they would send a replacement but they would not guarantee it except aht it would arrive alive.Their regular guarantee would not hold.This is lousy customer service and although I have bought from them for more than16 years I will not buy from them again.I warn anyone beware Edmunds.They have changed. I will contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint.

On May 5th, 2007, sacerdos1 added the following:

I received a response from Jung company which was an insult.Very nicely they stated that I would be dropped from their mailing list because I was not happy with my order because one rose tree was 8" shorter than the others.They should have said "8" shorter than whatr was stated in the catalogue.Their guarantee states "We will guarantee all plants to be true to variety".Does that cover sending a tree rose 8" shorter than the other three and which was advertised as 36"? They are blind that they are in error.They admit that all the roses which are Chihuly came in 24",but they never notified me of the fact and asked whether I still wanted it .They just sent it and when I objected that it was not what I ordered all they would do was give a reduction on the rose which I could not use anyways.They were more concerned about what I would do with the rose tree than about what they should do to remedy THEIR mistake. Why would a person order 4 36"rose trees and not be upset when one of them was 28".Edmunds does not sell that size so why would I want it.The final straw is still their refusal to place their guarantee on a new rose because they consider it a replacement rose.In short they did not deliver what I ordered.This is dishonesty and I now appreciate what people have to put up with when dealing with unethical business people.I am a pastor of a large Catholic parish in McLean Virginia,asuburb of Washington D.C. and have two rose gardens.Many peopel of all faiths visit these gardens and one qiestion they all ask "where do you obtain your roses?"I will certainly tell them as a voice of one crying in the desert"Anywhere but Edmundsfor if they deal with the church this way how worse will they treat you?"
On June 2nd, 2007, sacerdos1 added the following:

Ruth has a selective memory.They did offer me a replacemnt rose but they added that the guarantee would not cover it.My point is that they sold me a rose knowing that it was not the rose I wanted.My position is they should have told me that the rose I ordered was not available or admit their mistake and send another rose with the same guarantee.The contradicted wat was written in their catalogue and website.I am pursuing it with the company and the state only because a parishioner who is a lawyer said they are in violation of their own policy.Edmunds is dishonest.
On May 2, 2007, Edmunds' Roses responded with:


On May 7, 2007 9:33 AM, Edmunds' Roses added:

Interesting that a pastor would forget to mention that he was offered a second rose at no cost or a full refund in both contacts we have had with him. After reading my email to him, I admit I did come off as saracstic. I am sorry about that.
We have indeed removed his name from our mailing list. If anyone else would also like to, please contact me privately


Negative macpams
(5 reviews)
On Mar 15, 2007, macpams Bethlehem, CT wrote:

Following an on-line order, an email advised me to expect further confirmation of variety availability within 15 days. I called yesterday (on day 17) and the person to whom I spoke (Joyce) seemed unclear about this issue. She promised that customer service would email assurance that the cultivar would be available for me (a verbal was not acceptable---I want some sort of trail). No email of yet.
If this is official company policy, she should be aware of it and eager to allay my concerns.
I will call again today. If I get the same bewildered treatment, I plan to cancel my order to avoid disappointment along with at least a month's worth of anxiety, waiting for my shipment.

On March 16th, 2007, macpams changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

This is a section of the order confimation email which I received on 2-24:

"We will be sending you an acknowledgment by email
or mail from an associate of Edmunds' Roses within the next few days where we actually reserve your products from our inventory. Please compare that acknowledgement with this one to be sure your order is correct. If anything is sold out, it will be noted on your acknowledgement. If you do not receive an acknowledgement from an associate within 15 days, please
call our toll free number."

Still have not received their follow-up acknowledgement indicating the cultivar is in stock and reserved for delivery to me.
So they charge my credit card immediately but can't (or won't) confirm inventory per their stated policy. I'm feeling a little uneasy about this.

On April 15th, 2007, macpams added the following:

Firstly, I must clarify; Edmunds did not charge my credit card. Their initial order confirmation email appeared as though they had, but on later checking my statement I found they had not. I have wanted to clear this up as it was unfair to leave this impression and I aplogize.
Edmunds contacted me via "Dave's Garden" email after my posting. We did not communicate effectively; nor were my concerns resolved. Intuition told me that the rose cultivar which I had selected was not available and they didn't know how to handle the situation. I became very concerned when Customer Service reps failed to understand that I was seeking a confirmation of variety availability and was following the Company's own instructions when I did not receive one within 15 days. Obfuscation and excuses (Jung just took over the Company) make me queasy.
Thankfully, the order was cancelled. It was not a pleasant experience. Most companies have procedures in place to effectively communicate with their customers. Frankly, I never before encountered a policy which obliged the customer to follow-up and be responsible for verifying an order, nor a more disobliging Customer Service staff.

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