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Neutral oakley240
(1 review)
On Jan 7, 2012, oakley240 Hazlehurst, GA (Zone 8a) wrote:

About 3 years ago I received Pinetree Garden Seed's Spring Catalog and ordered from the company because of the extremely low prices on a lot of their items. It took me 6 and a half weeks to receive my order and by that time most of the seeds I had ordered was well past time to start. The few seeds that I had bought that could still be started had terrible germination rates. I told myself I would never deal with them again. This year though I stumbled upon some reviews by other members of Dave's Garden and decided I would try again so I went to their site and ordered my seeds on the 28th of December and received my seeds the 6th of January; I was very pleased and decided they just must have had a bad year the first time I ordered from them, but when I opened my pack and looked at all of the seed packets I discovered that 2 seed packets was missing. I immediately called the company and told them the problem. I was told sorry and that the two packets would be mailed the next day. Personally I think I should have received a complementary pack of seeds for my trouble or either credit on my next purchase. I think I might give pinetree another chance next year but I'll need to see how the germination rates are on the seeds that actually come in.

Neutral veggie93
(3 reviews)
On Jun 17, 2011, veggie93 Au Sable Forks, NY wrote:

Posted on June 15, 2011, updated June 17, 2011
This has been my favorite company for many years - not anymore. The quality is really POOR. Specifically "their" potatoes. Last time the regular potatoes were all mangled when I received them - this year it looks as though there is evidence of late blight. When the sweet potatoes came - they looked positively pathetic! They came from Tennessee, and for the price of $19.99 for 12 ( I know who the fool is :( 10 have survived, but are far from flourishing.
I've decided to take my business elsewhere.

On June 17th, 2011, veggie93 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Today I received a gift certificate in the mail for $25 to compensate for the potatoes. Obviously, this site is well-monitored by Pinetree. I really was shocked! as I did NOT notify the company of my displeasure with the products.
My face is RED, knowing that I should have contacted them to allow them to make it right first, before posting my comments here.
SO, this is to thank them publicly, and to say that I will give them another try.
Thanks Pinetree.
Neutral aileen246
(19 reviews)
On May 22, 2011, aileen246 Priest River, ID wrote:

Late in 2010 I ordered ten different flower seeds. This was shortly after I received their catalog. Some of the seeds I used for winter sowing and perhaps being new to winter sowing, the results were mixed, some germinated, some didn't. But even when I resowed the seeds, the germination was poor. Several of the packets held a skimpy amount of seed. The hibiscus seeds, all five, produced one weak seedling that died. The laurentia, Blue Star, did very well, and some seeds did germinate when I resowed them later. But I won't order from Pinetree again. Even though their prices are moderate as well as the shipping, I want seeds that I know will germinate.

Neutral flowers4birds
(12 reviews)
On Jan 11, 2011, flowers4birds Chilton, WI (Zone 5b) wrote:

Posted on December 24, 2009, updated January 11, 2011
I have ordered from Pinetree Garden Seeds for many years and have always been pleased by their prices, hardy varieties for my northern garden, ability to buy small amounts of seeds for my small garden, and their timely delivery. Last year however, they were very slow. I ordered some seeds that need to be planted inside in mid-winter to be ready for transplant in early spring. The order did not come when I needed it. After a couple of months had passed, I wrote to them and to their credit, my order arrived immediately, but it was already too late to plant some of the seeds, and they did not do well in the garden, as we have a short growing season.

I will order from them again, because after years of good service, they deserve another chance. I ordered very early last year, and that didn't expedite my order as I had hoped. I hope they will do better this year.

On January 11th, 2011, flowers4birds added the following:

I ordered from them again in early 2010. I got all my seeds in time to plant, but several types didn't germinate at all. By the time I found out, it was too late to ask for replacemnts. Our growing season is too short here in Zone 5a. Two other varieties were NOT what I had ordered. My Hero Marigolds were nothing like the Hero Marigolds I'd grown the year before. They were nice, but not the same kind. Which kind is the real Hero Marigold? I do not know. I also don't know what the Hero Mix I bought the year before was supposed to be like, because only one seed germinateed. The Cactus Zinnias I had enjoyed so much in 2009 were NOT Cactus Zinnias in 2010. They were a mixture of very ordinary single and double types that bloomed nicely but were not especially pretty and there were no Cactus types among them. I am not a fan of single zinnias. So this winter I am not ordering anything from Pinetree and probably never will again. There seems to be no quality control there. I do reccomend their book department though. I've gotten some wonderful books from them in the past.
Neutral imafactotumtoo
(1 review)
On Mar 16, 2010, imafactotumtoo Saint Joseph, MI (Zone 6b) wrote:

Placed an e-mail order the 2nd of March. Today is the16th and still no seeds?
Decided to call (a non toll free number) to see what happened. Was told that they have not even started filling my order yet but I could expect them to get to it in a day or two. ARRGHH! I've been ordering seed for nearly 40 years now and never remember a delay quite like this from anyone else. I decided to shop from some smaller seed houses this year to help "spread the wealth". Having some doubts.

Neutral greenhouse_gal
(4 reviews)
On Apr 8, 2009, greenhouse_gal Southern NJ,
United States (Zone 7a) wrote:

I have been ordering from Pinetree for many years, too. I like the fact that their seed packets don't hold as much and therefore they don't charge as much. I often have a lot of seeds left over from other companies and there's no point in spending more money if I don't need that quantity.

I placed my order on the internet on February 5th. I had the same problem as an earlier poster - I had made up a list and accidentally clicked out of the cart page, and when I went back my virtual cart was empty. As a result, when I tried to recreate my order I realized afterwards that I had forgotten to include some things I needed. That was very frustrating.

My order came quickly; the previous year I hadn't ordered that early so my seeds came almost too late to plant, and I learned my lesson! However, I have always had occasional problems with Pinetree seeds not germinating, and this time I have planted my Marconi Red Peppers twice in my flats and only have one sprout to show for it. So all in all I'm not sure whether I'll order from them again. You can't beat their prices, though, so maybe it's worth it.

Neutral lettucelaw
(5 reviews)
On Mar 14, 2009, lettucelaw Woodinville, WA wrote:

I experienced the same delay as several others before me. Ordered on February 16th, did not receive the package until March 12th. I usually send out my orders in January, so the delay was really my own fault; hence the "neutral" rather than "negative" rating. However, I do find fault with the packaging: Everything, including a giant bag of seed starting mix, was crammed into a small box. When I lifted the bag of mix from the top of the box, I could see it had split and left a fine dusting of "dirt" over everything. Also, they were out of the Wall O' Water repair kit and gave no clear indication of when I can expect receipt of the same.

I have purchased from Pinetree many times in the past, but only seeds and only in January. Will order again in the future but will stick to seeds and an early order date to avoid disappointment.

Neutral evelynopsis
(1 review)
On Mar 11, 2009, evelynopsis Putnam Valley, NY wrote:

I ordered vegetable and flower seeds Feb 12 from Pinetree. I have not received them yet and today is March 11th. I have been trying to call them since yesterday and their phone is always busy. I have sent them an email but haven't received a reply yet. Some of the seeds that I ordered should be planted this week and even that they maybe a little late. If I don't get some satisfaction this week I will not be ordering from them next year. I have been their customer for a few years now and they have always been very slow but not this slow.

On March 16th, 2009, evelynopsis changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Adding to my comments: I received my seeds March 14th. Pinetree called to tell me they had sent them March 5th and because it was sent parcel post it took 9 more days. This means that I would need to order aproximately 5 weeks before I want them next year!
Neutral TheAngelGirl
(3 reviews)
On Jan 18, 2009, TheAngelGirl Coushatta, LA wrote:

I ordered seeds from this company and they mailed them off on the 2nd and it took two weeks to get them in the mail.

Neutral asphodel
(3 reviews)
On May 13, 2008, asphodel La Grande, OR wrote:

Last year I ordered Rouge D Etampes pumpkin seeds. The plant grew beautifully, but the fruit was clearly NOT a rouge d' etampes, it was wrong shape and wrong color. Clearly a hybrid of some sort. I have ordered there a couple of years in a row, and the seeds arrive slowly but they DO have to cross the continent......

Neutral littlebrook15
(5 reviews)
On Apr 28, 2008, littlebrook15 Rock Tavern, NY wrote:

I found that the selection was great, but the germination rate for some of the plants was very low, though it was an easy to grow plant. I am giving the Neutral rating because I had some problems communicating with this company. I have ordered some plants from them (haven't received them yet), and needed a better time frame for their arrival other than April-June. I sent them an email and heard nothing. I called several times, and got a busy signal. I did finally get a short email a week later, informing me the plants would be shipped today. I will have to see.

Neutral girlsingardens
(1 review)
On Mar 15, 2008, girlsingardens Ansley, NE wrote:

I received my seeds in a cardboard like envelope. There was no padding or bubble wrap to protect the seeds. When I went to the post office to pick up my package I was dissapointed when I saw that it was in one of the damaged package envelopes. I went ahead and took it home to open up. The envelope looked like it had been crushed in a postal machine and part of the end of the envelope was opened. I was missing several packages of seeds and the ones that I did receive were either open and loose in the envelope or crushed. I have contacted pinetree garden seeds and am hoping to get this matter resolved and be able to change my review to a positive one.

Neutral guielmo
(1 review)
On May 1, 2007, guielmo West Newbury, MA wrote:

Pinetree has excellent prices on certified seed potatoes and stocks some old New England favorites such as Kennebec and Green Mountain. Last year's delivery was good for this area (North Shore, Massachusetts) but this year's delivery seems to have been delayed about two weeks A phone call April 30 yielded info that potatoes would be shipped "within a week or so"; however, in response to an e-mail, I was told potatoes had shipped that day.

Neutral seedbeads
(3 reviews)
On Mar 31, 2007, seedbeads Lebanon, NH wrote:

I will not order plants again from this company. Shipping took 7 days between ME & NH. Strawberries arrived wilted and full of tiny orange spiders. Ordered replacements which also arrived in poor condition with more orange spiders. Zero germination with their Last Chance seeds.

Regular seed packets had good germination and were priced and sized just right. I will order seeds again from this company but not live (barely) plants.

On April 22nd, 2007, seedbeads added the following:

Thank you for the company response. The strawberry plants were from a prior year's order but I didn't feel it fair to comment until I had given them ample time to recover & grow. As my review commented on germination for a prior year's seed order, I thought it would be o.k. to included comments on a prior year's plant order as well. Perhaps your strawberry stock is healthier this year. In any case, I will continue to order seeds and have recently placed a new seed order with you.
On Mar 31, 2007, Pinetree Garden Seeds responded with:

"Note from Pinetree rep...... We only received our strawberry shipment the week of March 26th and not only have we not sent any to New Hampshire, we have certainly not shipped any replacements, therefore we respectfully contend that this defective shipment was from another supplier."

Neutral cannaqueen
(19 reviews)
On Jan 31, 2007, cannaqueen Mantua, OH (Zone 5a) wrote:

I have ordered from this company for serveral years.
This includes seeds and soap making products. This year,
I received my order, with one packet that had no seeds.
I sent them the empty packet and requested another packet
of these seeds. I received the seeds with no problem.
Prices are reasonable compared to others. Germination rate
is about average.

On January 27th, 2008, cannaqueen changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

This year, 2007, I sent in a small order for seeds. Received my seeds
in a reasonable length of time. I was sent one seed packet I did not
order. I was missing one I did order. I sent back the seed packet I
did not order and requested the missing seed packet. It came within
a reasonable length of time. I am happy with that response from this
company. Their prices are reasonable, but the amount of seeds you
receive are as not generous as other companies. Who knows why!!
Would never order a big order from this company because of the
negatives. Hopefully, people who own this company do read the
comments people put on this website. If it is important to them, they
will try to weed out the employees who make poor decisions with
their customers........
Neutral dancar
(1 review)
On Nov 24, 2006, dancar Union, ME wrote:

Pinetree's web site is really sketchy. I have a high speed cable connection and it still took MINUTES to load various sections.
I've used mail to order from them in the past and guess I will have to again.
Their seeds are fine so I will put up with their quirky web site (and catalog).

Neutral Revnrose
(10 reviews)
On Jun 30, 2006, Revnrose Clinton, NY (Zone 5a) wrote:

I want to support Pinetree, in part because I believe in supporting Maine-based businesses. I appreciate much of what they do extremely well: seeds (every vegetable I've sown is fabulous), gardening accessories, books, and bottles. Where I've been less thrilled is in the woodland plants dept. They arrived tossed partially out of their containers, and often, because of this, broken in stem. Nursing brought most of them back, but it was disappointing. I encourage Pinetree to look into improved packaging for their plants. Hint: the best pkgs I rec'd had bamboo stakes to hold up container wrapping and stabilizing cardboard with only one layer o' plants per pkg. I encourage folks to work with the co. in improving this one smaller area of their business.

Neutral mochaexpress
(5 reviews)
On Jun 8, 2006, mochaexpress Young America, MN wrote:

Good variety of seeds and plants.

Seeds were shipped promptly, though I did place my order very early (Feb) to avoid the spring rush. Seeds germinated well.

Potted plants (blueberry, cranberry, lingonberry) were shipped just now-- about a month or so later than I expected, but since they are lovely and healthy, bigger than expected, and were very inexpensive, the good attributes balance out the lateness for an overall neutral rating. Had I received the plants in early May, the overall rating woulf have been firmly in the positive category. If they were smaller plants or bareroot stock and I received them now I would be upset as our short growing season is not forgiving to late transplants, but these plants should do fine.

No experience with customer service so no comment there.

I'll give them another try.

Neutral MalvaFan
(4 reviews)
On May 23, 2006, MalvaFan Morrice, MI wrote:

I recently ordered from Pinetree Garden Seeds and received my order promptly. My minor beefs would be the small amount of seed you get in each packet and they don't give customers free packet of seeds just a $2 voucher. But I'll still order from them in the future.

Neutral wuzz
(1 review)
On Mar 28, 2006, wuzz Valley Cottage, NY wrote:

Well, I ordered seeds on March 5 from several companies, and the ones from Pinetree are the only ones that haven't arrived. Since they include the pea and spinach seeds, which should have been in the ground a couple of weeks ago, I'm a bit worried. I decided to email to see what's up, and their website doesn't seem to be working. I got the phone number here at Dave's, and the line's been busy continuously. Grrrrrrrr! I've ordered from Pinetree for years and love their selection and the resultant veggies. This is very frustrating!


Neutral Flossiemae
(3 reviews)
On Mar 15, 2006, Flossiemae Salt Lake City, UT wrote:

Ordered Feb. 22, 2006 on Internet, my credit card was charged the very next day, Today is March 15, and three weeks have passed and still no order. To be fair to them, they do advertise in their catalog, that when orders are placed this late in the season, it will take 2-3 weeks. I called them (at my expense) yesterday and they state they sent it Feb. 27th and will replace the order, but will not send first class mail. I have ordered from this company other years and last year (in the spring) had the same problem. And then when the order finally came, they sent it twice.! However when ordering off season, items come in a timely manner. . I think its interesting that they sent me a catalog in January and the same one, but with a different cover this week. How can they keep sending catalogs, but not get their orders out faster?

On March 15th, 2006, Flossiemae added the following:

this morning, I posted the above comments, this afternoon I received my order. It was well packaged and in good order. I have learned when in a hurry to use their $4.50 plus shipping to receive the order in a hurry.
Neutral BCS
(3 reviews)
On May 23, 2005, BCS Watertown, NY wrote:

I received excellent plants from this company - these were Lingonberry. Excellent shipping, plant quality excellent. Plants doing good. However, for bigger garden growers, Pinetree Garden seeds do not package sufficent quantities in their packets to warrent ordering seeds from them, even though the small packets are at a reasonable price, the quantities are measured in number of seeds rather than ounces, fractions of pounds, etc. These seed packages are ideal for growers with very small plots or restricted areas.

Neutral vegenut10
(1 review)
On Apr 30, 2005, vegenut10 Encinitas, CA (Zone 10a) wrote:

I ordered some seeds about a month ago. They e-mailed me to acknowledge my order and said they would let me know the shipping charges.

I waited - but no e-mail. Then I e-mailed them for the charges - they finally sent me the amount, and said they would add to my order when sent. They did not tell me when to expect my order.

Then I e-mailed them asking when I could expect my order. They then debited my Visa for the amount of the order, but no date for expected arrival.

I asked them to either send me the seeds or refund the amount to my Visa, which they did (credited the amount back to my card).

I can appreciate these companies being very busy - but as long as they acknowledge receiving my order, I do expect some sort of courtesy confirmation as to the specifics such as charges, expected time for arrival, etc.

Neutral nevadagdn
(118 reviews)
On Jan 4, 2005, nevadagdn Sparks, NV (Zone 7a) wrote:

I haven't ordered from Pinetree since the mid-1990's, because the order was incredibly slow to arrive then. As in I placed an order in January and didn't receive it until mid-May. However, Pinetree has hopefully improved its order fulfilment since that time, and the prices certainly are the lowest I've found--I did a price comparison with Stokes Seed, who admittedly does offer about double the amount of seed for about twice the price of a Pinetree packet. The question becomes: Do you need 25 seeds or 250 seeds? Pinetree seems to be the best choice if you need only 25 seeds.

Neutral cvg
(3 reviews)
On Sep 5, 2004, cvg Lake Isabella, CA wrote:

We have ordered garden seed and cover crop seed from Pinetree Garden Seeds for years

We are a small commerical grower of Heirloom vegies.

Pinetree Garden is getting slower and slower in shipping seeds out so that is one of the reasons why we order them two or three months in advance of when we need them to be shipped to us!

Neutral vannmarie
(18 reviews)
On Jun 17, 2004, vannmarie Yellow Springs, OH (Zone 6a) wrote:

I ordered some flower seed, asparagus roots, dahlias and some lingonberries this spring. I wanted to give them a try since their seed prices seem reasonable for a small gardener. The seed came quickly, but I seem to have better germination with my Wal-Mart "off the rack" seeds. I had the same problem with the second part of my order as many other people. I thought it wasn't coming, and then it arrived late in May. Surprisingly, the asparagus seems to be growing well even though it should have been started earlier. About half the dahlias came up. They sent a bunch of pieces with no "eyes". Only about half of the tubers had eyes. Even though I didn't think they would grow, I planted everything. It appears I was right. I'm not sure if I'll order again. I may consider their vegetable seed in the spring if I order early.

Neutral patruka
(8 reviews)
On May 5, 2004, patruka wrote:

I have had the same problem with Pinetree as the 2 previous people. I have emailed them TWICE for the status of the second half of an order that I placed in February! The first half of my order came quickly (seeds-were great with good germination). On the invoice the second half said that they would start shipping plants in April. Was told by email that it was shipping out on a Friday - nothing, emailed again and was told "soon". It is now May and I would have liked to have planted already. I would just like an answer as to when they will ship. I even gave them an out saying that if they were backordered, I would like to cancel and to just let me know. At least they have not charged this portion to my credit card. Fantasic for seeds, but so far not for plants, onion sets, or seed potatoes.

On May 6th, 2004, patruka changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Well the order came today. The blueberry bushes are nice and well packed along with the onion sets and seed potatoes. I will change my rating to neutral, as I am still not happy about the 2 emails.
Neutral perennialguy
(6 reviews)
On Oct 25, 2003, perennialguy Knoxville, TN (Zone 7a) wrote:

The low prices are reflected in the deliveries. I ordered a collection of daylillies and was disappointed to receive such tiny daylilly roots. If you don't mind waiting a couple of years for a display... I'll definitely go back to ordering from Oakes Daylillies.

Neutral gwendylena
(26 reviews)
On Oct 11, 2003, gwendylena La Salle, MI wrote:

I highly recommend their bulbs. I've ordered seeds from Pinetree in the past, but never anything else. This year I decided to add some bulbs to my order. Every single bulb was in great shape, no nicks, no bad spots, and fresh looking. I've ordered bulbs from several different companies in the past and these are the best-looking bulbs I've ever received (by far).

On July 9th, 2005, gwendylena changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

I am very sad to have to change my rating to neutral. I've ordered bulbs, seeds and books and been happy with everything I ordered. This year I decided to try live plants. Big mistake. They came really late and the plants were either tiny or looked dormant (dead?) Dormant is ok with me but it's been weeks and I see no sign of life. Also I ordered some ferns that never arrived and received no explanation from the company. I do not recommend ordering live plants from this company. The reason my rating is neutral instead of negative is that I've been so pleased with everything up to this point.
Neutral RunnerBean
(11 reviews)
On Aug 20, 2003, RunnerBean Chicago, IL wrote:

Really terrific. The best prices of anyone! But a tad less variety. Nice jars and containers, too. I especially love the variety and the VERY reasonable seeds for sprouting.

On April 3rd, 2006, RunnerBean changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

Bit of a downgrade here. Sure are reasonable, but the seeds seem to have a shorter "shelf life" and lower germination rate than others.
Neutral RubyStar
(5 reviews)
On Jun 8, 2003, RubyStar Madison, WI (Zone 5a) wrote:

DH placed the order for my christmas gift, but only half the seeds ordered arrived, and some of them I never got at all ("unavailable"), despite the fact that they were still listed in the next catalog I received. However, I don't think we were charged for them either, so it isn't really a loss, just a minor disappointment.

Germ rate was fine on everything that came in though.

Neutral Coni
(14 reviews)
On May 25, 2003, Coni Milford, MI wrote:

This is a great company for seeds. They are true to statement and germinate well. My asparagus plants were great and am very pleased.
Unfortunately though, I was very disappointed with their plants that arrived by mail. They looked sickly and very poor quality. The hepatica plants did have roots but did not have emerging stems. Overall, I will use this great company again but am hesitant to order any plants. In their favor though, it was a very hard spring on plants in most areas, and I understand the difficulties in this. The company though should not send the plants unless they would
be willing to place them in their own family gardens.

Neutral twoholes
(6 reviews)
On Aug 22, 2002, twoholes wrote:

Excellent prices, slow delivery. Excellent catalog.

Neutral GardenGuy
(12 reviews)
On Feb 8, 2002, GardenGuy Dixon, IL wrote:

Don't expect much from their catalogue in the way of visuals. The black-and-white, crowded formatting is a bit of a strain and I wish they'd work that out. Good seed at a good price. Getting them to send their catalogue on an annual basis has been somewhat of a chore, so I just did not bother with them this year.

Neutral Evert
(7 reviews)
On Jan 22, 2002, Evert Helsinki,
Finland (Zone 4b) wrote:

I thought to buy seeds from this company... The botanical names were wrong many places and in the last form where I could see what I had added to my shopping basket I could only see English names.

The postage would have been 5 $ to here, and I asked can they send it by just normal letter. No way...

Also I said that I would like to buy f.ex. these seeds and they thought I mean Fedex.

Anyway, pretty good seeds they seem to have and others like them so I would give neutral. :)

Neutral RheaWorrell
(16 reviews)
On Apr 1, 1996, RheaWorrell wrote:

More praise for Pinetree. Terrific selection of seeds and supplies. Terrific prices. Prompt shipping and good packaging. Haven't had time to evaluate the seed germination yet. [update 7/2000] An update to my early review. Pinetree was my mainstay for several years, because of their prices and selection. But things have changed. My experience with Pinetree this year has been disappointing. Although I am still very happy with their supplies, tools and books, I am not at all happy with the seeds and plants they sent me. I carefully read the seed descriptions to see which would do well in the South. I had great luck with Pinetree in upstate NY. I felt very loyal to them and wanted to stay with them if possible.The veggie seeds were pretty much a disaster. Some never germinated. Some germinated and rusted away (Peas and Lettuce). Others had a very low germination rate. Out of maybe 30 veggies, only 3 were an unqualified success. And the perennials. They were microscopic andpoorly packed. The threadleaf Coreopsis looked like... thread. I am very disappointed that I will not be ordering seed or plants from Pinetree in the future.

Neutral terinoeltowe
(2 reviews)
On Aug 1, 1995, terinoeltowe wrote:

I bought several different varieties of Morning glory seeds, as well as moonflower and cardinal climber seeds from Pinetree. To my dismay and Disappointment, I had about a 5% germination rate from these seeds, and I am not inexperienced in growing such plants. I won't promise not to give Pinetree the benefit of the doubt, but forewarned is forearmed. If I buy seeds from them again, I will have back up seeds from another company, too.

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