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Positive OITGAD
(6 reviews)
On Nov 11, 2007, OITGAD Hicksville, NY wrote:

10 years ago a coworker told me about Oakes. I was hesitant, VERY HESITANT, to buy plants through the mail. What a waste of mental energy! Oakes has consistently provided me with excellent plants.

This past September I planted 25 of their seedling daylilies into the front yard border of my nephew and niece's new home. They have a front yard that is on a hill and has sun all day long. We planted the seedlings in mid-September. Recall in NY we had record breaking heat for several days in October. When I next saw the seedlings, about 4 weeks later, they had all added at least 6 inches of new leafy growth on each one. I am so looking forward to seeing what the plants will look like...and so are my dear niece and nephew! That's the fun part about planting seedlings...each day is like opening a new surprise present.

This is how I started my purchases at Oakes 10 years ago...25 seedlings. I still have about 1/2 of those plants - some I gave away. Oakes has become a part of my life...and now part of my family's lives as well.

Do not hesitate to buy from this company...their product is excellent and their customer service is as well.

Positive DianeEG
(5 reviews)
On Oct 9, 2007, DianeEG Galva, IL wrote:

Accidently put in my password in the search field of pc. Up popped a beautiful Oaks Daylily - and I was hooked. Have ordered for several years and ALWAYS receive large healthy plants that routinely surpass expectations. They even searched their inventory to find an older plant no longer listed because it had the name of my grandaughter (I have a "family bed of daylilies" with names - in addition to landscaping our 3 acres.) They are honest, provide good CS, healthy plants, and feed my daylily addiction in a pretty inexpensive way!

Positive nwh
(3 reviews)
On Sep 1, 2007, nwh Chicago, IL wrote:

I just wanted to add another positive review about Oakes Daylillies, I decided to try them after reading rave reviews on this site. I ordered 6 plants. They were huge! All had roots about equal in size to the roots of potted plants in 2 Gal containers I've bought from local garden centers. It was like I had dug them up from a friend's garden. Within a couple of days of planting they were growing well. Over the years I've had bad experiences with most of the large mail-order garden companies listed here, similar to others', and mail-order daylillies I purchased would take 2-3 years to bloom, if they survived, and by that time I figured out they weren't what I had thought I purchased. I vowed never again to buy plants "sight unseen," but Oakes changed my mind, and I plan to order more from them in the future.

Positive Cortni
(1 review)
On Aug 29, 2007, Cortni Foxboro, WI wrote:

Super customer service! I placed an order online (because of the great ratings I read about here) for several daylilies. Unfortunately, my credit card number was stolen the next day (NOT because of Oakes website, it was found to be a different website) - someone attempted to purchase $400 worth of clothes from Germany with my card. Long story short, I had to cancel my card and order a new one. Oakes called me a few days later to say they were having a problem with my card (they don't charge until they're going to ship). I explained what happened and told them that I could send a check immediately instead and asked if they could save my order until they recieved payment. The man I spoke with told me that they'd send me the order anyway and I could send payment or call with a credit card when my new one comes. I couldn't believe it. I told him that I thought that was very brave, but he replied that gardeners are a pretty honest bunch and he didn't want my order to dry out. I was totally floored at how great that was. Most companies would have said, "too bad, you'll have to re-order when you can pay", but not Oakes. I haven't recieved my flowers yet (this phone conversation just happened today), but if they're anywhere as nice as the employees of this company, they'll be great. A++++++!!!!!!!!!!!

Positive MNgardnerbabe
(4 reviews)
On Aug 17, 2007, MNgardnerbabe Minneapolis,
United States wrote:

Oakes is a great company with a great reputation, I appreciate all the hard-work they put into making their customers happy.

I purchase several hundred dollars worth of lilies from them every-year, many of which I share with my neighbors and my retail plant customers. Feel free to order from these people!

Positive MaryJI
(2 reviews)
On Aug 15, 2007, MaryJI Franklin, TN wrote:

I ordered plants early in the summer. They arrived in good condition. Although blooming has been limited this year, the plants are growing very well.

Positive remnjava
(2 reviews)
On Aug 3, 2007, remnjava Crescent, IA wrote:

I have had at least 2 orders with this company, who sends HUGE bareroot daylilies. I don't know how an unwanted plant could have been included. I did accidentally get a plant I did not order. I was told the correct plant would be sent with my next order. It has been several years since I purchased from this company. I ordered off an online auction company in the past, yet I am returning to Oakes for additional plants. I know they will withstand transplanting and give me a GREAT return for my money.

Positive Hemhostaholic
(30 reviews)
On Jul 24, 2007, Hemhostaholic Scranton, PA (Zone 5b) wrote:

This was the third or fourth time ordering from Oakes. I have ordered from other daylily specialty nurseries, and, hands down, Oakes supplies the best, largest and most viable looking divisions/clumps out there. Dollar for dollar you get more bang for your buck. I have, and Oakes does not condone this, divided each clump I have received into 3 other clumps, which is the usual size sent by other companies! I have always gotten more than 1 scape, most of the time 3 or more from the clumps they send! And their extra/bonus plants they send are exceptional as well. Once you have ordered from Oakes it almost doesn't make sense to order from any other nursery for daylilies.

On May 16th, 2008, Hemhostaholic added the following:

Got my Spring/Summer 08 order in! WOW WOW and WOW is all that I can say. The clumps seem to keep getting bigger and bigger. When most sources are selling their DL's by size this, or size that, and charging more for different sized fans...Oake's sends their clumps...almost always 3 (at minimum) to 5 fans. Sometimes more! The one clump of 'Lavender Deal' that I got in this order had to weigh almost a pound!
Customer satisfaction: Always Awesome!
Plant Material: Superbly Awesome!
I will definitely be a repeat customer...have been for years...will probably order again this year sometime!!!
Positive nomibird
(6 reviews)
On Jul 14, 2007, nomibird Gassville, AR wrote:

I ordered from Oakes based on Dave's Garden ratings. I was extremely pleased with the plants. I ordered 2 plants and received the bonus also. All were large enough to divide. I figured that I really paid only 4 dollars a plant. I will be ordering from them again and based on their plants, I'm going to try their associate, Paradise Plants as well. Thanks for the great tip.

Positive vvesper
(8 reviews)
On Jul 9, 2007, vvesper Maryville, TN wrote:

Attended Oakes' daylily festival this year. Wow! Gorgeous display garden. We got a couple of freebies ($15 plants) just for showing up - each one had several fans and they are sprouting new growth already after less than a week in the ground. I am eagerly awaiting the rest of my order!

Positive Lehewzher
(6 reviews)
On Jul 1, 2007, Lehewzher Frederick, MD wrote:

My first time ordering with this company and I have to say, I was swayed to them by this site. I ordered 4 plants and received 5. All have a massive amount of roots and not one had less than 3 fans. Directions were followed to a T and they were planted yesterday. The number of fans on these plants is greater then those I bought at a nursery earlier last month. I wish I had ordered them all (will have 13 in total) from Oakes. Coincidentally, I ordered an Orange Crush which I had also bought at a nursery too. I have little doubt the one from Oakes will do just as well, if not better (and it was cheaper than the nursery here!)

I had to put the bonus plant in a pot as I have no room to plant anything else in the ground. I wish I did have the space because I would order from them again and again and again.

Positive evansg
(4 reviews)
On Jun 27, 2007, evansg Kernersville, NC wrote:

Definitely the place to go for mail order daylilies. Have placed several orders and have not been disappointed with any of the plants I have gotten from Oakes. Their shipments have arrived quickly, have been well packaged and plants are very healthy. The number of fans they ship are beyond compare and I would highly recommend to anyone.

Positive dlefferts
(27 reviews)
On Jun 27, 2007, dlefferts Agawam, MA (Zone 6a) wrote:

Some of the best plants I ever received through mail order company. I would highly recommend to anyone!!!!

Positive curious408
(3 reviews)
On Jun 23, 2007, curious408 Springfield, IL wrote:

Oakes Daylilies is THE BEST for daylilies. Their plants are really big and incredibly healthy. I've been ordering from them for years and have always had a great experience and wonderful results from the plants!

Positive singajane
(2 reviews)
On Jun 12, 2007, singajane Glen Burnie, MD (Zone 7a) wrote:

I ordered 5 daylilies, received 7 in great condition (2 bonus plants) - they have all established themselves well and six will soon be flowering.

Positive astrodad1
(1 review)
On Jun 9, 2007, astrodad1 Millis, MA wrote:

Oakes is a first class company excellent plants top rate customer service. you will be a happy gardener

Positive artemis_rose
(2 reviews)
On Jun 1, 2007, artemis_rose Liberty, MO wrote:

Oakes is wonderful! The plants arrival quickly and are huge. There is always an extra prize included in each order. My daylilies are gorgeous! I have ordered from Oakes 4 times and will never order from anywhere else. Very reasonable and superior quality. In the past I was paying MORE for less at local nurseries...without the selection.

Positive elaird
(8 reviews)
On May 28, 2007, elaird Boone, NC wrote:

I've ordered twice from this company, and was very pleased both times. The daylilies are huge, perform well, and there's always a little extra included with the order.

Positive crowellli
(1 review)
On May 22, 2007, crowellli Houston, TX (Zone 9a) wrote:

I have ordered from this company several times and am always pleased with the service, size and quality of the plants. I had one group of Barbara Mitchell's that didn't do well. I did not ask for a refund or replacement but asked about the problem with that specific cultivar when ordering other plants. When my order arrived, they had replaced all the Barbara Mitchells, without me even asking! I've never had a problem with anything else I've ever bought from them and the replacement Barbaras are doing great.

Positive MaryCorbett
(15 reviews)
On May 19, 2007, MaryCorbett Niceville, FL (Zone 8b) wrote:

I phoned them with a problem ..."Land of Cotton" had not bloomed in 2 years, but had healthy green foliage. In this amount of time, it also has not increased in size. This was not an inexpensive plant! All other daylilies ordered and planted around it are thriving and blooming, so something is wrong. Their response was 'try moving it'! I live in NW Florida, and daylilies grow here for a long season. I know how to plant them and have many of them. There was no offer of another plant, just hope that some time in the future I might get blooms! This does not constitute a guarantee to me. I don't need greenery, I want blooms. At the same time I phoned them with this problem, I ordered almost $100.00 worth of plants, so I guess I expected better treatment.

On May 24th, 2007, MaryCorbett changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

Well, this is an apology to Oakes Daylilies....I should have waited until I had received my order before complaining about not receiving 'better treatment' in the problem with "Land of Cotton", but I had no idea they would include another one with the roots I ordered.....(mind you, this plant sells for $40.00!!). This, and a Bonus plant of "Pure and Simple", as well! At the bottom of my invoice, they had a little handwritten note stating 'also enclosed is a replacement plant for the Land of Cotton you mentioned wasn't performing well. Hope this one does better.' I doubt that there are many companies this nice. Order from can't go wrong!
Positive RaiderLep
(8 reviews)
On May 10, 2007, RaiderLep Los Alamos, NM (Zone 5a) wrote:

I really, really like Oakes. The prices are reasonable. The selection is unparalleled. The customer service is outstanding. And, best of all, the product is unsurpassed in quality. They'll give you bonus plants, and even invite you to suggest which free plants you'd like. I suggested two bonus plants, and received them both. On top of all this, you will receive HUGE PLANTS! The daylilies from Oakes are two-four times larger than the plants I've received from other, quality online merchants. You just can't go wrong with Oakes.

Positive figaro52
(29 reviews)
On Apr 26, 2007, figaro52 Lakes of the Four Seasons, IN (Zone 5a) wrote:

Great company! It's now my ONLY source for daylilies. I had good experience with Oakes last spring so I ordered again for this spring. I ordered 3 daylilies and they sent me 5! Yes, they included 2 bonus plants. I ordered some spiders, and one of my bonus plants was even a spider! They seem to pick up on your preferences when selecting a bonus plant. Huge clumps, freshly trimmed and STILL GREEN! If I ever make it down to Tennessee, I want to be sure to visit them!

On August 30th, 2007, figaro52 added the following:

This has been a great year for daylilies -- at least in my garden. The new additions from Oakes have bloomed beautifully -- far exceeding expectations! I'm getting ready to place a fall order.
On October 10th, 2007, figaro52 added the following:

I placed my fall order and received my daylilies a few weeks ago. Once again, I'm very pleased with the well-established clumps that Oakes always sends. I love the anticipation of what bonus plant they're going to include! The new plants are growing beautifully. Oakes is my ONLY source, now, for daylilies! These are indeed honest people who thrive on customer satisfaction!
On May 26th, 2009, figaro52 added the following:

I ordered 3 daylilies from Oakes this spring and received a thoughtful bonus. (The bonus plants always seem to match the rest of the order!) The daylilies are great -- but equally important, the Oakes people are great! I can't imagine ordering a daylily from any other source. I occasionally receive daylilies as gifts from out-of-town friends who obviously have never heard of Oakes. Well, I must see that my out-of-town friends receive an Oakes catalog. When the Oakes box arrives, I feel like a kid at Christmas!
On September 22nd, 2009, figaro52 added the following:

Once again, another perfect experience ordering from the folks at Oakes! I ordered 4 cultivars and got a nice bonus. These bonuses end up being among my favorite daylilies. I placed my order online late Sunday night and received my daylilies on the following Saturday, just in time for weekend planting. I noticed new growth the following day. They're not just kidding when they say their daylilies are ready to "jump out of the ground"! It's not spring or fall without getting a box from Oakes!
Positive jkunkel
(4 reviews)
On Apr 18, 2007, jkunkel Aberdeen, MD wrote:

I ordered a small order of plants from them three weeks ago, and there was a slight problem with my payment method. The people from Oakes called me the very next day to streighten thing out, and I got my plants 4 days later. (would have been sooner, but it was a holiday weekend.) I was very impressed with how fast I got my plants, and how many fan divisions I got! The weather here this spring has been very cold, so I called them to ask if the plants would be ok if I planted them now. They were very friendly people to deal with, and they even sent me a seven fan division of the bonus plant that I had asked for. Very good company, and I highly recommend them. The prices on the newer daylilies are a bit on the expensive side, but keep in mind that you pretty much get an entire mature clump.

Positive bevpack
(2 reviews)
On Apr 1, 2007, bevpack Fairfax, VA wrote:

Based on the reviews on this site, I placed an order with Oakes - just finished planting my last one (ordered over 75!)so impressed with the size and quality of the plants - so carefully packed! Can't wait for them to bloom and report again.

Positive Texas_Doodlebug
(3 reviews)
On Mar 31, 2007, Texas_Doodlebug Central Texas, TX (Zone 8a) wrote:

I ordered from Oakes last fall and this spring. The orders were received promptly and the number of plants were incredible. I received wonderful bonuses as well. So far everything looks healthy and some of them have already bloomed. Will continue to buy from them.

Positive healsing
(7 reviews)
On Jan 16, 2007, healsing New York, NY (Zone 7a) wrote:

My first order with Oakes Daylilies came in on time in April 2006 and the product was exactly as described. Although the daylilies were newly planted they bloomed twice in 2006! They've been putting down roots and have already doubled in size. All in all a very positive expereince.

Oh by the way...the reason I purchased from Oakes Daylilies rather than one of the many other companies offering daylilies was because I read the reviews on Dave's Garden Watchdog! It was clear that experienced gardeners consider Oakes to be the best source for daylilies. This website is one of the most useful tools on the web! I always check if a company is listed and has a good rating on Watchdog first before making a purchase.

Positive flowercrazy39
(11 reviews)
On Dec 21, 2006, flowercrazy39 Manchester, NH wrote:

I've ordered three times from this company and will definitely order again. Gorgeous, healthy plants come very well packaged and you get a lot including tons of bonus plants. They bloomed the first year and are all beautiful. Bought some for relatives and friends and we split them all up and so far they are all doing great. Can't wait to see them bloom next summer.

Positive causticmuse
(6 reviews)
On Oct 27, 2006, causticmuse Casselberry, FL (Zone 9b) wrote:

After deciding to give daylilies a try and researching sellers online, I placed an order for 10 mixed daylilies from Oakes on September 7 based on the good reviews on this forum and was rewarded with a total of 17 fans when my box arrived a week later. I have never ordered or grown daylilies before, but I was very impressed by the size of the clumps I received compared to most of the other mail order plants I've purchased from other companies in the past year.

All of my daylilies have established themselves well after following the detailed planting instructions that arrived with the plants (though I had to put 4 of the extras into large containers since I didn't have room for so many unexpected bonus plants!), and two of them are even trying to bloom this late in the year!

I'd definitely order from Oakes again and would recommend them to anyone looking for healthy, large plants of this type.

Positive jfdarn
(1 review)
On Oct 27, 2006, jfdarn Dallas, TX wrote:

My order from Paradise Gardens was delivered promptly and in excellent condition. I ordered 2 gallon Fireball shrubs and they are very nice and also ordered Oakes daylilies and they are super, very strong roots with several tops and an extra bonus gift daylily, too!

Positive gardenpom
(6 reviews)
On Oct 21, 2006, gardenpom Melbourne, FL wrote:

I ordered my first daylilies from Oakes many years ago, and they still send the largest plants of any company. They are more expensive than others, but you get what you pay for. Some of my nicest daylilies have been the bonus plants they send with your order. I used to order by phone, and their customer service people were always super to deal with. I am not planning on buying anymore daylilies, just because I am not "into" them like I used to be, but would not hesitate to order from this company again in the future.

Positive dwarfconifer
(11 reviews)
On Sep 12, 2006, dwarfconifer Boyds, MD (Zone 6b) wrote:

I ordered 2 daylilies in August (Little Zinger and So Lovely), they arrived quickly, were of nice size and healthy-looking, I followed the planting instructions, have kept them watered, and they are growing well. I can't comment on flowers, since I ordered late and must wait for next year, which I look forward to.

Positive KatiePetalsAway
(1 review)
On Sep 2, 2006, KatiePetalsAway Downers Grove, IL wrote:

Great service. I ordered plants in July, by August they were blooming!

Positive VA_GARDEN
(31 reviews)
On Aug 24, 2006, VA_GARDEN Hood, VA (Zone 7a) wrote:

I have been ordering for many years, and am always delighted with the huge fans I receive. I don't bother to order daylilies from any other company. Beyond fabulous plants, their customer service really stands out. Several years ago I gave my Mom a gift certificate for Christmas, and two months later her house burned down, destroying everything she owned. She called Oakes and they just sent her a replacement certificate and a new catalog - no questions asked. Oakes was one of the few companies that she dealt with that actually made things better for her during a horrible time in her life - and the plants she bought that spring helped establish a beautiful flower bed in her new front yard.

Positive mhopkins
(2 reviews)
On Aug 17, 2006, mhopkins Fitchburg, MA wrote:

I am a daylily fanatic and have never gotten better daylilies! I was skeptical about ordering on line at first, since I have had many bad experiences with mail order plants. They sent HUGE, HEALTHY fans and even sent bonus plants. Id order again in a heartbeat just have to make more room in my perennial garden.

Positive jblackdds
(2 reviews)
On Jul 27, 2006, jblackdds Shreveport, LA (Zone 8a) wrote:

Just received my order of 30 something daylilies today. Fast delivery and HUGE, healthy looking clumps. What more can you ask for. I would definately order again, no question.

Positive coco1
(2 reviews)
On Jul 27, 2006, coco1 Lindenhurst, NY wrote:

I ordered four daylilies through Paradise Gardens and was most happy with the HUGE clumps of plants they sent. They even sent me a free one. Plants are in top condition I can't wait to see them bloom. Delivery was fast too.

Positive maura
(4 reviews)
On Jul 14, 2006, maura Sparta, TN (Zone 6a) wrote:

Just received my order of 25 select mixed daylilies. The box was so big and heavy I thought they sent the wrong order! The quality and size are just outstanding. The bonus gift was VERY generous. The postage is practically nominal for what you get. This company loves daylilies and their customers! Highly recommended!

Positive DaisyhillDawn
(2 reviews)
On Jul 14, 2006, DaisyhillDawn Port Clinton, OH wrote:

I ordered several daylilies from this company which are now thriving in their second season and may be divided next spring. After ordering daylilies from other nurseries, I expected a plant about the size of my thumb. Was I surprised upon opening the box! Huge! Fantastic plants, very healthy, a most welcome surprise. Added bonus was in discovering their sister nursery Paradise Gardens from which I have now also sucessfully ordered. I have highly recommended these companies to my gardening friends.

Positive sugarbear2
(1 review)
On Jun 20, 2006, sugarbear2 Mount Juliet, TN wrote:

I have purchased daylilies from Oakes for 6 years. No one has ever treated me better. The daylilies are always in great condition and the plants are always LARGE. I have also purchased a shrub from Paridise Garden. I was thrilled with the shrub I purchased. It arrived in great condition and is still beautiful today.

When I write letters asking questions, Oakes always sends a reply. In fact on one occasion, Mr. Oakes himself replied to my letter.

I love this place, and will continue to purchase daylilies and perenials from them..

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