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Negative Sinu
(1 review)
On Aug 4, 2017, Sinu Peoria, IL wrote:

Horrible People.Customer care is really bad ,very rude.They ave hidden charges and the seeds and seedling never germinate.Never experienced such a bad people who treats customer like thid

On Aug 4, 2017, Neem Tree Farms responded with:

"On Aug 7, 2017 7:41 AM, Neem Tree Farms responded with:

We can't find this customer anywhere in our database to see what could have happened. The seeds just arrived in the US on July 19 so he hasn't had them long enough to know if they'll germinate. We don't understand the comment about the seedlings and we have fired the person who had such terrible customer service in the past."

Negative CresiD
(1 review)
On Jun 15, 2016, CresiD Austin, TX wrote:

I'm adding my name to the list of negative experiences as posted here. I wish I had seen these comments before trying to buy from this well as the comments on the Better Business Bureau's site //

In short, I tried to buy a BOGO (buy one get one free) product but was told AFTER the sale went through that I owed additional money. I called and had a less than conducive conversation with their customer support person - who seems in my humble-opinion, to have honed her skills on others who have had similar experiences, which led me to cancel my entire order.

I have also corresponded with the company's owner in an attempt to work out a satisfactory solution. She said that the problem was because of a software issue, and that she couldn't honor my purchase because "it's already priced so low that we would lose money if we sent you two for the price of one".

I wouldn't want to see this company go belly up, but if this is an ongoing issue, as evidenced by similar comments here, why can't they get the problem fixed. I have another name for this kind of sale, and offer a 'Buyer Beware".

Negative taoseer
(1 review)
On May 4, 2015, taoseer Hemet, CA wrote:

I ordered a product from the company website. The web page clearly indicated the product qualified for a "buy three, get one free" promotion. I bought and paid for three, expecting to receive a fourth as well when the order arrived. Instead, I received someone else's order. When a company rep named Carrie (sp?) contacted me to tell me what I already knew and say that in spite of the initial order mixup, my order would be shipping to me soon, I asked for confirmation that I would be receiving four items in accordance with the web page terms. Carrie said that the product did not qualify for "buy three, get one free" even though she ultimately admitted the web page indicated it did. I said the company needed to stand by its advertised terms and if it refused to do so, I wanted a cancellation of my order and a timely refund. She coldly replied that it would be taken care of. After three weeks without a refund appearing in my payment account, I opened a dispute resolution with the account provider. That prompted another phone call from Carrie requesting an explanation of my dispute; apparently she called before reading the clear online statement I had filed with the dispute. I reminded her of my earlier request for order cancellation and a refund. She then tried to postpone the refund by saying the product (which her company mistakenly sent to someone else) would have to be returned (by someone else!) before a refund could be processed. Only when I said I would be writing the company owner(s) to detail this whole sorry mess did she agree to arrange for an immediate refund (it turned up in my payment account within minutes of the termination of our phone conversation).

Carrie's tone through both our phone conversations struck me as arrogant and inflexible. The company's policies, as she tried to (mis?)represent them, completely turned me off to the company.

I've stated the facts of my experience with Neem Tree Farms here, including my impression of Carrie's handling of the situation and her tone in handling it. I leave it to others to evaluate those facts and form their own judgments.

Negative mlkpak
(1 review)
On Oct 14, 2014, mlkpak Loudon, TN wrote:

10-10-2014 I called and specifically asked for help with a gluten free neem shampoo, was told the product to look at
Soothing Scalp Remedy Shampoo
Soothing Scalp Remedy Shampoo
Our Price: $12.99

A nearly-all natural shampoo with concentrated neem, aloe and essential oils for seriously itchy scalps. pH balanced Gulten free Sulfate free Paraben free Safe

this product IS NOT gluten free, this could have been a medical issue since it is for a Celiac patient, this needs to be corrected immediately

Negative ashtme
(1 review)
On Oct 3, 2014, ashtme Bloomfield Hills, MI wrote:

I ordered a betel leaf plant from this company. When the plant arrived the tip of the plant was damaged & dead. As this is a vine plant, I was hoping that some of the other shoots will take off, so I kept the plant & followed their directions meticulously. The last leaf died today. I called the company & talked with Sherri & explained the situation to her. She told me initially the plants are in shock, so they might not grow well. I explained to her, that's exactly why I didn't contact them initially, but now that there is no hope of the plant living, will all leaves dead, I want a replacement plant. She was like, we cant guarantee everyone's gardening skills. I was like what kind of gardening skill, putting 1 vine plant in a flower pot require??? Bottom line, they wont help. Don't waste your $$ on this company. They ship damaged plants & then blame the customer's gardening skills. Very poor customer service.

Negative neemfan
(1 review)
On Aug 16, 2014, neemfan Katy, TX wrote:

I bought a Neem tree Nov 2, 2013 (Order # 26610). Once delivered it was promptly put in ground by my landscape person (in few minutes off the USPS truck) and care instructions followed. It lost leaves soon after. I communicated with owner (Vicky Parsons) via email ([email protected]) on Nov 19th, 2013 with my concerns and a photograph of the tree. She replied promptly and said this is not a major cause for concern and that I should continue following the care instructions and if the tree does not come back by spring 2014 she will send me a replacement. The tree never revived even though I followed the care instructions diligently. I sent multiple emails (Mar 10th 2014, Mar 20th 2014 to [email protected]) with photographs of the dead tree and asking about the replacement which was promised. I have received no response from the business till date. I usually don't give negative ratings and understand that no one wants to do a bad job but I find this business's conduct very unprofessional.

Negative SpringfieldUri
(1 review)
On Aug 14, 2012, SpringfieldUri Springfield, IL wrote:

From time to time, I ordered neem leaves from Neem Tree Farms. In the past, they always arrived bitter (as they
should be). Then, I ordered neem leaves again in the beginning of April, when apparently Neem Tree Farms hardly had any leaves due to the frost. However, what they sent me ended up resembling curry leaves and not
neem. (E.g. The leaves they sent lacked the characteristic bitterness, and had a strong aroma of curry instead).

Since Neem Tree Farms used to sell curry leaves, itís possible that they still have curry trees in their grove. However, I was shocked that they would try to substitute curry for neem leaves, as the two are very different and I certainly did not intend to order curry leaves.

When I called the company regarding the issue, the owner, Vicky Parsons, first tried to ignore the issue and divert the conversation. When that didn't work, she started to yell that the leaves lacked bitterness due to their young age, despite the fact that they were similar in shape and size to leaves I received in previous shipments. Then, towards the end of our conversation, she suddenly declared - while still rudely yelling - that she would only reimburse me if I never call the company again.

Even more disturbingly, a few minutes after the first conversation, Vicki called again on my house line, and started to rant loudly that she would not reimburse me, since she was going to put me on her list of people whom she was not talking to. Not only is that the most ridiculous excuse one can give, it is also utterly unprofessional.

A normal owner would be quite concerned that the product they sent was so far off from what it should have been. But this delusional woman somehow seemed to believe that yelling at customers and ignoring the problem is a proper response.

So, my advice is to stay away from this company. Be skeptical of their claims. And if you get a call from Vicky Parsons, hang up.

Negative pmb123
(1 review)
On Apr 9, 2011, pmb123 Rio Grande, PR wrote:

For two and a half year I have been patiently waiting for neem seeds to grow into tree and for these two plus year Ms. Vicki has given me a song and a dance. I don't mind a song and a dance but not with a company that I am trying to do business. I wish her good luck, but this dance is over.

Negative mistari
(3 reviews)
On Sep 2, 2008, mistari La Fayette, NY wrote:

I bought 4 gotu kola plants from here. I recently learned that what they are selling is not gotu kola it is in fact ground ivy or gill over the garden. I did get a refund for 2 of the plants, I'm not sure if they're going to continue selling the false gotu kola or not, but as of right now it seems that way. I also bought soap from here awhile back and it smelled similar to spoiled milk and I threw both bars out. I cannot give a negative feedback though because the lady is very nice and it looks like they have a lot of other good products.

On September 3rd, 2008, mistari changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

Well now I've just changed my experience to negative after receiving this e-mail from the owner:

"My experts disagree with your experts, but I donít believe in arguing with customers in a public forum. Please leave us alone and Iíll try to forget how many hours Iíve wasted in discussions with you."

I replied with this:

"I'm sorry I've only spent about 5 minutes e-mailing you in total I find it hard to believe you've spent hours. I have been nothing but pleasant and wouldn't consider this an argument. If you're thinking I'm some old guy sitting up here in front of my computer you've thought wrong. I'm 21 years old. I know what I'm doing- I know what I'm talking about- I know you're selling a false product- and I'm extremely insulted. I guess I'm going to have to take this further by contacting the Better Business Bureau.

P.S. I only received a refund for 2 out of the 4 glechoma plants that i purchased from you over the past year.


Keep in mind I wrote about 3 e-mails to her in total. Anyway- Whatever you do make sure you know what you're buying from this site. I had it confirmed by 2 plant experts that what she is selling is indeed a strain of glechoma. A third person confirmed it who actually grows it in her garden. If you're looking for gotu kola I suggest Companion Plants.
On September 16th, 2008, mistari added the following:

After informing the owner she wasn't selling gotu kola she was selling something else, she continued to pretend I said nothing and continues to sell fake gotu kola. Here is a thread from a plant forum with 4 people confirming it is not gotu kola: //

Even googling gotu kola and looking at the images, comparing her plant to the gotu kola.. the two plants are completely different. I would be wary purchasing anything from this site. They have no clue what they're doing.

On a positive note, I did get a full refund. I offered to remove my negative status from the garden watchdog if she would refund me and stop selling the fake gotu kola. But she refused to stop selling it and I was obligated to report them to the better business bureau.
On September 22nd, 2008, mistari added the following:

Wikipedia article of Gotu Kola: //

Any idiot can see from her picture of her "gotu kola" is completely different from real gotu kola. And Ms. Parsons is obviously not aware that Gotu Kola is a flowering plant. Don't expect her to post the BBB results, but I will.
On May 20th, 2009, mistari added the following:

Just wanted to update this.. After neem tree farms finally realized that their plant isn't gotu kola they took it off their site for months.. and now I see they have negligently put it up for sale again on their site. And it's criminal what they are doing. AVOID AVOID AVOID
On Sep 2, 2008, Neem Tree Farms responded with:


On Sep 17, 2008 6:05 AM, Neem Tree Farms added:

Some people simply wonít believe anything that comes from ďexpertsĒ other than their own. His experts say our gotu kola is Glecoma hederacea -- a flowering plant -- and that the reason we havenít seen flowers in the 8-10 years weíve been growing it is because conditions werenít good.

The original plants were purchased from an Ayurvedic physician in Miami and Iíve asked two other Ayurvedic experts to confirm that they are indeed Centella asiatica -- and theyíre looking at the plant and tasting it, not relying on photos.

Before you believe this rating, please check our eBay status where all customers are encouraged to leave feedback. Weíve been selling this plant for years and getting great reviews, and Google Images shows photos of both types of leaves. As Mr. Marzo points out, his money was cheerfully refunded but now heís apparently decided that we deserve to be punished for disagreeing with him.

Frankly, Iím looking forward to a thorough investigation by the Better Business Bureau. I'll post the results here as soon as they're available.

Negative DiMach
(2 reviews)
On Dec 4, 2007, DiMach Yokneam,
Israel wrote:

This company looking for ways to make exta charges from customers.
I tried to buy 12 seeds, but my order reach about $85 and was cancelled, because I asked to reduce extras.

On December 5th, 2007, DiMach added the following:

Phytosanitary certificate is not required for export. Anybody can check USDA web-site, and attempt to find some information. Besides, its not $60 value, its cost about $25-$30.

So, I think its not required addition explains regards my negative raiting. All comprehensible from 'Neem Tree Farms' representative comment.
On December 5th, 2007, DiMach added the following:

I requested reduce extras only, because Phytosanitary certificate is not required. It was not request for order cancelation.
Besides, I requested specific parcel declaration ("gift" or "sample") for quick processing in our post system, because neem seeds not store well and now end of season. I know our plant-protection law, and I know that its not criminal and I dont worry about her complaint to our goverment. But potential customers needs to be worried and keep away from this hysterical company.
On Dec 4, 2007, Neem Tree Farms responded with:


On Dec 4, 2007 1:10 PM, Neem Tree Farms added:

The truth of the matter is that this man asked us to break the law and ship seeds to Israel without the required phytosanitary statement. The extra charges would have covered the inspection his government demanded, we wouldn't have made an extra cent even though it would have required significantly more time. I'll contact him personally and ask that he remove that ranking, or I'll contact the Israeli government with our email correspondence explaining the problem.

On Dec 5, 2007 6:50 AM, Neem Tree Farms added:

If the phyto is not required, why would his order form specifically request?

"Please, don't declare "seeds" as content of parcel. Mark it as "gift" or "sample". Thank you."

I've reported him to the Israeli government, so I guess they'll answer the question. My long-term contact at the USDA said that seeds required a $60 phytosanitary inspection, I assumed they were correct and canceled the order at his request. He was never charged for it and I'm not sure why he feels as though we need to have a battle on this venue.


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