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Positive helm104
(1 review)
On Apr 29, 2015, helm104 Taylorville, IL wrote:

We ordered 12 Thuga Green Giant evergreens. The were delivered a little differently than expected, in boxes, so we were worried, but they appear to be doing well. They have been in the ground about a month. They were correct on the size they sent compared to the on line description. We did not want bare root trees, and although a couple came loose in their containers and basically were, they have done well and we are happy. I will order another dozen next year.

Positive lukasage
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On Oct 24, 2014, lukasage Webster, NC wrote:

Posted on October 21, 2014, updated October 24, 2014
Posted on October 16, 2014, updated October 21, 2014
We ordered 25 Murray Cypresses. When ordering we had the option of choosing the shipping day. The trees were shipped on the day we chose and arrived 2 days later. All were in healthy condition. The soil was dry so I watered the munchkins right away. We ordered the 30\\\" - 5\\\' size trees and there was only 1 tree that was not the size we ordered. It was more like 24\\\", at best. It also happened to come from a different location and a different kind of box. I guess they ran out of the size we ordered or something. I forgive that, however, because the trees otherwise look healthy and the transaction was smooth and on time.

On October 21st, 2014, lukasage changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

I was much too quick to write my initial review. Now I know why everything was so dry when the trees arrived; they are not planted in earth at all, but in some kind of loose mulch - looks like cocoa bark with small green pellets- that does not hold water and has the roots sit very loosely so that the trees topple over all the time. The tree roots have no hold in anything. I have never bought \"potted\" trees like this before. The ones I bought from other places over the years, had roots nicely embedded in a strong and firm medium. When planting these, however, they just fall over unless I shake all the mulch from around the roots and put new earth around them instead. Having to put the roots in proper earth first is not only time-consuming, but expensive since buying earth is nto cheap! The trees, however, were advertised as being in 3 gallon pots. They are actually more like bare root trees. Had I known that, I would never have gotten these! If I want these trees to have a chance of making it, I have to buy a lot of earth and redo the roots and hope for the best. I read that bare root plants are much more susceptible to not making it, which makes sense. A local chain retailer with a garden center is selling bigger leyland cypresses actually planted in earth for $10 less / tree!I didn\'t get those because firstly, I wanted Murray Cypresses, and second, I preferred to have my money go to a smaller type of business rather than another mega chain store. However, if I had known I was going to get these Murray Cypresses in this loose type of medium around the roots, I never would have spent the type pf money I did with Also, the tallest any of the trees are is 33\". It is misleading to call them 30\" - 5\' when not even one of the trees are even 3 feet. Just say that they are between 30 and 35\" and be honest.
I wrote the company an e-mail 2 days ago regarding all this, no response. Resent it yesterday, no response. Called yesterday and left a message, no response. Customer service seems to be non-existent with this company. Wish I had heeded the warnings other reviewers wrote.
I am writing the Better Business Bureau next, posting on facebook, etc. and hope I can save others the aggravation and disappointment I am now dealing with. Absolutely not worth it and big mistake on my part of give this company a chance.
On October 24th, 2014, lukasage changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Company representative called and we spoke about the situation. He handled things fairly.
On Oct 24, 2014, responded with:

"On Oct 21, 2014 2:01 PM, responded with:

We\\\'re working to contact this customer and resolve this issue.

On Oct 21, 2014 2:16 PM, added:

We have contacted this customer and working to resolve issue with them! We are closed on the weekend and had a 3 day weekend this week which is why there was a delay.

On Oct 21, 2014 4:35 PM, added:

After speaking with the customer we were able to resolve this issue! "

Positive mettech
(2 reviews)
On Oct 18, 2014, mettech Luling, TX wrote:

Ordered 35 Murray Cypress from them. I picked a ship date of October 6th, and they arrived 2 days later in perfect condition. The only downside was only a couple of trees were 1 foot tall, with none taller (order section claims you'll get 1-2' trees), but I was happy enough with their service and tree health that I planted them anyway and consider it an overall positive experience.

Positive bbbb
(1 review)
On May 22, 2014, bbbb wrote:

I loved doing business with this nursery, I ordered 8 Leyland Cypress and received one free! Thank you! The plants where in excellent condition, very healthy and they where packaged very well. I also like the way they put humor in everything. You canít go wrong ordering from them, I will be ordering more soon. Keep up the good work EverythingGreen!
Pamela Carroll

Positive blackcav
(1 review)
On May 15, 2014, blackcav Chatham, IL wrote:

Posted on May 13, 2014, updated May 15, 2014
I ordered 12- 3 Gallon trees in February for 14 April shipment. They arrived 9 May after having been delayed twice by Anything Green. I am not entirely happy so far. The listing for the trees says that the 3 gallon trees are a height of 32" - 5'. Unfortunately, it appears to be from root to tip, which is not advertised anywhere I could find. Secondly all my trees seem to be the ABSOLUTE minimum height or under.

They might as well take that 5' off of the listing, because I don't see that happening. So, I paid a decent chunk of money for what I thought were going to be a minimum of 3' above ground and instead got 12 tiny little trees, none over 2' above ground. Essentially I got 1 gallon trees in 3 gallon pots and paid the 3 gallon price which is absolutely what believe they did was took a 1 gallon plant and put them in a 3 gallon pot because the root ball was not even close to filling the pot. These trees better grow as fast as they listed or I will be ever more pissed than I am now.

On May 15th, 2014, blackcav changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

I spoke with John at AnythingGreen following my review and he was very helpful in explaining the ruff winter they had, we had one also. They had an issue with the winter and a small oversight but their good customer service has made up for it. We were able to work out a very fair deal for them and myself. I didn't want something for nothing and I also didn't want to take advantage of them. I just wanted to get what I paid for or pay for want I got. My faith in them has been restored. Thank you John!
On May 15, 2014, responded with:

"On May 13, 2014 10:45 PM, responded with:


Can you please email in to [email protected] and we will see if we can get this straightened out?"

Positive nolan345
(1 review)
On May 13, 2014, nolan345 Nashville, TN wrote:

I purchased 101 (so I got the discount) of Thuja Green Giants in 3 inch pots and they came in nice and healthy. This was last spring. I only lost a handful and the one's this year look great as well! I just got some of their Fire Power Nandina's and they're looking great as well.

Positive scud42
(5 reviews)
On Jun 19, 2013, scud42 Blackfoot, ID wrote:

Ordered 15 3-ft thuja green giants and 5 green mountain boxwoods from Anything Green last fall. Shipping was prompt, however when the order came, 10 of the green giants were bent over really bad to get them to fit in the box. Unfortunately thujas are really springy, and without tying down each branch there was no way I could get them to straighten out. Eventually each of the 10 thujas that were bent over dried up and died. I think this was due to the stomata being exposed to the wind and sun every day. The 5 that weren't bent over are doing fine as well as the boxwoods.

I contacted Mr. Pounders (the owner) this spring and explained to him what happened. He stated he would replace the plants, however he didn't have any in the 3 foot size (which is understandable in spring). I'm fine with the 1 foot plants he sent as a replacement since they're perfectly upright, and will likely catch up to the 3 footers soon anyways.

Mr. Pounders does value his company and his customers. I wouldn't have any problem ordering from them again.

Positive CPeer
(1 review)
On May 14, 2013, CPeer Hilton, NY wrote:

Posted on May 14, 2013, updated May 14, 2013
I should have read these reviews before I ordered from I ordered 65 Murray Cypress trees which were going to be delivered in June 2013 and were supposed to be 1-2 feet tall. I am going to be moving into my new house in June so I did not want them in early May but they arrived despite the order stating June. They were supposed to be 1-2 feet tall and the tallest plant is 6 inches. Completely not what I wanted and my wife told me not to order them and this company was a scam based on the reviews. I read the reviews and thought maybe they experienced growing pains but they are still sending out wrong products and not returning any calls or emails. When the plants arrived they were in an old smashed egg box and dirt was spilled all over the place trees were not in the liners and it was just a big mess. They also were dry and not in good health at all. I called John 4 times and emailed him but there has been no response at this point. Whoever packed the trees placed a wet glossy magazine in the box I assume to keep the trees wet but as we all know glossy magazines aren't the best at absorbing water. Don't order from this place! Customer service stinks and they definitely don't do right by the customer or the plants!

On May 14th, 2013, CPeer changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

John called me today and unfortunately he didn't have any plants that would meet my expectations at that price but he give me a complete refund on my order. Maybe next season I can try him out again and order earlier this time.
On May 14, 2013, responded with:

"On May 14, 2013 9:03 AM, responded with:

I have been out of town for the past 4 days and resolving this issue."

Positive awishon
(1 review)
On Feb 18, 2013, awishon Prosper, TX wrote:

Posted on February 11, 2013, updated February 18, 2013
I had not seen any recent reviews of this company so I thought I'd share my experience over the past two weeks. I have to confess that googling reviews of anythinggreen led me to Dave's Garden and I made the mistake of ignoring the mixed reviews -- especially the number of negative-turned-positive stories. Unfortunately, I went ahead and ordered from them a couple of weeks ago and have only received 20 out of 202 plants. The website shows that the order has completed but UPS tracking shows that 2 of the 3 boxes are awaiting pickup. I've repeatedly tried contacting the company and keep getting their voicemail. I also sent emails and filled out the customer web form with no responses. I'm giving up as this just is not reasonable and I don't know how stressed the plants will be should they suddenly be "found". There is no warranty other than the plants are guaranteed to arrive alive. I've contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges for the remaining unfulfilled order. My advice would be to stay away!

On February 18th, 2013, awishon changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

John (owner) contacted me very soon after having posted my review. He was very apologetic for my troubles. He provided a full refund even though I already had one of the boxes and left it up to me as to whether I'd be willing to try them out again (which I did). The packages arrived in good shape and all plants appear to be healthy. As best I can tell, they definitely have the best deal around for Thuja trees with their free shipping going on right now.
On Feb 18, 2013, responded with:

"On Feb 11, 2013 11:05 AM, responded with:

We're working on resolving this issue with the customer and finding the rest of the boxes as we did deliver 1 of 3 boxes.

It appears to be a mix up when packing the order with UPS. We do not operate on the weekends which is why there was a delay in resolving this issue.


Positive DarryllADevine
(2 reviews)
On Apr 22, 2012, DarryllADevine Ruth, NC wrote:

My Wife and I live in a rural part of North Carolina where purchases at nursery/green houses often made us wonder of the plants were fed a gold/platinum food as price versus quality were out of balance in most cases.
Scouring the various blogs and web sites we hit upon this one, the few negatives had more to do with damages in shipping (UPS) versus quality of plants or customer service and amends made to rectify the complaints (all showed satisfactory final resolutions).
One has to realize that regardless how well something is packed by the nursery, to UPS, it is merely a box and being tossed, flipped, dropped, jammed and stuffed is going to happen en route (regardless of vendor or packing, a situation we are quite use to even with boxes that have up to 15 stamps/stickers that clearly scream out FRAGILE but obviously were neither heeded nor even read).
We were looking for quality of the plants and health as well as the "what if" should any arrive damaged or expire.
We ordered 30 Leland Cypress and had them in a matter of days; true to form one order of the box was crushed and the pots shattered under that spot where 2 of the small trees were virtually slice in half.
While obvious each plant had been carefully and even it appeared affectionately was equally obvious the box and its contents had experienced a pretty rough and tumble trip, with soil scattered throughout the shipping carton though the wrapping still had each small tree in its pot.
The trees were advertised as 12" and when measured from pot to top (industry standard and acceptable legal advertising) they were indeed 12", or from ground level to top, 9".
We called to advise them of the situation and were offered immediate replacements for the damaged trees or credit (refund) for those damaged. The office individual (sounded like a young man) was apologetic (even though I assured him it was obviously a matter of how handled during shipping), professional, sincere and polite, but more so, he was sympathetic to my call and it was obvious I was more than just a number or one of many orders.
We opted for the replacements, as we had carefully measured out what we needed and number to do a privacy fence of green in our backyard that abuts a highway.
He said they would go out the next business day (and they did) and he threw in an extra tree for our trouble.
My Wife and I did have to chuckle as these 3 arrived at 15" (still within the scope of, as advertised) and 12" from ground level to top.
All of the trees were lush, green and healthy; each was planted within 24 hours of arrival and thus far, unlike our usual experiences with other companies, none are starting to brown.
I would also point out that the tap roots were full; so often you get them hacked back in both larger and small plants.
30 plants for us was an investment and we had shopped around considerably before deciding on who would get our business; we definitely made the correct choice and as our landscaping ideas continue to grow, the very first place we are going to check is right here, and if we don't see them we are going to ask.
When it comes to planting, being 63+ it is something I only want to have to dig that many holes for..once.
Unless I get really good service and something that exceeds my expectations, I think it is a waste of time to do any experience comments for average companies with average products and the to be expected service prior to and after the sell.
So, yes this company has impressed me that much; "you really do spend less of your own green and get more green from them" absolute quality from plants to management...Would I recommend them??? Like I said, next plant purchase, as far as we are concern, they are sole source....yes, they and their products are that good.
Rutherfordton, NC

Positive sikmool
(1 review)
On Feb 1, 2012, sikmool Santa Maria, CA wrote:

I ordered 25 Fire Power Nandinas (2.5" pot) on 12/31/2011. The order was filled in on 1/2/2012 and the plants left Decatur, AL on 1/5/2012. I received the plants in the early morning of 1/11/2012 and planted them right away. I found the plants were in good shape even though they were on transit for considerable length of time. The soil in a couple of pots was rather dry but the plants were doing well after I planted them. I actually ordered seven more Fire Power Nandinas about 10 days ago and planted them yesterday. I am very satisfied with these orders. Thanks for the good job.

Positive Bilgamesh
(1 review)
On Dec 20, 2011, Bilgamesh Pilot Point, TX wrote:

Posted on December 19, 2011, updated December 20, 2011
Posted on December 19, 2011, updated December 19, 2011
I ordered some 70 trees in three separate orders. My first order arrived in regular cardboard boxes, with all the soil spilled out inside, and all trees with full root exposure. The owner assured me this was an exception, and I agreed to order another set. They arrived exactly like the first ones. He agreed to replace 6 trees that died right away due to the root exposure. I agreed to buy 12 additional trees to add to them, on the basis they would be handled better. I got the same result, with the exception that the final shipment came in waxed cartons. All were fully exposed roots and all soil spilled out. The owner is nice, and talks a good game, but ultimately their advertised painstaking shipping practices are outright false. FWIW, the trees in the first two shipments were very nice specimens, while the last were only marginal. I blame myself for not stopping after the first shipment.

On December 19th, 2011, Bilgamesh added the following:

John did contact me as he stated in this message. However, he has told me after each bad shipment that he would personally see to it that the next shipment was given the proper care. I have ordered three times, and three times my trees showed up entirely bare-rooted with the soil dumped out into the shipping containers. These are the facts. I believe in second chances, and evidently in third chances. My goal here is to give a realistic expectation for what you will get. If you order trees from anythinggreen, they will arrive with dry roots and the soil dumped out. John will answer your emails, and he will promise to do better. If you believe in second and third chances, he will get more of your money, and you will still get bare-rooted plants. That is the honest truth, but I wish you better luck if you decide to order from him, and I continue to hope he will do something substantive about his shipping practices, rather than dissembling.
On December 20th, 2011, Bilgamesh changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

While my experience with has been frustrating, I am changing my rating to positive, because John has offered me a refund for my last order. Although I am not entirely comfortable getting something for nothing, I accept John's gesture to make this right, in the spirit of satisfaction in which it is offered. It should be noted that prior to my posting here, John also made good on his promise of replacements for 6 trees from my first shipment, that died early from the drying out. I believe it is John's intention to be a reputable and reliable dealer, committed to satisfaction.
On Dec 20, 2011, responded with:

"On Dec 19, 2011 11:16 AM, responded with:

I'm really sorry you were not pleased this time around -- we have a reputation of doing right by our customers and will do so this time as well.

--I'll be in direct contact with this customer today.--

We're still standing by our trees, shipping methods, and how we advertise them. It is nearly impossible to guarantee that a plant won't lose soil during shipment so we do not guarantee this. These trees are tolerant to soil loss during shipment.

On Dec 19, 2011 10:10 PM, added:

Just to update:

I've posted a refund for this customer's last order since they were not pleased.

John Brooks Pounders"

Positive Hobbs13
(1 review)
On Jul 24, 2011, Hobbs13 Cherry Hill, NJ wrote:

Posted on April 13, 2010, updated July 24, 2011
Posted on April 8, 2010, updated April 13, 2010
Posted on April 7, 2010, updated April 8, 2010
Right now I am disappointed in AnythingGreen. I placed an order on March 27th for 34 Thuja Green Giant (1 Gal.Pot) .

Today is April 7th and I have not been contacted regarding my order. When you login to the website it just says Order Processing. (Its been like this since the day the order was placed).

I created a support ticket on their website requesting a status update on April 4th (3 days ago) and still no response.

I just finished leaving them a phone message (No live person available).

I am giving them 24 more hours before I give up hope and stop payment on my credit card. It is not acceptable to be un-responsive as an internet business. I work in IT (retail) and can tell you one of the 1st rules is to keep communication lines ope with your new customers. Especially since many new customers are taking a chance dealing with an internet vendor they never heard of before a google search. Right now, I am just disappointed so there is a neutral rating. Hopefully they will redeem themselves with a response shortly...

However, I am now concerned that even if the shipment arrives, if I have any problems will they be available for contact?

Cherry Hill, NJ

On April 8th, 2010, Hobbs13 added the following:


Thanks so much for easing my nerves. Although I work in IT and have high confidence in Internet Retailers, I was very discouraged by the lack of contact/updates regarding my order. I was surprised by this based on the overwhelming positive reviews on Garden Watch Dog. I look forward to recieving my order and future business with you.

On April 13th, 2010, Hobbs13 changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:


I received the 24 trees today as ordered. They look healthy!
Despite the 10 day gap in communication (From time order to my post here) I would recommend your business/site to others. My only suggestion is a bit more communication/updates after ordering. (Besides the automated order confirmation).

Good Luck and Thanks again.

I will try and post pics after they are in the ground...
On July 24th, 2011, Hobbs13 added the following:

Its been a little over a year since I ordered and planted the trees from Anything Green. I am very happy with the growth rate during the first year. Some of my trees are 4-5 feet tall. Considering I bought 1-2ft saplings I am very pleased. Here's a pic that shows the trees against a 4 foot chain fence. Not the best angle, but you can see how full and big they are.

On Jul 24, 2011, responded with:

"On Apr 7, 2010 11:56 PM, responded with:

M. Hobbs,

I apologize your difficulty in contacting my company. We have been slammed with orders this month and we are doing our best to make all of our customers happy. Our general policy is to ship orders within 2 weeks unless it is a preorder. When we aren't covered with orders the wait is typically much shorter- sometimes sameday!

Since our business is so seasonal, we do not keep staff on duty year round, and sometimes we are swamped with calls and orders. It's a great thing to be this busy but we know that we've slipped up here. Currently I'm the owner and the guy who answers the phones. :)

I have found your order and we are going to ship it tomorrow. This was the plan anyway but I've made sure we give yours extra attention.

In addition to this reply, I'll give you a call tomorrow.

John Brooks Pounders"

Positive CFruge
(1 review)
On Mar 29, 2011, CFruge Wyanet, IL wrote:

WoW!! These trees were in Great shape!!!!..You guys do a fantastic job...Just got 101 Green Giants all were in great shape and still soaking wet!!. Wife and I was worried about ordering online and not being there to see the trees but all was good when we got them... Over all we give it a 10/10 we will do more business with them again....

Positive lfahey48
(1 review)
On Mar 24, 2011, lfahey48 Middleboro, MA wrote:

First time ordering by mail, Anything Green had the best price. Ordered 30 Leyland Cypress, they arrived on time, green and healthy. Soil was still moist, so the newspaper and waxed boxes must hold the moisture in. Trees were at least the size stated if not bigger. I found the fertilizer he recommended with no problem at Lowes. This is my first project of this size so I will follow Johns instructions. Only problem has been communication with John. He has gotten back to me but it takes a little while. I would order from Anything Green again

Positive harstvedt
(1 review)
On Jun 7, 2010, harstvedt Oconomowoc, WI wrote:

Posted on May 26, 2010, updated June 7, 2010
My husband Corey ordered 50 Green Giant Thuja trees from Anything Green over the phone. The order was placed back in Feb 2010 so it was a pre-order. He was told these would ship 5/10 by John. We never received it and then looked on UPS site to see that it had never left the building. Only Billing info has been set up for that shipment. He called and emailed several times and did not get ANY responses back. He now has received a second UPS tracking #'s dated 5/24. Again, this one only shows that it was set up for shipping wtih UPS but never handed over. We still have not received any return call or return email. This is extrememely poor customer service. If you have a business, you need to be able to service your customer and provide information when it is being asked of you. We are not being unreasonable, only questioning off what we have been previously advised by John Pounder. I have coded this one neutral and will be happy to change it to positive IF we can get a response that is valid.

On June 7th, 2010, harstvedt changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

I am happy to say that after my conversation with John Pounder, we received the trees that week on Friday. I have to say that they were in perfect shape, very green and healthy looking. I would order again from anything green.

On Jun 7, 2010, responded with:

"On May 26, 2010 1:05 PM, responded with:

I have gotten in touch with harstvedt and we have straightened the problem out. I have been out of town this week and calls get forwarded to me. Unfortunately my cell phone hasn't had a reliable signal. I'm going to change the greeting on our phone system reflecting that AnythingGreen support will be closed until after Memorial Day.

Harstvedt should expect there plants this Friday or Monday.

-John Pounders"

Positive WMorgan
(4 reviews)
On May 20, 2010, WMorgan Medford, NJ wrote:

I ordered 6 Cryptomeria and 6 Leland Cypress trees. I bought the cheapest just in case. They were less than $3 each. I ordered on a Monday night and hoped that they would not ship until the following Monday, so that there was little chance that the plants would roast over a hot weekend in a UPS warehouse. That's exactly how they shipped, and I got them on Thursday afternoon [today]. The soil was still moist, the trees were bigger than expected and all were very well rooted. They were all very green. No yellow discoloration at all. This is better than I expected. These are very healthy plants.Obviously, if they die, it's nature's or my fault. I would definitely order from Anything Green again.

Positive jrlancaster
(1 review)
On Apr 1, 2010, jrlancaster Marietta, GA wrote:

Ordered 100 Pacifica Blue Junipers in 2.5" pots. I was pleasantly surprised on the size and condition of the plants. They were larger than I had thought they would be and they were all in excellent condition.

On Apr 1, 2010, responded with:

"On Apr 7, 2010 11:58 PM, responded with:

Thanks for the kind words!"

Positive Precisionjohn
(2 reviews)
On Jun 27, 2009, Precisionjohn Hillsville, VA wrote:

I ordered 16 Thuja Green Giant trees, 2 to 3 foot high in 1 gallon pots. The order arrived in timely fashion on schedule,in 2 separate waxed boxes. They were very well packed & potted in 1 gallon containers. All were a very vibrant green and very much alive, and the cost was only $5.88 ea. plus shipping.
I had previously ordered the trees from 4 Seasons Nursery at $5.31 each and all they sent me were 6 inch seedlings. All had a white mold on them and only 3 of the 16 were actually alive. Stay away from 4 Seasons Nursery and stick with Anything Green if you are ordering Thuja Green Giants. They
ship excellent quality trees.

Positive Glsense
(1 review)
On May 12, 2009, Glsense Shippensburg, PA wrote:

I ordered 60 Thuja Green Giants about a year ago. I had some concerns about whether they would arrive while I was on vacation so I called and sent emails and like some others report here, I recieved no response. However, I kept trying and one day I was able to get John on the phone. He told me that my trees were sent out the previous day. Sure enough, the next day I received my trees. They were great. They were larger than I expected. It was several days till I was able to get them planted but at this point, a year later, only 3 of them died. Although it was tough getting some response from John, I will order from him again. As long as you can deal with not being able to contact John, HE OFFERS EXCELLENT TREES AT AN EXCELLENT PRICE!!!!!!!!

Positive sutallee101
(1 review)
On Jan 17, 2009, sutallee101 wrote:

I ordered 20 Thuja Green Giants. I was surprised how healthy and nice they looked. Nice and green ,nice healthy roots. I planted them today 1/17/09. I have a green thumb and if any of them die it wont be because anything I done wrong. I will write back here in a year to let you know how they done.

Positive gingergarden
(1 review)
On Nov 22, 2008, gingergarden Mchenry, IL wrote:

I was very pleased with the Green Giant Thuja that I ordered. The trees were very well packed and shipped quickly. The trees were even bigger than I expected and a great value for the price. I would buy from this company again.

Positive ionosphere
(1 review)
On Oct 7, 2008, ionosphere Seattle, WA wrote:

I purchased 20 of the smallest thuja green giants. They all arrived in great condition and they seemed to be packed well and moist. I recently purchased another 20 since I was so pleased with the first batch and decided I needed more. These too came in great condition. Naturally I won't know how could they will do for a number of years and am hoping for the fast growth they claim to have.

Positive volfan17
(1 review)
On Sep 12, 2008, volfan17 Piedmont, SC wrote:

This is my secound order from anything Green ,I bought some greengiants a few years ago and they arrived in great shape.And most recently I ordered creptmoria Excuse spelling and these plant arrived beatiful better then I expected I would order agin for them .Thanks
Larry From South Carolina

Positive hapewhenigrdn
(1 review)
On Aug 28, 2008, hapewhenigrdn Albany, OR wrote:

Great experience! Ordered Thuja Green Giants and they arrived moist and taller than I expected (I assumed they would be on the smaller end of the range). They were still moist after sitting outside in the heat for a couple days as I was away for sudden family death. Trees are healthy and packed well. Can't wait to get them planted & watch them grow. Hope to order more!

Positive Sundie
(1 review)
On Jun 5, 2008, Sundie Arden, NC wrote:

So far so good. I ordered June 5th, 2008 within mintues of ordering I received email from the company. One was my receipt and one was a direct link to information on how to care for my leyland cypress and Hino Crimson Azaela's. I will further post when I receive my order. I am hopeful that it will be extremely positive.

On June 12th, 2008, Sundie changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

I ordered 100 Leyland, and 50 Azaela's on Thurs. John - the owner called me on Monday to let me know that he did not have enough of the Azalea's and offered to refund my money or replace them with something else. I choose Barberry Rosy Glow bushes as the replacement. My order arrived on Wednesday. They were packaged beautifully and still moist. They are awesome, actually bigger than I had expected. The leylands smell so fresh and wonderful. I told John that I am not ready to plant them all this weekend. He said as long as I water them I can plant them over the next few weeks. John expressed that they where very busy and that he had been on vacation. Between his website and the information he sends with the order, it is self explanatory as to how to plant and care for your order. John makes it clear if you order even as late as Sunday night your order is shipped on Monday, so order when you are ready, because he did exactly what he said he would do. I think if we wanted someone sitting by the phone we would not get such great trees and shrubs for the price we bought them for. I am VERY satisfied and will order again and highly recommend Anything I will email pictures & progress to John, he mentioned that he would like to start something on his website so that we could help each other. Happy planting! The hardest part of all of this was trying to find out how to post this message.
Positive scott_r
(1 review)
On May 28, 2008, scott_r Leesburg, GA wrote:


Positive treedr69
(1 review)
On May 14, 2008, treedr69 Woodstown, NJ wrote:

Very satisfied. The order arrived in tact and ON TIME!! Will deal with
this supplier in the future. Great service AAAAA++++++++++++

Positive mjay14
(1 review)
On May 9, 2008, mjay14 Fisher, IL wrote:

We ordered 20 thuja trees, feeling a little nervous because the price was so great. The trees were shipped on time and we received them in 2 days. They were well packaged and looked great - no sign of wilt or dryness. We planted them the next day and except for 1 with a little brown on it, they are doing fine. We will order from this company again.

Positive ssparks6
(1 review)
On Apr 25, 2008, ssparks6 Gibson, GA wrote:

I just received an order of 20 Thuja Green Giants. I was completely shocked at how nice these trees were. I ordered a couple from another mail order company and they were no where near as tall or healthy as these. Can't beat this deal!

Positive csfields
(1 review)
On Apr 4, 2008, csfields Kinston, NC wrote:

I luckily found this website searching for fast growing trees to be used as a privacy hedge. We live on four acres with beautiful landscaping. Recently, someone purchased the three acres beside us and unbelievably parked unusable junk cars and a camper on it. On March 20, my husband and I purchased 80 Giant Thujas. Within a week they were delivered and planted immediately. We were stunned at how well the trees were packaged and especially how healthy they looked. We actually received 81 trees and they were larger than we expected. We can't wait for them to hide our neighbor's junk! Thank you so much Anything Green! There is no where in this area to find these trees and no where else online to find them this reasonable. We will definitely buy 200 more if these survive.
Mitch & Cheryl from NC

Positive mlhnmi
(2 reviews)
On Oct 28, 2007, mlhnmi Washington, PA wrote:

First time and very happy customer ! I ordered 25 2.5 inch Thuja Green Giant trees in the spring and was so happy with the results, we ordered another 25. Both shipments arrived quickly and all the trees were good quality and healthy looking. We followed the planting instructions and all 50 tree have done great this summer. We look forward to ordering from this company again next year. I would recommend this company and their product. Joan B Washington PA

Positive trees10
(1 review)
On Sep 30, 2007, trees10 Ingleside, IL wrote:

A very happy customer!!!
My trees arrived in great condition. Beautiful and Healthy.I planted them right away,same day i received them.The shipping was fast.And the service was great.For the price and value of these trees is unbelievable.This company get's A plus from me.I will definitely order from this company again.If i have anymore room left.Thank you so much for the wonderful trees.
Karen DeFalco

Positive schweizer
(1 review)
On Aug 30, 2007, schweizer Olathe, KS wrote:

I was initially skeptical because I have never had plants delivered before. However, the plants were promptly shipped and they arrived very healthy, in spite of 95 degree weather. The plants were exactly the size that was promised and the root systems were very healthy. I highly recommend Anything Green!!

Positive planting_fool
(1 review)
On Aug 30, 2007, planting_fool Brooklet, GA wrote:

John, John, John. You are my hero! Let this be the comments to end any fears any buyer may have. I ordered the plants and they shipped on the following monday as promised. I paid for three day shipping. Was twenty bucks extra but I know getting them in the ground asap is so very important. I received them in two days instead of three. I was delighted at the size and condition of my 2.5" pot Thuja's. All we very healthy, all had great root structure. Of course the UPS monky's handled them like a bowling ball but that is not John's fault. Since they were packed so well I mean very well I honestly don't know how they managed to shake any soil from the pots. Leave it to them though and they will find a way. Lose of soil was minimal even so. Plants were almost dripping they were so moist and the waxed boxes John used were heavy duty. Have to be when UPS handles them! Ok customerers you have to know I live in southeast Ga and it is Aug 29th. The days these were ordered, in shipping and planted the temp was 95+ degrees and relative humidity was 100%. Not exactly the time of year for this but I wanted to get them in the ground and growing before the fall. I called John to ask if he was shipping now, not many suppliers will ship now that I have found for this plant. John called me back within hours of my message I left him. Be patient people, he is trying to get every one their wonderful trees! I bought Thuja bare root plants from another supplier. Not I feel like they ripped me off since John has such great prices and quality. The 2.5" pots were so easy to handle and plant. I almost felt like I was cheating they were so easily planted. Folks as far as them living, we will see. The odds are against me but it was worth a shot but if hey die? Well I knew I was up against the odds in this heat and semi-drought we are under here. Folks we as the buyer have responsibility. I can't say enough about soil prep. Remember these trees need air! I tilled the crap out of my soil the day before my plants arrived. Remember, I paid for faster shipping. GET YOUR PLANTS AS FAST AS YOU CAN! If you are too tight to pay a little extra shipping then you probably shouldn't be ordering plants you expect to live. If you can't afford some extra shipping then you probably cant "really" afford the plants! I placed Swan soaker hoses by every single tree! I did this as they got in the ground! Do not procrastinate with the water. Give your babies some wet stuff asap! My wife and I live on a tight budget sine she is a stay at home mom and we have to make it on 33k per year. John thank you for making these so affordable. In my situation, it would take me a long time to purchase the plants I need from other suppliers at their cost. Thats why I will buying the other 300 or so more from you. And to help you help me on the price I will be sending you the empty containers and trays back. I hope many others in my shoes find you and your products that are in my financial shoes so they can enjoy these trees too. So John keep up the excellent work and thanks again! Ronnie R.

Positive rebecula
(1 review)
On Jul 21, 2007, rebecula Colorado Springs, CO wrote:

My trees arrived beautifully prepared and are now planted and doing well. Thank you for the lovely trees. I appreciate your excellent service!

Positive baylorcir
(1 review)
On Jul 5, 2007, baylorcir Greenville, SC wrote:

I'm sorry to hear that some people had negative remarks. We bought 110 Leland cyress and they all arrived in perfect condition! Packed very well and came exactly the day they were promised. So far, we have planted about half of them and they look GREAT!
Thanks for such a fabulous transaction!!

Positive mtrischler
(1 review)
On Jun 17, 2007, mtrischler Cohocton, NY wrote:

I was a little hesitant to order trees online, but I figured for the price, I would take a shot. Much to my surprise, the trees were in phenomenal shape.
The box that they packed them in had some sort of wax lining that kept the moisture in. The plants were green from top to bottom. The soil was still moist.
I have planted 35 of the 50 so far. I cannot wait until I have created a complete barrier around my backyard. I AM ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!

Positive bethvmd
(1 review)
On Jun 3, 2007, bethvmd Woodland, PA wrote:

I ordered Thuja giant trees and they were delivered very quickly. The packing was a bit rough but the trees were very nice. I was pleasantly suprised at how big they were for the price. I had ordered similar trees from another web site and although they arrived with fertilizer and very well packed the cost was 3 times more per tree. For my order things worked out well. Thank you Beth

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