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Positive Miss_Huff
(7 reviews)
On Aug 22, 2006, Miss_Huff Flemington, NC (Zone 7a) wrote:

I've ordered several times from Pinetree. Their prices are very low and their excellent selection of books supplies and tools are very reasonably priced as well. The only caveat is -- don't buy their perennials or bulbs. Their perennials are super tiny (a year behind most others you'd buy) and their bulbs are iffy too. But as for seeds, I've had excellent success...

On September 1st, 2006, Miss_Huff added the following:

More great things about Pinetree: their shipping costs are reasonable, their shipping is VERY fast and the items are well packed. This is one of my favorite catalogs.
Positive oneofus
(1 review)
On Aug 18, 2006, oneofus Vineyard Haven, MA (Zone 7a) wrote:

I've ordered from Pinetree for the past 3 years. I generally find the quality of their varieties and germination rates to be excellent, and their prices are much lower than some other growers.(Johnny's) I have experienced a couple of weeks longer wait than I expected when ordering at the height of the Spring rush, with prompt shipping at other times. I had one entire order of bare root strawberries fail to grow, but when I emailed them regarding the problem, they promptly & cheerfully sent me a refund. I agree that the web site should be re-designed, but it's not THAT difficult to use. On the whole I'm happy with my experience, and plan to keep them as my main seed source.

Positive sallyg
(3 reviews)
On Aug 7, 2006, sallyg Anne Arundel,, MD (Zone 7b) wrote:

I've ordered seeds several years in a row. I like the packet size and price and selection., germinated well unlike those from another mail order. This spring, ordered plants from the spring sale, online, and followed that with email request to apply my coupon that came with seed order. That was answered promptly and done. Blueberry bush($4), bigroot geranium, wintergreen have grown well despite being early summer planted. Lost a siberian iris, just potted oxalis but they looked fine. Arrived with pots moist and wrapped in plastic, greens cushioned in shredded paper. Catalog has some personal notes and usually has scientific names.

Positive veges2
(2 reviews)
On Jun 29, 2006, veges2 Jamestown, ND wrote:

I have ordered from Pinetree for several years and have been please with the quality, germination rates and variety. I have found some unique flower seeds that I could not find elsewhere. Shipping has been prompt and the price right! It is a bit difficult to maneuver through the catalog.

Positive sueefo
(1 review)
On Jun 14, 2006, sueefo Holyoke, MA (Zone 5b) wrote:

I've ordered from Pinetree for several years. This year I procrastinated and didn't order until March. I paid for the expedited shipping and my order arrived in a couple days. My total order with the shipping was about $20.00. I like the fact that they sell small packets of seeds for the home gardener and that they are located in New England. I have seeds left over from previous years and I haven't had a problem. This year I planted two tomato seeds from 2003 ('Gardener's Delight' and 'Brandywine') and they are doing great. I did have germination problems with 'Orange Fantasia' Swiss Chard and 'Space' Spinach (from this year) but I'm not holding it against the company. I just planted something else in its place.

I'm not familiar with their customer service so I'm unable to comment on that. I do order from their website and I can say that it definately can be improved–it's difficult to navigate.

I've ordered seeds from several different companies in the past but I now stick with Pinetree.

Positive jp2096
(2 reviews)
On Apr 26, 2006, jp2096 Bayside, NY wrote:

Affordable paper seed packets. Good germination rates. Seed count is not high (perfect for those of us in the cities). Though the website doesn't have order tracking, the shipping price is very reasonable and the shipping time was appropriate. My ony complaint would be that the website is exactly the same as their paper catalog. I would rather have a comprehensive website with pictures of every or most seeds than a paper catalog (that's just wasteful). Overall, I will continue to buy vegetable and flower seeds from pinetree/superseeds. I will try bulbs next season.

Positive tomakers
(2 reviews)
On Apr 18, 2006, tomakers Middleboro, MA (Zone 6a) wrote:

I was a little reluctant to order from Pinetree after viewing some of the comments, but my experience has been positive. I received my seeds (about $30 worth) in about 2 weeks from the time I ordered them. They were well packaged and there was more seed than I expected in all the packets. One thing I do like is their resealable packets. It's too bad more companies don't use them. Their prices are reasonable and they have many seeds I wasn't able to find elsewhere.

Positive Madisonwigarden
(10 reviews)
On Apr 5, 2006, Madisonwigarden Madison, WI (Zone 5b) wrote:

I've had two years of great experience with this company. The seeds are a great price, they arrive promptly and though the amount in the seed packages is not high, they're also not low. The amount of seeds in the packages are fine for a family garden. The germination rate of the seeds plus the instructions are great. I actually have a begonia that is huge that I started from seed. I've also ordered other products in the catalog with no problems. The website is a little difficult to navigate as it is hard to fill in the order online and then get back to the page I was on to continue shopping. You can only do it by clicking through several pages. Nevertheless even I have gotten the hang of it. I'd recommend this company and will continue to order from them. Check out their prices!!

Positive gdionelli
(31 reviews)
On Apr 5, 2006, gdionelli Huntington, WV (Zone 6a) wrote:

I've had nothing but good experiences with Pinetree. My first was a couple of years ago when I ordered some vanilla bean mulch for a Christmas gift -- I had comparison shopped for it online and Pinetree had by far the best price. It came quickly and my friend was delighted. This year I ordered seeds, and again, they came quickly (I did, however, order fairly early). They were out of one variety and said it would arrive later -- sure enough, it did. I also ordered garlic mole repellents, again after having comparison shopped -- Pinetree has the best price on them. After using them, they worked so well that I ordered more. They took slightly longer to arrive, but not an abnormally long time. The seeds have had excellent germination rates, and I like the quantities they send. I'm very pleased with my Pinetree experiences and will order from them again.

Positive FlipTX
(13 reviews)
On Mar 13, 2006, FlipTX Pasadena, TX wrote:

The prices are very fair and they have a good selection of seeds. However, it took a long time to get my orders: 15 days for one and 18 for another. I know Texas is a long way from Maine, but I've ordered from other long distance companies this spring and gotten my orders in a fraction of the time.

On August 3rd, 2006, FlipTX changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

I placed another order because they had the best price for floating row cover. The order arrived much more quickly than previous ones, so it looks like the key is to order in the off-season. Or just expect a lengthy wait if you shop in the spring.
Positive perkolated
(1 review)
On Mar 8, 2006, perkolated Portland, OR (Zone 8a) wrote:

I choose Pinetree for the bulk of my vegetable seeds because their prices were fair and they had the varieties I wanted all in one place. Their website leaves a bit to be desired as it's easy to miss getting an item in your cart with their current system. I recieved my seeds about 10 days after I ordered them. It's still to early to plant, so I don't know about the germination rate, but the seeds are well packaged and clean.

Positive SamsDaughter
(2 reviews)
On Mar 8, 2006, SamsDaughter White Cloud, MI wrote:

I mailed my order to Pinetree yesterday! I ordered from 3 other companies too, but the largest order went to Pinetree. I have ordered from Pinetree every year for many years and have been pleased with the quality and selection of their products. I like the smaller sized packets because you can buy a variety of things without spending so much money for seeds that will be thrown away because they haven't been used up in a year or two. Unless you have a farm, there is no need for huge packets of seed. It's better to use fresh seed anyway. I love their book department, often selecting books as gifts. There are some great values on discontinued volumes. I've gotten some great tools there, too. I love their catalog--it has photos of their staff using products, and even the farm cat! I read it thru right away and mark all the books and other things I can't live without. Later, when reality sets in, I fine-tune my order.

Althought I hate to do it, I spend the extra $4.50 for 24-hour order processing, otherwise it takes an extremely long time to get your order. That dept. could use some work. Other companies can get your order out right away, so I don't understand why Pinetree can't. It should not cost an extra $4.50 to get your order in a timely manner. Fix that, and you'll have two thumbs up from me!

Positive susancarol
(1 review)
On Feb 6, 2006, susancarol Middletown, CT wrote:

One of my standard ordering houses. Wide selection and very dependable products.

Positive Jude52
(1 review)
On Feb 2, 2006, Jude52 Trego, MT wrote:

Ordered from Pinetree in early Jan.--seeds and glad bulbs as in previous years. Order was received in a week, and glads to ship later. The glads from past years were very nice size
( I only order early varieties for my zone 4-5) and they are still good size after digging and storing for 2 years. The germination has been very good with the seeds, and I really enjoy their catalog & find their website easy to use.

Positive StatsProfessor
(1 review)
On Jan 24, 2006, StatsProfessor Kelowna,
Canada wrote:

I have ordered from Pinetree for years. I have always been very impressed with selection, prices and service. This year is no exception.

Positive Gabrielle
(28 reviews)
On Jan 17, 2006, Gabrielle (Zone 5a) wrote:

I have ordered quite a few seeds from Pinetree, and to begin with I really liked them; fewer seeds = lower prices = more varieties ordered. Germination rates seem to not be as good now, which makes fewer seeds a bad thing. The one time I did tell them about bad seeds, they promptly replaced them.

On January 18th, 2006, Gabrielle changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

I was thinking along the lines of seeds when I left the previous comment and rating, and forgot about the plants I had ordered. I have ordered several plants from them, and they were all good. Bottom line, seeds so-so, plants good.
Positive Sandybeach
(1 review)
On Jan 9, 2006, Sandybeach Saint Cloud, MN (Zone 4a) wrote:

I love the smaller quantities you can order. I like the packaging the seeds also arrived in. Looked like homemade flower packets. I ordered online last year and loved the variety they offer and received everything I ordered. For the smaller city gardener, packet size is great! I also ordered a gift certificate from them this holiday season and it arrived promptly to the family member (but unfortunately didn't say who it was from, which could have been my fault).

Positive dtinn
(9 reviews)
On Jan 7, 2006, dtinn Falmouth, KY wrote:

I I like the fact that their priced are about 1/3 less than most companies. Granted, you also get fewer seeds, but the lower prices have enabled me to buy seeds for varieties I have never tried. The website is difficult to navigate, I was reminded of this tonight when I placed my order. Nontheless, I have always had good germination rates and I feel I get a good value for my money.

On February 11th, 2007, dtinn added the following:

I have posted on this comapny before, and I felt the need to comment this year. Last year I posted that their online ordering system was very difficult to navigate. They have done a great job redesigning their site. It is light years ahead of their previous site.
Positive Phrederica_VA
(6 reviews)
On Jan 4, 2006, Phrederica_VA Montpelier, VA wrote:

I've been ordering for close to 10 years from Pinetree and have never had a bad experience. I nearly always order seeds (not plants). I love the small seed pack size. I can try two or three times as many items for the same amount of money. They are always very clear in the catalog as to the quantity of seeds you will get, so there are no surprises with the small packs. I have not had germination problems. I often order online from them and have had no trouble with their website. They changed their shipping charges this year and made them simpler which should please people who found them confusing. I have also ordered books and soap making supplies from them and have been perfectly happy. I absolutely love their oriental gardening tool, which I call my "Super Weeder".

Positive gretzky99
(10 reviews)
On Dec 19, 2005, gretzky99 Randall, IA wrote:

The seeds I have ordered from Pinetree have had very good germination rates, and have shipped promptly. I have ordered from them the past two years and plan on doing so again this year. In my opinion, a great company to deal with.

Positive emeraldblue70
(10 reviews)
On Dec 4, 2005, emeraldblue70 West Sacramento, CA wrote:

This is about the third or fourth time I have ordered in the past 2-3 years. The catalog and the selection is great as there are many items that cannot usually be found anywhere else.
Germination results have been okay, but on some items like their pansies, and Dia Green broccoli, germination has not been so great this fall and I grow several hundred plants in a year during the four seasons. Other than that I have not had any problems with the flower and veggie seeds.
Overall, the varieties, price, helpful customer service, and the opprtunity to sample growing many different kinds of plants keeps me coming back. I will order again

Positive reagansnanny
(2 reviews)
On Aug 23, 2005, reagansnanny Wise, VA wrote:

Have ordered from this company year after year. They are awesome. Love the unusual perernnials they have.

Positive suseyblue
(3 reviews)
On Jun 26, 2005, suseyblue La Vergne, TN wrote:

when my asparagus roots looked a little tattered and moldy and didn't come up, they immediately (in the time it took to send one email) replaced them with great-looking plants coming up already. easy and painless. i'm a longtime customer and will buy from them again.


Positive beckyishere
(1 review)
On Jun 8, 2005, beckyishere Chester, IL wrote:

I have ordered from this company for the last few years and never have reason to complain. The catalog is easy to read, the seeds are always fresh, and the shipping is fastand very affordable. I always recomend Pinetree first when someone asks about my garden.

Positive evspa
(2 reviews)
On Jun 5, 2005, evspa Raleigh, NC wrote:

This was my first season ordering from Pinetree Garden Seeds and I was VERY pleased with my seed and bulb purchase. I ordered the following seeds in January: Geranium pratense, Geranium 'Vision', johnny jump up violas, 'Lemon Swirl' violas, and wild eastern columbine. The germination % was close to 100% on all but G. pratense which was about 50%. All of the seedlings are now thriving in the garden. I also ordered 50 rain lily bulbs and 2 Begonia 'Bertini which looked great/healthy upon arrival. The Begonia are already flowering. Unfortunately, I also ordered 10 Autumn Brilliance fern which I was dissapointed with. Four of the 10 fern never leafed out and the other six were very small (-a couple just barely hanging in there). I contacted the company by email asking for a replacement for 4 autumn fern but got no response after 4 working days. Just when I had emailed a second time to inquire about the fern, a letter from Pinetree arrived in the mail with a refund for the 4 fern plus extra $$ for the small fern I was unhappy with. Overall, I was satisified with the prompt response by mail (-but was a little concerned when my email wasn't answered). I will order again from this company (mainly seeds and bulbs) because the bulk of my order was good. In particular, I thought the germination % was fantastic compared to 3 other companies I also ordered from this year.

Positive kmitchell
(3 reviews)
On Jun 4, 2005, kmitchell Amelia, OH wrote:

I have ordered from Pinetree for several years now. I have never been disappointed with their seeds or glad bulbs. Their seed packets are small and inexpensive -- perfect for a small garden like mine.

Positive AS
(46 reviews)
On May 24, 2005, AS (Zone 7a) wrote:

I've ordered from them for many years. I've never had a problem with germination or with a mislabeled variety. The one time a packet of seeds was short, they promptly and cheerfully replaced it.

Positive arachide
(12 reviews)
On May 1, 2005, arachide Chicago, IL (Zone 5b) wrote:

I placed my first order with Pinetree seeds by phone in January because I didn't have internet access at the time. As soon as I started reading my list of items to the customer service rep my dog decided it was great time to start random loud barking. The woman taking my order my order was very patient and waited with me for the pauses in barking to complete my order.

I received the correct seeds in record time. All of the seeds are now planted and of all the seeds I ordered this year from various companies, these have by far the best germination rates. The seed counts in the packets are less than most but it clearly states the counts in the catalogue and the prices reflect that. I would rather plant 30 seeds with an 80% plus germination rate than 100 seeds with a 50% germination rate; too much wasted space, dirt, seed trays and time.

I'm already planning on ordering most of my seeds from them next year.

Positive 79spitfire
(1 review)
On Apr 10, 2005, 79spitfire Silver Springs, NV wrote:

I order seeds and seed potaoes every year, and they are always great!

Positive bluekat76
(5 reviews)
On Apr 7, 2005, bluekat76 Ijamsville, MD (Zone 6b) wrote:

I have ordered from them for the first time this year. I had heard the shipping time was slow so I added the 24 hr expedited service on both orders. I think it was worth the money. Like others I also wish the packets had more information on them. I do like that the seed packets are resealable and don't rip when you open them.

Positive EP
(9 reviews)
On Apr 2, 2005, EP Merrimack, NH wrote:

I ordered a lot of seeds from Pine Tree again this year. They were prompt and had good germination rates. I still wish they would put more cultural info on the packet, but by and large I have been quite pleased with the service and quality of their seeds.

Positive Debsroots
(25 reviews)
On Mar 25, 2005, Debsroots Northwest, MO (Zone 5a) wrote:

I received my first ever order. Great experience. Not a single problem...and the shipping charges were very low.

Will order from again.

Positive mysticwill
(4 reviews)
On Mar 24, 2005, mysticwill Brookhaven, PA (Zone 7a) wrote:

I have been ordering from them for a couple years now- and although i wish they would calculate shipping in the shopping basket I have to say that is the only problem I have with them.

I just recived my seed order and one thing was wrong- ordered #830(petunia) and recived #380 (winter squash) simple mistake, I called and they cleared it up no probelm 2 days later I had my correct seed and a bounus (the squash I got the keep)

Positive ccobanshee
(6 reviews)
On Feb 28, 2005, ccobanshee Northome, MN wrote:

I've ordered from Pinetree Garden Seeds twice so far this year, receiving seeds, books, and garden supplies. I have been very pleased both times; my orders arrived quickly and the seed quantities are perfect for my home garden, not too much or too little. Shipping charges are quite reasonable, too. A few seeds were backordered for a couple weeks and customer service was extremely prompt and courteous communicating with me during that time. Pinetree will be getting my business first, every time!

Positive plantpresidente
(1 review)
On Feb 8, 2005, plantpresidente Melrose, MN wrote:

I've been ordering from Pinetree for the last few years. I've been very pleased with their service...they are typically the first company to fill my order in the spring. They have a good selection of some harder-to-find herb seeds at reasonable prices. The seeds have been good as well--germination has been good. Give them a shot if you haven't yet.

Positive flash317
(6 reviews)
On Feb 5, 2005, flash317 Monroe, NY (Zone 6a) wrote:

I think I've ordered from Pinetree for at least 20 of their 26 years, and have always been pleased with the results. Occasionally I try other companies for special seeds, but I find I'd rather deal with Pinetree whenever possible. They always have interesting new things, and have recently begun small catalog sections listing varieties that may not be available next year--it gives you a chance to stock up a bit on a favorite, rather than just finding it isn't there any more; a very friendly feature. I've always liked choosing small quantities of seed for low prices--and they do tell you exactly how many seeds you'll get in the catalog entry, so it shouldn't be a surprise.
I wasn't surprised to find them listed in the Watchdog 20; they are a great company!

Positive fbonzo
(2 reviews)
On Jan 28, 2005, fbonzo Issaquah, WA (Zone 8b) wrote:

I've been reading Pinetree's catalog for several years and we've purchased and used their seed now for two years. I'd give them an A+++ on pricing and selection--their catalog really is a joy. Their service and promptness of delivery has also been outstanding.

After ordering for the first time, I was very surprised by how few seeds were included in each packet we received. Now, I do NOT think that they in any way misrepresented how many seeds we'd be getting, but they really do give you a lot less than any other seed company I know of. As a number of people on this site have commented, though, this can actually be a good thing. You should just be aware of it.

I must also say that I've been only moderately pleased by the germination I've had from Pinetree's seeds. I don't know if the seeds are old or poorly stored, but I consistently get 10-30% better germination from, say, Territorial Seeds or from my saved seeds. Again, though, you get what you pay for and with Pinetree you pay so little.

It's a great place to buy small quantities of stuff that you just want to experiment with.

Positive Cashy
(4 reviews)
On Jan 28, 2005, Cashy Fallbrook, CA wrote:

Interesting variety of seeds, and I appreciate that they offer smaller amounts of seeds at lower prices. Easy to use on-line ordering an prompt delivery of products.

Positive stuffer
(1 review)
On Jan 24, 2005, stuffer Greenwood, MO wrote:

Have ordered for two years as they stock an odd seed variety that I buy,
Always sent out in good time...

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