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Negative randyrandy
(1 review)
On May 10, 2005, randyrandy Valrico, FL wrote:

I made a purchase on 1/1/05 and paid by credit card. Time past and after a call from me, I received one out of the four trees. We are five months out and I still have not received anything, but repeated promises that they will ship. Now I can't get them to return my phone call or my e-mails. Please save your money and do not order anything from this company. They are BAD NEWS!

Negative growquestsucks
(2 reviews)
On May 9, 2005, growquestsucks Wilmington, NC wrote:

I too wish I would have found this website before being ripped off by growquest. They charged my credit card $160. the day I placed the order, which is against the credit card company policy, you are not to charge untill order ships. Anyway they shipped 1/3 of my order of roses. I ordered potted and they came bare root. Of the bare root half died and all had alreay started to bud, deadly for bare root. The quality was very poor and now my rose garden is a mess. I counted on growquest to ship what I ordered and not rip me off and take my money. They have not credited me the money they took and have never tried to resolve the problem. I dont care that they have moved, as the autoreply email says, I care that they stole my money and sent items that I did not order and the ones i did get where wrong and dead. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.

Negative chipsterdoodle
(10 reviews)
On May 6, 2005, chipsterdoodle Citrus Heights, CA wrote:

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I made the stupid mistake of giving this company a second chance. In 2004 I ordered 1 standard rose tree for my mom for her birthday it took 2 months to get to her and Chris made a lot of excuses and appologies. This year I decided to give Chris /Growquest a second chance. BIG MISTAKE!
I ordered another rose tree and sure enough more excuses. The promised delivery dates came and went, then Chris tried to buy more time by telling me he would send me a 3 year old potted rose tree and would mail it out the following week. Still no rose tree. Now it's been a month since they have had my money, Finally I emailed him a request to refund my money( their quick to TAKE your money) and 8 days later I still had no refund on my cc, so once again I emailed them to let them know that in two days I would be contacting Visa to have them credit my account and what do you know? I was immediately credit my $85. The Growquest website askes that you wait 10 days after requesting a refund to be credited because if you go to the cc company to reverse the charge then Growquest gets charged $25 by the creditcard companies. They don't mind holding on to your money, but heaven forbid that hey should be charged for not giving it back. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe a company who takes advantage of a customer's goodwill is able to stay in business.

Positive s545454
(1 review)
On Apr 19, 2005, s545454 fairfield, CA (Zone 9a) wrote:


Negative MaximumBob
(1 review)
On Apr 18, 2005, MaximumBob Mountain View, CA (Zone 9a) wrote:

I ordered several large fruit trees to be delivered by Growquest to my home in California. Seemed like a good selection and price, but...

Three and a half weeks later, no trees. I was given four promised delivery dates for deliveries. Each time the date came and went with no delivery. Growquest did not call or did not email. Each time I called to find out where my trees were, I got a new excuse.

I really wanted those trees, but I can't play these games anymore. I've given up and asked for a refund. Sorry, Chris.

On Apr 18, 2005, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:


On Apr 19, 2005 5:29 AM, Growquest added:

We have recently moved into a new facility and fell behind schedule in packing, shipping and regional deliveries. His order was refunded within minutes. "

Positive matissesmom
(3 reviews)
On Mar 22, 2005, matissesmom Glendale, CA wrote:

I ordered a hard to propagate rose and a couple of other's and was informed in a timly matter that the 'hard to propagate' rose, didn't propagate. Well, that wasn't a big surprise so I said send the other two.
Well, not only did he send the other two, he sent me ladybugs and praying mantis' as a 'gift' .
I found this company and Chris in particular to be courteous, helpful and he kept me in the loop. I like that.
I would order from GrowQuest again. Chris as I said made my experience a great one.
Thanks for the bugs, Chris!

Positive cleerockk
(1 review)
On Mar 22, 2005, cleerockk Los Angeles, CA wrote:

I had a positive experience with this company. I ordered 4 dwarf trees to start a small patio garden for my apartment. Chris delivered them and stayed to replant the trees into containers since I am a gardening novice. The containters and trees look great and I am looking forward to picking lemons, limes, avocados and oranges on my patio soon. Thanks Chris and Jamie.

Positive Irishguy
(1 review)
On Mar 15, 2005, Irishguy Placerville, CA wrote:

My sister and I love rosegardening. We ordered a few potted rosebushes from Growquest and they arrived in just over a week and they were in excellent condition.

They were large leafy plants with buds on them already.

I had never seen packaging like this before. I have never had to cut a plant out of a box.

I would order again next year.

Positive poeticwarrior
(1 review)
On Feb 28, 2005, poeticwarrior Ceres, CA wrote:

I dont know who Dave is but I do know that Chris showed me courtesy and service that was ABOVE & BEYOND!!! Refreshing it was. I will recomend to all that you cant beat the service from this company.

Thanks Chris...

Positive emerald1
(1 review)
On Feb 21, 2005, emerald1 Santee, CA wrote:

I find it hard to believe some of the negative comments on here are really about Growquest. Chris and Jamie are capable of making mistakes (unlike some of the rest of us here apparently!), but as far as honesty and the willingness to please a customer is concerned, they are the last people one could call crooked!

We have ordered things in the past and have never had a problem. Just recently, Chris delivered us some beautiful fruit trees and roses. I could tell he was in a hurry but took the time to figure out why my brand new lawn in the back was suddenly dying, so after following his advice it is saved. He really knows his business and Jamie is always very kind on the phone. I would encourage any good, honest customer to do business with Growquest!

Negative cobraman
(1 review)
On Feb 17, 2005, cobraman Tustin, CA wrote:

Oh, how I wish I would have seen this site before I placed an order with Growquest. I am reading the comments/complaints from the other members and it is deja vu. I have been waiting over a month for an avocado tree to arrive. I called and the stock answer was "I'll check and call you back" No phone call back of course and now no one answers the phone, the voice mail boxes are full, no one answers emails, the fax machine doesn't pick up. A check with the Better Business Bureau reveals several unresolved complaints.

I only hope that others will check this site out before ordering from this company that obviously cannot handle the business it is trying to drum up over the internet. I am certainly glad that I paid with a credit card so I have speedy recourse.

On February 28th, 2005, cobraman added the following:


Still no Avocado tree from GrowQuest. Yes it is Growquest. The order was placed on 1/17/2005 for a triple treat avocado tree. Only after I placed this rating and threatened to file a comlaint with the BBB and my credit card company did I receive a response from Chris at Growquest. He told me that he could not get the tree I wanted because the grower was no longer supplying the trees in the size that I wanted. Funny that he didn't know that on January 17th but was able to find that out on February 18th but never bothered to say anything before.

OK, so he offered to provided a different tree and to make up for the difference in price, he is going to plant it for me. OK, we make the deal and he agrees to be here by the end of the week and sends and email to verify it.

Guess what? He never showed and I haven't heard from him again. I again tell you. Unless you are within arms reach of this company, do not deal with them. They can not be trusted.
On March 28th, 2005, cobraman added the following:

GrowQuest did credit my Visa Account after my last complaint. I am still bothered by the way this all transpired and how long it took to resolve. The tree was never ordered when I placed the order over the internet. They knew nothing about the order when I called about it after the time it should have been ready to be delivered, so they dropped the ball on this one and then strung me along for another two weeks saying they were going to come and plant another tree for me. They did refund my money but only after I complained again and was about to have my credit card company issue a chargeback which is expensive for a business. I am happy for those of you who have good dealings with this company, but they did nothing right for me.
Positive harryv415
(1 review)
On Jan 24, 2005, harryv415 San Francisco, CA wrote:

I have ordered ladybugs in the past,and had great results,thanks to Growquest.I'll be doing business with you!

Positive MGHTYDX
(11 reviews)
On Jan 24, 2005, MGHTYDX Ladera Ranch, CA wrote:

I ordered a bare root Ink Spots in early December. I received it in early January (which is the proper planting time for my area). It arrived in wonderful condition and is now sporting new growth in my garden. I would definitely order a plant from this company again.

Positive gcigarymanson
(1 review)
On Jan 7, 2005, gcigarymanson wrote:

Chris knew exactly what was wrong with my plant when I called him on the phone from his website. I did not see any feedback. His knowledge is exceeded only by his desire to help me and he sent me the necessary items to reverse the fungus causeing my plants to dry up in the last stage of development. My experience will keep me buying from Chris and I feel I can call him anytime with any problem I have.

Positive zookeeper12
(1 review)
On Dec 28, 2004, zookeeper12 Ventura, CA wrote:

I, along with several neighbors, placed a group order for several rosebushes from Growquest to receive the group discount.

The discount was applied correctly and the roses (bare root) were delivered on the exact day we were told they would arrive and they were all in beautiful shape, looking healthy and well packed.

I plan on placing another order soon.

I would rate my experience as extremely favorable.

Positive RSouza
(1 review)
On Dec 19, 2004, RSouza wrote:

I had a wonderful shopping experience with this company, Growquest.

I ordered a special indoor tree as I live in NY where it is very cold. I have other indoor trees as well.

My new tree came right when they said it would, based on the lead time provided on the website. It was packed beautifully, and very healthy.

Several days later I noticed a spider mite problem on one of my other trees.

I called Growquest to ask their advice and they recommended a predator that they sell. I purchased it and again, it arrived promptly. It worked very quickly as promised.

Even though I see many negative reports here, based on my experience, I would not only buy from them but heartily recommend them as well.

Positive gardenbee
(1 review)
On Dec 7, 2004, gardenbee Fresno, CA wrote:

I recently ordered 3 large citrus (15 gallon) trees from Growquest. At the same time I bought 4 rose bushes to take advantage of the buy four get a fifth free. I was pleased and it worked out great with the owner hand delivering it.

Negative growquestfraud
(1 review)
On Dec 6, 2004, growquestfraud wrote:

What started it out as a fun learning garden project for me and my kids has become a very unpleasant experience thanks to Chris Gilcrest and his "company" Growquest.

In my over 10 years of buying items online this is the only company with which I have ever had a problem.

Here's my experience so far:

On May 28, 2004, I ordered lady bugs and 2 tomato plants online totaling $23.04.

I never received the lady bugs or the plants.

I have called and faxed many times trying to get a refund, and although I lost my order number, Chris Gilcrest and his coworkers were easily able to verify my order, name and mailing address over the phone every time I called -- so I know they have a record of my order (along with my money).

July 13, 2004: Spoke with Chris Gilcrest. He looked up my order and promised that he would, “mail a refund.”

August 10, 2004: Spoke with his wife Jamie Gilcrest. And again she looked up my order and promised she would, “mail a refund.”

August 19, 2004: Spoke with Kelly. Again she promised she would, “write a check and mail it today.”

I have also faxed a refund request on November 14th, December 1st and now December 6th.

This does not inculde the many times I left phone messages or was unable to do so because their message box was full... of complaints, no doubt.

It is now about eight months after my order and I have yet to receive a refund check.

Thier motto should be, "Growquest... we turn customers into victims." Or "Growquest... where the customer is always wrong."

Well, this victim is fighting back. So far, I have reported them to the BBB in their area and will continue to post on this site until I get my refund. But this is only the begining.

So, my kid's garden project has now turned into a lesson in dealing with fraudulant businesses.


Xavier Inguanzo aka "victim of Growquest"

On December 6th, 2004, growquestfraud added the following:

12/06/04 - Just got an e-mail message from Chris Gilcrest at Growquest:

Chris states, "Jamie just got in and said she mailed the refund to you on Saturday."

I say, "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."

We'll see if I ever actually get the check.
On December 9th, 2004, growquestfraud added the following:

12/08/04 - Just got the refund check in the mail! The letter was postmarked December 7th but Chris Gilcrest said Jamie Gilcrest mailed it on Saturday, December 4th... Hmmmm. Anyway, now let's see if it actually clears. I'll keep ya posted.
On January 5th, 2005, growquestfraud added the following:

1/05/05 - Refund check appears to have cleared. So ends my ordeal that started in May 2004! I'm sure they would still have my money had it not been for this website... Thank you, Dave's Garden.
Negative ColoradoRoseLvr
(1 review)
On Nov 17, 2004, ColoradoRoseLvr Parker, CO wrote:

I am new to growing and purchasing roses and early in September I purchased several Bare Root roses from Growquest. I asked that they be sent quickly since our growing season was coming to an end. I was never told and nor was it on their website that Bare Root roses were not available. I paid for the roses using my debit card and have a complete printout of the amount they would debit my account for. This amount included shipping. After not receiving any roses after 3 weeks, many phone calls and emails to them, and after receiving an email from them saying "they hoped I liked the roses", I finally received a rose and another two after two more weeks. I realized that the roses coming were potted and not Bare Root. Many phone calls and emails to this company kept saying that the remaining roses were on there way. After over 2 months later I finally get the last one. One of the roses that "had shipped" wasn't, and had to be substituted with another because they didn't have it. A month and a half into this whole ordeal I was told they would send a free rose since it had taken so long. I never got it, and never will I'm sure. Then low and behold I see another debit on my account from this company. Even more than what I had paid in the first place. After a call to the company, I find out that the amount taken, without authorization, was the difference between Bare Root and Potted along with all the shipping charges. The shipping was astronimical. With taking over 2 months for the plants to trickle in and many calls and emails to them and an unauthorized debit to my account, I felt I was being ripped off.
I will admit, the roses I got were in good shape but, I should have been given the opportunity to resend my order if the roses ordered weren't available. Instead they send all potted roses and wait till weeks later to then charge for all the shipping after the roses are all planted. I should have sent them all back!!!!!!!

This company doesn't know what good customer service is!!!!!
Don't deal with this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Nov 17, 2004, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:

"First of the [customer name] got the roses spread mostly over a couple of weeks, all but one was hard to get. The web site clearly indicated she was would be getting potted roses and she clearly enjoyed getting them. They were not just good, but several were bloomed out and over 3 feet tall, full of foliage, buds and blooms.
If we are indeed to accept this creative story, we would have to ask why after the first boxes, 42" tall with full plants did she not call or write, why I am getting such large full plants? Are you really shipping these for about $2.00 each?

No what we have a classic case customer theft. There were hidden hands here, just a person who ordered products and now has it 3 States away and does not want to pay for it. Notice she did not dispute getting, did not dispute that plants were in great condition, she just did not want to pay for the product.


Negative beverlysl
(4 reviews)
On Nov 11, 2004, beverlysl Bryant, AR wrote:

Like a fool I ordered from this company even after seeing neg feed back, They had a rose I couldn't find anywhere else and since there were a few recent pos comments, I thought maybe they had gotten their act together, Wrong! Here I sit over a month later still waiting on said dark red rose that they have promised me twice now has been sent. They charged me a fortune for shipping, and they have charged my card. When I try to phone them, on my dime as there is no 1-800 number listed, I get a recording that says message center is full or something like that. They won't answer their phone and you can't leave a message. I e-mailed them and got a response after about 5 days, but it was more false promises. I hope they enjoyed the few bucks they got out of me because it will never happen again. They deserve to go out of business!

On Nov 11, 2004, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:

"We have asked this person for their order information and look forward to making them whole. The 800 numbers are not working anymore as result of switching to MCI. We given promised a "supper low rate" that turned into massive bill for whch we will not tolerate. We will get new 800 numbers shortly after looking into the best service possible.

There needs to GWD for phone company billing.

The regular phones get pickup from about 5 am to 8 pm.

Chris Gilcrest"

Negative waterman215
(1 review)
On Nov 7, 2004, waterman215 Ranson, WV wrote:


On Nov 7, 2004, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:

"This person cannot, could not and will not ever be able to produce one, let alone as he says in plural, more than one check from Growquest that was bounced.
Growquest as a business has never even done business with this person,
This is and a few other of the GWD postings that do not have order numbers, last names to track them just prove the point the GWD not effective at screening out right from wrong."

Positive Careytearose
(1 review)
On Oct 12, 2004, Careytearose San Jose, CA wrote:

I recently ordered Four roses from Growquest, after there being recommended to me. The roses I received (hand delivered by the owner, even) were all in very good condition, and are growing very well for me. Two of the roses I couldn't find elsewhere. Pleased with the quality and the customer service. I would order from them again.

--Carey T. Linsley

Positive RedGarnet22
(1 review)
On Sep 29, 2004, RedGarnet22 Reno, NV wrote:

I had a very pleasent experiance dealing with Chris at GardenQuest.
He was curtious and provided the ordered rose exactly when he said it would be here.

There was not one petal missing in the tall container it arrived in. The rose itself was beautiful, full of blooms, and the bright clean leaves had no damage what so ever. They did a great job of packing.

I would order from them again! Had a wonderful experiance. Unlike other mail order companies I have used.


Negative granniss
(1 review)
On Sep 29, 2004, granniss Caldwell, NJ wrote:

I wish I had seen this website before I placed my order with I made a huge mistake in ordering from them. It's been over 2 months and I still have not received my order. It's impossible to get in touch with them. When I was able to speak to someone, they promised me they were shipped but 2 more weeks and still no flowers. From all of the negative feedback I see on this website, I can't believe they're still in business. I hope anyone considering using them takes heed of my warning and buys elsewhere. I might as well have thrown my money away.

On Sep 29, 2004, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:

"We have contacted this customer for her last name or order number and await her cooperation in solving the problem

Chris Gilcrest 11-11-04"

Negative josiesgarden
(1 review)
On Sep 24, 2004, josiesgarden Morris Plains, NJ wrote:

I ordered 5 rose bushes on June 11. I waited and waited and they did not arrive. I checked my order on their website and it said "in progress" so I assumed they were still getting the order completed.

I left numerous e-mails and voice mails and never got any returned. Finally in August I called on their ordering line and was able to speak to them. They said that they didn't know that I didn't receive my roses because they had not heard from me. Then Chris said, he was looking at them right now and they looked great. I know that one of those statements was a lie but at this point I just wanted to make sure that I got my order and didn't get ripped off. I found this website and got very nervous when I read the reviews of this company.

I waited 3 more weeks and each time I was able to contact them I got a different excuse or was told that the roses were on their way to me.

By September 17 and still no roses, I realized at this point that this was not a reputable company and I was worried that I had lost $115.40 which they had charged to my credit card back in June when I initially placed the order . I really did not want to do business with a company that is so negligent in filling an order and was completey aggravated by trying to contact them and hearing their excuses.
I cancelled the order and lo and behold 2 of the 5 roses that I ordered back in June showed up the next day (September 18th). We offered to pay for the roses at the price that was initially charged in our original order (they claimed that one of the bushes was worth more now that it was bigger) minus their shipping charges since they had taken 3 months to get there. They rejected this offer.

In the meantime I found that they also added an extra charge of 26.99 to my card without my authorization or any explanation on September 4th. When I questioned them about this he said that the extra charge was because my order was past the deadline for bare root roses. Can you believe that even though the roses were ordered in June and my account was charged at the same time it was ordered that this company charged my account a second time for something that was their fault!!!!! The order was past the deadline because THEY NEVER SENT IT OUT!!

I worked with my credit card company to reverse the charges and stop this company from making any more charges to my credit card and they were very happy to do so. The cc company asked that we send back the roses, which we did at our expense in the same containers they arrived. So we are now out the shipping charges via fedex which is unfortunate.

At now time did this company ever apologize or try to make it up to us for the way our order was mishandled. They didn't take any responsibility for their negligence and just expected me to go along with whatever they decided to do with my order as if this was "business as usual".

This company is threatening to call a collection agency and say that they will fight the credit card company. They make no sense at all when you ask them questions.

I would stay as far away from this company as you can. If you happen to get your order it's a fluke. We just want this whole unpleasant experience over.

On Sep 24, 2004, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:

"to better understand this problem the reader needs to know we do not ship small rose plants. We may screw up getting orders out on time, sometimes, but we ship large, sometimes very large roses up to 8 feet tall, in full bud and bloom all over the USA, and Gigi was in the process of getting some of them.

There is no doubt that the order was late in leaving, we really blew it in over looking the order. Prior to finally shipping were in contact with Gigi several times to ask whether she wished a credit to her credit card or the roses.

Thus Gigi remarks lack any logical or rational sense. Given the choice we will always refund the order prior to shipping it since we stand to lose a lot of money if it arrives without being wanted as was exactly the case here.

Gigi insisted the roses be sent at "now." Once the first portion of the order arrived they (a gentleman emailed on her behalf) contacted us to let us know that they have reversed the credit card charges, costing us $50.00 in service charges. They proposed paying about $25.00 for a 30" tall blooming potted rose and an heirloom rose Seven Sisters (sent 2 day air) for $25.00. They did not complain about the quality of the plants, quite to the contrary they just wanted to keep them for less the cost of acutally shipping them. We ask that let us cancell the sale on our end and that they pay for the cost of the plants. They refused to do either.

Our complaint against Gigi is thus she asked for the order, cancelled it without working to solve the conflict first (as outlined in the "shipping" page), then sent back the roses that arrived nearly dead, then complained that she should not pay for the expenses involved.
As far as the remark getting an order is a fluke, after doing this for nearly 7 years and processing about 6,000 retail orders this year alone, that is a bit of nonsense.

Chris Gilcrest


Positive annepaul962
(1 review)
On Sep 2, 2004, annepaul962 Saltville, VA (Zone 3a) wrote:

On june 27 I went online to buy some rose bushes and i came across i order 4 rose bushed n got them all n man i was so surprised at how big they were and how pretty they were in bloom and had many more buds on them . I am so happy i have found growquest that i went back a month later n order some min rose bushed i got 7 of them and i got all 7 and again was very surprise n very happy they were huge i thought that they had sent me the wrong one but when i looked at the tags on them they were indee min roses bushes nice and health n i want ppl wo know growquest is the greatest company around.
i went and order more flowers. So i will get to see how nice they r for i know they r on their way to me for i understand u can not ship flowers or roses out whne the temp out side is over 100 degrees so u ppl need to remember that for california does get temps over a hundre degrees . Please Growquest KEPP UP THE GREAT work.
for now all my neighbors see my roses n ask me where i got them i tell them n now they r going to be ordering from thank you Lisa

Positive bumpus
(1 review)
On Sep 1, 2004, bumpus Santee, CA wrote:

I have always had a good experience when doing business with this company. We had a nightmarish waterbug problem when we first moved into our house and I got some Max Force from Growquest, and after only two applications we didn't see one of those critters around for over two years!!! My orders have always arrived fresh and in a timely fashion, and they have always been very friendly. I give 'em an A+!!

Positive 6leggedbug
(1 review)
On Aug 30, 2004, 6leggedbug Wilmington, NC wrote:

I ordered 1500 ladybugs back in June 2004. The order arrived 5 days later 'cause the 4th of July holiday slowed the ship time. My order arrived, but only half of the order were alive. So I called Janie @ ABP Growquest to tell her of my problem. She said, " no problem", we will send out another order to you. In the while, I called back and spoke with Chris,whom was very helpful to me and answered my every question and assured me that my order would be fulfilled right away. Later, my order arrived by next day air(smart choice), 1500 more ladybugs eager and waiting to take care of those white flies I had. I used only half the order and stored the other half in my refrig. Well three weeks had passed, pulled out the container placed them outside and those ladybugs began to move briskly in the container. I was so amazed at this that I called Janie in Ca. and told her,she said,"those bugs usually last only 2 weeks not three". Now those ladybugs can go to work and do their job.
So you can read, that my experience with Growquest was excellent. Very attentive,knowledgeable and listened to my problem and fixed it. Great Job!!!!!!

Positive Sally0
(2 reviews)
On Aug 30, 2004, Sally0 Yardley, PA wrote:

Have ordered a number of roses from them recently and I amazingly received them in 1 or 2 days. The roses are very big and healthy. I couldn't have done better at a local nursery as far as quality. They are also very nice to deal with and very knowledgable. I have enjoyed dealing with them.

Negative belleg96
(1 review)
On Aug 25, 2004, belleg96 Frankfort, KY wrote:

I ordered 2 roses from this company in early spring. They charged my credit card the same day. I never got my roses, but a request to my credit card CO. for a credit brought results. This company should not be allowed to be in business.

On Aug 25, 2004, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:

"We have requested information on this order and await a response.


Positive jdrive
(1 review)
On Aug 20, 2004, jdrive Bronxville, NY wrote:

I purchased 72,000 ladybugs, snail and slug pellets, etc., from Growquest a week ago. Their service was fast, professional and courteous. They even bundled the boxes my orders arrived in, making it easier to handle. I feel confident in using them for any of my garden needs. Not only did I receive the product fast, but their follow-up to insure that I was a happy customer makes them stand out in a sea of online sellers.

Thank you Growquest for a great experience.

Positive riosamba
(21 reviews)
On Aug 19, 2004, riosamba Marlboro, NJ wrote:

I have received three beautiful and healthy roses from growquest. The Rio Samba which was the first that I received a few weeks ago has already had four lovely blooms and all the roses are growing very well. I have over 35 rose bushes and am most happy to add growquest to my list of vendors.
A very happy customer

On September 19th, 2004, riosamba added the following:

I received a Barbara Bush rose which I ordered for a client. It was shipped out in a timely manner and arrived full and healthy. That makes five healthy large five gallon roses that I have received. The company has already received part of my order for next year as they carry many different varities that are hard to find. I am very pleased
Positive Garden_Weasel
(1 review)
On Aug 17, 2004, Garden_Weasel Milwaukee, WI wrote:

I had a fanatic experience with Growquest. I am a younger gardener and many times I am not taken serious. So when I was looking for artichoke root stock to be sent to Wisconsin many California green house did not really want to help me. Not only did Growquest send me free Actagro organic fertilizer that is a wonder product, they sent the best root stock artichokes, very timely and in great condition. I ordered from three companies with a 25% survival rate “Mostly due to moldy product sent to me”. I had a 80% survival rate with growquest’s products and I had artichokes by the beginning of July. I used the Actagro organic fertilizer on my tomatoes plants were 7 feet tall before they fell over, because the cages couldn’t handle the load placed on them. I was harvesting heirloom breeds of tomatoes July 11. “This year it was below average temp, and rain in the under mid-west and I am leaps and bounds ahead of my neighbors as well as the professional growers at the farmers markets.” I was also introduced to lady bugs as pest control by grow quest as a free gift. They are wonderful and a month and a half later they are still controlling pest great. I can not say enough about how great this company is they are my number one go to when it comes to products or advise. Thank you Growquest

Positive bc70124
(1 review)
On Aug 16, 2004, bc70124 New Orleans, LA wrote:

Dear sir I placed my order for a Queen Elizabeth tree rose and it arrived in pretty good shape despite the August heat in New Orleans. The tree rose has bloomed twice and is branching out with more buds on the way. I guess the secret is to water abd fertilize plenty. Bill

Positive mwheelhouse
(1 review)
On Aug 15, 2004, mwheelhouse Eugene, OR wrote:

I ordered a specialty rose from these folks online after searching through many other sites that no longer had the rose or were willing to ship so late in the season ( first week in July)...The rose arrived within a few days...very carefully packed and in excellent condition...they had even sent a better quality rose than I no further charge to me so instead of having to carefully nurture a bare root rose they sent me an established bush...I am very very pleased with their service...their correspondence with me was very helpful and very concise in the information...I was buying the rose as a memorial present for someone so it had very special meaning.So in short, they sent me an incredibly health rose, superbly packed at a price that was far below other peoples....we were so pleased with their excellent service that we were moved to send them a large jar of our famous Oregon Marionberry jam...something we don't normally do for someone we have dealt with....and are looking forward to doing business with them in the future...I passed on their name to a professional garden designer and he used them with the same result...

Positive DGunnyson
(1 review)
On Aug 15, 2004, DGunnyson Claremont, CA wrote:

I ordered 4 rose trees in February. We live in a very windy area, as the owner Chris was quite familiar with. He advised me that the trees would suffer a great deal of stress from our high Santa Ana winds.

I decided to change my order to 15 gallon large potted roses that had been growing in the pots for an extra year at a price increase of ten dollars per plant.

I got giant weeping rose trees that were in bloom within a couple of weeks, rather than waiting for months.

The giant weeping rose trees were brought to my home by the owner himself, a drive that is quite significant from his area. He had an errand and coordinated it with my delivery therefore saving me substantial shipping costs.

While I am curious as to how or why they have gotten so many negative ratings since my order, I am very pleased.

I have a front yard with rose trees nearly 8 feet tall at this point using the fertilizer he recommended. A huge show of pink and red with trunks strong enough that wind cannot damage, with stakes on them.

All this is amazing because where I live we have so many garden centers it was a real surprise when none of them could come up with the rose trees Growquest had on hand.

Negative Slinkysman
(1 review)
On Aug 13, 2004, Slinkysman Houston, TX (Zone 8b) wrote:


I wish I could make the lettering neon and flashing for added effect!


Not that this post is going to make a difference in ABP/Growquest's score; but after reading the countless entries regarding this company; I felt such a pit in my stomach I had to write.......

I am brand-new to DG, and boy do I wish I had seen the Watchdog Forum then! Might have saved me a few bucks!


I, (like many others, apparently) never received my order; never received a refund. I ordered roses for my parents WAY back in February, 2004. I also ordered different roses from another company for them, as well. Of course the OTHER COMPANY's roses showed up healthy as can be; right at the first of planting time for their Zone. Mom asked when she could expect hers from Growquest. I said, "I don't know, give it a few weeks, maybe they think it's still too early for your area." (Though it was clearly in the time indicated on their website.)

I response.
I response.
I called....
I emailed.......
I called.
FINALLY get Jamie. Says she needs to "look into it and will call me back." It is MAY now; THREE MONTHS after I've ordered. SHE NEVER CALLED BACK.

I call again.
I email again.
I call again.
I get CHRIS......supposedly out in the field as we speak......looking at my roses.......doesn't know why they weren't sent out before, but now they are all too big and potted up. Promises he will send one out that day and the other by the end of the week. NO ROSES SHOW UP.

I call the next week.
I email....when can Mother expect them? She is fretting because it is now getting to be summer and very hot. It is JUNE. Chris says, "she will have them by the 12th. YOU GUESSED IT, >>>>>>NO ROSES SHOW UP. I receive an email from CHRIS, they will be there on the 16th. NO ROSES. THIS IS THE LAST I HEAR FROM THEM.

I call and leave messages requesting a refund. BY NOW MY PHONE BILLS ARE ALMOST AS MUCH AS MY ORDER!!!!

It is JUNE; It is JULY ........



Boy, am I sounding like a broken record, or what?!?


They were perfectly happy to take my money WAAAYYY back in February; and all I've received are a bunch of EXCUSES, LIES, and EMPTY PROMISES.


Seems to me they ran into money problems (who doesn't?!?) and are perfectly willing to take yours and hope they don't get caught........(jmho)

DON'T LET 'EM. STAY AWAY.........I TELL 'YA .......STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Aug 13, 2004, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:

"Road Rage, Airline Rage, now Keyboard Rage? Several weeks ago we emailed this person for a last name and order number and still have not heard back.
We have asked GWD to require order numbers or last names for postings like this and have seen any movement towards making hostile postings more credible.

Chris Gilcrest 11-11-04"

Negative disgruntledgard
(1 review)
On Aug 9, 2004, disgruntledgard wrote:

After 5 phone calls and several weeks of waiting, I received my rose orders ($240.00). I was very upset that a company could be so irresponsible. They sent me roses that I hadn't ordered, roses that had mold and mildew on them, and roses that were dead, including a tree. All of this after I spent time on the phone with a woman who supposedly was "pulling my order as we were speaking" (twice). I would strongly discourage anyone from doing business with a company that is so unorganized, deceitful, and just plain unethical. And by the way, only 2 roses are still living today.

Negative sacerdos
(4 reviews)
On Aug 3, 2004, sacerdos Great Falls, VA wrote:

Last winter (november) I ordered more than 200 dollars worth of roses from Growquest.I had 3 orders in all. I waited a long time till a rose arrived. The invoice said Black Bacarra (which I ordered) but the tag on the plant said Black Garnet. The plant was in bad shape. Then (after several calls) a shipment of four roses came-one was mangled and three were dead,three also were the wrong rose.I called and called and finally they said they had tracked down my main order-it was shipped to someone in Ohio (I live in Virginia) and they were tryinmg to figure out how to ship it to me. Well the shipment never came. The poeple were always friendly although hard to reach.They offered me some free roses that also nevercame.Again they did not answer the phone so I left a message that I would contact a lawyer.The called me right back and said they would credit my American Express. I have received two AMEX bills since and no credit. We are a church and they knew it still they cheated us. They have a low rating from the Better Business Burea.I will contact the Visalia police plus California authorities. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

On November 13th, 2004, sacerdos added the following:

I noticed that Growquest said they sent me a black baccara and are working with me for fall and spring planting. The truth is I did receive two roses from them both in excellent shape,however even that they messed up. The roses were not labelled and there was no invoice.Although I am grateful for them sending me two of the roses I ordered nearly a year ago I dont know what they sent. Also if they are working with me for fall and springplanting they must be talking tothe person in Ohio they sent my original order to since they have not contacted me in any way! Their statement s false.
On Aug 3, 2004, Growquest Growers (also dba and Surf & Sierra Wholesale Nurseries, LLC) responded with:

"Our staff shipped his roses to the wrong person and we blew it. However Father's statement omitts that we had another oder pending and authorization to charge from him and wehn we saw how many problems we were having, we declined to process it. We have been in touch with the good Father many times since.
Late in the summer we shipped Father, a huge full bud and bloom Black Baccara, 3 feett tall, and have been working with him for Fall and Spring planting of his rose garden.

Chris Gilcrest"

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