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Comments regarding Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC)

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  Feedback History and Summary  
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27 neutrals
277 negatives


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Negative napadon
(1 review)
On Nov 20, 2008, napadon Napa, CA wrote:

In June 2008 I ordered 20 Olive trees and sent check. It was cashed 6/24/08 E-mails and phone calls were usually ignored but when successful Chris promised to deliver to my son in Santa Barbara. Didn't happen More calls and I recd 6 trees late July. Chris promises to ship order balance but it never happens. Once he said you recd 6! enough! He keeps his phone msg full or refers me to use other nos & E-mail addresses which are usually not answered. Five months and order is not complete. I recommend not doing business with Chris or any of his companies or purchasing on open account (he ships then you pay) or have him ship COD NEVER pay him in advance!

Negative Karhop
(1 review)
On Nov 12, 2008, Karhop Harrisonville, MO wrote:

I ordered 2 avocado trees on Sep 22, 2008 after talking to Chris on the phone, who assured me that he had the trees available for immediate shipping. Then the following week when I didn't see the trees coming, I called again. This time Chris said it was too hot to ship. Weeks go by and I had to go on a business trip; I emailed to ask about the shipping schedule to make sure the trees didn't arrive while I was away. Since then, I had called many times just to get an answering machine. When I was fortunate enough to get someone, they promised that the tree would be shipped the next day. I also emailed them, each time attaching the invoice they sent me to make sure they didn't get confused, but no reply was received. Well it's been almost 2 months, and my region is going to get snowy weather next week. I have no choice but to initiate a chargeback with my CC company.

Positive wunder1
(2 reviews)
On Nov 5, 2008, wunder1 Jasper, IN wrote:

I ordered a small Meyer's Lemon tree and in about 3 weeks (CA to IN shipping) received a short, kind of bushy critter that is healthy and blooming. It was well packaged and arrived undamaged. I had hoped for one with a nice habit but the one I got was totally one sided. The trunk is literally against one side of the pot and all of branches and leaves are on the other side. Still, it will fit against an interior wall nicely during cold weather and I have no doubt that it will produce well provided I pollinate the flowers diligently. It was the least expensive (by a few $$) I found after much searching. I am reasonably happy considering all of the negative feedback that has been posted. Mr. Gilcrest may be cleaning up his act or perhaps I just got lucky.

Negative bootsysmom
(1 review)
On Nov 1, 2008, bootsysmom San Bernardino, CA wrote:

Unfortunately, like you others, I did not find this rating site until after I had placed an order with this company. I paid $44.52 via Google checkout for ladybugs on 10/1/08. Rec'd email on 10/6 confirming shipment via express mail. No ladybugs arrive. Mind you, I am about 200 mi away from the mailing address of this nursery. Emailed back to ask about it. Rec'd an email on 10/24 saying it would ship on 10/26. No bugs. Called on 10/31 am, talked to Chris who assured me that he had personally taken the box to FEDEX the night before and shipped it. No bugs as of 11/1. Called and spoke to a woman who said she'd research it. I told her if it shipped I expected her to give me a tracking number to verify. If it didn't ship, I wanted an immediate refund. She left a message back saying it didn't ship and I would get a refund on my card.

Now I read these postings that say they never got their refunds. And my credit card company says they only help with charges over $50, so I am out of luck. I did do a negative rating with google but that won't help me get my money back.


Neutral divvajacko
(40 reviews)
On Oct 23, 2008, divvajacko Hinckley, OH (Zone 6a) wrote:

Well, my experience with this company wasn't stellar.

I will say that I FINALLY got my rose and it is very nice so I can say that the quality is fine.

Customer Service is another matter. What I think the problem is here is that this gentleman is trying to do too many things himself. He needs to hire someone to handle orders, shipping etc. I"m sure that He is a fine nurseryman but I just think that he is overwhelmed with the business end.

I had a great deal of difficulty getting information on when he was shipping. First he was shipping, and then he wasn't. I got many different stories. I finally tried calling and both phone numbers weren't working. This made me very nervous so I called my credit card company and put the charge in dispute. (He shouldn't charge any credit card until the item(s) are in the mail. He charges and then we all have trouble getting things shipped. This is bad business). Believe it or not, I received the item the next day so I removed the dispute.

I do think his heart is in the right place but he has to do something about the business practices.

I'm leaving a neutral review because the quality of the rose bush was satisfactory.

Neutral BlissfulGarden
(51 reviews)
On Oct 17, 2008, BlissfulGarden Baton Rouge, LA wrote:

I attempted to place an order from this company for a rose that we lost during Gustav and could not find through any other vendor. It was my favorite rose and I wanted to replace it, no matter who had the plant. Once I placed the order, the Growquest website asked for my charge information... which I reluctantly provided. I had read the reviews here and must admit that filling in my numbers made me very, very nervous at that point. The next day, I received an email from Chris explaining that the order function had not gone through on his website and that he would have to send me a Google check request for payment. He instructed me to go a different site, place my order again and then provide my payment information again. Well, this made me too nervous to complete the order that way. So, I wrote back to him... now four times... asking about what happened with my original ordering information that had been provided on his site. He has not responded. Isn't it odd that when he wants to collect money, he writes the very next day... but when you ask questions, you don't receive a response for weeks?!? I will not continue with this transaction. There are just too many red flags, even if I am sad without my rose. Perhaps a reputable vendor will offer the cultivar in the future. Ev

On October 23rd, 2008, BlissfulGarden changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I'm not quite sure what to think of this company at this point. I never received email back from them regarding my order, so I went ahead and ordered the rose from another nursery. Today, I received a rose bush in the mail from this company... at least, I think it's from this company. It's the cultivar I had attempted to order from them, but there's no return address or invoice. I only need one of this cultivar, not two, and now I've got two thanks to this very confusing situation. However, to be perfectly fair in my review, this rose bush is quite nice. So, if it's from them (and they would be the only ones sending me a random rose bush, I think), they do have nice plants.
Negative anorexotica
(1 review)
On Oct 15, 2008, anorexotica Philadelphia, PA wrote:

I ordered a Lemon Meyer Tree and 2 Dwarf Bearss Lime Trees on June 17, 2008. I hadn't received anything by July 15th, so I called and left a message. No reply. I emailed. No reply. I continued to do this on a DAILY basis. Maybe once a week someone would answer one of the phones and tell me that they would take care of it and ship it the next week. Finally in mid-august I received one lime tree. I then continued the whole daily phone call process for another month and got the lemon tree in mid-September. I'm still trying to get my other lime tree... I have been lied to but these people numerous times. Every time I get through they promise it will ship next week. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen.

Negative mm_garden
(1 review)
On Oct 4, 2008, mm_garden Camarillo, CA wrote:

I JUST WANT A REFUND! I have yet to recieve a refund for the tree that I ordered from Growquest in Jan 08. I paid $250 for an olive tree with Paypal in Feb 08. I actually got Chris on the line in March and he said that he would have the tree after Easter. That was the last I heard, despite my many emails, calls and faxes. I requested a refund Aug 08 and "staff" returned the email promising to process the refund. It is now Oct 08 and I have no refund. I have appealed to
BBB where Growquest has a F rating // ,
Ventura County District Attorney's office // ,
Attorney General of CA (thanks to this web site for the address) and to
Google checkout, where they are continuing their fraudulent business practices.

On January 15th, 2009, mm_garden added the following:

Thanks to kirstens for the suggestion. After periodic emails reminding them of my refund request and one response which claimed that a refund had been made (???), I OFFERED TO NOTIFY THE VENTURA COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY ONCE A REFUND HAD BEEN MADE. I got a call the same day, 01/09/09, assuring me that a refund would be sent. So 11 months after I paid and 5 months after I requested a refund, my transaction has been settled and my money refunded.
Negative rikiya
(1 review)
On Sep 24, 2008, rikiya Bellevue, WA wrote:

two major problems:

first you pay for product and shipping through their web site and using PayPal, and they do nothing except to say that they have not charged you card and therefore you have to send/resend monies.........which is very confusing and possible double dipping.

secondly, I ordered ladybugs in May, paid for them through PayPal (and per the above confusion) and sent a cheque separately for postage, and even after numerous emails.........this company ignores and continues to refuse to make a refund.......for product never shipped and postage.

Only one reply was very wise ass, and just another delaying tactic. Have also complained through PayPal and they ruled of course in my favor...hopefully the next time ABP makes a transaction they will seize the funds and/or have already cancelled their account.........TOTALLY CROOKED...........NEVER BUT NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY...........

On September 26th, 2008, rikiya added the following:

APB Growquest is still refusing to refund the purchase price and shipping cost for products ordered in May and never shipped.


On September 28th, 2008, rikiya added the following:

On September 28th, 2008, rikiya added the following:

In response to Gilcrests one-more-time request for payment information, I sent this on 09/28/08-----as I have done several times before without any results. All previous attempts only resulted in more delaying ploys with no action results, i.e., no shipment of product and no refund.

We will see, but in the meantime I have made contact with california's AG and will follow with my reports to the BBB and Consumer Center's next week if no immediate action is not acknowledged and received.
On October 1st, 2008, rikiya added the following:

once again, I provided all of the payment data and that was two days ago--------with no response.

just another delay tactic.

opinion unchanged, this company is crooked---wont ship product and keeps your money.
On October 6th, 2008, rikiya added the following:

still no word or action from growquest to either ship product or preferrably to refund product and shipping monies remitted as far back as May 2008.

only five months, and now the ladybug season has great timing...or rather useless.

it appears that I have at least been successful in terminating their ability to use PayPal in the future because of their crooked operations.
On October 8th, 2008, rikiya added the following:

one more day since May 8, 2008 and this crooked company still refuses to ship product or refund payments........maybe they cant now that someone has cancelled their membership in PayPal.........just to bad..
On Sep 24, 2008, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:


On Sep 26, 2008 10:21 PM, Growquest, A Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC Company (also dba CA Plant & Floral Wholesale) added:

SEPTEMBER 26, 2008: TO "RIKIYA": email inquiry made to person posting comment. Thank you, Chris Gilcrest

Neutral BayFlora
(1 review)
On Sep 20, 2008, BayFlora Berkeley, CA wrote:

I just wonder how AresDraco in 8/08 managed to order citrus trees to be delivered into TX, when it's not possible to ship citrus to TX from California. Odd that this was a positive rating when the order isn't legal.

Positive TriciaSapp
(1 review)
On Sep 20, 2008, TriciaSapp Rockwall, TX wrote:

On 8/14/2008 I order orange and lemon trees for $665.74. 30 day later I was calling threatening to cancel me order, thank goodness for American Express, and they shipped one of the trees. 1 ONE yes ONE tree arrived via collect freight abt $200.00. When we removed out ot the crate it looked wonderful. Within 2-3 days it lost 1/2 its leaves. Now a couple of weeks later it has leaf buds all over the tree so it is a healthy tree and it will survive. I wish I could get the other trees but after reading this I have called American Express and got the charges reversed.

On September 20th, 2008, TriciaSapp changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Spoke with Chris today at 805 453 1538 (personal cell phone number) and he said my trees will ship monday. The trouble is HIS TREES ARE GREAT. I really want to get my other trees. The one he shipped is so beautiful and so healthy.
Oh and the idea that because someone is going though a hard time they can use that as an excuse...Sweeties visit my myspace page I am a spinal cord injury who after my injury lost my husband, my home was forclosed on, and I even lost my car. I raised 3 children. Even though I am in a wheelchair I raised my kids, went back to work, competed in wheelchair events, made new friends and see the positive things in life so No I don't accept the excuse. Business is business and keeping customers informed in just good ethics.
On September 25th, 2008, TriciaSapp changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

Woohoo I got my tree! They are healthy and as stated. Big question, will I deal with Chris again...I would have to say yes. He did get the order straightened out and they are the best trees I have ever seen.
Negative trustmother
(2 reviews)
On Sep 19, 2008, trustmother Wichita, KS wrote:

We ordered a Judy Garland rose back in early July and sent the funds; we have not received the rose or a refund.They have never contacted us and do not respond to our emails and requests. I have had two responses which do nothing but blame Chris and say he is handling it but he never contacts us. I gave them a deadline of yesterday to reply as to the status of our refund and have heard nothing. They do not communicate and do not follow up on orders. Would not recommend for anyone to purchase from this company

On Sep 19, 2008, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:


On Sep 26, 2008 10:28 PM, Growquest, A Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC Company (also dba CA Plant & Floral Wholesale) added:

SEPTEMBER 26, 2008, TO "TRUSTMOTHER" : email inquiry made to person posting comment". Thank you, Chris Gilcrest


Negative kld77
(1 review)
On Sep 15, 2008, kld77 Gunnison, CO wrote:

I wish that I would have found this site FIRST before ordering from them. My story is the same... the same... the same... All I want is my money back. It has been over four months. Nothing.

Positive Berrie
(1 review)
On Sep 14, 2008, Berrie Douglasville, GA wrote:

I placed an order on August 21 for a dwarf meyer lemon tree. It arrived via FedEx on Sept 12 well packaged and healthy.

Negative Laaz
(6 reviews)
On Sep 13, 2008, Laaz North Charleston, SC wrote:

JOCjohnson it looks like you are either Chris himself or you moved out pretty quick if thats you true address...


Negative Campneal
(1 review)
On Aug 30, 2008, Campneal Charlotte, NC wrote:

I can't believe that this zipperhead has stolen my money.

I ordered eight roses in May 2008 that cost $191 and foolishly agreed to pay $94 for shipping. Then I was coaxed by Chris to send a certified check instead of using a credit card.

After leaving more than 25 messages and e-mails, Chris said in June that he could not ship the roses and would refund my money. He refuses to return my calls and I am still waiting for my refund. One of his employees gave me his direct line (which is 559-802-8066) but his mail box is full.

I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General for wire fraud. I hope justice will be served.

Negative sjennings
(2 reviews)
On Aug 28, 2008, sjennings Estacada, OR wrote:

i ordered ladybugs and paid for prioty mail and after 3 days they still havnt shipped them the phone number they gave is not good now getting the run around

talked to my credit card and going to backcharge them
how can they run a company like this

Negative cavebum001
(1 review)
On Aug 21, 2008, cavebum001 Cumming,
United States wrote:

This is the worst company I have ever ordered from. I placed a order 6/9/08 and paid in full 6/15/08 but still no trees and it is now 8/20/08 every time I talk to someone they say they are sending that next monday. I will never buy from them again and will tell everyone about them and put bad reviews on every web page I can find to warn people about this company. Do not buy from this company or you will be sorry, you will just lose you money

Negative artbugg
(1 review)
On Aug 16, 2008, artbugg Chicago, IL wrote:

My experience with Surf & Sierra has been a true disappointment -- I only wish I'd read these other postings before handing over my money. I placed my order at the end of July, my credit card was charged almost immediately, and I have yet to receive my order (today is August 15). I have emailed multiple times and received no response, even after receiving an email a week ago that said my order was on its way via 2-day shipping (it never arrived). When I try to reach Surf and Sierra by phone, I cannot get a live person (or leave a message, for that matter). I plan to appeal the charge, since I never received my order, and would absolutely discourage anyone from ordering from Surf and Sierra in the future.

Positive DOCjohnson
(1 review)
On Aug 9, 2008, DOCjohnson Los Angeles, CA wrote:

As a builder and new to California I found the need to procure olive trees. As I searched the web I found Growquest. I e-mailed them trying to figure out if it was a good company or not. The next day Chris Gilcrest called me and said, I'll be in the area next week and wanted to stop by and see what I had to work with. When Chris showed up He was a no nonsence guy, he said as a matter of fact voice. This is what you need!! We gave him a check for a down payment and was to get the trees in two weeks, Well 2 weeks went to 4 weeks all the time Chris keeping in touch with me. The problem Rain and,lots of it! Finally the rain stopped and Chris dug out the Mature trees from the farm. But now he didn't deliver the size of trees we paid for. THEY WERE MUCH LARGER AND NICER. Chris said because of the wait he tried to compensate me for the time we lost. Chris also brought the trees down himself rented a small boom 4 wheeler and planted for me. and yes, I did help him! So all the bad reviews that I read I don't know what to think, except one thing I won't order from anyone else and Chris is always welcome in my home. 8045 Mulholland Drive Los Angeles

Positive AresDraco
(5 reviews)
On Aug 8, 2008, AresDraco San Francisco, CA (Zone 10a) wrote:

After reading the reports here, I was very concerned that the Meyer lemon I'd ordered was never going to show and that I'd lost my money. There were no replies to my messages and e-mails, which set off my alarm bells...

That said, we've been having very high temps here in Texas. It clearly says on the website that they'll hold off shipping until the weather cools enough to allow the plants to arrive unharmed. If they'd sent the tree when I asked, it would have died. I am very grateful they are waiting to ship, now that I've been reminded of the heat issue.

This is a legitimate company, not a scam. I think customer service might need improvement, but even so, the woman I spoke to just now was very helpful and managed to reassure me.

I'll add to this note once my lemon tree arrives, but for now my review is positive. If I need something from their inventory in the future, I'll probably call to check on availability and shipping issues.

Negative notrees
(2 reviews)
On Jul 30, 2008, notrees San Jose, CA wrote:

I sent in my orders along with checks back in April 2008 for 2 avocado trees that were cashed in April 2008. Last contact I had was saying that they would ship 6/30/08. Well, still no trees and no reply to my status update requests so I guess I'm out $236.50 which is the total I paid out unless I get an update that says different. I've read the feedback and company updates and all about the family issues and how family comes first. I too believe that family comes before business but I also believe business is business and if it takes 5 months + to get product due to whatever the delay, family issue, business issue or the weather, it should be conveyed to the customers and should the ship date change at least an estimated ETA or update should be communicated to the customer when asked. I wish Chris and his family all the best and my prayers go out to them having gone through a divorce with children myself but I have had a negative experience with his company service and I can not recommend them.

On August 19th, 2008, notrees added the following:

Update, I've yet to get a refund or the trees or update from this company. I will not buy anything from this company again. Best of luck to you should you decide to buy something from them. I will post getting my trees or refund on here on this site should that happen to be honest but I don't have much faith in that happening reading all the bad feedback here and my experience so far with these folks. I posted a complaint to the CA Attorney General after posting this on July 30 and I got a letter back in the mail from them saying they got my complaint and would look into that but I don't know if that will do anything to keep this company better accountable either. I can't tell any one of you if they are a scam or just a terrible company to do business with. I can just try to do my part to save you some grief by sharing my experience. I don't have the time to verify all of the good or bad stuff I see written. I've seen posts saying they are positive but most as you will see here are negative ones like mine. You decide.
On November 3rd, 2008, notrees added the following:

Update, got a status email back from [email protected] on 10/30/08 stating trees or Sir Prize Avocado trees on back order and they will let me know when they will ship. Gosh I never thought it would take this long since April 2008 now. The delay last was perhaps due to hot weather, now the reason for the delay now that cooler weather is here, back order......? I'll update as I get more information here. Way to much time to ship and get a couple of small Avocado trees though. I hope the wait will be worth it.
On March 26th, 2009, notrees added the following:

Well my latest update is not positive, as I had hoped for. Growquest's web site looks so good and well maintained with information that I'm just surprised to find such a poor rated company but I guess the more people that will send them money and for Growquest not to send the product perhaps they can make a quick buck a run. I think what Growquest banks on is once they have your money they know it is going to be a big hassle for you to get your money back if you pay by check as they don't take credit cards. I have learned a lesson in buying over the Internet. In the future I will check on the companies reputation though sites like this one or the Better Business agency where Growquest has a F rating as of today, 3/26/09. That should be a big red flag to anyone thinking in doing business with them. To buy from a company with a F rating is just asking to throw your money away or go through a lot of hassle from buying from them over the internet or not getting your items sent to you.

It is almost April 2009 and I did not received any of the three options I asked for at the beginning of March 2009 from Growquest. I got a reply email back on March 5, 2009 with, "for your wait I'll throw in an extra item" but I wrote back and said I just really just wanted the trees. I asked to get by April 2009, either a refund, the trees I ordered or a proof of delivery or I would proceed and file a claim against them in small claims court. I will try all the other options I can do to have the authorities know about what I went through with them.

I've never filed in small claims court but from what I'm found out it is $30 to file after filling out all the papers, $10 to serve them them notice of a claim and then after doing all that and going to court where I'm sure I would win, I'll bet I will have a hard time in collecting the money from them as they have probably filed bankruptcy or are in jail or hard to find and it is just not worth the time to me to go through that. I thought I'd file a claim out of principle but I think I will just tell my story to the authorities and here on this site. My hope is that the more that more folks do this it will remove them from taking money from folks like this.

Growquest if you can fix this complaint, respond back to me here and I will gladly supply you with the information to correct this and I will post that you honestly came though and update the information here on this site and update it.

On April 7th, 2009, notrees added the following:

At the request of Chris 4/6/09 post, my order numbers are invoice, F_01027260 and invoice 243
Negative takrog
(1 review)
On Jul 30, 2008, takrog Glendale, CA wrote:

I placed an order for ladybugs and a ladybug lure garden. I paid $28 for same and never received the lure garden. I placed many phone calls and sent many emails to resolve this situation but never received a response or my money back. After reading the comments section regarding this business, I discovered that they have a long history of taking consumers' money and not sending the items ordered.

I have placed a complaint against this company with the Attorney General's office as well as the individuals associated with same, i.e., Christopher Morgan Gilcrest (dob 5/1964), Jamie Lynn Gilcrest and Margaret F. Gilcrest (dob 6/1940). I will be following up with the Attorney Generals office until these vendors are brought to justice.

These same individuals are also associated with A Better Plant Wholesale, A Better Plant Growers, ABP Wholesale Nurseries, ABP Growquest, Frontier Farms of California, Frontier Farms Ltd.

On August 1st, 2008, takrog added the following:

No trees, I understand your compassionate comments regarding Chris Gilcrest's ALLEGED family problems. Just so you and the other readers here know, back in 2005, Gilcrest attempted to excuse his fraudulent business practices on the basis of "family problems". It's 3 years later and he's still defrauding people. Also be informed that Gilcrest has maligned those consumers who dared to tell the truth about his fraudulent activity dating back to 2005:

"I find it more than a little interesting to read some of the more insane postings of myself on the internet and can only say, it is little wonder why our Country is becoming a massive welfare State. The degree of ignorance demonstrated in these postings is stunning. Some of the best focus on why many of the details of our Jamie and I problems are posted here on this website. That "you" do not wish to read them or know about those details or that "you" find such information distasteful is irrelevant, more than likely you are the same person who grabs each addition of People or some other gossip rag to find information just as distasteful on more famous people. Frankly in given day I get a lot of calls wondering about the personal stuff. Most if not all of the losers writing their trash in the web fail to realize or understand that Jamie and I were packing and shipping since the Winter of 1996. So in 9 years we accumulated a rather large customer base.

And for the rest of the morons out there making there postings, please someone hand me a barf bag. How many of you losers have not had major family problems tear up your lives? How many of you work for bankrupt major US corporation that you had hand in running into ground? How many of you work for a government agency that would not know fiscal management if it were to be the rake about to smack you in the face? I never read more crap by more clueless, self centered, self righteous people in my life."


Here is additional information on the internet regarding Gilcrest and his fraud against consumers:


Negative H8growquest
(1 review)
On Jul 17, 2008, H8growquest Long Beach, CA wrote:

I wish I would have researched this company before I wasted my money. I ordered ladybugs and mantis eggs. I paid immediately by paypal and then waited weeks. I finally started to call....and call....and call..... It is very hard to get ahold of someone at the company. Emails are not returned, messages ignored. After much persistance on my part we finally received product. On the website the ladybugs are pictured in clear plastic tubs or habitats. The bugs arrive in a canvas bag without explanation. I did the buy two get one free (should have been 4500 ladybugs total). I received one bag and there is no way that there were 4500 ladybugs. I think there were more like 1500, but hey who is going to double check them right, wink wink. I called to complain and they were rude and refused to validate my complaint. $34 down the toilet, don't let them take yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Negative Gajee
(1 review)
On Jul 13, 2008, Gajee Sun Valley, NV wrote:

I ordered my ladybugs on June 15 and did not receive them till July 12, by then my aphid infestation was under control. I attempted to contact the company and did not receive a call back regarding the delay of my order, just a voice message stating it was too hot to ship the lady bugs.
I finally received the lady bugs and they were in great condition. I would have appreicated an update of my order since it was delayed almost a month.

Negative noavocados
(1 review)
On Jul 12, 2008, noavocados Annandale, VA wrote:

I ordered 2 avocado plants last May '08 through an article written by the Washington Post that recommended Growquest. I foolishly paid by check as I understand PayPal would have refunded my $137.19. Upon numerous phone calls and e-mails to Growquest, I recv'd via e-mail a UPS tracking # for shipment of 1 plant as the other was on backorder. Upon calling UPS, they state they have never been called by Growquest to pick up the plant and ship to me. This is all part of their scam. Had I checked these scam artists out first on the net (your site had the most current information) and not placed so much trust in the Wash Post editor's article, I would be $137.19 richer! I left Growquest another v/m message today and gave them 1 week to ship my avocado plants advising that if not recv'd I will write the Wash Post editor and ask them to retract their referral of Growquest. It amazes me it is taking this long for Growquest to be shut down per numerous complaints to the Calif. Attny. Gen. and the BBB .
Spread the word...DO NOT BUY FROM GROWQUEST!
They are unethical and basically thieves!

Negative Growquest_anger
(1 review)
On Jul 3, 2008, Growquest_anger Los Gatos, CA wrote:

Please complain to the California Attorney General about negative experiences. Here is the link: //

Negative krich1954
(1 review)
On Jun 29, 2008, krich1954 Aurora, CO wrote:

On May 29th, 2008 I was looking thru the internet trying to find a company where I could order Lady Bugs for my garden. I found what APPEARED TO BE a reputable company, nice website and all,, also listed as Surf & Sierra Nursery. I soon ordered bugs, went thru PayPal and paid for them, which was quickly taken from my bank account and forwarded to Growquest. I got no e-mail from the company telling me they received my order, so I sent them an inquiry. They responded in a few days to tell me they got my order and would be shipping soon and would let me know when that happened. After several weeks without any communication, I tried calling them, but only got voice mail. Finally I got someone on the phone who told me the bugs would be shipped the next day or two, but they never got to me, so I e-mailed several times, and called several times, all with no response. I finally got ahold of someone again by phone, who told me that now it was too hot to ship bugs, so I asked for a refund and was promised one to be processed the next day. Instead of a refund, I got an e-mail telling me the bugs were being shipped by none other than Chris himself, and they were sorry for the almost month delay. I finally got the bugs today, June 28th, with NO instructions on how to release them, half the bugs are not alive, they sent them via Priority Mail when I paid more for FedEx delivery, and the packaging wasn't secure so many bugs had escaped, some were dead in the box. I will NEVER use this company again, and will be reporting them to the California Attorney General come Monday morning. They are a disgrace and a rip off, and are one of the WORST customer service oriented companies I have EVER dealt with. Shame on them.

Negative bobman
(1 review)
On Jun 19, 2008, bobman Alta Loma, CA wrote:

I ordered 6 various avocado trees and one tangelo tree the last week in Jan. 08. After numerious e mails, phone calls and missed delivery dates (he never showed up), 4 of the trees were received 4/15/08. I was told that I would be receiving the other trees in the next 2-3 weeks. I was told by Chris that the 2 Holiday and 1 Wurtz avocado trees were not available and that I would get them when they are released. Out of frustration I started looking around for these particular trees. Lo and behold Louie's Nursery in Riverside had these 15 gal. Holiday trees. Again on 6/2/08 after numerious e mails requesting the statuis of my account with no return feedback I requested a full refund of the remaining undelivered 15 gal avocado trees. At this time as of 6/19/08 there have been no deliveries or return contact by Chris or his staff. I strongly do not recommend this company to any one!! Unprofessional and incompetent. A loss of a few hundred dollars but a great lession for me. I will definately check out the Better Business Bureau and the Garden Watchdog next time, it was all there. I did buy the trees from Louie's Nursery, they are great trees!, I picked them up the same day and I didn't have to pay in advance. Buyer beware.

On Jun 19, 2008, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:

"On Oct 14, 2009 11:45 AM, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:

This guy got his order in full. When he got the first part he was told that the other trees were back ordered and would sent when they grower and gown them out.

Negative darianroscoe
(1 review)
On Jun 16, 2008, darianroscoe Norwalk, CA wrote:

My mom ordered a papaya tree a year and a half ago. It came via Fed-Ex with the box crushed so that the tree broke completely in half. Someone had pulled the stump out of the dirt so when she opened the box all she saw was a 12" stump with 3 short roots. The top of the tree wasn't even there! Chris said he would take care of it, then she got an email--after numerous emails to them--from the nursery that they would take care of it. Nothing ever happened.

I called on my mom's behalf this afternoon as she is losing her eyesight. The girl who answered the phone told me the order was too old for them to do anything about. Only because we had the email confirmation of the order and copies of the numerous emails we had sent, plus the picture we sent of the broken stump, plus the letter from Fed-Ex that any claim had to go through the nursery, and--finally--an email from the nursery from january 08 that they were going to send her a new papaya tree, which never arrived. All of this info was already sent to them!


Negative BILLDURHAM995
(2 reviews)
On Jun 3, 2008, BILLDURHAM995 Lebanon, KY wrote:




On June 10th, 2008, BILLDURHAM995 added the following:

On Jun 3, 2008, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:

"On Oct 14, 2009 11:53 AM, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:

This is amazing this man got a 36" Playboy tree rose, it grew and did well for him. It died during the winter. He begged me to replace it. I said I would if I had any left from filling my orders.

He agrees to pay the shipping cost, he gets the tree rose, replaced at no charge for the one he killed, and would not turn around a mail a check for the cost of shipping. Then runs his mouth as if he has been a massive injustice.


Negative rtsrs
(1 review)
On May 28, 2008, rtsrs Beverly Hills, CA wrote:

This company is terrible. Please don't buy from them. They are fraudulent.
I bought a dwarf avocado tree, sent my check. It got cashed immediately. Waited an email to confirm--nothing. Then called--voicemail, which was never replied. Called again and again, finally they said it will be shipped--lied. Called again they told me Chris will personally deliver it the next day--never happened. Called again and again they can not find the Fed Ex number but they will call me back in 24 h--never happened.
Called again requesting my money back (1 and half months dealing with this) finally they admit they did not have the tree in stock.
Please do not beilieve a word from Summer, Rose or Chris they all lied without shame.

Positive huntsvegas
(1 review)
On May 21, 2008, huntsvegas Huntsville, AL wrote:

Looked everywhere for a Polka climbing rose. Couldn't find anywhere but Growquest. Bought from them before seeing these reviews. I would not have bought had I seen these beforehand. In the end, though, we are happy.

Ordered on 4/15. Emailed them asking for cost of a potted rose since the order stated they were no longer shipping bareroot. Took them a while to respond, but they finally gave me a price on 4/24. Purchased on 4/27 via PayPal with AmEx. They gave no confirmation of the payment. Emailed on 5/5 requesting shipping status. They responded on 5/8 that the item would ship the next day and it did. They sent me a tracking number (but didn't note which shipper they used!) on 5/12. Plant arrived 5/16 and was well packed and in good condition.

I doubt we'd buy from them again giving all of the negative reviews herein, but they certainly fulfilled our order without any real issues.

Negative KW4
(1 review)
On May 19, 2008, KW4 Greeley, CO wrote:

My wife and I regret ordering from this company. Wish we would have known about this site and researched beforehand, We ordered a Holiday Avocado and Rangpur lime in mid February, 2008. At the end of March we sent an email requesting an update. They emailed back stating order would be shipped the following Monday (3/31/08).
On 4/21/08 we still did not have plants so emailed again. This time I told them I would post negative comments on this site unless I got satisfactory response. We got a return email stating they thought my weather was too cold for shipment but that they would ship by 4/25/08 since I was being nasty.
On 4/28/08 I emailed requesting an update and they said the order had not shipped because they were out of stock and it would be 2-3 more weeks.
At this point I told them to cancel the order and send me a refund immediately.
As of today, 5/19/08 I have not received plant or money.

On May 19, 2008, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:

"On Oct 14, 2009 11:56 AM, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:

This person got their order in full, would have been nice if they had updated it. Chris"

Negative kifaru
(1 review)
On May 15, 2008, kifaru Greensboro, NC wrote:

They got me. Tried to order online with credit card but they sent me an email saying that they needed a check because the online credit card system didn't work. I mailed the check $148.98 off 4-30-08. Haven't recieved word since. They won't even answer the phone. Does anybody know how to find out who their ISP is? I want to call them to get that site shutdown. What about the California Attorney Generals office. Do they work on this kind of thing?

On June 12th, 2008, kifaru added the following:

His isp is Send them an email and let them know they are hosting a scam artist.
Domain name:

Chris Gilcrest (9PGKZ) [email protected]
Applied Bio Pest
567 W. Channel Islands Blvd. #129
Port Hueneme, CA 93041
United States
Phone: +1 (805) 984-9224
Fax: +1 (805) 984-1517

Administrative Contact:
Chris Gilcrest (9PGKZ) [email protected]
Applied Bio Pest
567 W. Channel Islands Blvd. #129
Port Hueneme, CA 93041
United States
Phone: +1 (805) 984-9224
Fax: +1 (805) 984-1517

Technical Contact:
Chris Gilcrest (9PGKZ) [email protected]
Applied Bio Pest
567 W. Channel Islands Blvd. #129
Port Hueneme, CA 93041
United States
Phone: +1 (805) 984-9224
Fax: +1 (805) 984-1517

Billing Contact:
Chris Gilcrest (9PGKZ) [email protected]
Applied Bio Pest
567 W. Channel Islands Blvd. #129
Port Hueneme, CA 93041
United States
Phone: +1 (805) 984-9224
Fax: +1 (805) 984-1517
Negative don605
(1 review)
On May 6, 2008, don605 Newbury Park, CA wrote:

Order placed on 3/08/08 for one (1) 15 gallon, Mexicola Grande avocado tree, and one (1) 15 gallon, semi-dwarf, Oro Blanco grapefruit tree. After numerous calls to the nursery, on 4/16/08, a 15 gallon, standard size, Oro Blanco grapefruit tree that had been loped off to semi-dwarf size was delivered; no avocado tree has been delivered.

Additionally, one (1) 15 gallon, semi-dwarf Meyer lemon tree was ordered. Based on the very small caliper & small root ball, the delivered specimen appears to be 5 gallon, standard size, Meyer Lemon tree that had been put into a 15 gallon container.

Repeated attempts to contact Chris Gilcrest, over the course of a week, by Office Phone, and by Cell Phone, and by email were ignored.

A dispute with PayPal was filed for a refund

Negative cabormerlot
(1 review)
On Apr 28, 2008, cabormerlot Los Gatos, CA wrote:

I ordered two small citrus trees in November of last year. I live in Northern California, 5 hours drive from the nursery. It is now April 28th, 5 months after my check cleared. I still have not received my second tree.
I have corresponded with various employees of GrowQuest and now even they are frustrated. They have referred me to Chris. I was told that Chris would call me. He has yet to have called me. When I called him approximately a month ago, he was very curt with me saying that he was aware of the problem and would get the tree to me soon.
I have heard excuses varying from the storm last year destroyed the trees to the supplier should have them to GrowQuset shortly.
When I ordered the trees and my check cleared, the trees were in stock.

This has been an awful experience. I have tried to resolve the problem with the company numerous times by email and phone and I keep getting the run-around. I just want my tree. I paid for it last year.

I definitely would go somewhere else with my business and not use this company. Read the reviews. Most are negative and Chris gave his own comments saying he would fix the problems. His comments are dated 2006. These guys still have problems. Do not make their problems yours. Go somewhere else with your business.

On July 3rd, 2008, cabormerlot added the following:

Please complain to the California Attorney General about this company with your negative experiences. Here is the link: //
Negative rosepower
(1 review)
On Apr 21, 2008, rosepower Van Nuys, CA wrote:

I ordered a bare root rose from this people in February of this year. So far, have not received it or heard from them. The telephone number listed on your website for them is NOT A GOOD NUMBER. The woman that answered said hundreds of calls have come in for them - but they're no longer there. I wish I had read the comments posted for this company before I ordered. I can kiss my check goodbye.

Negative TropiKing
(1 review)
On Apr 20, 2008, TropiKing Fresno, CA wrote:

RIP-OFF!! DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY!! Don't make the same mistake I did, and order before reading the comments! Don't believe anything the jackass owner says in his responses that are 1-2 years old. Growquest is a total fraud. I ordered some trees, they cashed my check, and still haven't received anything after 2 months. You get no response by phone or e-mail. I work in law enforcement and will be making a complaint to Ventura Sheriff's Dept. regarding fraudulent business practices very soon, and encourage anyone else who has been ripped-off by this company to do the same.

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