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Negative citynshore
(1 review)
On Jun 17, 2009, citynshore New York, NY wrote:

After researching, I decided to plant a camellia. I called and spoke to both owners a number of times. They were very nice and agreed to send me a plant. They recommended shipping in mid march. I was surprised but they are the experts. So I purchased the plant in Dec. For delivery in March. They shipped a beautiful plant with very good instructions. I followed the instructions line by line even calling to check.
A week after planting the leaves started to fall off and eventually the plant died.
I had been contact since the trouble became apparent. All sorts of recomendations were made but none solved the problem.
I have since bought a replacement although I was advised not to plant another in the same place by the owner. It is thriving. The owner tells me that they are not a shipping nursery, but that my plant was the nicest they had and that all of their camillias are doing beautifully.
She will not replace the plant or refund any portion of my plant cost or shipping. Not great business. Very dissapointed! Will not shop or recommend this business.

On July 14th, 2009, citynshore added the following:

I NEVER DEMANDED ANYTHING! You did not return my phone calls, so I became frustrated. I've learned my lesson though and will not do business with you again. For you to post my name is just bad business, but I expect that. The Tagged was a virus, and no fault of mine, but I guess you must protect your own business. The plant I bought elsewhere is thriving. I guess I shouldn't have listened when you told me to plant in the beginning of March here in the North east. If I were really the person you say I am, I would have stopped payment with my credit card company.
On July 14th, 2009, citynshore added the following:

Oh let me not forget that you are lying! I STILL have the plant, and NEVER threw it away. You told me to put it in the ground and wait until next year to see if we could have a better result. The plant is still in the ground in another place. YOU NEVER HINTED THAT YOU WOULD WORK WITH ME ON A REPLACEMENT. That was all I wanted. It is apparent that you are nasty people. And check because I joined this forum in 2007. You were just as nasty to someone else who had a negative experience with you! Good Luck with your business. LOL
On Jun 17, 2009, Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden responded with:

"On Jul 8, 2009 12:14 PM, Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden responded with:

I assume this citynshore is Pei Lazar, and I'm very surprized to read your review but not surprized that you registered for Dave's Garden just for this one review and are not a member of this community but only signed up for this one "review".

I will take this opportunity to explain our decision and our policy.

Our mail order policy, which is consistent with mainstream mail order nurseries requires to be notified of a problem within 7 days of receiving the plant. As you accurately stated, both owners spent a great deal of time with you to select the right plant which was a 3-4' Parks Hybrid Camellia x 'April Tryst'. When your plant was shipped in March, it was as you stated very beautiful and top quality and a magnificent specimen with dark green glossy foliage and loaded with flower buds. It was shipped at the right time (December would have been the wrong time as I pointed out and we specifically waited until the cold of early March was past and using the NWS 14 day outlook for guidance, and it was very healthy and the weather outlook fine. We heard from you upon receipt by phone what a gorgeous, healthy and huge plant it was and how happy you were with it. How could you be otherwise the plant was outstanding. The rest of the crop here in the nursery or planted in other customer's gardens have been fantastic with not a single problem reported out of several dozen.

In mid June, I received an email stating that Pei Lazar had "tagged" me to look at some photos. No note or text from you just an invite to join and see the photos after. I attempted to see the photos but was prompted to sign up for a social networking service and I did not want to do so and therefore was unable to view the photos. Based on our conversations and how incredible that plant was I figured it was a beautiful photo of the beautiful plant in your yard since I received no indication otherwise.

A week later I got several hostile phone messages in a 24 hour period. Upon speaking to one employee who took one of them she explained that you felt the need to throw a tantrum and berate her and demand a refund. This may be the way it works in New York City but its not the method of choice here in South Jersey, and if you are looking for an exception to our policy, which IS possible, that is definately not the way to go about it.

The day after your hostile messages, you spoke to the other owner and at that point you had apparently already thrown away the plant and demanded a refund.

Within our warrenty policy, we do not offer refunds but rather replacements. Now you didn't qualify for a replacement since your plant was healthy and outstanding and you verified that upon receipt. You notified of us of a problem in mid June after receiving it in mid to late March. Instead of being polite you felt it necessary to attempt to humiliate our clerk who was a senior in high school. And while we don't offer refunds and require proof of death of a plant and for you to return the dead plant, you threw it away and only demanded a refund.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with our company, but in our defense you were not a model customer and you completely ignored our policies and procedures and after killing a stupendous plant, you were rude and ignorant about it. All you had to do was be respectful and civilized and we would have sent you a replacement but you chose a different way to handle yourself. I'm sorry after all we did for you that it did not work out.

Had you called in before the plant was dead and gone I could have attempted to figure out whether you watered it too much or not enough, or whether it was planted too deep and to trouble shoot what the problem with your site or your care was that caused the plant to die. "

Negative JohnYurkow
(1 review)
On Nov 30, 2005, JohnYurkow Franklinville, NJ wrote:


On Nov 30, 2005, Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden responded with:


On Nov 30, 2005 8:47 PM, Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden added:

Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden offers a two year warrenty policy on woody plants that we install. I have been to your residence twice now and have not been able to figure out which trees need replacing. I apologize to you for any lack of follow up on my part and for my inability to figure out what needs replacing after two visits to your residence.

In my defense, according to our warrenty policy, which is posted at our store and on our website you are required to inform us in writing of which plant or plants would need replacement as well as providing size, price and date of your receipt to ensure that your purchase is within the warrenty period. We have an online form where you can provide us with the information that we require, right online, or you may write us via USPS or submit a written request to our office for our files. While I have been informed of your situation verbally and have visited your property twice, we have not received the information necessary or been able to figure out with visits to your property to proceed with your warrenty claim and schedule your replacements since I could find no dead trees.

You posted this same post on my nursery’s discussion forum ( this morning and I responded promptly that I will come out again tomorrow (Thurs) to your residence for a third time to attempt to figure out which trees you would like to make a claim for. Please understand that our warrenty does not include on site visits to determine plants needing to be replaced, and that I have come out twice already without any claim actually being made against our warrenty policy. If I am unable to figure out what trees need replacement a third time tomorrow, I may actually require you to follow our clearly stated policies and provide us with the minimal information necessary to proceed.

We are a small family owned specialty nursery. Until your post on Garden Watchdog, our rating was 100% positive because I personally make sure as the owner that everything is right and our policy is 100% customer satisfaction. Our warrenty policy is also the very best in the business, and I assure you that your trees will be replaced as soon as I can figure out what we need to be replaced.

As always, I can be reached at 856.694.4272 or email [email protected]. Or you can probably just post it here again if you prefer.

Joseph J. Kiefer, Owner
Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden

On Dec 2, 2005 1:56 PM, Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden added:

Update 12/2/05

John, I went out to your residence again yesterday (Thursday 12/1) and saw that you tagged 1 dead and 5 trees with varying degrees of dieback. I have pulled your invoices and can find that you purchased 4 Norway Spruce. The reason that I could not identify them before was because they are among a much larger planting of evergreens that was not done by Triple Oaks, and without knowing exactly which trees you were referring to, it was impossible to figure it out since many of the other trees there not planted by Triple Oaks are also dead & dying due to a soil or drainage issue.

And that brings up the issue of the planting site. This area either has a drainage problem and/or construction site soils common to modern housing developments. This can easily be seen in the amount of dead trees there from us and from other sources. I can only vouch for our trees which I know were perfectly healthy at the time of installation and the direct reason for their poor performance is the soil situation they are in. You may contact the Gloucester County Agricultural Extension service at 856.863.0110 or find their website in the “links” section of our website: for assistance or advice on how to remedy this situation if its possible or feasable to do so.

We have ordered your replacements and will take additional soil preparation measures when replanting some time next week. Of the six tagged trees, I have record of selling you 4 so if you care to indicate which 4 you would like replaced, just let me know. If you purchased more trees additionally that were not invoiced (ie cash & carry at our cash register) then please provide us with a receipt to indicate that we need to replace all 6 trees.

Joseph J. Kiefer, Owner
Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden
856.694.4272 - [email protected]"

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