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Negative lavenderblush
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On Apr 28, 2008, lavenderblush Reston, VA wrote:

I first attempted to fax an order to this nursery (22 Apr). Fax number didn't work. I then called, leaving a phone number and hours I can be contacted. A week later, still no return phone call. Although the website indicates they are still in operation, I'm not sure this nursery still exists.

On Apr 28, 2008, Fox Hill Lilac Nursery responded with:


On Apr 28, 2008 10:48 AM, Fox Hill Lilac Nursery added:

The fax number is the same as the phone number and works fine I get 100's of faxes this way. However if someone else is already faxing or leaving a message then the fax won't go through. If the person hears the out going message and panics and picks up the phone the fax machine will then think it is a phone call and not a fax. This is the spring and I am shipping lilacs I don't sit in the office and answer the phone or return phone calls or else noone would get their lilacs.
people who saw know that Maine had a record breaking winter with over 100 inches of snow understand that means a late start to shipping season. People who order in April for spring shipping should realize if your ordering that late that the orders customers placed from mid november thru march are the ones that stand a better chance of getting their lilacs.

So yes I am still in business and have been shipping lilacs since 1985. I do not answer the phone or return phone calls in the spring. Most true gardiners understand why. This is still a one person operation and when I was filling lilac food buckets at 1:00 am this morning after doing mail order all day sunday it really makes me wonder about people who write in to complain about me not returning a phone call when they clearly have internet access and could email me instead of trashing me. I would kindly suggest if you need better service to go to a large mail order company that has operators standing by to handle your beckin call. It is a lilac order there are alot more things in life to get annoyed with than Eric not returning your phone call in the spring.
I'm heading back to the shipping barn to pack lilacs for those who are less demanding."

Negative jisherman
(1 review)
On Oct 3, 2005, jisherman Brooklyn, NY wrote:

I carefully followed Fox Hill's instructions and ordered my lilacs by fax well before their fall deadline. I left phone messages and emailed them several times in the following month to make sure they got my order and to confirm a delivery date. I even emailed them a copy of my order form, just in case there was some mix-up. Finally, after weeks with no response whatsovever, I got an email back from the owner saying he never got my order and wouldn't be sending me my lilacs. He also wrote about how long and hard he's been working and that he might quit the business because of all the negative emails he's been receiving. Well, I'm sorry for his troubles, but come on. Who runs a business this way? By now, it's probably too late to order from anyone else this year.

On Oct 3, 2005, Fox Hill Lilac Nursery responded with:


On Oct 4, 2005 8:56 AM, Fox Hill Lilac Nursery added:

Here is what I tried to explained to mr sherman.
1. i did not reicieve his order by fax or email.
2. that we were having some issues with emails due to our dial up service which also shared our fax line and as of oct 1 we have switched to high speed service and it should no longer be an issue. that is why i finally got his email
3. that i do work long hours and try and do the right thing but sometimes i don't please everyone and nasty neg comments like his makes me wonder sometimes if it is all worth it. it is not "all the negative emails" because i usually only get 1-2 mr shermans per year. maybe he knows i am a die hard redsox fan.
4. i never said i wouldn't be sending his order. i said i didn't have his order and i would understand fully if he went else where to purchase his lilacs because he sounded so unhappy.
5. people who know me and what i do fully realize and understand what goes into running a 28 acre lilac nursery and holing down a full time job. mr sherman just happens to be one of those people that does not and would be better served buying from a larger nursery that can see to his needs in a more timely fashion.
Go Soxs"

Negative Legoli
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On Jul 8, 2004, Legoli Saint Louis, MO wrote:

The sheer number of lilacs offered here is breathtaking. However, I was unable to complete my transaction with this company. Please be aware that if you order past their unposted ship-date, you will not receive your plants and they will not let you know you will not be receiving your order.

On Jul 8, 2004, Fox Hill Lilac Nursery responded with:

"Fox Hill Lilac Nursery does list the Shipping Season Dates under "Top 3 Lilac Questions". We're a small nursery and tend to spend more time growing our lilacs and less time at website designing. We now realize some customers may be confused and not know when and why bareroot lilacs can only be shipped when the time is right (before they leaf out). Our policy in the past has been that if your order is sent in past the leaf-out date then we assume it is being placed for "Fall Shipping Season".

Thanks to Garden Watchdog we now realize this doesn't work for some customers so we will be taking a break from growing lilacs and concentrate on redesigning our website so it is more easy to understand for all."

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