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Positive cokoamojo
(1 review)
On Apr 10, 2017, cokoamojo Durham, NC wrote:

Second year I've planted onions ordered from Dixondale Farms. Onion plants are much bigger this year.

I'm impressed with the willingness to help a hobby gardener like myself.

I described a problem and was told it could happen if I planted in partial shade. I had, in fact, planted in partial shade.

I know Dixondale is a little more expensive but the plants I received this year are much nicer than those I see at HomeDepot and Lowe's. Also, I plant a little earlier (02/14-21) and the big box stores don't have them, yet.

I'll continue to order from Dixondale Farms.

Positive azhighdesert6
(3 reviews)
On Feb 18, 2017, azhighdesert6 Willcox, AZ (Zone 8a) wrote:

I've been using this company for several years & they have never let down. Good customer service and excellent product. Year after year I have an excellent onion crop.

Positive hjleevta
(6 reviews)
On Dec 12, 2016, hjleevta Ventura, CA (Zone 10b) wrote:

I'm placing my third annual order with Dixondale. Their service is very good. I got an immediate reply to the one customer service email I sent them last year and while it wasn't really addressing a problem, they took care of it within a day. The plant quality and selection has been great. They have a nice variety of short day onions and order their catalog by type, which isn't always the case with other vendors. I order from a variety of seed companies, but Dixondale is where my onions will come from.

Positive Dehlers01
(2 reviews)
On Jul 23, 2016, Dehlers01 Newcastle, WY (Zone 4b) wrote:

I have used this company for several years. Let me tell you they know onions. I have never had a bad experience and they staff are very friendly and helpful. I have requested that my order be sent at a different times than recommended and they are always more than accommodating. Great Company

Positive gafbuffalo
(6 reviews)
On Apr 19, 2014, gafbuffalo Orchard Park, NY (Zone 5a) wrote:

Posted on April 17, 2010, updated April 19, 2014
Posted on April 17, 2009, updated April 17, 2010
While I have been generally satisfied with Dixondale Farms, this year is different. I am not a big customer, usually I plant about 500 onion plants. This year, Dixondale short-shipped me for about 25% of my order. I am talking to them about it.
I asked that my order be shipped the week of April 5 which is typically the ideal planting time for fairly rugged plants like onions. I received my plants from Dixondale on April 16. The invoice says the shipping date was April 7, but the package label indicates shipping on April 11, a Saturday. I checked the Postal Service's tracking number on the label and the Postal Service's first record of the package is receipt of electronic shipping data on April 12, a Sunday.
The plants are extremely dry, though probably still alive. I surmise that Dixondale may have packed the box on April 11 (Saturday) and then it sat around until Monday the 13th when the Postal Service actually probably received it. The four-day service from Texas is pretty poor, but not terribly surprising. The point is, the plants are in bad shape and I'm sure they spent more than four days in the box.
So, I am short plants, the plants I have are definitely not prime and they came a week late.
Will I buy from them again? Possibly, but I will also check out alternatives, through Garden Watchdog and by other means.

On April 17th, 2010, gafbuffalo changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

As indicated in my original comment, I ordered onion plants from Dixondale Farms again this year. But I also ordered from a competitor, so that I could compare service, quality, etc.
Both companies shipped on the same day, using the same shipping method (Priority Mail). The competitor's plants arrived a day before Dixondale's, presumably because Dixondale appears to be in a very rural area, while the competitor is within striking distance of a major metropolitan area. Maybe Dixondale should get a rebate from the Postal Service for poorer service.
Despite the apparent longer transit time, the Dixondale plants were in better condition and, I think, overall better in quality. Dixondale also offers a wider selection of varieties.
All of the plants are in the ground and should all do well, but I think I will only order from Dixondale in the future. Better plants and pretty good service.
On April 19th, 2014, gafbuffalo added the following:

I thought it was time to add to previous comments. I ordered onions from three companies this year, just to compare. The onion plants from Dixondale were larger and fresher than the others (though I am confident the others will grow). Service is pretty good. I will likely only buy from them in the future.
Positive obeltane
(4 reviews)
On Mar 24, 2014, obeltane Flourtown, PA wrote:

I ordered my onion plants around Christmas time and the delivery date given was March 24th. Today, exactly March 24th, they arrived. I haven't planted them yet (sort of hard to see the ground under the snow) so hopefully I'll remember to report again at the end of the growing season, but that kind of delivery efficiency makes me really glad that I decided to order from them for the first time

Positive cucurbit
(9 reviews)
On Aug 4, 2013, cucurbit Cincinnati, OH wrote:

In late January 2013, I placed an order with Dixondale Farms for two bunches of Candy onion transplants for a school garden that I manage. I received the plant on time a few months later and got exactly what I expected - excellent quality plants at a reasonable price. I highly recommend this company and am likely to order from them again.

Positive Muttilili
(1 review)
On Apr 14, 2013, Muttilili Malden, NY wrote:

Thanks to this forum I discovered Dixondale Farms. I had never placed an order for leek or onion transplants before (always grew my own) but ran short on time this year.

I ordered one bunch of the Lancelot leeks and one bunch of Long day Sampler onions. They arrived when requested but my issue was apparent immediately. The USPS box was destroyed to the point that the PO had to tape it up several times and label it with a damaged sticker.

I inspected the transplants and thought they looked rather dry and maybe frost damaged(35 degrees in NY). I called Dixondale and the representative discussed with me that the transplants are always freshly dug and shipped, that any damage happened via transport. She informed me that unless the bulbs were spongy and rotting the plants would revive and thrive. She also informed me that the leeks were sold out. I said I would absolutely plant what I had and get back to them if things weren't thriving. They have a 30 day policy. I was content with that arrangement and having my account noted.
Yesterday I received a notice that a replacement order was being sent gratis. An onion bunch and a Long day Sampler. Thank you Dixondale Farms for your great customer service.

Positive rsa1980
(1 review)
On Mar 26, 2013, rsa1980 Green Oaks, IL wrote:

Excellent website. I had no trouble ordering my plants early in the season. They arrived today, exactly as scheduled, and in excellent condition. Will give more feedback later in the season.

Positive lilygrandma
(15 reviews)
On Mar 7, 2013, lilygrandma Ellijay, GA wrote:

Ordered from them. Plants came in good condition and in less than a week! Great company!

Positive gourdobean
(12 reviews)
On Apr 10, 2012, gourdobean Minden, NV (Zone 5a) wrote:

Posted on March 28, 2011, updated April 11, 2012
This is our third year in a row planting onions from Dixondale Farms. We especially like the mixed bunches of onions of either intermediate or long day onions that allow planting multiple varieties of onions in even a small garden. We did have a minor glitch with the shipment this year but Gabby in customer service was quick to resolve the problem. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone who wants to grow their own onions!

On April 10th, 2012, gourdobean added the following:

Positive Kydaylilylady
(3 reviews)
On Apr 6, 2012, Kydaylilylady Waddy, KY wrote:

Plants arrived in fine shape. Ordered 20 bundles of Candy and got 21. 5 bundles of Red Candy and got 6. Every bundle had between 65-90 plants. Some weren't bigger than a pencil lead and they're growing like weeds too. I definately got my money's worth and am looking forward to lots of onions. If they don't do well it won't be because of Dixondale.

Positive Horseshoe
(21 reviews)
On Mar 12, 2011, Horseshoe Efland, NC (Zone 7a) wrote:

Posted on November 29, 2001, updated March 12, 2011
Being an onion lover, and proud of the ones I grow, I was impressed the minute I learned of this company. Altho I grow onions by seed, sets, and plants (purchased locally) it was not only cheaper to buy plants from this company but they arrived in much better condition than what I had been buying from garden shops. They included excellent instructions and tips in the shipment with the plants. (By the way, they only sell onion plants, no seeds or sets.) (They also offer their own blend of onion fertilizer.) The staff has been very helpful and have answered my queries on each occasion.
I was really impressed when "Bruce Frasier" ([email protected]) commented in one email reply how impressed he was with and has offered to field any questions concerning onions to members of the site.

On March 12th, 2011, Horseshoe added the following:

What can I say? Only that this is the best over-all mail order company I've ever dealt with. My first year ordering was 2001. Here it is the year 2011 and I've ordered every single year since 2001.

Plants are always shipped on time, the bundle count/quantity is always more than acceptable, and the number of varieties to choose from makes for fun choosing each year.

Customer Service is excellent; follow-up to any questions or comments is highly commendable.

In these days and times it is a wonderfully rare treat to find people who can blend friendliness and courtesy with extreme professionalism.

Shoe Griffin
MoonDance Farm
Positive weedsfree
(7 reviews)
On Feb 14, 2011, weedsfree Magna, UT (Zone 7a) wrote:

Shipping was fast and all plants are in great shape. We didn't really mind paying the 15.00 for 120 plants (shipping was free), because we cannot get onions to bulb. If it works great for us, I will continue to buy from this company.

Positive DeChantal
(2 reviews)
On May 16, 2010, DeChantal Ottumwa, IA (Zone 5a) wrote:

I ordered leek plants and yellow and red onion plants from Dixondale this year. The plants were slow arriving, but they were packaged great.

Iowa has had horrible weather this spring...rain....rain..rain and more rain. The plants are still going strong even though I know the poor things have to be wishing the rain would stop. I know the fact that they are still alive is directly attributed to the quality of plants that Dixondale provides.

Fingers crossed the rain stops for awhile.

Thank you Dixondale.

Positive russ9673
(10 reviews)
On May 13, 2010, russ9673 Denver, CO wrote:

Posted on May 10, 2010, updated May 13, 2010
Posted on May 9, 2010, updated May 10, 2010
It had been a couple of years since I had ordered from Dixondale and in those years I had heard some pretty bad things about the quality of the plants that other gardeners were receiving. Understanding that I may be taking a risk, I decided to go ahead and order from you this year. Sadly, I have been added to the list of unsatisfied customers. When my plants arrived I opened it to discover that the plants where extremely dry, had an unpleasant odor and not particularly healthy looking. I remembered from years past thinking, "these are going to grow?" and had good results, so I decided to go ahead. When I cut open the bundles, I discovered that the plants at the center of the bundles were yellow, moldy and were emitting the unpleasant odor that I noted above. The worst ones I threw away as it was clear that they were long gone. The remaining plants were evenly divided between large and healthy looking and tiny and not so healthy looking. I planted everything and over the last few weeks many have failed. While I did not count the ones I planted, I did count what is still growing and was stunned to find that out of the roughly 120 plants I started out with in the order, only 40 - yes that's 40 - are still growing. What is really irritating is that they have grown in such a random way that those 40 plants spread over the entire area of my garden dedicated to onions and I can't really backfill with anything else. I have e-mailed the company and will update my posting with their response.

On May 10th, 2010, russ9673 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

This situation which was negative has COMPLETELY turned itself around. Early this morning I received an e-mail and then a phone call regarding my e-mail to them yesterday. The woman who e-mailed stated that they were very sorry and that Bruce (the owner) was going out to the packing department right now to personally pick my replacement onions. About 20 minutes after the original e-mail I got an e-mail from Bruce. He apologized again for my issues and wrote that thanks to El Nino, they were harvesting in some not so perfect conditions and that while still rare they were having some issues. He signed off by giving me his office phone number as well as his cell phone and asked me to call him directly if their were any further issues! NOW THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE at it's very finest.
On May 13th, 2010, russ9673 added the following:

I can't say enough good things about how this turned out. My replacement plants arrived yesterday and I was totally blown away by them. They are enormous and I have no doubt that they will do well. Bruce "the onionman" followed up several times and was e-mailing me to make sure that they arrived at the same time I was e-mailing him to say thanks for his attention. These folks are a class act and I highly recommend them!
Positive JenGro65
(1 review)
On Apr 20, 2010, JenGro65 Morgantown, WV wrote:

This was my first year ordering from Dixondale. The order arrived on time and the onions very healthy....but it was the wrong order....I called and apparently my order got mixed up with an order meant to go to PA. The gentleman that took my call was very polite and apologetic. He told me that my order would be shipped out that very day (they arrived 2 days later in great shape) AND he told me to keep the mistaken delivery of 120 plus onion plants (I had already ordered 180)...WOW! now I'll have onions galore and I can't wait:) Very professional company that I will gladly do business with every year.

Positive gfm
(13 reviews)
On Apr 19, 2010, gfm Melrose, MA wrote:

This is my first time using Dixondale. I'm glad I did. The onions came well packed and in great shape. I'll definitely be using them next year.

Positive hconnelly
(3 reviews)
On Mar 26, 2010, hconnelly Cedartown, GA wrote:

This is a great company. This is my second year ordering from them. My customers went crazy for the Candy onions last year and are waiting for this year's crop. Many have told me they 'gave away' their Vidalia onions, a local favorite, and used ours. The shipping is great and plants arrive in top condition.

This year I had a problem with the weather in GA. Cold and wet. I called to ask if I should replant since my original onions were looking grim. We had several very cold nights (low 20's) that were very unusual for GA. On top of that we had a 5" snowfall shortly after we planted. I talked to Bruce who was very understanding and suggested that I replant. He said that it was really neither of our faults so we reached an agreement on replacements that was fair for him and me. First class customer service!!!

Their instructions are great and the photos online gave me some good display ideas. I recommend this company very highly.

Positive melody
(41 reviews)
On Mar 15, 2010, melody Benton, KY (Zone 7a) wrote:

Prompt shipment of well packed plants. I really appreciate the detailed planting instructions provided in the box as well. I can't wait to taste them!

Positive wlhodges2
(2 reviews)
On Feb 16, 2010, wlhodges2 Lynchburg, VA wrote:

I have ordered oniond from Dixondale Farm for 7 years now here in Virginia, and i have been amazed each year at the tremendous quality and large size of onions I've grown. Superstar has been the one that works for me and the plants I receive have always been packed correctly and grown well - every one. I apreciate the information I receive about how to grow onions and the advice has been very accurate. Thank you.
William L. Hodges

Positive funtomatoes
(6 reviews)
On Feb 1, 2010, funtomatoes Douglasville, GA wrote:

I ordered from them last year. The selection of onions made it hard to chose what to order- I wanted to plant them all. I settled for the short day collection. The order arrived at exactly the correct planting time, with great instructions, and perfect plants. Since I have never succesfully grown onions before, I didn't really expect much, but I was happy to discover that growing onions from Dixondale was easy. I highly recomend them.

Positive The_Gurgler
(5 reviews)
On Dec 1, 2009, The_Gurgler Fort Worth, TX wrote:

My first time ordering from Dixondale. I ordered one set of 60 1015Y onions and they sent me 140+! All are doing well and getting ready for next spring. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Positive TBGDN
(1 review)
On Aug 30, 2009, TBGDN (Zone 5a) wrote:

This was my first year with Big Daddy onions in the garden. I ordered plants directly from the grower, Dixondale Farms at Carrizo Springs, Texas. They have a very favorable rating in the Garden Watchdog ([[email protected]]), and my results with these onions were beyond my wildest expectations. I've posted two pictures of the same onion in Plantfiles weighing in at just one half ounce under two pounds! And, I know there are many of at least 1 pounds each! Onions are mildly pungent with a sweet, crisp taste; an excellent slicing onion for burgers, brats, hot dogs and fresh salad toppings.

When my initial order arrived I was short one bunch of Ringmaster. I called them and received an immediate apology; and TWO days later the missing bunch arrived by priority mail!!! Talk about customer service (with a smile)!! They even send out periodic e-mails with many helpful tips for successful growing.

Where will I order my onions next year? Dixondale, of course!

Positive nygardener2
(12 reviews)
On May 16, 2009, nygardener2 New Hyde Park, NY wrote:

Great little plants with instructions. They shipped very quick in great shape just dug I'd say. The price with shipping can't be beat. I wish they had more items as I would buy them.

Positive Twonewfs
(18 reviews)
On Apr 17, 2009, Twonewfs Belgium, WI (Zone 5a) wrote:

It's my first time ordering or planting onions, and I looked to the Garden Watchdog for an idea of who to order from. I went with Dixondale. I specified a shipping date, which they clearly followed, and yesterday I received a box with tons of onion starts. I really don't recall how many I was supposed to receive (I ordered the long-day selection), but I'm sure what I received was more than that. Came with a very helpful pamphlet about how to plant and care for them. All around a very nice experience.

Positive MitchHardy
(2 reviews)
On Apr 16, 2009, MitchHardy Rowley, MA wrote:

I've been market gardnening, here in coastal Massachusetts, since 1991. For years, I planted onion seed in multi-plant blocks, a la Eliot Coleman. Most years I got decent, but not spectacular crops. Onions started under lights or in greenhouses just don't seem to produce as well as field-grown onion plants.

Then, a few years ago, I didn't get my seeds planted on time. I couldn't imagine a season without an onion crop, so I looked into purchasing onion plants from the seed companies I buy from, but they were too expensive to be profitable. Luckily, I stumbled upon Dixondale Farm.

Dixondale sells me a case (officially 1800 plants, but usually more like 2000+) of better onion plants than I could ever grow for less than 3 cents per plant. My crops, huge, beautiful, and sound are measured in tons, even though I only buy 2 or 3 cases of plants!

This year, like everyone else in the business of serving gardners, Dixondale was swamped with orders, and, wouldn't you know it, I ordered late.

Not to worry.....Mary to the rescue! Mary, the nicest, sweetest, most efficient customer service rep I ever spoke with, got my order shipped right out.

Only there was a problem: instead of Mars red onions, one of the cases I received was Candy, a long-day sweet (but yellow) onion. I needed red onions to go with my Copras and Big Daddys.

I called Mary, and, YIPES! Mars was sold out except for one last crop due to pull in late April. I've never planted onions that late, and didn't know what to do.

No problem......Mary to the rescue!

Mary told me she would ship half a case of Red Candy Apple right away, because that was the only large, long-day red thay had available at the moment. (Red Candy Apple is a nice red onion but not really the equivalent of Mars in its storage qualities or flavor - it's a sweet onion, not pungent like Mars.) Then, in a couple of weeks, she would ship the Mars as soon as they were ready to be pulled.

Now hear's the kicker: Mary said she would only charge me for half a case. That is, in return for one half case of Red Candy Apple, one half case of Mars, plus the one full case of Candy (which Mary told me to keep, on the house), a total of around 4,000 onion plants, Dixondale Farm would only charge me less than $30.

It was my fault for ordering late, knowing, as I had heard from everybody I know in the seed business, that this was going to be a HUGE growth year, and, furthermore, I believe the problem in my shipment was largely due to Mary's, and the Dixondale crew's efforts to sqeeze my order in at the end of a long, hectic day. I don't fault them in the least for that: stuff, as they say, happens.

And then, after all of Dixondale's Mars plants had been shipped out, that was that. (I'll bet somebody got my Mars instead of the Candy they ordered). Dixondale could have just told me that my options were to take the variety I wasn't sure I wanted at the time I wanted it, or take the variety I wanted to grow later than I wanted to plant it, or... just cancel my order. What was Dixondale supposed to do, conjure up 2,000 onion plants out of thin air? One thing's for sure: nobody else had any onion plants, certainly not 2,000 Mars at $55.

What Dixondale did was give me the best outcome possible under the circumstances. I could plant the Red Candy Apple at my ususal time, so I would be sure of having large red onions towards the end of summer and on into the fall. In addition, I would still get to put my first choice, Mars, in the ground a little later than usual and see how things worked out.

You can't go anywhere and buy anything and get better customer service than Mary of Dixondale Farm gave me. I mean, they already had me as a customer for life due to the quality of their onion plants, big fat things that they are (I mean, the onion plants...).

Now, I and my CSA shareholders will get to try a two new onion varieties and (probably) still get the storage reds (perhaps a little smaller than usual, perhaps not...ask me in August) that we count on to cover our sandwhichs and salads through the long, New England winters.

I'm still eating mine from last year's crop....

Positive jimh6278
(4 reviews)
On Apr 15, 2009, jimh6278 Salt Lake City, UT wrote:

To all the positives related to the quality of the product and ordering process I would like to add a thought about technical support. It seems as though each year I have a technical question about onions, planting, fertilizing, harvesting, etc (probably my early dementia kicking in) and Bruce always takes time to answer in a very prompt and clear manner. He is able to identify my issue and answer my questions. His response is very prompt, even during his busy season. Dixondale is a model for what a small niche company in this country should be.

Positive 1SickPuppy
(12 reviews)
On Apr 7, 2009, 1SickPuppy Waukesha, WI wrote:

The best onion plants I ever purchased!!!!!!
Packed beautifully, and arrived in great shape. All are green and premium size.
I ordered from Dixondale Farms last year and had the same experience. I can't wait to have fresh onions again.

Positive bportgardener
(1 review)
On Nov 24, 2008, bportgardener Bridgeport, MI wrote:

I live in the Saginaw Valley in Michigan and I have ordered from Dixondale for the past few years. This year I planted 6 varieties and had great success. The service is great and the plants arrived in good condition.

Positive Imred
(3 reviews)
On Jun 16, 2008, Imred Anna, IL wrote:

I used to order onion plants from Piedmont but when they went out of business I started ordering from other companies. The past 4 yrs. I have ordered from 4 different companies and was disappointed with the quality of the plants and the results they produced. This year I ordered from Dixondale and was amazed at the size and quality of the plants. I now have silver dollar sized onions and they look like they will be my best harvest ever. I also ordered a bundle of Leek and they also are outstanding. Dixondale has the finest onion and leek plants I have been able to find.

Positive dannygates58
(17 reviews)
On May 11, 2008, dannygates58 Jefferson, NH wrote:

Every Year I win first prize at my county fair for onions and every year I buy them from Dixondale farms. This year will be the best yet. Beautiful plants shipped exactly on time. I highly highly recomend this company

Positive srodarte
(11 reviews)
On May 10, 2008, srodarte Springfield, OH wrote:

I tried to grow leeks from seed this year, and had an awful time. And by Friday May 2, when I was about ready to give up on them, I didn't think anyone would have any leek sets left for sale - but Dixondale Farms did. I ordered 1 bunch, thinking that 60 leeks would be plenty for my first time trying them (I'm growing them with my potatoes, in mounds, so everything can be mounded at once). But they sent me 2 bunches, with at least 100 per bunch - and I got them on May 6, which is incredible for having them sent out on May 5, as promised! So now I have the wonderful problem of deciding where I'm going to get them all planted! I'll be ordering more than leeks from Dixondale Farms next year.

Positive kailas
(3 reviews)
On Mar 19, 2008, kailas San Francisco, CA wrote:

I ordered on 3/14 and the plants arrived on the 17th. The prices are pretty reasonable considering that shipping is included. You also get a lot more than the 60 plants per bunch. This is the first year I'm growing onions. If all goes well, I'll definitely be ordering from them again.

Positive rjseeney
(4 reviews)
On Feb 26, 2008, rjseeney Ft Mitchell, KY (Zone 6a) wrote:

Truly the best onions I have ever grown. I have ordered from them for 4 years now with excellent results. I split my order with my father to get a better price. He has grown onions for years, and feels that these are the best as well. Worth the extra price.

Positive lafko06
(27 reviews)
On Aug 10, 2007, lafko06 Brimfield, MA (Zone 5a) wrote:

If I could use one word to describe this company it would be "WOW!" I ordered onion slips and leek slips for the first time in my life and I can't believe how great they have grown. The directions to plant them are very easy to follow and I'm so delighted to have learned to grow my own onions and leeks. I will plant these every year now and I highly recommend using Dixondale as a source.

Positive docstephens
(3 reviews)
On Aug 10, 2007, docstephens Virginia Beach, VA wrote:

I received fast shipment of onion bulbs exactly as described. Just about the entire order grew wonderfully. It is the first time I can say that I had a successful onion-growing experience in over 40 years of home-gardening. The onions I have harvested--yellow, white and red--are all delicious. I am delighted with the overall Dixondale Farms experience.
Fr. Seraphim Stephen

Positive edgman
(1 review)
On Apr 2, 2007, edgman Earleville, MD wrote:

(Posted this in another forum. Was told to add it here also)
I am a newbie to onion planting but am an expert in customer service having taught it as a consultant to various firms in NY City till I retired a few years ago. On Monday a eek ago placed an order to Dixondale Farms on the internet about 6PM at night EST. At about 10AM the next morning I received a call from this very friendly young woman at Dixondale Farms informing me that my order was received but it said to ship immediately. She said my planting date was not for two more weeks and was I sure I wanted it shipped now. In my biggest macho tone I said yes (like I really knew what I was talking about). She said OK and "thank you" for shopping at Dixondale Farms and call us with any problems. Don't know how this woman arranged it but my package arrived the next day. Your talking 2 days from Texas to Maryland. The bulbs and plants were twice the size as Bonnie's whom I though about buying from.
To end the story. I highly recommend these people both for the quality of their product and especially for their customer service. If buying from them remember to order 2 bunches. It cuts the price right in half.

I don't ever say much about vendors and don't get a kickback from Dixondale but I highly recommend them.

edgman/Tom R

Positive beetgreens
(6 reviews)
On May 10, 2006, beetgreens Kirksville, MO wrote:

Have bought onion and leek plants from Dixondale for several years. Always a good experience. Plants are high quality and shipped on time. Prices are high on small quantities but plunge sharply if you buy larger amounts and are dirt cheap if you buy caselot quantities (30 bunches). Solution: order together with other gardeners or special order through your local garden center (which will get the wholesale discount on top of the quantity discount).

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