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Negative thomasmc
(4 reviews)
On Jun 30, 2007, thomasmc Colorado Springs, CO wrote:

I ordered a miniature Caladium Holboltii from them, which arrived badly damaged, most everything had broken off of the tuber. I emailed them, and was told that they've never had any problem before, and to email if I had any questions. No offer to replace the item. I responded asking if she thought the tuber might resprout where everything had broken off, but I guess her offer didn't include anything about her responding, as she hasn't.

Poor customer service. Order from them, and I guess you are on your own.

Negative tobee43
(37 reviews)
On May 11, 2006, tobee43 groveland, FL (Zone 9b) wrote:

just my luck. i rec'd my order today and it was so terrible i couldn't believe my eyes.

i ordered 2 colocasia nancy's revenge, and two xanthosoma, line zinger.

the line zingers ....NOT one leave was other than yellow and brown, wilted, spotted and just terrible. no indication of any new growth at all.

the nancy's revenge has all curled, wilted leaves, dry leaves and look just as bad.

on their invoice they say YOU have to send the plants back to them well, my post office is over 16 miles away and ups is over 40 miles. which means it's far out of my way and i would have to pay to return them with no guarantee that i wouldn't receive the same inferior, terrible plants in return...except i would be our two shipping amounts. i purchased in good faith, yet i have to be out the time and money for there awful product??? i don't get it.

simply put, i'm not paying anymore and must just view this situation as a bad lesson learned. 40.00 dollars down the hole on this one. NEVER AGAIN! i have rec'd better from KELLY'S SAD is that.

On May 18th, 2006, tobee43 added the following:

firstly....NO one tried to contact me at ALL! there has been NOT one email from anyone in this company. i did not immediately do the feedback as stated. i waited for a response and rec'd nothing. i do not appreciate someone being untruthful. i didn't even know of this response until i checked back myself. i take feedback seriously and have only given a very few negatives. considering i place from 30-50 orders averaging 400-600 dollars each yearly. this was a small "try" out order as i was complete for the season but like to find new company's with fair pricing.

the plants and their roots were placed in unsealed plactic bags. i not thinking the post office did that? if the problem was they were just dried out, it would be simply to resolve myself. however, the leaves do not yellow and get brown and spotted within 2-3 days if the plant was in good condition when it was shipped. i understand that things happen......but when a company hasn't even attempted to resolve the issue you have more than one problem to deal with. personally, because i run a business and don't have the time to follow up with the company's i have trusted to do their jobs i usually just stick with who i know. so this was my mistake.

but everyone should know air this out in a public forum without at least ONE attempt to contact me directly is beyond reason.

someone could have gotten back to me about the situation. but since there was no response as of even today what can this company expect? and then to write out in this forum instead of sending me an email directly...what is that about? to suggest that you just can't make some people happy is simply an excuse for not communicating. i have very few problems with my orders, but when i do i do expect a response in one way or another.
On May 19th, 2006, tobee43 added the following:

8 days later. that's EIGHT DAYS... you respond. i hope everyone sees that you finally send your first email over a week later. great company.....i repeat this: the truth about a company is made very clear when there is a problem and they way they handle it. this company is highly unprofessional, rude and immature. that's what clear here. so i warn anyone that does have a problem and someone will... expect this to happen, and nothing more.

that is correct, i stated i do not intend to take my valuable time and use it for your mistakes. i am a plantscaper with at least 30 jobs to complete by the end of the month. i have no time to take a 32 mile round trip to the closest post office to return your trash to you. my other option is to pay one of my employee's to go; that would make really good business sense. it cost me more than 40.00 which was the amount of the trash that you sent me.

simply put you sent garbage to me. open plastic bags with brown, yellow and black spotted plants. i reserve the right to let everyone know this, which is exactly what i'm doing. oh...i forgot you blamed the post office on that! right...get real.

On May 19th, 2006, tobee43 added the following:

although i invited you to post my email i figured i would since you insist about this time situation which apparently you have made up and which is completely and absolutely untrue. as far as i know you just typed that in:

"just to clarify:

i'm not really caring what time it states ......that is incorrect. i sent the email the day before i put the rating up. which you are just once again making excuses for why you didn't respond. don't blame others for your shortcomings. you best learn that when doing business.'s taken you 8 days to email me. just how poor to you think that is? had you contacted with 24-48 hours this would not have happened. and you can take this email and copy and pasted it as well for all i care"

and this is about as much time as i'm putting into this situation.
On May 11, 2006, A & B Tropicals responded with:


On May 15, 2006 9:27 PM, A & B Tropicals added:

Buyer emailed us about the problem 5/11/06 2:21 PM and then left bad feedback 10 minutes later. He left me no time to email him back to resolve problem. We have over 2300 positive feedbacks on ebay with not one bad feedback. We alway resolve a problem one way or the other.

From the buyer's description it sounds like the box was left in the heat, probably by the post office. We have a policy requiring plants be returned for refund or exchange, but often times do not enforce this policy if the buyer is reasonable and gives us the opportuinity to correct the situation. Often times we will accept an e-mail photo in lieu of plants being returned.

Once the plants leave our greenhouse we are no longer in control of how the shipment is treated. For the most part the post office does a good job of getting the shipment to their destination in good or at least reasonable condition. Occasionally they arrive in bad condition, but we are committed to correcting the situation for buyers who make their requests in a reasonable manner. We choose to use the post office for shipping to keep the costs down, but if a customer requests overnight delivery, we can calculate the additional shipping and charge accordingly.

Folks, we really do try hard to please everyone, but sometimes its just not possible.

On May 19, 2006 9:22 PM, A & B Tropicals added:

Just to clarify:

tobee43: Your email to us was at 5/11/2006 @ 2:21pm, please check your e-mail. Your post here was 5/11/2006 @ 2:31pm, you can verify this with the website if you care to.

Our website clearly states that we reserve the right to request the items be returned for replacement. You were pretty clear in your first post that you have no intention of returning them, however if you have changed your mind, please return the plants and we will refund your purchase price plus the amount of shipping from us to you.


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