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Positive ecrane3
(30 reviews)
On Sep 10, 2005, ecrane3 Dublin, CA (Zone 9a) wrote:

I ordered a bunch of seeds earlier this year and am planning to order some more this fall The selection of seeds is great, and the germination rate I got on the seeds I ordered was much better than seeds I've ordered from other places.

Positive number2lindalou
(8 reviews)
On Sep 8, 2005, number2lindalou Ormond Beach, FL wrote:

Several weeks ago I ordered seeds from two sources, one of them being J. L. Hudson. The other seller charged almost as much for shipping as for the seeds, though the entire order could have been sent for one or two 37-cent stamps. J. L. Hudson not only sent the seeds, a catalogue, order forms, and growing instructions, but sent the entire shipment free of charge. I intend to shop extensively for my spring 2006 seeds at J. L. Hudson.

Positive dave12122
(82 reviews)
On Sep 7, 2005, dave12122 East Haddam, CT wrote:

I ordered some rather difficult to germinate genera (Astragalus, Oxytropis), but three out of four species are already up and look great! Definitely a classy nursery and deserving of your patronage!

Positive nick89
(2 reviews)
On Jun 23, 2005, nick89 Tallahassee, FL (Zone 8b) wrote:

Great prices for seeds and fast shipping. Also carry many unusual, hard-to-find species. Tree seeds I purchased a few months ago are healthy and nearly all came up.

Positive onalee
(42 reviews)
On May 17, 2005, onalee Brooksville, FL (Zone 9a) wrote:

Although the online ordering process is a little cumbersome, the products are AWESOME! Fast shipping and quality seeds - I'll definately be back!

On May 23rd, 2006, onalee added the following:

I've had excellent customer service from JL Hudson and have been very pleased with the quality and quantity of seed. I will definately continue to order from them in the future!
On September 26th, 2008, onalee added the following:

I continue to be impressed by JL Hudson's seeds and customer service. Not only do I buy seeds here, but I often recommend them to people looking for seeds that I don't have, but they do.

Keep up the good work!!

Positive Gourd
(22 reviews)
On May 11, 2005, Gourd Mesilla Park, NM wrote:

Ordered several seeds and they were mailed the next day to me. Every seed germinated 100 percent. Will definitely purchase from this company again.

Positive rh3708
(5 reviews)
On May 4, 2005, rh3708 Westmoreland, TN (Zone 7a) wrote:

I got some Hibiscus seeds from them this past year I was happy with my seeds and am very happy with the plants I grew from the seeds.I will buy from them again.

Positive dstartz
(9 reviews)
On Mar 30, 2005, dstartz Deep South Texas, TX (Zone 9a) wrote:

Last year I placed an order for numerous varieties of Liliium seeds. Once placed and paid for I changed my mind about a variety and wrote to see if it could be accommodated. I got an email a day or two later stating the change had been made. A short time later my seeds arrived.

On the back of each of the packets was extensive informarion about the type of seed it was and how best to germinate them. All that I have planted have had very good germination rates.

I hope I have the opportunity to do business with J.L. Hudson for years to come!

Positive CaptMicha
(27 reviews)
On Mar 4, 2005, CaptMicha Brookeville, MD (Zone 7a) wrote:

I ordered two packets of seed from this company. I found their catalog impressive with a diverse variety of seed and easy to navigate.

The communication with this company is excellent, very fast and concise.

The seeds were well packaged and the packets even boast germination instructions. This was perhaps the fastest seed delivery I have ever received.

I highly recommend this company to any one.

On May 24th, 2005, CaptMicha added the following:

I just made another seed order, everything was 100% perfect.

This company is always willing to answer any questions I posed.
Positive redrocks
(2 reviews)
On Mar 1, 2005, redrocks Sedona, AZ wrote:

Today was one of the highlights of my gardening year: the order from JL Hudson arrived. I don't have to wait to find out how this year's seed story will unfold. I already know the gist of it, from long experience.

There will be very generous amounts of seed, and germination rates will be high. I've never had the slightest problem with anything I ordered from this source. To the contrary, there are always unlooked-for delights. There will be pleasing surprises hidden away in those seeds- in the new seeds I am going to try, and in the way the known varieties take hold. Their prices are so reasonable I always feel free to launch a few flights of horticultural fancy- without being sorry when I stretch my plant knowledge to the breaking point. And I already know that everything I am accustomed to growing will be exactly as I hope- weather and the gardener permitting.

I have ordered seeds from practically every common source, at one time or another in a highly varigated gardening history. I don't garden every year: but when I do, my main order is always this one. In my experience, there are no other seed companies quite as reliable and worthy. And last but not least: their extensive catalogue provides a uniquely enjoyable intellectual and scientific experience. I don't think there is anything left to ask for from a seed company- and I don't.

Positive mouseman
(14 reviews)
On Feb 23, 2005, mouseman wrote:

I have ordered twice from this company in the past half year. Both orders arrived very quickly. The quantity of seeds and sowing information are great. Germination has been high so far. They are a super source of seeds.

Positive dirtdiver
(5 reviews)
On Feb 23, 2005, dirtdiver Evanston, IL wrote:

Neat, idiosyncratic company, great seed list. Fast and polite. I'll order from them again.

Positive gardenpaw
(3 reviews)
On Feb 20, 2005, gardenpaw Brownstown, IN wrote:

I bought seeds from J.L. Hudson Seedsman for the first
time, I am so pleased with all of the seeds they sent, and
they are so nice, I will definatley order from them again.
Such nice people to do business with.Thank you,

Positive fangNJ
(12 reviews)
On Jan 15, 2005, fangNJ New Providence, NJ (Zone 6a) wrote:

I ordered from them on Dec, 2004. The seeds arrived very quickly. I also got excellent germination rate on Arisaema triphyllum and still waiting for others to germinate. I will definitely order again.

Positive Schleppel
(1 review)
On Jan 8, 2005, Schleppel Campbell River,
Canada wrote:

I have been ordering from J.L.Hudson since the early 90's and it has been an educational journey to say the least! I have years of catalog back issues on hand now as reference material.

Many of the tropicals could only be grown indoors where I live in Canada but I enjoy being transported to exotic places reading of rare and bizarre plants with fascinating uses.

Even still my largest seed order every year arrives from JLH as I find more nooks and crannies to fill with Aquilegia, Dianthus, Lilium, and Papaver species or varities I haven't tried yet!

I also have started many fine young trees from JLH seed. Without doubt the finest seed catalog I have come across!
Order with confidence, I have never been disappointed.


Positive alicewho
(50 reviews)
On Jan 4, 2005, alicewho North Augusta, SC (Zone 8a) wrote:

You just can't beat them. Love the catalog, quick service, great prices and selections. It's a rarity to get 100% satisfaction from any company anymore, all others should attempt to rise to their level.

Positive Janna
(28 reviews)
On Dec 29, 2004, Janna Mahwah, NJ (Zone 6a) wrote:

Excellent. Super fast shipping - seeds were here in a week! At first I was little annoyed by having to print and fill the forms manually instead of doing it right there on site and paying with credit card - I've been spoiled by easy online shopping, and it took me about 2 weeks with my busy schedule to fill the order, write a check and mail it. But when the seeds arrived I was so pleased and excited! I don't know yet about germination rates - but it will be tested pretty soon! I am so glad someone on Gardenweb recommended this guy - otherwise I wouldn't have found such a great source. Will order again.

Positive ching
(6 reviews)
On Dec 9, 2004, ching Austin, TX wrote:

Seeds arrived only 3 days after I placed the order. Great germination rate. The best prices and a great selection to choose from. Always look here first!

Positive dottik
(10 reviews)
On Dec 1, 2004, dottik Oakland, OR (Zone 8a) wrote:

Seeds arrived even before I expected them. Paper catalog was included as requested. Will definitely buy from this company again. Thank you.

On August 14th, 2005, dottik added the following:

Second order was even faster and easier than first. Was able to pay via PayPal. Will definite purchase again.
Positive naturemitch
(4 reviews)
On Nov 19, 2004, naturemitch Stevens Point, WI wrote:

Wonderful!!! Received my order within the week, everything I ordered I received including my request for their catalog.
Prices are great, seeds packed well, and I do enjoy the seed hype, no extra waste of paper, and what I need is on them.

Don't hesitate to order from them, they don't disappoint. I'm in the process of laying out my next order with them....they have my full confidence.

Thanks....with a smile.....

Positive lego_brickster
(14 reviews)
On Nov 18, 2004, lego_brickster Lawrenceville, PA (Zone 5b) wrote:

This fall was my first order from JL Hudson. Overall a very good experience.
They have a huge selection of both common and rare seeds at very good prices.

I would have to say the only problem I had was in understanding the catalog (both print and on-line). Lots of flipping back and forth to the key to figure out how much of each seed I was getting.

The codes that are used to order are confusing as well. I spent a long time spread-sheeting things out so that I could understand my own order, and finally had to have my wife double check it since my eyes were swiming with all the letters and numbers. JL Hudson needs a better ordering system so customers can take better advantage of their products.

Spent $60 on 33 packs of seed - A great deal! I will post again in the spring after I have them all planted.

Positive stefoodie
(3 reviews)
On Oct 31, 2004, stefoodie Clarks Summit, PA (Zone 5b) wrote:

First contact with this company I e-mailed them regarding their codes -- I couldn't figure out what they meant. Turns out the code explanations are on the catalog front page. Someone e-mailed me back explaining this and further told me that it didn't occur to them that people may have a hard time finding it so they're going to see about putting the information where it'll be easier to find. Ordered several seeds (some of which I didn't find anywhere else) after this. Paid through Paypal but Paypal didn't send them notification right away so they sent me a reminder that they haven't received payment. I replied and told them I had already paid, the next day I get an e-mail back saying they did get the notification and that they were sending the seeds right away. These days I find that communication is so important especially since it's so easy to do this via e-mail. I appreciate a company that takes the time to let you know exactly what's going on instead of just leaving you wondering.

Positive piedmthq
(1 review)
On Aug 29, 2004, piedmthq Dunellen, NJ (Zone 6b) wrote:

Greatest catalogue!!!! There is nothing else like it. I have ordered from this company for many years & NEVER had any problems. You can trust this company. I dont think u can call them like other companies, but they always respond to emails....

Positive RWhiz
(6 reviews)
On Aug 3, 2004, RWhiz Spring Valley, CA (Zone 10a) wrote:

Wonderful company. I have bought seed from them for over 30 years. Highly recommended.

Positive evan1
(4 reviews)
On Jul 3, 2004, evan1 Somerville, NJ wrote:

Catalog is a great read. Have ordered 3 years in a row and will continue to do so.

Positive meadowgarden
(7 reviews)
On May 27, 2004, meadowgarden Rockford, IL (Zone 4b) wrote:

Great catalog and selection. The prices are reasonable. I had no problems with the seeds germinating. I will certainly order from them again next year.

Positive purplepinkpolka
(14 reviews)
On May 2, 2004, purplepinkpolka Leesburg, VA wrote:

Mind bogglingly large selection and many varieties with insanely exotic origins. The seeds themselves are quite cheap ($1.50 baseline, some $2 or $3/package), plentiful, and germinates readily. Shipping is only $1.50 and I got my order in under a week.

Positive PaisleyRioux
(8 reviews)
On Apr 29, 2004, PaisleyRioux Manhattan, London, NY wrote:

What a hoot. You have to love a catalog that sprinkles such phrases as "Anarchy: Now more than ever!" throughout the pages. Get the catalog to supplement your bathtub bookshelf. Get the seeds to satisfy your belief that some sellers still honor orders paid in cash or postage stamps.

Positive oldtimin
(5 reviews)
On Apr 12, 2004, oldtimin Montpelier, OH wrote:

I got fast service from J.L.Hudson. Everything I ordered came in and in good shape. Germination so far has been good. They don't have a huge selection of vegetable seeds but they did have 2 varities this year that no one else had, and several other selections not commonly available. I will look forward to doing further business with them.

Positive fpgill
(29 reviews)
On Apr 10, 2004, fpgill Sudbury, MA (Zone 6a) wrote:

I ordered a variety of seeds this spring. Prompt shipment and good germination - will be ordering again!

Positive olddog
(11 reviews)
On Mar 10, 2004, olddog Colfax, LA (Zone 7a) wrote:


Positive twitser
(15 reviews)
On Feb 17, 2004, twitser Dawsonville, GA wrote:

I can't say enough about this company. Shipment was lightening fast. I made an inquiry via email and they were extremely courteous. Prices reasonable! I highly recommend this seller!

Positive cyrano
(1 review)
On Jan 24, 2004, cyrano wrote:

I have ordered seeds from J. L. Hudson, Seedsman for years now and it is always a positive experience. Orders are filled promptly. I enjoy going through the catalog and finding unusual items to try; this year it's the Voodoo Lily (Sauromatum guttatum venosum). I have never had a problem with low germination rates. The heirloom vegetables are always interesting as well. His prices are low and he does not try to take advantage with inflated shipping costs: I think it's a buck for up to 20 packages. Order with confidence; he's a good guy.

Positive tinman04
(3 reviews)
On Jan 20, 2004, tinman04 Saint Marys, PA (Zone 5a) wrote:

Excellent company to deal with. I found the company by looking at this site. When I read all the positives, with no negatives, I requested a catalog. I received my order faster than I expected. I am pleased with the company, my order, and the germination of the seeds. I will buy from this company again and would recommend others to try.

Positive MrTaterHead
(1 review)
On Jan 16, 2004, MrTaterHead wrote:

"EXOTIC" -- describes the selections from Hudson's.

I became a Solanid Maniac nine years ago because of this catalog. Can you believe the variety of the Potato Family? My favorite has long been Solanum Atropurpureum. I call it "Godzilla Tree". It's Frighteningly Handsome, with three-inch spines everywhere, even rising from soft parts of its large oak-shaped leaves. It's a two meter (six-foot) tall half-hardy bush in dark bronze-olive, with dark purple stems and spines.

There's dozens of other solanids to learn about, hundreds of other wonderful garden selections to dream about, and ever-so-much to learn from Hudson's.

Gotta love this.

Positive DrSarahMKnife
(3 reviews)
On Aug 11, 2003, DrSarahMKnife wrote:

Just an outstanding company, for selection, for honesty - they really tell you a straight story instead of trying to "sell" a product - how many companies tell you upfront that seed age is rarely an issue, so you should save part-packets from year to year? and the prices are really excellent.

Positive airren
(5 reviews)
On Jul 20, 2003, airren Alabaster, AL (Zone 7b) wrote:

Every year I wait for this catalogue and spend hours going through every entry. I've had great results with the seeds and the catalogue has a lot of information. Seeds come in a timely manner. I did order through the internet this year (first year offered) and one packet was missed in shipping - customer service answered my email immediately and sent the missing packet. All around wonderful seeds and service from J.L. Hudson. I'm so happy they're around.

Positive nancyanne
(8 reviews)
On Jul 5, 2003, nancyanne Lafayette, LA (Zone 9a) wrote:

This catalog is a treasure-trove of information. The selection is wide and varied, germination generally very good. Reasonably priced seed, and shipping cost is not burdensome.
The first time I ordered, I sent a check, and expected to wait a few weeks for it to clear, etc. To my surprise I received my order the same week; an item that was out of stock was reimbursed with cash in an envelope.
This spring I inquired about a particular seed (not listed in catalog) on my order form - a subsequent supplement offered it.
Really exceptional company. I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

Positive ncpepper
(21 reviews)
On Jul 4, 2003, ncpepper Pilot Mountain, NC (Zone 7a) wrote:

Best germination of any company I have ordered from. Catalog is a wonderful source of germination information and growing instructions. No photos but the descriptions suffice and make me want to buy one (at least!) of everything.

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