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Positive Palmcrazy
(3 reviews)
On Jul 28, 2017, Palmcrazy Flowery Branch, GA wrote:

I have been growing carnivorous plants for as long as I can remember and Sarracenia Northwest has been my favorite source for these kinds of plants. While I have not actually visited their nursery in Oregon, I have placed several mail orders with the company over the years. Every time the plants have arrived healthy and looking virtually as they would if I had gone there and picked them out myself. The quality of the packaging is amazing and it is quite apparent that care is placed into each order. The company also has podcasts on YouTube which are fun and informative to watch, and it really helps to add a more personal touch to a company that is on the other side of the country from where I live, and I think that is great. I definitely recommend this nursery.

Positive bizmailander
(1 review)
On Dec 22, 2016, bizmailander Anita, IA wrote:

I had a great experience ordering from Sarracenia Northwest. I was very wary of buying a plant online because I had read many bad reviews on several different plant websites. But this was one of the only sites that didn't have bad reviews. I ordered a Flytrap and was appropriately billed. My plant was sent and received in a timely manner and I was notified of when my plant was shipped. I am a first time buyer from SN, but I would definitely buy from him again!!!! Thank you so much for my plant! :)

Positive billnel
(1 review)
On Apr 17, 2013, billnel Corvallis, OR (Zone 8a) wrote:

I have made several orders from Sarracenia Northwest and have been mostly greatly impressed. The package and quick shipping are always excellent.

My only concern is a small S Rubra wherryi that I purchased last fall while the plants were dormant. All my other plants seem to be showing some signs of new growth, but that particular plant does not. At least it has not turned black or rotted, so maybe late dormancy is typical of the S Rubra crosses.


Positive flytrapstore
(7 reviews)
On May 2, 2012, flytrapstore Ashland, OR wrote:

I have placed several orders with Jeff and Jacob and have never been disappointed. Their Sarracenia are top of the line, are well packaged and arrive very healthy. Jeff and Jacob do it right!

Positive Thagirion
(4 reviews)
On Apr 15, 2012, Thagirion Tampa, FL wrote:

Jacob has been very helpful. He's very good at communication and answers emails promptly. I have ordered hard goods before and was very pleased. I recently made my first plant purchas from them for nepenthes. The plants were very healthy. They were well packeaged. They arrived quickly. My N. turncata highland is sitting on my windowsill. I have enjoyed the Vol 3 DVD about nepenthes care as well as the pod casts on youtube. I definitely recomment this company.

Positive tikipod
(11 reviews)
On Apr 5, 2012, tikipod (Ang) Bremerton, WA (Zone 8b) wrote:

Last year my son received two carnivorous plants for Easter to replace the typical Easter basket. This year I wanted to do the same but I wanted to order from Sarracenia Northwest.

I ordered a tropical Drosera scorpiodes and Pinguicula gigantea x moctezumae. They were out of the second one and sent Pinguicula gigantea in it's place.

Both plants were packed very well and looked very healthy. My Dad even commented on how good they looked. They also included pamphlets on their care which is very nice.

I will definitely buy from them again.

Positive GJWesson
(1 review)
On Dec 16, 2011, GJWesson Gardena, CA wrote:

I am a new customer of Sarracenia Northwest, making my first purchase December 9, 2011. I was not aware the order has to be placed by 9:00 to go out that day.

I call Monday 12/12/11 inquiring about my order and was very please to talk to a live person and discovered my order was going out that day. I was told it possibly would arrive Wednesday 12/14/11

It arrived before 9:00am Thursday 12/15/11. I bought a (Aphrodite), (Cape Sundew, Red Leaf), and an (Alice Sundew). I was impressed that the plants seem to be packed with great care and arrived without any damage or indication of stress.

The plants look exactly like the pictures on the Sarracenia Northwest web site and the Mexican Butterwort already has a bloom stalk.

The reason I selected Sarracenia Northwest, and ďIím glad-- I didĒ? Jeff Dallas, was the expert from a Carnivorous Plant web-site, that answer questions I had concerning my sick Sundews I purchase from Home Depot. I found him to be helpful, reliable and in my opinion he gave the extra! people donít have time to give.

I will be buying more plants from Sarracenia Northwest, and I recommend them without hesitation. This is my first experiences buying carnivorous plants by mail order and it was a good one.
G.J. Wesson

Positive FoxOfTheRose
(5 reviews)
On Jul 6, 2011, FoxOfTheRose Lacey's Spring , AL (Zone 7a) wrote:

I have made four orders with this company, and each time they have exceeded my expectations. Their packaging ensures that the plants arrive undamaged, and their customer service is among the best that I've seen in any business. I will definitely be returning to their site in the future.

Positive sanguinelli
(5 reviews)
On Jul 1, 2011, sanguinelli Spring Valley, CA wrote:

Nice plants with good shipping. Lots of good information on growing carnivores.

Positive bleeps
(1 review)
On May 10, 2011, bleeps Venice, CA (Zone 10a) wrote:

I've ordered carnivorous plants from a few different places in the west and Sarracenia Northwest has been THE BEST in terms of quality and customer service. Nepenthes, Sarracenia, Venus Fly Traps, Drosera... all of these plants have arrived healthy and vigorous. If you're a first-time buyer, they will spoil you for other vendors.

Positive chris_himself
(2 reviews)
On Mar 8, 2010, chris_himself San Jose, CA wrote:

In the last year that I've been buying plants from SNW, I've received nothing but beautiful plants, prompt shipping, excellent customer service, and answers to almost all the questions I've ever had. I've spent probably 200 bucks there, I have about 12 of their Sarracenias which I have made divisions from this year and they're alive and well and sending up flower buds already!

I've completed my first growing season of growing CP. Something I have never been able to achieve before when I was a kid experimenting with the things.

Their plants cost a bit more than the opposition, but trust me, they're worth every nickel, dime, and penny you can dig up. I have this huge Nepenthes x Miranda that I bought in a 4" pot that outgrew it's pot in less than a year roots and all! Truly epic stock from a truly epic company.

Also they guarantee their shipping deadlines, so if you've ever been kept waiting, SNW is the answer.

Thank you SNW for being so patient with me and treating me with the utmost care! There aren't enough resources on the internet for me to praise your service!


Positive TamerLee
(4 reviews)
On Nov 27, 2009, TamerLee Moreno Valley, CA wrote:

Posted on November 06, 2009, updated November 26, 2009
Absolutely the best. Perfect packaging and perfect plants every time I have ordered. The best thing is they acclimate their plants to low humidity and odd temperatures so that they acclimate better to your home.

On November 27th, 2009, TamerLee added the following:

I'd also like to note that Sarracenia Northwest ships with plastic cups over the top of the plants to protect them.

Positive jfr1012
(2 reviews)
On Nov 24, 2009, jfr1012 Pittsburgh, PA (Zone 6a) wrote:

I love buying carnivorous plants from these guys. Their packaging is incredible, everything is wrapped with care. They also ship their plants potted instead of bare root, which I prefer. Shipping is also really fast. Every plant I have ordered has arrived healthy and remained that way. They also have a reward system in which you earn points that count toward purchases. I decided to order from these guys due to comments on this website, so now I am returning the favor!

Positive bajones86
(1 review)
On Jun 9, 2009, bajones86 Marriottsville, MD wrote:

This is the best place to buy carnivorous plants online. The way they pack the plants for shipping shows that they care. I will definitely order from them again.

Positive mcrunch2
(1 review)
On Jun 5, 2009, mcrunch2 San Antonio, TX wrote:

I ordered from these people 2 years ago. The plants are still doing great thanks to their great website and its detailed care descriptions. The plants arrived in terrific shape - beautiful, and they bloomed in the first year. Also, it was the first time in many years and tries that I successfully grew a Venus flytrap! Their instructions and encouragement are the best! If you are going to buy a carnivorous plant, go to their website 1st. If you already own some, check out their website for great pictures and articles.

Positive frenchy87128
(2 reviews)
On Feb 12, 2009, frenchy87128 Muncie, IN wrote:

These guys are the best of the best! I've bought twice from them before and have a 3rd on the way and needless to say I wont buy anywhere else anymore unless they dont have something i'm looking for which has never occurred. These guys are amazing, great customer service and care with ALL packages and VERY knowledgeable! Needless to say I dont buy anywhere else anymore!

Positive congminglaoshi
(29 reviews)
On Jan 7, 2009, congminglaoshi Tuckahoe, NY wrote:

Plants were in excellent condition when they arrived. They delayed shipping till they thought the weather was safer, and a few days later sent a calendar to thank me for my patience in waiting for the order. Plants are well packed, actually its quite a chore to unwrap and remove all the clear tape, but it did keep them in perfect condition for their long journey. A great company!

Positive icemansyr
(2 reviews)
On Jan 6, 2009, icemansyr Pacifica, CA wrote:

It took a while to get my plants because of the holidays and the bad weather they were having at the nursery. To make up for it I received a little "gift" a few days before my actual order arrived. When I finally got my plants they all looked pretty good and were well-packed as usual. I'm sure I'll be ordering from these guys again.

Positive Cecilgene
(2 reviews)
On May 30, 2008, Cecilgene Centralia, WA wrote:

I ordered a nepenthes ventricosa from Sarracenia Northwest. It arrived in a week, the plant was packed extremely well and looked great when I pulled it out of the box. I am excited to care for this plant and watch it grow and I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future.

Positive ear
(1 review)
On May 10, 2008, ear Bensenville, IL wrote:

SN is awesome. I am 12 going on 13 and I love cp's sn answered all my questions and now i am more confident in groing these plants

Positive DaveH
(30 reviews)
On Jun 3, 2007, DaveH San Francisco, CA (Zone 10a) wrote:

Last week I ordered 3 plants from Sarracenia's web site. The package arrived in 2 days. The plants were very well packed and in good shape.

Positive cowboygardener
(3 reviews)
On Apr 6, 2007, cowboygardener Slaton, TX (Zone 7b) wrote:

I ordered a collection of four sundews and was very pleased with the size and condition of the plants. They also included a small but healthy-looking bonus plant with my order. Also included was some general growing information and a list of additional resources. Shipping was very fast and the plants were packed extremely well. I just hope I can grow them as well as they shipped them! I also like the fact that their website has growing information for beginners like me. My only complaint is they used styrofoam peanuts.

Positive saracenia
(2 reviews)
On Nov 14, 2006, saracenia Carthage, TX (Zone 8b) wrote:

I have always gotten great plants from Jeff and Jacob. If I have had any questions they have always answered them in a most timely and thourough manner. Every now and then they even throw in a freebie with an order! I will continue to order from them from now on.

Positive shotfars
(2 reviews)
On Jul 27, 2006, shotfars Algonac, MI wrote:

I ordered the Carnivorous Plant Secrets on CD-R from them on 7/25/06 and received that and a free Nepenthes ventricosa on 7/27/06. The cd was entertaining and informative and the plant was absolutely beautiful. I didn't expect that the plant would be as large as it was considering that it was included for free. The rosette was 4 1/2 inches across with three well developed pitchers and it arrived in excellent condition. I will definitely do business with them again.

Positive TropicalMinnesota
(6 reviews)
On Mar 13, 2006, TropicalMinnesota Saginaw, MN wrote:

Good plants that were very well packed. I will order again.

Positive philcula
(3 reviews)
On Nov 12, 2005, philcula Morgan Hill, CA (Zone 10a) wrote:

Ordered from Sarracenia NW just recently and received the order in only a few days. They also threw in a free package of live sphagnum moss. The packaging was the best I have ever encountered and the plants were pristine and healthy. This is definitely a company you will want to do business with. They're very prompt and of the utmost professional attitude. This is my kind of business!

Positive Equilibrium
(32 reviews)
On May 7, 2005, Equilibrium wrote:

Ditto to every comment posted before me. I love this place and I love the proprietors.

I'd also like to add that they are actively involved in their community. In addition, they donate carnivorous plants and seed to many schools across the nation.

Positive dave12122
(73 reviews)
On Aug 23, 2004, dave12122 East Haddam, CT wrote:

I just received my first order from Sarracenia Northwest...My Good Lord! The packaging was so thorough, I spent about a half hour cutting tape off of paper was kind of like Christmas in August! The plants were healthy and rarin' to go! As for the cultural information on the website, I beg to differ in a few cases. Although it is recommended that the plants not be fertilized, I use Natures Treasures Fish Emulsion half strength every Spring to good effect. I find the plants are responsive to other soil mixtures as well. My own mixture, which produces outstanding growth consists of 25% peatmoss, 25% pumice, 25% grit, and 25% coir. Of course, I am in Connecticut and Sarracenia Northwest is across the country so that may account for the difference. Regarding hardiness, I do not find any species IN A CONTAINER can survive the rigors of my zone 6b eastern winter, so far removed from the wimpy coastal Oregon winters, where a temperature of 20 degrees F would be exceptionally low. The soil in the container freezes too deeply, rotting the roots. I keep my bog garden in the greenhouse from November until April at a temperature range of 45-75 degrees with good results. The plants bloom a little earlier this way (April) but do not appear weakened. Lastly, the rather overdone push toward placing the specimens in a sunny position is not borne out by my experience. In experiments where plants were exposed to 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 hours of sunlight per day, the best growth occured in the 4 hour and 6 hour groups. More sun than this made little difference, caused the plants to discolor, and actually reduced the growth rate. Of course, the Portland Oregon area is essentially cloudy from October to April, so what constitutes "full sun" there needs to be kept in context elsewhere. Anyway, there are many ways of growing these plants depending on where you live, I encourage you to experiment for yourself rather than accept Sarracenia Northwest's experience as "gospel".

Positive blazer_007
(7 reviews)
On Mar 25, 2004, blazer_007 Poulsbo, WA wrote:

I am always nervous about ordering plants mail order but I am impressed with Sarracenia NW. I placed my order friday evening and the plants arrived promptly on the following wednesday. The plants were in great shape,(much larger then one would have thought) and were packed very well. I appreciate their quality and commitment to doing business right and plan on purchasing from them again in the future. Thanks

On January 19th, 2005, blazer_007 added the following:

Ordered seeds from them this time. I placed my order on saturday and recieved my seeds on tuesday. Right on! They also threw in a free packet of pitcher plant seeds! They also list the harvest date for the seeds. I like the way they do business and will definitly order again!
Positive mijako10
(1 review)
On Nov 14, 2003, mijako10 Farmington, MN (Zone 4a) wrote:

I love Sarracenia Northwest!
Their webpage is attractive and easy to navigate and their plant caresheets are very well done.

I ordered a sarracenia purpurea venosa and as part of a special Thanksgiving offer I recieved a small plant (plants vary but I got a drosera filiformis filiformis) free!

I ordered on a Saturday and got the plants the following wednsday. I was very impressed with the fast arrival. The plants were packed very well and were in great condition.

I will definitely be doing business with them again.

- Mi Ja Ko

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