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Positive analyticalblond
(2 reviews)
On Sep 22, 2011, analyticalblond San Diego, CA (Zone 9a) wrote:

Posted on September 9, 2011, updated September 22, 2011
O.k. - I have read the postings and have seen that Annie's is rated with as a Watchdog 30 being the highest rated among the community.

I have placed my order and it ships this Monday and I am very excited.

Some say the shipping is kindof high but I feel if the plants are properly packaged, which takes a real person doing this, and they arrive healthy, then there shouldn't be an issue.

Here's my order:

3 Ageratum corymbosum @ $10.95 = $32.85
6 Agrostemma githago 'Milas' @ $4.95 = $29.70
6 Anchusa azurea "Alkanet" @ $6.95 = $41.70
3 Orphium frutescens @ $8.95 = $26.85
Subtotal $131.10
Sales Tax (7.25%) $9.50 (CA residents)
Shipping [ONTRAC] $29.95
Total $170.55

The more that is ordered, the less you pay in shipping. Also, Annie's does mention they only ship Monday through Wednesdays.

I'm hoping to have my order by Tuesday because they do mention that in CA, shipments usually are sent overnight.

One last thing, Annies only ships 4" potted plants. Their philosophy is that if you get a plant that is already flowering then the plant will have a stunted growth - not to mean it will always be that way but if it has spent so much time in a pot that it matures in that space, it will take a lot longer to flourish in an open situation. Additionally, with smaller plants, the growth it will experience outside of a pot will allow stronger root systems and give a healthier, more vibrant plant. That makes sense to me.

I have purchased many, many plants on-line - some companies have left me feeling ripped-off; others have been a thrill. I'm hoping Annie's will knock my socks off!

Living in Southern California presents me with so many challenges gardening wise - this is the first nursery I have come across on-line that actually offers a huge selection for my zone - 10 that's not just tropical/succulants. see those everywhere - I wanted more and knew there had to be more.

I am so excited - after I recieve my order, I'll be back posting my whole experience.


On September 22nd, 2011, analyticalblond added the following:

Hi All!

So I received my order!

Everything was beautifully package and arrived unscathed. Part of my order was not fullied in that the 6 Anchusa azurea "Alkanet" was now on back-order but that's o.k. because with Annie's website, you can make a wishlist for items that you like and when they become available, you are given priority notification via email - Sweet!

Now, over the span of 36 hours, I had two casualties. I emailed/called Annie's and received wonderful customer service. I talked with both Judy and Debbie, on two seperate calls, and both were so nice and helpful, I can't tell you how much I appreciate being treated so well.

Anyway, I was sent replacements which I received yesterday.

My experience with Annie's has been exceptional and I can vouch for their products as well as their commitment to customer satisfaction. Their products are not mainstream which means you are going to get a true selection of unique and beautiful plants (a very difficult combination for my Zone - 10).

I am very satisfied - YEAH!

Positive stanlesmith
(14 reviews)
On Jul 21, 2011, stanlesmith Plover, WI wrote:

Although I couldn't justify the $$ to order annuals from CA. I did order one of the "Flower Floozie" t-shirts. It arrived promptly, is good quality, priced reasonably. The only problem is that many of the shirt sizes are out of stock, I would love to get some of these shirts as gifts for friends. Annie's, please re-stock ASAP!!

Positive Highmtn
(3 reviews)
On Jul 14, 2011, Highmtn Cliff Dweller, WA (Zone 8b) wrote:

I have purchased from Annie's Annuals and Perennials before. The plants could have been a little bigger (and maybe a little cheaper) but they were VERY WELL PACKAGED for shipping, and in very good shape when they arrived. The plants always seem to take right off and thrive. My experiences with this company have been A+!
: )

Positive fritzley
(1 review)
On Jul 7, 2011, fritzley Beaver, PA wrote:

This was the first year I ordered from Annies Annuals and WOW am I glad I did! I place orders for plants every year, especially for the variety and Annies not only has the variety it has the quality. All of the plants I received from Annies were good sized and in large pots, not plug plants. All the plants I ordered survived and I placed a large order of 20+ plants - all different. I didn't hesitate when it came to the shipping charges since I do mail order quite frequently and didn't feel the charges were out of the norm. And, Annies kept me posted with emails as to when expect my shipment which arrived on time - all plants in perfect condition. I only wish I could post pictures of my beautiful plants ordered from the west coast, and grown on the east coast for everyone to see! I plan to continue to order from Annies in the future and I check out their web page weekly. Thanks Annie!!!

Positive greatorganics
(4 reviews)
On Jun 14, 2011, greatorganics Doerun, GA wrote:

I ordered 10 plants from Annie's, all plants arrived in excellent condition and well packaged (although I don't believe the peanuts were necessary). The plants were healthy and of a good size and compared to other online plant sites I have used, they were superior in all categories.

Yes, I was hesitant about the shipping charges, they are what appears to be high, which is why I decided to order 10 plants instead of just 2. But, based on the packaging, shipping from the west coast to the east coast, the size of the package, the size and health of the plants, and excellent service, it was worth it and inline with what I believe to be average shipping charges I would expect to pay for anything with the same criteria. Also, from personal experience, generally if a company offers 'free shipping' the cost of shipping is factored in somewhere else, because they can't actually give 'free shipping' and still profit from the sale. I don't believe anything is really shipped for 'free', it is just a good marketing tool.

I placed this order several months ago, got the plants in the ground right away, and every one of them survived, grew quickly (some are already 2 feet tall) and all have flowered, and under poor environmental conditions. I am in SW Georgia and it has been unseasonable hot, ie 99 and above, and zip, zero rain for 8+ weeks now. The farmers are planning for a loss this year, sad to say. The plants had to be healthy to make it. They are lovely.

I do plan to purchase plants from Annie's again, and will purchase a quantity that will justify the cost of shipping, although based on my positive experience I would make a of a smaller quantity, in spite of the charges for shipping. In other words, you get what you pay for and in this case I believe I came out ahead.

Final notes:

I am an organic grower and rarely order anything that does not meet the requirements necessary to be labeled 'organic', so this was an unusual purchase for me, but I would do it again.

Annie's offers an incredible variety of unusual plants, so I do get questions such as, "Oh, where did you get that plant, what it is? Wow!"

Positive texasbelle
(9 reviews)
On Jun 3, 2011, texasbelle Mid Gulf Coast, TX (Zone 9b) wrote:

My first order from Annie's arrived yesterday and it certainly won't be my last....the plants were large and healthy. However, the beautiful catalog that was included may be my bank account's wish list grew exponentially while I looked through it!!!! Thanks, Annie, for the beautiful plants!

Positive comaroon
(4 reviews)
On May 31, 2011, comaroon Morehead, KY wrote:

This was my first experience with Annie's and I'll be back for more and more of their wonderful plants. Large plants arrived healthy and ready to bloom. My only complaint: I want them all...

Positive Speckled_Hen
(3 reviews)
On May 29, 2011, Speckled_Hen San Antonio, TX (Zone 8b) wrote:

A delight to order from! This nursery has inspired me in so many ways. I just love their attitude and style and I am now a customer for life. My plants arrived in wonderful shape and were very healthy. I even got a bonus plant! Their customer service is supurb. Their catalog and plant offerings are unique and delightful - you won't believe how colorful and fun their print catalogs are! Annie's is addictive - I want more, more! They have a great Facebook page by the way where Annie posts lots of photos and answers questions. The shipping is a bit expensive but you'll see why when you get those beautifully packed plants. The only thing that's hard about ordering from Annie's is making up your mind about which plants to choose - they're all so exciting, you'll want them all. Don't hesitate to order from Annie's - you'll be glad you did.

Positive bookreader451
(11 reviews)
On May 13, 2011, bookreader451 Troy, NY (Zone 5b) wrote:

I have coveted some of the more unusual plants fron Annies and I placed my first order this year. I cannot believe the care these plants were packed with. They are all large and healthy and lovely. I will definately order again.

Positive Greytluv
(5 reviews)
On May 11, 2011, Greytluv Fairport, NY wrote:

Just received my first order from Annie's. Plants are large, healthy and packed perfectly! VERY pleased! I've ordered from different nurseries and this one will definitely be added to the 'Thumbs-Up' list.

Positive kudrick
(4 reviews)
On Apr 27, 2011, kudrick Fallston, MD (Zone 6b) wrote:

Just received my first order from Annie's and the plants are healthy and gorgeous! Will definitely buy from them again!

Positive chikblue
(1 review)
On Apr 22, 2011, chikblue Grants Pass, OR wrote:

I have been following Annie's Annual since 1999. I had my first nursery retail job at a Northern California Nursery/Home Improvement store.I had gone to a trade show in San Mateo. I remembered the small display space,but the vibrant examples of so many exotic plants. This really caught my eye. Since the year before I had just completed a internship in France at National Botanical Garden. I was gaga for any thing different or unique. Annie's has it and then some! I had another interaction with Annie's company a few years later at Empire Nursery. A nursery I was working for at the time. Again I was excited to see the plants that were delivered. Since then I have moved to Southern Oregon and dreamed of having my own little Nursery. I have ordered many plants from the catalog. 2 years ago I insisted on going to Richmond for Mothers Day.
I was not disappointed. I was in heaven! Any thing I buy from Annie's is a real attention getter from my garden friends and any one that loves something different.I highly recomend a visit if you are in the vacinity of Richmond. Most importantly try to order from catalog. You will not be disappointed!

Positive crazy_for_abies
(5 reviews)
On Apr 19, 2011, crazy_for_abies Fresno, CA wrote:

Been lurking on their website for a few years now, but had never ordered or been to the nursery. My wife and I went this month and the experience was as incredible as others have said. Overwhelming selection of rare plants, great prices, and was pleasantly surprised to find they had many plants listed as unavailable on their website. Service was perfect: help if you need it but freedom to wander alone for those who prefer it. I will be back as often as possible.

Positive zubababy
(13 reviews)
On Apr 3, 2011, zubababy West Jordan, UT wrote:

I have been wanting to order from Annie's for a couple of years now, since I've read and heard how wonderful they are. I really like the unusual varieties of plants they offer.
I finally put in an order this year, and I'm glad that I did. All of the plants are healthy, good sized, and packed well. I had to call them to fix my payment on one of my orders, and I am impressed with how friendly they treated me on the phone. Great customer service! Beautiful plants!

Positive mrs_colla
(29 reviews)
On Jan 22, 2011, mrs_colla Marin, CA (Zone 9b) wrote:

Posted on February 24, 2010, updated January 22, 2011
Posted on February 7, 2010, updated February 24, 2010
Posted on March 9, 2007, updated February 7, 2010
I ordered plants and they arrived here the same week!
I looked on the website, and found plants I never heard about! I looked them up in my many plant books, and a lot of them are not in books! Unique plants you won't find in your regular nursery, plants that nobody around you has! That alone is very exciting!
The plants are very well packed and have good roots! I was a bit scared to order small pots, I've been burned by small pots before ( even smaller plants in them with practically non existing roots) but these are wonderful! I also like the fact that they are grown outside. I live not too far from the nursery, and I can relax knowing they will not get in a shock when planted, and I don't need to pamper them in order for them to survive!
I am planting them today, ask me for pictures in a month or two!

Thank you Annie, it is what I hoped for, I will order again!


On February 18th, 2009, mrs_colla added the following:

New plants from Annies's; lovely!
Thank you!
On September 13th, 2009, mrs_colla added the following:

Again a happy customer here, great plants, well packed and big roots!
On February 8th, 2010, mrs_colla added the following:

I have ordered over and over again, and I have visited many times.
This nursery is a treat to go to, a destination!
It is clean, well laid out, organized and sells an enormous collection of plants!

I am very very happy!
On February 24th, 2010, mrs_colla added the following:

Annie's plants are always great, nicely rooted and delivered promptly.
I couldn't ask for anything more!
Thank you Annie!
On January 22nd, 2011, mrs_colla added the following:

I have not written about my last 5 orders. They were all fantastic. Clean, fantastic roots, fast shipping.
I feel I am repeating myself, but, it shows that this nursery keeps up the good work, the awesome selection and the healthy plants.
Positive survivorman
(6 reviews)
On Oct 27, 2010, survivorman Waban, MA wrote:

A great source of unusual vegetables seeds, always come meticulously packaged and ready to grow. Try the arugula, it's the same type you get in Italy--spicy and nothing like what you get in the supermarket.

Positive wildflowerhoney
(6 reviews)
On Oct 15, 2010, wildflowerhoney Naples, FL wrote:

Placed my first order with Annie's Annuals and am delighted with the transaction from start to finish. Fun online catalog with lovely photos and comprehensive plant descriptions make easy choosing the right plant for the right locale. Availability list, wish list, and shopping cart work like a dream; no glitches. Love the remarkable selection of unusual and hard-to-find plants. Especially grateful for the super speedy shipping--mailed Tuesday and arrived Thursday from California to Florida. Wow! Nearly instant gratification. Professional packaging--plants arrived without a leaf out of place, bustling with life, with strong, tight rootballs, healthy leaves, and flower buds. Purchased during the 25% off sale--but these are first-rate plants, healthier than what can be found at local nurseries. Well worth the price. Will buy from again and again because these plants can't be beat for health and size and the service is dazzling.

Positive leaf36
(1 review)
On Oct 3, 2010, leaf36 Beaumont, TX wrote:

I am so impressed with the quality and size of the plants shipped. Their website gives a great amount of detail for the nuances of each plant - very helpful. I always have zone envy, so this site was perfect for me to try new things! LOVE ANNIES!!

Positive ecrane3
(30 reviews)
On Sep 2, 2010, ecrane3 Dublin, CA (Zone 9a) wrote:

I've been a long-time customer of the retail nursery, but lately I've been too lazy to drive up there (or the plants I wanted were mail order only) so I've placed a few mail orders with them. Plants always arrive very quickly and packed extremely well, quality is excellent. Highly recommended!

Positive pickyeater
(5 reviews)
On Aug 30, 2010, pickyeater Chicago, IL wrote:

I'm leaning toward a neutral because paying $30 for a 4" pot of an easily grown plant is just too much, even if it includes shipping. But on the other hand, it is a great place to visit. I have to wonder also about people who are willing to pay so much for things like wildflowers in 4" pots that are easily grown from seed. No one put a gun to my head to buy the plant with shipping that was more than the cost of the plant, so I guess I have only myself to blame.

Positive bugiha
(8 reviews)
On Aug 21, 2010, bugiha Ocala, FL (Zone 9a) wrote:

Very honest company - Thank you

Positive janjs
(1 review)
On Aug 4, 2010, janjs West Hollywood, CA wrote:

Love this company! They are the best plant "packagers" I have ever used. Terrific plants and good prices.

Positive lissabird
(6 reviews)
On Jul 6, 2010, lissabird San Francisco , CA (Zone 10b) wrote:

My father and I *love* this seller. After walking around a number of local garden centers seeing the same plants over and over again, year after year, I figured there had to be a better way! So, this year we tried a selection of mail order plant sources and by far, so far, Annie's is our favorite. Such perfect packing! Such immaculate condition upon arrival! Such healthy roots! Such amazing selection!

Not to mention the website is well designed in its ability to be sort flowers/plants by color. IMO, this makes landscape/garden planning even easier. Since for me color is what it's all about!

The only downside is the hefty shipping price. Especially since we're all the way on the other coast. But, the beauty delivered is definitely worth it if you do not want to have to grow rare beauties from seed. And the careful packing, out of the 6 companies we ordered from this summer, was by far the best and least damaging. It was clear these plants had been well loved and cared for. &Now they will be well loved and cared for just on another coast! Such jet setters they are!

Positive derlenz
(1 review)
On Jun 21, 2010, derlenz Sacramento, CA wrote:

Iíve purchased from Annieís both by mail and at the nursery over several years. Plants are shipped promptly in packaging thatís ultra-ingenious and effective Ė never a hair out of place. Without exception, plants Iíve received are properly labeled, well-rooted and robust. I enjoy the website (esp. slide shows) and appreciate the knowledge and helpfulness of both on-site and on-line staff. But most of all, Iím grateful for the wealth and variety of plants Annieís brings into cultivation and into our gardens. I wander around my backyard sometimes just saying ĎThank You, Annieí.

Positive MSplantman
(3 reviews)
On Jun 17, 2010, MSplantman Mississippi State, MS wrote:

Recently received an order from Annie's and very pleased. Plants healthy and of good quality. Shipped very quick, too.

Positive njflower
(1 review)
On May 7, 2010, njflower Bernardsville, NJ wrote:

Mail order has been exceptional,plants arrive in great condition. If you are able, by all means visit the nursery,they have a great selection of unusal varieties seldom seen. It is a very special nursery.

Positive MITEYMO
(2 reviews)
On Apr 29, 2010, MITEYMO San Pedro, CA wrote:

I love everything about Annie's: their catalogue, their plants - everything! I've picked up wonderful gardening tips too as I live in SoCal. I've ordered numerous times and ALWAYS the plants arrive in good shape, healthy and QUICKLY. I don't think I've ever had a plant from Annie's croak on me!

If I have a complaint it is the cost of shipping, but that has nothing to do w/Annie's, it's the cost of living in California!

Thanks to everyone at Annie's

San Pedro, CA

Positive Sfmo
(3 reviews)
On Apr 20, 2010, Sfmo San Francisco, CA wrote:

I feel lucky that I'm living in Bay area, because Annie's locate just 15 miles away from me. Normally, I'll do the research on their website first and then drive over there to get plants. Annie's is huge, there are hundreds of plants in the farm. The plants are healthy, I got over 30 plants from there last year, and they are all growing fairly well. You can find some really rare plants in Annie's, I got one unique African bulb plant there. After I had replanted it for just one month, it bloomed gorgeously. Because it is rare, you can hardly find the information about this bulb on internet, not even in Dave's Garden website date base. In addition, the workers are nice and friendly.

Positive bluepeach
(2 reviews)
On Apr 17, 2010, bluepeach Wichita, KS wrote:

This is the second year I have ordered from Annie's and I have been pleased both times. I only wish all of their plants were in production. I will not doubt order from them again.

Positive nymegen
(20 reviews)
On Apr 14, 2010, nymegen Windham, ME (Zone 5a) wrote:

Wonderful ,unusual plants ,all arrived in a much larger size than I had expected,great shipping all across the country,no damage and the plants look wonderful.I would definitively recommend !

Positive chrishead1
(1 review)
On Feb 13, 2010, chrishead1 Los Angeles, CA wrote:

Annie's is my favorite nursery in all of California! I live in Los Angeles and get most of my plants from Annie's through their wonderful website and catalog. They ship their plants beautifully; have an amazing selection of rare and native plants and the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. The catalogs are beautiful and the few times i've been in the Bay Area to visit I was blown away by the nursery - it's mecca for flower lovers!! Annie's is fantastic all around!!

Positive CherokeeGreg
(18 reviews)
On Feb 10, 2010, CherokeeGreg Fresno, CA (Zone 9a) wrote:

Posted on August 18, 2009, updated February 10, 2010
Great Great Great !!!!!!! Thanks Annies you made me love mail order . I said no more mail order plants for me. Well my mind is changed. I received my order today. I love my plants. They are so healthy. They were packed well.You have a new customer. I will visit your nursery someday since im a few hours away.
Greg Fresno,CA zone 9

On February 10th, 2010, CherokeeGreg added the following:

Well I had to go back for more !!!! I put in my second order. I ordered the Gladiolus Alatus. I never heard of that plant but had to try it. And I ordered the Canna Warscewiczil, which they were out of a few months ago I added it to my whish list and they emailed me when it came in. Great service !The plants were big,healthy and packed the best ever ! I also ordered some great gloves at a very good price.
I am going to make it a point to visit Annies for sure,I whish it was closer because I would be there all the time it seems like a place like family !
Thanks again
Fresno,CA Zone 9
Positive AA5239
(1 review)
On Jan 23, 2010, AA5239 San Jose, CA wrote:

I LOVE Annies Annuals!!!! I have been there and ordered on line and both experiences where excellent!!! The staff is so very knowledgeable and kind. There is never a question they cannot answer or find the answer to. The first time I went up with friends, (we live 50 miles away) in the spring we were so impressed that we went back four more times. I couldn't drive back up and needed more (of course who doesn't need more flowers!) so I went on line and ordered. I was a little apprehensive but knowing how great Annies is I went for it. What a wonderful experience the plants arrived in PERFECT condition! They wrap the root ball in wet paper towel then put the plant in a plastic bag then place in it's pot. The shipping box is so secure that the plants cannot move, holes are punched in the sides so that the plants can breath. When I opened the box the plants were just as healthy and lush as they were when they left Annies! This past Christmas a friend was looking for a gift for me, she decided on a gift certificate from Annies!! What a joy!! So back on line I went and oh my did they ever deliver!! I asked for my order to be shipped on Monday and it was here on Tuesday morning!! And once again the plants were in perfect condition (of course!!) So I encourage every plant and flower lover to go to Annies Annuals you will love it!! you may even see Annie there and of course all of the dogs, kitty, birds and bunnies are always fun to see! If you cannot get there go on line there is something for every plant and flower lover you will not be disappointed!! Thank you Annie and your AWESOME staff!

Positive AnotherAnnie
(1 review)
On Dec 5, 2009, AnotherAnnie Healdsburg, CA wrote:

Although I haven't been to Annie's Annuals and Perennials, I have found their plants in all my local nurseries, and I have ordered my favorite plants (the ones that other people tell me do not exist) from Annie's Annuals and Perennials.

I have had the best shopping experience with them, with quick delivery of healthy plants.

They also provide the friendliest and kindest customer service.

A field trip to Annie's is definitely in my spring plans.

Positive vossner
(114 reviews)
On Nov 12, 2009, vossner Richmond, TX (Zone 9a) wrote:

Despite being fully aware that this co. was a top 30 in GWD, shipping costs kept me at bay. But the seduction was complete when I learned they had a salvia I had wanted for a long time. I got smart and ordered 8 plants, which maximized shipping. The plants arrived in 2 days as promised and they were in excellent condition. Their high rating is most certainly deserved. After doing a cost/benefit on the shipping, if you get the max. # of plants for the particular shipping rate, this mail order purchase will be almost the same as if you had found the plants locally. Shipping aside, the cost of the plants themselves is reasonable and competitive.

I have a bunch of plants on the "wish list" so I know I will purchase from Annie's Annuals again.

Positive kalikat35
(1 review)
On Nov 9, 2009, kalikat35 San Luis Obispo, CA wrote:

I asked to have my plants shipped on Monday and I was pleasantly surprised to find them at my door on Tuesday morning. Obvious care was taken in their packaging. The plants had been taken out of their pots, wrapped in a damp towel and plastic bag and placed back in their pots. The cardboard restraint kept them from jostling around in shipping. There were air holes poked into the box. The plants arrived in beautiful condition and were up to size. The root ball was in great condition, healthy and not root-bound. In the week's time that I have had the plants the Eccremocarpus scaber has already visibly grown. I am very happy with the plants, shipping and selection and will certainly order again.

Positive suegray3
(2 reviews)
On Nov 5, 2009, suegray3 San Diego, CA wrote:

I just received my first order from Annie's Annuals, and I was stunned by the quality of the plants and the packing. I have ordered plants from many different sources and my order from Annie's has been by far the best. I do live in California, so I have to allow for time and distance when ordering from other locations, but Annie's packing methods surely allow for plants to arrive in the most healthy condition, no matter how far they travel. I must also comment on the variety of plants available at Annie's--even this late in the season there were many plants available that intrigued me but I just couldn't buy at this time. And you can "search by bloom color" on their web site, a really handy little trick. I love this company!

Positive po_pazza
(2 reviews)
On Oct 13, 2009, po_pazza Arroyo Grande, CA wrote:

When I contacted the company that my new Popcorn cassia plants didn't smell like popcorn, I thought they'd think I was nuts, but Kelly went out in their nursery and sniffed every single plant, discovering that some had the scent and some didn't. She then e-mailed me that they were sending me 2 replacement plants that have the scent. Since these plants are larger than average, special boxes needed to be made. How is that for incredible, over-the-top, above-and-beyond customer service? They now have a loyal customer for life.

Positive Oakslesly1
(1 review)
On Oct 13, 2009, Oakslesly1 Thousand Oaks, CA wrote:

Annie's is the BEST mail order nursery I have dealt with, ever. I have used many of the nurseries on your list and none have come close to the plants, help, attitude, and service that Annie's provides. Never a problem replacing a plant, excellent choices, speedy delivery, and great plants. It's a winner.

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