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Positive nimak99
(2 reviews)
On Apr 25, 2014, nimak99 Carmel, NY wrote:

Big Dipper Farm had great collection of plants. Always mailed healthy big plants for very cheap price. They even placed gel in the soil so plants did not dry out. However, In 2012 summer they closed the nursery. I miss them still and haven't found a substitute. Wondered why they closed down when they provided good service.

My web search showed that the owner has now started a Medical Marijuana Market called MMJ Universe. It has the same slogan as Big Dipper Farm, "Grown on the third planet". One commentor said the voice message sounds like the person was drunk. May the person wasn't drunk but .....

Sad indeed.

Positive kkirschbaum
(27 reviews)
On Apr 8, 2013, kkirschbaum Yonkers, NY (Zone 6b) wrote:

Posted on June 20, 2007, updated April 8, 2013
I ordered a few items from them online. Their stock list is very interesteding and varied, so it's hard to resist. It is a bit frustrating though that once you press the button to order you more or less have to wait patiently for the plants to show up in their own good time - they clearly discourage too much customer pestering about 'when will my order ship'. Nevertheless, everything arrived in good shape at a time appropriate for planting, and a gift of lavender was included. One buddleia ended up never breaking dormancy, and once I emailed about this, I received a refund check promptly.

On April 8th, 2013, kkirschbaum added the following:

It appears that Big Dipper is out of business - their website seems to have shut down.
Positive todbo
(3 reviews)
On May 22, 2012, todbo Colchester, CT (Zone 6b) wrote:

I ordered four heirloom fuchsias.They arrived promptly via Priority mail, nicely packed in plastic bags and damp newspapers. The leaves were green, the roots were properly moist and supple, and within days after I popped the first two in the ground, the leafy buds began to open.

Positive lblackwell
(2 reviews)
On May 15, 2012, lblackwell Reidsville, NC wrote:

Plants received in about 2 weeks. Excellent communication. Plants healthy and arrived in good condition with identification tags on every plant. This company has plants you can not find else where. I will order from them again. The order I placed was over $200.

Positive Kiwi_Man
(2 reviews)
On Mar 27, 2012, Kiwi_Man Thomson, GA (Zone 8a) wrote:

Feb 11, 2012 ordered Big Dipper Farms Hardy Kiwi Plants - Actinidia arguta 'Ananasnaya' - Kiwi Vine, Female and Actinidia arguta var. cordifolia - Kiwi Vine, Female on Amazon They were promptly shipped and I received them on Feb. 17, 2012. Both kiwi's were in excellent shape. Planted them and they continued to prosper, even through a hard frost. I recommend them because hardy kiwi plants are very expensive and both female plants with shipping were $24.91. I will order from them again.

Positive mielbee12
(3 reviews)
On Mar 22, 2012, mielbee12 Seattle, WA wrote:

The prices are reasonable and shipping was less expensive than other nurserys and just as fast. The plants are the size I expected, but with impressive roots. I have to mention that the huckleberry bushes that I ordered were surprisingly beautiful! I would have ordered more plants, but they run out of some of their best plants early on since the prices are so good. Next year I won't hesitate to order early!

Positive gardener31111
(1 review)
On Nov 7, 2011, gardener31111 New Lebanon, OH wrote:

I placed a large order with The Big Dipper Farm earlier this summer and 3 of the hellorborus plants did not grow. I sent an email to Deidre and she asked me to wait until fall and if they still did not grow she would replace them. I sent a note on a Thursday to request replacement and they arrived on Tuesday. I really appreciated the fast service.

I find The Big Dipper Farm has many hard-to-find plants and have always been pleased with their products and service.

Positive psychloman
(50 reviews)
On Aug 20, 2011, psychloman Brooklyn, NY (Zone 7a) wrote:

Posted on May 21, 2007, updated August 20, 2011
This nursery is very caring and accomodating. They were very helpful in correcting a mishap that was not their fault. The plants I received were impressive. I will definitely order from them again.

On May 8th, 2009, psychloman added the following:

I order from big dipper every year, they send out great plants and are helpful if a problem arises.They e mailed me when my package was shipped this month and it arrived quickly. Their fuchsias are top notch.They're still one of my favorites
On May 8th, 2009, psychloman added the following:

On August 20th, 2011, psychloman added the following:

Received four nice plants very quickly. One of my favorite nurseries.
Positive mikesmets
(9 reviews)
On Jul 29, 2011, mikesmets Waterbury, CT wrote:

I just placed an order with this company through The plant was perfectly packaged and arrived in excellent condition. I would order from them again.

Positive Bludwyn
(2 reviews)
On Jul 16, 2011, Bludwyn Holbrook, NY wrote:

Posted on November 9, 2010, updated July 16, 2011
I was very pleased with the hardy fuchsia I ordered from this company. They arrived in excellent condition, rooted in and flowered beautifully this summer. I plan to order again the next gardening season.

On July 16th, 2011, Bludwyn added the following:

I just received 5 more hardy fuchsia: all arrived healthy with a moist root pack. I read other's comments of not receiving product when expected, and a lack of response from the nursery: also, I read the explanation offered by the nursery. I did receive helpful information from the owner via email, and Im very happy with the new fuchsia. I would not hesitate to order from them.
Positive Eric_OH
(55 reviews)
On May 31, 2011, Eric_OH Columbus, OH (Zone 6a) wrote:

I ordered plants for the first time from this nursery this spring (several hardy fuchsias).

Two of the plants looked fine; a third was droopy and I reported this by e-mail in case a replacement was needed later on, but got no answer (the droopy/partially wilted plant recovered nicely and has put on healthy new growth).

Bottom line is that I'm pleased with the order and would consider doing business with them again. Based on my own experience and what others are saying, Big Dipper could do with better communication, for instance indicating ahead of time when shipments are scheduled to go out.

Positive grammyto15
(1 review)
On Mar 24, 2011, grammyto15 Newberg, OR wrote:

Posted on March 22, 2011, updated March 24, 2011
About 2 weeks ago we placed an order and requested shipping as soon as possible(one of the choices offered). There's been no confirmation or feedback of any kind, no response to our e-mail, and when we placed calls to 2 different phone numbers listed on the web site we find these to be longer in service. We are very disappointed in their lack of communication and responsiveness. We merely wish to know when our plants will be shipped, but have no satisfactory way of making contact.

On March 24th, 2011, grammyto15 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

It was interesting that within one hour of posting my comment above, we received an e-mail stating that our order was on its way, shipped that same day. The plants arrived today, packed well, in good condition and apparently healthy.
Upon further conversation with Deirdre, it was determined that an automatic confirmation of order did not go out with the PayPal confirmation because I didn't go back to the website to complete the order, thus it was left as pending. It's unfortunate that it becomes so complicated, but we are pleased with the end result.
The number that was disconnected had been on this (Dave's garden) website and was an old number, per Deirdre, that will be updated.
On Mar 24, 2011, Big Dipper Farm responded with:

"On Mar 22, 2011 2:18 PM, Big Dipper Farm responded with:

Dear Grammy Gardener,
We can't find any phone number on the website other than the correct one. 360.886.8253 Please call today if possible as the office staff are only here today and tomorrow. Most orders are shipped on Tues & Wed so it may have already gone out.
Please call Grammy. Thank you."

Positive FernFreek
(1 review)
On Nov 6, 2010, FernFreek Duvall, WA wrote:

I've been buying ferns from Big Dipper Farm for years and thought it was time to give them a word of thanks. Their selection is great, prices are low, packaging is wonderful and my emails have always been answered promptly and professionally. I will ONLY buy my ferns from them and wanted to offer my thumbs up. Thank you!

Positive junebug20
(1 review)
On Jul 26, 2010, junebug20 Van Nuys, CA wrote:

I placed my first order online with Big Dipper Farm on July 8, 2010. I paid through PayPal and the money was deducted from my account immediately. Despite the fact it says on the BDF website that they will send an email confirming your order, I NEVER received one.

On July 9, 2010, I decided to add two more shrubs to my order and so I sent an email to the address provided on the BDF website. Again, I never received a reply to my email or my order, but I did get an email from PayPal entitled "order additions." That was all the communication I had with BDF.

From that time until July 20, 2010 I spent wondering when I would receive my order and what condition it would be in since I had absolutely no communication with BDF. On July 20, 2010, I received an email from UPS on behalf of BDF informing me that my order had shipped and was expected to arrive on July 23, 2010.

My order arrived via UPS on July 23, 2010. I immediately unpacked the the box. I ordered 5 redtwig dogwood shrubs, 2 trillium rhizomes, and 1 Lily of the Valley. Everything was wrapped in newspaper and in baggies. The bare roots were well packed with soil and/or what looked something like wood shavings (I am new to gardening). The package included directions on how to care for the plants and I followed them to the letter. Knock on wood, they are all doing well currently.

Had I come to this website and read the negative reviews about the company BEFORE I placed my order, I probably would not have ordered from them. I probably do about 90% or more of my shopping online and I am used to having my hand held throughout the process by receiving a confirmation that my order was accepted and confirming what I ordered. Also telling me when I should expect my order. I realize BDF considers themselves "mail order," but like another reviewer, if you have a business ONLINE than you should work on your online communication. It would also be nice to have a thorough explanation of the size of plants you will receive. It seems like their website if full of excuses why they cannot do this or that for the customer. This experience ended up being positive, but I don't get that warm and fuzzy feeling that they really care about their customers. I don't even recall seeing a "thank you for your order" on my invoice or literature enclosed in the shipping box.

In conclusion, this order was positive and I feel that if BDF had an item I was interested in purchasing in the future, that I would rely on this positive experience and trust them again. But being the type of person I am, it is difficult to order something blindly and sit back and wait to see if it is delivered, especially since you pay for it immediately.

Positive gennyga
(6 reviews)
On Jul 23, 2010, gennyga Decatur, GA wrote:

I received three bunchberry plants and 3 dogwood shrubs. The plants are very healthy as are the shrubs. The packaging was excellent - I am happy with the products.

Positive ChickenAddict
(1 review)
On May 29, 2010, ChickenAddict Seattle, WA wrote:

I ordered 5 plants last week and just got them today well packaged and in beautiful condition! Plants are of reasonable size, with a large, healthy root system. I will definitely order from this company again! Thanks Big Dipper Farm!

Positive ladyinpink
(1 review)
On May 25, 2010, ladyinpink Baton Rouge, LA wrote:

Posted on May 10, 2010, updated May 25, 2010
Posted on May 6, 2010, updated May 10, 2010
I Had order 6 Polypodium ferns at $6.99 each, plus $15.00 delivery charge, Before I place my order I saw the video on their site "how they pack and ship the quality plants".
Well my "BOX" arrive today and what a surprise it was:
1- When I opened the post office box, No extra packing material inside to prevent the plant to be shifting from one place to another during traveling. 2 of them were pack on plastic bags complete seal ( of course they cook) and the other 4 were pack the root on plastic and the rest wet newspaper over the plastic.
2- The "FERNS" are not ferns they are a piece of runners with 2 or 3 fronds, Browns may I add.
3-The piece of root (actually is a runner) is not big than an inch with not any evidence of root system.
4- The "FERNS" the whole plant ( if you can call this plant) are not bigger than a piece of cracker.
Call office and I was directed to call another number that they will take care of this; the Lady that I spoke , she said that why I was calling her? that packing control was not her department I explain to her that beside the package the plants were an insult of plants, she said that she will call me right back and she did, she offer me 1/2 of my order and $5.00 on the shipping, to be credit on my credit card. The other option was to send them back for another $15.00 shipping, (more out off pocket) So this is not a brain surgery so I took the 1/2 plus the $5.00.
The excuse about the brown on the only 2 fronds was that the plant had travel in a very hot truck, Hello!!!!!!!!! that is why they need to be pack the correct method.
The excuse for the size of the plants was that they were running out of this plants, and they will pull them out, but when I order said "READY" and today still said "READY"
If they new that the plants were looking very poor and almost non existing (actually you need a magnified glass to see them) they should have call me, email me and advise me about the quality of this plants (this is a joke to call them plants).
First and last time I will order from this Nursery, shame on you to sell this pieces of runners as plants.
Lissette, from Louisiana

On May 10th, 2010, ladyinpink added the following:

I was not happy with the offer that you made me for the "micro" Polypodium. But I had a client just walking in my office to see her Landscape Design Plans. As I had explain to you I am in the Landscape Industry, and those plants were going to be implement in our client rock garden, ( remember that you said to me over the phone to plant them and in 2 to 3 months they will be OK) but as we know it can not be done and they never will grow. If you send me the postage to return them, I will be more than happy to do it. Otherwise full refund will be the right approach. Diedre is not the $56.94 is the principle. You are in business so are we. We give to our customers the best plant material available, and I think that you do too, but unfortunately your employee did not use the right judgment to let you know about the quality of the Polypodium.
thank you,
On May 25th, 2010, ladyinpink changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

I returned the plants and Big Dipper Farm send to me a check for the original amount and the extra postage for the return, thank you Deidre.
On May 25, 2010, Big Dipper Farm responded with:

"On May 6, 2010 3:36 PM, Big Dipper Farm responded with:

Wow Lissette, I'm surprised by this because you said that my discount offer was acceptable. I asked what you would you like us do to and you seemed happy with our agreement. If it wasn't what you wanted, I would think that you would say something, so I'm confused.
I didn't say anything about "another $15 shipping", I just asked if you would prefer to return the plants for a full refund. Your check is already gone with the mail, but please reach me if you want a different solution.
The office number is 360.886.8253
Thank you -Deidre"

Positive kjd
(6 reviews)
On May 19, 2010, kjd Parker, CO wrote:

I ordered 6 ferns. All but one of the smaller varieties were starting to sent up new fronds when they arrived. Every one of them was wrapped in plastic and tape, packed with newspaper. They arrived in excellent condition. Root systems were strong and healthy. I planted 2 weeks ago and have seen new growth on all of them. I will definitely order again - size and condition of the plants was very good. I have paid more for much poorer quality plant material.

Positive zanann
(10 reviews)
On May 7, 2010, zanann Onarga, IL (Zone 5b) wrote:

I got my plants the other day and I must say I'm very happy with the packaging and the plants themselves. No complaints and like ordering from this company. I will definitly be a return customer. Thank you for the new additions to my plant family!

Positive marygriffin
(2 reviews)
On May 2, 2010, marygriffin Colfax, WA wrote:

I ordered my huckleberry bushes about 3 weeks ago. They arrived yesterday in very good condition and about 1.5 foot high. They were packaged very well with a lot of used newspaper to protect the plants. The leaves and roots are in very good shape. If they die it will be my fault.
The only drawback was that I had to order 4 plants because they have a dollar limit. I will order more huckleberries next year and probably some other plants.

Positive crazy4flora
(1 review)
On Apr 12, 2010, crazy4flora Wenatchee, WA wrote:

Found this nursery looking for ferns thru Google. Placed an order for some ferns and was so pleased I placed another order for more plants. Both orders came very quickly, and I was extremely pleased with all the plants. Good sized plants, mail order plants are normally small, for shipping purposes I guess. Will order from them again and have recommended them to friends!

Positive ethelmertzlives
(1 review)
On Apr 10, 2010, ethelmertzlives Charlotte, NC wrote:

This is the first time my entire order of bare root plants were successful. This was very important, as this was my first order. More impressive, when my Jack-in-the-Pulpit bulb seemed mysteriously missing from its bag, their response to my email was an immediate phone call (within an hour of my email) with informative explanation and promise of immediate replacement. It's now happily up and growing in my woodland garden. I'll definitely be ordering from Big Dipper again.

Positive maptoad
(4 reviews)
On Mar 6, 2010, maptoad Bellingham, WA wrote:

I received my bare-root plants yesterday (3-5-2010) and they were in excellent condition. They were packed really well, and clear instructions for care were included. I've had some bad experiences ordering plants--particularly bare-root plants--through the mail from other companies and had sworn off. But since this place had received good marks from others here and because it wasn't hugely far away (and, frankly, they were offering free shipping) I thought I'd give it one more try. I am very glad I did and would be happy to order from them again.

Positive VAgrower
(1 review)
On Sep 21, 2009, VAgrower Centreville, VA wrote:

I received my first order from this company and I am very impressed! All plant material was in excellent condition, well-packed and ready to plant. I wasn't ready to put the viburnums in the ground, so I planted them in larger pots and they are doing beautifully. Big Dipper Farm included a note with my order that a perennial I ordered was not included because it didn't look good. I would so much rather have a simple explanation than a half-dead plant! I will definitely order from this company again.

Positive MissMartha
(1 review)
On Sep 20, 2009, MissMartha Ohatchee, AL wrote:

I have ordered from this company for several years and I have always been more than satisfied with the prompt and efficient service. I always receive very healthy plants that have obviously been packed with pride. All in all I would give them an 10 plus and I will definitely be ordering from them again in the Spring (if not before).
Martha T.

Positive Mickey2181
(3 reviews)
On Aug 25, 2009, Mickey2181 Livingston, NJ wrote:

I ordered a lilac, three rhododendrons, and two dogwoods from them. The plants arrived promptly. They were in great shape and looked very happy. The roots were packaged in plastic baggies, were moist and white. I couldn't be happier with this order. I will definitely buy from them again, as a matter of fact as soon as I finish this review.

Positive carrielamont
(20 reviews)
On Jul 28, 2009, carrielamont Milton, MA (Zone 6a) wrote:

I bought 3 'Knock-Out' roses from Big Dipper Farm, as they were the only ones who had them in stock and still shipping in late June. (Given our unusually cold, wet weather, I thought it would still be OK to plant them then.) I had to buy a 4th plant to make their shipping minimum. The 4 plants arrived right on time (July 15th), my husband went out and planted the 3 roses in their prepared holes, came in, and found out his brother had died suddenly. The 4th plant, a campanula, lay forgotten in the shipping box in the bedroom for over a week. When we finally discovered it, it peeked its head out, full of life, and we planted it right away. (It had even flowered inside the box.)

No plant should have to live for nearly 2 weeks inside a box in someone's house!! It remains to be seen how any of these plants perform next year, but Big Dipper Farm did a fine job of getting them to us in excellent condition. Bravo!

Positive isabella
(8 reviews)
On Jul 18, 2009, isabella Taunton, MA wrote:

I have ordered twice from BD this year. Once early (march) in the season and later in the season (June). In both cases my order was recieved in the promised delivery dated. My June order did take about 3-4 weeks, but that delay was noted on the website and confirmatory emails I recieved, which I suppose was based upon GW Dog feedback from other posters.

The plant material was of a typical size for a mail order nursery (i.e quart size). Everything was green and healthy, and they arrived with a healthy glow and vigor.

Positive onbutnotof
(1 review)
On Jul 6, 2009, onbutnotof Jacksonville, FL wrote:

Wonderful website and fantastic service. I had to cancel an order and they were prompt and understanding. I hope to do business with them again in the future!

Positive CountryRefuge
(3 reviews)
On Jun 15, 2009, CountryRefuge Grinnell, IA wrote:

I placed my first order with Big Dipper Farm in late April. Every step of my order was satisfactory until I received my order. The size of the plants I received were surprisingly large and healthy. This company is a winner to me!

Positive JeanBHall
(1 review)
On May 28, 2009, JeanBHall Norwood, MA (Zone 6a) wrote:

Some of the nicest plants I have ever received from any nursery! Big and healthy -- and very well packed. The soil was still damp when I received them. Lovely people who sent me a thank-you note for my thank-you note. I will certainly use them again and highly recommend them to others.

Positive DianaT
(12 reviews)
On May 16, 2009, DianaT Mullins, SC (Zone 8a) wrote:

Very happy with my order from Big Dipper Farm. Will buy from again!

Positive StellysPapa
(26 reviews)
On May 5, 2009, StellysPapa Dothan, AL (Zone 8a) wrote:

I have placed 3 separate orders with this nursery this year 2009, and am completely satisfied with them. The orders arrived within a reasonable length of time and were in very good condition. Customer service is, in my opinion, one of the best I've ever dealt with. I would recommend Big Dipper to any and all of my friends.

Positive ge1836
(24 reviews)
On Apr 23, 2009, ge1836 Pittsford, NY (Zone 6a) wrote:

Its my first time ordering rom BD
Wow I am impressed with the speed of delivery and the packing is steller.
Only one neutrel in that the order was placed early in the year and I guess they dont reserve plants and were sold out of two plants ordered in January (i think).
I'm OK with this. Just made a substitution.

Positive sillybug5
(33 reviews)
On Apr 11, 2009, sillybug5 Winston Salem, NC (Zone 7a) wrote:

Excellent plant and bulbs received. Very big and healthy with fat roots. First time ordering from this company and couldn't be happier. I shall be back. Good job!

Positive elizabethperk
(2 reviews)
On Apr 3, 2009, elizabethperk Azle, TX (Zone 8a) wrote:

Ordered several items back in January and received my plants -2 plants. I was charged for the full shipment so I e-mailed them to ask when I could expect the rest of my shipment. Deidre called me personally to resolve the issue. She told me that it would probably be about two months and I live in North Texas where it gets to be 100 degrees or so in June. I told her that I would wait until fall to receive the shipment. She promptly reimbursed me for the two plants I did not receive. That is what you call excellent customer service. Kudos to Big Dipper Farm for caring about their customers and their reputation.

Positive Batlette
(1 review)
On Feb 17, 2009, Batlette Prescott, AZ wrote:

Ordered first time from Big Dipper a couple weeks ago. I ordered three daylily cultivars. 5 fans, 4 fans, and 2 large fans. These were in excellent condition and packed in potting materials with plastic bags; packing was also excellent. Shipping was very fast. All enclosed paperwork was in a protective plastic bag. They all had excellent feeder roots on the main roots. I am accustomed to ordering dls from Oaks and the order was, I felt overall, slightly better than Oaks, but it was close. I was thrilled with the order and wrote them so. As for others posting about 'guarantees', if you want a 100%, 1 year guarantee against everything then you should be buying your plants from Home Depot or Lowes.

Positive Hudson3
(1 review)
On Nov 22, 2008, Hudson3 Hudson, NY wrote:

Excellent selection. Healthy plants carefully packaged. Great for hellebores. Highly recommended.

Positive rekrikrs
(1 review)
On Oct 20, 2008, rekrikrs Knoxville, TN wrote:

I ordered several dwarf type Joe Pye weed in the heat of summer. Joe Pye weed is sometimes hard to find. I read their warning about receiving plants at this time. I received my order in a timely fashion. The plants were small, but the roots looked very healthy. They are very fast growing summer periennials. The roots were packed in brown paper bags with no problems. They still had some green leaves. I planted them as instructed. I watered them daily and they are growing beautifully. They did not flower this year, but again I wanted to receive them in August when we were having drought conditions because I just couldn't wait to start my landscaping, and I didn't expect to see them flower. They are now about 1 foot high with beautiful healthy green leaves. I expect they will be beautiful next summer. I would order from them again.

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