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Positive peterorchid
(1 review)
On May 14, 2016, peterorchid Buffalo, NY wrote:

Posted on October 10, 2015, updated May 14, 2016
i ordered a c. pumila \'dogishima\'. it was sent in a flimsy plastic pot packed with sphagnum moss like they do for phal\'s from asia. this species does not grow well like this. all the old roots had rotted long ago and not even attached to the plant anymore; which by the way was literally turning around in the pot because the moss had compacted to peat. these plants are very difficult to keep alive if that seasons roots are damaged; which is what the 5 that were left were. The ends were shriveled and browning. I emailed them. Was responded to by there customer service dept. I sent a photo like they asked and was never responded to again. This seems to be one of those businesses where the people shipping the plants know nothing of what the plant should look like; healthy or not. I am wiser now to these companies that basicly are too big for their britches. I am not important to them. I removed what was left of the buds to try to save the plant but it dehydrated from no healthy roots to absorb moisture to finish growing.

On May 14th, 2016, peterorchid changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

I was very frustrated with this order so I contacted norman through Facebook and he made all well by replacing my plant on my next order and only charging me shipping charges minus the original. My order was healthy and we'll rooted plants; all 8 of them. Thank you
Positive mgdsvegies
(4 reviews)
On Apr 20, 2016, mgdsvegies Asheville, NC (Zone 7a) wrote:

I just placed my first order with this company, and I'm happy with their service so far. They were extremely prompt -- I ordered over the weekend, the plants were shipped Monday, and they arrived here in Asheville this morning. I wouldn't ordinarily order orchids in bloom, for fear the spikes would be damaged, but I saw a clone I really wanted at the local orchid show last week. When I realized had it, I couldn't wait to order. Their packing was excellent -- it took quite a while to get the plants separated from the packing material, but you would never guess these three plants in full bloom had been shipped all the way from California. I know I shouldn't comment on other peoples' experience, but I couldn't help but notice some of the problems seem to arise from customers not understanding what they were ordering. It is true as someone pointed out that the plants are in the thin flexible pots with sphagnum moss, and some of the roots are broken. However, in my experience this is pretty much what you see from all the large growers. It's a function of what they have to do to culture massive numbers of plants. The plants all look healthy and strong, and after they bloom, I will repot then in a bark mixture and different pots that are more suited to my growing conditions. Bottom line is, I would definitely order from these folks again.

Positive laf351
(1 review)
On Jan 2, 2016, laf351 Tavares, FL wrote:

I have been ordering from Normans Orchids for 5+ years. I have never had a bad experience. I am very guilty of looking at photo and buying without reading description and have purchased things not appropriate for me, but that is on me. Everything I have received has been in great shape. Just placed another order, can't wait to recieve!!!

Positive Sariah
(1 review)
On Oct 30, 2014, Sariah Independence, MO wrote:

I received an orchid from this site as a gift, but the friend who gifted it to me understood that I knew more about orchids, and what I want from them, than he did. So he had me point out the one I wanted, rather than try to surprise me with something that might be unsuitable.

After some research, I chose Dtps. Purple Martin 'Champion'. It was very securely packaged when it arrived, and the plant was-and remains-healthy. I have had no contact with any of the site's representatives, so I cannot speak of their conduct, but I am happy with my plant.

Positive Goyo
(1 review)
On Feb 2, 2013, Goyo Fairview, CA wrote:

I have bought orchids by mail and in person for over a decade at Norman's Orchids. I have found the personnel to be always attentive and polite. My orders have been sent on time and the plants have been excellent. The showroom always has a large number of plants in bloom. I appreciate the correct labels on the plants. Well grown, correctly labelled orchids are not as cheap as the ones you can buy in the big box stores but are worth it.

Positive eafisher
(1 review)
On Sep 30, 2012, eafisher Houston, TX wrote:

I ordered plants for our local orchid society raffle table. The plants were nice sized, packed very well (no breakage, missing tags and came when promised) - we got our money's worth.

Positive carol_okc
(6 reviews)
On Sep 29, 2012, carol_okc Choctaw, OK wrote:

Norman's Orchid Nursery
3.0 star rating
14 reviews Rating Details

Category: Nurseries & Gardening [Edit]
11039 Monte Vista Ave
Montclair, CA 91763
(909) 627-9515
we have flowers all year long for your special occasions.
A corner of our show room stocked with wide varieties of orchids.

Production Department is fullfilling an wedding cut phalaenopsis orchids order.

Norman's Orchid Nursery, Montclair, CA

Norman's Orchid Nursery, Montclair, CA
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Review from Carol D.
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Carol D.
Choctaw, OK

5.0 star rating

I've been a long-distance customer of Norman's for more years than I want to count. His plants are consistently well grown, offer a wide diversity of genera for any orchid-aholic's tastes, and provide both known and not-yet-known species and hybrids. I primarily grow phalaenopsis, though have a diverse collection of other genera. Yes, there are phal specialists, and I purchase from several of them. But Norman offers such a wide range of plants - including some really quite rare and appropriately expensive items - that he will always be a prime source of additions to my collection.

The packing is meticulous - I've never received a damaged plant. I've heard that some people had some difficulty with customer service, but in all of these many years I've never experienced any problem and have always been treated courteously and professionally. I have no experience with the gift side of the business, since I'm a confirmed hobby grower with a willingness to grow things for several years before seeing bloom spikes. I'd be very surprised if that side of the business were any less professionally handled.

If all you want is a pretty coffee-table plant and don't care to actually GROW it, you might be happy with the big box store NOID offerings. A real orchid supplier doesn't sell no name short-lived plants that might make a brief impression before heading to the compost pile. A real supplier offers quality, well-grown, interesting, and rewarding plants you want to have in your collection. And Norman is a real supplier.

Positive LDean
(1 review)
On Sep 25, 2012, LDean Lewiston, ME wrote:

I've placed multiple orders in the past and have never encountered a problem. If I have questions about plants I call and speak to a courteous young lady that helps me chose the perfect plants. I tell her what I am looking for and I receive exactly what I wanted. I just wish they were much closer so I can go visit their premises. I give them a 5 star rating and they have wonderful service.

Positive genetobia
(1 review)
On Sep 20, 2012, genetobia Magnolia, NJ wrote:

Posted on September 20, 2012, updated September 20, 2012
fast and easy

On September 20th, 2012, genetobia added the following:

I've gotten a lot of quality plants from Norman's Orchids. The website is easy to navigate and they ship their products well packed and quick.
Speaking as a serious orchid grower, Norman's Orchids offers so many quality and hard to find orchids. The plants always arrive undamaged and healthy.
I like buying seed grown plants from Norman's, as most of the seedlings I get gives me a variety of quality forms and colors.
To date, I managed to get 2 plants awarded by the American Orchid Society. The first one was Phal. Princess Kaiulani (flava) 'Gene Tobia' JC/AOS. And recently, Phal. violacea 'Gene's Magenta' AM/AOS.
I highly recommend Norman's Orchids as a source of quality orchid plants.
Positive cosmos4577
(1 review)
On Sep 12, 2012, cosmos4577 Social Circle, GA wrote:

Posted on September 11, 2012, updated September 12, 2012
I ordered (SO# 5130460) a Yu Pin Lady ‘Rev Velvet’ Phal – MC1522. It arrived in 3 days. The plant is not what I ordered. It was in bloom and not the color of the photo on thier web site. The flowers were bruised and within the week of arrival the petals dried crisp and dropped off. I sent an e-amil asking them to check thier record so we could solve the problem. No response. My phone calls have been re-routed until disconnected. I have also sent an e-mail through this site.
I will still try to solve this mis-order but I strongly recommend purchasing from another dealer.

On September 12th, 2012, cosmos4577 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Today I received an e-mail response and called the co. They were very professional and we came to a good solution. I was so pleased with thier willingness to solve the problem that I ordered two more plants and am looking forward to future purchases from them.
Positive crhorchids
(1 review)
On Jul 21, 2012, crhorchids Bryn Mawr, PA wrote:

Plants arrived in tip top condition, in bloom or bud, as described. All leaves and roots in healthy, actively growing condition. Shipping promised and delivered within 2 days. Really appreciate the "hobbyist" listings.

Positive CW5280
(1 review)
On Jul 20, 2012, CW5280 Denver, CO wrote:

Unmistakably the best source for quality orchids for the hobbyist or if you are just shopping for that special gift! Gorgeous, healthy orchids, many crosses quite unique. Fantastic quality, fair prices, careful packing, and fast shipping.
Norman's Orchids has one of the best online store in the business; user-friendly with robust search features and accurate photography and detailed descriptions of their plants. Highly recommended.

Positive Robwestergard
(1 review)
On Jun 14, 2012, Robwestergard Garner, NC wrote:

After purchasing my two plants and ordering them. I emailed the company and Norman replied to me quickly with my answers. After receiving the plants, I was totally amazed about the size and even one was in full bloom and it was just awesome.

Shipping was fast and concrete as stated when expected delivery of the plants.

I will buy again from
Thanks Norman!

Positive dotspups
(1 review)
On Jun 9, 2012, dotspups Fort Lauderdale, FL wrote:

I have bought plants from Norman's Orchids for 2 decades and the plants ALWAYS arrive in perfect shape because they are packed to travel across the country. The plants are of a quality that can not be found at the big box stores and I know from visiting the nursery that plants will not arrive here with hidden weed seeds or insect pests. Norman has a full time employee whose job it is is to pull weeds in pots and under the benches. My orchid benches always hold at least 100 of Norman's very special orchids. Dot- Fort Lauderdale

Positive FrankC80
(1 review)
On Jun 4, 2012, FrankC80 Oakland, CA wrote:

It is always the negative reviewers that always bother in even leaving such nasty comments for such an awesome company. I can say I've been ordering from Norman's Orchids for over 5 years now and not once have a had any issues with them. I call speak to customer service and always get the answers I am looking for. Without a doubt they are the best and they know their stuff. People have to realize orchids from this company are live and of course some are not perfect but I can guarantee you they are not "SICK", sick are those of you that come in sites like this and leave your nasty comments. Really though if this company could get all their positive customers to review I can guarantee you it will be much much more positives than negative because they really know what they are doing and they have the best out there.

(1 review)
On May 24, 2012, NCORCHIDS Weaverville, NC wrote:

My last several purchases from Normans Orchids have been outstanding! Customer service was excellent, on time responses and zero problems with my order from start to finish. Plants arrived as scheduled per shipping policy, foliage and roots on all plants were very strong and healthy. Spikes arrived as mentioned, 1-3 per plant and some plants in bud, another in flower. Norman has really been offering a broader, diverse selection of some of the most recent, cutting edge hybrids. I will continue to watch the website weekly for updates and look forward to future purchases.

Positive meljim1327
(1 review)
On May 12, 2012, meljim1327 Cinco Ranch, TX wrote:

Made order Thurs; delivered Sat; beautiful, clean and healthy plants received in excellent condition. This has always been my experience with They ship quickly. Their website is excellent with good photos and descriptions. We will also be trying their product Mega Thrive as a growing aid.

Positive Phal1
(1 review)
On Mar 22, 2012, Phal1 Nacogdoches, TX wrote:

I received a shipment of Phalaenopsis from yesterday and as always, was very pleased. The condition of the plants was excellent, good root systems, most in spike or in bud. The packing was also excellent. Three plants were shipped in bloom and they looked great on unpacking. I have grown Phalaenopsis for 20 plus years and consider as a premier vendor and grower.

Positive lwbanks
(1 review)
On Mar 14, 2012, lwbanks Cleveland, GA wrote:

My wife and I are 'newbies' in the orchid collecting experience, having only 3 or 4 phals for the past 6 years or so...sometimes they bloom, somtimes they don't. After discovering the diversity of the orchid species (I purchased a Sharry Baby at a local grocery store (!) and immediately realized how much I underappeciated the orchid genus/species), we began to order orchids online, ultimately from four different growers (we now have 19 orchids, comprised of 10 genus).

All of the growers provided satisfactory plants and service, but one stood "head and shoulders" above the others: Norman's, ( Their plants were the best "bang for the buck". But more importantly, being the neophyte, I had some concerns that I needed addressed and when I dealt with their customer service rep (thanks Fabby :-) ), I was treated as a valued customer with respect and concern for my complete satisfaction....I can't recommend their organization highly enough.

Positive SkanadianIce
(1 review)
On Feb 9, 2012, SkanadianIce Buffalo, NY wrote:

I received the two orchids I ordered with today, and I was very pleased. The packing was carefully done and there was no sign of damage on either plant. The in bud/in spike Dendrobium I ordered had about 20 fully formed buds on it, and the mature Paphiopedilum actually came not only in flower, but with new leaf growth as well. It was a pleasant surprise. Both plants look very healthy with no sign of fungus or infestation. I'm not an expert but I have a little experience with orchids and I would say their condition is as good or better than any orchids I have bought in nurseries or plant shops. This was my first time buying orchids online and it was a great experience. Despite the negative reviews, I would recommend and I would order from them again.

Positive orchid_queen
(1 review)
On Jul 29, 2011, orchid_queen Portland, OR wrote:

I love Norman's Orchids and had purchased at least two time from their very organized web site : .
Just received one one their July special with two beautiful blooming and very unusual phalaenopsis which you can only found from this company. I received a instant order confirmation right away and another email of UPS air tracking next day. With limited orchid resource at Pacific Northwest , this is a A+ source for quality and unusual orchids.

Positive starrynaya
(1 review)
On Jun 20, 2011, starrynaya Chestnut Hill, MA wrote:

I recently ordered several orchids in bud/bloom from this company. They arrived super fast and were clearly lovingly packaged with a great deal of care. Two of my plants were in bloom, simply gorgeous, with approximately 10 open flowers each! I was impressed by how healthy the roots were and love their huge online selection. I have only positive things to say; fortunately I was not deterred by all the negative comments posted here otherwise I would not have been able to acquire such beauties. Given how lovely the flowers were I decided to place another order right away!

Positive wenokur
(1 review)
On Mar 16, 2011, wenokur New York, NY wrote:

I placed an order and right away I received an email stating that the order was going to be delayed due to severe weather which was absolutely fine with me since I didn't want to receive frozen orchids. 2 weeks later Customer support followed up with me and informed me it was safe to ship order but some of the items I choose were sold out and no longer available and gave me other item numbers that were similar to the one I choose. I was happy that they went out of their way to ship out my orchids and make sure they arrive safe. I've purchased orchids from other companies in the past and the experience with them was awful, orchids arrived frozen and very damaged. Their heat packs work great my orchids arrived safe, healthy, and very happy its been over a month since I received my orchids and I'm happy to say its still blooming. This company really knows what they are doing and Customer Support is always very helpful. Its sad to hear other people past experiences and all I have to say is you really have to be a true orchid grower to know what this company is about. They are one of the few standing that have such a big variety in exotic orchids. My joy.

Positive fraying
(2 reviews)
On Mar 6, 2011, fraying San Francisco, CA wrote:

I've placed dozens of orders with Norman's over the years and have always been 100% satisfied. Their plants are healthy and happy, and they're shipped with so much attention to detail it's amazing. If it weren't for Norman's Orchids, I might not be the gardener I am today.

Positive Mfacci
(1 review)
On Feb 14, 2011, Mfacci Schenectady, NY wrote:

I ordered an orchid from Norman as a Christmas present at the end of December. I had my heart set on a few and decided to not get a gift orchid and choose one that I really liked (MC246). Not even choosing a 'gift orchid,' an astute worker noticed this plant was bought by (male name -me) and was being shipped to (female-name). Like most 'complaints' I promptly got an email stating my orchid was not in flower and that it was 'not recommended as a gift' and I would need to call to confirm I still wanted it. On Monday, I called and the woman I spoke to was pleasant and reaffirmed that nonflowering plants were recommended as gifts, but after I told her I was really interested in the one I chose and was willing to wait the time for it to flower, she said it would be shipped out soon. The plant was received 2 days later (on a Wednesday). I also followed up with fedex to see when about the drive would be in my area so it would not sit on my front porch for long in the Pittsburgh winter. Upon opening the box, the plant was hearty and full. It was promptly replanted as it was growing out of it's container! I waited to write this review until the plant has done well in my possession. It has been about 2 months and the plant is growing and doing fine.

I have nothing but good things to say about the folks at Norman's. This is my first review, but I ordered my orchids from them in spite of some of the ridiculous claims left by others and wanted to share my exceptionally positive experience. They were courteous and looked after my best interest in regard to plant selection and gift ideas. The shipping was prompt and my plant arrived unscathed. I enjoy the letters from Normans telling me what flowers are available and will be making more purchases from them in the future. If anyone reading this has questions - feel free to email me - [email protected]

Positive docknitter
(1 review)
On Jan 14, 2011, docknitter Brookline, MA wrote:

I ordered 5 orchids online. After placing my order I read the reviews of the company listed on this site and am greatly relieved that I didn't read them before I ordered, lest they influenced me to order elsewhere.

My experience with this company was flawless. All 5 orchids arrived carefully and lovingly packed. I ordered in midwinter and had them mailed to me in the Boston area without any freezing issues. I unpacked my orchids and allowed them to acclimate overnight and then repotted them all. All have been thriving. In fact, I was expecting them all to be young and without spikes and was pleasantly surprised to be mailed one in bloom.

I think it is important to know that this is a site best utilized by orchid enthusiasts who know how to treat these sometimes tricky plants properly. Orchids are living organisms and if they are mistreated, they can begin to show signs of suffering within two days in your home- and it may have nothing to do with the company of origin.

Also, this is a plant supplier...not just a florist. Each plant is labeled online to indicate whether it is to be shipped in bloom. Do not be detracted by critics who wanted to mail a pretty orchid in full bloom and tried to buy the less expensive option, without realizing that it would be mailed as a less mature plant.

I am very impressed with the large number of orchid varieties offered by this retailer...many are extremely rare. I was also pleased that they indicated whether each orchid would be better grown in a home or greenhouse.

With all due respect to those people who had negative experiences with this company in the past, I can safely recommend this company (based on my limited experience) very highly.

Positive hunky1234
(3 reviews)
On Nov 19, 2010, hunky1234 Pleasant Hill, CA wrote:


Positive mphsgardener
(5 reviews)
On Mar 22, 2010, mphsgardener Memphis, TN (Zone 8a) wrote:

I ordered my orchids on 02-14-10. I was told that because of cold weather, which we've had, the orchids would be shipped weather permitting. I appreciated this attention to detail.

I have not yet received my plants, but we have had several cold spells. I accidentally gave the wrong zip code with my online order, emailed to correct the error, and was contacted by a very friendly customer salesperson stating that my corrected zip code was received. I checked in to make sure my order hadn't already been shipped, and received a prompt answer.

I appreciated the search engine on the site, which allowed me to search by fragrance, which is my preference for orchids.

***I am anxiously awaiting my plants, and will send an update once I receive them. ***

Positive 2retire
(2 reviews)
On Mar 15, 2009, 2retire Nottingham, NH wrote:

For almost a year now, I have been buying an orchid for my wife every two weeks. I take her word for it when she tells me that they are healthy and beautiful. Recently, after having read some customer's experiences, I decided to try and get some questions answered. All of my orders have been placed over the internet. On this occasion I called to place the order and inquired as to the sequence of the process from the minute an order is placed to the final packing. This is what I was told. Once an order is placed, it is assigned a "work order number" and is sent to be filled. This is when the orchids are pulled and matched up to the order. It is only when the orchids reach the packaging stage that the name of the recipient is matched to the order number. In other words, there is no preferential treatment for somebody who orders an orchid a year, nor for one that orders 20 orchids a week. That sounds pretty democratic to me. And as long as my wife is happy, so am I.

Positive 301roxanne
(2 reviews)
On Feb 10, 2009, 301roxanne Potomac, MD wrote:

It would be safe to say that I have purchased at close to 200 orchids in the last 5 months from Once they made a mistake in my favor; they sent two orchids I had not ordered. I offered to mail them back and Michele said it wasn't necessary. On another occasion, shortly after placing an order, I rec'd a phone call from her advising me that the weather in Potomac, MD was too cold, and that shipment would be delayed for this reason. So they are not only looking out for a well deserved profit, but for the recipient as well. On numerous occasions, I have had the pleasure of speaking to Michelle or Kyung (mostly Michele) asking whether they could find a single or double spiked phal for me. They have yet to disappoint me. I am considered a very exigent person, yet I never detected any frustration on their part while ensuring that my questions were answered - on the contrary, and to their credit, they have been extremely helpful & polite. (I would have hung up on myself given my testiness) As for the product itself, the fact that I continue to order on a weekly basis speaks for the orchids themselves, as well as Norman's vast horticultural knowledge (whose brains I have picked regarding several of my orchids and their origins). I examine the orchids upon arrival very carefully, roots, leaves and all, and I have yet to lose a single one. It's not's the product and customer service!!!
Roxanne von Nordheim

Positive sueb47
(1 review)
On Nov 16, 2007, sueb47 Ten Mile, TN wrote:

I have purchased phals from this company on two different occasions. Recently I purchased five. All arrived in excellent condition and were exactly as advertised. If they were advertised in spike or flower, they were exactly that. The orchids that I purchased from them before have all done well. I've been growing orchids for about two years so I'm neither a novice or an expert, but these phals have been as nice as any I've purchased anywhere. Also, they were shipped practically overnight. I've also used Norman's twice for gifts. Again, both were phals. The first one was advertised as with spike and indeed, it did have one. However, the spike never developed into buds and a year later has never flowered. I don't believe this was the grower's fault. The second gift was in flower and arrived in fine condition. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again for gift-giving.

Positive davef11789
(4 reviews)
On Jul 20, 2007, davef11789 Sound Beach, NY wrote:

I'd ordered two phalaenopsis from this fine company. Plants arrived well packed, nicely labeled, and bursting with roots and nice fresh leaves. They're both mericlones, so I'm not going to be disappointed by expensive duds.

Positive ply17410
(5 reviews)
On Dec 11, 2005, ply17410 Minneapolis, MN wrote:

December 2005, ordered a denbrodium on a Wednesday, it shipped same day, arrived on Friday! Well packed for trip to Minnesota in winter. I did have it held for pickup at our local FedEx since it was single digit temps on the day it was due to arrive.

Plant looks great. Advertised as in bud/spike and it had 5 buds almost ready to open.

I won't hesitate to buy from them again.

Positive kaylee123
(1 review)
On Aug 23, 2005, kaylee123 Haiku, HI wrote:

I have dealt with this company many times before. I actually found them by chance several years back when I needed tips on repotting my orchids. While trying to research on the web I came across this wonderful website called They had all sorts of tips on how to grow and take care of many different types of orchids. I have also emailed them at their [email protected] and received a response back almost instantly! One time I had problems with my computer and had to call my order in and their Customer Service was great! They took my order in a speedy, precise and professional manner. Their selection is wonderful! I always gift my family and friends with orchids from their Gift Basket & Arrangement Section! For me, I always go for their exotic orchids. I have been a happy repeat customer for many years and many more years to come. What an awesome company! I have never had anything but good things to say about them.

Positive Susan26
(8 reviews)
On Aug 17, 2005, Susan26 Ace, TX wrote:

Purchased a plant at the Houston Orchid Show in April and was terribly pleased with the plant and the consideration of the vendor. I did try to email them from their website and the email was returned as undeliverable. Link should be fixed.

Positive Subversive
(2 reviews)
On Apr 9, 2005, Subversive Monson, MA wrote:

I've used this company more than a dozen times for gifts and have never had a problem. Almost always the orchid is in bloom and as lovely as pictured. Very satisfied. But if you want your orchid delivered on a particular day, you might want to give them several days notice and also call then up on the phone on the day or the day after it was supposed to ship and make sure they didn't forget.

On April 9th, 2005, Subversive added the following:

I should also mention that I haven't found any other online orchid companies from which you can sort a wide inventory on fragrance, low-medium-high light, in bloom/spike, as well as other categories. They really do try to make the most of web technology--they have even started a blog.
Positive fredbuster
(2 reviews)
On Mar 19, 2005, fredbuster North Scituate, RI wrote:

I have nothing but good things to say about Norman's Some of my best orchids are from them. My wife dosen't grow the orchids but whenever I show her plants in bloom she can tell right away if it came from Norman's. His customer service has always taken care of any problems that I have experinced be it with mailing or plant wasn't right the matter has always been taken care of and always politely and in a friendly manner I have been buying from them for about five years now and look forward to many more great plants in the future. hope your experince with them will be just as rewarding Ray

Positive paph1977
(10 reviews)
On Oct 8, 2004, paph1977 Gwinn, MI wrote:

This is one of my favorite vendors. I have a Phal. Bonbori that was sent to me in bloom in June that is still blooming and is now sending up a second spike! Norman's website is one of the best, very easy to navigate. A+!

Positive CentrlFlaOrchid
(1 review)
On Jul 14, 2004, CentrlFlaOrchid Cocoa Beach, FL wrote:

Wow! My Phal. Brother Sara Gold 'Peach' got here today. Just like Norman's promised. That was the first thing that pleased me, their customer service. Then when I opened the box (which was just cardboard, but with specific and clearly displayed instructions of immediate unpacking and temperature conditions for the 'perishable' contents therein) I carefully dumped out the styrofoam peanuts. My orchid was literally "pretty as a picture". It was listed on the website as "in spike/in bloom," and came with twenty-one flowers, all opened and smelling like ROSES (I wanted this because the Phal. is fragrant). I did call in my order so I could speak with a person, instead of doing an impersonal internet order. It made me feel assured my delicate item would arrived unscathed. The staff (I called a few times) were all very nice and informative as well, and when asked if they froze their orchids the answer was, "No." I wouldn't've shopped there if it were the case. I will be doing business with this orchid company in the future, I am BEYOND pleased.

On September 9th, 2004, CentrlFlaOrchid added the following:

I would like to add that since I have dealt with this company, my opinion has only improved.

Since I live in a disaster area of Florida now thanks to the recent hurricane (Frances) I had ordered some 'mature' orchids from Norman's before we knew the hurricane was definitely on our way. Mature means they'll bloom within 12mos. Anyway, I was evacuating from my home with my present orchids and had the 2 mature plants arriving FedEx the following day. That was going to be too late, it was 9pm here on the east coast, so I called Norman's and told my plight. They called me back immediately upon contacting FedEx. Fabulous customer service!!!!

They held my package @ FedEx for me, and fortunately the building withstood the storm, as did my own dwelling. We returned from evacuating to Atlanta (the orchids LOVED Atlanta, by the way) and called FedEx- a week later. I got the package and was worried they'd surely be dead-- but not SO! They were anything but and were still MOIST! They are now happy on the window sill and I shall continue to invest my faith in Norman's because they have yet to let me down! Yay Norman's Orchids! That Fang family sure knows their stuff!!

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