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Positive Farmerdill
(23 reviews)
On May 30, 2005, Farmerdill Augusta, GA (Zone 8a) wrote:

After all the negative comments on seed germination from Reimer seeds, I waited until all had germinated to comment. The turn around and accuracy of the order was excellent. Hot peppers especially the rare ones are finicky so I waited until they all all germinated. No problems. Others(non-pepper) cultivars also did well

Positive FeRReT_of_WaR
(1 review)
On May 24, 2005, FeRReT_of_WaR Saint Paul, MN wrote:

well i ordered some seeds, red savina, tepin, and they also gave me a free packet of NuMex Conquistador, they shipped pretty fast. and i planted my seeds in a home made micro green house, shined 2 lamps on it. and had a pharmaceutical heat pad under it, id say about 50% of the red savinas sprouted, of the 20 some seeds they gave me, and about 6 tepins sprouted and a few numex, i only really care about the red savinas, which had a good sprouting rate. its nothing like the less than 5% i heard about, but not as good as some scotch bonnetts seeds i bought at the store. all in all not that bad, go ahead and order from then just plant the seeds properly. keep them warm, about 80 degrees, and dont use soil thats mostly peat moss.

Negative CountryGardens
(10 reviews)
On Mar 25, 2005, CountryGardens Lewisville, MN (Zone 4a) wrote:

Only ordered a few seeds from them, good thing, only one variety germinated. That was one I could have bought anywhere, I only ordered it to spread the high shipping cost.
The varieties I wanted, no one else offered, we got the standard 2% germination. (Their Standard!)
They were on my favorites list, no longer. Will never order from them again.
This was a very small order, so didn't waste my valuable time contacting them. (Sure didn't want more of their seeds.)
Lesson #1, should have looked here before ordering!

Neutral dianecarter
(1 review)
On Feb 4, 2005, dianecarter wrote:

I have purchased from Reimer Seeds for 3 consecutive years and enjoyed the varieties. They always gave free packs of seeds with each order.

I always had great germination rates and would highly recommend purchasing from them.

They are always adding new and exciting varieties.

I give a A+++++ rating.

Editor's Note: This comment originated from the same IP address as used by "reimerseeds." It is the policy of the Watchdog that users cannot create multiple identities in order to inflate a company's rating, nor can a company pose as its own customer in order to leave feedback. The rating, originally positive, was changed from positive to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.

Neutral H_Vanderdekin
(2 reviews)
On Jan 31, 2005, H_Vanderdekin Mckinleyville, CA wrote:

Some questions for Reimer seed company:

What are your seed storage conditions?

What is your source for pepper seed?

What kind of guarantee does your source place on the seed?

How old is the seed?

Is the genetic purity of this seed guaranteed?

Do you grow your own peppers?

If so, how are you isolating the plants, sexually?

And if you aren’t growing these peppers yourself, how can you be assured of the viability?

What are your seed testing conditions?


Did you use a control group?

What precautions do you take to ensure that no seed born pathogens make it to the end user?

What kind of quality control do you use to ensure that the seed you offer, for 1265 hot peppers alone, is viable?

(Not that I've got a dawg in this fight yet but planting season is here)

Negative NEChileMan
(1 review)
On Jan 26, 2005, NEChileMan Methuen, MA (Zone 6a) wrote:

I would like to state I haven't ordered from this company, nor would I. I'm writing on behalf of the many threads & posts I've read from fellow Chile-Heads over the years. I spent two days tracking down this thread from The Garden Web. It's in their archive & all the other URL's I listed are dead end's or need more days of tracking them down. I did recieve the Arrivivi Gusano from PaulB & they were junk, period. As I remember, of the 10-12 seeds he sent in bubblewrap, only 2 were whole & neither germinated. While chasing down this thread, I found another, then another, here's the three threads:

I hope Reimer's responds to this post that I never bought seeds from them, therefore this post should not have been allowed on Dave's Forum. Then I hope they track down all those on the Garden Web were groundless & complain to Spike Hernendez that those posts should not have been allowed. Then maybe they'll find another forum with complaints & complain to the webmaster that those were due to buyers that don't know how to start seeds.

Quoting "Honest Abe":
"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

I was going to add a comment like, "Reimer's, your reputation is already tarnished, stop damage control & fix it!", but I figured that was addressed in the responce about exorberent charges for shipping & handling, and more charges for handling...... If you want to pay $2.50 more you can download the free online catalog to your computer so you look at all those seeds that won't germinate.....(//

Course they'll give you your 2 fifty back after you pay for seeds that won't germinate, S&H, handling fees, state taxes, smoke & mirror expenses............

Forgot.... One last thing..... Reimer's..... You can add me to your list of barred people from ordering from you. If you ever get an order with an 01844-5135 ZIP Code, PLEASE refuse it!!!!!!!

Negative willard3
(1 review)
On Jan 25, 2005, willard3 Albany, NY wrote:

I ordered seeds from Reimers and germination of what were very expensive seeds approached fact it was less than 5%.

I called reimers and they tried to blame the failure on me. I have been germinating seeds for a very long time and am quite successful. Other seeds from other suppliers germinated just fine.

Bad seed, bad public relations, high prices from Reimers.

Negative semillas
(5 reviews)
On Jan 21, 2005, semillas El Paso / Canary Islands,
Spain (Zone 10b) wrote:

I can confirm what has been posted here.

We are commercial producers of exotic seeds and grow a large number of peppers and other plants every year.

Bought seeds in 2003 and had no or very poor germination with all of the pepper seeds ordered. Control our own seeds 1-2 years old

Most of the seeds had red stains and were brown resulting from processing from dried pods or overripe pods

After my complaint they answered with the well known prewritten

a) Did you follow our instructions ?
b) We are not responsible for international shipments, as the seeds may be radiated !

We are growing peppers for more then 30 years and may have more experience then any of the Reimers gardeners (if they have one ?).

Then they sent me a gift certificate of the value of the pepper varieties not exhibiting any germination.

I then ordered from this certificate 10 other (easy) varieties in 2004 of which 4 didnīt exhibited any germination (tried twice). One poor germination and five ok. Control seeds from tomatogrowers which had all perfect germination.

This is all in all twice and more the price to get a variety - I payed at least 4 to 6 Dollars for one viable variety - the exceptional shipment costs of the less then 1 Oz. shipment not included.

Reimer claims in there respond to jasonnickels voting there good standing of the eBay account.

We are eBay sellers as well with 99.9 % standing and more then 30.000 sold items.
If you have a look at the votes of eBay clients of Reimer, they are voting all for speedy shipment on receipt of the seeds and not for speedy germination.

If Reimer wants I can ask the eBay customers about their germination rates.

Last but not least - Today before this posting here - I placed an order at the Reimers site to give them a third chance.

Everything went right - 7 packages of hot pepper seeds 20 Dollars --- shipment costs !! 7.50 Dollars --- handling costs 2.50 Dollars -- ok Dollar is low against Euro at the moment and my bussiness is running perfect - I payed via Paypal.

But what a surprice -- within a few minutes I had a cancellation of my order and full refund of the payment.

I couldnīt beleave it and asked the Reimer customer service to explain this.

Short and very precise answer : You have been banned from ordering from our website.

I still donīt know what Iīve done wrong and expect an explanation of the Reimer customer service.

As they read all these posts here, they can do it right here.

Happy gardening


Negative jasonnickels
(1 review)
On Nov 8, 2004, jasonnickels Plymouth,
United Kingdom wrote:

We are a commercial chilli grower in the UK, some seed we buy in bulk but we grow many experimental varietes and source this seed from all over. We have learned to buy from different sources to guarantee results. The Reimer website, ordering & delivery process worked fine. But most of their seed was completely sterile. All the seed we bought was not only grown in perfect conditions, but also alongside seed of the same varieties from other sources. Most of the Reimer seed did not germinate at all. & that which did was at a very low percentage. We will never buy seed from them again & suggest others go somewhere else too. It looks from these comments that they use the "you didnt follow our instructions" excuse on everybody, but we have done controlled testing on what they sell & it proves they are ripping people off. Go to instead!

On January 24th, 2005, jasonnickels added the following:

Actually our order was placed on 12/28/03, not 1/28/03. I have the invoice here. Those seeds were germinated (or not!) end of Feb / Early March 04. So a couple of months after purchase. I did not complain to Reimer, I just wrote it all off as a bad experience. As any grower will tell you, a refund of the few dollars you pay for the seed is no compensation for a failed crop, that is why we buy from different sources.

Re the "Follow instructions on the website" excuse, I say again, these seeds were grown alongside identical varieties from other sources, e.g. Rocoto v Rocoto. And seeds from other companies germinated well but not Reimers. My comment was only posted in November 04 as I wasn't aware of this forum before, I noticed it during another internet search and felt my comments would support those who had obviuosly shared the same experience as me. I do not make a habit of posting negative comments on the internet, but on this occasion I felt it was right to do so.

I should add that their Epazote seed germinated perfectly, and I planted the leftover seed the other day. All is not lost.
Negative grhalejr
(2 reviews)
On Aug 22, 2004, grhalejr Grand Prairie, TX wrote:

I should have checked this forum before ordering. I ordered 8 packages of seed from Reimer's. I cannot complain about the time of delivery, it was good. The prices for the seed were fair, even though there is a smaller amount of seed in the packs than I expected it is fair. The problem I had was with their "Shipping" and "Handling Fee". These are two seperate entries on the Sales Receipt. The "Shipping" is further defined under "Description" as "USPS First Class". I did receive the package in First Class mail. The postage that Reimer's actually paid was $.60 and yet they charged me $3.50. They also added "Handling Charges" under "Handling Fee" of $2.50. I contacted them complaining. They emailed back that the "Shipping", "USPS First Class" included packaging and selection of the items. I disagreed with them and explained that their listing of "Shipping", "USPS First Class" clearly defined the postage cost and nothing else.
They emailed me back with the following:
We are not overcharging. We explained the shipping charge.

Please order from another company in the future.

Customer Service

Reimer Seeds

This indicates to me that they are not interested in serving their customers or responding with a solution to complaints.

I feel that this company is using the double charges "Shipping" and "Handling Fee" for extra profit which should really be derived directly from the price of the seeds themselves, not these underhanded charges.

Gordon Hale
Grand Prairie, Texas

Negative katherine88
(8 reviews)
On Aug 10, 2004, katherine88 New Tripoli, PA wrote:

I ordered a few packets from reimer's, around 50 seeds, planted them all, using bottom heat which always worked good for me with pepper seeds. not one of them germinated. I too had hollow and cracked seeds. horrible place, steer clear!

On January 23rd, 2005, katherine88 added the following:

First of all, I ordered these seeds on july 30, 2004, and NOT in 2002. I didn't even know about reimer seeds in 2002. Reimer seeds is lying to all of you and telling you that I planted old seeds to make me look stupid. I did file a complaint with them, and was never replied to, much less refunded.
Negative cemcoatl
(2 reviews)
On Mar 20, 2004, cemcoatl Elgin, TX wrote:

the website is not easy to navigate plant listings are not correct . the botanical classifications for the peppers are incorrect for example; in one description the pepper is described as having hairy stems and leaves classified as capsicum annum clearly it is capsicum pubescens.(pubescens meaning little hairs) others c.annum for c. baccatum. Very little was paid on researching the plant classifications they should remove the above mentioned information to avoid confusion.

On July 27th, 2004, cemcoatl added the following:

Well I took a risk and ordered 8 packets of chile seeds from reimer. when I receved them this evening I took out my trusty magnifing glass The 100 seeds that I counted 58 of them were old, sterile, and broken. Some seeds were even hollow ,they also mix old seeds with new seed. Very dissaponiting. No wonder they have thet disclaimer on the shipping recipt If you don't follow their instructions on their web site you won't have success, they didn't mention the hollow seed part, nor the old and broken part ethier I definetly will never buy from them again. You just lost a customer.
Negative HabRob
(1 review)
On Feb 21, 2004, HabRob Bridgeport, PA wrote:

I ordered a variety of hot pepper seeds. Most of the seed varieties failed to germinate and the ones that did were not the same plant as the label indicated or what I ordered. I contacted reimer's about the zero germination rate and was told that the problem must be with my seed starting technique yet I've been growing peppers for 6 years and all the seeds I purchased from another source and using the same seed starting methods germinated just fine. I never bothered to contact them about the mis-labeling issue since it was months after purchasing the seeds before I actually found out. BEWARE OF THIS SEED SUPPLIER!!!!

On January 25th, 2005, HabRob added the following:

First of all I don't appreciate being called a liar. I stand by my review and opinion of Reimer's Seeds. I did not state when I placed my order in my initial review and I don't see how you could determine anything about me or my order from the information available on this site. I ordered 2 years prior to making my review and at that time this site either did not exist or I was not aware of its existence. At the time that I ordered, Reimers shipped seeds in small manila type envelopes and sent those in a standard unlined letter envelope. I only made one complaint which was responded to in a slow fashion(several weeks ,IIRC) much like their response time to the reviews here. It was evident that they had no intention of trying to make right on their poor quality product and I gave up on the issue as a lesson learned. I see this recent attempt by Reimer's to address and discredit their critics as ploy to dupe potential customers into giving them a chance for the quickly approaching growing season. My experience with Reimer's is mirrored all over the web at the various gardening and hot pepper forums by numerous people across the country. The negative comments here outweigh the positive 3 to 1. Are all these dis-satisfied customers, here and abroad, liars?? I think not and hope that any enthusiast searching for a seed supplier for this upcoming spring takes heed of the warnings issued here by those of us who have been duped and ripped off and make an informed decision. I've said all I'm going to say on this issue here but I will continue to communicate my experience and opinion to other hot pepper enthusiasts in the future IF and WHEN the topic of Reimer's comes up in discussion.
Negative johnnyolsen
(6 reviews)
On Feb 16, 2004, johnnyolsen Vejle, Jylland,
Denmark wrote:

"A wolf in sheeps clothing!" Nice website, nice selection of varieties! BUT the delivery charges are unreasonably high, i.e. 30 $ to ship half a kilo to Denmark. Furthermore the company did not inform me that I would need a so called "Phytosanitary certificate" to import tomato seeds, beet seeds and beans to Denmark. I think a company ought to know to know this and inform me, instead of just shipping me the seeds knowing that I probably would not get them anyway! When I wrote them back they where just rude to me, telling me to place an order once again and request a certificate which by the way costs 5 $ extra. This, plus having read about the company's bad germination rates, has made me confident that I will never do business with Reimer Seeds again... BEWARE OF THE WOLF!

On January 31st, 2005, johnnyolsen added the following:

It is true that I was able to cancel my order when presented for the delivery rates, but never the less I am still entitled to say my opinion about the rates..: I think they are too high!

Allthough it says in your "terms and conditions" that it is my responsibility to check with my local autorities wheter I need a Phytosanitary Certificate, I think it would be nice if Reimer Seeds had informed me about it - I did not notice it on your website and did not know anything about it until it was too late!

When contacting me you were very rude to me - not neccesary and very unprofessional!

The many ratings of your company still make a strong impression that you do not live up to the expectations of your customers.
Negative pinkangel420
(3 reviews)
On Jun 13, 2003, pinkangel420 Ilsan,
South Korea (Zone 6a) wrote:

I am also disappointed with the quality of chile pepper seeds I recently ordered from them this year. Out of 12 varieties, 5 failed to germinate for me despite my 15+ years of experience of starting plants from seed. As with the other two customers who had similar experiences, I was lectured on my poor seed starting practices and told that I was the first one to report such a problem. Shipping was an outrageous $6.50+ while the actual postage cost was 60 cents! I will never order from them again.

Negative PepperMan
(3 reviews)
On Jun 7, 2003, PepperMan wrote:

My experience with Reimer has been with chile pepper seeds. Their seed has EXTREMELY LOW GERMINATION rates and many of the packets I received had ZERO GERMINATION. This leads me to believe that they are not storing their seed properly or they are using very old seed.
When I brought this problem to their attention they replied stating that I was the first person to have logged a complaint regarding their pepper seed germination and that the problem I was having with their seed was a direct result of something I must be doing wrong when germinating. They went on the say that they run periodic germination tests that have not revealed poor results and that I should go to their website and follow their seed starting guidelines to a tee.
I replied mentioning that I had not had the same problem with other suppliers seed but just theirs. Reimer had total disregard for what I had to say and they never replied.
They did not ship the seeds with any protection therfore I ended up with crushed seeds in a few packets which they were kind enough to replace when I made them aware of it.
As for their shipping prices, I had two seperate seed orders which they charged a minimum of $5 shipping each. When when I recieved my plain white envelope, the postage was 46Ē on one and 63Ē on the other.

Bottom line; customer service was much to be desired, seed viability was ZERO to POOR at best, shipping practices and materials were inferior, and shipping charges were very much inflated.

On January 23rd, 2005, PepperMan added the following:

Reimer's reply to Garden Watch Dog complaints is a JOKE. Reimer states they "very seldom" get complaints about germination?
I have contacted them many times regarding this subject. They responded only the first e-mail with their standard reply about following their instructions. All my other e-mails went unanswered.
I also know of countless pepper growers I'm associated with here and at Garden Web's website that have complained about POOR to ZERO germination rates. See for yourself and do a search on the word(s) Reimer's or Reimer Seeds on Garden Web's site. I even included a link to these complaints on Garden Web when I e-mailed Reimer's. So they are FULLY AWARE of such complaints existing.

Reimer's also states that they ALWAYS REFUND or REPLACE seed shipments that didn't germinate. I can tell you first hand that they are laying. They only replaced 2 packets of the 5 packs of seed that arrived crushed. They NEVER replaced or refunded me on seeds that didn't germinate after I brought it to their attention.

I TOO WAS BANNED from purchasing seeds the following year when I thought I'd give them a second chance. And took a very long time and many complaints for them to credit my VISA account.

As for their eBay account, eBay buyers only have so many days to post feedback after winning an auction. Buyers may have tried germinating Reimer's garbage seeds well after the allotted time. Therefore making it impossible to leave feedback regarding germination.
Negative cactusman8
(10 reviews)
On Mar 2, 2003, cactusman8 San Marcos, TX (Zone 8b) wrote:

In spite of the enormous selection of pepper varieties available, which is a positive,I must report a problem with seed germination. Of 16 varieties ordered, 6 had very poor or no germination. Since conditions were identical, I suspect that the seed may be old. I contacted them to let them know what had happened, but their reply was somewhat terse and they proceeded to lecture me about how to germinate pepper seed. I've been starting my own pepper plants from seed for over 25 years and I feel confident in my procedures. They said germination tests would be run and I would be informed of the results. As of now, no reply.

Positive fbullock
(5 reviews)
On Jan 28, 2003, fbullock Colorado Springs, CO wrote:

Order was delivered quickly and had everything as ordered.
An extra package of seeds were included in the shipment.
Nice web site.

Positive Hickafric
(2 reviews)
On May 6, 2002, Hickafric wrote:

Reimer Seeds are great! With over 1,000 peppers/chilis & 250 varieties of tomato, there's SO much choice. The seeds arrived really quickly - I'm from the UK and it took around a week PLUS they sent two free packets of pepper seeds. Germination rate is high so far (some of the hotter chilis are taking a bit longer) - I couldn't be more pleased! Can't wait till next year.....

Positive Zonker_Dog
(7 reviews)
On Jan 30, 2002, Zonker_Dog Oklahoma City, OK (Zone 7a) wrote:

Reimer sells small packets of seeds, like Pepper Gal. The selection is fair, and they are adding varieties all the time. I ordered on-line and received an e-mail the next morning confirming the order. They sent another e-mail when the order was completed. I received the order in about a week. The order was complete with a complimentary package of fennel seeds. Pending starting the seeds I am pleased so far.

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