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Positive ysfex3
(10 reviews)
On Dec 18, 2015, ysfex3 Greeneville, TN wrote:

I've bought a few times from Camellia Forest, and each purchase was seamless. This one was no different. Camellia may be in the name, but I find that they offer more than a few very desirable non-camellia plants.

I purchased a Magnolia figo v crassipes 'Purple Queen'. The banana shrub is one of my favorite flowering plants, and although my zone is borderline, I have one that I managed to get through last winter's wrath. This new one is supposed to have purple tinted flowers. I had to have it.

While the total cost was high, the rarity would almost demand it. The plant came in very quickly and healthy. It was about 1.25ft and nicely branched. I would estimate the square pot as slightly smaller in volume than a trade gallon. The listed size was 2qt. I was satisfied.

Positive jagrogan
(8 reviews)
On Jun 4, 2014, jagrogan Somerset, KY (Zone 6b) wrote:

Posted on June 4, 2014, updated June 4, 2014
I've ordered twice from them and unfortunately both times a combination of drier winter weather, spider mites, and mostly scale killed them.

Dave, a real nice guy tried to advise me but it didn't help the plants.

The second time I ordered Dave replaced it with a 1 gallon Yule Tide after it died but for me the same results.

I mean that's $150 for those 2 camellias but they're generally not container plants maybe?

Now I moved to a house with a large picture window and will order again. This time 3 of them. 1 for trying planting outside, even though it's rated zone 7 not zone 6b and 2 as patio and house plants to move back and forth.

And this time I am treating with horticulture oil well before autumn in the spring & summer.

I bought 2 4' citrus trees from a plant nursery located in the Charlotte, North Carolina metro area that were killed by the same pestilences and I have had this problem only from nurseries delivering out of the North Carolina area so I know it's endemic.

So if you order a tree out of a nursery from the North Carolina area that will be potted for a while or a container plant treat that plant with horticulture oil.

So the trees were a negative but the help in trying to sort it out a positive. I never heard of horticultural oil so I hope it works. If the I order tank again after treating with horticulture oil I'll have to rewrite my review to say try camellia only as year round outdoor plants.

On June 4th, 2014, jagrogan added the following:

Whoops - I owe an apology.

The 1st lasted 2 years and the 1 year of bloom was incredible but second not as much but still good and it didn't have enough sun maybe as a house plant. The picture window will change that and summers outside.

I don't understand how scale and spider mites come about but they ones on the 1st plant may have not originated from Cam Forest and the ones on the subsequent camellias may have been infected by the lingering effects of the 1st camellia.

At any rate, I now plan on treating all potted trees with horticulture oil as standard procedure.
Positive Docshiva
(1 review)
On May 24, 2014, Docshiva Hemby Bridge, NC wrote:

My plants arrived two days from ordering. They were large, healthy, and had been packed with great care.

Positive MikeNJ
(3 reviews)
On Dec 8, 2013, MikeNJ Ashland, NJ wrote:

Great mail order company with a great array of unusual shrubs and trees. Good quality plants.

Positive GStickler
(9 reviews)
On Jun 1, 2013, GStickler Marshallville, GA (Zone 8a) wrote:

I ordered and received 7 camellia japonicas just yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised by how well they were packaged for shipping and the size of them exceeded my most hopeful expectations. New foliage on all of them...glossy green and fresh. All of them were labeled carefully so I knew what would be planted where. Besides a copy of my order form and a listing of the contents, an instruction sheet on planting and recommendation on camellia care was enclosed. Before the shipment was made, the company verified that I was ready for planting them as it is rather late in the planting season for camellias in my that's what I call excellent Customer Service. All in all a great experience, my only regret is that I'm running out of yard space or I'd order more...a great value, quality product, very reasonable shipping charge.

Positive NicoleC
(3 reviews)
On May 1, 2013, NicoleC Madison, AL (Zone 7b) wrote:

I just received a shipment of beautiful, healthy tea plants, and because the pots were removed I can see these are well rooted. The plants were much larger than you usually get via mail order, and cheaper, too. They were packed very securely, preventing any possible damage.

This is what a mail order experience should be like!

Positive holly_grower
(7 reviews)
On Apr 10, 2013, holly_grower Bear, DE wrote:

I have just received my first order from this nursery. Nice plants! These were grown in trade gallon containers, from which they were removed and packed into plastic bags before shipping. The packaging was quite good and allowed everything to arrive without any damage. Another plus: Camellia Forest provides FedEx tracking information so I was able to track the package online before its arrival. I would definitely order from them again!

Positive RedClay007
(15 reviews)
On Apr 9, 2013, RedClay007 Richmond, VA (Zone 7a) wrote:

I have only ordered from them once, but my plants came in good condition and were well packaged. Will definitely order from them again.

Positive Floralkingdom
(17 reviews)
On Mar 31, 2013, Floralkingdom Niceville, FL (Zone 8b) wrote:

I recently placed my first order with this nursery. I ordered a large variety of plants from them. They have a great exotic and rare selection. The plants were packed very well, healthy. I was missing a plant from my order, I emailed them about it, they took care of it immediately and sent me the plant. Amazing people at an amazing nursery. I will be buying from them again for sure. I highly recommend them.

Positive Old_Gardener
(38 reviews)
On Feb 16, 2013, Old_Gardener Calabasas, CA wrote:

I originally contacted Camellia Forest with some questions regarding their evergreen Dogwoods. Although I had not ordered from them before, I quickly received a thorough and courteous response to my inquiry. I went ahead and ordered (3) of the Dogwoods and (4) types of camellia seed which I received yesterday morning. I was stunned when I opened the box to find (3) large (about 4'), gorgeous trees with perfectly formed root balls (definitely well- developed but not root bound) and not a single leaf nor any soil was shed during their trip across the country. The seeds arrived in great shape, also - large, plump and still moist (as you would want them to be). This company is fantastic - friendly and knowledgeable customer service, an informative website that makes for fascinating reading, fast shipping, extremely good prices, and healthy plants. Camellia Forest is definitely a top nursery and I would not hesitate to order from them, again.

Positive hautjardinage
(2 reviews)
On Feb 6, 2013, hautjardinage Fearrington, NC wrote:

This is a gem of a nursery with a treasure trove of fine Camellias and rare trees and shrubs. I've been a customer for well over a decade, and Camellia Forest is my first stop when adding plants to my garden.

Positive Nordlaw1
(3 reviews)
On Jan 30, 2013, Nordlaw1 Mena, AR wrote:

I have ordered from them for several years and have always been very pleased with the quality of plants received and the personal service.

Positive iykim
(23 reviews)
On Jan 11, 2013, iykim Hillsborough, CA (Zone 10a) wrote:

I love Camellia Forest. This is my go-to website for rare camellias. In the last two years, I ordered from them twice, for a total of about 10 camellias. All of them are still with me, some in the ground and some in containers. I've ordered 1-yr, 2-yr, and 3-yr plants, and all of them were very well-packaged and shipped fast. They were in great quality right out of the box, and during the blooming season, all bloomed, even the 1-year-old specimens (very few flower buds in 1-year plants though but as expected). I highly recommend the camellias from

Positive pokerino
(4 reviews)
On Nov 13, 2012, pokerino Little Rock, AR wrote:

I ordered 5 Camellia sasanqua plants on a Wednesday afternoon and requested shipping ASAP. About 2 hours later I received an email that my order had been shipped. I received the plants on Friday. Three of the five had buds and two of those were already blooming. Packing was perfect and one of the plants actually looked to be a size larger than I had ordered. Couldn't have been happier. I just wish I had room in the yard for more of their camellias.

Positive clantonnaomi
(9 reviews)
On Oct 25, 2012, clantonnaomi Iredell, TX wrote:

This is an excellent nursery. Great service. I had 2 questions and they emailed answers immediately. The plant is very healthy and large, it was packed well and they sent it exactly on the date I requested. I would highly recommend them and I will definitely order from them again.

Positive gregr18
(28 reviews)
On Jun 8, 2012, gregr18 Bridgewater, MA (Zone 6b) wrote:

The plants are beautiful and packed perfectly. The camellia selection, of course, is outstanding, but they also have a lot of other unique shrubs and trees that shouldn't be overlooked. I have nothing but praise for them.

I grow camellias in a cooler climate, and they were also prompt with good advice as to the types of camellia that would survive zone 6b weather, and suggested planting in the spring so as to give them plenty of time to establish themselves before the cold weather.

Positive sarns
(2 reviews)
On May 15, 2012, sarns Wallingford, PA wrote:

I ordered a Camellia japonica "Korean Fire," which I've been lusting after but have had trouble finding locally. I ordered a three-year plant, in spite of what was a steep price for me (if I recall correctly, I could have purchased a one-year shrub, but I'm both cheap AND impatient).

When the plant arrived, I couldn't believe my eyes: it was an impressive size and in *perfect* condition out of the box. It would not have looked better had I brought it home from my local nursery (which I couldn't, because they couldn't get it for me!). I emailed a photo of the shrub, fresh out of the box, to a friend of mine who has ordered lots of plants through the mail. He wrote back, "You did NOT get that mail order! It's too beautiful!" My camellia has been in the ground for several weeks now and appears to have suffered exactly zero transplant shock.

I also ordered and received a gorgeous gardenia covered in buds--that my puppy promptly ate (sigh). Can't blame anyone but myself for that.

I heartily recommend this grower.

Positive Express128
(19 reviews)
On Mar 10, 2012, Express128 Mansfield, TX wrote:

Posted on May 5, 2009, updated March 10, 2012
Placed an order yesterday, so far their shipping is prompt and the customer service is wonderful. Can't wait till the plants arrive!

On May 9th, 2009, Express128 added the following:

Tea plant arrived yesterday, packaging was A+. Plant was in good condition fair size for a 2year plant, had some live bugs eating the leaves/roots but I just sprayed it off and potted it. We'll see how it goes.
On May 15th, 2009, Express128 added the following:

Went ahead and ordered another tea plant, it came in today and as expected it was in good shape. Will buy from again next year.
On March 10th, 2012, Express128 added the following:

Over the past 3 years I have ordered both plants and seeds. Each time the orders arrived in great shape. Customer service is outstanding & friendly, they will answer any questions and will help placing an order. Not often do you find a nursery like this. A++
Positive PhillyLover
(11 reviews)
On Mar 1, 2012, PhillyLover Philadelphia Suburbs, PA (Zone 7a) wrote:

Placed a small order in February 2012. Plants were promptly shipped, boxing was good and plants arrived in good condition. I was also able to track the shipment online.

Overall quality and size were good for the price paid.

This was my first time ordering from them. Based on this experience, I would feel comfortable ordering more from them in the future.

Positive lafu115
(6 reviews)
On May 26, 2011, lafu115 Arlington, VA wrote:

I ordered three camellia this spring -- one Katie Supreme and two Autumn Moon. All three arrived in beautiful condition. My neighbor commented on how healthy the plants looked. All were very carefully packed. Excellent all the way around. A++++++++++

Positive tasintuck
(7 reviews)
On Jul 27, 2010, tasintuck Pawcatuck, CT wrote:

Plants arrived when requested. Plants arrived in fabulous condition, well rooted, hydrated, and incredibly well packed.
I live in the northern limit of camellia range, zone 6a. It has been -13 F in weather history, January 2009, one of those times.
I know now that Camforest is the source of my older camellias that I did not buy from them directly. Survivor has been the most profuse so far, despite the small blooms. But I have so many buds on my new Snow Flurry, it looks like I have a new winner.
My -5 F older plants have had mixed results, spring blooming buds lost, one plant, April Tryst, dying all the way back to the ground, the last two years.
But Camforest has an ample selection of -10 and -15 F hardy plants. Having added some to my collection, I look forward to a better display.
My plants are located with an eastern exposure, under a hickory tree, not an evergreen as recommended. I have read that is wrong, that morning sun in the winter is bad for the plants. I use burlap to protect the young plants in winter, and then take my chances as they age. So no more April Tryst, and Spring Promise has never bloomed. But April Remembered, beautiful. Even Nuncio's Pearl, not from Camforest, blooms extensively. Killing frost is my worst difficulty, dropping open blooms. That -13 F dropped closed buds.
So I will be back to report how much better Camforest's plants do than the older ones.

Positive botanica37
(6 reviews)
On May 23, 2010, botanica37 Oakton, VA (Zone 7a) wrote:

Posted on March 23, 2008, updated May 23, 2010
I ordered 7 camellias and some seeds. Everything was shipped quickly, the packaging was excellent and the plants look great. Six of the camellias are taller than the 10-12 inches the catalogue describes, (the seventh one being a dwarf camellia), with good size rootballs and in perfect condition. I was supposed to get 5 seeds per variety and I was pleasantly surprised with 6-8 per package. I couldn't be happier with the whole experience, now if I only had more room to add more camellias...I would most definitely order it from them.

On May 23rd, 2010, botanica37 added the following:

This year I ordered again from them and couldn't be happier. I placed my order in the fall of 2009 and was contacted by CS that they wouldn't recommend planting at this time for my zone, which they felt was 6B. I followed their recommendation and was contacted again in spring of 2010 to confirm my order. They shipped my plants shortly thereafter and everything was in great shape, packaged extremely well, no damage whatsoever from shipping and the plants were awesome. All my other camellias from the previous order (2008) are also doing great, they are now about 3+feet tall and all have bloomed, so I can't be happier. This nursery is by far my favorite through the years and they have consistenly delivered good plants. Can't recommend them enough.
Positive congminglaoshi
(29 reviews)
On May 18, 2010, congminglaoshi Tuckahoe, NY wrote:

I ordered a few kinds of camellia (including tea) seeds a couple of months ago. The seeds arrived in great shape, and now I have several nice seedlings growing. Its not easy to find camellia seeds, and even harder to find seeds that have been stored properly before shipping (they will dry out and die if stored improperly for too long). Great products, service, and germination, what's not to like!

Positive BJames1
(14 reviews)
On May 17, 2010, BJames1 Elizabeth City, NC (Zone 8a) wrote:

Although I have yet to find a permanent planting place for the plants I ordered earlier in year (I can be a compulsive plant fanatic sometimes), the quality of plant material that arrived at my door was superb! The combination of neatly & caringly packaged plants as well as friendly & quick customer service rates this plant nursery at the top of my list for quality and selection! Camellia Forest Nursery offers an extensive collection of hard-to-find plants--particularly winter-interest plants--at fair prices. I look forward to dealing with this company again in the future.

Positive moth2flame
(7 reviews)
On Apr 22, 2010, moth2flame Derwood, MD wrote:

I bought a Prunus mume 'Okitsu Akabana' back in 2008 from Camellia Forest. They have a wonderful selection of reasonably priced Asian trees and shrubs (and an unparalleled selection of camellias) and I was delighted to find Prunus mume, which can be difficult to locate. The tree arrived pruned to 3' tall and has now doubled in height. It flowered the second season after planting- fragrant, gorgeous gigantic flowers. I called the company and Dave and his mother were very helpful answering my questions. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and wouldn't hesitate to buy from CF again.

Positive princesskatja
(4 reviews)
On Apr 4, 2010, princesskatja Puyallup, WA wrote:

I ordered two camellias and a number of camellia seeds from Camellia Forest. The plants were in perfect condition in spite of the distance - they were very well packaged and vigorous, healthy plants. Can't wait to see how they perform in the garden. Instructions for cultivation of both plants and seeds were included.

Positive hessa
(2 reviews)
On Mar 7, 2010, hessa DOHA,
Qatar wrote:

I have ordered 22 different Magnolias from Camillia Forest Nursery,.All the plants arrived in excellent condition .
They're very nice, helpful,we had good comunication and I will definitely order from them again .thanks Martine

Positive Miss_Huff
(7 reviews)
On Dec 31, 2009, Miss_Huff Flemington, NC (Zone 7a) wrote:

Over the years I've purchased trees, shrubs and camellias from Camellia Forest. Every purchase has been gratifying. The owners are friendly and kind and always offer a sophisticated and varied group of interesting plants in addition to camellias. Prices are a little steep, but not excessive considering the quality of the plant material and it's uniqueness. I've never been unhappy with one transaction. It's always a pleasant experience to visit Camellia Forest: the owners are like old friends.

Positive VA_GARDEN
(24 reviews)
On Nov 8, 2009, VA_GARDEN Hood, VA (Zone 7a) wrote:

I ordered 4 camellias and was astonished at how quickly they arrived (in 2 days!). The plants were lovely and lush, and best of all there were no plastic pots. I hate all the non-recyclable pots I end up with at the end of the season, so this was a truly pleasant surprise.

I have a few fall blooming camellias I purchased from Camellia Forest several years ago, and while they took a long time to settle in and bloom, they have developed in to real show stoppers in the fall garden.

Positive restom
(12 reviews)
On Oct 21, 2009, restom Reston, VA wrote:

I have ordered camellias from Camellia Forest Nursery for over 20 years. The plants that I planted at my parent's old house are still going strong (camellias are really tough plants once they get established). Camellia Forest is the best in terms of variety and quality. They also have a number of very unusual non-camellia trees and shrubs (e.g., Emmenopterys henryi) that I haven't seen anywhere else. Thanks Camellia Forest!

Positive PamelaQ
(22 reviews)
On Jun 15, 2009, PamelaQ Navarre, FL (Zone 8b) wrote:

I received my 'Kagirohií Camellia and it was very healthy and over 4' tall. I was very happy with this high quality camellia and would recommend 'Camellia Forest Nursery' to anyone!

Positive SuthernKitten
(2 reviews)
On Jun 11, 2009, SuthernKitten Cincinnati, OH (Zone 6a) wrote:

I ordered a 3 yr old Autumn Spirit Cold Hardy camellia on May 6th. I grew up in the Camellia belt, but now live further north. I had some questions about the differences in care for the north vs. south and David Parks was kind enough to swap several emails with me loaded with information and the answers to all my questions. He helped me choose the "right" camellia and planting spot for my zone. The Camellia arrived in beautiful condition (not one lost leaf or broken twig). These folks really know how to pack a plant for shipment!!! It's been in the ground a little over a month and is doing beautifully. It has lots of new growth and I can't wait to see it bloom. Now I just have to figure out if I have room for MORE!!!

Positive mtilton
(6 reviews)
On Jun 10, 2009, mtilton Ada, OK (Zone 7a) wrote:

I ordered five camellia plants from Camellia Forest Nursery which I'm very pleased with. Excellent packaging and prompt shipment.

Positive adadia
(29 reviews)
On Apr 17, 2009, adadia Glenmoore, PA (Zone 6b) wrote:

Excellent, healthy plants! All three little leaf tea camellias I ordered were received in perfect condition, and I was very pleased by the size; I ordered two-year plants, but they are much bigger than I expected. Packaging was also excellent, the rootballs were still moist and no leaves were lost from shipping stress. Overall, a great experience.

Positive grandpa_boris
(2 reviews)
On Apr 2, 2009, grandpa_boris Palo Alto, CA wrote:

remarkably good packing and packaging. the plants arrived in superb health. within a couple of weeks they are already sending up new leaves. i am very pleased with the quality of their plants and how carefully and inventively they packaged them.

Positive doxiedr
(8 reviews)
On Jan 19, 2009, doxiedr Burlington, NC wrote:

Truly excellent trees and shrubs and friendly service make this a top notch nursery. I've both mail ordered and visited in person, and have been impressed each time. Some of the trees I've purchased, such as cercis canadensis 'Hearts of Gold' and aesculus x splendens (hybrid red buckeye), are tough to find plants that can be eye-poppingly priced. But not only did I find them, they were very reasonably priced at $20 and $10, respectively, and had huge healthy root systems. Both of these--and the dozen or so other shrubs and trees I've purchased from Camellia Forest--are thriving in my garden. If you're looking for healthy and tough-to-find plants at reasonable prices, you can't go wrong with this company.

On Jan 19, 2009, Camellia Forest Nursery responded with:

"On Mar 18, 2009 9:33 AM, Camellia Forest Nursery responded with:

Thank you for your kind words, I enjoyed reading all the positive responses for our nursery. We are having Open House this coming weekend.

Kai Mei
Camellia Foreset Nursery"

Positive juanwillis
(28 reviews)
On Nov 1, 2008, juanwillis Winchester, MA (Zone 6a) wrote:

I ordered a 3-year-old Camellia 'Survivor' this spring. The plant they shipped me was of excellent size and condition and has grown vigorously all season. It now has 20+ lovely blooms--I'm extremely happy with Camellia Forest Nursery!

Positive slichtyler
(6 reviews)
On Oct 7, 2008, slichtyler Hillsborough, NC (Zone 7b) wrote:

Two years ago, I purchased four camellias from Camellia Forests (about $200 total, in 3-gallon and 5-gallon sizes). The camellias have been spectacular - blooming their first year, the second year (except for the one that the deer nibbled on), and they're preparing for a winter display again. (My favorite is the "Black Tie" variety - large, perfect, deep red flowers; like a perfect rose or a perfect dahlia.) I'm very pleased; visitors are always impressed.

Camellia Forests has an amazing selection of beautiful plants, in all sizes. In my opinion, it's the *one* place to shop for camellias.

Positive rap10
(3 reviews)
On May 4, 2008, rap10 New Hyde Park, NY wrote:

Received 2 camellias - Ashton's Ballet - in perfect condition. The packaging was the best I have seen. Potted perfectly and at a shipping charge that was so low for the quality, I was amazed. The shrubs were at least the size described and are now sending off new growth. If you see a plant you want, but need a larger size, just ask. They may have it in stock. That's what happened on my order. I was able to order the largest size that is available even though it was not listed. Unless you are in the "camellia zone" belt you will never be able to find the selection of plants that are hardy for the northern zones from any other source- even your local nursery.

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