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Negative scarletcsa
(1 review)
On Aug 15, 2010, scarletcsa Bonneau, SC wrote:

Nature Hills sent me a dead plant too, and I tried to resolve this with one of their rude, sarcastic reps, but the rep claimed that the plant shipped dormant. The plant they sent me never came to life in spite of me babying it and trying to breathe life into it...dead is dead and based on what I've read on this site, this is a common problem with them. Furthermore, I believe the plant was dead when they shipped it instead of "dormant." I will never do business with this company again. They got my money once but never again.

On Aug 15, 2010, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Aug 17, 2010 7:51 AM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

Good Morning,

We certainly apologize that there was an issue with your order and that you feel you mistreated on the phone. Some of our material does ship dormant, this would be the case with any bareroot material that would be ordered.

If there was an issue with the plant upon arrival, and we were notified within 48 hours of the arrival of the order (as stated in our terms and conditions), we might be able to submit a damage claim and have the item reshipped. If you would like us to look at the order again, feel free to call 1-888-864-7663 or e-mail [email protected].

If there wasn't an issue with the plant upon arrival, and it simply didn't take to the transplant, it would be eligible for our replacement policy of half price plus the shipping and handling. We still have that to fall back on if there wasn't an issue with the shipment.


Nature Hills"

Negative robdodi
(1 review)
On Aug 9, 2010, robdodi Klamath Falls, OR wrote:

Like most people here, I received a dead tree from this company and was not given a refund or even a credit. I bought several other trees and shrubs with this order and they were all of poor quality. I would recommend that you thoroughly explore your local nurseries first.

On Aug 9, 2010, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Aug 9, 2010 3:10 PM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:


Thanks for the post, and we are certainly sorry to hear that there was an issue with your order. It looks like you had the same user name in our system, so I was able to pull up your order and look at the notes.

It seems the Tulip Poplar never broke dormancy. You had called a couple weeks after it had arrived, and the rep spoke with had you lightly scratch the bark. At that point, there was a greenish coloration below the bark indicating that the tree was most certainly alive. It looks like in a later note, the tree had never leafed out.

Unfortunately, sometimes tree don't take to the transplant (as was the case here). We do try to offset this risk of loss with a one year replacement policy, as stated in the terms and conditions. Any failed item can be replaced (no questions asked) for half the current selling price plus shipping and handling in the first year. We are offering the Tulip Poplar tree for fall shipping. If you would like to replace the tree at the half price discount, just call our customer service department at 1-888-864-7663. We would be happy to assist you with placing your replacement order.


Nature Hills"

Positive Finnpie
(1 review)
On Jul 26, 2010, Finnpie Flagstaff, AZ wrote:

Recently I ordered 5 plants. They arrived promptly and I immediately unpacked them but 2 of the plants were very stressed out. I set all 5 plants outdoors and watered them. I did not read any of the enclosed paperwork but emailed the company, described the condition of the 2 stressed plants and merely asked them for suggestions as how revive and plant the plants that had way too many yellow leaves and broken stems. To my great surprise they answered post haste and told me that they were sending me 2 new plants as per their guarantee. WOW !!! After reading the paperwork that came with the plants I discovered their promise and they really kept it. An honest company in this day and age ???? Plants were replaced, they are all growing nicely and I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone.

Negative cdcrumba
(1 review)
On Jul 22, 2010, cdcrumba Marion, IA wrote:

I ordered three bare-root Japanese Tree Lilacs 6/4/2010. They arrived in a timely manner with some yellow leaves trying to sprout and almost all the roots cut off. The smallest of the three arrived with a split at the base of two branches. I planted them within 48 hours with a mix of the native soil, top soil and organic starter fertilizer and watered regularly. While I wanted a smaller size, 5 foot trees were the only ones available. They all began with the leaves turning green, but one soon began to wilt and now shows no signs of life. The other two still only have the original leaves. When I called about the guarantee, I was told it is half price plus shipping and only 4 ft trees are now available. In addition, they cannot ship until the first or second week of November - too late to plant here in Cedar Rapids. Or I can wait until next spring.

The sad thing is I ordered these to plant as a group of three to break up a large blank side of my house which faces the street as I'm on a corner lot. The one that appears dead is the middle tree so my landscape is looking pretty goofy now. I have no intention of paying more money to put a smaller tree in the center of a group of three which may or may not survive.

At this point, if I can't get another one through a local nursery, I may plant a redbud tree in the center of the group or start from scratch.

It's very disappointing to plan a landscape around an order and end up starting all over. I have seen these Japanese Tree Lilacs planted in groups of three in a mobile home community near me and really was hoping to copy that look for my home.

On Jul 22, 2010, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Jul 23, 2010 2:37 PM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:


I remember speaking to you about this order yesterday. When we spoke, you mentioned that the plants started to grow, but one of the plants didn't take. We do offer replacements for half the current selling price plus shipping and handling in the first year (as per our terms and conditions). However, at no time during the conversation there was no mention of any of the plants being split or arriving do you damaged (there was also no record of this being reported prior to yesterday. Is that the one that didn't survive? If so, we may be able to get a damage claim submitted for the item. That would make the plant eligible for replacement at no charge.

In regards to the root system on the plants, in some cases the roots are pruned prior to shipping. However, this is done by professionals with years of experience. Again, this was not communicated to us in any conversations that we have had about your order.

As far as the replacement of the failed item, it was bareroot material which is shipped dormant in either late fall or spring. Because the material is dormant, it could be planted in November in zone 5. Since we have to wait for the material to go dormant before it is harvested, it just isn't available for shipping before that time. If you feel that is too late for planting in your area, the other option would be in the spring.
The 4 foot size of the plant is an estimate, and wouldn't be too far off of the 5 foot size that was sent this year. They would all even out over the next season or so (you could even prune the others to make them similar in size if needed).

We would be happy to happy to continue work on this issue if there are matters that have yet to be resolved. Our phone number is 1-888-864-7663.


Nature Hills"

Positive MaiMau
(1 review)
On Jul 13, 2010, MaiMau Garrett, IN wrote:

I ordered a Blacklace Elderberry Bush. It arrived on the date I was told that it would (so I was able to have the hole dug and ready), and it is BEAUTIFUL! It had all of its leaves and a very healthy root ball! It has been planted for a week now and already has two new leaves! I am very happy! Thank you!

Positive lansbermudez
(1 review)
On Jun 30, 2010, lansbermudez San Dimas,
United States wrote:

I have to take a moment to tell you how phenomenally impressed I am by my experience with Nature Hills Nursery! I was skeptical about purchasing a fruit tree on-line to be shipped in the California heat, knowing how boxes get tossed about in transit. Well I have to tell you, the box and the tree arrived in mint condition. They way they secured the tree to the bottom of the box and bound the roots in a sawdust looking mixture to retain moisture but not leak in the box if turned upside was unreal! You could not have packaged a tree for shipment better than this tree was packaged! The apple tree looked beautiful, healthy and even had the beginnings of leaves all over! We planted it immediately and could not wait to see it this morning to see if anything had greened! This tree is better looking than ones we found at local Nurseries for double the price!!!

The whole process, from ordering to shippment was easy and every question I sent was answered quickly.

I am so happy and so impressed with Nature Hills Nursery. I will definitly recommend Nature Hills Nursery to others and I will, myself, be back as a repeat customer!

Negative sltza1635
(1 review)
On Jun 29, 2010, sltza1635 Oxford, ME wrote:

Posted on June 26, 2010, updated June 29, 2010
I received a "Harry Lauder's Walking Stick" in early May and planted it according to directions and kept it watered. It has not shown any signs of life so I called last week and explained this to them. I was told there were no more in stock at this time and the only warranty I got with the plant would be a replacement at half price when they get them in stock-possibly this fall. I'm extremely disappointed that for almost $50. there is not a free replacement where it failed to root from the beginning. It's a poor way to do business and was just told when I called "it was in the disclosure". I am one dissatisfied customer who will not be back and will advise my friends to shop where the company stands behind their product...not this company.

On June 29th, 2010, sltza1635 added the following:

Upon reading their last 12 months reviews were 50% negative I'm obviously not the only dissatisfied customer. Having bought plants online for years I've never had any problems until now. This site is great and has taught me a lesson not to put my trust in a new company without doing my homework. It's hard to believe they'll be around a long time with their policies and lack of customer satisfaction.
On Jun 29, 2010, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Jun 28, 2010 8:24 AM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

Nature Hills does stand behind their products and we guarantee that material will arrive safely on your doorstep. We inspect our material for weight, coloration, root structure, and pliability to ensure that viable stock is shipped.

However, when working with live material, there is no guarantee how it will adapt to the new environment that it is transplanted in. There are so many factors, such as soil drainage, insects, animals, plant disease, nutrient deficiency, and weather (just to name a few) that can lead to the loss of a plant. We try and offset this risk by offering a no questions asked replacement for half the current selling price plus shipping and handling.

We are sorry that you feel this is "a poor way to do business," as this policy was agreed upon when the order was placed. We state our terms and conditions on every page at, including the confirmation page of the checkout process (that you must read and agree to before ordering). We are upfront about this policy and we would never recommend a customer agreeing to terms that they don't feel comfortable with.


Nature Hills"

Negative olseer
(1 review)
On Jun 27, 2010, olseer Aurora, CO wrote:

I bought 4 Dakota sunspots for over $100, shipped bareroot. Two had a tiny sign of life and two had none. I planted and watered them with all four going completely brown. I contacted them and received notice of the 50% payment required for replacements, and have elected not to pay more for more questionable plants. Will not do business with them again.

On Jun 27, 2010, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Jun 28, 2010 8:27 AM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

Bareroot material is shipped dormant, and in some cases will start to push new buds in the box durring shipment. However, this is not always the case. Bareroot material can take several weeks to break dormancy after being transplanted. If the plants arrive viable, yet do not survive the transplant, we offer a 1 year (no questions asked) replacement policy. Any failed item can be replaced for half the current selling price plus shipping and handling. We state this policy in the terms and conditions that we have posted throughout our website.


Nature Hills"

Positive scottfolkerth
(1 review)
On Jun 23, 2010, scottfolkerth Pottstown, PA wrote:

I just received my order today from Nature Hills Nursery, which was to replace one Meidiland® rose that had died from an order that I purchased from another nursery. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the White Meidiland® Rose that was sent! This is an excellent example of what should be shipped to customers. I now wish that I had purchased all of the other roses from your nursery. I will definitely be a return customer to Nature Hills!!! Thanks so much for your great care and service!

Negative pookerella
(9 reviews)
On Jun 3, 2010, pookerella Bellmore, NY (Zone 7a) wrote:

Posted on June 11, 2006, updated June 3, 2010
I have ordered many things from Nature Hills. For the most part, I was satisfied. They have a nice selection and the photos on their website are really good. The trees they send are sometimes TOO large! :) I ordered a 3-4 ft tree and got an EIGHT foot tree!

Other than one or two plants, I was satisfied with my purchases. I feel they are a little slow shipping wise. With one order I had to remind them twice that they were past the shipping date and I also have not received replacements or credits on 2 plants that died. Customer service is a little below average. They are nice, but they are very slow to respond.

There were a couple of issues re: their website that were not good. First issue, in order to search you cannot use the enter key (how would you know this!?) you have to press the "go" button. (99.9% of all websites, these 2 things are the same.) Anyway, second issue, many times you will type in a name and it will not find it (even though the page IS there; you can access it via another plant); third issue, their email confirmation is in one continuous line which is almost impossible to read. Fourth issue is that they allow you to create an account, yet it is absolutely meaningless, because you cannot use it for anything and does not store your info when you check out.

I would like to give them a positive because their plants are very good, but they are a bit pricey, their website is difficult to maneuver and they are not the greatest with the customer support.

On June 3rd, 2010, pookerella changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

Update: While their plants CAN be nice, and they did replace a plant that arrived dead, they have the worst service for dormant plants. Be careful that you do not order any "select" plants, i.e., ones that do not come with a "pot" size, which is their "code" for a dormant plant. If you plant your dormant plant and doesn't take, they charge you about 50% of the original price PLUS shipping, even if they are running a "free shipping with any purchase" deal. I think that's deplorable service. 99.9% of all other nurseries replace the plant in full, free shipping. I filed a claim with my credit card company to have the amount charged back to them, regardless of what their "policy" is, and I am assured that because the item is faulty, NYS law overrides their policy.

Also, here's a tidbit about them. They're not really a nursery, more like a nursery service. That's why you have to pay them first before they even send you anything (again, DEPLORABLE). You'd be better suited purchasing directly from places like Garden Crossings, an A1 rated nursery, where you will not only get your items shipped to you faster, but they care about their customers and they will replace anything dormant that won't grow. In other words, their intentions, I suppose, are OK, but steer clear of Nature Hills.
On Jun 3, 2010, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Jun 3, 2010 2:18 PM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:


Let me start by saying that we are indeed a nursery. However, when you offer over 5000 species of plants it is impossible to grow them under one roof. We do work with other nurseries, and we contract them to grow species of plants that thrive in their region.

There are several items that we offer that are shipped bareroot (indicated as a select plant), which will be shipped (and will arrive) dormant. Dormant material is not "faulty," it has been stored in a manor to keep the plant dormant until the time that it ships. This information is stated on our website. Garden Crossings, which is an outstanding nursery, does not offer bareroot material so the comparison is not "apples to apples."

Our replacement policy is also stated on the website, and it was stated in the terms and conditions that you agreed upon when you placed your order online. We can replace any failed item, no questions asked, for half the current selling price plus shipping and handling. Shipping promotions don't apply to replacement orders (and the promo was free shipping on live plant orders over $85, so it wouldn't have applied anyway). We are upfront with this policy from the time the order is placed. We guarantee that our products arrive safely to you. As you mentioned here in your post, we replaced a plant that arrived dead because it was overly stressed from shipping (you reported it right away and we replaced it at our cost).

The plant that was shipped dormant, was one that was grown by one of our contracted nursery that has been in the business of shipping plants since 1897 (they have over 100 years of experience). They inspected the plant for root structure, coloration, height, weight, and pliability to ensure that the material was arrival when it shipped. There were no reports of any issues with the dormant plant when it arrived. If a plant is damaged, or arrives in a fashion that it can be deemed "faulty" from the start, it would be replaced. However, the issue of survival didn't come up until weeks after it was planted in an environment out of our hands.

We feel our policy is one of the best in the industry. It is a no questions asked policy. We don't ask for pictures, we don't ask for you to send back the plant, or for you to return the failed item to our location. There are several factors that can contribute to plant loss (weather, soil conditions, amount of moisture, insects, and plant disease just to name a few). Even if your plant fails because it was run over by a truck it can be replaced under our policy (at half the current selling price plus shipping and handling). We are sorry that you no longer agree with the terms that you agreed to when you placed the order, but there is nothing more we can offer.


Nature Hills Nursery


Positive CLIK4
(1 review)
On May 20, 2010, CLIK4 Leesville, LA wrote:

After I placed my order for a Pink Lady apple tree through Nature Hills I discovered this site while researching another that totally scared me to death. I searched for Nature Hills and found an unsettling amount of negative feedback. I was uneasy about my purchase at that point, but I must say, so far everything is fine with our Pink Lady. UPS delivered the tree as we were heading out of town for the weekend so I unpacked the tree and put it in a pot with some garden soil, watered it and let it sit through the weekend. When we got home Sunday, we immediately dug a hole and put it in the ground. We used a mix of garden soil and dirt from the hole we dug. I then inserted a Miracle Gro fruit tree fertilizing spike in the ground on the outer edge of the hole. We watered it daily and kept an eye on it. It's now 11 days later and leaves have sprouted on every branch! I know its a little soon, but after reading all the negative comments, I am pleasantly surprised. I was hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst. So far, my first experience with Nature Hills has been a pleasant one.

Positive Danny_Hansen
(1 review)
On May 17, 2010, Danny_Hansen West Jordan, UT wrote:

After reading many many comments, I decided to keep my order from this company. I knew what I was getting into. I read every negative comment that was offered and several positive comments. I enjoyed Nature Hills Nursery as they had a large selection that just was not available in my area. It would seem that the majority of comments were about poor customer service and that what the customer expected, visually, a plant or tree to look a certain way and what they received were two different things.
I ordered a Gingko Tree, a Chestnut Oak, and a Northern Catalpa tree. I had researched what trees would grow in my area and I found that NHN website had great resources that could help me find the best trees for my area, I also just googled the trees that interesed me to get the most infomation I could on them. I had also researched how to plant bare root trees and what to expect and how to care for them. I am kind of new to this whole thing. I had actually ordered my trees then I had found this website (which is and was a great tool) and I was nervous and was going to cancel my order as a 30% negative rating is not very good. One thing that was nice is that NHN seemed to try really hard in resolving thses issues. However I emailed NHN and I also opened up a ticket on their website. In less than 24 hours I was contacted by Brian on both of my electronic communications that I had sent. It was mainly a question regarding shipping. He responded letting me know that my order was shipped and on its way. I was pretty happy about that, as most people complained that they could not get a response with regards to the communications they had sent in. So in this area they score high points. And I really wanted to see for my self if they had bad service. If they did not respond the way they had I would be leaving a negative comment now.
My trees arrived and the Chestnut Oak had buds on it! I checked the roots on all of my trees to determine if the were still alive as that seemed to be another major complaint. I would figure that I would call them ASAP if I felt the trees were dead. It is easy to tell if they are dead or just in a "dormant state". Needless to say my trees were alive and packaged very well. The peat moss (or what every they use) was very moist, even 6 days latter. I unwrapped the trees and I soaked them in water for 1 hour and planted them and babied them. My wife was a little mad at me as we were leaving later that day. Then I went on vacation for a couple of days. I was not expecting much to happen but when I got back the Gingko tree had buds and the Catalpa had buds just starting to come in. Realise that it depends on the time of year for your tree and when you get them planted as I can now see why it might take 60 days to break dormancy. I was most worried about the catalpa tree as it was literally a stick (another complaint I frequently saw). I had read much about people getting a "stick" in the mail. So I was not surprised. I would suggest to NHN that they list that on their website that some trees are "sticks" so don't be surprised if you get one and mabey put a picture up of what to expect. The root ball on the Catalpa was the biggest and the most healthy looking of my other 2 trees. So far they are doing well. I am also aware of the refund policy. NHN did a great job of letting you (me)know the estimated shipping date and the refund/return policy. I had recieved my trees sooner than the estimated ship date. Another plus. I figure that for me, the cheaper prices and huge selection is worth the potential of having to pay for 1/2 the price of the original tree if it does not make it. Just to give you an idea Gingko trees on other sites were at least 70-100 dollars for a 5 foot tree. I paid 29.99 and even if it dies and I have to buy another one it is still cheaper even with shipping the 2nd time. I suggest to all that you read everything when ordering from NHN so there will be no surprises. I am very pleased with my overall experience. And wish you all the same experiance. I will be ordering more trees in the future.

Negative strelser
(1 review)
On May 7, 2010, strelser McLean, VA wrote:

Do not use this company! I ordered 1 bush and 3 trees totalling about $150. Didn't hear anything for several days. I was concerned because I had placed several orders with another co., Garden Crossing, and recieved product within the same week. People also answered the phone there. I read through the policy information included with my Nature Hills confirming e-mail. It said customers could cancel before shipment for a 10% fee. I sent an email cancelling and I called and left a message on the main line and with the President. Got an email indicating the product would ship in a few days and I couldn't cancel. I wrote back indicating that I was following their stated policy and that they are not following their policy and that I will dispute the charges if they do not credit my money minus the 10% fee. You can tell from just this brief interaction that no one answers the phone there and that they don't honor their stated policies. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I know it is a hassle to have a customer cancel an order, but they cover their hardship with the 10% penalty as long as you do it before it ships. However, when it comes down to it, they aren't even honoring their own policy. They need to revise their policy and say no cancellations, no returns, no nothing. Obviously, no one would do business with them and no one should do business with a company that tries to back their customers into a corner. They are a hassle to work with and its not worth it.

On May 7, 2010, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On May 7, 2010 6:54 PM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:


We have been in contact through e-mail and I thought I would follow up by responding to this post.

We did maintain an e-mail correspondence with you throughout the day yesterday. There was a note of a voicemail that went unanswered, but that was because an e-mail response had already been sent by the time the message was about to be returned. The president did forward over a message to the customer service department, however somehow the information was taken down wrong and that message was never returned.

We do apologize that the mistake occurred with the phone message, but ultimately we did keep an open line of communication with you. Our records indicate that the e-mails were answered in a timely manor, with no more than two hours of time passing in between each e-mail responses (during our normal office hours).

The spring is our busy season, and even with a staffed call center we are unable to catch every call. However, we do have a policy of returning all voicemails within the same day. When a customer leaves a voicemail and e-mails, a message might not be returned if it was handled by e-mail. In an effort to help all customers with their issues, we try not to do "double duty" by having more than one person work on the same issue.

The main issue at hand seems to be with the cancellation policy. We do state in our terms and conditions that: "Orders CANNOT be cancelled after the order is shipped or if the order is in the packaging process." This is how it is worded verbatim in our terms and conditions. When you placed the order online, you checked off that you read and agreed to the terms stated when you placed your order.

The order was placed on Saturday 5/1/2010, and it was stated that it would ship within 10 to 14 days of the date of the order. Our warehouse ships thousands of orders each week. Each day, our warehouse prints several hundreds of orders and sends crews out to pull and package plants. Once an order has been sent to this packaging process, there is no way to single out one order without first going through hundreds of orders by hand. That is why we are unable to stop an order once it gets to this stage in the order process. Your order was sent to packaging around 6:30 AM on 5/6/2010, which was before you left a voicemail or sent an e-mail regarding cancellation.

You mentioned that the reason you wanted to cancel was that your order from Garden Crossings shipped within the same week you ordered. Garden Crossings is a great company who has great products and a reputation of timely shipping. You stated in your post, that you were concerned with your order from Nature Hills because it wasn't shipped within the same week the order was placed. However, your order was sent to packaging within 4 business days from the time the order was placed, and was in line to ship within one week of the date the order was placed. You then placed a negative comment on this forum because you order was sent to the warehouse for packaging within the first week, which resulted in the inability to cancel the order. In this case, we are not sure what could have been done differently to satisfy you.

We are working on a resolution through our e-mail correspondence. If you do indeed decide to do business with Nature Hills Nursery, we ask that you read our terms and conditions. We value our customers and are upfront with our policies and procedures from the time the order is placed. When issues arise, we will work to satisfy a situation within the parameters of the terms and conditions that are agreed upon when the order is placed.


Nature Hills Nursery

Positive CarolMcMillan
(1 review)
On Apr 30, 2010, CarolMcMillan Katy, TX wrote:

I recently ordered Natural Guard Soil Activator from Natural Hills. I was extremely impressed to the quick response of my order and the speed in which I recieved it. I have looked over the Houston, Katy, Texas area trying to find this product that was advertised in an article from Handyman Magazine with no luck. So I went online and wham I found it. I was excited as my lawn is really bad.When I placed my order I thought it would take forever ever to get like in most gardening magazines. Their promptness was appreciated beyond words. I highly recommend this company to anyone. They did a great job.

Positive mmyers1976
(1 review)
On Apr 12, 2010, mmyers1976 Houston, TX wrote:

Earlier this spring I purchased a centennial crabapple from another online nursery. It arrived how I expected it to, a single “stick” with bare roots, no branches or leaves. It is doing fine in the ground now, leafed in pretty well, but I realized I needed a tree to cross-pollinate it, and settled on dolgo. The other online nursery did not have any dolgo in stock, so I ordered from Nature Hills Nursery instead. The cost of the tree and shipping Nature Hills Nursery charged me was the same as the other online nursery charged me, so I was expecting another bare stick.You can imagine, then, how pleasantly surprised I was, when I opened the tree Nature Hills Nursery sent me, to find a real tree with branches, and even buds on the ends of those branches. I assumed they were leaf buds, so I was even more pleasantly surprised when they opened up to be flowers after less than a week in the ground. Now leaves are coming in too. I had initially bought the dolgo from Nature Hills Nursery to be a supplementary tree for pollinating the one I bought from The other online nursery, but I decided to plant the Nature Hills Nursery tree in a more prominent spot in my yard, because it is by far the more attractive, more mature tree. I wish I had bought my first crabapple from Nature Hills Nursery, but I expect I will buy other trees and plants from Nature Hills Nursery in the future.

Positive YoyoMa
(5 reviews)
On Apr 4, 2010, YoyoMa Charlotte, NC wrote:

Posted on March 31, 2010, updated April 4, 2010
I ordered a Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud (4-5' size), a Weeping Cherry, and 2 Honeysuckle plants from this company. Last weekend I happened to find a weeping cherry tree at Lowe's that was large and in bloom (I know Nature Hills sells dormant trees), so I ended up buying that one and calling to cancel the Weeping Cherry from my order. The man I spoke to at customer service was very polite and the cancellation process was so easy that when I got off the phone I almost felt a little confused... I can't remember the last time a customer service conversation was such a breeze! And the refund has already gone through!

My Weeping Redbud came via UPS yesterday, and although it is a bare root "stick" it looks like it will do very well and at least upon delivery, was very much alive. . It is actually TALLER than 5 ft! My honeysuckle was on a separate order, so it has not arrived yet, but I got a shipment confirmation today. I'm sure it will be very nice!

For those complaining about the bare root "sticks"... What I have found is that it is usually better to purchase trees online during the fall-- that way, the dormant stick looks normal amongst the other dormant trees. Then, it will wake up in the spring with everyone else. When you buy them in the spring, they definitely look funny amongst the other trees that are flowering and leafing out-- but they will catch up in their own time. If you are a first time bare root tree buyer, yes the tree appears dead upon arrival, but you can check for life by doing a tiny scrape on the trunk to check for green. If you can't be patient enough to wait for your tree to break dormancy, go to a local nursery and buy a potted tree. As far as the comment about the dry compost around the bare root tree-- it is very easy to overwater a bare root tree that is SLEEPING and doesn't need a lot of water which will cause root rot. And once you plant it, a good initial soak will help wake it up. Be very careful not to overwater it, though, which can worsen transplant shock.

On April 4th, 2010, YoyoMa added the following:

I received the two honeysuckle plants on Friday. They are much larger than I expected and are now budding. I am VERY happy with this order and will most certainly order from Nature Hills again.
Negative Friedman_ATL
(1 review)
On Mar 12, 2010, Friedman_ATL Atlanta, GA wrote:

Posted on March 11, 2010, updated March 12, 2010
(As an attorney, though I have planted over 60 trees since the Tornado of '98), my comment is that Nature Hills intentionally shipped non-conforming merchandise (they advertise 4-5 foot Covey Redbud, the packing slip indicates same, yet shipped 42" (i.e., 3-4 foot)--they (2) have a tag as a 3 Foot tree!!)). Nature Hills is not offering a 3-4 foot Covey Redbud at this time.

Further, perhaps bareroot means 5" clipped roots on a 4-5 foot tree (doubt it)! It was in a bag of material with old tree clippings within the mulch material--one 4" stem was sprouting 2 short but new roots)). I can not introduce this on my property for fear of contamination! The mulch was also sooo dry that it at first floated on the water I put it in, after only 4 days shipping (they wanted to reduce shipping costs).

I also should have caught that this Company charged my credit card in November for something not to be shipped until March. Finally, one of the trees had a clipped leader just above ground. That means a weakened trunk from the start because the shoot was holding on to the side of a dead leader.

Fortunately, the shipment was totally non-conforming (that's legal for it didn't match what was purchased). If a refund is not promptly made, the credit card company will use chargeback, and the Oklahoma consumer protection group will get a well documented complaint complete with color photos!

My experience with another Oklahoma tree farm last week was entirely different. Great product. Yes, the shipping weight was 10 pounds each for 2 gal. plants. This was $49 (free shipping) for bare/dry root, the other place is $69 plus shipping. Guess which one I will go back to?

THANKS, DAVE'S GARDEN! I should have checked out the seller's feedback instead of just clicking on the "for sale" listing.

On March 12th, 2010, Friedman_ATL added the following:

As to the "dead leader," this was a bad graft where there was a notable injury to the graft on one tree and not the other.

I called Brian this morning, explained the situation, and they are arranging a call-tag pickup through UPS. I am to receive a refund thereafter.

I appreciate their prompt response, and this should not have happened in the first place. Perhaps it is a quality-control issue.

Yes, Nature Hills is in NE, the other place is in Oklahoma.
On Mar 12, 2010, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Mar 24, 2010 12:31 PM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

I have been working with David to take care of this matter. There was a mistake on our part, as the contracted grower shipped out the wrong size tree. The Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud (PP10328) trees reserved for us are between 4 and 5 feet tall, and the warehouse mistakenly shipped out the 3 foot size.

David attempted to contact us after our normal hours of operation, and unfortunately we were unable to address the situation before a negative comment was posted on this site. I did speak to David first thing in the morning, the day after the trees arrived. He was upset about the size. I apologized for the mistake and said I would have the proper size shipped out immediately, but said that was unacceptable. He had mentioned that he was upset about the packing material and said he was convinced that we would not be able to ship him satisfactory material. It was apparent that the only way to satisfy the situation would be to refund him for the trees, which has since happened.

In regards to the material that was placed in the bag, it is 100% organic material that is comprised of mixture of sphagnum moss and cedar toe. The moss can appear "root like" if one has never worked with that type of material before. The grower that inspected and packed these trees has been in the business of shipping trees and plants for over 100 years. The material used would in no way contain contaminates. They are trained to properly prune any roots (if needed) when the trees are packaged, and inspect the trees thoroughly before they are shipped.

When I did speak with David, he had already outsourced the trees from another supplier. There is quite a difference between bareroot material and potted, as the bareroot material is dormant versus potted material that is not. It would make sense that this species in a 2-gallon container would cost less, as that would mostly likely be a 2 to 3 foot size tree. Larger trees tend to cost more, especially species that are extremely slow growing like the Lavender Twist.

Again, we do apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused David. We wish we could have been able to try and rectify the situation before it led to negative feed back. Maybe one day, we will grow large enough to offer 24 hour customer support to avoid this type of situation.

Negative Windmills
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On Mar 3, 2010, Windmills Kernersville, NC wrote:

Posted on July 14, 2009, updated March 3, 2010
I ordered 8 trees from Nature Hills 2 months ago. 2 Japanese Red maples, 2 sourwoods, a tulip poplar, a weeping cherry, a weeping willow, and a red maple.
Both the japanese red maples were completely DOA, Everything else was hard to tell as they are just sticks bound together with twine. I went ahead and put everything in the ground anyway and waited to see. I had my doubts, especially since one of the jap maples was split from root to nearly halfway up the stem. To this day the Jap maples have not done anything, just sticks in the ground. One sourwood has put out a couple of shoots near the bottom, the other has not - just a stick in the ground. The tulip poplar also put out a shoot from the bottom, near the crown, the rest of the "stick" is dead. The weeping willow, weeping cherry, and red maple have put out some foliage, but they seem pretty sickly.

I called customer service shortly after my order arrived and expressed my concern for their health, especially for the jap maple split down the middle. The lady I spoke to assured me that they would grow in time, they are just dormant, etc. So I took the benefit of the doubt and put them in the ground. nearly 2 months later, I have the results above - 8 trees, all of them either dead or very sick. So I called customer service again and told them that I am calling back to report that I wanted a refund or replacement. I was then informed that they do not issue refunds, and that if I wanted a replacement I would have to pay half price for all of them, and I would not get them until next year in the spring. I asked if they would ship in the fall, and they told me no, since I had to have my entire order shipped again to me and they would not replace one tree at a time. I asked them that if they could not replace my order, then they should issue a refund, and they said it was not their policy. I am considering disputing this with my credit card company, since they took my money and gave me a faulty product, and will not do right by its customers.

Seeing from this list that I am not the only one who is recieving dead or nearly-dead trees from this company, and not being offered a refund or a no-cost replacement, it seems as though this is not just a one-time fluke. it's hard also to see how one could ship 8 trees all in this condition - I would expect 1 or 2 not to thrive, but all 8?

Based on this experience I will never buy from Nature Hills again. Very disappinted.

On March 3rd, 2010, Windmills added the following:

Interesting that you would blame the customer instead of your own faulty product and unfriendly policies.

BUYERS BEWARE, you will get this same treatment and worse. They will blame YOU instead of doing the right thing and honoring their customers.
On Mar 3, 2010, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Jul 14, 2009 9:47 AM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

The trees that are listed above (the Weeping Willow, Weeping Cherry, Red Maple, Sourwood, Japanese Red Maple and the Tulip Poplar) are all shipped bareroot and would arrive between 3 and 4 feet tall. Bareroot material is dug in the early spring and they are kept in a cooling facility (kept at 38 degrees) to keep it from leafing out until it is shipped. The species mentioned would arrive with little to no branching at the time that they are shipped, which can make them appear like a "stick." They are inspected for height, weight, coloration, root structure, and pliability before they are shipped to ensure that viable material is sent. We do ship in the spring, and that shipping has concluded as it is too warm to transplant bareroot material this time of year.

With that being said, it sounds like there may have been some inconsistencies with the customer service that you received. For that, we would like to apologize. In regards to the split in the Japanese Red Maple when it arrived, it should have been treated as a damage claim if we were notified right away. This item should have been reshipped right away. At this time, the fall would be the earliest time that we could ship you another one. The other inconsistency is that we can sent up an order with fall and spring items. The material would ship to you at the next available time, even if some items went in the fall and others went in the spring.
We would be more that happy to discuss the option with you if you would like to e-mail us at [email protected] with your contact information.

Finally, there is concern about a loss of 8 trees. The species that you have mentioned are fairly easy to transplant and we haven't had any issues with those variety of trees. You said that the leaves looked sickly on the Weeping Cherry, Weeping Willow, and the Red Maple. There really isn't a way that a tree could be faulty or sickly when it is shipped dormant. If there is an issue with the leaves on the trees, then it would be an environmental factor. You might want to consult your county extension service to see if they have any thoughts. Loosing 5 out of 8 trees is a significant rate of loss, there might have been an issue in the area that they were planting that caused the issue. We do offer the 1/2 off replacement policy, but you will probably want to assess the area before attempting another transplant.


Nature Hills "

Positive angelletta
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On Oct 30, 2009, angelletta Colona, IL wrote:


I ordered a Tinkerbelle Lilac plant and it arrived in great condition-I couldn't believe how large & healthy it was. It was also packed really well. These people take care to send healthy plants and make sure they are packed to keep them that way, plus when you open them they are in excellent condition. I can't wait till it blooms....we are expecting an early winter, so I hope it makes it through-I will make sure & mulch it well! Anyway, I was very happy with my plant and will no doubt order more from this company!

Positive erynsgram
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On Oct 13, 2009, erynsgram Monroe, MI wrote:

I received my purple sandcherry bush within four days of shipping (Nebraska to Michigan). It arrived in perfect condition and is completely healthy. I am very impressed with the way this plant has been taken of. I have ordered products from other companies, but none have arrived in this good of shape. I called in my order and the person I spoke to was extremely helpful and very informative. Would definitely order form Nature Hills again. Thanks a million. JW-Michigan

Positive gailflei
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On Sep 28, 2009, gailflei Shutesbury, MA wrote:

My 4 creeping Cotoneaster plants arrived here in very good order -- the plants are healthy and hearty, and the packaging was most excellent! This is my first purchase from NatureHills but I'm sure not the last!!

Negative Bargod
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On Sep 22, 2009, Bargod Whitman, MA wrote:

We were suppose to recive a dormant tree but what we received was a brittle dead stick.
We sent an email and were told no refund or replacement without additional cost. A second email to the company owner went unanswered.

It's too bad there are so many negative comments here that are treated like what people are saying are unreasonable expectations. It seems that each response from Nature Hills in regard to negative feedback is the same canned answer. I looked on the Better Business Bureau site and they have multiple complaints about people receiving dead items. The findings always end in their favor due of their guarantee.
I had a family member send me a tree and it came in the mail dead. Not dormant, dead. The answer we got back was the guarantee copied and pasted in an email. The similar story we got from most negative feedback on this site.

They also mentioned "Our trees are rigorously inspected for height, weight, coloration, pliability and root structure before they are sent out". In another response they said “Due to the volumes that we do, orders are sent to packaging by the hundreds”. It sounds to me like there’s plenty of room for human error.

I’m quite certain they have more success stories with what they do. No doubt they are still getting people to buy from them online. Where they lack is putting themselves in the consumer’s shoes. If you order something and it arrives dead and then never comes back to life you should be allowed to get your money back. You should at the very least be afforded a replacement.

Hiding behind a terms and conditions paragraph with no flexibility is not much of a customer service model. In a day when we’re all trying to save money this doesn’t fly. It’s their terms and conditions so they can choose to do what they want. I wished the person who sent us our tree read this site first. It seems to me it’s a good place to shop as long as you get a live product when it arrives. All I can do now is make sure I let everyone I know what happened and be sure none of them ever shop there.

If you feel lucky go ahead and order from them. Just be darn sure your expectations are set in the event you receive a live tree. You will find yourself feeling like someone who's been duped.

On Sep 22, 2009, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Sep 22, 2009 4:59 PM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:


We certainly apologize that you had a failure with your order and that you feel that we always responded with "canned answers." There have been a few instances (but only a few instances) where responses are reused. This only happens if the rebuttal fits the comments of multiple posts. We do review each case when issues arise.

As you may have read in our terms and conditions, and in other rebuttals on Garden Watchdog, the trees that we ship are bareroot and will arrive dormant. They are dug in the early spring before any buds sprout and they are kept in cold storage until they are shipped. This ensures that the material remains dormant until it arrives. The inspection process (weight, coloration, root structure, etc.) allows us to verify the viability of the product, even in its dormant state. If product arrives damaged from transit, or there are any other issues with it when it arrives, we ask to be notified within 48 hours so that a claim can be initiated. If you feel that you notified us right away of an issue and something was overlooked, we would be more than happy to review the notes on the order. Just e-mail us at [email protected] with the name used for the billing information and reference this post in the e-mail.

You also referenced the line in our terms about the volumes of orders that we ship. We do package and ship hundreds of trees per day during prime planting times, and we have shipped hundreds of thousands of trees over the years. We pride ourselves on the quality of our material and the packaging that it receives. If a mistake is made, and sometimes they do occur, we will resolve the situation (again if we are notified in a timely manor to do so).

We do try to put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer, and that is why we have constructed the replacement policy that we offer. When transplanting live material, there is always the risk of failure. There are many outside factors (such as temperature, weather conditions, soil types, levels of nutrients in the soil, plant disease, insect, and animals just to name a few) that can have a negative impact on the result of the transplant. Even in perfect conditions, there is a risk of loss when you uproot a tree and try to plant it in a new environment. This is why our replacement policy covers you no matter what. Any failed item can be replaced for half price plus shipping and handling in the first year. This way your are covered if it doesn't take or even if you accidentally run it over with your lawn mower.

This information is stated in our terms and conditions that are clearly posted on the website and stated again in the check out process. We do not hide these terms and conditions. We encourage our customers to read them carefully before they agree to them when placing the order.

Of course, in this instance, the terms would have been agreed upon by the person that purchased the gift for you. Being the recipient of the gift, you may not have been aware of our policies. Again, if you feel that we have missed something and that we need to review this case, e-mail [email protected] and we will look into it.

Nature Hills "

Positive Slogs16
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On Sep 18, 2009, Slogs16 Glendale, AZ wrote:

I just recieved my 3 gallon Boxwood from you folks at Nature HIlls. I just wanted to let you know it arrived in great shape and is bigger than I expected.

Thanks for the great looking plant.


Positive Mickey2181
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On Sep 17, 2009, Mickey2181 Livingston, NJ wrote:

Since May of 2009 I have ordered many plants from Nature Hills. I must say the potted plants that come from them always look very fresh and vibrant, and perform very well in the garden. I ordered a Darts Red spirea from them. It came bare root and looked dry and dead. I stuck it into a planting bed that I had just prepared because I had the space at the moment and didn't have anything else to plant there. When I decided I needed the space I went to pull a seemingly dead spirea out of the ground only to notice that it is full of beautiful light green leaves. It has been blooming for the last three months nonstop and looks beautiful. I also ordered a bare root white oak tree, which took almost four months to come out of dormancy. I figured I will leave it until next year to see what happens, and was very pleasantly surprised to see lots of leaves on it a couple of weeks ago. Other bare root trees like the dogwoods and crape myrtles did great, but the two linden trees and the golden rain tree did not ever make it out of dormancy and finally died. So overall, the experience with Nature Hills has been great. The plants that did not survive, they replaced promptly, and most plants are doing great. Not to mention the fact that they carry some really unique and beautiful plants. Thank you.

Negative deadtrees
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On Sep 4, 2009, deadtrees Dallas, TX wrote:

I was interested in buying a mayhaw tree and found Nature Hills to be one of the few sources. Online reviews sounded encouraging but based on my experience I would have to give them a definite negative rating. They sent me a very small dormant, bare root specimen that looked to be fried-dried. I followed the planting instructions and also installed drip irrigation for it. When it failed to show any signs of life they reluctantly sent me another one. It also had very fine branches that also seemed freezer burned. It was planted immediately after UPS rang my doorbell with the delivery. Again no signs of life after many months of waiting. Nature Hills has tried to convince my that it might take up to ONE YEAR for it to break dormancy! Talk about bogus! Today when I spoke with them their only consolation was to offer me a half-price replacement with additional shipping and handling. What a racket! I wish I had discovered this forum before wasting my money. I am wondering if they intentionally string you along so that it will be too late to have any recourse with your credit card company as well. I now agree with others who have suggested to only buy locally. I may not be able to find the species I am looking for but at least I can choose a live tree not a DEAD one!

On Sep 4, 2009, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Sep 8, 2009 8:42 AM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

We are certainly sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with Nature Hills. Our trees are shipped dormant, and will not have any leaves or buds on them when they first arrive. They are kept in a cold humid storage at 38 degrees to ensure that they remain dormant until they are shipped. The trees are never frozen through the process, but will look like a tree will in the winter time (no leaves, buds, etc.). These seedlings can be small at the age and height that we ship them, depending on the species. For material shipped in the spring, the trees should start to leaf and bud within the first 90 days (often this happens within the first few weeks it is planted). We apologize if there was a miscommunication and you thought it could take a year to leaf out, as that is not the case.

From your description, it sounds like there was an issue with the first mayhaw tree when it arrived and we replaced it for you. If there is a problem with the item on arrival, caused by either the packaging or the shipping, we will certainly replace the item at our cost (as we did with the original shipment). We just ask that you notify us of the problem right away so it can be resolved. If your order arrives without damage, our standard policy is that we replace failed items in the first year for half the current selling price plus shipping and handling. This is stated in the terms and conditions when you order, and we highly recommend all of our customers read these terms in full before agreeing to them.

If you feel that the second tree that was sent was damaged due to the shipment, we would be more than happy to take another look at your account. Just e-mail [email protected] with your name and mention this post in the e-mail. We can review the information on your account and see if anything was missed.

Thank you,

Nature Hills"

Negative Rawmodel
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On Aug 21, 2009, Rawmodel Alexandria, MN wrote:

I ordered lots of gooseberries and currants, along with 2 Ranier Cherries and 2 Plum Varieties. The trees are all dead...checked the bottom for any green and it was all brown. They have only been in the ground for two months, and I put them in some really good soil and mulched them well for moisture. They source their fruit trees from Dave Wilson's nursery in California, and Ive had bad luck with many of their trees (VERY unhardy...despite the zone recommendations.

I will simply try my best to avoid buy bare root trees from ANYONE now. Willis Orchards is the same...90% of my plants from them did not make it, while 95% of the plants I bought locally did.

I would recommend Natures Calling for the gooseberries and currants, but I would never buy trees from them again. And the return policy doesnt even make you want to return them.

On Aug 21, 2009, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Aug 21, 2009 11:17 AM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

We are sorry to hear that you had issues with your order from Nature Hills. Our fruit trees are grown by Dave Wilson Nursery. We have shipped hundreds of thousands of fruit trees and feel that their trees are among the best grown in the United States. Their material has proven to be very successful when transplanted.

We also take pride in the quality of our gooseberry and currants, as well as all of our small fruit offerings. Failure is always a possibility when transplanting, however 90% failure rate of all bareroot material planted is definitely excessive. This would lead one to believe that there are some other outside factors that are causing such a high loss of failure.

Regardless, we do offer a one year replacement policy. Any failed item (or items) can be replaced, without question, for half price plus shipping and handling (as stated in our terms and conditions). We could certainly set up an order for next spring if you want to try again.


Nature Hills"

Negative jdeck
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On Aug 13, 2009, jdeck Bethesda, MD wrote:

I bought three trees (~$100 with s/h). All arrived dead as doornails and stayed that way - no life whatsoever even after six weeks in the ground with lots of tlc. All nature hills will do is sell me three new trees at 1/2 price plus more s/h. no way they are getting more of my money. WHAT A TOTAL RIPOFF! order from somewhere else!

On Aug 13, 2009, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Aug 14, 2009 8:33 AM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

Nature Hills sells bareroot trees and they are shipped dormant. The material is thoroughly inspected before it is shipped. We check the height, weight, coloration, root structure, and pliability of each tree that is shipped to ensure that viable material is shipped. Unfortunately, when working with live plant material there is a risk of loss.

Outside factors such as soil types, nutrient and pH levels of the soil, local climate, temperature conditions, and amount of water absorbed can cause items to fail. Failure can be also be caused by insects, disease, local wild life, or an act of nature (i.e. a heavy wind storm). Failure can also simply be caused by the plant/tree's inability to survive shock of transplant. That is why we offer a one-year, no questions asked, replacement policy.

It is stated in the terms and condition when an order is place that any failed item can be replaced within the first year for half the current selling price of the item, plus the shipping and handling. We are upfront about this policy, and these terms must be agreed to when an order is placed. We strongly encourage every customer to read these terms and conditions, in full, before they accept the terms and place their order.

Nature Hills"

Negative daveifdjd
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On Aug 10, 2009, daveifdjd Bethany, MO wrote:

Ordered a Sycamore tree, shipped dormant, but arrived dead, after 2 months in moist new potting soil, nothing. Company will not stand behind it, their policy is to give half off another tree if it dies within one year. My argument is the tree was never alive, they do not care, Buyer beware, They will sell you a dead tree then offer you another for half price. not much of a deal to me.

On Aug 10, 2009, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Aug 11, 2009 12:45 PM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

Nature Hills sells bareroot trees and they are shipped dormant. The material is thoroughly inspected before it is shipped. We check the height, weight, coloration, root structure, and pliability of each tree that is shipped to ensure that viable material is shipped. Unfortunately, when working with live plant material there is a risk of loss.

Outside factors such as soil types, nutrient and pH levels of the soil, local climate, temperature conditions, and amount of water absorbed can cause items to fail. Failure can be also be caused by insects, disease, local wild life, or an act of nature (i.e. a heavy wind storm). Failure can also simply be caused by the plant/tree's inability to survive shock of transplant. That is why we offer a one-year, no questions asked, replacement policy.

It is stated in the terms and condition when an order is place that any failed item can be replaced within the first year for half the current selling price of the item, plus the shipping and handling. We are upfront about this policy, and these terms must be agreed to when an order is placed. We strongly encourage every customer to read these terms and conditions, in full, before they accept the terms and place their order.

Nature Hills"

Positive hunter72163
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On Jul 23, 2009, hunter72163 Springfield, IL wrote:

Well at first i was wondering what a stick was going to do so i waited.Then there was life i brought a hazelnut tree the stick its self is dead but the tree has new life at the bottom . so i know it is alive and happy. just want to say thanks. And mybe one day my little hazelnut tree will make me happy planting it.with lots of hazelnuts

Negative gtaylward
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On Jul 17, 2009, gtaylward Milton, VT wrote:

buyer beware... I, too, ordered trees from Nature Hills Nursery last fall 2008. 1 Black Cherry and 1 Hazelnut. They arrived this May 2009, bare-rooted, but as expected. After planting them in amended soil and watering them diligently, the black Cherry showed no sighs of life and is nothing but a stick of dried out wood (aka dead). The Hazelnut just sprouted leaves at the root base (the rest of the 3-4ft "tree" is a stick of dead wood) hardly the plant I purchased.

I contact Nature Hills Nursery via email and was informed of their replacement policy -paraphrasing here- pay us again (1/2 price, plus shipping) and we'll send you replacements.

I've had good luck with bare-root stock from other suppliers - but will not use Nature Hills again. I recommend you find a vendor with 1-year full-replacement guarantee.

On Jul 17, 2009, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Jul 20, 2009 1:06 PM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

We definitely dislike hearing about situations when our products do not survive the transplant, but unfortunately it is always a risk when working with live plant material. That is why we offer a replacement policy.

We are upfront about the replacement policy, as it is stated (in detail) in the terms and conditions that must be agreed upon before an order can be placed. When unforeseen circumstances occur, we do have the ability to replace failed items at half price plus the shipping and handling. This is a no questions asked policy, so items can be replaced regardless of the circumstance (as is not always the case with other on-line companies). We do recommend that the customer reads these terms and conditions in their entirety before submitting an order. That way everyone is on the same page and there are no surprises later on.


Nature Hills"

Negative nallowranch
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On Jul 13, 2009, nallowranch Bismarck, ND wrote:

I ordered four trees from Nature Hills in May. The first one I got was bent at a rather odd angle in the box and ended up to be dead except for some growth that eventually came back from the bottom near the roots.

I sent an email explaining the problem with the tree and got no reply at all. I called them today and the man told me I would have to pay for half of the cost of the tree and shipping and handling. I was amazed that I am going to have to pay for replacement of a nearly dead tree which was that way when I got it. I have never heard of such a customer policy.

I ,too, wished I had read more carefully on their replacement policy before I ordered anything from this company. I would highly recommend that NO ONE ORDER A THING from NATURE HILLS!!!!!!!!! What a way to run a company. I am disgusted with this company and want to alert other people not to waste their money or time on them.

On Jul 13, 2009, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Jul 14, 2009 8:50 AM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

The trees that are shipped from Nature Hills are bareroot, and they will arrive completely dormant. We inspect the trees thoroughly before they are shipped for weight, height, coloration, root structure, and pliability to be sure that viable material is shipped. However, when working with live plant material, there is always a possibility of the plant or tree not taking to the transplant. That is why we offer the 1 year replacement policy.

We certainly apologize if there was damage to the tree when it arrived. If a product arrives damaged, we ask that you notify us within 48 hours so that we can set up a damage claim. If we are not contacted within that time frame, we assume everything arrived safely and the standard replacement policy comes into play.

We also apologize that you didn't receive a response to your e-mail. We do typically reply to e-mails within 24 hours of receiving them. It may have been an issue where the e-mail never made it to us.


Nature Hills "

Negative jbbrealtor
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On Jul 2, 2009, jbbrealtor Rigby, ID wrote:

Like most on here I wish I would of found this site before I purchased from Nature Hills. Every negative comment is excatly how I feel. Here is my story.

I purchased online 15 raspberry plants and 3 apple trees. What I didn't realize is that it would take 2 months to ship. It never once told me that it wouldn't ship right away. I finally had to call and find out what was going on. I was ok with that. Next, we finally got them planted as per the instructions. Now we have noticed that some of them aren't alive. I would like to know how you are supposed to know that they are DOA? They come as just sticks anyway. It is not like they have leaves on them. But 5 of the 15 didn't live. Also when we recieved the apple trees, one of them didn't even have roots on it. Giving the benifit of the doubt we planted it anyway.

Now two months later the apple tree has just barely started to show signs of life and 5 of the raspberries are dead. So I called the customer service number with no answer. So I finally called back again and got a fine lady on the other end. (I say that very sarcasticly) I explained the situation and she explained that we had to pay to get the replacements. I guess I should of read better. That is my fault. But I would never purchase from them again. But after explaining to her that it seems to me that their policies only benifit them she said she was not going to argue with me. (I was just stating my opionion and never raised my voice once) And then it came.... SHE HUNG UP ON ME..... I would never order from them again. They seem to be running a scam. I am going to start up a online nursery and make people pay for dead plants. Seems like a great idea.

I do not reccommend this company to anyone. Unless you want to end up paying 1 1/2+ times for your plants. Cause that is what it boils down to here.

On Jul 2, 2009, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

"On Jul 6, 2009 3:17 PM, Nature Hills Nursery responded with:

We certainly apologize for the way you were treated. Our customer service representatives do reserve the right to hang up the phone if the customer is vulgar, but should not hang up if you were simply asking a question. We would be more than happy to review the situation and would appreciate the opportunity to try and correct the situation. If you could e-mail us directly at [email protected] with your name (and a mention of the post above), we will do our best to correct the situation.

Our sincerest apologies,

Nature Hills"

Positive Blackwill
(2 reviews)
On Jun 30, 2009, Blackwill Bakersfield, CA wrote:

Just received a Himrod grape vine and Concord Seedless grape vine from Nature Hills. Both arrived in great condition with plenty of foliage. They have been in the soil for about 4 days now, and new growth is abundant on both. The only additional information I would request when ordering is the age of the vines at shipping time. They appear to be 1 year old vines, but there is no information to confirm it.

Positive ppH
(1 review)
On Jun 29, 2009, ppH Newport, VA wrote:

My order was filled virtually immediately with quality trees which were packaged impeccably. Perfect product and perfect presentation

Positive bengalbaby1
(1 review)
On Jun 16, 2009, bengalbaby1 Sweet Home, OR wrote:

I ordered concord grape bare root plants because you cannot get them in Oregon. They arrive on time, already budding with very nice roots. They are doing absolutly great and will buy more fo my plant needs from this company ! I was very pleased with everything and the people were very helpful ! Thank you !


Positive kringle
(1 review)
On Jun 11, 2009, kringle Mapleton, ME wrote:

I recieved my cranberry bushes yesterday, and I would like to tell you how VERY impressed I am with the plants. I just couldn't get over the healthy and large plants I recieved. Blown away would be the way to describe it.
Thanks so much for having such wonderful plants and I can promise I will buy more from your company! I WILL be buying from this company from now on. I would rate this company A+++++++++++++
Alice Keiser

Positive Rachelalexandra
(1 review)
On Jun 9, 2009, Rachelalexandra Lexington, KY wrote:

I recently ordered from Nature Hills for the first time. My shipment of two hibuscus arrived a few days ago, approximately a week after ordering.

The plants were expertly packed and very healthy--they are already sprouting new growth. I will certainly use Nature Hills again!

Positive minuspa
(2 reviews)
On Jun 8, 2009, minuspa Saint Joseph, MI wrote:

I first ordered from them in 2008 in August regarding a sale on the Halcyon Hosta that I saw on line. It came in great shape, packaged well, and is doing remarkably well in my garden. This year, in May, I ordered a All the Rage rose bush bare root. Kind of feeling unsure about a bare root order, I ordered it anyways. The representative I talked to was great and I received it within a week from the time I placed the ordered. It comes to you in a plastic sleeve, moist with mulch around the root system. I prepped the roots as instructed. The main stalk is starting to come green green, so this has to mean that it is finally taking stock to the ground and growing. Our weather here in SW Michigan has been a yo yo of in the 50's and then warm in the high 70's low 80's, so I think it will do a lot better once the weather gets warmer. I have fertized it with Rose food, so only time will tell. I have no complaints regarding this company and have always had great service with them. Upon the shipment of both plants that I have ordered through them, I was always notified via e-mail as to when it was shipped and when I could expect to receive them. I always look to them first, when I am looking for a specific plant and only go with another nursery on line if they do not carry it.

Positive bigtrainwreck
(1 review)
On Jun 6, 2009, bigtrainwreck Ankeny, IA wrote:

I have just read some of the posts about Nature Hills. I almost feel as if I ordered from a totally different company. I had originally intended to post about the fine customer service I received when a package that was damaged in shipment, but now I feel I need to relate my long experience with Nature Hills. In 2005 I ordered an Autumn Blaze red maple which is now growing very nicely in my front yard. In 2006 I ordered 8 burning bushes that now are about 3 to 4 feet tall. I ordered these bushes when they went on sale in July. They were bareroot and all of them lived, mainly thanks to the excellent planting and care advice given to me by Nature Hills. In 2007 I ordered some yews to place under my front window and they arrived in great shape also. In 2008 I ordered some perennials. These came in 4 inch pots and were packed in such a way that even though the box was slightly crushed, the plants were secure and in good shape. This year I ordered some organic tomato plants. They were gorgeous, except for one of the boxes that was destroyed in shipping. I called customer service and they took care of everything promptly and courteously. All in all, I am very happy with Nature Hills.

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