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Neutral DonnaMack
(64 reviews)
On Mar 20, 2021, DonnaMack Elgin, IL (Zone 5a) wrote:

Posted on December 6, 2012, updated March 20, 2021
Posted on May 16, 2012, updated December 6, 2012
This was my first order with Chamblees, and after a bit of confusion Kathy (I hope I have the name right) stepped in and took care of my order. It was only for a single rose, Glamis Castle, but she handled it as though it was an order for 20. Today the one gallon came, with a huge flower bud on top. It was a one gallon trade, and could really go into the garden now.

I am pleased to know that I have another source for wonderful roses, and I will be ordering again.

On December 6th, 2012, DonnaMack added the following:

I wanted to follow up on my Chamblees purchase earlier this year. The Glamis Castle that I purchased performed beautifully. It is a perfectly balanced plant that bloomed throughout the season (it is attempting to bloom here in December on warmer days). It is 80% the size of the Glamis at my former home, which I sold in September. That rose is at least seven years old.

I have been growing roses since 2003 and I would have to say that this is the best performance I have ever seen from a rose. It looks 3-4 years old in its maturity and shape, and gives me great pleasure each time I step into the garden.
On March 20th, 2021, DonnaMack changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

Just in case someone reads my previous raves, please note that they were written in 2012. I must express my disappointment. I got several roses from the former company, but none of the type of roses that I prefer are there anymore, and $65 for a rose as common as Heritage is absurd. Yes, they are three gallons, but I am buying 2 gallons from Antique Rose Emporium for $22.95 (and that represents a price increase).

I suggest that you purchase elsewhere.
Neutral FlowersRgreat
(1 review)
On Jun 3, 2016, FlowersRgreat Neenah, WI wrote:

POSITIVE: Iíve ordered from them 2 or 3 times in the past and absolutely LOVED the roses. The were always healthy and thrived.

NEGATIVE: This year I talked a co-worker into ordering some with me. She placed the order on April 1st . It was suppose to ship May 16th. She never got a conformation so she called them on May 19th or 20th. They told her that they were having trouble with out of state credit cards. Ok, stuff happens, but they should have contacted her to let her know there was trouble with our order. They did apologize profusely. So she gave them all the information again Ėincluding her credit card information. We were promised that our rose would ship out May 31st. Again, no confirmation of shipment. Again my co-worker called (June 1st) only to be told they have found our order in their system but it wasnít sent out because they didnít have her credit card information. Now she is wondering where is her credit card number?? Very disappointed. She no longer even wants to order from them and actually canceled the order yesterday. Iíd like to give them one more try, but my planting window is gone and I wonít be able to get them in the ground and care for them for the next two weeks so I canít place an order. I was happily pouring over their catalogue and website all winter deciding what roses to order and now this. I am so disappointed because I really wanted these roses!

Neutral mnemier
(1 review)
On Apr 14, 2016, mnemier Huntington Beach, CA wrote:

Ordered two Grus an Acchen floribundas roses from Chamblees Roses in Tyler, Texas. Packaging was fair. One rose lost about 3 inches of top growth due to packaging. Both roses were really small, compared to their eventual height and width of 3x3. The rose that lost it top growth included at least, didn't check by pulling soil out of pot for more, two millipedes or centipedes. I hate killing anything, especially beneficial insects, but I refuse to be the person who started a new insect in my neighborhood or state. I had to step on these guys so they wouldn't become a new pest in my neighborhood. This was pretty disconcerting for me since I'm into organic gardening and I really try not to kill anything on this planet that isn't a threat to me and mine. On the up side, shipping was expedient and at least one of the plants arrived pretty green and healthy.. I called Chamblees and they will be shipping me a new Grus an Aachen, as I would expect given their literature enclosed with the roses. I didn't see any root growth in the bottom of the pots they were shipped in, which to me means , I've got to baby these guys for awhile, and they are probably a little premature. I was hoping for something a little more mature with more root growth, Watered them, put them in the shade, as directed, and we will see how it goes. I do love this rose, since it is quartered and many pedaled, and has beautiful peachy pink tones for a white rose as well as a lovely fragrance. I believe it's one of the original floribundas, that started the floribunda trend. It takes some shade and the one I started with from wayside gardens along time ago is just an amazing and beautiful rose, everyone just loves it. I love it too. A hedge of it would just be so amazing compared to all the neighbors iceberg roses that are so boring with no fragrance, but is floriferous and easy care, This rose can be at it's best floriforious, colorful, fragrant, and have beautiful form. It's an old rose and has stood the test of time as a rose worth planting. I've gone a little anal on my roses. I appreciate form, fragrance, and ease of cultivation. I'm not into babying my roses. They have to preform and live up to their attributes in my climate. I do love roses, but not rose hassles, It's do or die in my yard, I'm too old to be a caretaker for everything. I want tried and true proven plants, that aren't invasive or overly needy. At it's best this rose should live up to my expectations.The original Grus an Aachen I have has been potted for way too many years and still performs reliably, which to me says that this rose given an optimal environment can flourish and grace my yard for many years to come.

Neutral southerncottage
(12 reviews)
On Jun 1, 2015, southerncottage Watkinsville, GA wrote:

Posted on May 28, 2015, updated June 1, 2015
Posted on May 26, 2015, updated May 28, 2015
Posted on May 13, 2015, updated May 26, 2015
Overall I am pleased. The ordering system worked fine, they sent tracking information and shipped on the date the order stated. One of the roses was so tall that a branch broke off by about 3 inches, no big deal. Upon careful inspection it appeared 2 branches were cut from one of the roses, that did bug me just a bit. The roses appeared healthy, in nice gallon size pots, tall, only one was shorter than the rest. The price was very good, their prices can't be beat really for the size roses they send. Where they get you though is shipping, shipping is a lot, but even so it is still a good deal when you consider the price of their roses.

On May 26th, 2015, southerncottage changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

I feel the need to update my review. One of the roses I ordered did not have any up growth at all, just 2 canes growing sideways. I called, then sent pictures. Someone gave ill advice suggesting to dig up the rose and replant it so the branches would appear to be straight instead of sideways. When the rose gets a bloom, it is noticeable the rose was incorrectly labeled so I call back and have to again send several more pictures. I find this upsetting as the rose should have been replaced the first time. Now I have to wait for them to either call or email to find out if they will indeed be sending a replacement or not. One shouldn't have to go through that much hassle to get a rose replaced of multiple calls and having to take multiple pictures multiple times. I don't think Chamblee will be my first choice to order roses. I am not upset about the rose being incorrectly labeled, I understand this sometimes happens. What I am upset about is the ill advice, and the hassle of multiple calls emails and photos and still having to wait for a final outcome,and don't think this experience was positive at all.
On May 28th, 2015, southerncottage added the following:

Chamblee did refund the price of the plant, but no refund on any shipping charges. They did not communicate this with me I found out by checking my statement. Some communication would have been nice. I have never had to go through that much hassle over dissatisfaction with a plant. I was really shocked and disappointed. I have ordered from them in the past, I suppose they are okay unless you have a problem with one of their plants, they they want to to make you jump through hoops to get a replacement or refund.
On June 1st, 2015, southerncottage added the following:

The rose ended up being the correct rose after all, but it would have been nice if Chamblee could have explained how the bloom starts then changes to pink. . I gave it away to someone who could give it the care I could not. It did require some staking and such to keep it up right. I am disappointed with the lack of communication from Chamblee. I realize that every rose they ship can't be perfect, but when there is a problem, one expects them to give sound solid advice, a replacement or refund without jumping through hoops. This was really disappointing. They are no longer one of my favorites like they once were. I would probably only order from them as a last resort.
Neutral stellgp
(1 review)
On May 4, 2015, stellgp Littleton, CO wrote:

Prompt service, excellent prices, well-cared shipping. My 3 rose pants arrived on time and undamaged.
The first, Scepter'd Isle, is robust, healthy and about 2 feet long. It even had a fragrant, perfect rose on it!
The second and third rose plants, Julia Child and Carding Mill, are very small (around 8-9'' tall). Both of them had some yellow leaves with black spots on them (which I removed immediately). In regards to the last two, I expected somewhat larger plants to be honest. I hope they will do well in Colorado's zone 5.

Neutral plover12
(6 reviews)
On May 18, 2012, plover12 Grand Marais, MI wrote:

Our local museum ordered several dozen Buck roses from Chamblees in April of 2010. They kindly donated a number of free roses, which were much appreciated. One of the roses, 'Griff's Red', didn't bloom the first year (2010) and when it did bloom in late August of 2011, it was pale yellow. A person had "adopted" this rose expecting it to be red, so I wrote to Chamblee's and asked for a replacement. Kathy said she would replace the rose and send three free roses for our trouble (one of the other roses had died), and the rose would ship on September 12th, 2011.

No rose arrived. A second request, and Kathy promised that the rose would ship on September 26th. Still no rose, and now no mention of the three free replacements.

I contacted the company this spring and Kathy again assured the rose would ship on May 7th. No rose had arrived by the 18th, so I called the company. They have assured me that a 'Griff's Red' will ship on Monday the 21st. No mention of the free replacements.

At this point, I'm not impressed with Chamblee's replacement system. The original rose is dead, and we hoped to replace it last fall so it could get a good start this spring. I'll wait and see what happens.

Neutral cubed
(1 review)
On Jul 4, 2007, cubed Clinton, NY wrote:

i received an order in early spring. order arrived on time w/ quality plants packed well. i had a failure and emailed them. i heard nothing. i revisited their site recently, planning on placing an additional order; but wanted to know their replacement policy and other info. as there was no info under terms and conditions, i again emailed. they did return my email this time, said to call them. i did so. i explained all of this to their customer service rep. the response i got was one of complete indifference, just short of rude. the explanation i got as to why they hadn't responded to my earlier email, 'website was down' this summer. i wasn't expecting a replacement, but an acknowledgement would have been nice. i may still place that order, as i said, nice roses. but i am miffed that a company of this calibre doesn't hire more professional and responsive customer service personnel.

Neutral evanstark
(2 reviews)
On May 1, 1996, evanstark wrote:

bought 3 miniature rose plants by mail from Chamblee's Nursery in Texas. They arrived in good shape and the plants look hardy. However, when I phoned to ask for care information, which they encouraged in their literature, I spoke to a less-than-friendly person who answered my questions curtly--not exactly what I've come to expect from top-flight companies' customer service department.

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