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Neutral trudii
(2 reviews)
On Apr 20, 2013, trudii Charleston, SC (Zone 8a) wrote:

I ordered two earthboxes and got them planted earlier this week. I would not be leaving feedback so soon if it was not for the customer service interaction. I called to let them know a third earthbox had arrived a couple days after the first two, but I had not ordered it nor been billed for it. I thought I was doing the right thing by letting them know but the customer service rep was rude, sounding exasperated that I would bother her. After being put on hold several times she finally said they would send out FedEx to pick it up. No 'thanks' just leave it on the porch.

If the earthbox works well this summer, I will buy from them again, but avoid customer service if at all possible.

Neutral showgarden
(3 reviews)
On Aug 1, 2010, showgarden Haymarket, VA wrote:

I bought six earth boxes. Used the recommended potting soil and earthbox's dolomite and fertilizer as prescribed.
I planted 7 chili variants, 6 tomato variants, Zuchini, Egg-plant, Beans, Watermellon and melons.

Here is my breakdown as compared with the same plants planted in a traditional vegetable garden I have.

Eggplant: works reasonably but the yield is pretty low to make it worthwhile.
Chili: Worthwile
Tomatoes: Not worth it. All my tomatoes in earthbox comes out 1/3 the side compared to my tomatoes planted in my vegetable garden in relatively poor soil. Beafsteaks are about 1 1/2" accross which is a joke.
Beans: Not worth it, too low yield per plant.
Zuchini: Definitely worth it and is what I will use the boxes for in future as I can keep a better eye on the diseases and borers when in EB.
Watermellon and Mellons: Not Worth it:
They are way too water hungry for an earth box and really need to be planted in traditional beds. I had to spend filling the reservoir twice per day for an EB with 2 watermellon plants in it which makes it impractical.

So, in general it is a great solution for people living in the city with very limited space and where you cannot compare with a traditional bed, but otherwise it just doesnt scale well when compared with a traditional vegetable garden. The results are huge comparing the fruit from traditional gardens and the EB which gives way smaller results in general.

So, in all fairness it gets a neutral from me.

Neutral we_luv_cats
(1 review)
On May 1, 2009, we_luv_cats Frederick, MD wrote:

I was given an Earth Box for Mother's day last year. I did buy the planting kit from Earth Box it was expensive.

My first complaint is that planting an Earth Box is a back breaking job.

I can not see how anyone with physical limitations or back pain can do this. My mother in law purchased these last year to make gardening easier for my father in law who has heart and lung problems. He loves planting and growing.

I am a healthy person who is well aware of proper body mechanics not to injure oneself, yet after planting my inlaw's four boxes I was in pain for a day or two.

I did not even want to bother with my Earth Box after that experience.

I felt obligated since it was a gift from them. I planted two cherry tomatoes and some herbs. That turned out well.

Even though it states that only the fertilizer strip and dolomite have to be removed and the dirt can be reused, I decided to dump everything. Good thing I did since I found several slugs in the bottom.

I wanted to replant with fresh potting mix and purchase just the dolomite and the fertilizer strip from Earth Box this year.

Earth Box does not sell those without the dirt. Shipping costs on the entire package is too much since I can buy potting mix locally.

I read all the forums on the Earth Box website to see what compatible products where out there. I had difficulty finding dolomite. Grinding garden lime in a blender to get the right consistancy isn't something I really wanted to do to get the small amount I need.

After much aggravation I put in a search engine "where to buy dolomite/Earth Box."

Luckily for me there is a nursery in my area that sells the Earth Box, the staking kit (which is pathetic) and a replanting kit.

The replanting kit has just the dolomite and the fertilizer. So why doesn't Earth Box sell it directly on their website?

I still had to buy an expensive heavy plastic bale package of Promix BX potting medium. That is the best they say on the forums.

The forums are filled with folks with a wealth of information regarding everything and anything pertaining to Earth Boxes.

Truthfully, if I had not found the replanting kit for the Earth Box, I was going to go back to my old ways of planting tomatoes in any container with Miracle Grow soil and fertilizer with a stake.

Its easier, costs less and isn't so much work overall..and no slugs!

I am still dreading doing the replanting. At least this year I am only doing one for me and two for my inlaws.

On May 1, 2009, EarthBox responded with:

"On Nov 22, 2009 8:45 PM, EarthBox responded with:

Hi, everyone. I just wanted to let you know that EarthBox Replant Kits and Organic Replant Kits are available at This item includes a pre-measured bag of fertilizer and dolomite and 2 Patented EarthBox Covers. Just what you need to get your EarthBox Garden ready to go. "

Neutral JakeDean
(1 review)
On Apr 26, 2008, JakeDean Deer Park, WA wrote:

If people are having bad luck with ordering a earthbox or is sick of there poor customer service Garden patch has a similar product for less $$.

Neutral mwareha
(2 reviews)
On May 19, 2006, mwareha San Diego, CA (Zone 9b) wrote:

The earth boxes really work, and it is a great product. That being said it is very difficult to get a hold of one. I have been waiting almost a month, and still there is no tracking number, and whenever I call in I get the same story that they are unable to give me a tracking number because they can not find my order because it was placed online. I am able to pull up my order history via the Web site. My only advice would be to order about three months before you want to plant - this way you are not behind the 8 ball in getting your crops in the ground.

Neutral Roberta1217
(2 reviews)
On May 7, 2006, Roberta1217 West Covina, CA wrote:

Purchased EB after a recommendation from a gardening professional as something which might meet my needs as I am both elderly and disabled. Placed my first order for 10 EBs via phone and had some problems with the attitude of the person taking the order. Never received confirmation of order despite having both home address and e-mail. Decided to order stakes and casters but this time by mail. Again failed to acknowledge order. I had to call them. Credit card was charged 19 days after they received order; it is now over 30 days since card was charged and no accessories despite statement by phone that should have been received this past week. So far am off to a bad start because outside dogs have destroyed the box covers to get to organic fertilizer strip. Also have found trying to put other than the smallest of transplants into hole through the cover has resulted in jamming in the roots and wishing the plants well!

Neutral wailan
(1 review)
On May 5, 2006, wailan Anchorage, AK wrote:

Earthbox is ok for folk who lack gardening ability or perhaps have dissability issues or limitations as to where they can garden.............i.e. the apartment/condo dweller. My issue with Earthbox is that I felt my box was overpriced. I went to and found a way to make a homemade Earthbox for much less. Also, I do a considerable amount of container gardening and I just didn't find my Earthbox to be any more productive then my other containers. I place my larger containers inside even larger containers to create a pot-within-a-pot and this greatly reduces dehydration in the hot sun and also I put the entire set up in a tray (plastic oil change pans from the local big box hardware store). I fill this with water and my containers wick this up. Also, the Earthbox folks claim that healthy plants require consistent fertilizer and they don't recommend fertilizers mixed with water. I disagree. I use an organic fertilizer that I mix with water and fill my waters pans with. My mix ratio is "consistent" and my watering schedule is "consistent".

I can't disparage Earthbox. I think it is a great product for some comes in a complete kit......."Just add water and plants", but I don't think it is a revolutionary breakthrough either.

Neutral ElizabethK
(12 reviews)
On Sep 19, 2005, ElizabethK Mars, PA wrote:

This year was the first time I purchased and used Earthboxes. I must admit, I have not had the best of luck. It's partly my fault (I idid not keep the resoviors full enough) and Mother Nature did not help out much here in PittsbuGH--we had an extremely hot summer. My first planating of corn died within weeks. Although late, I am trying corn again. My spinach and lettuce faired better, but tjhe results were not "magicall'. Also, it could be the plants that I usedl
One of the plants I grew were free Maxim strawberries, sold by either Miller or Stark. They grew big, dark, healthy leaves. I just did not get any strawberries. Not even one. I also tried pumpkins which rotted and melons that are still the same size as golf balls! I started them in May!
Does anyone know if EarthBox has some sort of forum or chat room to get suggestions and ideas? Can I overwinter the strawberries in the garage and expect a bumber crop next year; It sure would be nice after spending so much . Has anyone had great luck and, if so, with what kind o ff plants, and when, etc. I will try again next year. Hopefully things will work out.

Neutral bulubulu
(1 review)
On May 12, 2005, bulubulu Aliso Viejo, CA wrote:

Itís ok, but not as magical as their AD says.

I bought one earthbox. So far I tried tomato, cucumber, beans and herbs in it. Itís OK, but not as magical as their AD says.

I say that because I have plant exactly the same thing in two 5-gallon pots as comparison. The pots are just those normal black plastic pots that come with big plants I bought from Home Depot. I used same seeds or small plants to start, same potting mix, same fertilizer, same hydrated lime for tomato (as suggested in the EarthBox instruction). And when I add water to the earthbox, I water the 5-gallon pots as well. The yields are both good, but the earthbox is not doing better than the pots.

Actually for the fertilizer part, earthbox suggested 2 cups per box. I followed that. But for my 5-gallon pots, I followed the instruction on the fertilizer package. I actually used less fertilizer for my pots. Earthbox claimed it consumes 50% less fertilizer. Well, I donít think so. But thatís not a big deal anyway.

I see other reviews say the earthbox is doing better than the plants in the ground. I wonít be surprised. In the earthbox we are using potting mix which is way better than the ground soil; and we use a lot of fertilizer.

So, I think itís a good product, but not magical. For first time gardeners it sure will be exciting to see things grow. But if you put the same effort on some big pots, you will get similar results.

I did learn a lot while using it though. For example lots of platns favor soil with higher PH, and thatís why we use hydrated lime.

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