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Comments regarding Hazzard's Greenhouse

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37 positives
2 neutrals
3 negatives


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Positive mmercedes
(13 reviews)
On Jan 29, 2021, mmercedes Houtzdale, PA (Zone 5a) wrote:

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I just discovered this company. They carry many uncommon, hard-to-find perennial flower seeds. I looked everywhere for Salvia argentea 'Silver Sage' seeds and Alternanthera 'Purple Knight' and finally found BOTH here. Nothing fancy about their website -- but it functions perfectly. That is more than I can say this year with the crazy flood of new pandemic home gardeners. You will find a delightful array of the more unusual varieties here. I submitted my order but forgot to add the seeds I especially wanted. Sent an email to the order department and Nate had already noticed that I had started a new cart and was about to contact me to see if I wanted to add those seeds to my existing order. THAT is fabulous customer service! Also, out of the ten companies I have ordered from so far in 2021, their shipping was EXTREMELY FAST! I can't speak of this company's germination rates yet and will come back to update in a few months. Especially recommend for advanced gardeners who are looking for more variety. Perfect experience. Wonderful customer service from Nate. VERY reasonable prices too. Thank you! I will be back for much more in the future.

Negative artstreetstudio
(2 reviews)
On Mar 14, 2020, artstreetstudio Arcata, CA wrote:

I don't think their seeds are viable and/or the seeds you get are not the seeds you order. This is the letter I finally sent to the company. It's taken me a long time to address this situation because it was so disappointing. If the company takes any responsibility toward my email I will change my rating. I found the religious advertising on my order to be distasteful as well.
Artstreet Gallery
1:45 PM (1 hour ago)
to Hazzards_Seeds

I bought 3 packages of dragon's head seeds from you several years ago. Not one seed resulted in a dragon head plant! Some of them might have been balloon flower, but they were not dragon's heads. The viability of the seeds seemed not to be good either. The commelina sleeping beauty didn't come up either. I waited and waited for the seeds to come up. I know sometimes it takes special conditions for seeds, such as cold stratification. I set several seed trays aside and waited for something to happen. I tried all sorts of methods to get the seeds to grow into the plants I'd ordered. Very few ever even sprouted! I am not a novice to seed starting and gardening in general.

Every spring, when I'm ordering seeds, I think of those seeds with great disappointment and ponder writing a negative review about your company. I ordered from you in the first place because I'd seen good reviews! Since I never wrote to tell you of my great disappointment, and I had hoped I would see a dragon's head in my garden, I held off with the negative review. So, here I am, writing see if you have any thoughts on this, or you can somehow make good of the situation. If I hadn't spent a good $50 or so on the four packages, the hurt might not have been so bad.

Negative rockmeadow
(2 reviews)
On Jan 24, 2018, rockmeadow Union, CT (Zone 6a) wrote:

The shallot seeds we received are treated with thiram. This fact isn't stated on their website or stamped on the packet.

Positive DonnaMack
(66 reviews)
On Oct 1, 2017, DonnaMack Elgin, IL (Zone 5a) wrote:

Posted on March 6, 2015, updated October 1, 2017
Posted on December 20, 2014, updated March 6, 2015
I placed my first order from Hazzard's Seeds to get seeds for a plant I originally purchased from Bluestone, left behind at my old home and couldn't find. It appears to be out of commerce:

[[email protected]]

I was thrilled to find it, but I was also extremely pleased that a company that sells to the wholesale trade was so welcoming about an order of one pack of seed! And I had endless trouble with my password (my fault!) and Joyce Hazzard exchanged several emails with me to correct it. Better yet, germination was 100% within a few days. With such great product and customer service, I am going back to the site to find other seeds to grow.

On March 6th, 2015, DonnaMack added the following:

Since my first order with Hazzard's Greenhouse was so successful, I placed another, larger order for seeds. Again, I am experiencing very high germination rates, in less time than anticipated, and the seedlings are very robust, even with a bit of neglect. I found another plant that I was going to order at great expense, and I could not be more please with the strong development of the seedlings. I have been growing from seed since 1996, and I have not had a better experience than with this terrific company.
On October 1st, 2017, DonnaMack added the following:

Giving credit where credit is due!

I had a great experience with my various Hazzard seeds. Germination rates were excellent, and the plants were wonderful. The only catch was that one of the seeds was incorrect, and I didn't realize it until the plant actually bloomed. As you can see from the above, this order was from two years ago, but when I wrote to Joyce Hazzard, she very graciously apologized for the mixup and promptly mailed to me the correct seeds.

I am so impressed. This company just went to the top of my seed list.

Thank you, Joyce.
Negative Vikki55268
(1 review)
On Feb 9, 2017, Vikki55268 Aloha, OR wrote:

I ordered two rhizomes off Amazon from Hazzards in October last year (2016). The rhizomes that I got were dead, dried out beyond belief, no sign of life in them at all. I have pictures if anyone wants to see them...... I paid $19.00+ for each rhizome and could not believe what they sent me. After leaving negative feedback on Amazon Hazzards contacted me and said I could ship them back and they would refund my money *IF* I would change my feedback to something positive. I would still be out the cost of shipping them back and I would be selling out my own ethics if I changed my opinion so I kept the rhizomes. I soaked them to try to rehydrate them and potted them, but to date they still show no signs of life. I would NEVER do business with this company again - IMHO they are unethical firstly for shipping out a product like I received, and secondly for asking me to change my feedback.

Positive dmshrike
(7 reviews)
On Mar 27, 2016, dmshrike Salem, NH wrote:

bought viola, coneflower,& bee balm seeds. all started indoors over the last month and sprouted very good.
large selection of seeds to choose from.
I recommend

Positive GrannyPeck
(1 review)
On Aug 4, 2015, GrannyPeck Reno, NV wrote:

I absolutely LOVE this company. First off they do all to the glory of God! If that offends you... get over it...get past it... get around out or lose out! The seeds and plants are of the highest quality, shipping is included in the price of plants and is supper fast. The selections are amazing too! I have quite a history ordering from both departments with this two-sided company! On one side they sell only seeds and on the other they sell only plants, so you must place two separate orders but it is no big deal. Never once have I ever been disappointed in any purchase. If there is ever a question about a product, their website or pictures displayed, they respond super fast.The owners of Hazards' did not solicit these comments and have no idea that I am doing this review or who I am because when I order from them it is under a different name. Please check them out... you will be pleased and satisfied that your money is well spent. PS - you can also find a link to the shops at their FB page.

Positive Blackbelt_Lizzy
(29 reviews)
On Jun 6, 2015, Blackbelt_Lizzy La Grange Park, IL wrote:

I found this site while looking for some unusual annual seeds. Wow! Hazzard's has an amazing selection of seeds. They carry some seeds that I could only find in Europe. I purchased many, many, many varieties- annuals and perennials!! The seeds were shipped quickly. Joyce provides excellent, cheerful customer service. The germination rate was very high in all the seeds (90-98%). In the past I had very low germination rates for salpiglossis seeds. The salpiglossis varieties I received all germinated after dark germination. I now have several pans full of salpiglossis!! I will definitely order from them again next winter!!

Positive icebird28
(11 reviews)
On Nov 23, 2013, icebird28 Coppell, TX (Zone 8a) wrote:

This was my first order from Hazzard's. I had found an uncommon variety of Stock here in the U.S. Couldn't believe the selection of seeds and the prices. You get many more seeds than pricier more well known seed retailers. Received the seeds today and I was very impressed. Each packet was a sealed foil type and the seeds were packed inside small glassine envelopes. No more trying to pick the seeds out that are stuck in the crack of the envelope or losing them. This seems to be a mom and pop type operation, who I prefer to give my money too. Way to go Hazzard's, will be ordering from you again!.

Neutral BrendaVR
(2 reviews)
On Nov 2, 2013, BrendaVR Cambridge, ON (Zone 6a) wrote:

This could almost had been a positive. The only reason it is a neutral instead is the ONE plant I came to them for that I had trouble finding elsewhere was listed on the website as in stock and so I put it in my order, the rest ordered were nice to haves and things I wanted but likely could have gotten anywhere. Four days after checkout and payment I received a refund for the item that was my 'must have' hard to find as it was out of stock and my other items shipped. I was very disappointed that my one 'must have' was no longer in the order but there was no way they could have known that was the one most important in my order...although I would have appreciated an notice before the order was completed that something I had expected in stock turned out not to be. Communication and an option to postpone or cancel the order would have been great but the order had already been shipped so not much I could do. I wouldn't have minded waiting till the next season if I could have got the one 'must have'.

The rest of the order arrived timely and safe, and most germinate well, I think only one packet had very poor germination but I am just a home gardener so I will be fine with the few that did germinate. All the other seedlings are doing well and growing great.

Positive bluespiral
(3 reviews)
On Dec 15, 2011, bluespiral (Zone 7a) wrote:

I ordered some hybrid seeds belonging to the genus Scabiosa, and they were so different from one of the parents I was used to sowing, that I thought there might be a mistake. Well, long story short, a friend had been keeping photos of all species and cultivars belonging to Scabiosa that he had sown, and he sent me a comparison photo, which proved that the seed sent to me by Hazzard's was most likely true. Joyce was exceedingly patient and kind with me throughout the whole ordeal of my confusion that I put her through - during the Christmas season, no less. I highly recommend doing business with this company, and it's wonderful to have a source of bulk, unusual seeds at such reasonable prices.

Positive BlakeInCanada
(5 reviews)
On Nov 18, 2011, BlakeInCanada Kitchener,
Canada (Zone 5a) wrote:

I ordered a couple of seeds from Hazzards.
All was good, no problems, though I didn't like the bible quotes written on everything.

Positive goldy
(2 reviews)
On Nov 1, 2011, goldy Fort Collins, CO wrote:

I have been ordering seeds from Hazzards for many years. The quality of the seeds is always excellent in germination and growth. The packaging is high quality.They have a large selection of heirloom seeds along with some extremely hard to find varieties. As a commercial organic grower I know I can depend on Hazzards seeds. Joyce, the owner, is a fantastic person to deal with. They have good old fashioned customer service!

Judi B in Colorado

Positive abby663
(1 review)
On Aug 4, 2011, abby663 Philadelphia, PA wrote:

Posted on August 3, 2011, updated August 4, 2011
Posted on August 2, 2011, updated August 3, 2011
I would never order from this company. I order $40 worth of plants half were dead and the other half is trying to survive. Order was mailed without my consent to the address on a previous order a year ago, which is 30 minutes from my new address(both billing and shipping address on order were to my new house). I contacted Joyce and received no response. After 4 days of trying to work with the plants I emailed a second time and her response was:you should have contacted me sooner to see what I could have done and apologized for sending the order to the wrong place. I have never had a problem with any other company and I had used them previously for seeds which I was more than happy about. I wish I could post the pictures of the plants they sent me and prevent others from losing their money as well. they should be ashamed of themselves for selling crap like that. they kept my $40 and didn't offer any solution.

On August 3rd, 2011, abby663 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

After writing this review I received an email saying that I would be refunded for the money lost. I will update this once the refund has been received.
On August 4th, 2011, abby663 changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

I want to change my rating because they have refunded my payment. Will buy my plants locally from now on and avoid the trouble. I still recommend them for seeds.
Positive YvonneMal
(13 reviews)
On Jun 4, 2010, YvonneMal Waymart, PA (Zone 5b) wrote:

Posted on May 19, 2010, updated June 4, 2010
Posted on May 2, 2010, updated May 19, 2010
Ordered a nice batch of plants from Hazzard. Fast shipping with Priority Mail. Good/just great packaging... not one broken stem or leaf. Nice moisture in the bags. Another pleasing purchase... 2 out of 3 for this year... I consider myself ahead of the game. So pleased, I went back and purchased some seeds from there.

Now awaiting my seeds with hope that some will grow. Fingers crossed.

On May 19th, 2010, YvonneMal added the following:

Seeds from my 2nd order germinated nicely. I know with Hazzard's I get way more than I need, only, the price is way less than the smaller amt from other places. Thanks again.

Your service encourages repeat customers.
On June 4th, 2010, YvonneMal added the following:

Hazzard's seeds germinate nicely and customer service is forth coming... someone actually answers the phone (cannot beat that). Shipping cost is reasonable also.
Positive Dotmacd
(1 review)
On Feb 5, 2010, Dotmacd Simi Valley, CA wrote:

I ordered a bucket load of seeds for my veggie garden. I think almost $150.00 worth.
All the seeds I planted were very productive. My shipment arrived earlier than I expected.
The packages are sealed as to prevent moisture from getting inside and ruining them.
I found this out the hard way. I stored my leftover seeds in a plastic bucket with a snap lid. Somehow moisture got in and they got moldy.
The Hazzard seed packs were the only ones I didn't have to throw away. I am going to order more this season.

Positive ivan_dg
(1 review)
On Oct 1, 2009, ivan_dg Belgrade,
Serbia wrote:

I ordered 100 seeds of philodendron selloum from Hazzard's Greenhouse and after one week half of them germinated. I've been trying to germinate these seeds from other vendors several times, but had no success at all.

Positive davis1676
(20 reviews)
On Aug 8, 2009, davis1676 Disputanta, VA (Zone 7a) wrote:

I recently received a huge order of plants. The prices were super, the plants were large & healthy & communication was great! Will definitely do business with them again. thanks

Positive WNYwillieB
(3 reviews)
On Mar 4, 2009, WNYwillieB Buffalo, NY (Zone 6a) wrote:

Ordered 11 different seed packs through Hazzard's Wholesale Seeds website in early January 2009.

Seeds arrived pronto.

Immediately started a germination rate test on a small handful of each type of seed. VERY good germination rate on everything after one week but the heliotrope.

However! after the heliotrope hadn't sprouted by Feb. 22 (though they can take up to three months?) I started some more folded in a damp paper towel inside a ziplock baggie. Within 4 days there was germination!

Sometimes things simply want to be started just so, I guess!

Will order again.

Positive zubababy
(13 reviews)
On Mar 3, 2009, zubababy West Jordan, UT wrote:

I have just placed my third seed order with this company. I love the selection and quantity of the seeds that they have. I have received my seeds quickly, and packed well. I have very good germination rates with their seeds. Thank you!

Positive bromefreak
(6 reviews)
On Feb 24, 2009, bromefreak (JOE) Chicago, IL (Zone 5a) wrote:

Ordered a few seed orders from them prices are great shipping is fast and germination is FANTASTIC. If you are looking for seeds this IS IT.

Positive ROSES_R_RED
(5 reviews)
On Sep 12, 2008, ROSES_R_RED Mount Bethel, PA (Zone 6a) wrote:

I ordered 48 delosperma cooperi (ice plants) at a price so low that I couldn't believe the wonderful size and condition of the plants.

These people are so wonderful to deal with.

Positive Kamikid
(6 reviews)
On Aug 14, 2008, Kamikid Thomasville, GA (Zone 8a) wrote:

I ordered several plants from this company on Aug. 4, my payment was accepted on Aug. 8 and today I received my plants. They were beautifully packed, fresh looking and ready to put into pots or the ground. There were notes on the packing label answering questions I had asked. I would order again from this company without hesitation. Elaine

Positive avianut
(6 reviews)
On Jul 31, 2008, avianut Omaha, NE (Zone 5a) wrote:

I've ordered twice from this company, and I will continue to do so! The first time I just ordered seeds, a safe purchase, which came quickly and germinated well. The second time I took advantage of a temporary free shipping offer they had and ordered over $100. of plants. This was a LOT of plants, as they were very inexpensive and I wasn't expecting much, but they all are nice sized and very healthy, despite the 90 degree weather we were having when they were shipped! These folks are obviously proud of their product, and it shows in the quality and care taken of even the most inexpensive annual! A great place to do business!

Positive go_cats
(7 reviews)
On Jul 17, 2008, go_cats Wilmette, IL wrote:

I just received my first order from Hazzard's Greenhouse. I had a question about the identification of one of the plants, and Joyce responded to my email within an hour (and in the evening, outside of regular business hours). The terrific customer service and very reasonable prices will make me a repeat customer.

Positive hilomark
(7 reviews)
On May 6, 2008, hilomark Homer, NY (Zone 5a) wrote:

I placed my first order with Hazzard's this spring. I was so impressed that I ended up placing a second order! I found their prices very fair, shipping was quick, I had speedy and good germination, and the resulting plants have been of excellent quality. If you want to grow a larger quantity of a particular plant than is usually provided in a retail seed package, I would highly recommend that you consider Hazzard's.

Positive jojoringer
(4 reviews)
On Apr 26, 2008, jojoringer Joey in Conroe, TX (Zone 8b) wrote:

I just placed my second seed order with Hazzerd. The first came at sonic speed and was better then expected. On placing my second order I made a mistake when placing the order, resulting on multiple charges to my card. Joyce handled my mistake herself and was very nice about it, even on a Saturday! You just don't see this kind of customer service much now days. I am impressed and will be placing many orders in the future!

Positive suzieq2761
(1 review)
On Jan 11, 2008, suzieq2761 Lambertville, NJ (Zone 6a) wrote:

I just receive my first order from Hazzard's. They are wonderful people to deal with. Very quick shipping and everything well packaged. Very quick to answer questions.

Positive mattsmom
(19 reviews)
On Sep 15, 2007, mattsmom Tomah, WI wrote:

Joyce is wonderful! I recieved my third order from her this week & was missing a plant. I emailed her, she responded almost imediately, apologized sincerely, & promised the missing plant would go out right away. Well, sure enough it arrived along with a very nice gift. Hazzard's prices and quality are great. Communication is
top notch. Packaging is always done with great care. I absolutely love this vendor!

Positive dianegravel
(1 review)
On Jul 28, 2007, dianegravel Campton, NH wrote:

This company is superb!!! I ordered 5 digitalis (Foxglove), Giant Shirley, on July 22. By July 27, they were in my mailbox. I've ordered many plants by mail, but these were, by far, the most impressive. Amazing!!! All plants were beautifully packaged, larger than expected, and *very* healthy, not a single spot or blemish on the leaves.

I would DEFINITELY order from them again!

Positive grampapa
(8 reviews)
On Apr 28, 2007, grampapa Wheatfield, NY (Zone 6a) wrote:

I ordered some very inexpensive sale plants from Joyce's fall sale last year; some herbs that I overwintered in the house for my herb garden, some house plants, some perennials. I don't know yet about the perennials, but I got much more than my money's worth on the house plants and herbs. So even if none of the perennials survived the winter, I am ahead of the game. I will definitely order again. And I will be looking at seeds also.

Positive starlight1153
(15 reviews)
On Mar 11, 2007, starlight1153 Seale, AL (Zone 8b) wrote:

I love this company!!!!!!!!!!! I have gotten alot of seed and even made some mistakes on my orders, and Joyce has gone through and corrected them for me making sure I got the right stuff.

I have always had excellent germination from the seeds and soon am going to be buying some plants from them.

Positive taramark
(6 reviews)
On Aug 23, 2006, taramark (Zone 4a) wrote:

All of the orders I have placed with Joyce Hazzard's
Greenhouse have produced exceptional plants.
Joyce gives attention to each order.

She has a sale on now, and the plants I received
this morning are the 2 year size.

The packing was immaculate.

Positive sunnyleo
(1 review)
On Jul 14, 2006, sunnyleo West Baldwin, ME (Zone 5b) wrote:

I found Hazzards on a computer link, ordered on-line and was amazed how quickly my order arrived. The plants were well packed and very healthy! A+ and a nice personal handwritten note on the invoice. I plan to use this company in the future!

Positive falloons
(1 review)
On May 3, 2006, falloons Sullivan, MO wrote:

After reading the last post on Hazzard's seeds I had to add my two cents worth. This winter I ordered 100 coleus seeds and 500 impatients. I had MORE than that germinate on both types of seeds. The plants are the hardiest I have raised. I will use Hazzard's again.

Neutral tobee43
(37 reviews)
On May 2, 2006, tobee43 groveland, FL (Zone 9b) wrote:

i purchased 4 packages of seeds from this company. since i have a small greenhouse i'm able to start my seeds in april.

i started hazzard's seeds the exact same time as others with the same germination period. the other seeds from other company's germinated at an approx rate of 98%. those 98% from other companys have moved into nice 3 inch pots and are doing extremely well. however, the carex seeds i puchased from hazzard's were a germination rate of less than 1%. that is 1% of 500 seeds! i think actually it's less than 1% since approx only 3 or 4 of the total of 500 seeds germinated. i'd say that is about as poor as it can get!

in fairness, the other two packages are morning glory which i have not planted as yet. but i'm an extremely disappointed in hazzard's seed's germination rate. i would have paid less for two or three actual plants than to go through all the trouble of planting and sowing 500 seeds for a mere 3-4 weak seedlings, which at this point may not even make it.

never again for me!

On May 18th, 2006, tobee43 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

i'm needing to change my rating as the other seeds all came it's half did and half did nothing. maybe i just got a bad batch of carex...i'm not sure. but the moring glories are all over the place. so in fairness to hazzards i'm still not pleased but i'm not totally disappointed.
Positive carrielamont
(20 reviews)
On Nov 11, 2005, carrielamont Milton, MA (Zone 6a) wrote:

Lovely selection of many of my favorites, and unbelievably low prices! I placed a big order - I'll follow up when it arrives!

On November 17th, 2005, carrielamont added the following:

My plants arrived, and I needn't have worried. They were lovingly packed in shredded newspaper (just when I needed it for another project!), and carefully labelled, most including identifying tags. Most had great root systems which, I hope, will enable them to withstand the cold and snow to come. (We live near Boston!) I know I was crazy to order perennials in November, and to allow her to ship them USPS instead of something faster. Still, they seem like they might have a good chance.
On May 29th, 2006, carrielamont added the following:

Wow! The 1/2 price forget-me-nots 'slept' all winter (from 11/05) and are now 'creeping' to make a beautiful border. I'm ordering more this week.
Positive purpleice
(22 reviews)
On Nov 10, 2005, purpleice Bridgman, MI (Zone 5a) wrote:

I ordered 8 Malvas and 2 Phlox from Joyce at half price and they arrived today in perfect condition. I'm very impressed and can't wait until spring to order again from her. The plants are good sized and healthy. She sent 3 bearded Iris' as a gift and included a handwritten note of appreciation. Thank you Joyce for a job well done and I promise to take good care of your plants.

Positive bblack506
(1 review)
On Nov 4, 2005, bblack506 Harrisonburg, VA wrote:

What a pleasant experience! I have receieved my first order and I do believe that my entire garden will eventually come from Joyce. What an incredible, kind, passionate, caring and knowledgeable grower, of not only glorious, healthy plants, but of souls and spirits as well. My carefully packaged plants arrived with an aura of peace and well being. All healthy and full of promise. She even included a gift perennial! Ordering just before winter was scary, but Joyce wrote detailed planting and wintering notes so I'd know how to care for the plants over the winter. I'll be back, Joyce and I WILL send those pictures next year!

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