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Positive RDL2
(1 review)
On Apr 5, 2011, RDL2 Des Plaines, IL wrote:

Great service. Ordered on a Thursday, shipped Friday and arrived Monday. Will shop here again.

Positive Fiona5
(6 reviews)
On Apr 4, 2011, Fiona5 San Jose, CA wrote:

I was warned there might be a delay, and it did take longer than expected, just over 2 weeks. Seeds have germinated, I'm happy.

Positive gorganzola
(1 review)
On Mar 12, 2011, gorganzola Raleigh, NC (Zone 7b) wrote:

I have ordered several times from this company, and, indeed, they are the first place I go if I need something. Not only has the seed has been great every time, but the shipping has been very fast. On first glance, one might suspect that the method of payment is a bit awkward, but whoever does the billing/shipping seems to be VERY on top of things. Generally, I receive my order a 5-7 days after I order. For across the country, this is awesome, and, in fact, better than I have gotten from other places much closer to me. Very swift service, very good product, which means a definite recommendation from me.

Positive oak_tree_01
(2 reviews)
On Feb 27, 2011, oak_tree_01 upstate NY, NY (Zone 5a) wrote:

Posted on November 27, 2010, updated February 27, 2011
Very, very pleased with this company. Their catalog offers a vast array of hard-to-find and unusual seeds, and their shipping/handling costs are extremely reasonable ($1.50 for up to 20 seed packets). They have an out-of-stock page on their website that they update often, so you can check to see before you place an order. The catalog listings tell you how many seeds per packet, and what percentage of seeds usually germinate. They offer the usual easy germinators as well as some plant seeds that are more difficult to wake up out of dormancy, and are up-front about the more difficult germinators, mentioning in the catalog if the seed is one that is a bit tricky. The seed packets (and catalog) aren't detailed with lots of information about growing the plants, like you might be used to from buying seed packets at Home Depot, but this is a seed bank, and they seem to assume that you either know what you are doing, or are willing to take responsibility to educate yourself if you don't know something about the plants you'd like to grow. I've ordered from them 4 or 5 times now, and have been very satisfied with their professionalism and the seeds I've received.

On February 27th, 2011, oak_tree_01 added the following:

Yet another excellent batch of seeds from them! I love their ecclectic collection. The seed varieties they offer varies somewhat from year to year, and the website lists new arrivals not in the print catalog. Highly recommended.
Positive m005k
(1 review)
On Feb 22, 2011, m005k Gorham, ME wrote:

This company is excellent. Low prices and vast selection. Quick shipping also. I have made many small orders over the years and always been satisfied.

Positive OlympicWino
(1 review)
On Feb 18, 2011, OlympicWino Shelton, WA wrote:

I have been ordering from JL Hudson for ten years and they are simply EXCELLENT! They have educated me about sinister things going on with the federal government and the FDA and the USDA since before it was fashionable! We gardeners should all be thankful for their existence...seeds are available here that are nowhere else. They have awesome books and pamphlets, check them out too...and they are awesome about posting customer comments in the catalog and the website. I can't say enough positive things about these people. My number one place to order seeds!

Positive susanj21
(1 review)
On Feb 5, 2011, susanj21 Flower Mound, TX wrote:

Not the first time I have found unique and interesting seeds at J L Hudson Seedsman. This time, I was looking for heirloom vegetable seeds. I learned so much just reading the descriptions and information on their site, and found just what I wanted.

Positive tonistreasures
(1 review)
On Feb 5, 2011, tonistreasures Coshocton, OH wrote:

I haven't yet received my order and wrote to inquire about what may have happened to it. Having immediately shipped the order after it was received, JLHudson, Seedsman, took his time to explain the reasons there could be a delay in my receiving it, especially at this snowy, icy, time of year, and was very polite about it, even offering to replace the order if it didn't arrive soon, although I had not purchased insurance. I recommend this super company, and one that I will order from again.

Positive chiku
(1 review)
On Feb 4, 2011, chiku Oakland, CA wrote:

Tried to order seeds and had problems with Paypal. Company followed up with me and was very patient till Paypal was able to process my payment, one and a half weeks later. I received an email from JL Hudson when the payment had gone through to let me know they were mailing my seeds on 2/1. Got the packet on 2/2. Very impressed with the customer service and quick delivery. Will follow up on product once I've had a chance to see how the seeds perform.

Positive Tabacum
(16 reviews)
On Jan 16, 2011, Tabacum Mantua, OH (Zone 5a) wrote:

Posted on February 3, 2009, updated January 16, 2011
2/2/09....Another good order from this company...
Seeds always germinate well.....good prices for the
amount of seeds sent....the Reserved List is full of
unique and endangered seeds....Hope to try one of these
this year....

On January 16th, 2011, cannabinatea added the following:

1/16/2011........Ordered seeds again, from J.L. Hudson, Seedman.....seeds arrived quickly and well packaged....
This year is the 100th year for seed distribution for this genetically engineered seeds are available here, which is a blessing! Vegetable seeds offered here are open pollinated with many heirloom varieties....lots of information on hard to germinate seeds
along with the availability of Gibberellic Acid Kits. Good source for seeds from plants in other countries.
Positive Windy
(22 reviews)
On Dec 31, 2010, Windy Belleville , IL (Zone 6b) wrote:

Posted on March 27, 2005, updated December 31, 2010
I can't remember where I heard about this company, but I have ordered from it for a few years now. Whenever I want something cool and new to my garden I go there and am never disappointed.
I find unique things that other sites charge much more for and they give you a generous helping of seeds. I like the postage rate also. It lets me buy more seeds for less postage also.

On January 12th, 2007, Windy added the following:

This year 2007 I had another order placed and one of the seed packets was the wrong type. I sent an email explaining the problem and a packet was sent out the next day with the correct seeds.
As luck would have it, the packet was lost in the Christmas mail volume. I again wrote an email asking if the seeds were sent and was told they were. They said they would send out another packet the next day. I received the packet today. YEAH!
Good customer service communication. I have ordered from them many times and never had a problem. I am sorry about the seeds but glad to find they also follow through when the post office doesn't. They also let me keep the packet of seeds that were the wrong type. Can't beat that.

On December 31st, 2010, Windy added the following:

Ordering again from this company since I moved to another zone. Unfortunately I moved from 7a to 6a. Shorter growing season.
I ordered from them and was wondering about the order taking a while and if I had done the Paypal thing right. I didn't have to contact them about the delay. I received an email from them unsolicited. Something rare in the mail order business for sure.
They explained the delay and now I am reassured about the order and have peace of mind I did it right.
Can't wait to get back to my flower seed planting this season coming up. Since I am getting older I find seed planting much easier than having to dig holes for planting established plants.
If you haven't tried this company, I recommend it. They offer some of the rarer seeds and the germination instructions to help those less experienced.
Positive Bird_Brain
(1 review)
On Dec 23, 2010, Bird_Brain Beverly Hills, CA wrote:

Ordered from them again this year. As always they have unusually low cost, obscure varieties, and good customer service. Speaking of customer service I thought I was strange ordering on Saturday night slightly drunk, then I got a response Sunday afternoon. Do they take days off? Ever? You are taking Christmas off right?

On Dec 23, 2010, J.L. Hudson, Seedsman responded with:

"On Dec 25, 2010 5:38 PM, J.L. Hudson, Seedsman responded with:

Thanks for the positive review! It is Christmas day, and yes, we do work on Christmas. Our traditional Christmas is sticking stamps on catalogs, preparing the big annual mailing which goes out the first mailing day after. This time of year is very busy, getting the catalog ready, dealing with all the seeds coming in from collectors all over the world, and getting the new website ready to upload. And don't forget inventory! If Christmas came in July, we could take the day off... But all this preparation should be done by New Year's, so with luck we will head for the city and dance till dawn... But the turkey is in the oven, and we will be quitting early today to enjoy our feast. So merry Christmas to everybody!"

Positive Lynn1223
(4 reviews)
On Nov 21, 2010, Lynn1223 Rio Linda, CA wrote:

Easy ordering, fast shipping, good overall first experience. Appreciate the hard-to-find seeds. Will most likely order again!

Positive pickyeater
(5 reviews)
On Nov 8, 2010, pickyeater Chicago, IL wrote:

I just harvested my quinoa patch. The plants are really pretty and the leaves made a great soup. Nearly 100% germination of seeds, and I don't know who else even offers this seed. Great prices and fast shipping, too.

Positive Rockygateruss
(1 review)
On Aug 1, 2010, Rockygateruss Glasgow, VA wrote:

Back in the 1980s and 1990s I was able to garden and was a customer of J.L.Hudson, Seedsman. For many years I was unable to garden. Now that the situation is better and I can plant a garden, I remembered J.L. Hudson, Seedsman. I found their website and was very impressed by it. In fact, their prices were not much higher than those of the '80s and '90s. Their selection was greater too and the amount of information was fantastic. I placed an order (all Salvias, my featured plant) and was pleasantly surprised by the attention given to this one order. I also included a GA-3 Kit to help with any seeds that have presented problems in the past. Now I hope to survive another year (his business is just 10 years older than I.) to see the final results of this association.

Positive Kalpavriksha
(2 reviews)
On Jul 31, 2010, Kalpavriksha Sarasota, FL wrote:

I'm extremely pleased with this company. I've ordered from them for years.
They offer rare seeds from across the world which are not available elsewhere.
This is the company which offered the seeds of Marula I ordered and started back in 1979. The tree was donated to The Fruit and Spice Park and is a proud feature there.
The printed catalogue is a wonder to read over and over. While some seeds offered may not do well in your particular climate (some Australian plants such as Banksia won't grow in Florida but would like California) even those are a learning experience.
I love their 'invasive plant philosophy'; I want positive proof of a plant actually causing 'enviornmental damage' before it's labeled as such. The words "may cause" so often used is not scientific.

Positive Silver_Cat
(1 review)
On Jun 24, 2010, Silver_Cat Ridgeland, MS (Zone 8b) wrote:

Posted on January 12, 2010, updated June 24, 2010

On June 24th, 2010, Silver_Cat added the following:

Second time ordering online. Good common-sense liberals and passionate about their mission. :) Told them why I needed more Coix bead seeds, and they wrote a note on the order form-- happy that someone was using these for beads.

Bonus: The stamp on the seed supplement was Mark Rothko's "Orange and Yellow". It's very cool to find your favorite painting in the mailbox.
Positive slugimpaler
(1 review)
On Jun 19, 2010, slugimpaler Seattle, WA wrote:

I've been ordering from JL Hudson for years. Ordering by mail always took about 7-10 days from the day I mailed the order to receiving the seeds. Now with ordering online and paying with Paypal I usually receive the order in 2-4 days. I've had better luck with JL's seed germination than any other seed company. I particularly like the nick and soak seeds: ipomea, poinceana, etc. as they are a sure thing germination-wise. Yesterday I got some corms and have ordered tubers in the past: amorphoplallus, arisaema, arum, etc. The prices are very reasonable. They're great to do business with!

Positive cactusgal
(1 review)
On May 22, 2010, cactusgal Rock Creek, BC (Zone 4a) wrote:

I've been buying seeds from J. L. Hudson for about 35 years and have never been disappointed other than when something I really wanted was out of stock by the time I ordered, not their fault of course. In the early years I used to pay by personal cheque (from Canada). One year the cheque didn't clear so I communicated with them about it. They said that banks in the U.S. were now charging a huge processing fee so they didn't cash my cheque and that I should just accept the seeds as a gift (about $30 worth, if I recall) and pay a different way next time. How many companies would do that?


Positive Kuon
(1 review)
On May 21, 2010, Kuon Carlton, OR wrote:

I have ordered from this company for years. I have never experienced anything but the best service and the most "honest" seeds. (They tell you if germination is low or difficult, etc.) I have a nursery and order seeds from all over the US and certain other countries. None has been as true to what they advertise as Hudson Seeds. And no one else provides seeds at such a good price, AND without putting a ridiculous shipping surcharge on them! Number ONE in my book!

Positive VirginiaGardens
(1 review)
On May 20, 2010, VirginiaGardens Warrenton, VA wrote:

Posted on April 6, 2010, updated May 20, 2010
First time buying vegetable seeds from J.L. Hudson. Excellent customer service. Emails were answered the same day, catalog mailed within 24 hours of requesting one. Seed order was processed/mailed the same day I ordered and received 2 days later on the East Coast. Simple ordering process; sent payment via Paypal and email to J.L. Hudson with seed order. Seeds arrived well packaged. Starting to germinate seeds and plant now, so too early to comment on germination rates, etc, but have confidence that the seeds are quality and based on the ordering experience, 100% faith that J.L. Hudson will stand behind their product.

On May 20th, 2010, VirginiaGardens added the following:

Excellent results with seeds already planted. Ordered more seeds as I acquired additional garden space. Fast response to orders, seeds mailed quickly and were again well packaged. My only source for seeds.
Positive loriann1850
(2 reviews)
On May 19, 2010, loriann1850 Cadillac, MI wrote:

I have ordered from JL Hudson for at least 20 years now.I have always been thrilled with their seeds.They strive to perform with integrity and I believe that they do it well.I grow almost all of the plants in my garden and have had great results with their seeds.I have not been disapointed or sorry to have ordered from them-Thank you JL Hudson for wonderful service,seeds and an information packed catalogue that sets you apart in the seed world!

Positive JLecru
(2 reviews)
On Apr 13, 2010, JLecru Industry, PA wrote:

This is my 3rd year using J.L. Hudson as a seed resource, and I can't imagine planning for a planting season without them.

The catalog can seem a little intimidating, at first, but it's packed with such great and useful botanical information, particularly the germination rates for each species.

I've never had a single problem with an order, and the combination of variety availability and price always make them a first stop.

Positive elmergarden
(1 review)
On Apr 9, 2010, elmergarden Lake Oswego, OR wrote:

excellent service -- I definitely will shop their site again

Positive catnapt
(1 review)
On Apr 3, 2010, catnapt Manchester, NH wrote:

I've been ordering seeds and books from this company for years & will continue to do so, even though I am only able to grow plants indoors now. The printed catalog has so much information and is a complete joy to read. I look forward to the new one every year.
Now that they have a website, I'm finding new things to read and enjoy! :D

J L Hudson's seeds are the best I've ever gotten from any source, online or elsewhere. Descriptions are accurate and informative, the prices are fantastic and quantities of seeds very generous. And you won't find a larger variety of seeds nor such unusual ones anywhere else.

Ordering is easy and items are shipped out super fast. The customer service is amazing! They treat each order with the same care and attention to detail, no matter how small it might be (my last order was for ONE packet of seeds for a friend!)

Once when I placed an order, I even got a funny note back, which totally cracked me up & really made me feel special. You see, my emails go out with an automatically attached signature that lists the names and types of my pets. It also describes my pets (my "fabulous felines", for example)
When the order came, I puzzled at first over this handwritten note on the receipt that listed the names/descriptions of *their* animals, until I remembered that I had ordered by email (I used to order by snail mail)
I was so surprised and tickled that I had to call a friend to tell them about it. :D

Seriously, where else can you get that kind of friendly, personalized service?!?

I honestly can't say enough good things about this company.

& I don't know where they find the time to do all that they do!!

Positive MrShowalter
(1 review)
On Apr 1, 2010, MrShowalter Baltimore, MD wrote:

Easy ordering, paid by PayPal, and they shipped quickly without any mistakes. I'll let you know how the seeds do under my poor and inexperienced hands.

Positive msjuris
(1 review)
On Mar 31, 2010, msjuris Pine Grove, PA (Zone 6a) wrote:

I have been ordering seeds, for the family garden, from JL Hudson for three years now. He carries some of our favorite varieties and always has something new to entice us. We've had excellent results as far as germination goes and the harvests are plentiful.

My family and I cannot say enough good things about our experiences with this vendor.


Positive PinetopPlanter
(24 reviews)
On Mar 30, 2010, PinetopPlanter Auburn Four Corners, PA (Zone 5a) wrote:

I ordered approximately 10 packets of seed from them and paid by PayPal. The packets arrived in less than a week. Impressive, given this very busy time of year for the seed business. The packets are no-frills, but contain a good amount of seed for a home gardener. It's also great to find old, and not-so-old, varieties that other catalogues have dropped to make room for the latest craze. I'm very happy with their service.

Positive SallyJane2
(1 review)
On Mar 27, 2010, SallyJane2 Hanover, NH wrote:

I appreciated their clear listings of available seeds and an example of how to fill out an online order form. The confirmation of shipment arrived promptly and I'm looking forward to a colorful spring and summer hillside.

Positive Plantenman
(1 review)
On Feb 19, 2010, Plantenman Amsterdam,
Netherlands wrote:

Today my first order arrived, perfectly on time and professionally wrapped. I am sure I will grow some great plants from their seeds!

Positive rozannasrose
(1 review)
On Feb 16, 2010, rozannasrose Beckville, TX (Zone 8b) wrote:

I have been doing business with J.L. Hudson for over 20 years and have only had the very best of experiences. The mere fact that you can read the catalog and learn the proper pronunciation of botanical is enough to endear me to them.
Many years I have exchanged seeds I had collected for credit with their company with wonderful results. J.L. Hudson is an invaluable resource.

Positive greengarden_bev
(4 reviews)
On Jan 26, 2010, greengarden_bev SW Ontario,
Canada wrote:

Another year, another happy seed request to J.L. Hudson. I enjoy all aspects of the experience-- poring over the tiny print on the print catalogue, smiling at the pithy and oddball quotes scattered through it, reading the verbose, homespun yet functional web site.

I am glad to give my money to an organization that is pro-science and pro-Darwin. So many businesses in the U.S.A. flaunt their fundamentalist Christianity and plaster bible sayings all over their web sites. Sheesh! J.L. Hudson's catalogue and web site are safe havens for liberals, lefties, and 'lectuals who can think for themselves.

Even with the USA / Canada exchange, the prices are more than reasonable and the quantities are generous. As many reviewers have noted, the shipping is very prompt. The shipping charges are uncommonly low.

They've never made a mistake on any of my orders over the years. Yesterday I made an order and this morning I asked for a substitution-- they confirmed by e-mail this afternoon. Terrific service.

I hope that the folks at J.L. Hudson will hang in there and continue to do good in the world. If that's not possible, we'd love to have them up here in Canada.

Positive Dav64
(2 reviews)
On Dec 14, 2009, Dav64 Myrtle Beach, SC wrote:

I enjoy dealing with this company. They have a great seed collection that I can't find anywhere else. Don't let their slightly more complicated on-line ordering scare you from not purchasing from them. You send them an e-mail of your order, then go to pay-pal to pay them if you want to pay by credit card. It's a folksy way of doing business but they are so professional about e-mailing you a confirmation and letting you know what is going on during the order.
They have great turn-around speed, I recieve my seeds in about a week. Germernation is up to par to their claims also. My impression is that this company is that I am dealing with a distant neighbor that loves to garden as much as I do who has some very unusual seeds to offer.

Positive g_whizz
(13 reviews)
On Oct 21, 2009, g_whizz rosetta TASMANIA,
Australia wrote:

purchased bulk lilium seed.arrived in australia in about 14 days.seedlings are up and look great........very proffessional

Positive glassbrain
(1 review)
On Jun 12, 2009, glassbrain vancouver,
Canada wrote:

I have ordered from J.L. Hudson for years, they came with the highest recommendations from my friends. Seeds have always arrived quickly, well packaged, clearly labelled. Their selection, service, and quality is absolutely unrivalled.

I saw the few negative reviews on this page, and felt compelled to register just so I could post this comment.

J.L. Hudson is by far the best place to obtain rare & unusual species!

Positive Rareseedman
(1 review)
On Jun 8, 2009, Rareseedman Birmingham,
United Kingdom wrote:

5*** Star I have been dealing with him since about 1993. Cannot recommend more, highly commended. Even when busy he has taken the time for a personalised response, very quick delivery to the UK, no problems ever. Seed has always had excellent germination, I had some stored since 2003 it germinated in 2009, BRAVO!

Positive Suzcook
(1 review)
On Jun 8, 2009, Suzcook Pekin, IL wrote:

This is a wonderful catalog for gardeners who crave the unusual. It is written with accurate descriptions and my order always arrives promptly. I also appreciate the low prices. Thanks!

Positive carolrees
(28 reviews)
On May 9, 2009, carolrees Arlington, VA (Zone 7a) wrote:

I ordered 1 package of seeds (Lychnis Viscaria splendens) which I am so happy to find since I can't find plants of this anymore and I want some more for my garden. I was shocked at how fast it arrived - just 2 days from when I ordered the seeds.

I would definitely order from them again. Great company carrying a wide range of rare plant seeds.

Positive evelyn_inthegarden
(21 reviews)
On Apr 1, 2009, evelyn_inthegarden Sierra Foothills, CA (Zone 8a) wrote:

What a nice company! And excellent customer service. I made an error in addition, as well as not figuring the sales tax. When I realized that this happened, I immediately emailed them, but also I was emailed, too, in a most friendly way. I made the the payment through PayPal, and I got the seeds the next day!

I have never received any order that quickly from anyone.

The only drawback is that they do not have a web-based order form. You must send your order through email, or standard mail. It took me a long time to do this, but on the other hand, they have an updated list of what is in stock, so if you use their catalog as a guideline, the online version will list what is in stock. If I mailed it in, and sent a check, it might have been more accurate, using their online catalog as to what is in stock, so there will be no disppointments. I don't think they would get my "snail-mail" order as quickly, though.

I do not know if they wait for your check to clear before sending the order as well, so the PayPal payment was the speediest, as they got the money right away. (And I got my seeds right away!)

Also they have excellent prices, as most of their seed packets are just $2.00, with a few, being only $1.50 and some $2.50, with some rare seeds a bit more.

This company has been descended from the Harry Saier mail-order service, which has been in business for quite a number of years, as I have read about that company in some of my garden books alluding to their excellent reputation.

I may comment again, after I plant the seeds, and see how they do. They give the seed-sowing instructions in their catalog and on their website, but not on the envelopes. Also there is further instructions on the Tom Clothier website as well. so I have confidence that I will be sowing them properly.

I hope that this review gives you an idea of what to expect from this company, and how to go about ordering from them.


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