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Positive Terry
(122 reviews)
On Feb 27, 2003, Terry Murfreesboro, TN (Zone 7a) wrote:

I placed my order last month and received it within ten days. I requested a couple items from the old catalog, on the off-chance they'd still have them (even though they weren't listed online.)

They sent them to me along with the rest of my order. The seed quantities are VERY large for the price = great value. Germination has been very high (for the items that come up quickly; I have no doubt the rest of them will come up in due time, too.

Will definitely order again!

Positive corossol
(3 reviews)
On Feb 27, 2003, corossol Dobbs Ferry, NY wrote:

I have been doing business with JLH for 11 years and have never had a problem. Reasonable prices, fair & square deals. A good selection of plant, flower & vegetable seeds. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff. JLH's catalogs are so thick with info that I've saved every issue...and of how many companies can you claim that??

Positive CathyGoldman
(1 review)
On Feb 12, 2003, CathyGoldman wrote:

I love this company! I have ordered from them for several years now. The seeds germinate well and perform well in the garden. I plan to support this company for years to come.

Positive hillfarm
(36 reviews)
On Dec 28, 2002, hillfarm Quesnel, BC (Zone 4a) wrote:

Am writing from Canada. Have ordered many seeds from JLH over the years and continue to be astounded by his wonderful catalogue, generous seed quantities, reasonable prices and general honesty. One of the best seed houses in North America, perhaps the world. (I speak from experience; have ordered seed from around the world and JLH is right up there.) The political and philosophical opinions are a bonus - certainly give you something to ponder while working in the garden.

Positive Eric_OH
(55 reviews)
On Dec 23, 2002, Eric_OH Columbus, OH (Zone 6a) wrote:

I've ordered from J.L. Hudson on an annual basis for over ten years. Orders are always promptly handled, seed quality is high and value is very good. Fine selection of native and heirloom open-pollinated seed. Catalog politics are controversial, but never fail to be thought-provoking and entertaining. Excellent company.

Positive dianthusman
(29 reviews)
On Dec 3, 2002, dianthusman Pecos, NM (Zone 5b) wrote:

Wonderful company, wonderful catalog, wonderful people. Order early and often! One of my favorites for many, many years.

Positive janea
(14 reviews)
On May 9, 2002, janea South Orange, NJ wrote:

Excellent selection of seeds - I can now grow many of the flowers I grew up with in Scotland here in my backyard in NJ. The catalog and ordering may at first seem a bit quirky, but the service and the seed quality and quantity are fantastic. Having found this resource, I'll probably not order flower seeds anywhere else.

Positive Zorro
(6 reviews)
On May 7, 2002, Zorro Kelowna,
Canada wrote:

These guys don't have a ton of vegetable seeds for sale, but what they do have is unusual and inexpensive. The catalogue is fascinating and they have already sent me an update leaflet, which details newly arrived available seed varieties. So far, germination looks good on the stuff I bought this year.

Positive ljday
(3 reviews)
On Mar 28, 2002, ljday Oakland, CA (Zone 9b) wrote:

I found JL Hudson, when I ran across an article about gibberellic acid, a seed chemical to promote better growth. This is not a well know substance, but JL Hudson not only had it, but has it in kits with instructions and test tubes and gloves…. A Basic kit and the Real Serious one.

They got it to me in a week and included forms to send to the government to stop a regulation that will hurt the transporting of seeds INTERSTATE-- that's us and the nurseries, that do mail orders.

I rate them excellent in the range of products and their involvement in the bureaucracy vs the consumer.

Now I'll look at their catalog, or mix up my seeding concoction.

Articles on GA-3 can be found at // and

Positive mysticmuse
(1 review)
On Mar 24, 2002, mysticmuse wrote:

A wonderful catalog with many hard to find seeds at very reasonable prices. I highly recommend using them - great prices, fast delivery and an informative catalog.

Positive kaathao
(2 reviews)
On Jan 28, 2002, kaathao Milwaukee, WI (Zone 5a) wrote:

I love this catalog too! The prices are very moderate and the selection is great. There are many seeds that I can only find from this catalog. One of the most amazing things about this catalog is that it is produced without the use of a computer!! This is the first catalog that I've seen like this.

Positive Jaan
(4 reviews)
On Jan 21, 2002, Jaan wrote:

I have been ordering from this company for many years and have never had a bad experience. There are many offerings that you simply won't find any place else. If you do, you sure won't find them at the same reasonable price. Don't overlook the quotes, found in small print, scattered throughout the catalog. Some are funny, some are profound, all make you think. Serious gardeners in seach of the truly different should try this company.

Positive Douglass
(2 reviews)
On Jan 10, 2002, Douglass Pittsburgh, PA wrote:

I just love this catalog. So many hard to find items, it's just great. No glossy pictures but lots of wonderful information.
It takes a few weeks to really read this one over and uncover some hidden treasures.

Positive dave
(40 reviews)
On Nov 27, 2001, dave wrote:

J.L. Hudson is a very friendly and responsive individual, with an impressive catalog of hard-to-find items.

He is also politically active against the proposed "White List", an issue that is important to all gardeners.

Positive jeffnugent
(1 review)
On Apr 1, 2001, jeffnugent wrote:

The world desperately needs a million more seedsmen as dedicated as J.L. Hudson. He does not mince his words and he definitely knows that the future looks bleak if we allow governments and big business to continue on the current path.

Positive Sammymocha
(2 reviews)
On Feb 1, 2001, Sammymocha wrote:

Amazing catalogue, there is nothing else like it that I know of. A big plus for me is that there are no glossy color photos with cheesy exaggerated descriptions. Just black and white pages of Latin names, descriptions and commentary on an astounding variety of seeds. This is the real thing! Educational and entertaining! And when the seeds arrive, there are generous amounts, and overall I've experienced good germination rates. By the way, to give you an idea of what the Seedsman is like - he has no phone, and his motto is "If your phone rings, it isn't me!"

Positive lilyacadame
(1 review)
On Jul 1, 2000, lilyacadame wrote:

The single best small seed catalog going, and has been for years. May J.L. continue to flourish.

Positive DSOliver
(2 reviews)
On May 11, 2000, DSOliver wrote:

In this catalogue you will find no glossy photos of the latest horticultural triumphs. What you will find is a huge listing of seeds which you can't get anywhere else-- how many other companies have 21 species of daturas or 17 varieties of campanulas, all sorted out by botanical name, with identification verified? Or vegetable and flower seeds collected by an herbal healer in a roadless part of Mexico? Or seeds of medicinal herbs, trees, antique varieties of flowers, heirloom vegetables, from all over the world? There is also comprehensive information about seed germination, and some seeds (such as datura, which are notoriously erratic) are offered pre-soaked with GA-3, a germination enhancer. Prices are very reasonable-- $1.25 is the standard price-- seed quality is good, and service (by mail only) is swift. Despairing of germination on the seeds I'd planted, I ordered GA-3-treated datura seeds on April 28th-- I just received them yesterday-- the 11th of May-- plenty of time to get them going. I read and re-read this catalogue, which also has a ton of esoteric information on the medicinal qualities of some of the plants described, as well as little quotes sprinkled throughout. These people really care about diversity, and you too can be lucky enough to spend fascinating and mouth-watering hours with their carefully-compiled catalogue.

Positive RuthSeltzer
(3 reviews)
On Apr 1, 2000, RuthSeltzer wrote:

J.L.. Hudson, Seedsman is absolutely fabulous. Excellent catalog with lots of unusual and hard to find plants. Also, seed count is very high, prices are low, and germination seemed very dependable. Plus I really enjoy the political side-notes. A real old fashioned, down to earth seedsman.

(4 reviews)
On Apr 1, 2000, NINAAPRILE Clifford,
Canada wrote:

Fantastic catalogue. Good service. Good germination. Great seed count. Wonderful variety. I receive a lot of seed catalogues every year, and this is the one I most look forward to. Love the quotes at the end of each page. Every catalogue is an education and his plant descriptions are wonderful.

Positive cherrygeathers
(4 reviews)
On Jan 1, 2000, cherrygeathers Cape Coral, FL wrote:

Again a company whose catalog arrival in the spring makes my day. Not your run of the mill seed so you have to know your germination particulars. The prices are great. (Almost all uniform except for expensive rarities.) If you want the unusual at a great price, J.L.. is your man!

(2 reviews)
On Jul 1, 1999, SERENASSIMMONS wrote:

I've been buying from J.L.. Hudson since 1996. I really love the availability of the rare seed. So you have to get out the reference book, but that's part of the fun, and you get to learn a lot in the process. I've never had any trouble with them. I'm always very specific when I order. If I will accept substitutes or not and then I list them below the other ones and they pick from the list of substitutes when they are out of stock on another one. I also have not had any problem with germination.

Positive robertrbroek
(4 reviews)
On Apr 1, 1999, robertrbroek wrote:

The man's rants are entertaining, and so is just reading the catalog descriptions of the hundreds of seeds he offers. The seed offerings change quite a bit from year to year, so be sure to use a recent catalog for ordering. Germination was great for some, not so great for other seeds I ordered, but then lots of the varieties he offers are a lot trickier than your run-of-the-mill seeds. I'll order again next year.

Positive RosemarieDiL
(2 reviews)
On Feb 1, 1999, RosemarieDiL wrote:

You've gotta love J.L.. Hudson for his political views alone (at least I do). It's the only catalog I've found that lists seeds for plants, trees, shrubs alphabetically by their Latin names; very refreshing and a great learning tool. Very reasonable prices and decent seed count. Also offers some vegetable seeds and quite a number of unusual books. A real gem of a catalog.

Positive MaryAnneMcMu
(2 reviews)
On Feb 1, 1999, MaryAnneMcMu wrote:

This company features some seeds not available (to me) anywhere else, excellent information and prices in the low range. No glossy, color photos or misleading descriptions, and a treasure for the adventurous gardener.

Positive barbarakiser
(1 review)
On Jul 1, 1998, barbarakiser wrote:

I've ordered lots of seeds from J.L.. Hudson, and they have all grown very well. Their catalog has many unusual varieties, and they all have good descriptions, and are priced very good.

Positive ellenpolzien
(2 reviews)
On Jul 1, 1996, ellenpolzien wrote:

I've been very pleased with my J.L. Hudson lettuce seeds (Valeria, Red Boston and Mascara), which not only survived but thrived in our infamous 1996 northern Michigan spring-that-wasn't. The seeds arrived promptly, too.

Positive donnaafesser
(1 review)
On Feb 1, 1996, donnaafesser wrote:

Writing from Canada - never had any problems with Hudson. Seeds arrive surprisingly quickly and always germinate beautifully (I have only tried their tropical and sub-tropical trees and shrubs). Very reasonable prices (usually about $1.25/packet) and some germination instructions included in the catalogue and printed on the packets themselves. Over all, excellent source of tropical trees and shrubs!

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