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Negative mtbikeroz
(1 review)
On Dec 16, 2019, mtbikeroz Canberra,
Australia wrote:

ABSOLUTELY APPALLING. Treloar’s attitude and dealings with me are absolutely appalling, blame me for everything and take NO responsibility themselves. I was treated like dirt.

In 2013 I received 7 roses from T. Now, 2019, all those 7 are well established and healthy and flowering extremely well. I planted each rose as per instructions, I used Hortico ROSE POTTING mix every time and I watered as appropriate for CANBERRA (ie VERY COLD) in August / September. I am delighted with them all.

In 2014 I received another 7 from T. Likewise, Now 2019, all are fantastic, I planted as per instructions, same rose mixture, same watering regime. Similarly, ALL going wonderfully.

August 2019, this year, I received another 7. Planted all as per instructions, same Hortico rose potting mix, same COLD Canberra watering regime.
One died, or to be correct, it NEVER shooted. (in Treloars terminology, it NEVER “Broke Dormancy”). It NEVER shooted. Hoping it would “recover” or perhaps it was a late bloomer, I left it in the soil watering and treating it the same as the other 6 (& same as all previous 14), but by early November I realised it was not going to shoot at ALL. !!!!! I lifted it gently, and lo and behold, not even any new roots. In fact in my hand, some of the roots snapped, they were brittle and dead. (An Abracadabra variety)

I contacted Treloar roses. After a bit of tooing and froing, filling in a questionnaire etc, they summarised as follows:

1 – I was using the WRONG soil mix. If you read above, I was using Hortico’s Rose potting mix. Ah, “potting mix” is the offender, I should have been using rose soil mix!!!!!! Ah, but what about the other 20 roses over the years, all going gangbusters, including and especially the other 6 from this year!!!!! All using Horticos rose POTTING MIX!!!!!!!!!! They, the 20 are all bloomin fantastic.

2 – I was not watering them enough!!!!!!!!! Excuse me, Canberra is COLD during Aug – Sept, and when I watered them, as I did in 2013 and 2014, I watered by hand until the “hole” was overflowing and they had very wet feet. It was twice a week at the max during these COLD months. All the other 20 over the years thrived!!!!!!!!!

3 – The abracadabra root stock was sent to you alive. Er, excuse me, it never shooted, above or below the ground. I explained to them, that they know as well as I do, even a bare root stock will have enough “nutrients” stored within the stem to push out some small shoots with minimal nutrients sucked up from the soil and watering. Well, mine produced NOTHING. When I eventually lifted it in Nov, it was dry, brittle and hard. It snapped easily. (In Treloars technical terminology I saw on someone else’s feedback, they call this “breaking dormancy”. Well, mine did not break dormancy. It arrived dead, stayed dead, and no amount of “advice” would resurrect it, it’s called abracadabra, not Lazarus.

4 – Because I did nothing until after 31 October (Their “warranty period”) I cannot make a claim. They said if I had contacted them before, they could have offered me advice on “how to stimulate and get growing a rose”. Yeah right. Dead is dead!!!!! I was hoping it would recover by giving it the same care I gave all the other 20, but alas, it was dead already!!!!!!!!!!! That’s why it wasn’t until early November I finally decided to pull it and have a look.

5 – It’s all my fault for the 4 reasons explained above.

All my pleadings and presenting these facts were ignored, and they quite bluntly stated they will NOT be honouring the warranty because I was too late (6 days) AND the other factors which were my fault!!!! To the “letter of the law” perhaps, they have the 6 days too late is correct, but they are using that as an excuse to cover their delivery of a DEAD product.

Their attitude has been quite abrasive and blunt, to say the least. They put ALL the blame on me.
Fortunately, my garden is now basically complete, and I will not be requiring any more roses. And I’m glad too, I’ll NOT BE DEALING WITH Treloar roses again. They are blunt, rude, arrogant and 100% blame shift.
I’ll be giving them a minus 1 star out of 5.

Negative Shaorong_zhang
(1 review)
On Jun 12, 2014, Shaorong_zhang Tianjin,
China wrote:

Feels like I have been scammed. This is the worst on-line-shopping experience ever.

The order was put in more than 6 month ago. After them missing the promised delivery date, I followed up. I was told the order did go all the way, so I need to pay again. Since I can't find the 6 month old bank record, I paid again and notified them on the day. Guess what, another week goes, no rose and not a word from them. I have to follow up again. Still no respond.

I might have to go to the next level. Just don’t know if it worth it.

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