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On Sep 11, 2008, Catssdawg2 Whitesboro, TX wrote:

I'm going to have to give a thumb's down to this one! eBayed a 'Daydreams' brug(after checking this site & eBays for feedback) for $19.00 + 5.60 shipping after seeing lovely pic on there & item description for 14" brug w/nice roots & recieved a 18" brug w/only 4 leaves on top (everything else was stripped off for cuttings or looked like it ) & when I e-mailed about it their reply was " What did you expect - the 6' brug we took pic of for the ad?". No I did not but what I did expect for close to $25 was a brug w/ at least leaves on it & plantable when recieved. Nothing in the ad's description said I would be recieving a stripped down stick! I have e-mailed them twice & have recieved no offers of replacement or refund & even gave it 3 weeks to start putting on some decent growth(it now has a total of 8 leaves despite all my TLC & fertilizer). I thought I had finally found the brug of my 'Daydreams' but it's more like a nightmare! They should at least either put actual item picture or better description of what you are recieving when they place their items on eBay (guess the good ones go to the people who go to their site & buy & eBayers get the unsalable crap & get stuck w/it!). Should have at least got a goodnight kiss for this screwing!

On September 12th, 2008, Catssdawg2 added the following:

Was actually called a "jerk" in a personal e-mail from this person as well as here! The ad stated & I quote" This 'Daydreams' is 16+ inches above the soil line.An outstanding pink double w/ good flower form & color. Makes a nice standard. Mailed w/ root ball & soil intact" end quote. Now where does it say that the plant will be stripped down to nothing but stick & 4/leaves & this thing will have to be babied through the winter before I can plant it! And hogwash about it being stripped down for shipping - look at the reviews other people sent in gushing about the lovely brugs they had recieved full of foliage that didn't even have time to wilt! For that price I could have gotten at least(3) rooted cuttings (which is what I feel I recieved - "plant" to me means you are recieving a nicely foliaged plant ready to plant)& for a business person to call a customer a "jerk" for giving their honest opinion says alot about that business. I have been in the sales business for over 25+ years & have never called a customer a "jerk" in public - the golden rule to sales is "The customer is always right"whether you like it or not. Wasn't being a "jerk" by posting my comments - just my honest opinion of the "deal" I got from this company! We do still live in America & have the right to free speech or did I miss the comminust takeover last night?
On September 14th, 2008, Catssdawg2 added the following:

Being a southern lady in her mid-40's all I have to say is the only problem I have w/JT & Country Gardens is we have a difference of opinion on what a $19 standard (his words not mine) brug should look like. As I said before all I am stating here is my honest opinion on what I thought I should have recieved for common brug that cost $19 + 5.60 shipping & as I stated to JT & to y'all I have to say I was disappointed in the way it looked & still looks ( three of the original leaves fell off so it's down to 5 whole leaves now after a month in full but protected morning sun & afternoon shade & Garrett's juice w/ fish emulsions added twice a week & a small dose of Superthrive in between that!). I really thought I was getting a nicely foliaged common brug at a good size for planting in my yard so it would take before winter & if I had seen a pic of the real thing I would have never bid on it knowing that I would have to greenhouse it all winter till it was strong enough to perinial over next year as it is common for brugs to grow well over 6' in just 5 months here in the right conditions & when I bought it I still had 3-1/2 months till the 1st real cold spell hits down here. Again my 1 & only problem w/JT & Country Gardens (well before the nasty customer service e-mails trying to make me feel like a moron & not somebody w/ 30+ yrs of gardening experience & 5 generations of farmers in my immediate family - they were just downright disrespectful of my initial contact) was NOT clearly stating the brug's condition & not taking an actual pic of the item. End of subject - learned my lesson - if it's too good to be true,then run like the wind. Oh & honesty & quality have left the American marketplace - as a gardener I would have been totally embarassed to 1) sent a plant like that & 2) responding to a customer on a public forum in such a fashion just because she stated HER honest opinion whether I liked it or not. True business people never slander a customer openly & they could have responded by" well we feel we sent our best & every customer is intitled to their opinion - good,bad or indifferent" instead of calling me a jerk. Thank you for allowing my to state my case on this public forum as eBay seems to be now more interested in protecting their sellers instead of their buyers regarding negative or nuetral (in which I told JT I was sorry but I felt nuetral about the purchase in my 1st e-mail due to the plant's condition & by which I was rudely treated by a e-mail basically calling me a moron)feedback & you can only leave 100 words. Thank you , JT for reminding me why America is as screwed up as it is & all our jobs are going overseas - poor quality & bad businessmanship!
On Sep 11, 2008, Country Garden responded with:


On Sep 11, 2008 2:35 PM, Country Garden added:

The ad clearly stated that the plant,for sale,was 14 inches or larger.This person actually received a 22 inch plant that had certainly not been "stripped for cuttings".We do remove the larger leaves before before shipping. Notice that this plant has recovered from shipping and is putting on new growth.
There is always the jerk that can't be pleased.

On Sep 12, 2008 2:11 PM, Country Garden added:

Hmmm.I intended to come on and post the actual auction listing but I see that she has done that for me.Read her description.She actually received a larger plant than advertised but apparently expected a 6 foot well branched tree.I kept her first threatening email if anyone's interested.
As most of you know,we replace any plants damaged in shipment.Hers was not damaged.Further,starting with a threatening email is the not the way to get anything from me.
What we have here is a drama queen that will drag this out as long as possible.I'm through."

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