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Positive juliebeth
(1 review)
On Jun 2, 2017, juliebeth Maywood, IL wrote:

I order from them every year through QVC. Sometimes the plants get hurt during transport. If you call them right away they replace it without a problem. The plants are guaranteed for a year - so if perennials don't winter over and don't come back the next year, I call and they send new ones to replace them without an issue. Today I called to say that 1) my butterfly bushes wintered over in the garage perfectly and are growing beautifully this year; 2) the hibiscus did not - they are sending a new one; 3) the carpet sedum didn't do well last year and did not return this year - they have no more now, but will replace it next spring and gave me tips to grow it better; and 4) four of the six re-blooming day-lilies I got last year aren't regrowing this year as well as I would like - they are sending 4 replacements.
How could anyone say this isn't the best customer service around? I am thrilled to purchase from them with this kind of service.
Just call them at 888 593 3644. They are such a decent company to follow through on their guarantees and very nice on the phone.

Positive Sleepy3123
(1 review)
On Apr 24, 2017, Sleepy3123 Grand Junction, CO wrote:

Over the past 10 years we have purchased countless plants from Cottage Farms. We have NO complaints. First let me tell you Cottage Farms became a part of our lives when I had no clue about gardening. Each plant we have received has done very well. We have a beautiful yard with plants that our neighbors compliment and ask “where did you find that?” Thanks to Cottage Farms we have one of the best looking yards in our neighborhood. Of the 10 years purchasing plants from Cottage Farms, I can tell you we ONLY received one (1) order where the plants we in poor shape. This was NOT due to Cottage Farms, as they package their plants well and the soil is always moist when we receive the order. This was due to UPS, where it appears something was dropped on the box or stepped on. We contacted Cottage Farms and we received our replacement order with no questions asked. Quality is the word I use to describe Cottage Farms. From their amazing plants, customer service and great prices. Strongly Recommend!

Positive dojoson
(1 review)
On Feb 3, 2016, dojoson New Lisbon, NJ wrote:

I have ordered many plants from Cottage Farms, Roberta's and other online/tv sites as well as local and big box garden centers and sadly the dumpsters at said stores. I have had mostly positive reviews. I also met a certain ( host) who is just that, a host, but in real life he is very nice and knowledgeable about gardens. All gardens centers online or physical have both good and bad plants. The common problem I see in forums/blogs is people not arming themselves with information, requirements, zones, etc about plants before the public buys. For example the only butterfly bush that survives on my farm in NJ is the good old common bush, the recent new ones will not survive. Lavender/Tea roses/Peonies also are plants people buy not knowing they require a little more special treatment, but people buy them and plop then into the ground anyway. Normally a zone 7 plant isn't going to survive here in NJ but a house in the area has about an 1/2 + acre of Cannas and Elephant ear plants that they do not dig up in the winter or the gentleman with his 15+ fig tree, both require special mulching/wrapping. Knowledge/trial and error is the key. I am trying the new phenomenal and grosso Lavenders this 2016 year here in NJ (hot, humid, cold) and will let you know how it goes. PS as someone who did work at a (general shipping company) you would faint at the treatment of your packages, so take pictures of your destroyed package/plant, send it to both supplier/shipper and lets see how we can resolve this better in the future.

Positive lovemegarden
(1 review)
On Feb 10, 2015, lovemegarden Woodcrest, CA wrote:

I ABSOLUTELY love the quality of the plants I get from Cottage Farms. I have ordered from them for years and they have always been plants that thrive for me. I always follow their information care guide and have had tremendous success(including fertilizing OFTEN !!! My yard is filled with Cottage Farm plants and each year their plants get more beautiful AND I cannot wait to receive the new ones I ordered. Also,what an enjoyment it is to watch a Professional like Phillip Watson who is so knowledgeable, enjoyable and full of personality... he livens up the screen!!! Bottom line-buy from Cottage Farms and follow their information guide for planting and care and you'll enjoy the success in your garden that I have.

Positive VanGarden
(5 reviews)
On May 14, 2014, VanGarden Thibodaux, LA (Zone 9a) wrote:

I ordered 3 re blooming German irises from QVC /Cottage Farms less than two weeks ago.
I received them Monday. Very large and healthy plants.
Fast service and very satisfied with my shipment of plants.

Positive hmbell3
(2 reviews)
On Apr 29, 2013, hmbell3 Huntingdon, PA wrote:

I've ordered several items from Cottage Farms, both directly and through QVC, over the past few years. All my plant are beautiful!

Many of the negative and comments I've read, on this site and other sites, tend to suggest buying local "because you know what you're getting". I feel you should buy local if that works for you, but in my area, retailers make it tough to do. (Not just the nurseries. We remodeled our kitchen and had to buy online, too.) And it's really unfortunate, but the nurseries are expensive and don't stand behind what they sell here and there is very little variety.

We had a bad experience buying a Weeping Charry Tree a few years back. It died within a couple months. The nursery would only give us a percentage off a new tree if we brought the dead one back. I'm not sure how the problem had been resolved (if it even did get resolved), but there is no cherry tree on our property.

2 years ago I purchased a Reblooming Weeping Lilac Tree from Cottage Farms that was to have lavendar blooms. When it bloomed, the flowers were white. I called Cottage Farms to ask if this white tree was a rebloomer because that's what I was the reason I bought the tree. I wasn't so concerned about the color. The customer service person just automatically sent me a new one. I didn't have to return the tree, I didn't have to accept only a percentage off another of the same, etc. I believe I was offered a full refund had I wanted one.

I will continue to order from Cottage Farms and other mail-order companies because of the guarantees and the selections. Most of the yards in town (although very pretty) have the same ol' flowers, but my yard is unique. I love that!

The only thing I have to complain about, is that shipping costs have gone up over the past 2-3 years, but I think they all have. What hasn't gone up???

Positive djara
(1 review)
On Apr 4, 2012, djara Greenville, NC wrote:

Over the yrs I have ordered many plants from Cottage Farms via QVC. I have never had a problem with anything I ordered.

My favorite plants are my Angel Trumpets. If there is anything below a novice gardener, that's what I was when I got it. I just knew I kill them. They were grew like crazy the first yr and when the weather started to get cold, I was scared. I had lost the growing guide & couldn't remember how to "winter" my darlings. I called Cottage Farm directly & they told me how to do it & even told me how to make cuttings! Now 5 yrs later, not only do I have several Angel Trumpets, so do some of my neighbors & my family! All from the first 2 plants I received!!!

Keep up the good work, Cottage Farms!!!!

Positive kmo727
(1 review)
On May 31, 2011, kmo727 Shawnee Mission, KS wrote:

I have been purchasing plants from Cottage Farms for more than 10 years; first through QVC, then directly through Cottage Farms' online site. The company has always provided me with excellent customer service and reasonable prices for quality trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables. When, upon occasion, a plant arrives that is either in poor shape or already dead, I can conveniently e-mail them and request a new one or equal replacement at no cost to me. I did just that this spring, when a small blue Wisteria tree I purchased last year did not bud out this year. Within 7 business days from my e-mail, I have received a replacement questions asked. I just provided my order # from last year (save your receipt!) and they gladly replaced it. They have always provided quality products and great service. People need to accept the fact that shipping plants can sometimes kill them, and they will need to realize they may need to request replacement plants. If the replacements are poor as well, don't give up! Cottage Farms WILL make it right!

Positive homesteadgirl
(5 reviews)
On Mar 15, 2011, homesteadgirl middle TN, TN wrote:

I have bought hundreds of plants from Cottage Farms over the years. Even though I have had some problems with some plants, they are the best at responding to my e-mails and replacing the plants during the warranty period. I will continue to order from them and I hope they bring in some new plants that I haven't purchased already.

Positive capozziello
(1 review)
On Jun 16, 2010, capozziello East Hampton, CT wrote:

I ordered hedge roses, tree roses, strawberries, hibiscus,lilies,and clematis. Alot of what I bought was not in great condition but I called the company and they replaced what needed to be replaced and everything is growing great, except for the hibiscus. It still has not come up but overall I am happy with everything else. I would definitely buy roses from them again. The tree roses have bloomed and have the most fragrant blooms and they are gorgeous.

Positive joycerogers0713
(3 reviews)
On Apr 30, 2010, joycerogers0713 Wiggins, MS (Zone 8b) wrote:

I just received my order of 6 Pink Muhly Grass from Cottage Farms. They arrived only 4 days after ordering them on QVC. I must say I was surprised at how well they were packaged, and how beautiful and healthy all 6 plants were. The plants averaged $4.87 each and I was expecting tiny plugs. NOT SO!! The foliage had been cut back to about 10" and the root systems were awsome. I am very pleased! They will definately get my repeat business.

Positive drummerfro
(1 review)
On Jun 10, 2009, drummerfro Daphne, AL wrote:

My wife ordered 3 tree roses through QVC while recovering from surgery in April. They came in just fine and now are full of beautiful blooms and growing like crazy! Funny thing is we only live 20 miles from Cottage Farms and didn't know that they were coming from there! They had a plant sale last weekend and the same tree roses we bought from QVC at $49.00 a piece were only $4.00 on Saturday! As a matter of fact, their entire inventory was under $10.00! Must have been 300-400 people buying up everything in sight... We bought $79.00 worth of stuff that would have cost several hundreds of dollars. Might be worth a drive next year for some of you...

Positive robbylyn
(1 review)
On Jun 6, 2009, robbylyn Gautier, MS wrote:

I purchased a Marie Osmond, St. Joseph's Coat and an Heirloom Roses from QVC and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! All bloomed 30 + roses that lasted up to 4 wks. I planted them in pots and since they 've bloomed and had a good trimming, within 2 wks they have 4" growth and are about to bloom again! They have the best fragrance! When you see them again, try one, I recommend highly. RLK
P.S. I purchased these roses in mid April of 09!

Positive vo2727
(1 review)
On May 15, 2009, vo2727 Winchester, VA wrote:

I've ordered many plants from Cottage Farms--both through QVC and their website. I've ordered several types of roses--all of which are planted all in pots because I don't get enough sun in the yard. Some, but not all, of the 12 minature rose plants died after planting. I requested replacements for 3 on the website and, lo and behold, they sent me 12 replacement roses--not just the 3 I lost. They stay outside in pots over the winter (I live in North-Western Virginia). This is the 3rd year for them and they're already blooming. I've also several other plants, including lilies and hybiscus. The first year the hybiscus they didn't do alot, but last year they were all gorgeous and they all have shoots again this year. The oriental lilies were beautiful the first year out and the day lilies get better each year (I got replacements for some of those as well). They get an A from me for customer service and a B for quality of their plants.

Positive joanandwalter
(1 review)
On Apr 14, 2009, joanandwalter Nottingham, MD wrote:

Last spring I ordered the mini rose collection from QVC-cottage Farms.They arrived as scheduled and were healthy. I planted them in containers but they did not survive the winter here in Maryland. I called Cottage Farms and without any hassle they agreed to send me replacements. My experience with Cottage Farms in the past has also been very positive. I will continue to order from this company.

Positive Patt52
(9 reviews)
On Mar 22, 2009, Patt52 Rydal, GA (Zone 7b) wrote:

I have ordered from this company before and have always
had good service and healthy plants arrive to my home. I placed an order for 3 Butterfly bushes in November to arrive this Spring. I just received them a couple of days ago. They
are very strong rooted plants and I can't wait to watch them
grow and attract all the butterflies. I did have to call them one time because the Hibiscus that I ordered didn't perform well,
but they replaced them all. I would recommend this company
to anyone!

Positive bamabecky
(1 review)
On Mar 15, 2009, bamabecky Destin, FL wrote:

so far that is. last year i purchased a blue rose of sharon hibiscus tree from cottage farms through qvc. i did not plant it soon enough and it never came out of dormancy. i completely forgot about the replacement policy until december at which time i contacted cottage farms. i was told that they would replace the tree at no cost to me and would send it at the appropriate planting time. again, i forgot about it until low and behold i came home from work last wednesday and it was here. it came with bare roots that were still damp and there are buds all over the branches. i will keep you posted on how it fairs.

Positive selmasoo
(3 reviews)
On Jun 26, 2008, selmasoo Ravenswood, WV (Zone 6a) wrote:

We had purchased a TREE ROSE 36" NOVELTY BI-COLORED from Cottage Farms several weeks before Mother's Day, which was a gift to me from my husband and daughter. When it arrived, though a *little* later than expected, it looked quite healthy. It has now been a little over two months since we planted it and it is full of buds and some beautiful bright pink and white swirled blooms! Great price we paid also ~ just $17.99,(on sale). Couldn't be happier! =)

Positive Etelka
(1 review)
On Jun 17, 2008, Etelka Youngstown, OH wrote:

Cottage Farms has replaced a rose tree within a timely manner and has reponded immediately to a DOA plant order. One was ordered through QVC and the other direct. I will continue purchasing from them.

Positive agastachegrl
(5 reviews)
On May 30, 2008, agastachegrl Eden Prairie, MN wrote:

Cottage Farms is a classy, customer oriented company as far as my own experiences. Some things come bare root and with time, patience and a little love, most turn out to be beautiful. I've gardened for years and have always been happy with theirs and Roberta's products, via QVC. Both companies are good about replacements and seem happy to help when contacted. I've ordered many, many plants... Sumatra lilies, Honeysuckles, Trumpet vines, Lionotis, Delphiniums, Foxgloves and more. 99% of the time both companies send healthy plants and if not, they're replaced. Keep up the good work Cottage Farms and Roberta's!!

Positive tempoper59
(4 reviews)
On May 15, 2008, tempoper59 Farmdale, OH wrote:

I purchased hundreds of orders with Cottage Farms via QVC. Because I requested many replacement orders with them, QVC will NOT let me order anything else through Cottage Farms. I thought I knew QVC, but they do not put the customer first. I love Cottage Farms, and have landscaped my yard for the last three years with their products. I would recommend them very highly, as they have plants that my local nursery does not have. I now will only shop with Cottage Farms Direct, as I have never had any problems with them directly. QVC lost a very good customer, and will lose more if they continue these ridiculous policies. QVC does not put the customer first, it is the bottom line.

On June 4th, 2008, tempoper59 added the following:

I want to make a correction to my comment. QVC never told me why I am not allowed to order anything else via Cottage Farms, so I took it was due to replacements. I have learned that it is due to cancellations. These orderes were only cancelled due to some hard times I was going through.
On June 15th, 2008, tempoper59 changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

I am changing my neutral to a negaive. This is not for Cottage Farms, but for QVC.
On June 17th, 2008, tempoper59 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

I am making a correction about Cottage Farms. I do not want my feedback to affect the ratings of Cottage Farms. This is not about Cottage Farms, but QVC. I love Cottage Farms, so my feedback is definetely a Positive.
Positive PamWard
(3 reviews)
On May 13, 2008, PamWard Oxford, CT wrote:

I have purchase many items from Cottage Farms over the years, both from the company directly and from QVC and my experiences have been positive. I have had a few issues with the items, but they have always replaced them with no problems. When calling them, I have always been able to speak with someone and never have I gotten a busy phone.

When Cottage Farms tells you that an item will be marked or bagged with a tag, that is how it comes. Their packaging is great.

Positive IAmBlessed
(1 review)
On May 2, 2008, IAmBlessed Houston, TX wrote:

I was amazed over all the negative comments! I ordered several items from Cottage Farms via QVC: Calla LIly Collection w/fertilizer, 50pc Cream/Crop Strawberry Collectiion, 8 pc. Chef's Heiloom Tomato Garden, and a 36" Pink Fountaini Tree Rose. I also ordered 3 types of the Bud 'N Flower Bloom Fertilizers - Rose, Fruit and Vegetables, and Flower Booster. I did not know what to expect so I waited - my orders were received at appropriate times for my region. I was told that the tree rose will come bare-root (had no clue). I planted it in a container in my backyard, feed it the rose food and within a couple of weeks, I noticed greenery. Now, after 6 weeks, I have beautiful mini pink roses blooming and they smell good. I am a container gardner ... I planted a bunch of strawberries in a 15" planter --- beautiful plants are growing with lots of flowers and fruit. The tomatos are a different story. Some thrived after potting, some different however, they were quickly replaced when I called QVC. Matter of fact, the replacements were as dry as the initial order (I live in the Gulf Coast). I replaced the dead ones, fed them and currently, after 2 weeks, beautiful plants that are 5 times the size with flowers. I also wanted to test using the Calla Lilly collection --- I planted 3 bulbs in a 6' pot. The came with their own fertilizer and I initially used it but changed to the Cottage FArms Bud 'N Booster. I now have beautiful stalk and leaves growing!
To all the negative people ... I am sorry for your experiences however, I too spent a lot of money at QVC, some have been returned or replaced. I liked the quick service I received and I like Cottage Farms so much that I just placed an order directy from them today! QVC no longer has the fertilizer I like for my fruit/vegies so I am getting it directly from the source. So far, Cottage Farms, I like your products and your plants.

Positive gardening_diva
(2 reviews)
On Apr 28, 2008, gardening_diva Arkadelphia, AR wrote:

I ordered several products from cottage farms recently. The plants arrived in excellent condition. They were all labeled and packed neatly. I ordered cannas, mini roses, hibiscus, and oriental poppies. The plants seem to be doing well. I am not an expert gardener, but it appears that even I can't mess these up.

Positive memart
(1 review)
On Apr 27, 2008, memart Mountain Top, PA wrote:

My daughter bought me a tree hydrangea as a birthday gift in March. It was delivered on April 25, which was the perfect planting time for our area. It was in great condition and larger than I expected. The buds are swollen and ready to open. We planted it today, and my only complaint is that there were no planting instructions, but I have a friend with a "green thumb" who helped me. At the same time my daughter bought herself four bush hydrangeas and they are beautiful. Two even arrived with blooms almost ready to open. A few years ago she bought a cherry tree that looked almost like a dead stick when it arrived, but you should see it now! The only problem with it is the birds that eat the cherries before she gets them!

Positive scully931
(9 reviews)
On Apr 17, 2008, scully931 Pittsburgh, PA wrote:

I've been ordering from Cottage Farms for a few years now. I really like their company. I've lost a few plants along the way, but they are always quite friendly about sending replacements. My Harry Lauder's Walking Stick - not a cheap plant - didn't do much last year. (As in, no leaves at all until fall, well after I had already requested a new one.) No problem! They are sending me a new one this year. I just received my wisteria and bamboo today and both are much larger than I expected. Really, quite a nice company. I think they had some growing pains the first couple of years they were on QVC, but it all seems to be resolved and I would order from them again in a second. :-)

Positive lilliev
(1 review)
On Apr 13, 2008, lilliev Wilmer, AL wrote:

Last year I bought a "Blue" Rose of Sharron and a Japanese Red Maple tree from Cottage Farms and QVC. They are growing and blooming like they should be.

Positive ItsAMiracle
(1 review)
On Apr 11, 2008, ItsAMiracle Lynn Haven, FL wrote:

I always say, take time to...
play in the dirt.

(That way I am not too disappointed when the flowers don't grow.) LOLLLLL

No really, I love fiddling outside with flowers, love the sunshine but suffer with a severe gardening knowledge deficit. This means that it is truly miraculous when anything grows...and even more remarkable when it blooms and/or returns the next year!

Last year I placed an order for the first time with QVC for 3 Cottage Farms rose bushes, 3 hibiscus, 3 hydrangeas and tons of daylillies. (Must have been pretty hormonal that day.) My hope and ambition can only be attributed to the certainty of the CF rep and the QVC host, that the process was absolutely fool proof, completely guaranteed, and yes Virginia, even I could become a successful gardener.

Despite my usual failure rate, there were only a few plants that did not grow last year. QVC promptly refunded the cost of those plants. This year...I have growing plants! There are little green leaves on the hibiscus bushes. I have gorgeous blooming daylillies! (Who knew?) The rose bushes are absolutely covered with buds, and the quality of the rose bushes compared to the quality of the other bushes I have had that came from the local garden shop is phenomenal. Rich green leaves, thick long stems...(I wonder what would happen if I had remembered to fertilize?)

Will I order again from Cottage Farms? YOU BET! They even make ME look good!

That is right, I didn't mention the hydrangeas. They were tiny, and unfortunately their demise was at the hands of an absent minded hubby and his lawn mower. Apparently there are some gardening problems that even a superb company like Cottage Farms can't resolve.

Positive lsu630
(1 review)
On Apr 7, 2008, lsu630 Slidell, LA wrote:

On Sunday, March 16th I ordered a butterfly magnolia and 6 hydrangeas. On Wednesday, March 19th they arrived. I was a bit concerned as I was going out of town Thursday and Friday. I took the hydrangeas out of the box and placed them outside under cover until I could get back and plant them. They were a nice size and healthy. On Easter Sunday (March 23rd) I unboxed the butterfly magnolia;It had several closed buds on it - healthy! Twelve days later (April 4th) it has already bloomed and is absolutely beautiful! The following Sunday, March 30th I planted the hydrangeas. So far, they are doing well. I look forward to purchasing again from Cottage Farms!

Positive Suncoast
(1 review)
On Apr 1, 2008, Suncoast Senoia, GA wrote:

I recently purchased the 8 piece Fireball hedge rose collection from Cottage Farms through QVC. After ordering, I discovered this website and was concerned about the negative comments. My order was shipped on a Friday and was delivered the following Tuesday. I got exactly what I ordered, it was packed well and each of the 8 plants were in excellent condition and no distress. I've since planted them and so far so good. They have all taken on new growth already and look healthy. Only time will tell. This was my first experience ordering plants through the mail, and I will definitely be ordering from Cottage Farms again.

Positive cjwarren001
(1 review)
On Mar 25, 2008, cjwarren001 Watertown, WI wrote:

I am just voiceing my thoughts. I have numerous ordering pending on QVC for plants, bulbs and trees from CF. After reading many of the reviews, I was tempted to cancel my orders, but I did not.I am going to give CF a chance to provide me with healthy plants as promised.Being in Quality Control myself, I find that many people want something for nothing.I plan on my plants arriving healthy and ready for planting. I will provide them with the water,food and care they need to thrive.You cannot expect to have plants live without the proper care. I will write again when my orders arrive and will update as the growing season proceeds...stay tuned.

Positive flowergem
(2 reviews)
On Feb 16, 2008, flowergem Farmington, CT wrote:

I have ordered from them a few times. The plants have mostly grown very well. The main point for me is that, when I had any difficulty at all, their customer service has been helpful and generous. So, I am more than satisfied with this company

Positive littlebit63
(2 reviews)
On Jun 14, 2007, littlebit63 Dyersburg, TN wrote:

I love Cottage Farms. I have never been one to trust mail order when it comes to live plants. So i surprised myself when I bought their 12 piece mini rose collection and the 4 hardy hibiscus last yr(2006) thru QVC.
Each and every plant that I bought arrived in great health. All the roses and two of the hibiscus bloomed.

This yr a friend and I went in together and placed a large order from QVC. Together we bought 3 Rose Trees, Chocolate Vine, Nelly Moser Clematis, and Ice Plants. This was in addition to the 10 piece mini rose collection and the Chicago Peace Rose Tree I had already ordered.
We did lose a few of the plants this yr, I lost 2 mini roses and my friend lost her clematis and rose tree. But I contacted Cottage Farms and I have already gotten the replacements for everything but the rose tree.

My rose trees are doing wonderful, I currently have blooms on all of them and all 22 of the mini roses are either blooming or budding.Including the two that just arrived.. My hibiscus from last yr are putting on lots of buds, so I expect lots of flowers on them. Even the pink ice is beginning to bloom. The Chocolate Vine is growing slowly but surely.

I will continue to do business with Cottage Farms.

Positive CLIF5441
(1 review)
On May 26, 2007, CLIF5441 Stockton, CA wrote:

I have been ordering from them for 6 years thru their website and QVC. This was the first year that I had a tree rose die and they replaced it immediately. I had bought it from QVC and they sent a new one. Last year they sent me a wrong color of the hibiscus tree I ordered and they sent me the right one this spring. The one that was sent as the wrong color I did not have to return and it growing beautifully. I have tried Roberta's and have not had any success, probably because I live in the dry hot summer of central Ca. I have ordered hibiscus,day lillies, roses,scabiosa,magnolia trees,lilacs,hydragena tree,hibiscus trees,etc. and I have had wonderful experience with them. I think we have to order plants that are suitable for our zone to be successful.

Positive kriswalker
(4 reviews)
On May 24, 2007, kriswalker Sheridan, AR wrote:

I recently purchased three Emerald Rose sets through QVC from Cottage Farms, and I was so thrilled that I located the company and ordered additional items directly from the company. I am a little concerned about the true identity of the people who posted negative comments about this company. I order from Springhill, Breck's, Michigan Bulb and shop my local Lowe's and Home Depot for plants. I have a beautiful 1.5 acre homesite and lots of room for gardening - thank heavens for Cottage Farms when it comes to specialty trees or unique plants that I can't find elsewhere. Their prices are great and thus far, everything I've ever received has been nothing shy of what they promised. I am currently working on a new website where I can let everyone know about our garden progress, as we just purchased a new home (new for us, built in 84) and we've been updating INSIDE the home, but now we're working OUTSIDE. However, due to a wreck in March, I'm recovering from a broken leg and am having to rely on helpful family/friends to help me plant my plants but I'm NOT new to gardening as this is our third home (and final purchase, we hope!). I'll be proud to tell everyone that I got my roses and my weeping cherries from Cottage Farms.

On June 6th, 2007, kriswalker added the following:

Have received another shipment of plants from Cottage Farms, and while they are a little small compared to others such as Sooner Plant Farm, etc., they are healthy and are doing well! My rose is budding out and so are the ones I gave to my mother and sister. My sister is moving so she put her rose in a bucket with potting soil and it's doing very well! The tree has new growth all over it. I also had ordered some hydrangeas and other plants - small but healthy!
Positive rochonjo
(1 review)
On May 10, 2007, rochonjo Superior, WI wrote:

We LOVE Cottage Farms!! We have been purchasing from them for at least 6 years and have never had a negative experience. Yes, we did have to contact them twice about plants that did not come back the following year however they were always very nice and extremely helpful. I thought their custmer service was outstanding!! We have bought close to $1,000 worth of plants and bulbs from them over the years. I can honestly say we refer CF to family and friends all the time! Only an extremely statisfied customer would do that. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories. I do however have a hard time believing that CF has given them a hard time about any of their past 1 year purchases. Their guarantee is outstanding and they have stood by it with us everytime

Positive jbm758
(1 review)
On Apr 24, 2007, jbm758 Centreville, MD wrote:

I have ordered many plants from Cottage Farms thru QVC. Never, EVER, had a problem. They have the best variety and customer service. If you do have a problem however you must call within the time allowed. Obviously they are not going to replace something ordered 2 years ago. So order with confidence. Phillip knows his stuff ! He definately should have his own show ! A +++ to Cottage Farms !

Positive GRANNYMIN67
(1 review)
On Apr 22, 2007, GRANNYMIN67 Grand Bay, AL wrote:

First to the person who said C.F.D. no longer has a web site, they are mistaken, it is now up-graded & absolutely beautiful. I worked for C.F.D. For 12 years, and sadly had to retire at age 69, because of health. I still order from them, & they are the most concenious people ever. They will work with you and for you, any way possible. My tree roses are just absolutely gorgeous, as is everything else I have ever purchased from them. I may no longer work for this company, but I will certainly continue purchasing my plants from them.

Positive lilusgarden
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On Apr 1, 2007, lilusgarden Charlotte, NC wrote:

I was glad to read the recent posting of the gardener who is in year 2 with their miniature rose garden. I just planted my 8 mini roses after purchasing a few weeks ago. I held off on planting a couple of weeks since we were having a little late cold weather, but replanted the plants in some peat pots and kept them indoors until safe to plant. Yes, they were small plants, but the price was only 20 bucks (or close) for 8 plants! They arrived in good condition. One even had a bloom. After a little tender loving care, they seem to be doing quite well. So far, so good and I will purchase again.

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