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Negative FLSunshineGal
(2 reviews)
On Dec 21, 2016, FLSunshineGal Lakeland, FL (Zone 9a) wrote:

I ordered a dozen plants from this company earlier this year and most of the plants travelled well in shipping but one was clearly past the point of surviving. The leaves and most of the stem were all completely dried and the one leaf that wasn't dead was black (instead of green) and fell off the next day. The plant couldn't be revivied - I tried anyway, hoping some roots survived and would send up a little something. I suspect the plant was unhealthy when packaged because I don't know how it would arrive in such horrible condition otherwise. I contacted Glasshouse Works immediately after unpacking my plants and sent them a picture of the dead plant and asked their return policy. I got no response whatsoever and no attempt was made on their part to correct the problem. In addition, some of the plants I received were substitutions of the more common versions of the plants I actually ordered. They arrived healthy though, so I didn't complain to the company about it, but lesson learned: I won't be ordering from them again and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Negative Tidwellsgardens
(1 review)
On Sep 15, 2016, Tidwellsgardens Cleveland, OH wrote:

After ordering 4 plants this spring and 1 was out of stock, I received 3 plants and a free bonus Hoya about a month after placing my order. Some of these plants were dormant (Sarracenia x 'Scarlet Belle') and others can't really be identified until they flower (Huernia, Asclepiads in general). It took 3 or 4 months for the plants to get to a mature size to correctly identify them. Out of the 3 plants I paid for, 1 of them was the correct plant. I ordered a Stapelia gigantea, Sarracenia x 'Scarlet Belle' and Huernia macrocarpa penzigii. I was sent the S. gigantea (with little to no roots and it's barely alive at the moment), a Huernia whose flowers look nothing like the one I ordered and the Sarracenia turned out to be a 'Judith Hindle' Luckily I did get a refund after multiple emails back and forth about the Sarracenia. (at first I was told I could get the Scarlet Belle sent to me when I placed another order, a freebie!) I'm not sure what will happen with the Huernia. Save your money and spend it elsewhere, other companies offer more established plants and even send you the correct plant when you order them

Negative tdfallon
(2 reviews)
On Dec 2, 2014, tdfallon Fort Lauderdale, FL wrote:

Posted on November 29, 2014, updated December 2, 2014
Looks like a complete loss of $142.00 dollars.
After reading other reviews where customers say *“You\'re unlikely to ever get a refund from this company and it will never be in full” , *“No refund. I\'ve put in a paypal claim and escalated it to a dispute” * ”I was not reimbursed for the shipping cost”

I get a response they want me to send back the dead plants to them, because these of all the plants they sell are the “rare, oddball and difficult to propagate plants, that other customers want”.
Of 11 plants, (2) of them had not one leaf not one stem, nothing but dirt and roots in a pot.
(4) of the 11 plants have three leaves or less and are more brown and black than green.
Another (4) are very very poor in quality. And (1) yes 1 out of the 11 plants is green, however not worth the $32.59 I paid for it.
I went out and smashed each and every one of the plants, no one else will be shipped these plants for me shipping them back to Glasshouse Works
They got my money don’t let them get yours.
A robber will steal from you as many times as you let them.

On December 2nd, 2014, tdfallon added the following:

The resolution to my disappointment.

I asked them to make things right.
If the problem was cold weather and shipping, and not dead dying and rotting plants before they were packed, to replace 4 of the plants, and send 1 that was missing from the original order, a total of 5 plants of the 11 plant order.

I did not want them to think I was out to defraud them like I am sure happens plenty of times to even the best businesses.

These 5 plants where not the rare or expensive plants of the order. These were ones commonly found at home centers. This would cost $45.00 “their retail price” of the $142.00 original order. I thought if they sent good quality plants I mark my experience as just another wonder of the world as to how these plants got in the box.

Instead since I did receive one good green plant out of the order, the plant was $32.50 they refunded $98.00 so this $32.50 plant cost me $44.00.

I am very happy to get $98.00 back from these guys.
$44.00 is cheap lesson to learn to check reviews on businesses before you buy.

On a happy note I placed an order with “ Secret Garden Rare Plants ” and could not be happier with what they sent. The best plants I have ever received, including plants I personally pick out myself.
Negative MaxWest
(3 reviews)
On Jul 10, 2014, MaxWest Terrebonne, OR wrote:

Posted on June 26, 2014, updated July 10, 2014
Posted on June 19, 2014, updated June 26, 2014
Posted on June 19, 2014, updated June 19, 2014
Ordered 70$ worth of succulents on June 8'th. I waited 10 days and kept checking the mail every day and nothing has come. So I emailed them and they responded saying my order would ship in 2 weeks! So first I waited 10 days for nothing and now I have to wait an additional 2 weeks for it to ship out?!?!

These are just kalanchoe plants. I have a feeling they are either intentional or unintentionally stringing me along to the point where I will be beyond the 45 day paypal dispute window. I'm not going to wait 3 weeks for shipping. I started a paypal claim today, 11 days after making the purchase and viewing the massive amounts of negative reviews I feel I've done the right thing. This company is clearly not being run very seriously, customer service seems to be poor and in many cases non-existent. They shouldn't be selling things they don't have readily in stock! And if they don't have it in stock their website should be letting you know that you're buying something on backorder.

Very Unhappy. Won't be doing business with them ever again. Hopefully I get my money back.

On June 19th, 2014, MaxWest added the following:

June 19'th seller emails me this

"The reason why some of the orders take longer to be shipped is because of the current stage of development of that particular crop. We propagate almost all of our plants, thus the vast variety that we can offer. We are a small company, we do not always have a large inventory per plant - and like I said, the plants are in various stages of development. Some of the plants that are not ordered often, we will propagate to order. We do not ship the plants until we feel that they are in a mature enough state to survive the transportation and arrive at your door with the best possible chances of flourishing. We assume that you want the same thing.

Our grower has been working on the Kalanchoe's that you ordered. Not all of them are ready, but he said that he will ship what he is ready this coming Monday. He may sub with other, interesting, rare Kalanchoe that matches the description you wrote in your comment section - he is very good with such things, the vast majority of people love the surprises that he sends.

I hope this answers your question. Plants do not always obey our desired schedules.

Your order will be shipped Monday or Tuesday. UPS will email the tracking number to you on the day the order goes out. We will also notify you.

Thank you"

This to me is totally crazy. 11 days later and they tell me that some of the plants are apparently still growing to meet the correct size and others are being propagated O_O Are you kidding me? That's like selling a tree and telling the customer you have to wait for it to grow from a seed. I didn't pay for that. Then he says this third party grower is going to send a partial order (I didn't agree to that) and/or whatever he wants to send me that he thinks I'll like. I didn't give anyone permission to "substitute my order with other interesting items". This is just crazy, poor customer service. Never sell things you can't instantly produce or tell them at the time of purchase it's going to take weeks for delivery. I wouldn't have ordered if I knew this was the case.

On June 26th, 2014, MaxWest added the following:

Recieved two voice mails over the weekend from the guy Ken. I didn't feel like calling back either as both of the voice mails did not even remotely address my concerns regarding the serious amount of time it was taking to receive the plants, nor any acknowledgement that they try to sell full plants depicted on the website and then when it takes weeks to get them you find out that they are trying to grow each one for your order. It's silly. I told them 3 times that I wanted to cancel the transaction and have my money refunded. No refund. I've put in a paypal claim and escalated it to a dispute. Sad that I have to do that and they can't just apologize and return my money seeing as they never shipped anything. So I'll have to wait a few more days for paypal to hopefully side with me so I can get my 70$ back. This is one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with in my entire life. His voice mail was condescending and totally made it seem like it was my fault I didn't understand that all these plants would take weeks upon weeks to grow and that I was being too demanding actually wanting what I paid for instead of substitutes they would just try to pawn off on me. What total lunacy. I would advocate everyone steering clear of this company. I should have known it was too good to be true for such a company to have all these rare succulents and it is, because they don't!! They have very little of any of it in stock and will try to propogate per order and make you wait weeks to try to send you something small or send you something totally different and hope that you'll be pleased enough to not complain. Don't shop Glasshouse works. What they are doing is selling things they don't have and can't produce in any kind of a timely manner. It's tantamount to fraud.
On July 10th, 2014, MaxWest added the following:

Finally got my paypal money refunded to me (3+ weeks later), no thanks to glasshouse works. Why they couldn't just accept that I was unhappy after several emails and didn't want them to ship the plants I had waited weeks for and just GIVE my money back is beyond me. These guys are con artists, that's why. They quickly take your money with little sincerity or commitment about ever delivering your order.

I implore everyone who thinks about ordering from glasshouse works to read every comment on this site before making a decision to purchase. As of this writing 68 of their feedback are negative/neutral and only 154 are positive. That means half of the time they are either outright screwing people or doing a poor job. Is that the kind of company you want to spend your money with?!?!

What I realized from reading everyone else's posts is that my experience is strikingly similar to what others have experienced.

Spoiler Alert:

*They list tons of items on the site that they do not have in stock and most likely can't produce.

*They immediately bill you but then expect you to wait (weeks, months, sometimes years) for items to be grown/propagated -which may or may not even be happening.

*They have millions of excuses as to why orders are not shipped in a timely manner or in many cases not at all.

*They will substitute all orders at any chance they can get, since they don't have most items. They hope sending you "something else interesting" will appease you. What kind of company does this!?!?

*Any complaint you have is your problem, something you don't understand about growing rare/exotic plants, or is not their fault because of some delay, weather, lack of sun, etc. -whatever they can dream up that day. They are adept at ignoring emails and paypal claims!

*You're unlikely to ever get a refund from this company and it will never be in full unless you've made a chargeback with your bank or filed an escalated claim with paypal.

Spending money with this company is risky and foolish. It's throwing money away with little to no expectation you're going to receive any success. If you've been scammed by this company I highly suggest filing a complaint with the better business bureau. Selling things you don't have, and can't produce within a claim dispute period is FRAUD! I hope this company goes out of business just so they can't steal from more new customers.
Negative Windchyme
(7 reviews)
On Jun 1, 2014, Windchyme Stockton, CA wrote:

Posted on May 25, 2014, updated June 1, 2014
I ordered 2 OAK leaf ivies 'Fionia' and a 'Bonnie' curly spider plant. I never gave permission for any kind of substitution.

It was shipped in a very timely manner BUT when it got here it was VERY obvious that I had been sent GRAPE leaf ivies. I have several of those, don't want those, I want oak leaf and only oak leaf. The spider looks ok though it isn't over curly but that could be just due to youth of the plant so I won't automatically call it bad though it is suspect simply because of the rest of the order that was labeled OAK leaf ivy when it is very clearly not. The two ivy varieties have dramatically different shaped leaves.

I contacted the owner as he has requested here repeatedly to be given a chance to make it right. I waited three BUSINESS days (not counting the weekend or the day I sent the email). Nothing.

So in order to protect my interests I filed a complaint with Paypal because they have a time frame to lodge such complaints (ALWAYS use paypal to pay these people if you HAVE to get something from them because you can't get it anywhere else- because paypal has a protection program I'm now advising, AND lodge a complaint if the item has not been sent by the deadline to file a complaint- don't wait) and it has been over 3 days since THAT and nothing. It would be better apparently to buy at one of a number of other places when possible to try to avoid hassle.

For all of the owners protestations that people should have contacted them and they would have fixed it right up....we see this is not the actual case. I have given them plenty of time and an official nudge to get back to me. I at least expect return contact to advise me how they propose to make it right and discuss the options. All I really want is my two oak leaf ivies 'Fionia' like I originally ordered with no more hassle. That's all.

On June 1st, 2014, Windchyme added the following:

Here is the words in the introduction of this page that I wish to draw your attention to.

"Recently, we have noticed a couple entries here from people who have never called or emailed us about a problem before they post a negative rating. Please notice that most of our ratings are almost always positive. I urge all customers (and potential customers) to always contact us first about an order or a concern; we will take care of any problems with your order...Our customer service is constant and timely...
Those who have posted negative reviews have always been contacted and their problems worked out."

Update: I still have not been contacted and it is 6/1/14 and I have emailed them through the paypal complaint process two days ago or so and told them that if they do not contact me by Monday 6/2/14 that I will escalate this to an official complaint and claim.

I no longer want the plants...I just want a complete refund at this point. I'm SO done.
Negative Mauli
(2 reviews)
On May 28, 2014, Mauli Lake Helen, FL wrote:

I don't like to make negative comments about a company but I feel I need to share my experience with Glasshouse Works. I made a purchase on April 1, 2014, Four crotons Pele's Fire, three Tripogandra False Bromeliad and Sanchezia Nobilis Singapore Gold. I received a confirmation that my order would be shipped out last part of April. It was May and I haven't received my order so I decided to inquire about it. I was told it would be shipped out May 5th and that the Sanchezia was not available due to crop failure. If I wanted a refund for that there was a charge of $2.00 for PayPal charges. Or I can get substitute plants. I chose the substitute plants. They said okay order will be shipped out on the following Monday. By the end of the next week still no plants so I emailed back....plants will be shipped out the next Monday. I finally receive my order on the 22. The crotons sent were not Pele's Fire and the Tripogandra False Bromeliads were not all variegated, one was all green. All the plants arrived limp and crushed except for the crotons. I was most upset with the crotons not being Pele's Fire. Those were the plants I wanted the most. I emailed Glasshouse Works and never received a response. Luckily the next day I went to Home Depot and they had Pele's Fire there. The plants at Home Depot were properly identified and were large healthy plants. I will NEVER shop Glasshouse Works again and will not recommend them.

Negative PCart1
(1 review)
On Apr 8, 2014, PCart1 Collingswood, NJ wrote:

They may be nice people but bought 4 ficus trees for $12 and when I got them they had given me 4 $ 2 cuttings. Sure they put in an extra little ivy plant but when I complained they ignored me. I asked for my money back and they ignored me. Finally I complained through pay pal and low and behold I got three emails that morning.

I asked for my $63.50 back, I paid $ 9.50 to return them from NJ to OH where they are. They gave me back $55.50 minus $8.00 dollars for handling. They charge $15.00 to ship as you can see above it only cost me $9.50.
I settled for the $55.50 just to get it over with and now I am out $17.50 with nothing to show for it but aggravation. The excuse they gave to pa pal was that my order was a 'substitute', don't buy from these people there are far better places to purchase plants from like, ' Musser Forests' who are honest and do not give you the Ebay bait and switch.

Negative zeabird
(1 review)
On Jun 21, 2013, zeabird Applewood, CO wrote:

Posted on June 21, 2013, updated June 21, 2013
I placed an order on June 6 for terrarium plants. I read and fully understood the policy that plants do not ship immediately, but that within a week I would receive an email confirmation with my invoice update and estimated ship date. By the 12th of June I had not heard anything from anyone. I attempted to call and I received a recording. I left a message requesting an email or phone call regarding the status of my order. I never heard a reply. I proceeded to send an email every day from Saturday-Monday requesting an update on my order or I would file for a charge back with my bank. Late Monday June 17 I received an UPS shipment notice stating that my plants were shipped.

I have had two retail stores and have been in the industry of customer service for the past 10 years. If I were to ignore customers such as this I would surely be out of business. I never received a personal email or phone call with any information, just a plain ship notification. I am one of those "old school" people who prefer to be contacted by the merchant with a verbal or at minimum email update and a reason as to the long delay without any updates.

To top it off, I received my plants (packaging was done incredibly well, I will absolutely give credit for that) but the plants do not look great (many dead/wilted/dying leaves, small/young plants) and there was NO INFORMATION as to what I received, how tall they grow, etc etc. There are little plastic sticks with names of plants written on them, but some I could not read. I went through the website to locate as many as I could based off the names provided on these stakes. There is info on some plants ("verticle growing", "ground cover") but does not provide info as to plant heights or growing widths. I have no idea how to plant them since I do not have this info. I am not entirely new to terrarium planting but there are still specimens I do not know about. I had to look them up on the internet the best I could. I ordered plants from another site that is similar, and they provided immediate updates on my order status, as well as proivided an itemized list of the plants that I ordered on my invoice, and the website tells you exactly how they should be planted (by size/height).

I am just overly disappointed in the serious lack of communication. Placing an order on June 6 only to basically FORCE shipping on June 17th is unacceptable. If plants were unable to ship due to weather or other reasons, that is FINE, but update the customer, don't just leave them out to dry! I never contacted GHW's until 9 days after my order was placed to inquire about the status. I will definitely take my business elsewhere, as I never plan to do business with this place again.

On June 21st, 2013, zeabird added the following:

My husband just informed me (as he's planting the plants) that two plants don't look like they will make it. Some of the roots appear to be molded/disintegrating. I feel I wasted a good deal of money, and should have spent it on the other site that is more costly but has excellent service and beautiful, health, LARGE, plants. : (
Negative shakergardener
(2 reviews)
On May 15, 2013, shakergardener Beachwood, OH wrote:

They shipped my order in the middle of April...when I asked them to ship in May. They said it would be 'NO PROBLEM'. The plants were very small and sickly. I even sent them pictures of some of they could see how awful they were. Emailed them 4 times with no response. Totally not satisfied.

Negative dante99
(1 review)
On Jul 15, 2010, dante99 Bronx, NY wrote:

Be aware of this online store! Orders take at least 2 months to fulfill and they ship whatever they have on hand! They don't ask the customer if they want to substitute a plant, they just take hold of your money and send you whatever half-dead plant they have. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT THIS STORE AGAIN! They are a ripoff!

I placed my online order on April 23, 2010 and I received it 2 months later. I was never informed that some plants were not available. They didn't even give me the chance to cancel or choose my own damn plants; they just went ahead and sent me whatever. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!

On Jul 15, 2010, Glasshouse Works responded with:

"On Jul 15, 2010 12:56 PM, Glasshouse Works responded with:

As you can see below, our feedback is almost always positive. This customer did not contact us. We will try to figure out who they are and get things straightened out. We will reship is we need to. We will suggest that they give us some possible substitutes so we can get some items to them the work for their situation. I will report here later when we get more information. Tom


Negative Thescann
(9 reviews)
On Oct 30, 2008, Thescann Eastlake, OH wrote:

After my fourth order from this company, I am pretty fed up with their poor business practices. If you are not familiar with this company you need to know what you are getting into. They always charge you immediately even though I've never gotten plants with a month (or the receipt I require). Most recently I placed an order sometime in early July/late june and didn't get any plants until late August and not even all them. They cited that they were making an exception shipping them early because the heat which is crazy, especially cause I was simply calling them every couple of weeks to inquire about the order. The plants were fairly puny which I expected from them but one plant in particular, an aroid, was just ridiculously tiny with just one leaf the size of a fingernail. Of course I didn't get the whole order. I called a 2 to 3 weeks ago to inquire about the rest of the plants and was told it was going out very shortly. I could have propagated a hundred of these plants by this time in multiple generations! It's been 4 months!!!
I've seen this nursery before. It is amazing that they can operate at all from the looks of the place. The website has tons of plants listed that they don't and won't even have available, which is nice if you want a particular plant so you order from them, add some plants since you are ordering anyway, and don't even get the plant you really wanted in the first place. The plants that they do have available are mostly propagated after you order, I believe. So, why charge us immediately if you aren't going to ship for months??? If you can get the plant you are looking for from anywhere else, do yourself a favor and get it from a more reliable source.
Looking at past reviews it looks like they are trying to but some good publicity with free plants. That seems a little pathetic. You might as well consider all the neutral reviews as negative reviews.

On January 10th, 2009, Thescann added the following:

I did respond to this companys email through Dave's Garden so that is a lie. They wanted to offer me free stuff to change my rating. I said I still would like the plants I ordered last summer. I have called them a couple times about getting my plants but it's pretty much useless until the weather improves anyway. They need to make customers satisfied the first time. Not after they have to call and complain several times and then post a negative review (always seems to get instant response for everyone so I would recommend everyone keep it up).
On Oct 30, 2008, Glasshouse Works responded with:


On Oct 31, 2008 12:07 PM, Glasshouse Works added:

I have emailed this customer using D-Mail on this site. I have offered help and and offer a reshipment of any plants that did not make the trip. I told this customer that all the plants listed on our Website are here in our stock greenhouses. We primarily are a mail order nursery, so not everything is in our small sales area for viewing when people visit. But everything is in our stock greenhouses ready to be propagated!

We are only open Fridays and Saturdays. The rest of our week is spent shipping plants to our mailorder friends. At times, we may be out of an item from our online website. We will immediately work on getting small shipping pots ready again! At times, a plant has to be propagated for an order. We will do this on the day the order comes in. We do offer many plants other nurseries do not want to deal with because they are more difficult or of interest only to a few collectors. We have been here for 35 years and most customers are pleased that we are here. As you can see from other reviews, we always work with the customers and get good plants to them! Most of our personal emails are people who are thrilled with what they have gotten from us and we have customer who have ordered over the years again and again. I urge anyone who has problems with orders to contact us first. Nothing is ever accomplished by blogging on Dave's Garden and not contacting the Glasshouse Works. We are here for the discriminating plant collector. I hope this customer emails us. I will comment here later. Tom

On Dec 3, 2008 2:49 PM, Glasshouse Works added:

We have tried to email this customer and have received no response. As usual, we wanted to replace any substandard plants or give a credit on a future order. I have been unable to find out who this customer is because we have no customer with an Eastlake address. And we received no orders from Ohio during the period they say the order was placed. We cannot help if we do not know who the customer is. As you can see from other reviews, we always take care of our customers if we know who they are! Thank goodness most of our reviews both here at Garden Watchdog and in our business emails have been great! So many of our customers are pleased with their plants from us. Tom "

Negative Phebe
(4 reviews)
On Jul 28, 2008, Phebe Joppa, MD wrote:

I ordered a lot of begonias from Glasshouse Works April 25, 2008, total $106.75. That total was posted to my bank account May 1, 2008.

However, the begonias never came, nothing, and no communication from the company. I e-mailed them asking about the order June 21, and they replied that they were gathering the order and would ship it early July. Nothing ever came.

I wrote them again July 28; the reply was again that the begonias are "getting ready."

Two points: it's illegal to cash the check but not supply the merchandise -- that's why mail order retailers have to ask you if you want to back order and don't charge your card till they actually process the order. Glasshouse Works is immediately taking the money, but in over three months, never sent any of the items ordered.

I don't know what is going on here, but it's rather sinister -- I know a lot about begonias, and it certainly doesn't take THAT long to propagate them! Even if they are propagating them from stock plants only when the orders come in (which they don't say, the impression is that they actually have the plants to sell) ----- I myself could get rooted cuttings a lot sooner than these three months plus.

Gardeners, there is a big problem with this outfit. I may well have lost my money entirely. Be careful. I suggest finding a different supplier.

On Jul 28, 2008, Glasshouse Works responded with:


On Aug 13, 2008 3:51 PM, Glasshouse Works added:

DAVE'S GARDEN Readers please note our continued customer service. This seems to be an example of crossed emails. I received the following email at about 10:00 on a Monday:

"Hi -- I haven't received my order of plants yet. It's now the end of July. I'm beginning to get quite worried that something bad is happening; can you provide information on the situation? Thank you."
I checked on the order and everything was gathered except to two plants. We have emailed her earlier that the order was being worked on. The note on the order in our packing area was "Two final begonias ready in two weeks." She had ordered 16 Begonias and 14 were in the tray ready to be shipped. We added a couple nice bonus plants at no charge, so she did get a total of 16 plants. I had our staff pack the Begonias already gathered. They were large and nice. I emailed that we would ship them right away. About an hour later I got a note from Dave's Garden that this customer had made the above review almost immediately subsequent to emailing us. I phoned her and said that the plants were going right out and I would foot the bill for OVERNIGHT SERVICE so she would get them the next day. She said fine.
I emailed her again the next day and asked if they had arrived as promised. And I asked her if she wanted the $9.75 for the two missing Begonias refunded or would she prefer a back order. She replied with the follow email:

"Yes, the begonias did arrive in good shape the next day. Thank you for sending them. I'd prefer a refund, please."

I refunded the money for the two missing begonias. I emailed her and asked if she would kindly modify the review on Dave's Garden. I explained that it seemed very strong for the situation. We were working very hard to have everything she ordered ready to ship. At the time of this writing, she has not done so.

As you can see from our other reviews, we either receive very good reviews or reviews that result in good follow up service and good final reviews. We do keep in touch with our customers. I am somewhat surprised by her lack of follow up. She is an avid plant collector and we do appreciate customers like her. She obviously knows plants well and loves her plants. She is the type of customer we usually work well with and that is the reason we are here! It would certainly be nice if she modified her review in the future. She seemed pleased with her plants. Tom Winn (co-owner).

Negative franjee
(1 review)
On Aug 19, 2007, franjee Manistee, MI wrote:

I placed an order in June from Glasshouse Works because I really wanted to find a certian type of butterfly bush and it wasn't one of the common davidii types that can be found at almost every garden center. Because I was already paying for the shipping costs for those plants, two other different plants also were ordered at the same time. The credit card was charged as soon as the order was placed but there was no notice of when the plants would be shipped. After waiting close to five weeks and still no plants, a call was made to Glasshouse Works to find out what the problem was with the order. It turns out the two butterfly bushes weren't available and I just wanted the order canceled and the money refunded. Instead of refunding the money, they hurried up and sent some other type of common butterfly bush as an UNWANTED substitution! Oh, and as a "bonus" they also included two extra unwanted plants of the same kind of butterfly bush. They also made another substitution and sent a different color of one of the other plant varieties. Their website showed the plant with purple flower and the tag on the one they sent said it is white. I was very disappointed with their substitutions and thought it was clear over the phone that I did not want any substitutions.

The plants were on the smallish side but that is common with mail order nurseries. I guess the only positive would be that the plants were well wrapped for shipping, but they wrapped the little plants with a ton of recycled shredded paper that was kind of a nuisance to pick away from between the leaves. I don't think I will be ordering again from Glasshouse Works because when you order certain species plants, you expect to receive the SAME plants that you have ordered and paid for.

On August 19th, 2007, franjee changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I have been asked by Glasshouse Works to please change my rating to "neutral" because they don't think a negative rating is really all that fair. Maybe a negative rating isn't fair to them but I really don't like having the plants that I order substituted and maybe other plant collectors that have a special need for a particular plant may feel the same way.

The owner at Glasshouse Works is really concerned about the rating and is now trying to be helpful to work something out (apparently there was an email problem with their service) but I don't really want credit and I am not asking for a refund. Like they pointed out, they did not charge anything for their extra plants that they included in my order but I am still disappointed that another business was unable to send what was ordered.
On October 12th, 2007, franjee changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

One of their substituted 'Lochinch' butterfly bushes has flowered..... guess what? It was a violet pink and not the blue that is the real color of the 'Lochinch' butterfly bush.
Negative WaterCan2
(21 reviews)
On Apr 3, 2007, WaterCan2 Eastern Long Island, NY (Zone 7a) wrote:

I have been very disappointed by the quality, the tardiness, even the packaging of this company's products. I have placed two orders from this company at 5 -6 plants ea, (chalking up my first experience to happenstance) and have been very disappointed both times. To make matters worse when a specimen is out of stock they substitute a number of common inferior plants to make up the value of the order even when the orders are clearly marked as 'no substitutions'. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this company to anyone and will never take a 'chance' with them again.

On April 4th, 2007, WaterCan2 added the following:

I did not realize this was a debate forum. In any event; 1) The representative above has not contacted me nor can he (since he does not have my new address). 2) Six Coleus plants in lieu of 3 of the 5 plants that I ordered is not what I consider an upgrade. 3) The orders were clearly marked “No Substitutions”. 4) All of the plants came wrapped in wet newspaper which did a nice job of crushing the foliage. 5). A 2 month wait is not what I consider reasonable.

I did not write this review with the intent of harming this company, I could care less if it reaches the Fortune 500 or disappears tomorrow. I wrote it because the Garden Watchdog has been an invaluable asset in ordering plants and I realize it needs the feedback of customer’s experiences to continue. I wrote of my experiences. Nor am I seeking restitution from this company. Wasted time is more important than money and it is something you cannot replace. I consider the matter closed.

Ps. The catalog did mange to make it to my new address earlier this year, – but not for long - I threw it away immediately!

On Apr 3, 2007, Glasshouse Works responded with:


On Apr 4, 2007 10:17 AM, Glasshouse Works added:

I have contacted this customer. Two things need to be mentioned. 1) We do not substitute unless we are given permission and when we do, it is always with a more expensive or valuable plant. 2) We know our packers are good and we often get compliments on our shipping. Thus, something must have gone wrong with the processing of this order. In fact, sometimes our delays are due to the fact that we are making sure the customer gets exactly what they order.

As you can see from other reviews, we take care of our customers. Thus, I have already written this person to make sure they know they can contact us and get this worked out!! Our customers are important to us. We always go the extra mile (so to speak)! Tom, Glasshouse Works.

On Aug 16, 2007 10:36 PM, Glasshouse Works added:

We did try to contact this customer using Dave's Garden Dmail.
We got no reponse. Obviously we did not want a "debate forum."
The customer is the one who wrote the review without contacting us first. We did not mail this customer a catalog, because we did not
mail catalogs this year. We mailed a few old catalogs to customers who requested duplicate copies. We would still love to mail a couple replacement plants to this customer. Tom"

Negative TrinidadColeus
(1 review)
On Aug 5, 2006, TrinidadColeus Athens, OH wrote:

During July, several members of my garden group visited the Glasshouse Works in hopes of a gardener's excursion. This place is right in the middle of a small, rural residential neighborhood. What a dump. We did not know we were going to such a disorganized, messy and dilapidated business. Dead and overgrown plant material, pots, and trash is everywhere and the buildings are so old and in disrepair, they are literally falling down. The outside of the property was so overgrown with weeds, bushes and trees that it is nearly impossible to believe that a business is contained within this collection of abandoned old houses clustered on the property. We were leary to buy anything because of the appearance and how difficult it was to find anything without assistance. We cut short our garden tour. The staff gave us the impression that they knew about plants but the appearance of the place told us they must really struggle with running a garden center and greenhouses. We won't be inclined to return unless they clean the place up and organize it to make it inviting to avid gardeners.

On August 5th, 2006, TrinidadColeus added the following:

How do they operate this way?
On Aug 5, 2006, Glasshouse Works responded with:


On Aug 13, 2006 10:21 PM, Glasshouse Works added:

This person is not a customer. She or he has never purchased a plant or an item from our galleries. I believe she or he either went to the wrong place or entered the business from the back alley and walked by our stock and experimental breeding area and then left. We maintain our own stock plants and propagate from these plants. We hybridize and we have a private area where new plants are grown on before the best are selected out. Thank goodness we are not a “Garden Center.” We are a rare plant nursery and a display garden with rare and variegated plants arranged in display beds. The open areas are kept weeded and beautiful. The avid gardener is always thrilled to see plants they might have only seen in pictures in books. This is why we are famous. One does not come to Glasshouse Works to purchase nationally advertised common garden plants. We have bus tours and tourists from all across the country coming in regularly. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to give a great tour of the “Official” Garden Area. Some gardeners are sometimes thrilled to be able to get into our “Private” growing area to see plants (if we have a bit of spare time) that might be introduced in the next few years. I wrote this person a nice letter inviting her or him to identify himself or herself and come out to visit our actual display gardens and be given a personal tour. We have received no answer. We have done a lot of upgrading the last few years and the Showroom is newly painted and filled with superb garden art and items from local artists. We offer a line of hand-carved granite statues and have a beautiful area in the Showroom of handmade African Art. We offer bonsai pots, grow lights, and potting supplies. We are open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays. We always work closely with both the Athens and Marietta Tourism bureaus. They are happy we are here! They consider us a valuable local resource. Most of the garden clubs in Athens, Parkersburg, and Marietta are our supporters."

Negative pepsncrotons
(1 review)
On Jul 21, 2006, pepsncrotons Pompano Beach, FL wrote:

I placed an order with this company in mid-January. I promptly received an invoice in the mail outlining my order and informing me that the order was already being processed, but may take until spring since it was 'currently winter in Ohio'. Over $500.00 was charged to my credit card, but I was willing to "wait until the spring" when the plants would be ready. I called in mid-May to inquire about the order. They were very polite and promised a "rush" would be placed on my order. Two weeks passed with no contact, no plants. I sent an email inquiry which was promptly replied to, stating that because of a cold/dark spring, the plants did not root but that they would try to get at least one of each plant together and *another* rush would be placed on my order, I would be contacted when the order shipped. Another four weeks passed, no contact, no plants. I sent another email inquiry, this time just giving up and asking for my money back (after a 6 Month wait). They promised that a refund would be processed, which it was, and that when the plants are ready, they will pack them up and bill me again for what ever they had ready. Three weeks have passed, no contact, no plants.

I would have been willing to make this a neutral review, however, looking at the facts, it would not be fair to other members to say it was a neutral experience. I was charged over $500.00 for plants that could not be shipped inside of 6 months, SIX MONTHS. Even though I received a complete refund, I still don't have the plants that were advertised, charged for, made polite excuses for, but never shipped. So no, it was not a pleasant 'neutral' experience.

I was also politely informed in one of the emails that because I ordered "weird" or "less common" plants (isn't that what they're supposed to be all about?) , that that was the reason the order was delayed. I suppose it is easier to take orders for plants that they don't have, rather than have an inventory of plants and have that inventory coincide with what is being advertised on their website.

What is even more aggravating is that I just checked back on their website, just to see if they were still advertising the plants that I had ordered (and had not received) and they are! Furthermore, they are advertising a collectors pack of a variety of 6 of the same genus of plants that I ordered, but "were not ready because of a dark spring" !!! And to top it off, one of the recent posts here speaks of bromeliads that I ordered, but did not receive, because they were not ready!!! How could they not be ready for a six month old order, and someone here has just received it?

Shop at your own risk here folks. Take consolation that they are willing to refund your money, if after 6 months your plants still aren't ready to ship. And don't order "weird" or "less common" plants, even though that is supposed to be the draw with this company.

Quite dissappointed indeed.

On Jul 21, 2006, Glasshouse Works responded with:


On Aug 16, 2007 10:40 PM, Glasshouse Works added:

We mailed a subsequent order to this customer and he said he would change or alter the review to neutral or positive if time permitted. I can certainly understand with all the time constraints we all have that he did not make it back to do an update. We tried to work out the problems and he got some plants. Tom "

Negative jackaloupe
(1 review)
On Jul 16, 2006, jackaloupe San Francisco, CA wrote:

I have tried to place orders with this company since April of 2006. Its now the middle of July. I get e-mail promsise's but no results. I am very fustrated with this company. They promise but don't seem to be able to follow thru. How does any one get thru to this company?

On Jul 16, 2006, Glasshouse Works responded with:


On Aug 12, 2006 2:13 PM, Glasshouse Works added:

I believe we never received payment on an order made early April. We emailed requesting follow up. We finally deleted the order from our files after not hearing back."

Negative DaleTheGardener
(6 reviews)
On May 23, 2006, DaleTheGardener Tampa, FL (Zone 10a) wrote:

These people are plant collectors and not high quality plant sellers. Almost all the comments (even many of the positive comments) I have read indicate that they never have all the plants on their website and quality & size are ongoing issues with them. They do not appear to give refunds, only credit for more plants.

I ordered from them in Dec 2005 and Jan 2006 and paid at the time I ordered. I recieved my order mid May 2006. It was incomplete, they made substitutions without my consent. Over 3/4 of the plants sent were of the lowest quality I have gotten thru a mail order firm. About a quater of the material was barely rooted plugs or liners made to look like 3" material. Many were incorrectly planted and had stem rot in various stages.

They were well packed, but, many were crushed and leafless. The box was not damaged on the outside which leads me to believe they caused the damage by over packing the shipment. They said they combined my two orders and sent an invoice for only one of the two orders.

They repeatedly ignored my email, made polite excuses, my favorite was that the weather was bad. Hard to believe, since they have greehouses for these frost tender plants. I found them to be pleasantly evasive.

They have an incredible collection of plants and it seems a shame that they only place they all seem to exist is in cyberspace and their digital photograph collection.

I will never do business with this firm again. I do not wish to receive anymore plants of such low quality after a long and unnecessary wait.

On May 23, 2006, Glasshouse Works responded with:


On May 23, 2006 8:33 PM, Glasshouse Works added:

We will of course contact this customer and give a refund for the appropriate amount if we need to. I will give further comment as soon as this gardenener and I talk and decide what to do. We always work with every customer till they are pleased. Tom

On May 24, 2006 10:21 AM, Glasshouse Works added:

Previously I wrote: We will of course contact this customer and give a refund for the appropriate amount if we need to. I will give further comment as soon as this gardenener and I talk and decide what to do. We always work with every customer till they are pleased. Tom
Update: Today I contacted the customer to offer help and possible solutions to the problems he felt he was having with us. He said he did not want to order from us again, so I gave him a refund for all backordered plants and postage. We have thousands of orders that go out without a hitch, so when something like this happens we try our best to take care of it. We ship all year as crops are ready. If we ship at the best time for that particular plant, then there are never any problems with the shipment. When to try to accomodate southern planting schedules we sometimes have some plants that may need a bit more finishing, may be off color, or a bit small. We always give bonuses and extra plants when this occurs. To solve this seasonal deadline problem, we will not accept any more purely seasonal orders from the deep South. We do not have the same weather as the deep south, so our crops might be delayed. Some of our more uncommon coleus might not
be ready until June for instance. We will try to make this clearer to our Southern gardening friends if they wish to order. I will be notating this on the Coleus pages on our website shortly. Tom"

Negative sugarweed
(4 reviews)
On May 15, 2006, sugarweed Okeechobee, FL (Zone 10a) wrote:

Had to call to find out when and if my order would be shipped. Asked to be sure and e-mail me when shipped so someone could unwrap and care for them if I were not in Jacksonville when they shipped.
Tom, spoke with me and verified my e-mail addy. Said he would e-mail when shipped.
***NO E-MAIL!!!***
It was a fluke I found the un-expected package and spent until dark unpacking and rehydrating plants.
Incomplete, half dry, half soggy, scrawny and broken plants that some do not even resemble plants pictures I ordered from.
5 UN-WANTED UGLY Bonus plants and an $11.50 credit slip were included. Several plants had holes in the leaves.
I am on a limited income and have let myself calm down before writing this. They billed my Visa the day they got my order for $126.00. It was 2 months before they shipped them.
I am so disappointed I have been in tears several times.
Please if you want pretty coleus plants find almost anyone else to order from.
I would expect a site that is so pretty and has had over 450,000 viewings to do SOOOO much better than this

On May 17th, 2006, sugarweed added the following:

After several calls pleading with me to change my rating here, offering to send more plants, and boasting about the 10 calls received just that day saying what great plants they had sent folks I told Tom I was leaving town and did not want any more plants. That there would be no order from me next year. He said he would credit my debit account for $50. I thanked him and he e-mailed me that the credit to my account had gone thru. I have checked the bank account 6 times today, no $ added so far.
The purpose of Garden Watchdog is to help us not send off money and have to wait for months to hear from the plant sellers. I would very much like to see that $50 of the $126 they took returned to my account. I would consider Tom and me even. He was very nice in spite of all of this. I cannot however change my rating.
On May 20th, 2006, sugarweed changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Recieved 3 nice replacement plants yesterday and a $95 refund. Tom is one of nicest people I've ever had conflict with.
On July 31st, 2006, sugarweed changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

To add insult to injury one plant I received turned out to be Inky Fingers instead of the Black Magic I wanted.
Guess they thought I wouldn't know the difference, but after much research I have Inky fingers and No Black Magic!
On May 15, 2006, Glasshouse Works responded with:

"I have never made a rebuttal on the Garden Watchdog before, but I feel I must here because I want people to know that we do work with every customer as personally as we can. We have been in business for 30 years and we have many fine and longterm customers. You can rest assured that any problems with any order from Glasshouse Works will be fairly taken care of!

In this case,I still wish this lady the best. I felt bad that she did not like the plants that we sent. She said Coleus Japanese Giant was broken; I mailed her a replacement. I called and talked with her and she knows a lot about plants and loves coleus. I would love to know more about her garden. Many of the coleus on the market now are our hybrids and some are hard to get hold of and slow growers. I tried to talk with her about what to do to remedy the situation. Her plants cost 95.00 plus postage. I have now refunded her the total 95.00 she spent on plants (minus the postage which we paid Fedex). I know she will do well with them. They were off color a bit because of the dark days here in Ohio. I told her that, but I think she believes we mailed her the wrong ones. We are the hibridizers so I know we did not.

But when it comes to a point like this, I believe the customer is right. We have not been here for 30 years without being good with our customers. We offer a lot of rare items and it is sometimes difficult to keep a rigid schedule for shipping. I correspond with all customers as much as I can, especially if there is a delay is shipping. And I will call and talk with them personally if I feel there is a misunderstanding. We love the plants we grow and want everyone to contact us first if the customer ever has any problem with an order from Glasshouse Works. You will notice many of our reviews the last couple years have been very positive. We strive to keep it that way. I am Tom Winn, one of the owners. "

Negative tasf45
(1 review)
On Sep 6, 2005, tasf45 Saint Charles, MO wrote:

If you order from this company, get ready to wait a LONG time for tiny plants.

I ordered a Crassula Ovata Variegata (rare, blunt-tipped variegated Jade Plant) from them for $12. I put in my order in December and wait, expecting for my order to show up soon after it warms up. I wait...and wait...and wait some more. Spring sprang and Summer was approaching, when my order shows up in late May. That didn't stop them from charging my debit card back in December though! Just what in the hell did the $10 for S&H go towards!?!

By the time it arrived, I forgot that I even ordered it. I was surprised that I'd be getting a package when I haven't ordered anything for months. I open it up and find...

Four leaves on a 1-inch stem. And some other ugly plant I didn't even order.

The only explanation that I got as to this belated, petite plant was a note, written in pencil, on my invoice "very, very rare". It must be so "rare" that they can't even find it in their greenhouse, but that won't stop them from selling it!

On Sep 6, 2005, Glasshouse Works responded with:


On May 17, 2006 6:39 PM, Glasshouse Works added:

This fellow has moved, it appears. I wanted to give him a replacement with another plant, but we have not located him since his order. "

Negative tsmith711
(1 review)
On Jun 24, 2005, tsmith711 Cincinnati, OH wrote:

I placed an order for 12 scented geraniums(pelargonium) in early May and was disappointed when I received a written confirmation 12 days later that they had received my order and that it would not ship until early June. One of the reasons that I ordered from this company is that they are located in my home state and thought that transportaion time would be reduced to a minimum. Along comes June 24 and still no plants. I called the company to check on the status of the order because the large bare spot in one of my front yard beds is looking a tad strange found out they hadnt shipped yet but they would be willing to send them out on monday. I seriously doubt they were planning on sending this out on Monday if I hadnt called. Because of the 50% satisfaction rate on this site and the reponse from one person who had been waiting two years for his plants from this company I decided to cancel the order with the understanding that I would have my AMEX credited.

Negative DaleP6
(4 reviews)
On Aug 27, 2004, DaleP6 Sarasota, FL (Zone 9b) wrote:

First of all I had my doubts about the fact that they could carry ALL the plants in their catalog. When I made calls to check on plants no one but one fellow cold tell you about them. I ordered and was looking forward to receiving my package. Well...I had never been so disappointed! These guys looked like plants I wouldn't even look at at a retail sore, either walk by or feel terribly sorry for them. I think they should start concentrating on quality and not quanity. Certainly if you have been hunting a plant for years you will accept a rather ratty plant...but a coleus let's say? I wrote about the conditions and in reply I got a note that they had gotten them this far and my TLC would take them to the moon! HA! I will never be tempted by the numbers to order from these guys again!

Negative JoeCS
(1 review)
On Jul 17, 2004, JoeCS Atlanta, GA (Zone 8a) wrote:

Yesterday I received the rest of my $580.00 order, it took TWO (2) years, yep 2 years. This company is very, very unorganized. It became a game with me, I would call them and get a response like "we will be shipping your order on _____", so I would make note of that date and then call them again and do it all over - date, call, date, call.
They are probably well intentioned but, they just don't know what they are doing. The quality of their plants are unpredictable, some great, some ok and some poor. Trust me, dealing with them is not worth the experiece. JS

Negative grhse147
(3 reviews)
On Jun 21, 2004, grhse147 Southampton, NY wrote:

My experience over two years trying to deal with this company have left me with the resolve to avoid the temptation to check their website for plant availability ever again.

Last year's order took many months and phone calls to receive and much of the product was poorly rooted and grown.

I assumed that the unusually cold, wet spring the
North East was experiencing was partly to blame, so I tried again this year.

Shockingly, I am still waiting for an order placed in February- and it will soon be July. Phone inquiries are met with excuses, platitudes promises to "put a 'rush'" on my order etc. My sense is that, in fact, the attention to the problem lasts no longer than the duration of the phone call.

One might conjecture that they have severe problems adjusting to the volume their website adds to the business, but in fact, I had dealings with them many years ago- before the site- which were similar.

I have to conclude that while they may have been very clever about amassing a plant collection, their nursery and business management skills are deplorable. A MESS.

It would be better if they just sort of called themselves a custom growing greenhouse - and plants from wish list orders would be provided later in the year, when grown - AND CHARGED FOR AT THE TIME OF ACTUAL DELIVERY.

Negative inguvap
(4 reviews)
On Jun 11, 2004, inguvap Parlin, NJ wrote:

I ordered a total of 10 plants from these people. First of all, it took 30 days for them to ship the plants. Finally, I sent them a mail to cancel my order, and that is when they sen me the plants. only 4 plants are surviving now after 2 months and they are not willing to give me credit or send the plants again.

Negative ACsAgapePlants
(7 reviews)
On May 6, 2004, ACsAgapePlants Mesa, AZ (Zone 9a) wrote:

I have been waiting three + months for my order. Each time I inquired when it would be shipped, I would get a different answer. I have a problem when my credit card is charged or my check is cashed, yet I have nothing to show for it after three months. I will NOT order from them again!

Negative KDePetrillo
(15 reviews)
On Apr 8, 2004, KDePetrillo North Scituate, RI (Zone 6a) wrote:

I've ordered from Glassworks several times and have been about 95% satisfied with my orders. I attribute the problems I've had with ordering tropical plants in the winter (I expect the occasional problem, as I live in Zone 5). I'm disheartened by the negative comments, but will use them again until I, too, have a negative experience.

On July 15th, 2004, KDePetrillo changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

I received an order for 9 plants today and was stunned at what they sent me: 5 of the plants are pathetic. I don't know how they could ship such sorry specimens. I've bought from them in the past, as I've said, and been happy with Glass Works, but this last order really shocked me. I've requested either replacements for the unsatisfactory plants or a refund. I'll post a follow-up to my complaint after I've heard from the company. I'm really disappointed: I thought I could count on Glasshouse Works for quality plants.
Negative corossol
(3 reviews)
On Feb 9, 2004, corossol Dobbs Ferry, NY wrote:

Interesting to read others' comments. I ordered from this company. Some companies add fertilizer to their plants before they ship them, so that they burst into growth when you get them. Well, Glasshouse must add ANTI-fertilizer! I have a couple of rhipsalis plants I got from them 18 mos. ago, and they have not grown at all. They are alive, but have pretty much just sat there. I am no botanist, but I am no idiot when it comes to plants, so I've got to say: avoid Glasshouse....despite their good selection, their plants don't thrive. Plus, their website has got to be one of the most frustrating to navigate. I'm sorry to be so negative, but this is the truth.

Negative gardengalca
(7 reviews)
On Jan 18, 2004, gardengalca wrote:

Well, the previous feedback should make the issue clear. Plants are small, often mislabeled, and the service isn't that great.

Negative dougrobnyc
(5 reviews)
On Oct 19, 2003, dougrobnyc New York, NY (Zone 6a) wrote:

There is no doubt that this establishment is well stocked with interesting and exotic plant life. Unfortunately, my personal experience on several occasions was negative.

Glasshouse Works billed my credit card even though they did not have the plants in stock. It took 6 months of my repeated calling before receiving a credit.

Another experience, I received dead plants. When I called the owner, he denied that this was possible since he reportedly checks all orders. Obviously, he missed this order. His arrogance and lack of professional customer service skills was the most disturbing. He refused to issue a credit.

I will never order from this nursery ever again. The wonderful thing about this country is that there are many choices for the consumer. THIS CONSUMER SAYS NO TO Glasshouse Works!

Negative Mblade
(3 reviews)
On Aug 17, 2003, Mblade wrote:

Well I made the mistake of ordering once from this company and they will never again recieve my business. I ordered just 2 plants from them as a "feeler" order to see how customer service is and how they handle everything, My Card was charged promptly of course yet 2 weeks later I still had no plants, wich was ok as the websight states it may take a bit for some plants, I called just to see how status was and basically they could not give me any estimate of time, wich I was not at all happy with. So I told them ok, Cancel my order and I will order elsewhere. The Owner of the company then got on the phone and told me they clearly state the time and that if I was not happy he didnt need me as a customer!!!!!!! I was rather shocked by this statment alone....I then said fine cancel my order and we will be done with it and we hung up. Ten Minutes later he called me back to tell me he "thought" my order was already shipped at wich time I told him if such is the case, then dont worry bout reversing the charges and I will take whatever he sent and be done with it, I also told him his customer skills where lacking to say the least after his previous comment and how shocked I was...this economy is not strong...ornamental plants are not a "need", they are a "want" a time when people have a hard time making sure their "needs" are covered you dont throw stones at someone spending any amount of money on a "want". The plants arrived 3 days later, they where tiny.....wich was OK, they acclimatized alright with a little nurturing from me....its a shame that an owner of a place turns off his own prospective clients...its not how a company remains in business. He DID send a "bonus" plant wich sadly to say was much stronger and healthier than the orignal plant I ordered.

Negative plantgirl77
(1 review)
On Jun 24, 2003, plantgirl77 wrote:

Ordered several plants way back in the winter, they sent me a letter saying that something was wrong with my credit card and if i didnt reply they would consider my order cancelled, decided not to reply, as original total was around 30 dollars but after shipping and converting the money to Canadian it was over 150 dollars. A while later I check my credit balance and low and behold they charged me for the plants. May came and weather turned nice, expecting plants. NO plants come my way. I email them and get an excuse, plants are waiting to be shipped, it is now the end of June, I emailed them several times and have gotten several excuses. The last one being the Ag inspector was coming the next day and would inspect my order and then it would be sent. That was 2 weeks ago!! I paid for Fedex shipping!! I will never order anything from them again, that is if I do ever get my order!!

Negative Jewelweed
(22 reviews)
On Jun 3, 2003, Jewelweed Arlington, TN wrote:

I placed an order aprroximately 1 year ago. Several times I called to inquire when it would be shipped; my credit card had already been charged. I was told something different every time by the friendly woman who answered the phone. On the third call she said that plants are propagated after you order, that mine were still growing. I canceled the order and my account was credited. I haven't ordered from them again, although their catalog is very interesting. Something's not right.

Negative bmwragtop
(2 reviews)
On Jan 19, 2003, bmwragtop wrote:

I ordered from this company twice and was disappointed and angered both times. I thought, perhaps the first time was a fluke.... so I gave them another chance. It wasn't a fluke! I recommend staying AWAY from them... don't waste your money.

Negative akebono
(1 review)
On Jul 22, 2002, akebono wrote:

The absolute worst mail order experience I've ever had, bar none.

Only repeated calls to Mr. Winn got me some of my plants, as I quite made a deliberate nuisance of myself. Like most other folks, I was horrified by what I had paid over $200 for--a box of sickly, mostly unrooted sticks in mud. Some things were literally dripping. This was only part of the order, the rest followed some weeks later, and were equally deplorable.

I do give them high marks for creative excuse-making: I was told that there had been a stretch of cool, overcast weather, so plants weren't rooting. Hello, if it is their business to root and sell plants, do they not have propagation houses? Some of what I ordered were notoriously easy to root, like Impatiens and sweet potato, yet a "professional" couldn't pull it off.

Ultimately, what is so discouraging about these [expletives] is that they claim they have such rare plants, and treat them so callously that they may very well become lost to cultivation. One would assume that they were better at one time (otherwise how could they have gained such a rep for offering rarities?), but as far as I'm concerned, they are Michigan Bulb Company with considerably higher prices.

They truly deserve total financial ruin as far as I'm concerned.

Negative Hedera
(1 review)
On Jul 18, 2002, Hedera wrote:

Ordered 7 plants May 2001 for $41.00. GHW charged our card IMMEDIATELY and BEFORE shipping - that is rarely a good sign in the nursery business. Then they wrote there was a "production delay" beyond their control. (Apparently this is a form letter they use often - just around the time your rights to contest the charge with the card company ends). Still waiting for plants July 2002. All the plants we ordered are easy-to-root vines (ie. 2-4 weeks) so there is no excuse. Letters and emails never answered. 800 number says they only take new orders. We're letting the Ohio Attorney General's Consumer Advocate handle this for us since nothing else has worked.

Negative MrGray
(1 review)
On Jul 15, 2002, MrGray wrote:

I had many frustrating experiences with the gentlemen of Glasshouse Works in the late '80's; I sent them choice plants with no expectations of trades and placed orders for many hundreds of dollars. Only a small percentage of the plants were ever shipped, even after the passage of more than 14 months in the case of one order. Many phone calls and legal threats were made before I finally recieved a refund. They don't have any of what I call gardener's honor. It might be a nice greenhouse to visit but don't do business with them by mail.
- Mr. Gray in Portland

Negative Raymond
(2 reviews)
On Jul 13, 2002, Raymond Yonkers, NY wrote:

As someone who works in the green industry, I was appalled at the service and the quality of plants from this company. Last year the order took six months, some plants were missing when I received the order. This year (2002) I placed an order on January 17th, after many phone calls it arrived July 1st, four plants were missing, some of the plants were tiny plugs stuck into two inch pots, they withered in two days in the ninety degree heat. They owe me a refund of over fifty three dollars, who knows when that will materialize. When you see the price of plants in their catalogue, it appears that your getting a good bargain,not so. Never again will I order from this company. Totally frustrating!

Negative Gardenslave
(1 review)
On Jul 12, 2002, Gardenslave wrote:

Terrible service, terrible plants. I placed an order for about a dozen Coleus, and what I got were tiny, barely rooted woody cuttings that were infested with mealybugs.
They left one plant out of my order, and finally sent it after 3 phone calls. The plant they sent was a substitution with a catalog value that was less than half of the plant I had ordered. I'll never deal with them again.

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