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Negative Eric_in_BPW
(1 review)
On Dec 17, 2007, Eric_in_BPW Saint Louis, MO wrote:

After receiving their catalog, I ordered one of their unique Animal Planters (a cat and a dog) for a gift for Christmas. The order was placed online and all seemed to go smoothly, with a confirmation email sent that same day and my card charged.

Three weeks later and no planter, so I called only to learn it was on back-order until February. The lady told me that had I ordered over the phone, they would have told me, but with since I ordered online, they couldn't automatically tell me. She seemed angry that I ordered online, as if it was my fault that I didn't know it was back-ordered. I promptly cancelled my order order and informed her that I would not be ordering from them again. I now await the refund on my credit card.

On Dec 17, 2007, Seymour's Selected Seeds responded with:


On Dec 18, 2007 1:22 PM, Seymour's Selected Seeds added:

I am sorry the phone operator was rude to you. Your credit card was refunded last night.
Thank you for pointing out a glaring omission in our new websites. We had a meeting about it this morning and will be doing what we can to show items on backorder in the website. I am sorry this "fix" comes to late for you and anyone else that has been affected.


Negative SimoneB
(4 reviews)
On Mar 15, 2007, SimoneB Lake Zurich, IL wrote:

I placed seed order on February 15th along with many other orders to other seed companies including Seymour Seeds and Vermont Bean Seed Co which are related to Jung. I had not had problems in the past with Jung. In early March, I rec'd my credit card statement and was billed for the items but the items had not arrived. Meanwhile, all of my other seed orders came in about 7 days of ordering. I emailed Vermont Bean Seed Co on 3/3 and no one responded. I sent a second email on 3/5 and was told they had shipped weeks earlier. They said if I didn't receive by 3/9 to email and they would express mail replacement. I emailed on 3/12 and got no response. I emailed on the 13th & 14th and received no response. What horrible service. I am so angry that I have missed the deadline to plant many of the seeds ordered. To make it worse, I ordered product from two different web sites Vermont Bean Co and Seymour Seed Co and neither of the seeds have come. I will never again use this company for seeds or materials. It is frustrating to deal with customer service who obviously are understaffed and lack training. It is more frustrating that this company bills before they ship. ALL of the other items I ordered from various companies Pinetree, Select Seeds, etc.. -- over 70 packets of seeds -- were billed upon shipment - not upon order. So now, since they are not communicating anymore I will have to contact my credit card company to refute the charges. If you are a serious gardener please buy from this company at your own risk! They get an A+ for the catalog but a complete F for service and customer support.

On Mar 15, 2007, Seymour's Selected Seeds responded with:


On Mar 20, 2007 1:35 PM, Seymour's Selected Seeds added:

this is the perfect opportunity to remind everyone that with internet ordering please watch the auto fill cities. If your zip code has more than one city listed in the directory please check that you have not just entered through the field but that you picked the correct city for us to ship your order to."

Negative derfberger
(2 reviews)
On Apr 13, 2004, derfberger Vero Beach, FL wrote:

seymour is a rip off. Three years now (I've tried to grow various items with very poor germination. They don't refund money like the other companies, just give credit towards future orders

Never again

fred from Grand Rapids MI

Negative Kmrsy
(8 reviews)
On Jan 9, 2004, Kmrsy Fort Wayne, IN (Zone 5a) wrote:

I ordered 4 types of seed from Seymour's because they had everything I needed. All arrived quickly in one shipment. However, my negative comment stems from the fact that only 2 of the 4 had any planting instructions. I can find this info, but it should have been printed on the packets. There's plenty of room - the backside was blank. It would also help if they printed on their packets the year the seed was packaged for.

Negative JulieU
(12 reviews)
On Jun 18, 2003, JulieU wrote:

I hate to give a company a negative rating, but I was not impressed with my first order from this company.

I ordered four packages of seed. It took three shipments to receive them. Two of the packages failed to grow at all. One was a veronica. I have not tried to grow this particular variety before, but have had easy success growing other varieties in the past. The feverfew that I ordered did not grow either. The petunias and the penstemon that I ordered did grow very well though.

I don't think the failure to grow was my fault since everything else that I started this spring (from other companies) germinated just fine. I waited much longer than the maximum number of days to see if they would germinate.

Negative AS
(46 reviews)
On Jun 15, 2003, AS (Zone 7a) wrote:

I ordered seeds from this company just once, 3 years ago. The descriptions in their catalog were poor (no mention of height, etc on unfamiliar plants), and the seed germination rates were the worst I've ever seen. The planting instructions on the seed packets were also very vague, and in some cases, contrasted completely with the instructions I had from other companies or books. And only some of their seeds were true to their description. The white vinca turned out to be pink and of the wrong form (extremely upright rather than spreading). When I complained, they just replaced the vinca seeds without any explanation - I never grew them, not knowing whether I would just be wasting soil and pots on more pink plants. The Apple Blossom hollyhocks turned out to be nothing of the sort, but a fully double, of a very different shade of pink. And the Kitaibelia (spelling?), described as a very attractive, wonderful plant in their catalog, (they pictured a single blossom rather than the whole plant, and I fell for it) was a very unattractive, 3 foot tall plant with unshowy blossoms, that strongly resembled a weed. Their catalog is pretty, but I'd never buy anything from them agai

Negative jenc
(8 reviews)
On Apr 15, 2003, jenc wrote:

Seymour's seeds seduces you with interesting unusual flowers. No cultivation information (snare for the new or unwary) or germination rates. I fell for it 3 times in the last 5 years. TEENY seed counts are routinely undercounted - they tell you there will only be 7 then there's only 3-4 seeds. Pelleted Eustoma seeds arrived so crushed that even the SEED was broken. Germination rates were abysmal for all seeds but the Harlequin marigold (which I'm still looking for a new source for - Pine Tree Seed and Fedco have responded by telling me that it failed to meet their performance standards). I blamed myself ...but the last time, I simultaneously ordered from a couple of companies to see whether seed source would make a did.

Negative andrewc
(1 review)
On Feb 21, 2003, andrewc wrote:

I ordered seeds under Seymour Seeds & Totally Tomatoes.(Both UK Based franchise from same address)
The order took over 8 weeks to arrive. Three types of seeds were missing although they had charged my VISA account.
I have tried contacting them via phone and web to no avail.
I will not use this company again

Negative jday4444
(3 reviews)
On Feb 13, 2003, jday4444 Southwest, WI (Zone 4b) wrote:

I ordered several packets of seeds and it took about a month to get them. One variety was backordered and not until I read this site did I remember that I haven't received them. The seeds I did get had almost 0 germination rate. I won't be ordering from them again.

Negative mandy_e
(1 review)
On Aug 6, 2002, mandy_e wrote:

I ordered seeds via their website on 14 july. although i received a confirmation of my order, and they deducted the cost from my bank account via my visa delta, it is now 6 august and, despite me sending them numerous emails enquiring when i would receive my order, i have still not received my order ... and ... although they read my emails (i sent a read receipt with each email), they didn't even bother to respond. i am now 19.11 worse off, with no seeds!

i also contacted them again via their website "comments" section and they still didn't respond!

Negative Calalily
(40 reviews)
On Dec 3, 2001, Calalily Deep South Coastal, TX (Zone 10a) wrote:

I ordered from this company several times. All or part of the order is always back ordered. The plants listed in the catalog aren't always the ones you get. They sold datura as brugmansia and even had a brugmansia pictured. The germination was so-so. They don't have a phone number so you can call and check on the order. They do have a web page now and I've ordered from it. The service was faster ordering in this way.

Negative Cynsity1
(2 reviews)
On Apr 1, 2001, Cynsity1 wrote:

I ordered from this company a few years ago because they seemed to have a similar type of selection as Thompson and Morgan, a company I like, but Seymour's was less expensive. Well, you get what you pay for. I ordered perennial seed and there's nothing quite as frustrating as waiting 2 years to find out that 'Splish Splash' Geranium , grown specifically for its striation is nothing more than a plain lavender of unknown origin. Never again.

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