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Negative OhioDave2
(1 review)
On Sep 5, 2018, OhioDave2 Mentor, OH wrote:

This company is definitely a piece of work. All previous comments regarding it being difficult and a waste of time are true. I purchased seeds that failed to sprout like others have. I've grown plants from seeds for decades so I'm not new to gardening. The seeds from another package had approx. 40% germination, they claim they have high germination ratio. I wrote to them, they were just as others said. I will give them this , they did send me another package of seeds. The package that did germinate and grow , produced bright pink flowers. They were supposed to be blue. Amazingly bad quality control. Do not bother with "Outsidepride"

Negative dboy53
(2 reviews)
On May 9, 2018, dboy53 Milwaukee, WI wrote:

Beware - this is a company to avoid. I ordered grass seed from this company and spent a few hundred dollars. All down the drain. While some of the seeds germinated, most did not and much of what germinated did not survive, despite being planted and cared for by an experienced landscaper. But here's what's really BAD about this company - their complete lack of customer service. They have a 24 hr call center for orders but NO number for customer service. If you have a problem you're told to email the company and then guess what? - NO RESPONSE. My recommendation: Avoid this company. Period.

Negative VooDooU
(1 review)
On May 9, 2018, VooDooU Yankton, SD wrote:

Please allow this post as I want to warn fellow gardeners about a shady company who sells online, on Ebay and on Amazon... a US company that appears to be on the up and up. Please share this warning to other garden groups I would hate for anyone else to go through what I have and lose money like I have.

In January I ordered 3 packets of seeds from, blue cupid dart seeds, white cupid dart seeds and yarrow seeds. Each were 4.99 a packet + shipping. Later I purchased fernleaf bleeding heart seeds for my mothers new home. I am no novice with seeds but I have not grown any of these seeds before so I read everything and followed all the instructions, even verified on other websites. Fast forward and all seeds have been planted, the yarrow looks great but nothing from the others. I double check and take the next step in the bleeding heart's process but the cupid darts should have been long up.

April 9th I emailed customer service explaining about the cupid dart seeds not germinating and if they could offer any insight and perhaps replacement seeds. I spoke to Candy. She was rude and blamed me for them not germinating saying that I planted them both too shallow and too deep and that because I used potting soil I killed the seeds with fertilizer. I tried these seeds two ways in two different soils by the way. I bit my lip and said I would give them another shot.

During this time I found someone online that knew the seeds well and said they were easy! I located another vendor, purchased the seeds and planted them. Nearly all have come up and still nothing on my final test from Outsidepride's seeds.

On May 2nd I replied to Candy and explained what I had found. I got nothing, no replies. I tried calling them but the number is only for orders and is just a call center. I went to Facebook and at first the Facebook crew was trying to help and gave me another customer service rep to contact. I did so and waited... nothing. I went back to Facebook and I was told "I'm very sorry for your experience. Candy is excellent in customer service. I have to trust that she knows what she's doing.". I asked by doing what, she hasnt done anything but ignore me and I just want this taken care of. This went back and forth a bit and in the end I was told "There is not going to be any further assistance to you."

I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I made a post on their Facebook page which they removed and blocked me from posting. Please spread the word! I am out nearly $20 with shipping and this company is knowingly selling bad seeds and then refusing to make good. I wish I had purchased from them on Amazon or Ebay, at least I would have had some protection, but using their own website I have none.

Negative andrew4ceo
(2 reviews)
On Mar 30, 2018, andrew4ceo Garden Grove, CA wrote:

Purchased their blackjack bermuda seeds directly from their site and none of it germinated. Should have read their warranty / return policies before I spent any money on this shady company.

Basically, if the seeds don't germinate it's your fault.

I sent a detailed explanation of how I prepared the soil etc etc and made a mistake of typing 1.8" instead of 1/8" and they said that's why my seed failed. I planted it "too deep".

This was a bare spot touchup job so no way I would dig 2 inch deep. It was a simple soil tilling, removing all dead grass and weeds, adding peat moss, leveling, applying the seeds and then applying a top coat of lawn soil at a depth of 1/8".

I've had better success with the stuff I get at home depot. (Scott's and Pennington)

Negative slylikea
(1 review)
On Jul 24, 2017, slylikea Cutchogue,
United States wrote:

Purchased 2- 25 bags of fescue for heavily shaded area. Also purchased 5 lbs. of pure POA which should be mixed at about a 10-20 to one ratio due to the high cost of poa. ( 5lbs. @ $ 180.00 ) The theory is the poa will eventually become the dominate grass. The problem is it will not grow. I set up 3 pots to start a sample batch to see what each seed looks like after it sprouts. The two fescues filled in nicely and nothing grew in the poa planter. I tried the poa again and got the same results. It seems as though the POA seed I rec'd must have been sterile ?? Don't know why it won't grow but my emails to Outsidepride go unanswered. Pretty much tossed away $ 180.00 I matters to me but evidently not to outsidepride.. Lesson learn Shame on them. Unhappy customer from eastern LI farm country

Negative iridescentpixi
(2 reviews)
On Apr 19, 2017, iridescentpixi Livingston, MT wrote:

The product I received from Outsidepride had a large number of mystery seeds mixed in with the seeds I had ordered, as well as viable parasites. I contacted the company about the problem and for a refund. My claim was dismissed, and I was treated with contempt and blame.
The only thing I can recommend with Outsidepride is to stay far, far away.

Negative morganhill
(1 review)
On Oct 20, 2016, morganhill wrote:

Ordered Myosotis Sylvatica, Purple Coneflower Echinacea, Rudbeckia Hirta Gloriosa Daisy, Plains Coreopsis, and Lychnis Coronary seeds from Outside Pride in march 2016.

The Plains Coreopsis did very well and the Myosotis sprouted but didn't flower, probably due to the dry weather we had last spring and summer in Vermont.

But the 5000 Gloriosa seeds produced only one flower, while other Rudbeckia Hirtas I ordered from a different company thrived massively. The Purple Coneflowers also didn't yield anything and I know from previous experience that they are usually easy to grow and are first season bloomers. For now I'll give them the benefit of the doubt because of the dry weather, but I suspect I got mediocre seeds since the other company's seeds did fine. I will update about these after next summer.

My real problem was with the Lychnis Coronary seeds. They were labeled as such but were in fact Silene Armeria seeds! And they didn't do too well either (5 flowering plants out of 5000 seeds) despite the fact that this plant is very easy to grow, even in the worst of conditions.

Negative tr_garden
(1 review)
On Jun 30, 2015, tr_garden Hillsboro, NH wrote:

I purchased China Aster Seeds in 2014 and I had great germination success. The following year (2015) I bought more seeds but NO seeds germinated and the seeds from 2014 had poor results. I contacted Outside Pride and got a response basically interrogating me about how the seeds were started. I have been gardening for more than 30 years, I am a Master Gardener and I have a small greenhouse business and also a vendor at our local Farmers' Market. Frankly, I know what I'm doing but the huge number of questions asked by Outside Pride made it sound like I didn't know what I was doing. After I was responded about how I started the plants I have not heard anything back from them. It's not the money but the reliability of a company's products that bothers me and lack of getting back to me for an explanation. Apparently the sides were old and not viable, especially the 2015 seeds

Negative Homers4737
(1 review)
On Jun 26, 2015, Homers4737 Marble Hill, GA wrote:

Customer NO service. Let me explain that when calling the number listed for Outsidepride, it appears to be ONLY an ANSWERING ORDER SERVICE (who can only TAKE ORDERS or SEND EMAILS in regards to orders) even during normal business hours. THREE times I have called to resolve this and I'm told some one will be in touch via email. I requested to speak with some one from this company and was told I could not. I CANNOT GET ANY ONE ON THE PHONE but and ANSWERING SERVICE to help me, nor have I received any email. It has been two days (48 hours) since I first called and I have yet to get a response. June 20th I placed an order. On June 22 received email seeds had shipped. On Wed June 22 I received seeds other than what I ordered. The invoice included confirmed I had ordered correctly. I immediately called the listed number only to have an ANSWERING SERVICE operator tell me she would let the company know and that I would receive an email, as, that is the way Outsidepride communicates. I should have already received a replacement for what I ordered. If they mailed the correct seeds today it would be too late. I see a copy of this will be sent to the company. Perhaps this is the best way to get a response. Good bye, Outsidepride.

Negative WeekendPlanter
(1 review)
On Mar 12, 2015, WeekendPlanter Sugar Land, TX wrote:

I concur with Parrydox and had a similar, horrible experience with their customer service. I am currently looking to purchase some sedum and succulent seeds. The have a wide selection however my previous experience made me hesitant. Reading Parrydox's review reminded me of my experience and why 1 have stayed away thus far.

They proudly advertise a high (70%) germination and that they stand by their product. However, when you contact them with an issue it is naturally your fault and you have not idea what you are doing.

I ordered similar 2 varieties of sedums, planted them following their recommendations under the same conditions. One set of seeds germinated nicely while the other had <10% germination. When presented them with these facts, of course I am the idiot. I am no expert gardener and never claimed to be one. However, I am a scientist and when you have 2 groups with very similar characteristics under the same conditions you expect them to behave the same.

Save yourself some agony and find another supplier.

Negative furryloo
(1 review)
On Feb 18, 2015, furryloo Yacolt, WA wrote:

It has been three years since I ordered from outside pride. What spurred me to write a review is I recently saw they had items for sale on Amazon. I trust Amazon usually but was immediately turned off for buying seeds on there when I saw they are a supplier.

I ordered almost $100 worth of items. I ordered mostly bulk items as I was aiming for a field of certain plants and flowers that we had prepared in advanced. An example is the Love Lies Bleeding. I ordered a bulk amount and what ended up growing that summer was just the plain amaranth weed. Not a single beautiful weeping love lies bleeding. It quickly became a weed in my land and I am still battling with it to this day.

I have since bought Love Lies Bleeding from other sources and they did great.

Another example is sunflowers, I ordered a big bag of sunflower seeds and the germination rate was terrible. I was lucky to get ten sunflowers out of thousands I had planted. Yes, thousands I painstakingly individually planted.

I also ordered blue chicory and ended up with a field of yellow dandelions or some other odd yellow weed. Luckily, my goats liked it and ate it down.

That same spring I ordered seeds from other companies and they all did great. When I tracked back through my garden journal, all the plants that did poorly were from outside pride. They definitely have an odd outside pride to be selling bad products.

I just realized they are less than an hour away from me. I'm tempted to visit the place and see if they are even real. That's how crazy my experience was with them.

I rarely leave negative reviews but in this case, the results were so horrific for the amount I spent, I feel I must warn others.

Negative parrydox
(1 review)
On Feb 18, 2015, parrydox Birmingham, AL wrote:

The emails sum it up, read for yourself and you be the judge.

Me: The Crimson Clover Seed - 2 LBS Inoculated you sent me was the wrong item. The packaging must have been labeled wrong because it said Crimson Clover on it. I planted it and something else grew. It's some kind of creeping vine and has taken over my yard. I attached a picture of it. The White Dutch Clover you sent me was perfect and is doing very well. I don't want to leave a bad review, how can we settle this?

Outsidepride: Our crimson clover has 16 reviews rating it at 4 1/2 stars.  You can't get any better than that.  Not to mention of our web site we sell about another 10,000 lbs a year.  Not one single complaint.  It is impossible to ship the wrong seed.  What is growing there is just a weed from your soil.

Me: Either way, I gave it months with regular watering and the Crimson Clover never sprouted. If you won't stand by your product then I won't be doing business with you again, and I'll make sure others know why.

Outsidepride: Months with regular watering?  Crimson clove sprouts in about 5 days.  It is pretty obvious you had no idea what you were doing.  That is about the easiest seed in the world to sprout.  Stand behind our product??  There is nothing wrong with our product!  Look at the label and see the germination rate not to mention the fact we have had 2,421 orders of it this year and not one single complaint.  Try being logical.  Out of the 16 reviews, there is not a single one that is a 1 star or a 2 star review.  Even the 3 star review only complained because it was larger than they thought or the wildlife kept eating it all down.  There is not one single review out of the 16 posted complaining about germination.  What does that tell you?  Was the seed bad, of course not.

Me: Since it didn't sprout within several months, then it must not have sprouted within 5 days, either. Obviously it is something wrong with your product

Outsidepride: Actually I tutored statistics all through college.  What was obvious if you are sitting there waiting for it to sprout 2 months later than you have no idea what you are doing.  Obviously wrong with the seed?  Are you kidding me?  I saw the photo of that mess you called a planting.  It is also obvious there were herbicides used there?  Gee, I wonder if the herbicides could have anything to do with the seed not sprouting.  Gee, I wonder why out of 2,421 orders I am the only one who is complaining about sprouting?  Gee, I wonder why out of the 16 reviews posted on Amazon, there is not a single one complaining about seed germination?  Gee, I wonder why even the most recent reviews posted just last month, whose seed all came from the exact same lot gave it 5 stars?  You are obviously a liberal to be so illogical.

Me: I really don't know what being a liberal has to do with this, but I am, as a matter of fact, a veteran of the United States Air Force and a conservative. The fact that you brought politics into a debate over germination times is beyond me. You'll grasp at anything and everything to keep from taking accountability. Your behavior is absolutely appalling.

The emails went on in this manner, but I don’t have enough room to include them all.

This person believes that Outsidepride is infallible, and that there is no such thing as human error. Their biggest argument was that they had “perfect” reviews and that “no one else” had ever complained before. But after looking around at other reviews, I found that it had been a common problem among other customers as well.

The fact of the matter is, that if it’s inoculated seed you really can’t tell what seed is inside unless you wash it off. The so called "weed" that this person claimed was growing in my yard is in fact called Partridge Pea. It's indigenous to Connecticut. This person should know that since it is something sold on The fact that this person called it a weed goes to show that they know nothing about their own product.

So simply based on principle, don’t give these people your business.

Negative seniorlady
(1 review)
On Oct 30, 2013, seniorlady Cleveland, GA wrote:

This past year I ordered snow in summer seeds (plus the shaker bottle) from this company. I was looking forward to having my entire bank covered with these beautiful flowers and I faithfully followed the directions yet had no plants come up all year. I emailed the company expressing my frustration (remember I'm a senior lady not a computer genius.) I received what I thought was a sarcastic response from someone (in customer service?) informing me that they hadn't had any complaints in the last 13 years. Considering it inappropriate, I told them so and suggested they consider customer service. The same person again responded sarcastically about me expecting good customer service when I was using caps and exclamation marks. I would never order from this company again and would discourage others from doing so. It seems customer service and manners are a thing of the past.

Negative scejka
(2 reviews)
On Sep 30, 2013, scejka Saint Louis, MO wrote:

this company is a sham. I ordered $74. of seeds. they never arrived. there is no phone number with which to contact them. they do not provide a shipping tracker. most importantly you will waste you money because they wont send you your seeds.

Negative Lamarkia
(1 review)
On Mar 30, 2013, Lamarkia Williamsburg, VA wrote:

I bought minclover from Outside Pride and was told by the owner that it was comparable in size to DLF's microclover. I wanted a fescue/small clover mix in my yeard where the clovers did not grow large.

Now established, the minclover is better described as macroclover, or very large clover. The diameter of the leaf is larger than any other lawn clover I have ever used and often exceeds 2 inches in diameter. It also is growing very tall very fast and dwarfing my fescue.

If you truly want small clover to mix with your grass, contact DLF (miniclover developed in Europe) and they will direct you to a distributor.

Negative tootsbunny
(1 review)
On Aug 15, 2012, tootsbunny Churchill, PA wrote:

Early this spring I bought 50 lbs of Combat Extreme grass seed from this company. After having a landscaper do all the work of de-thatching, liming (pursuant to a pH test), overseeding and fertilizing, the grass came up nicely within about 4 weeks. Three months later (following faithful watering through the dry spell) it looks awful. I sent an email to OutsidePride hoping for advise or a place to rate the product. The "Customer Service" person just called me an idiot and extolled the virtues of this product, borne out by thousands of happy customers who KNOW what they're doing - unlike stupid me. I was floored by the meanness of the response and will not do business with this company again. It's certainly possible that I did something wrong, though I can't imagine what. When a business cares more about its product than its customers, something is seriously wrong. I'm finished with
I just wish I'd known about Dave's Garden. I would have checked here first.

Negative azphyl
(1 review)
On Jul 12, 2012, azphyl Indio, CA wrote:

The "Web Site" indicated the product as 3.0 oz. of nut killer.
My invoice also stated 3 ounce pouch of nut killer. I received
.03 pouch.
I sent an e-mail asking if the product was back ordered.
Their reply "Sorry for the confusion, but you received one
box which is correct. The web site just converted the .03 in
to 3. The box still covers 1,000 square feet just like the
site says". That may be but, that was not what they
advertised and I can get .03 much cheaper off the shelf,
without paying postage.

Negative farmshopper
(1 review)
On Oct 5, 2011, farmshopper MacKinleyville, CA wrote:

I ordered a product from this company and it worked well. I was considering making a large purchase of product to cover a pasture on a agricultural parcel, so I went shopping around for competitors as well as opinions of the products.

Through research I found out about outside pride's email marketing in 2006. Where is the apology for broadcasting this "opinion" to customers?

Honest businesses can sell fertilizer and seed products without misusing direct marketing to sell their "opinion". They had 5 years to provide an explanation or assurance and have failed.

Negative jsimon41
(1 review)
On Sep 25, 2011, jsimon41 Tegucigalpa ,
Honduras wrote:

I bought over $500.00 from outside pride. I am completely disapointed. Soil doctor is no good. Bought hundreds of dollar in seeds, all I got were bottles with lime. I actually spread the contents of the bottles on cookie sheets to find the seeds, not a single seed even under a magnifying glass was found
. Where is this company based? Can anybody investigate or control this company.

On Sep 25, 2011, responded with:

"On Sep 25, 2011 9:10 PM, responded with:

This posting was just simply absurd. Bottles of lime?? Our Shake 'N Seed bottles are filled with soil, starter fertilizer, and micronutrients. The seed is sold separately. We have not sold bottles premixed in lime in almost a year and the seed was definitely in the bottles. Many ground cover seeds are dustlike and the hydrated lime coats the seed pure white. There is no way you can see the seed in the lime, although I don't believe this person has ever even bought from us. I believe this post was completely fabricated. Our A+ BBB rating speaks for itself and so does our 97% lifetime approval rating in Amazon. It is unfortunate this forum just gets used by those who try going around try to damage companies that have been in business over a decade."

Negative Turtlegaby
(12 reviews)
On Aug 10, 2011, Turtlegaby Decatur, AL (Zone 8a) wrote:

I've ordered from them several times Morning Glory Ipomoea tricolor Heavenly Blue, and got every time Ipomoea purpurea purple. The last time I ordered 50 pounds which was drop shipped from an other company. When I realized the seeds, that were marked as Heavenly Blue did not look like Heavenly Blue and called them, I was told, complaints can only be made through email. They allegedly had to get back with the first supplier in India to obtain a photo identification, and i was assured that it is indeed heavenly blue what I got and that seeds from different crops can look differentely and be lighter than usual. I was doubtful, but believed and kept the seeds. Some weeks later after growing, they turn out to be purpurea. Now I am stuck with 50 pounds of seeds that I didn't want. I emailed the company again to let them know and was ignored. Of course! How could they respond to their own lies. They have no idea what they are selling, because they use drop shippers for their orders. Bad business practice. I certainly won't order from them again.

On Aug 10, 2011, responded with:

"On Aug 11, 2011 6:40 AM, responded with:

There was no mistake made at all with this order. Unfortunately, we believe this person was trying to pull a scam on us. They ordered from us several times, always got the wrong seed, but kep on ordering from us?? This last time they ordered they even increased their order up to 50 lbs. It was immediately shipped to them via a 3rd party vendor. The received the seed very quickly, but did not believe it was the correct seed. We offered to pick the seed up at our expense and refund the order. They said no and they would keep the seed. Almost a month later they said it is the wrong seed and they have 50 lbs of seed that is worthless. Through a long email exchange it can obvious of many fabrications. One of which they did not even have 50 lbs of seed any more because they had been selling it all along. Even though 10 lbs were already sold, we offered to pick up the seed and issue a full reimbursement if it was the incorrect seed. If it was the correct seed we would issue a refund on every pound returned and we would pay all the shipping costs. The customer refused! They wanted to keep all the seed and be us just pay them! Even though the seed was worthless, it couldn't be used, they did not even want us to pick it up and refund them for it? They wanted to keeping sell all the seed and get a refund for the seed which was exactly what they ordered. They also refused to talk to one of our seed experts who could identify and prove the seed was correct. This person refused every option we presented them and all they were looking for was free money. We believe the recession is taking a toll on people and some of them are resorting to nefarious means to get extra cash even though it involves complete dishonesty. We have a A+ BBB rating and a 97% approval rating for our quality and service."

Negative jlively
(1 review)
On Apr 6, 2011, jlively Spring Branch, TX wrote:

Don't deal with these crooks!!! After I placed my order I received a confirmation, an email stating that my order had been processed, another email stating that my order had shipped along with a UPS tracking number. Come to find out it never shipped. I was stuck losing a rental deposit because the seed didn't arrive when it was supposed to. There is no phone number to customer service so I emailed and the person that responded was rude and didn't help at all. I ended up charging back my credit card AND filing a BBB Complaint!

On Apr 6, 2011, responded with:

"On Aug 11, 2011 6:31 AM, responded with:

Unfortunately, this person was a victim of an inventory malfunction. The web site inventory was off so it allowed an order to be process even though there was no inventory. The next day when this was noticed and the order was to be shipped, the customer was immediately notified we did not have the inventory and he was immediately refunded. He did not issued a chargeback as he was immediately refunded so this is a complete lie. He also never filed a BBB complaint at all as he was immediately taken care of so this is also a complete lie. We wish customers would at least tell the truth about their experience with us. We did make a mistake, but we took care of it immediately."

Negative tombaak
(25 reviews)
On Aug 11, 2006, tombaak High Desert, NV (Zone 5a) wrote:

I ordered a couple hundred dollars of prairie grasses (Buffalo and Blue Grama) Zoysia, clover and alfalfa two years ago. It germinated ok, not great, but ok. I later found the seed quite a bit cheaper which was a drag. I would have given this company a neutral if it hadn't been for their blatant misuse of their mailing list. Not only do i not share their opinion, i am offended by it.

I also find it very suspicious that several of their recent positive comments are from people who signed up the very day they left the comment. None of them are subscribers and none of them have left feedback for any other company. I also haven't found any posts from these people either...

On August 11th, 2006, tombaak added the following:

FYI Outsidepride, my reference number was 1817-5984-3107.
Negative ratchick73
(1 review)
On Aug 11, 2006, ratchick73 Philadelphia, PA wrote:

You can garuntee I wont be ordering from tis company, again. After receiving an email SPAM about some political boloney he sent after his policy on his site clearly states that you email addy will only be used for ordering information, I was not thrilled. Then to find out that it is some junk about homosexuals and how it's on TV???
I am too busy gardening to be watching TV. Maybe the president of this company needs to be out gardeing more, too.
I can only say that my trust in a company that states that they wont SPAM you with email, and then does, is untrustowrthy. I also don't appriciate my email address being used for politcal purposes.

Negative greenergrass
(1 review)
On Aug 10, 2006, greenergrass wrote:

I USED to be a customer. How can a person send hate mail like that to "literally tens of thousand [sic] of you reading this email right now" and think that it's okay? All because he didn't like that he saw gay people on TV??? People are human beings and we all deserve to be treated fairly. Anyone that explicity tells me that he doesn't have basic respect for another person is not someone I want to do business with (particularly when I didn't ask for his opinion). He won't be seeing another dime of my money. This guy is a crazy bigot and I'll be telling everyone I know.

On August 13th, 2006, greenergrass added the following:

Oh man, this just keep getting better. 64% of the positive comments were from THE COMPANY? I'd like to emphasize CRAZY from my earlier posting. And I will continue to tell everyone I know.
Negative MdwstShakespere
(1 review)
On Aug 10, 2006, MdwstShakespere Rockford, IL wrote:

I am a former customer of Outside Pride. The recent hateful e-mail sent by the company president has cost them my future business. First of all, using your company newsletter to express your point of view on moral issues is bad business practice. He is certainly entitled to his viewpoint, but I subscribed to the newsletter to learn about gardening products, not so he could rant about how the country is being taken over by homosexuals. The God I worship sent his Son to save ALL human beings who choose to believe in Him, even those who are born--yes born--with differences in whom and how they love. If you base your business on the principle of "In God We Trust," then you'd better quit putting that God in a box by assuming He is not capable of loving all persons. I will NEVER do business with this company again, and I will be telling all my gardening friends to avoid the site as well.

Negative h8outsidepride
(1 review)
On Aug 10, 2006, h8outsidepride Columbia, SC wrote:

Also a previous customer of OP (my earlier comment got deleted as well since I didn't actually SAY I had ordered from them [marigold seed], but if you end up on a company mailing list, generally its because you've done business with them).

I also received the email and honestly didn't believe that someone would actually do that. It goes against every iota of good sense to use your customer list as a vehicle to promote your opinion if your opinion does not directly relate to the course of your business. Anyone that would send anything declaring how another human being is morally wrong IN A COMPANY NEWSLETTER to customers should be ashamed of themselves. You'll notice that the only positives are from people who explicitly agree with his viewpoint and are disregarding the fact that he violated the tenets of responsible email marketing. Stay away from this company.

On August 10th, 2006, h8outsidepride changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Please note that if you would like to comment on the recent email, you must indicate that you have been a customer of this company. DG will remove the comments that make no reference to an actual
transaction. (I bought seed from them per my previous post).
On August 10th, 2006, h8outsidepride changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

On August 11th, 2006, h8outsidepride added the following:

When I receive an email from a company that I've done business with telling me that my brother, my boss, and my several of my friends are "morally wrong", that is hatemail. The majority of complaints do reference the content, but are primarily concerned with the fact that he does not follow responsible business practices and violated his own company privacy policy: "Your information is simply used to process your order and update you if there is a problem with your order. You will never receive any other literature from us unless you place another order with our company." I am appalled that a business would send out the personal opinion of its owner on what essentially amounts to company letterhead. If one of your employees did that, you'd fire them. I will be notifying the Direct Marketing Association.
Negative BQ87
(1 review)
On Aug 9, 2006, BQ87 San Antonio, TX wrote:

As a previous customer of (Reference order #51836 so that DGs admin does not sensor out my comment again), I think it is completely and totally inappropraite to send hate mail to a customer base, let alone sensor out someones experiences with a company because there was no order number. Do not do business with this company that encites hate toward others.

I have personally dealt with this company. My experience was that they used my email for inappropriate contact by sending hateful and racist comments. I am Not part of a group-purchase. I reviewed my Feedback before posting. Attempt to contact the company has been ignored. No response to email or phone messages.

On August 11th, 2006, BQ87 added the following:

This company violated their posted privacy statement by sending hate mail to its customer base (if you don't think it is hate mail, replace homosexual with BLACK or JEWISH or some other group and re-read the letter). To file a complaint with the better business bureau:

Negative uPaw
(1 review)
On Aug 9, 2006, uPaw Seattle, WA wrote:

I used OutsidePride a year ago to order some wildflower seed. It was fine, not great. Maybe 1/4 of the flowers that they said were in the mixture bloomed. Fine, I've added additional seed and it's been OK. Then today I received the completely inappropriate email from their president. I don't care what your personal opinions are - you're a seed company. How dare you spam your customers with your political agenda? I will never use them again.

Negative chunx
(35 reviews)
On Aug 9, 2006, chunx San Diego, CA wrote:

Last year I ordered their soil aerator which didn't work at all, the Jerry Baker method of baby shampoo did work very well and cost pennies compared to their product. Then I received the comments regarding gays on TV in their newsletter and condemning it. When a country is built on equal rights, obviously this company doesn't believe in that. The email was pure hate and unfounded.

Although I wouldn't have ordered from this company again because their products don't work, I sure wouldn't order from one that displays contempt for another human being. I feel a boycott is in order not just from the people he attacked, but from everyone that believes in human rights.

Negative bubba007
(1 review)
On Aug 9, 2006, bubba007 Spring, TX wrote:

I live in The Woodlands Texas. I have ordered products from this company but NEVER again after the ridiculous email I received from them today concerning their stupid personal ideas!! That is NOT a way to gain or keep customers!! Keep your personal opinions to yourself and just maintain your garden business!!!! They lost lots of customers today.

Negative deejal
(2 reviews)
On May 21, 2006, deejal Cincinnati, OH wrote:

I ordered their Combat Supreme grass seed at the end of fall 2005 and seeded my trouble spots in my yard. Unfortunately, a very eary and heavy frost set in and I thought most of the seed was doomed. However, much to my surprise, some seed germinated. I ordered more of the Combat Supreme grass seed and it arrived promptly. I explained to outside pride that I planted my seed too late in the year and they provided a 20% discount on my order. They are prompt to respond to emails and right now, everything is looking good!

On September 9th, 2006, deejal changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

The combat supreme grass is misleading. It took forever to germinate and then didn't do well at all. I was in contact with the email customer care department and they were helpful and provided some ideas but then they faded away. I cannot recommend this company anymore nor can I recommend combat supreme grass seed. it's just not that good as to what they make it sound to be. And, after reviewing my email, I cannot associate with a company that uses it's email list to spam customers with their political viewpoints.

I tried Combat Supreme at two locations, Cincinnati and Dayton, OH. Neither location did well and both locations had different types of terrain, sun, shade etc.

Negative ryang
(1 review)
On Aug 24, 2005, ryang Kearney, NE wrote:

I ordered Buffalo grass seed from Outside pride. I followed the same planting procedure and pre-germination technique that I had used with good success on seed from a different source. The seed from Outside pride did not germinate at all. NOT A SINGLE SEED GERMINATED. I contacted Outsidepride via e-mail detailing the planting and pre-germination, and asked for a refund or different seed. Their reply was rude, and they did not offer any suggestions as to what might have been the reason the seed did not germinate. I will not do business with them again.

Negative Bellingham
(8 reviews)
On Jun 30, 2005, Bellingham Bellingham, WA wrote:

I purchased a variety of seed in two seperate orders. I subsequently discovered that the prices I paid were about three times what I might have paid elsewhere. Almost nothing germinated out of about 150 dollars worth of seed, including some really, really easy stuff, like clover, yarrow, English daisy. I'm in Washington State, and the conditions were ideal for germination.

On June 1st, 2006, Bellingham added the following:

It's been almost a year since I wrote my original comments. I've received dozens of spam emails from this company, despite my opting out of their mailings via their website, and despite my use of spam filters (they change the headings with each new mailing to fool the filters).

So, on top of poor quality at a premium price, you can also expect to receive lots of unwanted solicitation if you choose to do business with this company.
On August 8th, 2006, Bellingham added the following:

Bad to worse.

I just received another email from Troy Hake, the owner of Outside Pride. It's rather long and rambling, but the essential message is that he is encouraging all his customers to join him in his Christian Crusade to stamp out homosexuality.

Lovely. First bad seeds, then spam, now lunatic, ranting, hate mail.

Negative lfngsng
(4 reviews)
On May 5, 2005, lfngsng Igo, CA wrote:

The seeds I purchased were expensive and had a VERY poor germination rate. I also had an unpleasant response from the "customer service rep" about what I felt was misrepresenting seed I received. The emails were rude and dismissive. I won't ever order from them again. There are too many good companies out there to bother with this one.

Negative frebitz
(8 reviews)
On Apr 12, 2005, frebitz Owings Mills, MD wrote:

I have had extraordinary luck with my on-line purchases except for the quality of the ground cover seed I got from this company. The germination rate was awful despite the seed being sown in tilled and fertilized beds where other plants were doing well.

Negative MerryBeekeeper
(1 review)
On Aug 6, 2003, MerryBeekeeper wrote:

I am a beekeeper. I ordered borage seeds for a large garden area and enough Dutch White Clover to fill my lawn. (Inoculant for the clover as well.) I had very poor germination from the borage (3 plants) but I was willing to write that off to bad weather or birds. I was pleased with the germination that I saw on my yard. Unfortunately, as the lawn grew in it became obvious that what was growing was NOT Dutch White Clover. I have sent the company photos and asked for assistance. They assure me that I am mistaken and this plant is white clover. I have gotten a positive ID on the plant as being Common Lespediza, or Japanese Clover: not helpful when it comes to bees as it has only very inconspicuous flowers that are not good nectar producers. What bothers me more than losing a growing season and having to re-work this land is that the company persists in trying to tell me that this apple is an orange.

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