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Negative GeneSkCan
(8 reviews)
On Jun 26, 2015, GeneSkCan Regina,
Canada wrote:

I requested a September 2014 shipping date to avoid freezing conditions during planting in our Zone 3 and to allow feeder roots to develop before winter's onset. This September shipping schedule was accepted by them (via email confirmation) when my order was placed in July 2014. Later, when the peonies did not arrive on time, I sent emails asking for details on the shipment problem. Finally, I received the shipment in late October during freezing conditions. The quality of roots was poor. Among others, I ordered the rare 'Dark Eyes' Itoh at a cost of $250! Unfortunately, this plant and another did not survive and, although the remaining plants have grown, they only began to show signs of life in mid-June and are very stunted - they may not survive through the year.

This failure is not due to grower negligence or lack of attention. I grow more than 200 peonies and have more than 45 years experience. I am also a member of the Prairie Peony Society and the Canadian Peony Society.

Contacted them and they refused to replace or refund the two confirmed dead peonies. I checked and read that this is the policy that is posted on their web site, but they should be much more co-operative if it is their fault.

Recommend that buyers beware and avoid this supplier.

Negative akballer10
(1 review)
On Jun 8, 2008, akballer10 Anchorage, AK wrote:

I ordered several.... first of all they came extremely late beyond the time for planting. When I FINALLY received them they were very small with some appearing to be mildewed.He replaced them after I planted them, complained and they died; some being substituted and they died!!!! I was furious since he would not refund my money and a friend had already warned me about ordering from Canada. She said most of Mr. Clare's pictures are from friends and their gardens.... not his.

All I can say is RUN RUN RUN and stay local or use reliable US supplier. His nursery and service SUCKS! I couldn't even report him to the BBB! What a loser he is!

Negative chinookgarden
(6 reviews)
On Mar 13, 2005, chinookgarden HIGH RIVER,
Canada wrote:

I ordered several divisions (I think about 6)from Mr. Clare in 2003. The plants were mostly very small with few eyes and some that were very expensive had only 1-2 eyes ($60-100 one at $160- the average was $45).
Most other companies that I have dealt with sent product in this price range that had AT LEAST 3 EYES- USUALLY LOADED.

Considering that I can get better quality divisions from other Canadian sources at the same or lower prices I dont think I will ever do business here again. I feel that for the most part I wasted my money here and was tempted by the large number of selections.Had I tried a few other nurseries and inquired as to whether or not they had some of the less available ones that tempted me at Mr.Clares I might have found them elsewhere at a better size.

At least 3 of the divisions did not survive the first year in my garden and while it would be impossible to say I am not at all at fault here I can say that I lost NONE OF THE DIVISIONS FROM THE OTHER SUPPLIERS that i ordered from that year and that would be at least an additional 15 plants that are all doing fine and bloomed the first summer!

Negative Kelly_M
(4 reviews)
On Jun 5, 2004, Kelly_M Fredericton,
Canada wrote:

I ordered one tree peony as a trial three seasons ago (2001). It arrived in very poor condition -- damp and soft -- and did not survive.

Negative gardenertoronto
(1 review)
On May 13, 2003, gardenertoronto wrote:

Mistake #1: Being a neophyte gardener, I was seduced by the beautiful peony blooms portrayed on this website. I purchased two expensive(!) peony bushes 2 years ago ($25 & $30, respectively). Upon enquiring about the scents of the two varieties I was interested in purchasing, was advised by Ken Clare that there were too many varieties he couldn't determine which were scented or not (red flag). Mistake #2: When enquiring about the varieties I was interested in, Ken Clare advised that my selections would be "dug" up from his collection of established 3-year old bushes. Deliveries were late in the season; the tubers I received were scrawny. It is now Year 3 of my purchases. One is now about the size you would get if you were to buy it at a local nursery, the other was killed by ignornant home contractors last year. Mistake #3: any enquiries were answered with short, terse reply, almost as if I was inconveniencing him. Mistake #4: purchasing on-line without seeing the product first. Conclusion: If you are within driving distance to local, reputable nurseries, go there first. I won't ever buy from this grower again.

Negative mum2_3girls
(5 reviews)
On Sep 29, 2002, mum2_3girls wrote:

Bought a 7 yr old peony plant. It died within 3 months and Ken said he would replace it. I've emailed many times, no response and no replacement. Please take your business elsewhere.


Negative cyclamen
(5 reviews)
On Sep 29, 2002, cyclamen near Vancouver, BC (Zone 7a) wrote:

Only ordered once from this source, 1 root as a test before ordering more. Buyer beware. The catalogue is impressive. Would like to order some TPs, but it seems too risky. Probably best to visit the nursery and choose plants. This business did nothing to encourage me to grow more peonies. Still waiting for bloom after 2 years.

Negative flower_fairy
(8 reviews)
On Sep 4, 2002, flower_fairy North Reading, MA wrote:

Plants arrived much later than optimal planting time. Most were very small. Received several roots with no eyes at all. Didn't receive one root at all. When I called, a woman told me THEY hadn't received any of those, so I certainly hadn't. That didn't stop them from charging me for them. I made many attempts to contact Ken Clare and he was completely unresponsive. I contacted the BBB, who contacted him. He never responded.

On September 8th, 2004, flower_fairy added the following:

Poor Ken! I just read his pouting comments above. Well, it's too bad he didn't try in any way to satisfy me. Or refund my money for the plant he never sent, or the ones that arrived with no (NO) eyes. And finally this year I had at least one bloom on all of the viable plants he sent. Guess what...most of them are mislabeled. He sent me two plants of one variety- neither bears any resemblance to the other, or to the actual cultivar. Is there a category below negative, please?
Negative Syys
(2 reviews)
On Feb 19, 2002, Syys wrote:

I ordered in May 2001 peonies from Ken Clare, (Frankford Nursery), Canada. I explained the special instructions needed for shipping to Finland, which is a member of European Union, and asked the company to send the plants to me in September or in the beginning of October, because the ground can be frozen here in November.

The plants arrived to me in the middle of the winter 4. December 2001. The root divisions were very small. The nursery failed not only to use air mail but to fulfil almost all the special instructions that I had given:
- Health Certificate - OK
- proforma invoice for Custom-house - failed
- receipt for my book-keeping - failed
- no organic materials as a packing material - failed
- send by air mail - failed
- inform me when they are coming - ?
- send them to me in September or in the beginning of October - failed


Vesa Koivu

Negative Lynnette
(31 reviews)
On Jan 10, 2002, Lynnette Courtenay,
Canada wrote:

I have placed two orders with this company and had to accept the peonies in the spring as this is the only time they ship. The plants were the size of a man's thumb, were poorly packed and some of the eyes broke off. The owner did offer to grow the plants on for year and then send them, but because the prices were too high and the quality low, I refused.

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