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Positive dmdumbaugh
(1 review)
On Jul 3, 2008, dmdumbaugh Polk City, FL wrote:

This was my first order from Bloomin Designs. I was impressed with their website, the wonderful variety of plants and ease in ordering. Their email response was immediate, everything I ordered was in stock, was shipped and received in a matter of days. The bareroot plants are large, look extremely healthy and were packed beautifully. I will definitely order from them again.

Positive dleon
(1 review)
On Jul 2, 2008, dleon Deerwood, MN wrote:

Wonderful place to order from! Fast service, questions answered promptly, order shipped right away! Plants arrived much larger than expected, packaged very well, lots of attention to them. Trimmed, wrapped in damp paper towels and then layer of plastic. Big roots, nicely cleaned. Will be ordering from Bloomin Designs again!

Positive gharter
(11 reviews)
On May 17, 2008, gharter Waterloo, IA wrote:

First time that I've ordered from them. Very good prices. Had some hard to find items. Very fast shipping. Plants all were larger than expected, very well wrapped and in great shape.

A very satisfied customer. Would not hesitate to buy from again.

Positive nutmegnana
(9 reviews)
On May 16, 2008, nutmegnana Adamstown, MD (Zone 6b) wrote:

This is the first year I have ordered from Bloomin Designs and I was so pleased with the first order that I immediately placed a second order. Daylilies and hostas were both very nice, healthy plants and I was especially pleased with ferns that I ordered. The first order included a fern that was just breaking dormancy and the invoice included a handwritten note explaining that and also telling me that the fern was already used to being outdoors. Both communication and packing are outstanding.

Positive Terry
(122 reviews)
On May 15, 2008, Terry Murfreesboro, TN (Zone 7a) wrote:

Ordered roses and hostas from Bloomin Designs Nursery in late winter. The plants were shipped exactly when I asked them to be, and arrived in good condition.

Positive Spuds1495
(1 review)
On Apr 24, 2008, Spuds1495 Salem, MO wrote:

Good communication, order arrived on time as promised, excellents plants.

Good people to deal with.

Positive ctgrower
(17 reviews)
On Apr 16, 2008, ctgrower Stratford, CT wrote:

Just received my first order from this company. Ordering was simple, communication was quick and concise, and delivery was rapid. The daylilies I received were beautiful, good-sized, healthy, clean and expertly trimmed and handled. The tag (a long, clearly marked bright orange tape) is easy to see, read and find. Am I a satisfied customer who will order again? You bet! Here are gardeners who treat their stock like it was going into their own garden, and I have every confidence these plants will be blooming and flourishing for many years to come. Thank you for your expertise and great plants -- definitely a POSITIVE experience.

Positive mikey01h
(3 reviews)
On Apr 14, 2008, mikey01h Lawrenceville, GA wrote:

GREAT service, GREAT selection, GREAT plants, GREAT prices…
This is the second year I have made purchases from Bloomin Designs. Mike and Linda are very informative and helpful, their plants are the highest quality and excellent size, and their selection is quiet extensive.
The plants I purchased last year were outstanding, and are coming up this spring like gang busters, much better than my local nursery purchases (of some of the same plant types). Many of their hosta offering are unusual and not commonly offered by other vendors. The plants are very healthy (my theory as to why they are doing so well the second year) and generous. I returned for more this year…same quality, service, and selection at very reasonable pricing…
Defiantly a premier vendor…
Thanks Mike and Linda…

Positive jetressler
(1 review)
On Apr 13, 2008, jetressler Cape Coral, FL (Zone 10a) wrote:

Great customer service, great plant stock, nice caring people I highly reccomend Mike & Linda's Bloomin Designs Nursery.

However getting set up on "Dave's Garden" feedback protocol website was a pain in the butt. "Dave", take a lesson from Mike & Linda, make it easy on the customer.

Positive vt535780
(1 review)
On Mar 26, 2008, vt535780 Ponchatoula, LA wrote:

I ordered 3 seperate orders back to back and was thrilled to have them come in much faster than I expected. The quality of the plants is great, I can't wait to see them bloom. They are so friendly and helpful. Just send them an e-mail and they get right back to you - no waiting weeks for a response.
These guys have tons of plants to choose from, all colors of the rainbow and all price ranges. You can bet I'll be placing more orders!!!

Positive plantstoshare
(2 reviews)
On Mar 26, 2008, plantstoshare Griffin, GA wrote:

I ordered my first daylilies from Bloomindesign last year and just received my 3rd order. I LOVE their plants. I will continue to buy daylilies from them. The prices are right and the plants are large and healthy.
I highly recommend them!

Positive KOBlack
(1 review)
On Feb 26, 2008, KOBlack Houston, TX wrote:

Recently received our second order from Bloomin Designs, and plants looked just as good as they did in our first order, made last fall. Plants ordered from other mail order companies were tiny in comparison to the plants received with each order from Bloomin Designs. Thought we would let Dave's Garden know what we are telling our friends - Bloomin Designs is now our first choice when ordering plants.

Positive pedalbiker
(1 review)
On Feb 25, 2008, pedalbiker Glenshaw, PA wrote:

We have several plants from Bloomin Designs. They come back every year brighter and stronger. Every order is better than the last. Ready to order again this year. Linda and Mike are very knowledgeable and very freindly. I know they say Linda knows more than Mike, but Linda's bother Bernie know more than either of them. Thanks for the beautiful summers you give us and for making all the neighbors envy us.

Positive suzysgarden1
(1 review)
On Feb 20, 2008, suzysgarden1 Parkersburg, WV wrote:

I ordered from Bloomin Designs last year and I am getting ready to place my order for this spring. I am a hosta collector and much surprised with their inventory. My order arrived nicely packaged and healthy. Can't wait until spring. Thanks Bloomin Designs!!

Positive Helengardening
(1 review)
On Feb 18, 2008, Helengardening Eden Prairie, MN wrote:

We have received a number of plants (hostas, daylilies, phlox and roses) from Linda and Mike. They have always given us good advise on the right plants for our garden, and we learned a lot from the wealth of information provided on the web site.
All plants have been packed well, with excellant root systems and all the plants received have grown beyond our expectations. We will be back for more.

Positive sunloverincincy
(2 reviews)
On Oct 7, 2007, sunloverincincy Cincinnati, OH wrote:


Positive PrincessH
(1 review)
On Sep 18, 2007, PrincessH Essex, NY wrote:

I ordered just five daylilies and never have I had such excellent service from any online company, and their web site is one of the easiest to order from that I have encountered. The daylilies arrived in two days, as promised, they were beautiful specimens, healthy and green and each was wrapped in wet paper, then plastic, then newspaper. I have already recommended them to our garden club.

Positive shipmra
(5 reviews)
On Sep 13, 2007, shipmra Madison, AL (Zone 7a) wrote:

I would have to HIGHLY recommend purchases from Bloomin' Designs. I found them through Garden Watchdog (thank you fellow Dave's Garden members!) and purchased a fairly small sized order (2 triple fans each of Pandora's Box and Rosy Returns daylilies - and at GREAT prices!!) just so I could try them out. Even though there was a slight mix up with my order, they called immediately and got everything straightened up very quickly. They mailed my plants right away and I got them in just a few days - MUCH faster than the weeks and even months I've waited when ordering from other sites. I even got a couple of free hostas in the process. :) The plants are all healthy, large, and priced VERY well. Mike and Linda were very friendly and definitely know their plants, and I would recommend calling or emailing them if you'd like a recommendation or more information on a particular plant. They were a pleasure to deal with and I will definitely be putting in a much larger order in the spring, once I have a chance to make room for more plants.

Positive nmeekin
(6 reviews)
On Aug 11, 2007, nmeekin Bennington, VT wrote:

This is my first order from Bloomin Designs. I ordered 75 daylilies and they were beautiful! Large, green tops and healthy root systems. They were packed in wet paper towels in plastic, all taped up so no damage at all. They were also very inexpensive! Like 5 and 6 dollars for the ones I got. And there were a few presents in the box too as a thanks for my large order! I am very impressed.

Positive teskopal
(10 reviews)
On Aug 1, 2007, teskopal Bethlehem, PA (Zone 6a) wrote:

Very impressive. My order was small (one plant!) to try them out, but the variety I ordered was four times as expensive at one of their competitors. I received a nice sized, trimmed but very green, double fan with a VERY LARGE and well developed root system (nicely cleaned, too, which was a pleasant surprise.) I will definitely order from them again.

Positive ms_cordelia
(1 review)
On Jul 11, 2007, ms_cordelia (Zone 5b) wrote:

WOW! I'm Impressed!

Fast Shipping
Friendly Customer Service
Very Healthy Plants (ALL Ten Daylilies)
Wrapped Beautifully

I have shopped online extensively, (just kidding honey!), this has been an exceptional experience.

I'm already planning a new shopping list (shhh...)

Positive Gabrielle
(28 reviews)
On Jun 17, 2007, Gabrielle (Zone 5a) wrote:

I ordered a hosta, fern, & day lily. They arrived quickly, well packaged, and in very good condition. Prices and shipping are very reasonable. The plants are nicer sized than many mail order places offer. All are reasons I will order all I can from them.

Positive lsherron
(1 review)
On Jun 4, 2007, lsherron Birmingham, AL (Zone 7b) wrote:

fast shipping, healthy plants - extremely well packaged....will definitely place another order!!

On April 4th, 2008, lsherron added the following:

Second time to order hostas from Mike and Linda and I'm impressed again! Great packaging, fast shipping, big and numerous eyes, highly recommend!!!!! I also love the handwritten tags on each plant - really makes me feel like I'm ordering from a family business rather than a big company. Gives it that extra personal touch!
Positive tbuff
(37 reviews)
On May 5, 2007, tbuff Nellysford, VA (Zone 6a) wrote:

This is a great vendor-exceptionally nice and helpful owners. My plants were very healthy and well packaged. I would definitely order again from this vendor. They have a nice selection of hostas.

Positive sradie41
(1 review)
On Apr 27, 2007, sradie41 Weatherford, TX wrote:

When I received my order, I was pleasantly surprised by how well-wrapped and fresh the plants were. The shipping was very fast and I received a few extra plants in my order plus a bonus plant! I am very pleased with this company and will certainly place another order with them in the future.

Positive snapple45
(15 reviews)
On Apr 26, 2007, snapple45 Holland, OH (Zone 5b) wrote:

Today I received my order of 3 Hosta 'Stained Glass' and 2 Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'. They were shipped bare root. I am very, very pleased. The plants were xtra large, vigorous and with very substantial root systems. I could not have asked for more. They have an optional $3.00 "Buy Safe" guarantee that in owner/operator Linda Butler's words, is "to help the new shopper of bare root plants feel safe, not that we will send bad plants if you don't purchase (it)". Don't spend the three bucks. They are good people. If they supply stock of the same quality as I received to all their customers then every customer will be as happy as I am. By the way, outstanding selection as well.

Positive Zone6STL
(2 reviews)
On Apr 20, 2007, Zone6STL Saint Louis, MO wrote:

My plants shipped promptly after ordering and the plants I received (two double daylily fans and 3 hostas) arrived in wonderful condition. They came nicely wrapped, damp and in perfect condition. Their prices were also the best out of any other catalog I had found for the plants that I was looking for. Shipping very reasonable.
The plants are doing great and I will definitely do business with Bloomin Designs again.

Positive amarantha00
(14 reviews)
On Jul 18, 2006, amarantha00 San Bernardino, CA (Zone 8b) wrote:

My very first "mail order" plants for my brand new backyard garden. Healthy beautiful plants that bloomed quickly, shipping as stated. Between Bloomin Designs being my first experience, and carefully checking the Garden Watchdog, I'm no longer afraid to order plants sight unseen (a whole new world!).

Positive LynnCanGrowIt
(3 reviews)
On Jul 18, 2006, LynnCanGrowIt Shenandoah Valley, VA (Zone 6b) wrote:

VERY GOOD nursery with very competitive prices!! I ordered 6 daylilies and 7 hostas. All plants were shipped bare-rooted as described. Plants are very well wrapped in damp paper toweling, then bound in plastic wrap. The packaging was perfect and the postage charges were very reasonable. All plants arrived without damage or any overheating problems.

Not only did I receive very healthy hostas and daylily plants, but the daylilies were shipped as 'double fans', meaning 2 for the price of one. I also received one gift hosta, in my shipment. In all, this nursery is worthy of referrals and repeat business.

Positive elfeik
(31 reviews)
On Jun 14, 2006, elfeik Near Kansas City, MO (Zone 6a) wrote:

Ordered 4 Daylilies, well packed, each pack was 2-3 plants and all are growing fine. 2 have bloomed in less than 2 months.

Positive msstaten2003
(2 reviews)
On Jun 6, 2006, msstaten2003 Virgie, KY wrote:

I ordered knock-out roses from this company. They were bare root, as expected. They have grown great and yesterday, I had my first bloom. I will definitely order from this company again.

Positive billums
(1 review)
On May 15, 2006, billums Louise, MS (Zone 8a) wrote:

I did not receive an email confirmation that they had received my order. I sent them an email query about this and quickly got a confirmation with a projected shipping date. I was most pleased with both the quality and size of my plants. They were all well packed and are doing well in my garden. I will use them again in the future.

On June 2nd, 2006, billums added the following:

I placed a second order with Bloomin Designs and was again pleased with both the size of the plants and how well packed and fresh they were upon arrival. Unlike many companies with good prices on their plants they do not make up the difference by overcharging for shipping. I will definitely use them again in the future.
Positive EPHG
(5 reviews)
On May 12, 2006, EPHG Milltown, NJ (Zone 6a) wrote:

The daylilies I ordered came wrapped in a wet paper towel and then with saran wrap. They came with good roots and a nice growth on top. I did make one happy mistake. I ordered what I thought was nine plants. When I got the order, there were nine wrapped orders with two plants in each order. So, I got nine orders with two plants each to equal 18 plants!!! This essentially halved the price for each plant. Since each order was $5, the price per plant came out to be $2.50 each and that price is a bargin for the quality of plant and the quality of shipping. Will definately order from them again.

Positive choochoocherry
(1 review)
On Sep 12, 2005, choochoocherry Culver, OR wrote:

I love this company and have ordered daylilies from them several times. Not only do they have the prettiest daylilies I could find, but they also have the most reasonable prices. Their shipping prices are also great and they include a gift daylily with each order! The plants arrived very quickly and I live 3,000 miles from them. The plants were well packaged and healthy. They quickly answer email inquiries and are very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend them and will order more plants in the future. A+

Positive terry7321
(1 review)
On Jul 20, 2005, terry7321 Briceville, TN wrote:

I placed an order for about a dozen daylilies, and I received them in great condition, wrapped in wet towelling, then in plastic. The plants were very healthy, with robust roots and they included a nice gift plant as well. Their pricing is reasonable, and they shipped very promptly with an advance email that included a tracking number. I would definitely purchase from this company again. --Terry

Positive bentleygardens
(13 reviews)
On Jan 6, 2004, bentleygardens Locust Grove, GA (Zone 7b) wrote:

This great wholesale nursery has a wide selection of daylilies. I purchased 15 huge clumps from these people and they have been doing well ever since, highly recommend for quality plants

Positive icy
(7 reviews)
On Aug 17, 2003, icy Buford, GA wrote:

This nursery is run by friendly well informed staff. They have a wonderful selection of health plants. I will return for more plants for my garden.

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